The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 9, 1962 · Page 11
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 11

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 9, 1962
Page 11
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RAZOSPORT AND BRAZORIA COUNTY, TEXAS, SUNDAY, SEPT. 9, 1962 THI BRAZOSPORT PACTS CLASSIFIED (02. HOUSES FOR SALE • intwonn-sij Bluarl, will nell miiily in f three hednwm horn* with nttai-herl gar- tie and utility room. AN 5-2rnn, 1 ni'invnnn-Thji bride homn h»» i hwt- toom" itm1 2 nnlhi In over JIM Kounrft fi*M. It Kim) hnft n donnl* snrngi* utility h*1tn ftnrt wnrKKliop fir?*, on n ronvrnli»nt rornir Int. OH after 4:30 AN S-22W. 103. LOTS FOR SALI fdltwfri—Adv.—BE 3-3511—Classified—BE 3-2411 PAGE 11 mith fit. Clulrt clfy rh. I2«' WV 1/>T fl umn. $«no. . NORTH niKKrOKT-M 111 SHOO. Mf.KPY HQMxnV- rnrnfr lot HffM). I.ut for Mn service. tlKAl. KHTATK AH I Mil) 104. BUSINESS PROPERTY 'JAMESTOWN* ly Jfot«wld« Modtrn Hamn • PRACTICAL PEOPIR PREFER TM« plan . . . featuring an all brick 3 bedroom 2 bath hem* with a doubto aornq* far only $8,450 (Plui naval coir from Hauiran) AND BUILT ON YOUR LOT WITH THI EASIEST OF TERMS! REMEMBER—Ir'i All Brick and N»v»r Ncttli Paint. f ROWLAND REALTY [ CY T-f.543 AN 8-J.552 CY 7.2444 Estes Hearing May Be Later By 0. MII.TON KRFXV WASHINGTON (AP)-A strong mlttee will meet Monday morning to decide whether to honor the roquM for deferment. It In likely that the will be granted. A*. AdttmsfA » ! " --.."i- niv..-*,, K ni./, a ,Y,,I uv McQoIlan told newsmen he had 105. ACREAGE FOR SALE |postponed indefinitely at the re-Hulked with McGowen by phone. JONF.H CRKfOK- 3 ftrrf* wttn WO' front- Inn on Hwy 30, with btmlncn.4 bulMlr.if, rr»i«rnn> «iir*«« «nil iirfp »>>ii. n. «.• possibility anise Saturday that '"• Tt " 1>W1 ""'' '*' '• Sol Eslns' appearance be- •jfore wnalr- Investigators will be BKAUTIKUL wnodert i arm trar-1 on pav-i e.d hlKhwny. Analeton vlrlnlty. $.1250.' Terms available. Writ* owner, Box 1103 of Texas The Pccos promoter has been to testify Wednesday OAK3-HII nitnwno,!. Ij,ki< Jnckion. Ily ownor. All hrlc-k. 3 lii-il- jsi room. 2 Until, fli-rlrlc- kitrlion. illsh- § r *rmhpr. pnnplpt! den, pfttio, 2 c«r H«r- ; »«P, rcnlrnl nlr unil hi-nt. Corner Inl ' Ireri, muny olhrn. No htp.K wnlcr. 114 - old. II8.MO. AN 5.23M. CAMOUK-113 ni-ntm pnrchnip~ Jon jfALHOT I1KALTV. CV 7-4)11 or CY 7- ANDAKD 1J1. S-bedrwim. dining room. T0\2in' Int. H, U BAUER. REAI.TOIt. Ult I^nnrt as |,nrt of your down s>ment. 3 bedroomt, fenced. AFIC BE 3-53.11. II,Odd »n acre. BE 1M(F. MCKKON 7*4 wooded acres. « id Mwer to property line*. Ri Really. CY 7-rTS41, AN t-2953, ..Jlieloif! the Sennit? Investigations iad» ^"/iSubt'ornrnlltM which Is trying to ' ; determine whether he enjoyed ."Iimproper favors in his extensive He previously had received n letter from Wilson asking that Biles cRROR IN WRFiCT MURDER SETUP A possible (.(tempted murrler had been reported, and an officer «ped to tha scene, which wa* near Alvln. An excited woman had called to report that «ht thought her husband wag trying to kili her. She had awakened from « nap to find that he had moved (he car near the bedroom window, had hooked a garden hose to the end of the exhaust pipe and put the hose through the window Into the bedroom where she hud been sleeping the woman reported to authorities. house as reported. That was where the similarity to the report ended, however. The husband was working on the car, and had the battery on the ground nearby. A "hot shot" electric battery charger was attached to the battery, with an electric cord running from It to an outlet Inside the bedroom nearby. The wife had fled to a neighbor's house and could not be located. The deputy stammered something about pos- «iblv having the wrong address The husbftnd was left pondering why his wife would have called an «*. j . f.Mi'« .1nip, wuj- 1113 wue wuuiu nave caiieri t __rne deputy arrived to find a car parked near tha office to investigate his efforts to start the car. not be heard by the committee , ega ] Es , M . manipulations of 1961 until after his trial. Tha senate investigators had been aiming a winding up the politically flavored Estes (war- farin-aid dealings with the depart- ing» within two weeks. Saturday'* WIU) rKAMt-5 woo,!*! arm. nanrly Noll, road frrml nn 2 sldm. l»r nrrr". ROWLAND RKM.TY. CY 65(1, AN 5-2M2, C.Y 7-2im. 30 AND 42 acre trnol 1 mil* from Hwrrny. I2."t0 ncrp. Will finnnca. Own*r »Y 7-g.5ll and AN S-22M. ngrieulliire. Hilt the farmcr- . rfl financier Is stated nlso to go to T.jlrinl In Texas on Sept. 24 on In- (liclrnrnls charging he obtained 104. REAL ESf ATE WANTED WB HAVK riUYERs ror 3 bedroom hornr* In tjikir Jnrknon. Bet Joo Tal- not nr-ally, C-Y 7-4411, 125. MOBILE HOMES IIKTKOIT IIOUHB TRAILER. 3 bed- roorm. My equity fnr sale. Se» HI Angl« Trailer Pnrk. AriRlelon. TRAILER INSURANCE- TRAILER REPAirttNfl PAINTINll ANI1 SUPPLIES TIIAII.KR ItENTAt.l Buy nnd pay like rent MCDONALD'S TRAILER Men- and Used ..TU 5-5131 WEST COLUMBIA. TKX. TRAILER 1IOUSK.-42 1 Klcnr~lor~«»lf. $1500. Fe<- at 1H9 ith St. Clute. or call AN 5-S6R.1 alter 5:M p.m. WIIITLKY -1954, 1 bedroomrixW. E»> cellent condition. $1400 cash, llaya BE H.V-'ll'. BK 3 3fJ7 nfter 5 p.m. BUY FROM ALLKN 3. VEKHINB, LAKH JACKSON IS SOUTHERN OAK I>rtlVE~S-J. Brick. 'KOIIH-IWI) nnc Ion, <teei~bedTTnai large family roiint with fireplace, built- wheel. $ir,0ll. HE 3-2163, In kitchen, on creek Int. 127. TRUCKS-TRAILERS cotton-p (anting allotment* for thousands of acres. It imposed civil penalty fines of $554,000 and $48,000 on him but ha* not yet collected. development left this up In the! Hales 'testified that favoritismjHales' superiors. Mundt estimated It might take two more days to hear the rest of Hales' story. The senator said he considered the files incident part of an "absolutely inexcusable coverup of some kind" by air. McClcllan has expressed of bringing this round of hearings to a close by Friday. But | for Estes was hope stemmed from a millions of dollars by morlKaglngjSen. Knrl E. Mundt, R-S.D., the liquid-fertilizer storage tanks that!subcommittee's senior GOP mem- dldn't exist. i her, in a separate Interview said Sen. John L. McClellan, D-Ark.,l"lhere is practically no prospect" the subcommittee chairman, saidjof a windup of the hearings next blatant, and j breakdown of R. D. McGowen, Hie Texas dis-woek. safeguards in the department after the Kennedy administration took over. The spectacled witness claimed he wan ghtfted against hi« will out of a top Investigating job for Ihe agency and "locked out" of Hales now Is a coordinator of defense services, and denied he Is just disgruntled at not having been moved into a higher post for which he had* applied. The week's hearings also fea- JA Meeting Set Junior Achievement of Brazos- port will hold an assembly at 2 p.m. Tuesday in the high school gym. Speakers will include D. V. Collins, presiden of the Freepcrt National Bank; Bill Smith of Dow Personnel; R. E. McAlister, program director for JA; and Jack ARMY PREDICTS No Flubs In Next Gallup WASHINGTON (AP)-If a newbclween thorn mustered 34000 feserve mobilization is ordered, (citizen-sailors and airmen, had Army authorities express confi- none of the troubles that beset dence they can put it into effect without the major flubs that brought squawks from reservists ind criticism from Congress dur- ng the Berlin-crisis build-up last 'ear. "We're spond this time," one senior officer said Saturday. in better shape to re- trlct CHRC, attorney access to files from which he <***{£*« n try the! The senators failed Friday to,trying to provide the FBI with Esles. Dennison said "there has r unethical ASM I.ANI-: -.1-2, Kamlly loom. Cen- trfll nlr condition, near Heulel school. lr-3-I, 3 ACtl jr.r,o cnih $75 1 JAKMI.NK-3-H4, Air and fenced ' "I fi OARDKNIA-M, Ursa llvlnii area Priced reduced. FILM- 3-1. Pile* reduced. Owner will- 2 CTPP.ras-.3-i. Family morn 06 MKAMOWBHOOK—3-2. Caloric kit- chrn, carjiel. Will consider tr.ide. 3 CAI-ADIUM -3-1, Family, 2 ACU Central heat. One of mir best buj'l, 0 ACACIA-M, Price reduced " MADNOMA-M, $fi.OODOO 09 JAKMI.NK-2.1. K25. Down Total price $7.22r,. 10 GI.KNWOOD-3 Hi, Caloric kitchen, carpets. Will consider trade. 11 WINDING WAV—3-1, Den, $74.M monthly 10 SOUTHERN OAKS DR.—1-2. Electric kitchen. 1'j «tor>-. large lot. will ton- Mrter trade. 12 WINDING WAY-2-1, 3 air condition unit*, carpets, drapes, other extras It MULHKHHY -3-l'4. Kamlly room. corner lot, 2 ear larage. Low low equit.v. ALLEN J. VERDINE REALTORS rv i-s»«> cv i-nu t v I.;.IM nomiK - 1TO2 rickii|>. uood condition «nd' Biml tires. Reasonable AN 5-570«. TltAII.KR-ljirire two wheel trailer. Idem tor inovlna or would make an excellent camper. Ooc* to fir«t JIMOO, Fee W. V. Curry at yrceport Nflllohal Hunk. 128. USED CARS FOR SALE iINO WAY. ZM-.I bedioorm. JSMX). TEXAS BETTER HOMK.1, CV 7-2118. L nrv.H ONES CP.fiEK-lJv. Oak Urlvt bulldinj «itc. 7 WEST 4th— 4-3. alley rental ho'ue. 15 WEST BROAD— 2-1. (ten. apartment rental*. 731 WEST lHUi-J-2. electric kitchen. 513 WEST nth-3-lii. den, carpotlnf. 1.SO Commercial Inveitmenti. IIS. W. r. WALTER REAL K-STATK ' 1318 W. Broad BE 3-l'>tl HY PAY RBNTt W «cn>, 3 hedioom. single car jartf*. ToUl 16000. ABC. BE 3-5331. 1IY PAY RENT? Own your home (or SSI. a month. Nice neighborhood — J bedroomi. BB 1523. Aik lor ilr. Taylor. BUICK-1962 Ix-Srihtr 4 door mild blpr« hardlon Factory air and poi"r. $3195, n. nood -,,orv Inn cur »« It rum (ood 1100. CY 7- 67M. CHEVROLET SF.r>AN-]!H8 2 door. Bond body and paint, r.o rust, 4 new tires, motor overhauled, good shape.. AN 5-ZTO. CHF.VKOI.CT-TO7 8 cylinder 4 door, •tnnuard shift, fa ( lory air. premium tires, excellent condition, onft owner $750. CY 7-7231. CHKVP.OLKT-Htatirin Wagon from North. Good paint and condition; radio and hunter: new muffler, tires and battery, 1-n* price. CY " CMEVROLET--li.-,5 4 dour, exlrn clean. « cylinder. $383 ca*h. Call BK 3-20091 alter 4:3(1 p.m CHEVI'.OLKT— A 19r>» model fof lale. For Information call BE 3-21(11 or BE 35033 after 6 p.m. please. 1)0 YOU HAVE A CAIl FOR SALE? We pay cash for your eo'lity CI.UTK AUTO SALES FORI>~19:i!) Falrlane 4 door sedan, radio, healer, automatic transmission, one owner. KARI.E PEAIUSON OLl>S.MO- Blljr:, BE 3-5371. FOrtl'—1W5 Falrtan* 2 door, radio and! heater. See at 1630 West 6th St.. Free-; port. FOItn-195« Falrlane 4 d Owners equity 150. MKRCURY-1OT9 Montclalr. Power, alr^ G ACKKa. 4 loom unftnlshed house, W. hojse trailer. :Kxlft' patio rncltiM-d.j rfrep ».rii. fenced, black top roail. 4: miles Hrn;or:«. Mcr>,.fial(l Trailer riale W. Coiumh!.i. m S/H21. 31.' !!rd«i.rf -««7. per month, 111 Kii-anune- t;<lullv. !'» Bon d'Air-Klerlrlc kllfKen. '.1'. t-aurel f bedrrHini. L'f»i llu'.sftthe 3 bedrmiins. : '.'. fala.t:urn - lloublt g«ra««. :.-'« c>iire.» >:qu!ty. .'l I'he.tnut K.mily 1": Hols li'Arc - UrnWI puichaM-. IM<er Ilr.k. <'Y M1T9 M IV Kalpli CV 7-2JO» JlltJ TAIJIOT RKAITY TY 7-4111 CY 7-:i:ll 103. LOTS FOR SALE l »«r llki UTli-lrU.i WIHIIIK' HoM ge well ilfalned IfitL 10% down. 51 l.a>. II. J. UAVU lt£\UX HKA/.llltlA InUNTV'H only lnobll> luirne; »,ili,mthu,n lit ilia br«uti(ul Junes Crock ; • ten. '» 1u ', Hern lumichitrs fur sale 11ml lire ir-incled lu liHller dwellings only. MacthD OHK tttes- forivi'lilenl to fthupl'iDii trid ft.'t.rKtls sri.1 tmalu-mu — >lia HUM- nil o( 11114 at TKAIl.KIt DAKS I'AltK <»i IUr .tii. BK MlliO Ul BE > 4UI ur l.ltnll IIC ! HIS -17l»v!HI hHA/.OHIA'H .SMa^iv At H-« driitiul l.tlf t;.-u!e>l witli • hie. MV H Tfu^'. I1HWN TOWN KHKKPOftT-KscelU'llt fiuiiliilii.- Oti^inra* «ilc in 3U} blu-k of Wc*t hduilj tot. H. J. UAV1S Kh:\I.TY. BK 3 il'^l. i.AKK KOUKST lWJ>.Jlnt iioiilf e<l lit Jill Kuiikt I'l H'iihh ne'ghliiiiti,»i It. ,» lurid Heiil «M,1, AS 5SJM. I'Y 7-2tMi iiiiH OAKU lul KKJ i:»u Will I'oi.'Hlvr fiUThi n >Uir Ni-.a tlallcr as dunn ' VIM) t>'tal p ^k u"" u«>iii<' ^Kl. Tcims. AN ;i Whil. l NriWM lw>« Hue u.K.Ird lut ii'^il, aniall pajincnls ABr, Hi linn joined Tcxns Ally. Gen. wmplele the quizzing of N. Battle edge" in Estes' dealings. He said Will Wilson in nskine Ihnt. Edlcs out? Agriculture Department his client had received no favored WnshinRloii appearance he rlcfer- Departmpnt employe who nccmcd rcfi iinlil after the rial. superior officials of having given But under cross examination by McClellan and other*, Halex carlier lhat it would be unfair to Secretary of Aericillture Orville L. Freeman and olher top officials in the national publicity spotlight his effort* to block Estes of a congressional hearine on the that lite government won't los a he conceded he acted I The Litterbug and you irne from its dealings with him. tardily In trying to report his con McClellan said that the subcom- The department has victions to Freeman. BLONDIE-Vt"' -d WHERE ARE; C ^°u . , _ , TH/\TS STRANSE- THIS STUFF IS SUPPOSED TO GET RID OP MOSQUITOES- NOT WIVES WITHIW THIS IS BUILT MORE KNOWLEDGE THAM IS POSSESSED BV AWV MILLION MEM -ANY BILLION.'. 1 OH,irs LOGICAL, AV/RIGHT-Y. T ^.. .,...„ •CEPTlT'SHCX>MlUATIM'THEr ) ^MrEsS? -SO WE'VE SELECTED VOU THE STRONGEST AMD MOST HONEST BOY ON EARTH, TO PROTECT IT.'! AT1KI CAM IS SrAAFCTER'N IS.'. PRESIDENTOF THE UNITED HUMAM POUTICIAN5.'.'' THEVMA-YTKi TO DESTROY WHAT PER SNUFFV ? CALEB GOT MAD PLAYIN' CARDS LAST NIGHT AN'SHOT MV COUSIN LEM IN TH 1 LAIG--SOI GOT TO BE A EVEWITNESS VE COULD A-BEEN KILT VORESELF C JOT HARDLV I VJUZN'T EVEN THAR I GOT TO GO DOWN TO TH'DADBURN COURTHOUSE AN' TESTERFV TODAV Ol.nsMOBlLK--l!>;.« super &S 4 dour. Tower steering, brakes, factoi^- air. 1£>O<S Llk'E \ / WEU., OUR R6SUI.AK \ / SAlP WE'p HAVE MEND. HASH- J I ALL TM6 COMFORTS ~ CANNEpy \ OOT HERE THAT THEC6S THE FOOP PROP ItAMBLKR-IW! Classic 4 door sedan. Heater, automatic, low actual mileaite. nrre owner. UAKI.K PEARSON OI.PS- BK 3J371. Town A Con-try Motor Co. ll'l Plantation !>r. . Jac-kuin, T»as CY 7-IT7T BEYTLE BAILEY are ANDM A , IT WA.S NICE O* YOU T 1 INVITB US KIDC IN FOR SUPPER/] CAN I HELP BY POLLIN POWN TH'SHADES? ...BUT NEVER WHEN WS I HAVE SUPER-CHOICE I PORTERHOUSE 6TCAX / I NO,NO, CLINTON/ WB PULL DOWN TH 1 SHADES ALWAYS WHILE E ATI NO LBFTOVlKt- TWO-GUITAR jzosport High School JA members j who attended the national JA conference in August. Anyone wishing Information about the Junior Achievement i program is asfcel to contact the school. SonghaJ Is the language of the people of Timbuktu. It is not re-1 Navy and Air Force Reservists related to any other African Ian-1 and National Guardsmen a year guage hut resembles English in the! ago. simplicity of its grammar. The Navy and Air Force, which the Army, which had more than 113,000 Guardsmen and Reservists on active duty until last month. Perhaps the loudest complainants among the Army Reservists were men who had had two or three years of active duty but were ordered into uniform again because the Army could not fin I This, he explained, is because enough six-month active duty the Army has tightened its pro- trainees with the necensary mill- cedures, installed new automatic record-keeping eo^iipment, and taken steps to weed out men who should not be in the ready Reserves. The Army also has acted to assign the right men to the right military jobs so there will be no repetition of the square-peg-in- round-hole situations spotlighted by Government Accounting Office and congressional investigators in the wake of the Berlin-crisis mobilization of about 147,000 Army, tary skills. Other gripes were voiced by men who contended they shouldn't have been tapped because of family responsibilities, critical occupations, or other reasons they felt entitled them to exemption. A House subcommittee late last month accused the Army of laxity and inability to pick the best prepared men and units for a limited mobilization. One Army authority acknowledged that his service had been geared for all-out rather than partial mobilization before ths Berlin crisis. By CATHERINE MUNSON FOSTER DROUGHT CAUSED BY BOOKMOBILE IS ABOUT BROKEN II.I.ENBEItG ROAtV-106— 3 bedronm h"^"'H '!!,' b °""' f """* •"•"•, 1t T 1 "™ l ;oi.l>SMOBlLE-My errulty for sale or heat, dounle garaue. with small house „„,, ,„ Ka oidsmohile Slat' at rear. Extra larse lot with r*can trees. Near new shopping center. $14,000. CV 7-7301. 1D.1 MOSS-3 bedroom. 1 bath. 3 car garage, corner lot, air condition, elec-i _I".^L. l"__'l" i,', I M,! ti ''' h ?- °"' n * r ' r>n '""" 1 - iol.IlsMrmiLE-lSW Holiday S!. 2Joor 111 MOS.-, 3 bedroom. 3 bait.. 2 car «ar-j hardl.iii. J-2 Hivket motor. |«weri nil' 1 . Karlv American, corner lot. Own-: biakes and steering, radio, heater. BE' er transferred. | j.- ; nr,. 611 OAK IililVK-1 bedr™,rn home on cierk. Complr-Kljr carpeted draperies, PLYMOUTH 1311 4 door. l:u-.l> but a an corumioivcd. ,.„.*] fiviunK car. (lij. See It 121 !lo POINSKrriA-J l»dn».m home, nice.! Uv,,el or mil CY 7.7)17. luxul. KHA terms. ; _ .,.._. H« A7-\I.KA- Thu comfortatile hom« can 1 RENAULT DAUPIIINE 1!W1 in gon.1 be puritiased on FHA tcrnn ci,ndil,un. I'all BK 3 r.ii7 after 4:30 IWHlIltTS IIKM.TV (II.. IIL.\I.TIIK 12S Perslntmiiis TV 1-77(1 Kurd 140 Desuto fa. «.'hc\rpte! i'on^eil;tile- l'*,(l 14.1, ds s.almn VVagoi r'l-.eviolet NIation Wagtui M:J |-»c»«rd- $:i.V Cadillac. KleetMiMxJ, full puwtr. tac 1311 WKJrr ith-J bedror,m norne, Isrsr tury air.- |13'J5 den A 1 cnndltlon. AlilN. W. I.. TKll IlKAI. ISTATE. BB 1-3SI1 prw M<)\ Ks YOt.' Into • 3 Intlie nuns' 11*1111 Uen fri 1-,-r mimlil AIM!. UK 1-JU4. It has been a long summer, seeming longer, no doubt, than most In certain areas of the county where the drought had nothing to do with rain, though little of ithat fell either. i However, If all goes well, and .we're kcepinc our fingers crossed. i Monday shoud mark the end of our particular ordeal for on that day the Bookmobile which has ; been in dry-dock virtually a 11 ! summer, is due to roll apain. i Now, this news may not mean :much to some of you, served as you are by a branch or Ihe central library, but to a large segment of the county it will be as welcome as a gullywasher after a long dry spell. And to us who serve on the Bookmobile getting under way again will not only be a tremen- jdous relief but a very real plea- jsure as well. For there is Bome| thing peculiarly gratifying about I being the means of bringing books | to people who would not have Ithem — at least, not as many of ithem— if it were not for us. The !welcome we receive is a soothing jbalm to the ego. [ Our summer of woe and frus- j Iration proved one thing — the ] people want us and appreciate cur 'service and miss us sadly when we are unable to pursue our schedule. The telephone calls, 'all bearing over the wires the same iplea. "Aren't you coming today?" attesed to that. Through all Ihe years during j which the county has provided mobile service there has never been so long a period without a bookmobile of some sort. Even back in Ull when the Library had barely opened and no vehicle could be obtained because of the war. Librarian Bernice Hurst used to carry books to various points by train. Since then we have braved all sorts of perils, splashing through flood waters that covered highways on several oc- jcasions, ploughing through a snow I storm tor it seemed like one to us, unaccustomed as we are to, snow storms i on at lenst one trip. True, we didn't make our scheduled Monday trip last Septem-' her when Carla blow in, but we were on the road while she was still trailing vestiges of her awesome glory and reached at least one slop bofore Ihe electricity was functioning. We have always prided ourselves that like the U.S. | mail nothing amid stop us on our "appointed rounds." But we didn't reckon with an ailing transmission that seemingly refused to respond to treat - ment. After ail, we are just a bunch of women. We acknowledge freely that we know something of tx»ks, but mechanical devices are beyond our scope. < As tor me. I have never boon able to understand how (he tele- [phone works, and I haven't the [least iili'a what a transmission; even looks like, much less what its (unction is. It certainly never occurred to me that one would influence my life so directly and . !for so lotij; a period. Without Ihe aid of \V. W. Me-i Clendon, whose official title is Counly mechanic, but whom we i regard as County angel, we would ! probably still be floundering in lour transmission nightmare. : And if there are any orchids to be passed out hereabouts, he getsi ,our nomination. He came to us in our hour of need through the benevolent offices of Commissioner Dixie Brown and since then he ; has been an ever present help inj time of trouble. Now that we are rolling again after being grounded for so long , would perhaps be a good time to' consider the effectiveness and the ; real function of the Bookmobile; service. There are misconceptions : a bout it. Many times through the years ; w-e have had adults peer timidly: in the door to inquire, "Do you! have books for grown-ups, or is the Bookmobile just for children?" Of course we do — hive books for adults, that is — as many and varied as we can carry. Actually, we feel that our service is needed by adults even more than by the youngsters, w h o, after all, do have access to school libraries. This idea may have arisen be-i •cause we stop at the schools but that is simply because we need one central spot where all can be served and we could reach few of the children at best if we stop- : ped elsewhere. ; For, of course, we do have chil- '• dren's books, also — books forj i teenagers, intermediates, primary j 'youngsters, and pre-schoolers. Notj that we are trying to take the place of the school libraries or even to augment them. Our function, as we see it. Is entirely separate from the school. We wish to provide material for the independent reader so that he may pursue his interests or seek out his entertainment independently. We wish the youngsters' use of the Bookmbile to be as free as possible, as little hedged about with rules and regulations, j For this reason we are trying to| get away from the old class-room; loan type of check-out where the! teacher did much of the selection. Tliis does not mean that we do not welcome teacher help and advice. Nor does it mean that we, ourselves, do not offer suggestions as to suitable reading. It simply means that we want the child to have as much freedom of selection as possible, and that ha should regard the Bookmobile as a place he goes to seek what h«, himself, wants and in no way as a part of his poor little organized, regimented life. We make every effort (within our budget) to have something for everyone on the Bookmobile. We know that everyone is welcome. And we hope that tomorrow will begin another HO years or so of. uninterrupted service. So, to paraphrase Shakespeare (I think) may the winds stand fair for Sweeny on the morning of Sept. 10. The way I feel now we'll get there if we have to walk. BOOKMOBILE SCHEDULE Monday, Sweeny Elementary School. 10-11:15 a.m.; 12:15-4 p.m. Tuesday, West Columbia High School Tennis Courts. 9-11:30 a.m. and 12:30-1.30 p.m. Wednesday, Danbury Home EC. Bldg. 1.00-3:30 p.m. Thursday, Brazoria School, 14:30 p.m. NEW CAR L 0 A N S . TERMS UP TO -MONTHS THE FREEPORT NATIONAL BANK SUNDAY—MONDAY—TUESDAY BINC CROSBY BOB HOPEiJQAN COLLINS PANAMA* FRANK'S oiunHYUMOim GRANDPARENT MAKERS -- AiMrfaut June Hl.ur uml liua- bunil Duvnl Ni'lstm slinw thrir lu w (inn, born AUK '•!"• Tluil nulii-s I'uim-il i>luiw biz fiilka O.M1U ullil Hatllet Nul•un gnuiil|Mi-fnl». The »i i-no la SiUlU Muiucu, CiUil. .... 'SWEETBIRD OF YOUTH" PAUl NEWMAN mm IH1UJ5

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