Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 24, 1947 · Page 5
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 5

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 24, 1947
Page 5
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Plain for Flrrt AAU Swimming Tonrnamenl at Shamrock Complete SttAMROOK. fSijficln.1)—HAfsHa tnr ttir, 4in_» A ,.,i „«„„ .—. iu^ fclftfis fof ih% first ahnUal flain CTKhjinisslon Amateur Athletic Unloj stvimming fch'ampiohshlp tournamen to be held at the Shamrock Poo ort Thursday and Friday. July. 1 and 11, toere worked out at a meet Iftgf 6f coaches and other interests persdns recently. ftellum Johnson of Dallas, chair ftian of the Southwestern AAU swUnhiliig committee gave Bob Clark and others present many gooc pointers that will be helpful in con ducting the district tournament ii Shairtroek. Following the meeting in Amarillo. ft few changes were made in the program for the Shamrock ixrtirriey. and Clark has since mailed hbtlces of the alterations to coaches and swimming pool managers throughout the 20 counties comprising the Plains Commission. The changes were announced by Clark as follows: Ofien class AAU girls—a 60-yard 1.800 meter swim and the 50-yarc frec/style race Were cancelled, anc some changes were made in the diving events. Open classs AAU girls—a 60-yarc free style race is being substituted PAMPA MONUMENT CO. Cemelery Memorials ED FORAN, Owner 601 E. Harvester Phone 1152 Now Showing ALL THIS WEEK Auspices American Legion Greater United Shows CARNIVAL Meet Your Friends On The Midway "THEY'LL BE THERE" location Opposite Ball Park Special Children's Matinee Saturday for the 440-yard race, and the 1,50 meter and 50-yard free style is be Ing eliminated. The same change were made in the girls diving event as in the boys. Novice boys—will be the same a, originally planned except the 40 yard free style has been eliminated Diving will be as originally announced. Novice girls—the committee thought best that a cla.ssificatior for girls be added. The age limit will be same as for novice boys, 14 years and under. The events in swimming will be as follows: 40-yard free style. 40-yard back stroke. 40- yard breast stroke. 120-yard medley relay. 160-yard relay. Diving will br the same as for novice boys. The only changes made in the beauty contest were: 1. each girl must be at least 16 years old; 2 must not be married nor have been married. It was decided at the meeting in Amarollo to allow only three entries in each of the water events Instead of four. Any city may enter more than one team, as long as eacli team is sponsored by a city, club, swimming pool or some other organization. All boys and girls will be required to pay 25c for membership in the AAU if they do not already posess a card. Any club, city swimming pool or other sponsoring organization not a member of the Plains AAU should join by sending a $10.00 membership fee to Eli Smith, chairman. Shamrock. The fee will entitle a team to participate in all AAU ivents. ' Clark stated this week that $150.00 worth of attractive' awards have been ordered for the Plains Com- nission tournament. In addition to the medals which will be present- 3d Winners in the various events, J:e champions will receive an expense trip to Tyler, where they will participate in the National meet on July 31. August 1 and 2. Swimmers and divers from all over the United i^tatcs, Mexico and Hawaii will take part in the tournament at Tyler. HE 'DONT' LIVE THERE Happening to be near Independ- nce, Mo., we decided to have a ook at the President's house and isked directions of a passer-by. He old us the street and how to get here. As we started to drive on. he idded. "But Harry ain't home."— Reader's Digest, Rear! The I'ampa News Want Ads I'M SURE MX) VWM. FORGHVE A COUPLE OJ= SADLY FMTISUBD NATURALtST§ ON A BIRD"-- Golf (Continued from page 41 test ths Calvary Baptist boys will be matchnd against the Presbyterians. Tn the Junior boys league, the McCulkmgh Methodists will play the First Baptists and the Hnrrah Methodists will meet, the Central Baptists. Playing in the girl league, the Junior Presbyterian girls will meet the Central Baptists and in the Senior girls league, the Central Baptists will again be busy as they will meet the McCullough Methodists. All games are played on the Kiwan- 1s diamonds just north of high school. PRISCILLA'S POP Softball (Continued from page 4) through five rounds of match piny to reach the final round. Perrier was 22 strokes under par for 169 holes here and Hnrbert was 1(1 under for 174. Perrier war, oui front all the way in handing his unmerciful semifinal shellacking to Bel, who didn't need any alibis for playing the 27 bcles one stroke over par. Harbert, whose constant grin and sizzling drives established him as the gallery's "darling" tit the outset of the tournament, lost the first dole to Ghezzi but quickly got it bnck and raced to a 4-up lead with a 3-under-pnr 33 on their first nine holer,. Birdies at ths 20th and 21st holes nit Harbert G-up and he lost only one hole from there to the finish. By Al Vermeet , fVnen / was your fage, Car/yte, I d/'cxrt fritter eway my ^vacation! I earned V"X Money ?°'' n 4 J-->7 odd jobs. {? ffl jte-r> J __ That's just what Y/n doing! I'm going out now to see if ' ^f can shovef some walks/ r"> Vs » /# iSTTT/OTx^ll Shove/ wu/foi Hobody wants their walks (( G&e, that's ^ fa tough break.' Well, / had good[ intentions, anyway/ ;X;*71 "*•-:; •wi.* \\^tt. V=*vJ. % J* ^ FINEST REPAIR SERVICE Refrigeration * Domestic or Commercial Radios * Any Make General Appliance Service • P. A. System m CALL FLOYD DALTON Phone 1644 MAYTAG Pampa Movie Studios Cut Down on Musicals By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD— (fP)— One thing is pparent from a glance at movie production schedules—musicals are n the wane. Of the 48 features being filmed xiday by Hollywood companies, only ive can be classified as musicals, n much smaller percentage than at any time in recent years. A survey of future plans discloses that only a handful of tune films are in the mix. Most studios, except MOM, have lopped off their musical talent to a minimum. There are two main reasons for ,REAL ESTATE LO&NS For Buildlrit, BJepalrlnK -'• .vi : B«finanplnj , ' . '•• • -' ', F1IA ; ,; Conventional \ : Lo^ Rates—Long Terms. ' Security Federal 'Savings; and Loan Association • Combs- WorieJ- Bldg. Phone 604 the decline: 1. Musicals cost too much. Production expense continues to mount to dizzy heights. Most of them require color and to this is added the additional expense of pre-shootlng recording and dance rehearsals, or- chestratin, dubbing, etc. 2. They aren't drawing too well at the box-office. Producers are discovering that the old-style hoopla musical with a little bit of everything thrown in is not as sure-fire with postwar audiences as it was during the war.' But don't worry about the movie musical. It has suffered declines before. And it has been revived by attractions like 'Broadway Melody," "The Gold Diggers," 42rid Street," "Cover Girl" and "Meet Me in St. Louis." All you have to do is wait. Hollywood sights and sounds . . . Olivia De Haviliand scaring people by looking the part for her next role—a distraught asylum inmate. . . . Marilyn .Maxwell, who was appearing in .the. L, A. Police Show, getting traffic ticket. A noisy bird fluttering around the rafters of the ""Daisy Kenyon" set and holding up production . . . Oscar Levant composing his own dialogue on the •"Romance in High C" set. Johnny Weismuller sweating out the poundage "to- get in shape fo another "Tarzan." Texas Production Of Oil Unchanged TULSA, Okla.— (fP)—The nation'? crude oil production averaged 5,123,295 barrels daily during the week ended June 21, an increase of 5,405 barrels over the previous week's figure, the Oil & Gas Journal reported today. A Kansas gain of 13,650 barrels daily to 294,150 barrels was largely responsible for the continued upward trend in production. California's output increased 3,900 barrels to 918,700; Oklahoma was up 1,750 to 389,900, and the Eastern area gained 1,100 to 65,600. Michigan's production decreasec 9,575 barrels to 41,485; Illinois' was down 4,400 to 186,000, and Indiana was off 1,100 to 17,700. Texas production was unchanged at 2,288,950 barrels. ""•'-,'- ':"". ''•.'•• "Fiesta" .'. . (MGM-100 minutes is another one of those contrived musicals in whlph^none of the line .or situations-"swpVise anyone on th credit side are ..some striking Mexi can scenery, 'spirited dancing, bull fighting excitement and a talente new actor and dancer, Ricardo Mon talbam. Aside, from this, the pro ceedings are father spiritless. Es ther Williams arid John Can-oil are among those present. KPBN 1340 on Your Dial TUESDAY -Hop Harriitan—MBS. -Vlritll Mott Som?s. -Captain JriclniKht— MBS. -Tom Mix—MBS. -Fulton Lewis, Jr., News—MBS. -Five-Minute .Mysteries. -Vamlercook Ne\*i. -Snorts and News. '* -Adventures or the Falcon— 1W5T AS Memiry is, famous ^ 8$ the car that gives you more of everything, so Mercury Service gives you ,t)iorf in reliability, skilled mechanics, precision equip- meqt, savings and genuine ^e satisfaction. your c»r in best (or real driving —with expert, Mercury Service, not see for yourself ,_', . ^drive in this week find take Advantage of *tbi» special, tijneiy "get ;*cq«ai«ted" offer , , , ''Touring Time" Service Special TUNE ENGINE ... check compression, cl and regap spark plugs, clean distributor and check points, adjust carburetor, cheik timing and valves, inspt.-ct fan belt, check fuel pump. CHECK COOLING SYSTEM , . . drain and flush radiator, inspect and tighten ail cooling system connections, check water pump for proper operation test radiator thermostat for correct opening and closing temperatures, clean out radiator core. LUBRICATE CAR ... complete lubrication with factory-recommended lubricants. Crank r -ase drained, flushed and refilled with proper g-ade of oil. CHtCK IGNITION ... examine all wiring for wear and tight connections, test coil and /listributor, clean battery posts and leads. CHECK SAfETY FEATURES .. . adjust brakes, windshield wipers, lights and horn. 5:00 6:15 5:30 fi:45 S-Vf t:lC 0:20 5:25 6:30 7:00—Gabriel Hcntter—MBS 7:15—Real Life' Stories—MBS 7:30—American Forum of the Air— MBS. 8:15— Vic Dompne—MBS. 8:30—International Quiz—MBS. 9:00—Decision Now. 9:15—Special Investigator—MBS, 9:30—Dance Orchestra—MBS 9:56—News—MBS. 10:00—Dance Orchestra—MBS. JO"iO—Dance Orchestra—MBS, 10:55—News—MBS. 11:00—Record Show. ' 11:30—Record Show. 12:00—Slsn Off. WEDNESDAY 6:30—News. 6:30—News. Testimony in Murder Trial Begins Today SAN ANOKELO— (&)— Testimony in the trial of Wylie R. Tomlinson Jr., 32, Menard ranchman, charged with shooting to death Harold B Opp in a downtown hotel lobby here Nov. 22, may get under way today. Six jurors were chosen yesterday. At an arraignment Tomlinson entered a plea of innocent. In 1934, Opp, 64-year-old rarich- man and oil operator, and Special Banger L. E. Trimble, were indicted in the fatal shooting of W. B. Tomlinson, Sr., in Menard County. Trimble was acqutted of the charges and the indictment against Opp was dismissed in 1942 after the Court of Criminal Appeals reversed and remanded his conviction and sentence to 30 years in the penitentiary. FINALLY CONQUERED Parthia became an independent kingdom about 250 B. C., and, despite continued Roman attacks, it maintained its independence until 225 A. D., when it was conquered by the Persians. Bead The News Classified Ads Texas Today By JACK RUTLEDGE Associated Press Staff A Oalveston business firm was glad to know that a satisfied customer at Weimar had checked his bill and found it correct. But the knowledge apparently, was delayed in the malls. It took a cloudburst to get it to its destination. A rain-soaked 62-year-old postal card written Sept. 3. 1885 was found """ v-n the street in Galves- a rainstorm. It was ad- rV. L. Mooclv & Co.. and by J. J, Hollow-ay, Weimar. The card was slightly smaller than today's postals, anci carried n rare stamp. It was only slightly yellowed, and the wrting was legible. A Bible belonging to Tommy has been returned to him by Capt. C. J. Berly of Bryan. Capt. Berly lound it on thp battlefield near Shuri. Everyone at an Amarillo bridge party thought they had a grand slain. It was, said J. L. Adams, a near riot. Mrs. Adams preferred not to mention it. but you know how men are. Mr. Adams told all: One player arranged her hand and was startled to find it contained nothing but spades. The sort of thing one dreams about. The bidding became heated. It turned out all hands contained 13 of a kind. Mrs. Adams son had stacked the deck before he/ left. Equally surprised were spectators watching police chief L, T, Robey of El Paso destroy four slot machines. He hit the jackpot. Twenty-five dollars in paper money rolled out of one machine in a shower of nickels. The owner evidently had more change and left the roll of bills inside the machine which was confiscated during a raid. NEW YORK. N. Y.—The familiar advice, "don't seek shelter under a j tree during a thunderstorm" is fully I justified by the records collected by I the statisticians of the Metropolitan i Life Insurance Company. These I records show that about one third ! of those killed by lightning arc struck while standing under a tree. The statisticians also warn against the danger of being on an open field j or broad plain, or being in a small I trical storm. The last named is a double iiazard for the swimmer not only is In danger of being struck directly, but also of being electrocuted by a charge carried by the water from a bolt striking at some distance. Seeking refuge in small isolated sheds, especially in exposed areas, is likewise dangero'/ >. Lightning kills about 400 persons j a year in the United States, or i about three in every million of the i I population, the statisticians point j iout. About nine out of every ten of i j the deaths occur in rural areas, and i 'they are five times as frequent j i among males as among females. ' City dwellers arc relatively safe ! because the steel structure 1 ; of tall j buildings act as lightning conductors. Occupants of automobiles are j also comparitively safn. even if the i vehicle is struck by lightning. Read The I'ampa News Want Ads Pampa News, Tuesday, June 24, 1947 Proof Given thai Tree Provides No Shelter in Storm PAGE $ VALUES The hairsprings in watches ar« made by drawing a piece of steel through a hole in a diamond. A pound of cfeel, worth only a fer dollars, can make $60,000 worth of watch springs. Read The Pampa News Want Ad* /.ALMANAC'/, Tail-bearers are as bad at the tale-miftert, JOKE r 25—First of Seven Days' Be* ' ties, 1862 2ft-Virginia ratified consUt* Con, 178a 27—Helen ICeQer, bom. 1890. 28—Island ol Luzon liberate^ 1945. 23— Gonoral Gosthals, builder of Panama canal, bom, \8~jS. 00—U.S. pure food and drug act passed by 1905. Two trucks collided on a narrow road near Hillsboro. The drivers irately got out for the usual argument. But it didn't develop. They were brothers—R. C. White and Bob White, both of Carlsbad. New Mexico, employed on a road project in Hill county. R. C. wound up with a fractured arm. ' Lake Baikal, in Central Asia, is said to be the only land-locked water containing seals in the world. Accuracy, dependability, purity — these are our prime requisites in every prescription we fill. WILSON DRUG 2 Registered Pharmacists on Duty 300 S. Cuyler Phone 600 Hionc 388 or 47 If you don't know your Life Insurance, know your Life I n s u ranee Man. 1—Bottle of Son Juan'Hill, 1893. Beautiful greeting cards For every occasion. PAMPA OFFICE SUPPLY Everything for the Office. 211 N. Cuyler Phone 288 To The Music Of... SOUTHWSST'S MOST SENSATIONAL BAND THE SOUTHERN CLUB TOMORROW JUNE 25TH DANCING FROM ADMISSION (30 1*130 £« f\f\ Plus to l^b 90 «W Tax S 30 * to I . at J. C. DANIELS MOTOR COMPANY ail W, TVftf Street Phone 111$ ,, Ranch. :00— Rclltor'H Dlai-Vr-MBS. :15— The Open Bible, :45— Breakfast- Rhythms. :55 — News. :00— Arthur Gaethe— MBS. :15— Faith In Our Time— MB9. :30 Say It With Music— MBS. :00— Pamna Party Line. :15— Tell Your Netehhor— MBS. :30— Heart's D.eslre— MBS. :00— Fashion better. :05— Musical Interlude. :10— Hts Majesty the Baby. :15— Coffee Time. :30— Marine Band— MBS. :00— Cedric Poster News — MBS. :15— Smile TimerrrMBS. :30— J. L. Swindle News. :4!i — Checkerboard 'Jamboree — MBS :00 — Music Ala' Carte. ' :15— Local Nowa. :30— Dinnerbell Jamboree. H5— People Know Everything'. :00— Queen for a Bay— MBS. :30 — Music for> :"\Vednesdav. :45— .Tackle Hill Show — MBS. 00— Ersklne Johnson— MBS. 15— The Johnson Family— MBS. 30— Two Ton Baker— MBS. :45— Little Concert, 00— All Show. 00— All Request Show. 45— Adventure Par-ade — MBS. Tonight on Networks NBC— 6 MIIv Berle Comedy 7 Call the Police, drama; 8:30 Slgmund RomhecK Concert, 1 CBS— 6 Ble Town Drama; 6:30 Mel Blanc Program! t:30 Studio One "Romantic Comedians 1 '; 8:30 Open Hearing. >'•'., ABC— 6:30 Green Hornet; 7:30 Boston Pops Concert; 9 Championship Match at Cleveland, Ray Robinson vs. Jimmy Doylee. Wednesday on Networks NBC — 7:45 .a.m.. Nelson Olmsted Story; 11 a.m. 'Leopold Spitalny Concert; 3:45 p.m. "Front Pago Farrell- fi-30 Sumnwflelrt Band; 8:30 Kay Kyser Summer Elhalo. CBS— 9 a.m.. AH Oodfrey; 1:15 p.m. Warm Springs Foundation 20th An- nlversary, Josephus Daniels, others; 2:30 Give and 1'alja; 6 Jack Carson Comedy; 8 The •'Whistler "The Gentle Wav." ABC — 10 a.m. Tom Breneman; 1:15 p.m. Ethel and Albert; 3:30 Cliff Edwards: 7:15 BoUiy Poyle Records. e, eaplwM ol Iceland, jwa? named gfter the hot springs which are so prevalent in the country. (' ANNOUNCE to people waiting for telephones N T lle're glad to report that the work necessary to bring telephone service to the 25Q.QOQ people waiting in the Southwest is under way again, Some of you may be wondering what effect the recent work stoppage had on your application. t In general we can say: The additional waiting time on installations will be approximately the length of the strike. In other words, add six weeks to the date SOUTHWESTERN BELL we may have said your service would bd ready, and you will not be far wrong. There is really no need to sail the business office. We have an accurate record of your order. And we shall get in touch with you when we are able to install your telephone. Thanks very much for your patience and understanding. TELEPHONE COMPANY •:. 4 r"> -7>-?^!i- *. ;*^ •"•":^*r-^ ( . i

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