The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 24, 1961 · Page 1
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 1

Baytown, Texas
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Tuesday, January 24, 1961
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The Baytown Sun Invites C. C. REDD (110 N. Circle Drive to the, Brunson Theater to see •THK (iKASS )S tiKKKNKK' Tliis coupon is good for two tickets when presented at the Brunson box office. SUN CLAV^M. IAY-TBC—TW GoMtn CJreW of SoMttmt Tn«r VOL.42, NO. 13! BAYTOWN, TEXAS TuetcUy, January 24, 1961 TELEPHONE NUMBER: JU 2-8302 Rv» Ctnh (W Cqpf ADDRESS CONGRESS MONDAY KENNEDY IN WAX A STAFF member of Maclnme Tussaud's Waxworks Museum in London. Stan Wisirmrk adjusts the tie on the latest figure put in the museum, that of President John F, Kennedy. Sun Spots Brotherhood Meeting {Meeting Postponed No Radiation Feared Three Men Dead In Bomber Crash GOLDSBORO, N.C. (AP) - A multimillion-dollar jet bomber carrying two unarmed nuclear weapons crashed near here early today. Three men were killled and 'the other five crew members parachuted to safety. The Air Force said there was no danger of nuclear explosion or radiation. One of the unidentified nuclear weapons was jettisoned before the crash and was parachuted safely. The second was found in the wreckage of the huge eight-jet B52G of the Strategic Air Command which crashed about 15 miles north of Goldsboro. The plane, stationed at nearby Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, was returning for an emergency landing shortly after midnight after being airborne several hours. The pilot had radioed he was having fuel problems. Lt. Col, Thomas Coleman, a public information officer, said "it looks like it broke up in the Top School People Get Year Contract By JIM BOONE Baytown's top school people, already rehired for new hut indefinite terms, have been granted one year contracts by school trustees. Gentry was asked to make a study of the policies of other school systems on multi . year contracts. The information will be used next year in considering contract extensions. The action is the same taken Raring each January of the in previous years, but does not 30 department heads and admm- include Supt" George H. Gentry. ; u " u ' ' "" Gentry already has a multi-year contract. istrators has been a custom of the Baytown board for many years. lit gives contract renewal to these MEMORIAL R-iptist Church Brotherhood will host a Ladies' Night program at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday in the church's Fellowship Room. Hades Cone, BSU director at the University of Houston, will be in j host the session, charge of the program. Ballet Hostesses ! merits heads in the public school system and Lee College are included in the action. Gentry had previously asked that multi - year contracts be awarded as "professional recognition" to a group of educators whose past work deserves a lengthening ot contract tenure. Trustees granted the one year _ ., . contracts, rather than the longer Taxpayer Help ones, on the basis that present TAXPAYER self - help Is being written contracts do not hold work__ .1 ..._•„ ji. r., „ _ »-. ii_ _ T__ ! oHlrt toi-minnf-ifm r\rrvf»rhir*»c fnr All administrators and depart-j people before study of their own BAYTOWN M U S I C Study Club members have postponed their Tuesday meting originally scheduled for tonight until Jan. 31. Miss Elaine McDonald, £503 Olive, will Tuesday in Lee College Auditori-j*lj tun will be Mrs. Roy Holxhau.ser.rJ.' OFFICIAL HOSTESSES for thci« r -S cd . ae :lin ^ y«»r by the to- MariiuSvutlova ballet at T:4S p.m.! cnial Revt-nue Service during the ig period from now to April Robert L. Webb, administrative officer in Baytown, said. This means that the taxpayer should complete as much of his 3960 return as possible before calling on the Baytown Internal Revenue office for help. Mrs. J. Bryan Stratton and Mrs. Harry Sappington. Baytown Civic Association members will attend the performance. Training Over DONALD K. Movers. U. S. Navy seaman apprentice, has completed j nine weeks of recruit training at| S;m Diego. Calif., and is spemliii-:! 11 two-wek leave with his parents.! Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Moyers of Highlands. The t!WO graduate of Deer Park High. Sclnxil will return to San Diego for 2-1 weeks at Navy's Radiomen School. B'Noi B'Rith able termination procedures for cither party.'They also expressed the feeling that public sentiment is generally not in favor of multiyear contracts on that level. Baker Introduces Bill Asking State Support For UH University of ,- ,,,.. „ ...... K'NAI B'RITII Coo so Creek Houston into th? stale system of 1 od"o will meet at lv?,fl p.m. \Vrd-i "'">' ' supported rollers and nni- n'-s-^iv at the Jewish Community wrsitics, has been introduced into Center. MC'CH COM>ER I»y Wednesday morning with temi>enitlire in Die ii|»|>er ,'H)s. Mostly cloudy \\itli ruin or drizzle. Wednesday's Tides CiALVKSTON T1DKS Wednesday will Iv high at ti:19 a.m. and 7:.">0 and low at 2:06 p.m. and the State .Senate by Sen. Robert W. Baker of Harris County, who says there is "every indication" the measure can lie passed dur- inc the current session. I'assace of the bill would make the university state - supported as of Sept. 'l. IfJtil. It declares thai lucre is ;iu emergency new! for thn support, since enrollment at the University of Houston is down more than 2.010 duo JLo increases in tuition, brought: by ris- inn costs. Baker sponsored a Senate re-solution in 195.0. calling on the Te.\;is Commission on Higher Education to study the feasibility of adding the University of Houston as a state - supported school. Tile commission issued a favorable- recommendation last October. Tiie hill points out that tuition rules at the university are now six times the level of state - sup- QIIKKN Elizabeth named Dr. Arthur M. Ramsey. Archbishop of York, as the new Archbishop of Canterbury, to succeed retir- inc Dr. Geoffrey F. Fisher May 31. faculties actually begins for recommendation of teachers for the next school term. Trustees turned down an offer from the City of Baytown for a garbage collection service for schools at $550 per month. The service is now provided at $300 per month, but city officials say that time studies prove the service costs more. The service will be handled at a cost to the school system of 5400 per month by L. T. Choice, for the remainder of the school year. In other action trustees: 1. Hired Caryl D. Spuhler as a Robert E. Lee High School Home Economics teacher, after accepting the resignation of Harriet Aydelotte from the same position. 2. Granted a 50 - foot easement to Humple Pipe Line Co. for $1,500. Tin? easement crosses school property on the Cedar Bayou- Lynchburg Road. 3. Approved purchase of new uniforms for Carver Drum and Bugle Corps at a cost of $5.554.50. The money will be repaid by members of the organization, as it is in other Baytown school organizations. 4. Approved attendance of B. P. Hooper at meeting of National Assn. of Secondary Principals in Detroit, Feb. 11-15. 5. Approved attendance of Walter W. Brawn to Audio Visual Instruction meeting at Miami Beach, April 23-28. 6. Accepted recommendation of Gentiy for purchase of three new school buses for next year. All are replacements, and were included in the budget. air and fell." Parts of the plane were scattered over a 1%-mile area. The pilot. Maj. Walter F. Tulloch, 45, of San Diego, Calif., made a dramatic appearance at dawn. He had been considered missing, but he walked from a swampy woodland area to a farmer's home to notify base authorities he had parachuted. The bodies of two men were found in the wreckage of the nose section of the plane. Marshal Suggs, a Negro tenant farmer, said the plane flew directly over his house. He said the plane "sounded like it was about half running. I think it had already fallen when I heard an explosion that sounded like dynamite. It was mighty loud. I live miles away and it shook my house." The first four of the survivors picked up were Lt. William R. Wilson. 27, of Somerville, N. J.; Capt. Richard W. Rajdin. 33, of San Antonio, Tex.; Lt. A. C. Mattocks, 27, the third pilot, of Maysville. N. C.; and Capt. Paul E Brown, 37. of Beardstown, 111., the navigator. Others on the plane were Maj. Eugene Shelton, 41, of San Antonio, Tex., radar navigator; Maj. Eugene Richards, 42. Toccoa, Ga., electronics weapons officer; and T. Sgt. Francis R. Barnish, 35, of Greenfield, Mass. Fiery Truck Crash Kills Brothers Of Baytonians OFFICIAL PORTRAITS THESE ARE the official portraits of former President Eisenhower and Mrs. Mamie Eisenhower, now hanging; in the White House. They were painted by Thomas E. Stephens, a New York City artist. The portrait of the president is In the Green Room, and the one of his wife in the diplomatic reception room. Captured Ship Appears Heading Toward Brazil Demos Meet With Chief, Decide Date LONDON <AP) — The British frigate Rothesay reported today that the Portuguese cruise ship Santa Maria, hijacked in Caribbean with more than tb 800 Two brothers of two Bay-town residents were killed early Tuesday at Klootra. Tex., when a transport truck smashed into a parked gasoline truck, setting off explosions and a fire. _ ,ju,-nui-u lwu ,JI,«.- M . ,,,AAU IIW iv^. A third man was injured and {]own v s _ 287 ncar th( , ccntcr of Drive, and Mrs. M. L. Green of Cedar Bayou - Lynrhburg l'>ad. Electra is 25 miles northwest of Wichita Falls. Witnesses said Hie flames extended two about TOO feet, died later. HOMER HERRON. 13-year-old sun uf Mr. and Mrs. Burrell Hernm. suffered a broken collar bone and lacerations on the fao receives no state aid. Provided in the bill is a governing beard of nine regents, appointed by (he governor with the advice and consent of the Sonrto. institution!'I- ><; both McKetmey, this town of about 5.000. SlaMon Lumber Chambers County Commission- time Negro deputy to IK- added aim uc.i.i Saturday when the horse ers Court delayed action Monday to hl<; slaff ot: which he was rii.Mng shied and'on a request by Sheriff Louis Otter tan. Herron's foot caught in the for authorization to hire a stirrup and Ruptured Oil Line Starts the horse dragged him S'-vi ra] feet. Herron is re- riil'crating at lv>me. Mr. ami Mrs. tt. L. Kelley \i«it- e,l Texas' famous AntMt'ona on Sun day, seeing the world's only Sub- p--M"ino the.-itre t'lass bottom b>~*ats aiv! th - T- \.itia Villa::,'. Buddy Closs. pepped UP by Hiizb- lailils' capture of the Texas Cit\ ei-'lith grade baskrllvill tonrna- struck the ment over the weekend, missed 'Saratoga, the U.S. Sth Fleet's b •Hie dead werejden.ified MS F. ^.^ ^.^ ^ ^.^ touched off six or eight explosions iZo/FortWorm: «hat "rocked cverythins around The two Shipmans were bro-| «'>«»» a mile of Elect™ tbers of J L Shipman. partner in' Flames leaped at least ; Cc. on Decker!into the air but did little damage --- — to the surrounding buildings. jwesterly wind carried the fire [away from the middle of the city. Tlie explosions came within 15 minutes and set off fires which it took nearly an hour to control. Officers said the truck driver must have fallen asleep and rammed the parked gasoline t .. ,1| IV H t II I I I I' 1 .-". «" '.* •• • •' 1 tl'll ('K --"•" rr sriT'S,;™;; ™ -.*»» »„»,«*>*-• Chambers Delays Action On Deputy made i the commissioner ilv has four outside deputies and .'"'">'• Ill tu .1 n iv» i i^ • , • • . 1-1 •s He said be on- m ? tnu ' k o(f tho f°t"'-^ IV "'-"a iii ;i ^ i n g seriously the .needs another. '-. In other business, the coimins-! 'sioners bouch! a new 517.rinO niain-j 'taiiv-r for the nvir) department. transport and a cattle tmck it wasi carrying, and the gasoline vehicle.' A cafe o-ierator said she heard Iflv "terrible explosion" and then . ,..,;,„,,- fol - thp ,, w j department, ATI!KN.s. (.recce (,\) ) -Tho Thpv .,, . ov ,, (i thr , ., nniia | |i..s»w a man, Ivs Nxiy aflame, rac- Navy blames a ruptured oil line ^..^ ,.,., por , ,.,\ en by Mrs. C. M.'i'K wilfi 'y ''<wn the highway, ir the vaum- (\\.vliour fire that j,,',.^,,,,, ijhrnn-m. It showixi that: "I tried to help him." the worn'- hu-'o aircraft carrier Monday nii:hfs cliffhanger withipun'-h. killing 7 crewmen and in ;-, Austin'— he was ill ... niiif.ijuring ^. the county library, housed in a an said, "but apparently a relatively'new building, has about: man eot to him first." .(W, volumes for loan. The com! also re A state policeman said the heat, appointed was so terrific that in many places • Beathard will celebrate] Their. « ;lc; no indication bow ) Wo n i r :n!wrs to the Chamlvrs'the gasoline-i-overed cement "lit- tlirii- third wecTding annivers-irvi ],-,,,,. the vr,.(W)-ton shin woulii be County Retirement System Hoard.'r;-'!v burned up." Wedrcs-lay . . . T. L. 'Doci Sat nu ( o f .action or of what u-pairs accovl'i! • ID .lud ;e V. A, iB;i.(>! The dead ami burned men were tei-white and Ira Strickler drop in: W c)iild be necessary. Newsmen, 'Hie county is one of onlv riding in "-.- Iransport trcck. with f,,r a chat with friends . . . I.-irry'were barred from hoarding [ h"' ; , f ow m t| v stale which has- sucli McKenny in the rah of the truck Good Afternoon • Fide) Castro charges in Havana that counter - revolutionaries kidnapped and hanged two militiamen and a uniformed teacher the insurgents accused of being a Communist. • Kennedy administration i* reportedly considering asking Congress to authorize quick extra money for the unemployed. Secretarj' of tabor Arthur J. Goldberg says there is deep concern about unemployed compensation area. • James G. Cross quits as president of the Bakery and Con. fectlonery Workers International Union — provided a pending corruption case against hint is dropped and he is given a reported $250,000. • President Kennedy meets with top disarmament ndviwrs in first stop toward drawing up "serious and precise proposals for the inspection and control ot arms." • Selection of Frank Burton Ellis, New Orleans attorney, as civil defense dim-tor by President Kennedy, draws praise of intimates who know Burton as a top . flight organizer. . * Venezuelan President Komula Bctancoiirt reverses nine- hour-old order restoring constitutional guarantees charging Communists and pro-Castro leftists arc plotting new rebellion. • Dr. Lee Clark Jr., a leading cancer s|X'einlist, >ays he i* :>p- tlmistic over now cancer treatment. • A Federal Aviation Agency .official .says an exploding t ! .r*> may have, caused wing to fall off C4fi cargo plane which crashed, killing two crewmen, near Houston Sunday. • Author Ernest Hemingway retreats to 11101 ntaln hideaway near Sun Valley, Idaho, after two months in Mayo Clinic. • Discoverer XI.\ satellite .burns up in atmosphere after Sit circuits of earth. There are 17 satellites circling the earth, ali American except one that is Russian. • A Soviet magazine reports 11 missing e/e\\ ien of a t'.S. rpeotin:ii < i»»nce plane shot d<«\n l> • Soviet fighters Sept. •!, IMS. parachuted to c.Trth and «ore captured by Russian's. government opens uranium promoter John Mll'o-i .\d:Iison and five as- in nnllas. crew of 370 were reported aboard the 20,806-ton liner. There was no The admiralty explained that the frigate had made neither vis- word of any injury to the pas- ual nor radar contact with WASHINGTON (AP) — dent Kennedy will deliver Us fint State of the Union message to * joint session of Congress Monday. House Speaker Sam Rayburri, D-Tex., told newsmen the' date was agreed on at a meeting of Democratic congressional leaders with the President this morning. He said he assumed the hour for Kennedy's appearance before tMt joint session will be the usual ooe -15:30 p.m. £ST. *.;. Senate Democratic Leader Mflte Mansfield of Montana told newsmen there was no discussion at. today's meeting of the legislative recommendations that Kennedy will submit to Congress later. He said that he expects separate messages embodying legislai: five proposals will be sent to CoOjf gress within a week or tw» aft*r, Kennedy delivers his State ot ihe Union message. ~ Republicans applauded the President's decision to outline hi* program within a week after taking office. Sens. Thomas H. Kuchel of California, the assistant Senate Republican leader, and Barry Goldwater, R-Ariz., said they hope. Kennedy makes it clear how far | he intends to go in carrying out' i the spending pledges in the Dem- jocratic platform. "The people have a right to know what this New Frontier is. going to cost them," GoMwater The Rothesay radioed London she hoped to make contact with the Santa Maria around midnight. liner but that her estimate of the I Kuchel said he hopes "the ex- Santa Maria's position course and[ C essive platform promises in Los speed "are presumably based onjAngeles will not be the basis for sighting reports plus intelligent j specuation." persons aboard, appeared to be headed for Brazil at a speed of about 20 knots. The British Admiralty said the Rothesay, a 370-foot submarine hunter, was trailing the Santa Maria in We$t Indies waters about 150 miles east of Trinidad. The admiralty said its frigate had been ordered to try to arrest the liner if she could do so outside territorial -"waters and by peaceful means—"without loss of life or risk of scuttling." The leader of the hijackers reportedly had threatened to scuttle the ship if interfered with. Two U.S. Navy destroyers and a flight of Navy planes also were ordered on the trail of the fugitive ship. The Navy ordered the captains of the destroyers Wilson and Damato to find the Santa Maria, board it and escort it to the nearest U.S. port if they determined an act of. piracy had been committed. The Portuguese government said a band of about 70 armed men headed by ex-army Capt. Henrique Galvao—a longtime enemy of Portuguese Premier Antonio de Olivcria Salazar—seized control of the ship in the Carib- flic executive board of Carom-1 ported bonds which will save S4M.-jParris. president, said thousands bean before dawn Monday, kill- ter s Local Union No. 133-1 in Bay- 000 a year in interest during the I of tourists and visitors would be LATE NEWS By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Weather Bureau issued cold wave 'warninjrs Tuesday for much of the northern portion of the state, with possible freezing rain or sleet expected during the niftht. The bureau forecast that temperatures will plunge »s low as 8 degrees above zero in the. upper Panhandle, ranging upward to 30 degrees in the southern portion of the South Plains. North Texas and North Central Texas can expect temperatures as low sis 15 deprrees. Fort Worth and Dallas forecasts cali for lows in the lower 20s. The warm temperatures of Monday and Tuesday were blasted away by the new wave of bitter air. President's proposals." Mansfidd said he is confident "every Democrat wfll go along as far as he can in good conscience in support of the President's program." Mansfield said that in succeeding Vice President Lyndon B.: Johnson as the Senate's majority leader he realizes -that he has had, to give up some of his. independ-' cnce as a senator. He said this* is particularly true of a Democratic leader dealing with a Dem-, ocratic president. The Montana senator said he does not agree with the view expressed by former Sen. William F. Knowland of California when former President Dwight D. Eisenhower first took office. Knowland said then he was the elected* leader of the Senate's Republicans and riot the president's man. ing at least one ship's officer and wounding an unknown number of crewmen. hijackers reportedly boarded the ship in the guise of passengers at LH Guaira. Venezuela, and the Dutch island of Curacao, off the coast of Venezuela. More than 500 passengers — including Americans. Dutch, Vene- _ zuelans and Portuguese — and aj., s t | 10 bond issue rapidly qmned ~j support of organizations and city officials $22 Million Bond Issue Carpenters' Local Backs Stadium town Monday nieht voted to ive-llife of the bonds, ommcnd to its members that they i Numerous organizations and support approval of the S22 mil-1 public officials throughout the lion county sports stadium bond,county have publicly announced issue. their support of the new bonds Announcement of the honrd'si which would bo paid off by rental action was made Tuesday by Bert I fees for use of the snorts center. Gresham. financial secretary and business a;;ent for the local. Endorsement by the came eague Open Poll Tax Stations Volunteers have been organized i by the Baytown Ix>ague of \Vom- in cities and towns Harris County. '2?, persons have been arkl'xi to the -19 previously announced on the citixcns' committee l-i back approval of thej bond, issue. i Other endorsements came from ; Katy, Humble. Tombal!. Alief. i U'al'lcr and Horkiey. Baytown Rotary Club members will "inspect a model of the pro-' Directors of the Harris County Mounted Sheriff's Posse ndded their names to the long list of supporters by adopting a resolution urging passace of the bonds, Oilier new support came from Houston International Trade Travel Fair where Porter i drawn to Harris County to see the world's first domed, air-conditioned stadium. The Houston Automobile Dealers Association added its endorsement, also, pointing out that "the stadium will be a tremendous thing for Houston and our entire area. Absentee voting in the election will continue from S a.m. to S p.m. each day through Friday. the final day to cast an absentee vote. Through Monday, 4fil absentee ballots had been cast. New McNair Water Panel Faces Back Tax Problem en VoVrV'to begin Mllccting pollif )O:;od s P° vts cm ^ T at tht ' rP r",';, ir 'in-; t.h t • ' i •• - "---I—'•••• noon at ttv Ho-iston MI taxes at First National Bank. Su-l"ieeting Wednesday per Value store on Highway 146. Tower. Jack V.-ilenti. Sears. Black's Pharmacy on F-ast Texas, and Lakewood Pharmacy. Plans were made at a meeting in the horn,- of Mrs. Abe Roscr.- zweig, voters service chairman tor the Baytown group. "Kach woman will work or. a part - time basis, giving as much of her time as possible." Mrs. Rosonzwieg explained. Two league members collecting poll taxes at their places of business are Mrs. Norman Neureiter. Tours and . Kvelyn General airanucs for a photo. earner or talking to her <-row-, ; , retirement program foi its coun- whicn was being carried pigvjy- Fr. ddie Kugene Dick. 3-year-oM mm. Ity employes. The board is made K'ick. son of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Dick, j names broke out in a niachin-'u'p of the county judge, county Seven gasoline storage tanks .">!."> K. Adoue. is in the Shrinrrs | orv compartment at 2 a.m. Mon-'auditor, one person from the pub. were within a two-Mock radius of Crippled Children's Hospital in da'v as 1i-^ Saratoga steamed lie - at - large, anii two number* tlv .--. - :/ '.--nt <s<v-iv\ Houston \-)").vs are beinr made ,-irvosx- the Ionian Soa toward A1h from the coun;> de--ntnvnts. Tlv- y.-H v -miy ran from the collision nm! he is expected to undergo ens after patrol in the eastern members f«wi (he co-.mly Popart- with his- ele'l-rs .-."i.-imc. surgery on his left hip on Friday. Mediterrane.ia IBIS'S will !v elected *eb. U. jman put out. that bia/c. » Two Ridos of Attv. C.en. Will Wi'-on arri\r in Jefferson <'mn- ty to he!p in viee prolve of law enforcement. off •<•'•>'« nrohiWv «ill nnf f> : o"rt"r to I- s; n * '' " gr ' in w>\t fa)', -wnool preiMent 9H/*- Travel Agency. and Mr* Vinson, business office o: Telephone Co. Mrs. K. J. Fisher explained how to write a poll tax receint an,' how to use tb<- "Voting Preciivt Street Guide F-<v>k" at the niect- inir. Slie read all exemption nil, s exnl. 1 nine each if tb-'m :<rd ing how to write an ex,—iption certificate The league began its- noil l-\ coil,vlion c a m p a i c n this we.-x when a group consist':!'.; of Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. B. 1. Clark. Mrs B. B. Ashby. Mrs. Kd Griffith I Mrs. T. F. Stephen visile,! j Parent - Teacher | mcetitvs in R-\ t >\vn | League members are a\:r.!at to attend any eltil this purpose. Arrangements may Iv made bv rilling Mrs. Rosen ! r-v -'- \I-VI M-. v 1 MV*.'Rose vertising executive newspaperman. One of the biggest problems fac- Water is S3 a month, regardless of newly - elected hoard of the amount used, and sewer charge (TS of Fr.-sh \V,-,t.r Supply ji-: SL.iO. In 19SO. this brought the District 1-A at McNair is dehp.-' district about $26,500. former ., ,. l!kj 'iuent taxes on the "model during a two-part program. During the other nor- tion. School Supt_Geor-e H. O.-n- Rotarian. Tlie m<xiel to be dispby.-d snows the all - weather air • ee-ndi- 1 stadium will fun.-'on for artivitics rai v :itv: fnn-.i how lione snorts Kisehal! football arvi other ei-.tert . Countv C >ninvssMiii! rs C' -urt b This is shown in the audit re-; ixu't of Bobbin and Chambles. ecr-! tilled public account.'nt.s, thwiiErh • l)un:i_' l!V>9. the report shows. ! ihe district assessed taxes against I 7:1 :>ro;vrlu-s. As of Sept. ?,0. I'l'.'iO. j :h -re were more tiian -100 or about ,Y> pi r i••• '.'. of l lie properties ii; • j linqil. ni t .;• one or iii.ov of the' \c ,Vs 1 :i;>7. li).\S an,i lift). • Also 172 or about 21 per cent I u-. re i-'"li'vi!]('j)!' for all three se.'irs. ', the water ii:.<trict bonds in favor of th Horace Hani M0v ; e Is Stolen probii'iu. many to Tack ,io\vn t,i\:>.i\crs in or- rather th.,.v do pay b< xes to iirir.g i; . Scott. s< hoi)' maintei Dice sunerx'isiM', estimated th at S-177. Dickens said the •; "i of f"-.-',IVc f-i;tvy e ver enter.xi tl '. 'l a '.< ' ' " DO YOU KNOW? * How many wer« out when Bobby Thomson hit his never- to-be 'orgotten home run for New York Giants? * Who were the five great. batters Car! Hubbell struck out in the All Star game? * Who was at bat when Mickey Owen dropped his famous last strike? The answers to fhet* and many other baseball questions pop out of th* "UNFORGETTABLE- GAMES" s«riei starting Wednesday HI The Baytown Sim.

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