Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 24, 1947 · Page 3
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 3

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 24, 1947
Page 3
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„ .STOCK AVERAGES (Ju° 23) thft Associatea fress 80 frul.,°15 rails. 15'Utlls. GO stocks. Net change ......A.3 A.5 A.3 A.3 Monday : 91.7 -.32.T 4Z.G 64.4 Prev. Day ... »J.4 Week Ago Month Ago Tear Aeo 194.r Hjgh 1947 Lio* ., 1946 High . 194.6 liow 90.7 ... sn.3 ...J0i..n .'.'.' SS.'2' ...110.4 ... 82.0 .. 32.2 31.4 28. !> 4!t.5 :iS.r, 27.7 51.2 30.3 . 42.3 42.1 41.5 'it z" 40.(i 55.-1 •12.5 . 64.1 63.4 GO.O 7S.S Gn.o 4S.5 82.4 53.4 WAUL STREET STOCKS NEW -YORK, June 23— I/PI— Slocks continued to make headway cm a sc- IcptlVe bawls today but profit cashing on the recent climb kept many lead- ers, narrow ranso. Slot* dealings ruled after a motlor- atesly active opening;. Tho direction was cloudy until the approach of the final hour when buying: confidence rc- aaserted lUeir and trends stiffened. The .pace quickened for an Interval Imt subsequent quiet periods were plentiful. Kxtreme Rains of fractions to 2 points of so were Irlmirrcrl in the majority of cases at the clone and there tvas .a smultcrinpr of dec-lines among blvotals. Transfers for the full proceedings were In the neighborhood of 800,00 shares. MORE FUN Ih^Youf Vtt«atl6n Travel WITH THIS COMPLETE PRE-VACATION Q Tune-up the engine for ' top performance, D Lubricate the chassis: Q Inspect the transmission • »nd differential lubricants; D Change motor oil; inspect ; «ul filter. ' D Test brakes— adjust if heeded, . D Inspect windshield wipers; 1 i lights and steering. i THE PRICE? Probibly less than you expect : tb pay; SERVICE THIPLACI TO STOP BEFORE YOU GO Boyles Nash Co. 114 S. Frost Phone 130 . Chrysler touched ft new 1847 iof> ttfttr an early dip. Ahead were ,T. I. Case, Bethlehem, Republic, Steel, TJ. S. Rubber, Oootlrfch, Montftptnery Ward, Oliver Corp., Dousla* Aircraft, American Telephone. Anaconda, K«ii- tiecott, Cerro de Pawcrt, American Smelting. Oeneral lilectric, Du Pont, Eastman Kodak, Nickel Plate Unil- rond. Great Norihern Hnlhvay, Northern Pacific, Chesapeake & Ohio, Standard UUN ?H Preferred, Burllnglon Mills, American Wonlen, Joy Mfp. and In Paper. YORK STOCKS NKVV YORK, Jtinu a:!— (/Pi 41 fl 8 «!) GJ! Am Airlines Am Tel * Tel Am Woolen Anaconda Cop Anrlerson-C'lnyt Atch T&SK Avia Corp Both Steel l<raniff Alrw Chrysler Corp Cunt Motors Cont Oil Del Curtiss \Vrifi-hl. Prcifport Sulph fipn wet: (Jen Motors . Goodrich (BF) Gulf Oil Hoi.istnn Oil Int llarv Kali City Sou Lockheed Aln: Mo K;in Tr-x Monltrom Ward Nnti O.VPKIIMI XD Am Aviiit Ohio Oil Parkarrl Motor Pan Am Airw . . . Panhandle P&il . Pi-iiney (.Tl') .... Phillips ]'nt ...... Plymnutli Oil .. Pnrf! Oil ......... fladln frin-p ...... Uepul) StTOl ...... Sr>ar« Hn,.|>in.-k .. Sinclair Oil ...... Socon.v Vile ..... Sou Pan ......... Std Oil Csil ...... Slfl Oil | ml ...... Std Oil XJ ....... Sun Oil .......... TrxiiK Co ........ Texas (JnlT Pivid . Tcxn.s (liilf Sulph l."> 13 -I 80% S% 85;« fl'/i :i7 109 ! K !!:i S',6 15 42", II Ivi (i 1 1 1 /. • lisa.', GS'A 21!'^ SS-^; 2PK, 12Vc 4«-i ?« 32% .i 1 ,'M',i TJ'A "i',4 StT's S : !', 107V- 7T« 4l»i 4",v, 4-1 ;tr.'.'. SS'fi t.S'A '-' 11 2li inn 2R 1 1:1 21 1 li 7.". 7"' 2-1',;. ' 37 -lil'i C.0 r :i 22»i 2I : H 12 4vi f,s r '!, i!) ; ;' ( ''/•• 1551/1 iib'/i 50% SO 514 8Ji! 10!)'£ s is, •12'/i 4% 44 r>n 68 "A 22% 8SV- 21" 12'A 4'!'. f'8% 13 7V- 24V- Tide Water A Oil in US I'lvililx-r ...... 17 ITS Klool ........ IHd WI>K! I'n Tel A . . 11 \Voohvorth (K\V). 12 15'..'. 1«',i 4l r :i BS',:, 41 i,i 7fi',4 r,S li-1 1ti'!i M'/, .11 U 2»V-'. " 10',;. 22'j'i 22 ! Xi 24 % 24 ?i .".7% .17% ir.'/i 1HJA 4(i% -11 '.4 4ft% 4(1*5 1.1% r.2% 31 in «A 47 fiS 20 H 48% 19';5i 4fr'h «"% 20>/ s 48«,i KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK , KA.VSAS CITV, Juno 2.1—(/It -•• (USI)A)- Cutil.' 12,r.(l(l; calvc.M 2«n«; Ufi'f si«i-r cnip mainly Inw n-<iod to lisiri'ly chii|iM> Dl'fi-rinKs splllnR 2S.OO. 27.00; a run ml ."> loads nnnniini nnd mc- iliiim Sdiithu-cst gi-ns steers 18.5020.110: frraln fr-cl holfcrw nnd mixed vnarlinjfs iiirsolv lop medium to i-holeti 22.5o-2li.00: :! Mads mostly c-hok-o mixed yeai-linu-s 27.25: odd lots m<in and medium grass heifers 13.00 IS.0(1; f..\v lots ivoiiil en\vs; medium ami SIH«| voiUers 17.00-22.00; few lots KOOI| and choiee 2;!.00; mc- dinm .•incl Knoil stncU steers 17.2">- Our bonk is handy for borrowing; and convenient for making payments. All ways, bank tJU»Jo loans are best. First National * RESOURCES EXCEED D MM lit $10,000,000.00 DollK Member FDJC MAtEEL HOWE FARRHAM A* flora ntrAH* Iior opconrt hnhj-. Nlic at-cma liofcd, rnmplnlnH Hint Snm I* MliiKy. MMinwhllt, NrlHOii make* n Iinhlt o( ftitenillng l«-o rvp- iilngn n Trepk trtlh 1hr Tolllrern. Florrt'n 1>hliy—-n plrl—In born. Slip nnme* bi-r Tlicodorn. The Miild In homely nnd nnnttrnc- llrc. id «. * xxin A T--IJ this while the three rc- -• mainin* Tollivers had continued living in Sam's large house rent free. Early in the following year n small and not unattractive five-room cottage on the other side of town came on the market, and Sam promptly rented it for twenty- five dollars a month. He announced to Amy that he had paid the rent of. the cottage for six months and that he expected the Tollivers to move into it by February first. Flora cried add protested, said she had never needed her mother as she now needed her (her third baby was then on the way), but Sam by this time was hardened to Flora's tears. Olsego received with enormous complacency the news that Mrs. Tolliver and her two daughters were moving to a cottage on West Main Street. They had started living next to a grocery store, Otsego said; it was fitting for them to go back to it or the equivalent. Flora, by hook' or by crook, had got herself one of the town's handsomest mansions, &nd little did she appreciate it or her many blessings, if even half the stories one heard were true. Otsego had no spark of sympathy for the fuss Mrs. Tolliver made over Flora's having another baby. Why shouldn't she have a baby? Instead of upseUing Flora. Otsego thought Mrs. Tolliver would be much better employed looking after Annabelle. Annabelle's long and undignified pursuit of Nelson Forbes had got nowhere. Nelson might have been attracted once, but unlike-' that simpleton Sam, Nelson was far too astute and thought too much of his ditnity to marry a Tolliver. Mrs. Tolliver would do well to point out to Annabelle that it would be wise- to swallow her medicine and like it. Annabelle had had every chance, no opposition, no rivals.... Annabelle, to her surprise and everyone else's, did have strong opposition and a shrewd rival. * * * • ONE clear, sunny Saturday morn• ir,g toward the end of January, r-felson telephoned early to ask whether Father, and 1 would drive over with him to Bingham- lon. There was snow • on the ground, but qie roads were rlear, and lie promised a spec>il lunch at the Arlington HotoK Father and .1 were very pleased to accept. When Nelson came for us about 10 o'clock we saw that Amy Tolr liver was on the front seat. I would have thought nothing .of it if it had been Annabelle instead of Amy or if Annabelle had been along. :.•-.-. Trie drive over was pleasant but uneventful, Nelson ordered a beautiful -lunch and a bottle of champagne. .He wanted us to drink a toast* he said, a toast to the dearest, finest little .woman in the world. He raised his glass. I glanced at Amy and she was blushing. "To the future Mrs. Nelson Forbes," Nelson said. "Amy!" I-cried. "You mean that you and Amy ..." • • , Nelson nodded and kissed Amy's hand. "Well, I'll be ," Father said. He expressed my sentiments., I was never so completely surprised, so nearly bowled over in my life. "What about Annabelle?" I nearly blurted out. Somehow I managed a few halting conifl-atulations. After I had drunk Nelson's toast and a few more, it was easier. At half-past two Nelson looked at his watch and suggested that Amy might like to freshen up a bit. He hoped sho hadn't forgotten a very important engagement. . . . Th«fe was no one fn the ladles* room. *' • "v "Amy, does Ann . . . does your mother knotv?" I asked as soon as the door closed behind us; "No one khoWS tout you and your father," Amy Said. . "Not even Sam?. Of Flora?" Amy shook her head and explained: "We thought it would be better to tell no one until afterward, .We didn't want any . . . any excitement.r. We didn't want -to involve Sarh or-Flora." .She lifted lie* 1 head- and -faced -me defiantly.- It wasn't: my fault that Nelson wanted rnfe and not . . ,:not someone el^e." ' - .. <t « * A MY said she had left home this . morning at the usual time, merely telling her mother not to expect her : until. she • saw her. Father and 1 would have to break the news that she was not corning hbme for a week or two. Father and I could, drive the car back, as Amy and Nelson were taking the late afternoon train to New York. .When we came out of the ladies' room, Nelson. had yellow orchids for Amy-and a lavender one--lor me. We drove to a Presbyterian parsonage, and Amy ahcTNelso.n were ,marriedi After -it Was all over and we were driving-home alone. Father said we were none of us very smart not to have realized .that it was Amy that Nelson was after and not Annabelle. He said the marriage was entirely- suitable.. Arny was older than Annabelle- and now at an age to- be willing to settle down anl.adapt herself to an older man's slower, pqce. He believed they would be very happy. :"Do yoti think Amy is in love with-Nelson?" ."I hope so. At least she is extremely, gralefuK • By the \yay, the Tollivers-.won't be moving out of our neighborhood. Nelson Jim authorized nic to sec -to, that. He means to buy the house they're in from Sam and give it to Amy as a wedding present." "Do y-pu mean they're all going to ILVe there together?" . "Exactly. Nelson's very fond of Mrs; Tollivcr: and Annabelle and takes it as a-matter of course that they, will/live .with him and Amy." (To Be Continued) Mobeelie Items 'MOBEETlfe, (Special)—Reverend and Mrs. R. L. Cooksey and children made a trip to Estelline to visit their parents. Re". Cool:?ey returned Thursday night although Mrs. Cook- sfey and the children remained for ah extensive visit. Paul Jones and a friend of Now City are visiting his father, J. E. Jones. Despite the rain the American Legion Auxiliary held a joint social meeting Thursday evening. Bridge was played and a covered dish supper was served. Mrs. Alice Zfll and Mr. and Mrs. Leon Barton- and children of Pampa visited her son, R. E. Zell, Monday. Mr. a id Mrs. Aln Reed of Washington, D. C.. and Mrs. Tommy Jeffries of Bryson. Tr-xas, are visiting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Files. OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS MY SILK SCARF MEAR HL»M<S ME ON A LIMB—NO WOMPER CURLY DON'.T WEAR AMY FAMCV SILVER* STUFF-T IT COLLECTS BUSHES/ OOOH/ THAT FANCY STRAP ON MY HAT CAME NEAR HAMSIM THE HAV BALERS 21. UO; few (food and choice yearlings <iJ. 00-25; some held around 23.00: medium flood and choice . heifers 17.0021.00; cows with calves 15.00-50. Hugs 2900; good and choice 170-230 i. 21!. 50. 75; 2-10-270 II). 2Si.00-2-i.iiO: 280- 75.1b. 20.50-22.75; MOSVS 17.75-18.75. FORT WORTH"LIVESTOCK FORT WORTH, June 23— (/P)— Cattle 5.500; calves 1,800; Rood to choice slaughter uters and yearlings 21.0025.00; common to medium }U,50-!iO.OO; good fat cows 10.00-17.00; iiommon to medium eows 11.25-15.75; hulls 10.0015.50; food 11 nd choice fat calve.s IS. 00-22. 00; fommon to mcdiuin calvet) 12.50-17.50; stocker and. feeder calvc.s, ycarlinfe'.s.aiid stucrs 15.00-21.00; stocker cows !l. 00-1.1. 50. Hoes SOO; fairly active; tup paid by all ialerosts for (?ood choice 180-230 Ih butchers' -most Rood and choice 180-270 Ib. 24.75-25.00; Rood and choice 150-175 Ib. 23.50-24.50; .sows mostly 19.00-50; Ktockor nJifs 23.00 down. NEW ORLEANS FUTURES XKW -OniiKANS,. Juno 23— (IP)— Ji'luctuatlnno in ' cotton futures were erratic -hero today. This was becausa of covering operatldns in- preiiaration 25.00 and for first July notice day tomorrow. The market closed firm 5 cents to $1.75 a bale higher. Open Hiffli Low Close 3B.20 31!. 63-64 31.33 .11.74-75 30.71-74 30.06b SJ9.80 . .'iU.35 2U.70 29.25 July ____ ;m.(iS ::)(!, 79 Oct ..... 31.66 ;H.78 Dec ..... 30.61 30.71 Mch ..... 2(1.90 30.03 MH.V ____ 2!».42 29. B2 B— Bid. NEW ORLEANS SPOT COTTON MOW ORLEANS, June 23— (/P)— Spot cotton closed steady today 50 .cents a bale lower. Sales. -118, -.low. middling 32,50, middling 37.50. Rood middling 38.10, receipts none; stocks 74,7.38; FORT WORTH GRAIN FOKT WOHTir. June 23— W)— AVheat No. 1 hard. 2.20-23. Barley No. 2, 1.48-53. Oats No. 2. red, 92-95. Corn No. 2 white 2,58-60. CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO, June 23—(/P)—(USDA) Potatoes: supplies moderate; demand slow; Arizona Bliss Triumphs J5.4Q washed, routines ?5.00 washed; California Long Whites $4,50 washed; Ar kansas Bliss Triumphs $4., 10 unwaab- <eii; Misisslppi BliBs Triumplis ?2.40 fs Srejjjf liiif w- &f & OUR DOWNSTAIRS STORE * 72x84 size. Colors; Pose, Blue/ Cedar, Clqret and Winter Rose. ' 50 Pown 5 Qc Week ' '"V* : Wfl Blanket ti '. ,-'.T« . l,S \M Your Choice Lay-Away Value! NASHUA S FAMOUS fxtrcj heavy plonkeit with 4-inch Satin binding . . . IjJIue, Rose, Cedar, washed (all U. S. No!' 1 quality). CHICAGO WHEAT Open High Low Close Jly .2.181/J-2.19 2.19 2.16% 2.18-2.18'/, Sept 2.14>A-% 2.15»/' 2.12'i. 2.15-2.15VJ Dec. 2.14ii/,-! 2.14% 2.11 Vi 2.14H May 2.11V-2.12 2.12 2.0DU 2.11% C. J. C. Penney Is Big Buyer of Cbtfle Sale ! FORT 'WORTK—(AP)—J. Penney, chain, store owner, was the Wg buyer-in, of .176 lots of Hereford • cattle at the Miles Cattle Company dispersions yesterday at the ranch H miles west, of . here. Penney purchased 20- cattle for a tptal of $44-,9,75. .--,- ., The cattle',-sold for an everage price of $621 : each with the top bull bringing $17>000 and the top, female $3.0050. Buyers were on. hand jCrom ,20 states; •-.--..-.• . • . ^ Panhandle News PANHANDLE, (Special)—Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Sterling arc visiting in. Round Rock with Mrs. Sterling's mother nnd other relatives. They will be gone two weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Jamos Kneirhim. formerly of Wichita, Ka:i., arc visiting Mrs. Kncirhim's parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. C. A. Ca!d\vell for a few days. They will make their home on the A. D, Wcathcrly farm, east of town as soon as their house is completed. Mrs. F. W. Hagaman, accompanied by her brother. Raymond Whitting and Mrs. Whilting or Amariilo has returned from Colorado Springs, where they attended the graduation of Mrs. Hagaman's daughter, Betty Ann Long, who received her B. A. degree from Colorado College. David M. Warren. Carson Count? director of the Panhandle-Plains Historical Society of Canyon, attended a business meeting on Saturday of the Executive Commitec in the Amariilo Hotel. Mrs. A. L. Sifford has returned from a month's visit with relatives in Tulsa, Okla. Mrs. J. F. Wcatherly and daugh- Pampa News, Tuesday, June 24, 1947 PAGE 3 ters, Mrs. J. B. Howe and Mrs. Opal, have gone to New York City to attend the meeting of the General Federation of Women's Clubs. They went on the General Federation of Women's Clubs Special, which left from Dallas on Friday. Mrs. I. M. Hawkinson nnd daughter, Margaret Christine, have returned to their home in Ishkosh. Wis., after a five weeks visit with hei parents, Mr. and Mr.;. L. H. O'Neal, brother. Harold and Mrs. O'Neal, all of Panhandle and sister, Mis. Harold Biggs and family-of Borger. Legal Records REALTY TRANSFERS Mrs. Bertie Duffy and others to Raymond McPherson; All of Survey 1 located in Block B-2 of the H & G. N Railroad Company surveys of Gray County, excepting a certain tract of land measuring 1G5 feet by 140 feet therein. A. J. Goodwin; All of Lots numbered 31 and 32 situated in Block 32 of the Wilcox audition of the cit.y of Pampa. Hughes Development Company to Ralph \V. Phillips and wife. Laura Mae Phillips; All of Lot number 19 situated in Block 2 of the Wyn- nclea addition of the city of Pampa. Alvin'R. Young and wife. Grace B. Young, to R. W. Huffslutter; All of lots numbered 1 and 2 situated in Block 1 of the Wynnelca addition of the city of Pampa. Divorce Suit Filed The divorce suit of Jessie Oleta Abbott versus Bobbie Grant i was illed yesterdiy in., tl* of District Clertl E>ee Pnttel Controversy Is Merely Trial Case AUSTIN— WV-^The fikte !B«w4« Control yesterday said thAt,th« Cherokee County controvert^ in" ' gard to admittance of a ^ttlU tu (HJIli»i/i»a.iii-t \/fc n. |>tvuL\>»4v jl^J the Rusk State Hospital i? acttiaify an effort to obtain a test in the (Supreme Court on procedure, •• • V-' "The board w? nts'to clearly JJefihe this as a test case and Iti so <Mj wishes to re-state the fact th^tM patient has since 1943 been admission to any stiate tastl the board's statement said,;;.. ' ,i" s It w-as issued in comment.TO'a mandamus case filed In the Supreme Court by Cheroke'e: < officials. Tliey alleged .the^ of the Board of Control had di admission to a Cherokee, patient who had been discharged, on grounds tha.t trial by jury was necessary, claimed the man was still sound mind. . ... The l>oard statement said the attorney general has ruled that £Uch patients can not be lawfully readmitted without a new .trial M jury, and that a final ruling 1 oh tpc matter from the State Supreme Court would clarify the situation 09 a statewide basis. .-..;' ','•.;•;.• A Boston barber attracts trade by serving tea to his customers. • • Several Months — No Laxatives "For mnny years I took almost every kind of laxative—but only got temporary relief. Several months ago, I began eating KELLOOC'S AtL-HRAN- regularly and I haven't hud to take a laxative since!" You can expect the same wonderful results If constipation Is due to luck of bulk In the diet. Simply eat un ounce of KELLOCC'S ALL-BRAN every day In milk tor mixed with other Kellogg cereals, or baked In ALL-BRAN Inilfflns) —and drink plenty of water. DOUBLE TOUR MONET BACK if you are not tsat- Isited after a ten-day trial-.' Order Read The-Painpa-News Want AdsKELLooo'sALL-BRANfromyourgrocertoday. DALLAS AND SOUTH TEXAS Departures from Amartllot 5:25 AM/ 11i3S AM, 1:50 PM, 6:15 PM, 8:50 PM Non-slop to Denver 3:35 am. Other northbound flltcs at 7:50 pm ant) 12:15 pm. Eattbound ot 5:30 am and 1:20 pm to Memphil via Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Muskoaee, Ft. Smith and tittle Rock, Phone Amariilo 2-4343 Rule Burning Air passengers • Air Mail Air Freight « Atr Ixpr«M DEPENDABILITY Add up its qualities and features and ' -'." : i then compare. Nowhere else do you get AJ1- Fluid-Drive as Dodge supplies it. Nowhere else its full list of performance features. t-. ;" T V - -V '« ) ' ' ' — ' ••'•"! tere else the smoothness of its power* - ! '' ; : •• i ; '••..-• .-.""'.'' ' ' * '' : tiurn is coming with this experience. THE LOWEST PRICED CAJt WITH FLUID-DRIVE : "' * '" PURSLEY MOTOR COMPANY it Pampa, Texqs ,*• . ' .-.-.•-1.-" .••. i, +•• . t

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