The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 24, 1961 · Page 2
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 2

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 24, 1961
Page 2
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m^ftataa Jfrna Tuesday, January 24, 1961 Housewife Hakes Kennedy's Rags hi Her Household _SOJL£-RM"lbLE, Pa., tAP. - f'Mgs. tht- <hief *vxr-r.j- : PONYTAIL . Weil, on" of Ih" fjaint''!-}; :nakijii! ihcrn /or Johrj F. K'/r.n<'0>' i,«. .\:rs. Ivan Jarin, a hwivwiff- r,ftd moth- rr of 'our cfci'riron «1^o Jives near this eastern iVr.ns\i'.-;iruM cor/jnu- ' nir^ not far 'rom Philacsc-iphia. ! Hfr fjirjp .? hou.Sfri :a a &air, ; hwck room o! her honvp. Somr-- ;; times, she works 12 hours a oa> on thf Jligs. Mn Jurin r-. f-">mifr siucfnt .'-' the JliuVfdflphia Msso^m Cv:>-/<•/ An. h^s c^irverrrj J'Vjr fl^rs ro tiaU-. She pxperts TO delivc-r io;;. r rnorc-' tf/day. H«"r t^~tr'!.'.:t with th-'" ^T/'Trirn^n' r;.i}\* for doi^-r-r;.' ;:•; 12 ;n nJ" ; . b> f>h. £3. H'.»w did fine get the job? Kh*': <rubm.'}tf-d 2 KJ'-CCS5rful bid' iir,-;.": (jff"rer; by the Phil "I was surprise-d when I eot the ! '•on'ract for 12 Saj;s " sh--- 'sari- ! "I b.iow" rherr- 'I'-.r-rt f>thf-r . ; ;n.=!> lor the job dor:': thins I'.-n the only arust pajntire; thorn. I think fey aro probably rr^aJdng Tho biue flasrs are 12 by € f-?*?t S, They were driivers-d to Mrs. •Turin u;ih <tn e'.s2-'- in thf- center She mar! complete the decora- Houston Negroes' 18th-19th Keep Grade Pace With White Mates White House Theme By FRANCES LEWKE warmer yr_-v\i -.:• HOUSTON". Tex. 'AP»—The 1- J '-. cro schc*-.,,; childrsr! who N-, ;;•.-... 1V'.-J^"3 1 !classes in Hctist<is k;,D: ",:•' •• v.-.r • ~r..-.:s | firs: s^rr.<rs;o!-. a .^.-.'tv t\ :h- ;;"" : " : ' Houston Chir.r.;c!e'.c-c. ' .->•-.^;e.i>_ The 12 Negores were rnn:.:lt:-.i ir. ""^•.'^T' 'oc.r classes :r. three s..~hc«clj l.-.y . V .-1-T"," I ing in what was ihe rauor.'s L=r;«: il£r.__S j segregated schoo] district, "r.ere i were ncr incidents. to st:c.-; very ok.sfl". •-,- u -,-,-? ,'—,,. ».... v 0A:'.»•->• ?,\- • ••••"""; v •.•"•XT™ X--V- ; N '='^5 -Vk ' ' ''' ' NY--. NAt 1 :.-?.•-;.! G.;".i-r\''s f ::.\\-,-. '.xv> '.o liCx:. ^orx\r. --:iU;or.vtre ARTHRITIS? \shvh u.-.s si-( up by (Am• . ! "f,," > 'sftiT suffering from head u>' tiv nrrs\U'iit :iml'to foot with muscular soreness s:v\r'-'v'<: ,ift'vMl< on :\rt and j>;vin. Most nil joints seemed ufNvuM. Acrordiiig; to medical ,r ,,..!,•;. ' l ' Mrs K.-mu>:\ :i -•'. NV'.v Vov's :o:-rv P;iv;sh is : has oalli\1 ,,. lU , r M , x sitis. ,., (V ,, u r< .writo: diagnosis, I hud Rheumatoid Arthritis. Kheunwtism and Bur- For frec lnformfltlon i' also with the furrush- cstato whvh they have MivMiobun;, Va. MRS LELA S. WIER J80S Arbor Hills Drive—SA P. O. Box 2G95 Jackson, Mississippi il~ -Negro firs; graders «as C c^.-- 'ing The semester which er.dec Friday. ; The overall average ::T ir.ts- grated classes as a wfao:^ was C. :: ; ^scfaoc; syp«rinre.Tcer.: J'-hr. --•'.:- *'; ; Farland sale. He rt-rj5«i tc- dis- .-,.; : COJW "TV1IVif"*! '^^ crrar-ji^ ft cd Baltimofe Celebrants ~" • I ac< LCii I tf&D AW INCREASE IN IS NWlOWAL HAVE-A-8ANAHA-SPUT Reflective Highway Painf Is Developed | BUFFALO N.Y_ ii_p, _ A ri .. iOectr/e highway paint tiat gives ) drivers a sharp \-;=w r of the "rose or f;;*: |% • ^k «t «••• • Duchess Of Windsor Aeronautical La V--^ •----. ^ lafaoraiorv sa:d c D P'-«! so tha; it r.'ect ngh- from &e cm-e- dHgits. ivi^ be tested b c£"i->~". r»is pi-' :~ a. recvsest isr a r..=-r.r:-g af a 5i-. i al battle scene i~; o*.'fr —£ Sreusao? ir. his tSiS'.s:-^. irs ^e irts and 15 a suia=xa OJ-- r£.r^ri =rc r»-: ^j e jrra.d^:r of Harvard. naa e [f-^f~ *h6 r r r^t 2CC^ r /t£ni' : * } —————« • • . ___^^ "Sie worked' from a"r!h.ot> : LONDON' (AP)—Briush royalty i selves in letters to tne London' Kubla: Khan was the grandson it werr. SM-.-/ : said £d^ird TMrr- l &- r a government otfidals today;Daily MsiL 'of Ger^his Khar, arc the"icunder er. chaimii of Sal±r.?rs's Cvi != YOU ARE THINKING OF YOUR HAIR SK MONTIE'S BEAUTY SALON 3WI G^rJs Rd. Jt T I- Just Received A Carload of 1961 FRIEDRICH ROOM AIR CONDITIONERS WE HAVE ONLY A FEW 1960 MODELS AVAILABLE PUT YOURS ON LAY-A-WAY NOW WATCH FOR GRAND OPENING of Store No. 2 In The Downtown Area APPELT ELECTRIC CO. 7507 BAYWAY DRIVE PH. LO 6-5121 Your Friedrkh Bonded Authorized Service Station 'sfflp*^ ..atf^V... ? j«..™irS: ;v«^ iv?>|' •_^;i-^:W'.- .'i-r'.V.*fcJ*~;tV "i!;:'/-' ~,i«<«- .*• i.-^^c*-^ WC SUGGEST rOC ORDJ PHOTO MURALS A Wonderful <Hft • for her ~t~r> she fxaJ her-! :t the Cu chess has to say is • ctjy true. It reaJly is about i ENDS TONIGHT Bmlwcismi 1RHM Mi^M^^NMHv 8MOUM LIWW totmtHG GOES i* We Will Be Closed Wednesday -TOXIGHT- "CAKBV O.V >'l RSE" "W'OKLD IN HIS ARMS" WEDNESDAY DOUBLE ACTION 7:00 JP.M. ALAN HALE - CONNIE HINES JOHN —AM>- p»rr Only S fr:W of UI^ CUi"I6 S fOTTT:-r • *-*- sahj-:-cis chimed in—scsr.e binerly ^ ! ^ ! deiKKnoirsg the discbsss arid the; **— marj who ouit the throne to i ?• ry her. others a-pportLnf tbrrr., J"W] There was no comment free; • ^ "*' nor is there !:.<&;-.• to h*. Or,;;-' iP^pteri^r.'...^. _ j three natjonal r^'^^rs repon-, viw F—^ 'Trte taat s&eancj ed th" duchess' c^rrsfcnts. mad-I th6 cuse s^ssed h ;s treatraffitj in a copyrighted ankle in >Ic- !for tr;e ir ^ ^e " L " al: «««' Call's magazine. OrJy t--o pape: carried ®»is ^ai ^«S*^-1 • : s^-'^*li ex-kin E-ward \nl. h&s _:tar>d- Si-* chargfed^the En:hh gwerr/-^.^ / i_ s - v yJ t r .y huswjrd is not wastfd the rfuke s "u^paraj-jj.^^.-^ :<j psrticipat/; in pub'lc off riunrii' Wor.-ii 'f-'^T II to ^r ir-ivjj^ tr&in;rc '•'••>-^ no' .'"/r fr.imm'-ircc to uv» j:av»morsn;p o: UK- ;faarr,ss. : r0 ijM har<i!v V^f.-orno th<? manager iof an H.utorr:o' f );i'i shr/A-room." A'.-iii-tor^jed CharJ« Curran,| Tne dukt-'s ^r/iif-ation was ofj ' cwssorvKt: v" rr.=rr,'j^r oi Partia- i course a shc^k to his f-cr.ily. EOV- | •rnf-r* ncwspaw:- '.-oJUJruiist a/w .r-mmfnt srrf riun*r> - . sh^ said.j : t<:-lev:i;ori pf'r:-or.^':i*v, charged the'-'oijt "it was don* with dimity, th 1 '' dJjcf-" hijnv.-lf wasted his tiieats. iwbT.r; dlznity with which he fe? "Hi<5 life is b^meiess, harm- i since and always conducted his Jess. p-T 4 riti'i£.?, useless." Curr&n I Ufp." •ATtjie in his wc-ekly column. "Jn-i Hr-r husband "has bc-en pur.- stead o? waiting IOT Britain tOjished. like a smali boy who Kfcts ornplov him, why co-s he not ern- a spankins every day of his Wei ploy h'irnv:!!? V."hy hw'T imc-asily for a sin"!" trsn.scrc'ssion." she ariind the throw that he gave sairl. ad-i.r.? that sh« v^as writing in?" fwithoi:* "vt-nom or bitterness, P.I- Vorr Britons expr^sfifid them- (though 24 years of persecution. " r-vf-r, in srr;?.!! ways, are more If it's . . . JEWELRY Biock's Pharmacies ?J- E. T*x JTC S-17M Decker at SUrnnc PORT NOW SHOWING "WHY CANT i STOP;" K-t-M p.»»n, EUZAKTH TAYLOR LAURENCE MMEY EDDIE nse . m Xtw* O-HAPAt ^^<V BUTTERFIELDO ALL SEATS" we"" NOW SHOWING THRU WEDNESDAY " ! ! GREENER" I BKSIWG Cartoon ' ' "Tvi-f»>t Dream*'' AIM'f.TS "(H- STl.'DKXTS CIULDKEX I5c than pn spirit." to break anybody's Brenda Sue Gets last Wish •- 30,000 Letters LOCISVTLLE, Ky. (AP)-She ihnd no paily and there was little j gaiety. Ujt Brenda Sue Priddy (got -.vhat she wanted for her | eighth — and, doctors say, last ! birthday. ' TTie brown-eyed youngster, dy- i injj of a rare disease slowly para- jl.vzing h"r nerves and brain, j wanted mail. ! More than 30,000 people from i around the world had responded with cards, letters and pifts by time her birthday came Sunday. Brenda had asked her mother, Elzie Priddy. to try to pet the mailman (o bring some letters. She got 20.000 cards and letters within a wpok ;iftf>r a local newS- and Thr> Associated Press h'T pi"-a. THURSDAY SATURDAY CANDY MOORE BEN JOHNSON JESSE WHITE ALSO STARRING REX ALLEN THIS IS A TEXAS PREMIERE CHEONOSAM" DRESS adapted by Suzy Perette from the Hong Kong wardrobe of Nancy Kwan, young tlar of th« film "The World of Suzie Wong." The Bide•lashed Rheath In luMroua •lubbed «l(t hM the genUe fitted lines of the orient*! •heath and a shallow mandarin cnilcr and frog closing of m& i3£^ mm *V; m •••m Weath r J 5 Drying f Clothes! Your Dependable » Electric Clothes Dryer Ends Washday Weather Worries Forever r ; ELECTRIC DRYING... the better way, *"' " • •• - ' costs only about a nickel a day. If you launder by the weather—-watching for clouds, waiting for the rain to stop, dependent on the daylight hours—you'll be astonished with all your new-found freedom when you install an automatic Electric Dryer. You'll dry clothes quickly, anytime— day or night — when you do it electrically. Because electricity is pure power, fabrics feel fluffier . . fibers last longer . . . colors are brighter . . . whites stay whiter. Free yourself forever from washday weather worries with an automatic Electric Dryer. SAFE • CLEAN • ECONOMICAL HOUSTON LIGHTING & POWER COMPANY DKPKNQABLK t.OW-CO»T 111 C T K I C *l*Viei

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