The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 26, 1930 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 26, 1930
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V- 1 Entered as second class matter, Oct. 4, 1895, at post office at Tipton, Ind., under the act of March 5, 1879 TIPTOJT, INDIANA, SATURDAY EVENING, APRIL 2«, 1930. ONLY A FEW DAYS AWAY Candidates With Oppq Are New "Mopping • for tha Big'Day. sition! tip" J ALL ARE VERY BUSY! No Opportunity Is Negj to Make a Vote—All Hopeful. ^ected Are, i !'l Not so many more da; - s re-j main until the primary election; and tlio candidates who h; ve oii-| position are not letting these fewj moments flitter .away. They are: all hard at work"moppim: . up"j for" the bis; day May 6th. Candi-i dates who will be certified as the choice of their parties d|o notj .iriiies! Thoy i i-imary i I) (•i ii-.iicll SUUloiils Vote Dry, Willi.- 'Poll'of'Faculty Is Wot Grinnell, Iowa, April 2C. — The faculty of Grinnell col-' lege favor modification of the eighteenth amendment, white the student body prefers enforcement according to a poll conducted hyj the Liberal Club, aj recently organized college group. I A tabulation of the votes of about 60 per cent of the students shows 233 foT . enforcement, 181 for modification and 21 for repeal. Fifty-five per rent of the votes cast by 59 members of the faculty favors .iiodification. j Ninety-seven students, including, twenty girls, admitted that they drank. Only twenty- seven, including one girl, said that they had been drunk. ER OF THE CAPONES IS GUILTY Brother of "Scarface Al" Is Guilty of Violating Income Tax Law. First Naval Envoys! Home SENIOR CLASS need to campaign until fes! start for the fall Classics are riding through tlie "under wraps'." There are seven 1 worm over the county and fricnus of these candidates are also a I work'- for their favorites, trying: in make votes. The candidate who i:< ap get his friends to the poll: tion day will probably w ! Juniors Entertained Graduating Class at Academy, Friday Night. I NOW OUT ON BOND Jury Finds Him Guilty on Seven Counts^-Lied oh a Comnromise. !*" tR j.SIX FINISH SCHOOL cause the vote will no dot bt be light. Not much interest is erinced in this primary, or any pr mary for th."i mailer, in Tiplon nunty. Those who. do'not go to tin polls Will determine the out com e of most of the contests, a little strange hut true. . 'Mis. lit-nin lti'Ieascd. Mrs. Pearl Beam, who wfis before Judge Mount Friday evening <:n a charge of contributing to the •truancy of her daughter, was released otic her own recognizance by the couri, with iustructi >ns to report at any time she was want cd. Mrs. Beam was charged with not having kept her daughter in sihool. hut-testified she d d 'so when the child who has b'epn ill. v.-as able to go, Mrs. Beam had no' attorney in court, hut asked questions if the witnesses and conducted her own defense. She stated she would keep the girl in school and the court announced that largily on the conduct of the daughter de- -pended the disposition of th< case Father Dies. ile toi elec -i The annual junior-senior reception for the class which will -foe-!graduate at St. Joseph's Academy Tom Addison of Arcadia, proprietor of the , West End meal market of Arcadia, was called to Arlington Friday by word of the serious illness of his father, F. M. Addison. His death took, plabe Saturday morning. His deat i'was &ue to paralysis and other com plications his condition having been serious for several weeks. The deceased was past 80 years of age. • i • i During Mr: Adison's absence from his place of business in Arcadia it is being looked, after by Vessrs Raymond Griffith and Joyce Lutes. Mr. Addison and family will remain at Arlington until after the funeral. Belongs at. El wood. j An Essex car with a blroken wheel which has been standing iat * the edge of the highway east of Tipton,, was found to belong to the Gopher "Sales Company eff El wood; and the owners notified to come and get the machine. It ••••was reported to Sheriff Devault a* having been several days. ~ •'.* —•« standing Hg &lNga. are 'two parties Jh the] lO ^rko aefeT.J^ow^.'the SsESH there June S, was heldat the Academy Friday night and the event was one of the many brilliant events in' connection with the ending of Llie: term for this popnlar school for 1 young ladies. Commencement exercises this year will be held at the academy June S and the following are members of the 1 graduating class: Miss Leontine ; Whalen . of Wabash: Miss Razine Irvine of Rochester; Miss Bernardine Tebbe of Tipton: Miss Wilma' Rolin of Terre Haute: Miss Alberta. Simmons of Huntington and Miss Virginia Holman of.. Michigan City. • _ The reception this year was a i dinner-dance with the Huffine i orchestra of Tipton furnishing the] music, during the. delightful repast served in the first; floor dining room and for the : dance .which followed. The dining room' was beautifully decorated for the occasion and was arranged to resemble the deck of a large ship. Tiny ships bearing the place cards were on the beautifully decorated tahleJ During the meal the welcome j address was given by Miss Helen Hamilton of the Junior class and Miss Leontine Whalen, president of the Senior. class responded. Toasts' were given by Miss Helen Mattingly and „ Miss Francis Heineck. ; After the banquet the grand marsh was led by the two class presidents to. the assembly room where the ship: scene was ' also pictured and on the sail of a (Continued From Pag* 1.) Chicago, April 26.—Another of the'Cipones 1 Has heard a jury brand him "guilty." Ralph (Bottles) Capone, eldest of the.younger, brothers of Scarface Al, stood before' Federal Judge James H.' Wilkerson's bench late yesterday and heard himself convicted of violating the income tax law. The jury found Capone guilty" on all seven counts of .the indictment, chief of which was the one charging Bottles with malting false statements in an ' offer of compromise. In sentencing the younger Capone May 16, if the formal plea, for a- new trial is denied,. Judge Wilkerson, under the law, can impose a prison term of forty-two years by making the sentences on each of I the seven counts run .consecutively. Custom in the oust, however, has been to impose sentence on the^nnajor . infraction—in. Capone's case, his false testimony in the compromise offer. The penalty for this is ten years in prison and $10,000 fine. Pending sentence, Capone is at. liberty on bond ofi $25,000. BETTER THAN" EVER. Interior of Citizens National Is Very Pleasing.' Saturday more visitors Were at the Citizens National bank's new. home than at any time during the week and all were of the opinion that the: interior of the bank was more .pleasing in appearance than before the fire. The wall • decorations are a shade lighter and this gives plenty of light. Artist Meufler has painted ja harvest scene over the entrance to the safety deposit vault, showing the golden grain falling before a horse \d rawn binder, which is pronounced a better painting than the one which formerly decorated this wall. On either side is an American Eagle. . «> The upper floors are . hearing completion and some of the tenants are expecting to move in next week, Dr. S. W.j Curtis who will occupy his, old suite of rooms is having them laid with a fine grained hardwood floor and will have ertirely new furnishings and equipments. >: Chicago Liquor Bribery Is $15fi00fi00, \ Official Tells Oklahoma Business Men Tulsa, Okla., April 26.— Liquor costs Chicago f4b ,000,000 yearly and half of this sum is spent, for intoxicants and y the remainder goes for bribery and pay for hired assassins,-Charles S.. Peterson, Chicago's! City Treasurer, told the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce as a.member of the 1 Goodwill Trade tour^whlcb baa been on a circuit through the* South- wei it for almost two weeks. "But eVeiTwIUf that Trast. expenditure," Mr.' yeteraoiif,-,. atfd, "wJB.are not the crime caplUl -at tbe ^bitW,^...;,^,^^ therm-ore, we. haven't missed those done away with very" "badly."..This [explanation y of Chicago's crime v and "bootlegging*?situation was in I response to >an- editorial published ( ln The .Tulaa Tribune which wa>' captioned '-"Cowardly Chleigo" .and > reail&'.part'.*'' '' "Chlejago it the^ickeet, city In AmerW. Chicago^* £ : d ^|cB *t |Bglr sfsirtd. {Chicago t ^llu^eo «%t ",t4ir';ta"|itt|:>; [iMt^t big—aw>h to, arrm<, £ijrotect | CMfkfo's; ^OWB ^iMUttaUKprh '.IttttotAlfli. |y?cville Is So t'rowilrtl lor Fair Aiiieiiran Spinds Xight in Taxi Eiotinff in India. Among; the. Frontier Nai-t^s Alarms j British. MACHINE GUNS POSTED Town of Peshawar, Controlling Pass, Object ,of Cab-, inet Study. / Madrid/ April 26.—The record crft.wd of foreigners, mostly- .'-English and Americans, which jammacl Seville foi- the annual fair following Holy Weak made it practically impossible to obtain hotd rooms or •other'quartet On' American rea-hing Madrid today told of having spent a night in a ta>:icab and said two other Ant- ericans Were forced to rent a small room and take turns at sleeping on its one oot. The Spanish Touring Association, looking forward to its biggest year; is opening 'twelve new roadside hotels. The 192!) figures, now available, .-show more than 5.000 Americans visited ; Spain last year, spending an average of six days and leaving, according to estimates, 51,900,000 behind them. IS ABDUGTEO BY MEN, ESCAPES Indianapolis Lawyer to Suburban House Tied Up. CAPTORS GET DRUNK Victim Escapes by Jumping Through Window- lice Seek Cluesl (Left to right) Rear Admiral t ton, on their return from Lon- William A. Moffett, Rear Admiral J. R. P. Pringle and Rear Admiral H. E. Yarnell, pictured on the S. S. George Washing- don, where they acted in an advisory capacity to the members of the United [States delegation to the naval parley. . (International NawarMl) TO TEXAS NEXT WINTER I. M. O'Banion Says in Letter to Tribune Tbat His" Plans Are Made. PERFECTLY DELIGHTED The best recommendation for :i winter resort is to have sojourners return. I. M. O'Banioii and. wife of this city, who have been spending, the past winter in Harlingen, Texas with their grandson, Br.uce Barr of St. Louis are going to return there next winter, according to a letter Mr. O'Banion has written to The Tribune. Mr. and Mrs. 'O'Banion and grandson left Harlingen Friday on their way back home. Mr. O'Banion's interesting letter of the new .country in which he finds. so much pleasure, follows: " •• Cement Pouring on Strip in - Shortle Farm Is Now Under Way. BUT FJW DAYS MORE Bombay, India, April . 2G.—' Further disorders at Peshawar increased apprehension here tonight that grave events may be shaping t hemselves in the buffet- northwest frontier. province. Peshawar is the-guardian "outpost of the famous Khyher pass through the Himalayas into the barbaric hinterland, oT Asia. 'To the north lies'a Russia Soviet. . Disturbances at Peshawar, where there has. been serious rioting growing out of British suppression of the civil disobedience movement, were studied iii detain -at a. meeting of-the viceroy's cabinet at Simla this evening. • , - ...'•';. Machine guns are posted at vital points and the bazar and markets are still closed. AN EVEN BREAK j :India.napolisi April 26 —Heidi ; prisoner for several houni aft'?r : being beaten and bound hand j and" foot, Charles Rogers, an Ini dianapolis attorney, finally es- Indiana Anti-Saloon-League Endorses-Both Purnell ..• ' Matlock. BOTH ARE ACCEPTABLE STOLEN' CAR JiOCATRn. "It won't be long now," was the answer of the' foreman in chai;ge of^the work on the| Hub Highway in answer to the inquiji | ernoon stating of a Tribune man as to howimuch j.bile of .George longer the Hub highway -would remaiii unfinished through the Sheriff Xotilied That Moi-elock far AVas Found in Indianapolis. Sheriff Devault received a long distance call from, the Iiidianapo- caped. from two abductorsl Friday night by diving through | a window. His kidnappers, it was ttelieved were members of a gang of rum runners and bootleggers opera: ing near Lawrence, where lives ot several persons recently have been endangered by night revolver attacks. Representatives of the Marion '•i.'tmty <iierift"s office, co-operat- i i: with Indianapolis police, '-were conducting investigations on . . - .the affair Saturday in an attempt Ardent drys in the Ninth dis-'to tract the assailants and also trict can vote for a congressman! end'i miniature "reign jof fer- t'.iis fall afcording to their poli- ror" linked with the activities ot tics, if they desire to do so as'the gan;-. j both candidates for the Office are! lingers, n;» thirty-two^ +«0!l given jn even break by-the :Indi- ; Bas' Washiiigton street, ^ras the ana -Anti-Saloon Leagur- Botii-; victim of ai attack which was Congressman Fred S. Purnell. btlieved to fTave had itsj incep- -Republican aiid Henry h. Mattock' tion wh«n a 'Iient of his became of Kokomo, Democrat, ar" a'tvept- incensed over his convicticjn on a Taken and -Po- able to the organization which lis police department Saturday aft- i each election lists Candida that the 'automo- K. Morelock had Shortle farm. Friday the big mixer was moved over the knoll" just northeast of the bridgeiacross Wolf jCreek and started this-- f way pouring ceY nient. The knoll which is of clay soil is still a trifle wet and the grade is being' established and trenches dug at. the side to j drain it and. within a few days it iyill ; lie ready for cement. The contrac- When'Mrs. O'Banion and I left j tor stated, the men were getting we! anxious to movje and by. starting Tipton, by auto • Nov. 15, thought five months of . forced idleness in Texas would he intolerable. Climatic conditions and the environments here are such that we have formed a different opinion and hope to return here for another five months next winter. We are now leaving and - the over the^ knolljl and working toward Buck Creek bridge it will be given an opportunity to dry. The grade npar" Buck Creek bridge is still a 1 trifle wet but is passable - and the trucks^ar4 getting through in good manner 1 . ! After this eilii of the unfinislt- ed portion is completed the |" i3 t er [ time spent here has been of con-j will, be moved'jto the knolf and siderable profit and general pleas-[that portion will be cemented and! ure. We will spend one day in j the two approaches to the {Wolf San Antonio, a snort time ,Sn St. | Creek bridge. The entire roadway Louis and expect,to arrive in Tipton by Mav 3rd. The improvement: in the general health of our ^ittle grandson, Bruce Barr, subject to sinus and mastoid trouble, has been re- markahle. Mrs. O'Banioii; and I who are susceptible to having severe colds at home while 1 here have escaped'. ^ I hare acquainted myself with the history of Texas, which is most interesting Indeed, and' have 8tudled |i the true 'conditions - in this wonderful lower- Rio Grande Valley. " •"• '., : ,1 have had access to a public library, here, and:,have rend more books -of.]good literary value -in th*,PMt^fl^e'months .ithan I' ev^tf as Will be open to traffic not later than May 25th in the opinion of the man in charge. • The strip of I road east, which Tipton residents: hoped, would be paved this summer, seems toihave been shelved and hopes fori this have vanished. The| state department is workingj this portion'and are adding material, which is. a strong indication that the j program to • carry it :• over another summer will he .-followed. I : Almost. Recovered. The many Tipton!;:trlends | of Mrs. ArthurALanSford \%ot ^Indianapolis vwyi be^glad ^now^that 9 h^hi*a J lm^tr^ovkd'from^ i^^i^W* i.n^ner 9 been found abandoned on. the •streets of tljis dity The callstated that the owner had better bring iii key for the machine which had] League s been started by wiring around.the ignition switch. '.•••'!.. I No report of the-'car being stbl- ;en was Teceivijd here, and the sheriff telephoned Kempton,-the home of Morelock and found 1 lie had been working at Anderson. lAnderson police were" notified to get in touch with .the owner- and tell him the car had been found. • cording, to their- prohibiten leanings. Most of the congressional candidates are listed as r- •ceptable. A few did not answer the questionnaire. Those who did not till out the blanks sent them were: James Dunbar of the Third district, Albert H. Vestal !of the Eighth district. Will R. Wood of the Tenth and D. N. Hogg of jthe Tenth. To "Leave Hospital. Visiting .ar.-MontirellOi i Mr. and Mrs. Shelly Gardner of iEast Washington street drove in Young's ambulance will so to Indianapolis Sunday morning and will bring Mrs". Nellie Suits Drake of Indianapolis from the Methodist hospital to the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Grant charge of bootlegging. j Rogers said he was driven to a j-iiiii II . tiage in or near' Lawrence, v'.-re lie was made to sit in a chair. His hands were tied in front of him by a heavyj cord, and it was then pulled between Iiis legs, beneath the chair knd np tin- hs;k of Iiis nfcok. The cord v.-as knotted about his throat and tiien drawn to bis arms, j Constantly threatening hint I with death, and beating him about the head and body, the ab; due tors finally, started drinking. '. Rogers said. | i The attorney said he was forc- ; ed to sign blank checks but he did hot think the men would i be able to cash them. One of the ! men became intoxicated. Rogers ! said, and early at night wandPi;- Monticello Saturday where they| Sl H ls on North ] Easi? street. Mrs. will visit with tlieir daughter Mrs. [Louise Martinson and .hus- |ed away from the cottage. | other man seated himself! .She. has been imaking a fine re- band.' Mrs. Gardner-will remain with her daughter for. several days while J; L. Martispu, goes |td\ the gdverumeiit' .hospital, it | coVary and will: remain, with her IChicago for a clinical examina-: parents until she is fully reeover- jtion and a possible operation. jMr. Gardner will return . home) Monday. Drake was operated two weeks ago at the hospital for append!-, j chair facin 5 Ro ^ era and^l^urish- citis and came through the. oper- ] € ^ a rev " olT e r - ation in very good shape '! "Just «s soon as the The in a | comes- to me I'm going you." Rogers said the man ihim. notion to kill told ed. Mrs. Drake : is operator forari beauty parlor in Indianapolis andj bonds ' Roger8 P" 1 he was Working constantly 'wi:h his Cinally will.return, there later. Government Sues to Get Radio Patents I on Apparatus for Using House Current jable to free| his wrists wh^le the ,was not watching. Rogers [stopped suddenly, released the ! bonds from his feet, jumped up and dived through a window. Teacher Reaigw. I Washington, April 26.—Suit f • ' |" ' - i - -.' ; -• •• ; - • • ,- - -- r has been tiled by the Department Justice in the Supreme Court the District! of Coltimbin. and P 'in theUnited States Di»trict,Court lli for the Eastern District of New :York on behalf of the govern-, ment ito compel conveyance: • to |the.lOBited: States of; patents ob- iilnui' by Percival D. Lowell and f»ncls,W. Dunmore covering an Jj&nitUB tor the operation" of ^^celWg Mtt by the ordli nr >5liou M current. In.t«d of by ^reVhiit^ri.., >hlch wa. 'th| was recently susttined in actions. brought by Lowell and: Duniore Lynn Turner ' of Arcad, f against the "Radio Corporation of haa been 0 teacher in the r cadl " America in the Federal Court ',n, ^ ana co » ch T bas " De 'laware ihetlmll team, has banded U :••• - .'_JS-: IT lignatfon to Trustee Otto * Lowelr and Dunmore were re-i J, , ... . -'.••' t .. • '.-'! '•; , ... ,i ., . i He has accepted a position as • search workers employed In the|. . , L \_ . 1 t-„• - l •>• •„.''• J . • v i: r, teacher iin the i Pittsboro ' fu U, * 1U V ", andard8 ^ l 5 e tIme ifor na« year. His reason for they made the invention covered] , DR the hanire[Ul „«., by these patent^ .and ~\the invention is alleged to be the product of their: work at the bureau' and made by them in the course of their, 'employment O'The contention of the gowrn-j,,^ two ha»f«« Mrf. T«rner,jwho taught this jjear i» the Stllesville schools, wiU a teacher in Pittsboro ' ! Mr. Turner with the- Arcadtii schools ment [Is |that,; because of these iaets, i /the' patents^ belongs to the Cnlt«4s ftates < arid the purpose of ths'saUtrSled Is! to cpmpsl the Fred L- ; -Ahderspn ,tw !^:te»i»' Is teaching te 4 ^dUn^»|#i attending.ini hifa notl only t teacher- »«4i hetaiahjol who is res- ensen. schools

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