Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on December 5, 1967 · Page 4
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 4

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 5, 1967
Page 4
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-6fiOWNW655 fiUUttlM 110 BHS Honor there were 23 sophomores,' ner, June Vernon, David Wai- Wyhn Akins, Carrie Allen, Clay- moted to Army specialist four Since h'S entry in the army juniors, and 46 seniors on the lace, Loretta Webb and John dene Anglin, Rhonda Behrcns, Nov. 15 while serving as a *ioi«; nas seneci ina variety rownwood High School honor! Vahtis. Lauren Boyd. Judy Bragdon, tracked - vehicle mechanic in °! J™? ana P eateiimc as- t!|!!!!liiil!tt!1!IIl!!mWIWI!|till!!!iimi|n!i|!||i||| News 01 Men In Service WIIIIIWM^^^ CAMP BLACKHORSE, Viet- Academy at West Point nam-Van W. Lane, 23, son of He received his master of sof. Mr and Mrs. James K. Lane,. cnce degree from the University Route 1, San Saba. was pro-, of ^Southern California. 41. BrOWnWOOd High o^nuoi iiuiiur; idiius. iuauicn uvyu. uuujr uing-juu, 11 citisvu - vciu\-ic ..iv,v.. --- •- rfltrl ,,nlc roll for Ihe second sis weeks.; Junior honor students are 1 Mary Bucy, Elizabeth Bullion, Troop G of the 11th Armored signmeiu&. Honor students in the senior ! Charles Burris, Cathy Cunning- Cavalry Regiment's 2d Squad- He is now stationed ,n Heidcl- class include Charlotte Adams, I ham, Mary Davidson, Robin port a( Camp Blackhorse, Viet- berg, Germany. Sieve Arthur, Annetle Ayers. Wftll^tftn PyfieeH i Dav - ^eida bewbre and Ray- ham". His mother. Mrs. Ma", Flores, Doris Jean Baker. Nancy Bobo, ''^ w a |WI1 i mond rj 0 nley. , s Lane<s wjfe f- cg gy. a longtime resident of Santa Debbie Boyd. Oran Burnett, «**/**%/* ti • i Also Kevin Dunn, Eddie Fair, ,:. - • * *- .-.—.i ^ i:..*. i« t> tt : , ' - ' 70,000 VOteTS i Donna Gardner. Lynelle Gar- • „. H ner, Belh Gill, Regina Graves, < ' s ' Karyl Ann Butler, Elaine Coughran, and Janice Crump. GIRLS MAN A GUN in North Vietnam, according to this official Communist Chinese photo. The girls are members of a women's antiaircraft battery which, according to the Reds, has shot down three American airmen. on Route 2, Richland Anna now lives in Bangs. His i sister, Mrs. Dick Baugh. lives -.-, --. „ , ; in Santa Anna. Also, Griggs DeHay", Beverly j HOUSTON AP)-41ayor Louis i Karen Greenwaldt, Teresa Han*, ^ BENN1NO Ga. - First bohley, Linda Doyle, Sondra j Welch expressed hope that 60,000: kins and Betty Johansen. ., ,' ftf « n j,u v n Evans son CU CHI, Vietnam—Army Pfe. Duke, Cherie Fisher, D i a n e to 70,000 would vole loday In a : And, Mitchell Johnson, Chaf- j li *ff" tVfsie D Evans '270n, Ernest L. Jackson, 22. son of Garner, Martin Gjelsvlk, Bren- i special election oil a one-cent' lolle Laughlin, Daniel Mathews, OI lurs da Hall, Linda Hall, David Har- city sales lax and to fill Iwo leg" i Gail Morgan, Paula No rf i s, lowe, Martha Hellems, Sherrie lislative seats and a hotly con-! Jeannie Parker, Paltl Paul and Holland, Kay Holliday, Carolyn : tested school board post. i Jimmie Pierson. Huffman, and Beth Hyde. ;. Welch won re-election 2-1 Nov. | Also, Cindy Renfroe, Sam \ Brownwood,'com-^ayid Jackson, Coieman, was nlaloon leader i assigned to Company C, 2nd at Ihe Armvlnfantrv 1 Battalion of the 25th Infantry Ft Bennine" Ga Nov.' Division's- 27th Infantry near , if I. tSOniling,, nw. t;i 0 i,, am Mm, 1ft Cu chii Vietnam Nov. 18. riuiiman, ana ocin nyue. ; vveicn won re-eiecuon 2-1 INOV. mou, omu^ ntHiiov-, ^u.,, . - ^ u ,_,„, vit-anam .••uv. 10. Charley Isom. Carol Leach. ' JB after campaigning on a high- Rice, Robert Richey, Virginia • ; H , , f Georgette, live* in Leigh Ann Lewis, Jennifer Lu- cr -iaxes theme pegged lo the Roach, James Shelton, Karen! During the n ne-week coin se, ; c cas Logan McNalt. C i n dy . ,. lles tas Since lha'election he i Swagerty, Suzanna Taylor, SUz- j lie received advanced nstruc., ^nTan.^ ___ _ __ ^ . . J? . i. ,., _. ' ^rllLS IdA. OlIILC Uldl MI.LI.1UII, I1C | " „• , _, , Inorlnl-ellin Inrrirv! Of ••^•^^••MBMMMMt'MMHmBmBMr a eeco e , ha ^ mtv annc Ta y' or > Gar y Thomason «on m leadership, tactics of ' ! smal nv Ian rj urn Is n ap d Mask, Robert Matthews. Tim Millican, Eva Lynn Morris,; cs cc Inl and Marilyn Warren Franccne Pentecost, Michelcljf the sales lax is approved. Sophomore honor roll students f d j Pitts, Carolyn Pope, Richard I The mayor said Mondav that I include Bonnie Bratton Klrby A«my Porter, Bob IMhe, Marcclla ' 'here are always 20.000 persons I CaWer, JJocedur ^ piocedui . Shcllon, Si Southall, Lana Tur- '" 1H °, us [° n( a e ai " st ^ yl ! lin f i chaTd ! anrl a llohl llll-nnll roll rl crmmp tlldra . SANTA ANNA (BBC) - LI. ; Chapman Dark Horse Pick and a light turnout could cripple «««. S^^™^ 1 ^ CoF Joe B. Flores has been; IIP lav's rlianrns waldl, Wdry Bein uioce ana ^.. nrnn i\ nn in full i Neal Hammond. Also, Laddie Hankins, Ray Hatcher, Ralph Huslon, Bobby By FRED S. HOFFMAN AP Military Writer [Pentagon sometime next year to [commandant. j become president of the World j Big, broad-shouldered Walt, WASHINGTON (AP) — Lt.iBank, was reported to have rec-i who became a public figure Gen. Leonard F. Chapman Jr,,jommended Krulak to become!while commanding the Marines a management cxperl, is Ihe | Ihe next Marine commandant. | lighting in Vietnam, is widely dark horse winner in Ihe race; Krulak is chief of the Fleel Ma- admired al corps headquarters, for Marine Corps commandant, j rine Force Pacific. | where he is in charge of person apparently because President! Marine sources said Krulak!ncl matters. Johnson chose the middlejlias indicated previously hej \valt has been criticized pri- ground belween l\vo faction-!might retire if he didn't make! valo ]y |,y some ^ rm y generals backed generals. Announcing his decision al a Monday news conference, Johnson gave no hinl of Ihe behind- the-scenes heat generated for; p. i, n i , months by rival backers of Ll. j UaSSCiUlr riant Gen. Viclor H. Krulak and Lt. Qcn. Lewis W, Wall, BORDEAUX, France (AP) .The quiel,'...-. unspectacular Gov - Jol ' n Cpnnally of Texas-ar- i n ^7ieTnarnrwas'lor''wait but Chapman, 54, has been assistant! rived today, to visit the Dassault Westmoreland denied injecting commandant since July and for | plant which produces the Mys- h j clf jnto the s!luat [ ont i-svho disagreed wilh his laclics land employment of Iroops in both pacification and combat operalions againsl North Viel namese forces. There were reports last week thai Army Gen. William C. Weslmoreland, U.S. commander met by local officials, factory more than three years before! ^re and Mirage jet planes, that was chief of staff under! Arriving aboard a Myslere 20 Qen. Wallace M. Greene Jr., the! Executive jet, the governor was present commandant. "It happens that the commdandant is going out and his first assistant is going in," was the way John- spn'put it. \Chapmai commandant of Marines, now numbering more than 300,000, Chapman had the advantage of being liked by just about everybody of consequences sources said. executives, and George Babis^j T1 h ' f , Mcr j World the U.S. consul general at Bor-j Wgr u * the ta ,£ crewcut chap . deaux. n.,^« M, („„,. f n,« 'n, ! ma n made llis reputalion in the During his tour of the Das- militarv «, ah iisiimpnt whil P in I military establishment while in \Chapman will become the 24th| sault P lant > the , governor ap-i- t ' ff . b particularly over .-.-j-_< ./ ,^__:_._ _ peared most interested in the' * J ' H assembly line of the Mirage IV, J(U **i* k * V* **»» 4*»V*»^ v»»**«» w«w)"«uj - t — . when Greene retires Dec. 31. He ! he supersonic atom-bomb carry. K will be elevated to the four-star} "?g P lane of the hrench Air i rank of tull general if. as cx- :I<orcc - peeled, the Senate confirms his j After lunch in Bordeaux, the • nomination. I governor was lo return to Paris Defense Secretary Robert S.jto catch a scheduled airliner '. McNamara, who will leave the'home. 60 Blanket Students Make Honor Roll for Six Weeks BLANKET—There were 23 A j THIRD—Beverly Nabers, Ste- honor roll students and 37 B'phen Schulze. Texas Briefs SAN ANTONIO f AP) - A boy died Monday when clothes hanging over a heater caught fire and spread to the rear of the victim's home. The child was identified as Alfredo Lozano, 4. FORT WORTH, Tex. (AP) Mrs! Birdie M. Greer, 77, was killed Monday when a car struck ra Coyle, Marilyn Smith. 'her as she awaited a bus on FIFTH-Robert Lake, Stephen > Fort Worth's North Side, Wit- Browder, Pam Beal and Donnje' nesses said the 23-year-old worn. THIRD - Tberesia Hutchings, ! Perry. j an driver lost control of her car and Raymond McDanlel. i SlXTH-Alpha Isom, Kathy I as she swerved lo miss another FOURTH~Kim Furry, PamjKelcy, Shelley Boyd, Glenna i vehicle. honor roll Blanket elemenlary, junior high and high school dents for Ihe second six weeks. They include A honor roll: FOURTH—Terry Baker, Deb- Nabers, Laura Holland, and McDaniel, Mike Schulze, Wes^ Lauhn Whately. FIFTH-Laura Porter, Gayia KeJcy. SJXTHr-MeJinda Pelross, Kenneth Nabers, Cheryl Bailey, SEVENTH - Oil Thompson, Philip Wright. NINTH - Naomi Clark, L,ue fteagw. Sue Reagan. -.Robert Wright, -Larry Pamron, ly -' Scbulee, Paula Schat, Judy Mose!?y and Jerry « honor gtudsuts at ley Dunlap and Dessa Mackey. SEVENTH-Debra Beal, Cindy Gresham, Suzy McClain, Elsie AquJJTe and David Alley, EIGHTH - Gail D a m r o n, James Rogers, David Diaz and Granl Godfrey. NINTH—Becky Browder, Debbie Damron, Colleen Porter, Barbara Thomas, 'jOTH-Elley Ryan, Claudia Godfrey, UTH-Raberl Damron, Reca Martha Porter, Teenie Ronald Wolfe, iina Hojland. WASHINGTON (AP)s- Rich ard W. Yarborough of Austin, Tex., 35, legislative assistant to Sen. Ralph Yarborough, D-Te was one of three men who President Johnson said Monday he would nominale lo Ihe Indian Claims Commission. FLORENCE, Tex. (AP) Patricia Garrison, 16, of Flor, ence, was killed Monday when Ihe gar she was driving over turned near here. ABILENE, Tex. (AP) - Mrs. Flora Anna Duckworth, 76, of Abilene was fatally injured Monday when struck by a truck in downtown Abilene, HOSPIIAL POLICY AS ADVERTISED ON RADIO and TV AGES: 0 to 80 CURING PRESENT ENROLLMENT HATES START AT IKMUs^J . JMicvt^Mfibl BtNEFIIS ON IHIS POllCY INCRFASf AS HOSPllAl COSTS GO UH w^sfl&si&fipmfl^^ ,CUDril/»4l CCCC___Wn I lmI*__u/hatAi;»r \inlir 'rirvtnr vu.'ll i n«u__ limit nn TnnclHu m MM?' i> 4 /'- Wt ^ Teiplf* , S V1 s*m-»^, -;Wb, Aoe&thesia ^ H.. J ' rSFl aadvMs pfiWPt I«* S A-A,"«,.; AMHI1CAH IH MEau'lMM I It! INSURANCE COMPANY 22/6 I 6XAS /o I 16 lo I uinpuiiy Ot^jui/cJ. ill i'J)/ the past six years at Marine headquarters. the tax's chances. Mrs. Ira Kohler, conservative Democrat, vied yvith Edmund j Jones, Republican, for the legislative seat of Mrs. Kohler's late husband, Jones, 30, a cist, led 16 candidates 11 special election, polling 4,910 ' ! voles to Mrs. Kohler's 4,293. : Randy Ward and Steven Webb, i from the Jones, Gail Mceks, Janice Mil- selected for promotion to full j colonel with ceremonies to held sometime in 1968. Flores, a graduate of Santa Sim- i Anna "High School in 1940, at,' Jerry Sims, Woody Smith, tended Allen Military Academy Stokes, Brent Thomas, in Bryan and later graduated i SPECIAL PRE-F1HISH PANELING 4'x8' 3 49 AND UP BOWIE 1800 Stewart CO. Ph. 642-0314 m j Cfirom Cfioremost'^our (/earn, alwas resh and delicious, Greetings .V^rt, ' "', ' : \ *"*'..''«' ' ""* and very best -.-,.'/ i •:', ' Also fivf nice holiday dij> reeip^ n that you pan roak^ with »»y four oream', ss long ai it 1 * faitidiowsly mum 9QUR CRRAM DIP CHERRY TOMATOES 1 ,P«p dairy P»pJne stuffed 6RIAMY ONJQN l*A CUM dairy sour ake* aft?vt I fy cwpi, s -•" " i Wflih ^te&jWg! *-'y:^"* s i^ SSam tom£ (mr fre^Wflt* >bw w «,fe9Wlta - [^m^p-iswad «'v y •-•• - irdiiiw^ , -'-^,cMPi«*i[a«d«ii^wfi4 f e ^i.iii»'v«w • < i 'lfwpjft il toe#» -.-i^V^i*,'^ i WHWJ^ ": -J w&tntmtssiim l '-:#>£<*'K f ' , |j|i»a«pi- , \ i im9sm,mm4sms> - • , ^ J ,«1 •-r r •7^r? frOHfc IJlO^j. 1 is s our Cream *m ey« K>*& ^.;=, t^. 1 i<;>i uOiM •j,":< •?''-fa •• , W?w *$£. ftffey-i '^£'A ! 'r .' e t' t? ."*-,> ym '^S.ptt t!«» V?* 1 *^ • 4>' f'" $? m

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