Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas on February 24, 1939 · Page 10
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Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas · Page 10

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 24, 1939
Page 10
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THB COBSICANA SBMIrWEBKLY, EIGHT, IHTfiAX.FBBBtrAlfl' 23, Bj acorn MoManoi NO WONDER-VOUR BROTHER. WENT BV GOLLY-THE HINANEY MUST E- STOPPED UP IT WAS A WAPPY DAY PER ME WHEN I BOUGHT THIS HOUSE- BUT IT'S HOM&:iT GOT TOO COLD FOG HIM TO I I if""* 4 I t* i MAGGIE'S BBOTHER- HEY -SOU- GET OFF THAT CHIKAWEY- GO BUILD A PIRE IW THE GRATE- SLEEP-AN'HE WAS AFRAID VOU MIGHT ASK HIM TO BUILD THE FIRE GONNA BE A DAY HAPPIER IP I SELL. IT- 1 I9)», Klnf Fiitum Smflnlr. tile., World H«U •OAP" 8TDBB8 AND TIPPEE— NOT AIX1 HEALTH, BEAUTY AND POISE HOW TO IMPROVE YOtTB PERSONAUTT By VERONICA DENOEL NATURE KNOWS BEST. It ll mieh a pity that we can't be satisfied with the coloring nature hai given us. Why do blondes want to be dark (or do they?) and brunettes want to be red-haired? (I've always wished that I were.) But, since we can't change our coloring naturally, Isn't it simpler and easier, and far more Veronica Dengel effective, to make the most of what we have than to try and change our appearance with dyes, bleaches, tints, or what have you? Somehow the artificial work—no matter how beautifully done—never quite comes up to nature; and few, if any, people are fooled. And, too, the old lines apply here—dont' you think? "Oh, what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive." Once you start to dye or bleach your hair, you can't stop. And it Is most certainly an expensive nuisance, to say the least. So, if you- have been contemplating this —forget It, and be satisfied to bring added beauty to your hair by keeping It shining and alive. Weekly -or bi-weekly shampoos, regular dally brushing and careful eating, will do more to keep the color of your hair attractive than will all kinds of rinses and tints. Then, too, as time goes on the color and texture of your skin and eyes gradually change; and your hair, if kept free of dyes, will, and should change color to harmonize with the newer shadings. Occasionally, of course, It Is necessary and advisable, for bus- ln.ess reasons, for both men and women to keep the hair tinted to something like its original coloring. When this must be done, be sure to choose the best technician you can find. It will have to be one of your chief extravagances, and perhaps you will need to economize elsewhere to allow for this expense. But dont' try to do it yourself. In the first place, you can't very well BOO what you are doing, nor do a thorough job: ana since it Is best to do anything right or not at all, let an expert work on you, A number of readers have asked me to recommend tints and dyes, and I am sorry that I can't comply with their requests. No trade names can be given, and all I can aay is—I don't approve, anyway! AD cMHMt* for MraonsI "Health. BeantT tail Polls" Information 6eetnd br Veronica Denial's column (ollowtn Blurt be accompanied b» a folly self-iddremed, •tamped enretope (a.a.«.».). Adrtretd Veronica Denrel, In ear* of thli new* oarer. * Shower Was.Given In Honor Recent Cryer Creek Bride On Thursday afternoon, Feb. 9th, Mrs. J. A. Olllen, Mrs. J .A. Harris and daughter, Tots, of the Cryer Creek community were Joint hostesses to a miscellaneous shower given In honor of Mrs. Pat Cook of near Mcrtens, who was Miss Octa Williams of Cryer Creek before her marriage January 28th. Several games were played and then the gifts were presented to the bride. She was assisted in opening the packages by Miss Made Williams and Mrs. Jlmmle Yates, after which the gifts were passed around for all to see. The hostess served sandwiches smacks and hot chocolate to sixty guests. Other than the Cryer Creek friends were Misses Ethel- Ine Hows, Juanita and Made Williams, Mcsdamcs Zllna Moore and C. W. Harris of Barry; Mesdames Clarence and Claude Whtttemore S. G. Fleming, McCager Holloway, O. J. Ledbetter, W. E. and D. P. Munn, Jlmmle Yates and daughter, Nedra, of Forney; Mesdamos Joe Bailey, John Cook, T. B. King and Miss Alice Marie King of Mertens; Mrs. Bell Moore of Jones Ranch; Mrs. Virgil Grooms of Emhouse; Mesdames A. R. Mauldln, Earl Hammonds and Glen Williams of Lone Cedar; Mesdames Beauford Farlsh, J. T. Pullln, Myrtle Neely Payne of Pecan; Mesdames Clayton Smith, Roy Farlsh and Prultt Armstrong of Blooming Grove. Quite a number of friends sent gifts. —Contributed. SUNFLOWER STREET By TOM LITTLE and TOM SIMS YE5TIDPY I FIXED PAP HENTV tSPMB 8REAKFUS DIDN'T MEN IS FUNNV JJAT WAX BEULVXH.' EVRY NOW AM' -DEM JSEY HAS TO YOU IS VYIDDER PRIM.' WHEN WILLIS- COMPLAINS I TELLS HIM HE'-D B& 'BOUT .SUMPtN' ELSB IP IT WASNT FOR WHAT HB IS COMPLAINIH 'Boor:' BLOW up .BOUT MORNIN I J?IDNT FIX HIM NONE- XIK H& SUMPIN' AM' IT CONT REALW MATTSR. WHAT.X TODAY'S CROSS-WORD PUZZLE ACROSS Small nail . Burn with hot water or •team . Inclined walk . Regulation . Japanea* gateway . Lamb's pen name . Timber tree ot the Paolflo Islandi . Early alphabet!* oharacteri , B*nderea vocally By birth , Sand hlH«( . BngliBh . Brink . Produce Solution of Taeadaj'i Puzzle. DOWN 1. Convey nearer I. East Indian coin I. foreign 4. Second smallest state of the Union: • abbr. 5. Stripe 6. Neutralise 7. Wild buffalo I. Is situated II. Chinese dynasty IS. Summon In a public place 1L One sixteenth ot an ounce avoirdupois II. Stringed Instrument 14. Ages 15. Chaffy part ef ground grain 17. Sheltering 23. Always 29. Father 30. Look after 11. OpenhandsoV blow 11. Edible tuber !3. Biblical tower IS. American Indian 38. River short it. Anything strictly true 41. Dropped 42. Consisting of small particles 44. Bank officer 46. Running talk 48. American red cedar 1. Slack o. Relieve! 61. Cut of meat 62. Kind of rook 68. Heavy cord 64. French river (5, Wise men of thi East 13. Portuguese title It. Small cushion it. Garden Implement IT. Reglater Wild animal Oaugei for meaaurlng alat* from a moving boat Dull flnlnh Cereal grasi Make muddy Ship'! «Km» Attitude Fart of a church Pointed arch .On the ooean Equal Subterranean worker Secretary er vapor- Of the country IS. Email ifendtr •tick * It. Flowerlen . plant 40. Southern constellation (1. ». Apart; prefix 10. Take offense at 46. Long narrative poem 65, DBlNOINd I7F FATHBR- ' IDEA OF YOU TELLIN' MISSUS WELLSON VOUR. MOTHER. SAID SHE. WASN'T AS FAT AS SHE WAS MY LAND! DO YCU HAFTA TELL.ALL YOU KNOW? WHY. 1 DON T! I NEVER TOLD MISSUS KELK.S YOU WONDER£.D ^5VHEtlE SHE. GOT HER. HATS ASSEMBLED, 'COUNTTA NOBODY'D EVER. SEEN ANYTHING LIKE 'EM ON LAND OR. MISSUS JOMES SAID YOU LOOKED LIKE A CATTLE, CR.UISEA- PUFFIN' DOWN TH' STREET OR.— MY LAND! IT JUST ISN'T SAFE. TO TALK: 'ROUND CHILDREN! SH-H-H OK. SEA BEFORE, TnXIE THE TOJXJCK— A WEAKNESS IN BIUMSY'S AMBI Bj BOM Wectoref THAT WAS A FIB ABOUT ME PEELING ONIONS~I'LL TUST PEEL A FEW SO ^ SHE WON'T KNOW THAT I WAS FIBBlNO NOW X WONDER WHO THAT COULD BE RINGING UP AT THIS TIME OF NIQHT? HUM.'.,SHE DIDN'T PEEL VERY MANY ONIONS DON'T BELIEVE AM, ONION OR TWO COULD HAVE MADE HER WEEP UNTIL HER EYES WERE THAT RED (1 -J Copr. 1919. BB, Panne. SrnJtoM. bt. WocM Hlfca rnmdS' ' \ JUST KTOS- OAMPDS CHATTER By Ad Cartel I JUST CAME PROM DONALD PARKER'S BIRTHDAY PARTY- AN' TALK ABOUT THE SWELL EATS —A BUFFOON LUNCH W&S SERVED—WHAT YOU'D vCALL A LIGHT ^COALITION ITS AWFUL WEATHER WE'VE 1 BEEN HAVING LATELY-THE. HUMILITY IS SO GREAT ITS A WONDER EVERYONE , ISNT SUFFERING FROM WE&r FRUSTRATION Off I»l». Xinl rmmtt Synrflnn, Ini foili rijhu tntrvMl WHEN DON AN' I SET \ ( WHERE DID YOU BIS WE'LL GO TO L>—ffi2^ LEARN DINNERS -FORMATIVE ^\ A^A^ ALL AFFAIRS WHERE WE GET DRESSED UP AN' WEAR OURTUXICAB SUITS WITHOUT TAILS THERES NOTHIN'TO IT-MY COUSIN VISITED US DURING THE HOLIDAYS-AN HE'S DOIN' BUCKET MOUSE— FIT FOB A KING Wall DUnej AND CRUSOE ARE AMBUSHED BY CANNIBALS, BUT FRIDAY'S SIZZLING FEET ENABLE HIM TO ESCAPE! WELL, AH DON' , TOO BAD! HE MAX' A MISHTY TASTY _ . _. ,.-. ..._ DISH FO' P' 1/V MAJESTY GWINETER KING.' 3 ( KICK ABOUT WHITE MEAT1 'SPECK HIS TY S^SMSiD/lpSi^ •^mttt^fflssfr'" WHAT A, SPOT WE'RE """LET ME LOOSE, YOU SCURVY KNAVES! " ' LAWS--EF HE DON' SWEETEN UP, HE SHO' GWINE RUIN D' KINO'S . DYGESTMENT! utn>ut^ by Kin| Future) Syndkae. Inc* THntBUS THEATBB Starring JPOPEYE—NOW SHOWINO- "THE CRADLE OF-.THE DEEP" TOMORROW- "A DRINK-ON TILE HOUSE' A fvJELL.VOul •fe ARE OME-l J^--—VTSVEP J. SrJSKER. IS IN4THE ) FOUUTIMQ opvobry DO NOT DRIK1K AWV ) •' OF AT WATER, TWILL MAKE OBTIMEIt AllIM POTTING ON THE DOG B} SAKBEW WATCH J)OG FOR SALE Tkt Coorge M«lth«w.AduM Swrle*. laoN WATCH YOUR HAT & COAT Ji'^-^.,.1 .(l^ML

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