Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on March 7, 1946 · Page 3
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 3

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 7, 1946
Page 3
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mm* at , folio* game by sight find eaf Instead of scent, they are ohfe 6f the bldest breeds of. dog and Ire femarkable for their swiftness fefeerV vision. (COLDS AUtitta ....... 666 Liquid or Tablets Sft. fi» a mild Laxative and get at CUM Miseries internally 'i« Dtbps ot Salve begin* to Slii&ness and coughing At , t ihakes it easier to breathe. | V Work* Grtat and work* las! V Hat satisfied million*. I K Puf««t driigs ye I tnexpenlit* compare results. Caution. OH oalj a dueled Kellerviile P.-T. A. Has Founders' Play A Pounder's Day program was presented at a recent meeting of the Kellerville PTA. It was featured by a radio skit entitled "Faith and Hope." In the cast were: Mrs. J. N. Clark, Miss Wilma Myers, Ouster Lowary and Byron Holley. Mrs Holley, president,'announced that the organization would present a play March 8 in school auditorium entitled "Hen Pecked Henry," the proceeds to go to the PTA treasury. The room award went to Mrs. Thelma Cox's eighth grade room. Read Parnpa News Classified Ads V •r^ For Very, Very "Small Fry' 1 <73Wl4^ .4/gI*I^^V^\ KJPIoM One interpretation Partment. See them so / soon. • Sweaters • Dainty Dresses • Bibs. • Carriage Robes • Blankets • Comforters • Nursery Pictures • Bootees • Snuggle Robes • Books • Rattlers • Panties ; • Teethers • Hospital Coats and Caps And many other necessities. and Clubs IN fHE NEWS * * * Pampa Churches Prepare Program For World Day of Prayer Observance The feeling of "one world" will be strong tomorrow as the people of Pompa join the people of other hamlets, villages and cities throughout the world in the observance of the world day of prayer. A interdenominational program at the First Methodist church has been arranged by the City Council of Church Women, and most of the Protestant churches of the city are participating in the program. Other observances of the day are planned in the school and a't the Holy Souls Catholic church. Station KPDN will start the day with a rpacling of Mayor Ferris Oden's proclamation and a prayer led by Dr. Uouglas Nelson, at 8:55 o'clock. Special announcements will be made over the air nhroughout the day. A world day of prayer program will be broadcast over the Columbia net- Las Cresas Plans Barn Dance Friday Las Cresas sorority will presen their annual barn dance Pridaj evening in the Palm room at the city hall. The sorority's sweetheart "the scarecrow," will be presenter to the public during the dance and he will be given a silver identification bracelet. Final plans for the dan:e were made at the Sunday afternoon meeting of the club at the home o Miss Mary Lou Mazey, 622 N. Banks Committees for the dance were named as follows: decorations: Quebelle Nelson, chairman, Jacqueline Newell Barbara Carruth, and Mildred Groves; publicity: Mary Lou Mazey chairman, Joan Clay, and Patty Rutherford. Mary Lou Mazey was appointed r,o have charge of the bracelet. A special meeting was held Wednesday evening when Miss Joan Clay entertained the group at her home at 517 N. West. The next regular meeting will be held in the home of the president, Miss Maxine Lane. Lefors Jr. Civic Club Studies China A study of China was the topic at a recent meeting of the Lefors Junior Art and Civic club at the home ot Mrs. Loerine Mathis. Thirteen members answered roll call with a Chinese* proverb. Mrs. Alta Brown was leader for Pinafore 8877 11-18 By SUE BURNETT Fresh as a spring morning is this slim-ivaisted pinafore in the junior rrioocf with low open back and shaped pocket. You'll want several in flower sprigged cottons or in checks. Pattern No. 8877 is for sizes 11. 12. 13, 14, 16 and 18. Size 12 requires 3 1-8 yards of 35 or 39-inch; 3 Vi , yards edging, For this pattern, send 20 cents, in COINS, your name, address, size desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett (The Parnpa News), 1150 Ave. Americas, New York 19, N. Y. Send 15 cents for your copy, of the SPRING AND SUMMER issue of FASHION. - 38 pages of. up-to- the-minute styles. Includes a FREE PATTERN. PLAY SHOES Wedge Heels $4,50 Strap and Tie Siyles Colors: Red, Beie World Pay of Fji49y« Msr&h 8 work at 4:30 o'clock. Mrs. Walter Purvlance. president of the church women has invited everyone, regardless of faith, to attend the prayer servi:e Friday morn- ins. The closing theme of the morning's program, Given by Rev. Beauforcl Norris, is to start at noon and will give nil those who cannot attend the whole service a chance to participate in the prayer service. The program will start at 10 o'clock and will be preceded with a coffee in the Fellowship room of the First Methodist church at 9:30 o'clock. I'MI There will be a nursery during the program at the church. Social Calendar , THURSDAY Sc-vcnlh district) Federated Women's •tubs convention in Amnrillo. City council of Parents urn! Tern-hern tneet.s nt 2 o'clock in room 217 «t Junior iigh Bchool. Kastern St.'ir meets nfc Masonic hull nt fi :30 o'clock to go to McLean. Thursday Kveninpr Auxiliary meeting in IVesbylurmn church at S o'clock. FRIDAY 0. A. chiBH of First Unptist church will meet at the church at IJ:<1fi p.m. Seventh district Federated Women's clubs convention in Amarillo. World day of prayer interdenominational procrrnm at First Methodist church be- tins with coffee at fl :;10 o'clock, proKram icfrins »t 10 o'clock, with special closing exercises beginning at 12 noon. Rainbow Girls party in the Masonic hall. Veterans of Foreign Wars auxiliary meets in the City club rooms at 8 o'clock. SATURDAY 4-H club achievement day, girls and mothers meet nv 10 o'clock in office of •ounty home demonstration auent. Rrownie Scout revel in Junior high chool eym. MONDA.Y Pythian Sisters meet at K o'clock in the 'cmplc hall. Kdtel' club meets. Pampa Hook club meets in the city :Iub rooms at 7:30 o'clock. TUESDAY Twentieth Century club meets with Mrs. 'aul Kiisishke, 911 N. Somcrvllle, at 2:45 'clock. Twentieth Century Forum meets with Urs. Roy Bourlund, 1114 . Christine, at :30 o'clock. Twentieth Century Culture club meets vith Mrs. Frank Mitcllnm, 1323 Duncan, t 3 o'clock. Business and Professional Women's club neets in the City club rooms at 7:30 'clock. Vurietas Study club meets with Mrs. E. Imel, 810 N. Gray. Royal Neighbors meet in Merten bulld- ng. Hopkins Home Demonstration club meets in Community hall. Y.W.A. meets at 1 o'clock with Miss Uetfy Prigmorc, 912 E, Francis. he program. She introduced Mrs. Mith Watson, who spoke on "Preset Day China." Mrs. Cleo Spence continued the discussion with a alk on "Post War Future of China." Refreshments of tea and salad were served. /ore Comfort Wearing FALSE TEETH Here is a pleasant way to overcome oose plate discomfort. PASTEETH, an mproved powder, sprinkled on upper and ower plates holds them firmer so that hey feel more comfortable. No gummy, oocy, pasty taste or feeling. It's alkillne non-acid). Does not sour. Checks "nlnte dor" (denture breath). Get FASTEETH .oday at any drug atora* —Adv. W.S.C.S. Circle" Meetings Held Individual circle meetings of the Vyomen's Society of Christian Service were held in thp homes of mem- hers Wednesday ufternoon. Lessons from the mission book. "The Divine Fatherhood," wore continued in each circle. Circle one met with Mrs. Luther Pierson, chairman, who conducted the business meeting. Mrs. Pierson stressed the importance of attending the world day of prayer pro gram Friday morning, and read the scviptuie lesson and prayer. A menu was arranged to be .served when circles one and two entertain the Crusaders at the church March 12. Mrs. J. E. Kirchman led the study, assisted by Mrs. .Toe Shelton. Refreshments were served to two guests. Mrs. C. E. Shellhouse and Mrs. M. K. Griffith; a new member, Mrs. Joe B. Williams, and twelve re- gulnr members. Mrs. Clyde Blackwcll was hostess to circle two. The meeting was opened with a pray-3r led by Mrs. R. G. Harrell. Mrs. R. J. Elkins presided. The Bible lesson was taught by Mrs. Kriox Kinard. Ei?ht members were present. The next meeting will be held with Mrs. Cam Cook, COS E. Kingsmill. Circle three was entertained at the home of Mrs. L. A. Barber with seventeen members present. Mrs John K. Sweet gave the devotionals Mrs. Dan Wallace sang. "My Jesus I Love Thee" and Mrs. Frank Shotwell taught the Bible lesson. The ney.t meeting will be held in the Junior high department at the chm-:h. Mrs. George W. Scott and Mrs, Twila Daughnrty were co-hostesses for circle four entertaining in the Scott home. Mrs. C. E. Ward conducted the business meeting. Mrs Sherman White, Mrs. Lee Harrah, and Mrs. Lovse Caldwell gave the Bible study. Refreshments were served to twelve members. The meeting' was dismissed with a prayer by Mrs. Ward. The next meeting will be with Mrs. J. G. Cargile. A newly organized group, circle five, which will meet in the church parlors at 3 o':lock on Wednesday weekly, were entertained by Mrs. Clifford Jones and Mrs. Russell Kenetiy. Mrs. Hay Goodnight gave the devotional and Mrs. Kenneth Erwhi taught the lesson. Twelve members were present. and are preparing ten-piece pro* grams for the national auditions. Another general recital will be presented later in the spring featuring high school students. Young Students to Appear in Recital The music students of Mrs. Ray Foreman Carr will be presented ir recital Friday evening at the Firs Baptist church at 8 o'clock. The pupils, from the elementary and intermediate jlasses in voice am piano, are preparing for the nationa auditions to be held in May and will be competing for awards to be presented by Mrs. Carr for the ten best renditions during the evening. 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