The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 18, 1954 · Page 8
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 8

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 18, 1954
Page 8
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THE BAYTOWN SUN. MONDAY, JANUARY 18, 1954 ~~~ IIG IEN BOLT —by John Culton ] "SUPERMAN" THERE'S HO £?Ef\WJSIT,LAD •MOLNWIMOP MISERY IMTH4T POOH SHQULCS?.' SlH HIS &GHT SHOULDER HAS GGOrAI Utfrn. NOW &/ESY MOTION &SIMGS A SEAZltiS STA3 TO HIS SHOULP3?... AW WHO WAS if THAT TOtO P4THEB.THATI /4SOUNDWTHE QUIET, YOU RIFF-RAFF! THE BOSS HAS A SPLITTWa HEADACHE, AND HE DONT WANNA SHOUT/ —by Wayne Boring THIS RUMOR ABOUT SUPERMAN'S 1 LOST STRENGTH MAY MEAN WE CAN SAFELY OPERATE . BACK IN METROPOLIS. AND THE ONLY WAY TO FIND OUT IF THE RUMOR IS TRUE , IS TO PLANT WATCHERS IN EVERY SECTION OF /WP M4KIMS HIM LOSE HIS AVPULTCMPE?? MOT S84NDK4TM5R LJTTLE LULU —bv Marge E YOU CERTAINLY :AT EVERYTHING I GIVE YOU.' I CAN'T UNPERSTANP THE TROUBLE YOUR MOTHER HAS WITH VOU, CEDRIC- BUZ SAWYER —by Roy Crone S'BEKKE CM.UNS A BOARP OF INVESTISATION, SAWYER, ru SIVE YOU A'CHANCE TO CLEAR XOUKSELF. PID YOU HEAR ME SIVE ORDERS-'THST-STUPENT PILOTS WERE NOT TO CHASE *FWlt46 SAUCERS"? YOLf CHECKED HIS FLIGHT BY RADAR. PIP HE CHASE FLYING SAUCERS"? SECRET AGENT X-9 —by Mel Graft WELL. GUESS ALL THROUGH DON'T THE GUVS PUT THEM WHERE TMEX BELONG ?CANT ,0 THEVREAD? -XC DARN IT. I GOTTA PICK UP THE BOTT" BEFORE i CLEAN PLEASE! HANG UP MOPS* BROOMS!! OBEV THE SIGNS/ SOME PEOPLE JUST CAM'T DO THINGS RIGHT/ PUT EMPTIE MERE ELLA CINDERS —by Charlie Plumb and Fred Fox MAY0B YOU'RE J5I6HT- YOU'LL KEBP &ETTEK LETS PUT THESE TWO IN THE IV66AG£ COM- B4KT/I/IENT AW? JAKE THEM TO THAT LIP- THERE WOULPNT ,WaP STILL •' I CAN J 600I7' WE'LL iUNLOCK THESE t^USE THEM ON INS5 WITH /4 /CUE BSIENPS H/4IRPIN.' -IFWECHILLVOJ/ LITTL-E FIRST/ 50; AS SOON AS SUPERMAN- SHOWS HIMSELF ON WE STREET, LETS SEE IF WE CAN RUB HIM OUT. IT'LL TAKE SOME NEKVE- BUT THAT'S JUST THE TONIC YOU GUY5 NEED. 1 I CAN'T STAY COOPED UP FOREVER, TRYING TO CONCEAL MY LOST TOWERS. NOT IF I'M TO START. SEARCHING FOR ' THAT RARE ELEMENT THAT CAM CURE ME. CURLEY KAYOE —by Sam Leff NO, NEVER: BUT ON LIT BECAUSE HE'S AFRAID HE MIGHT HURT MY HANDS AND 1 WON'T BE ABLE TO WORK.' 5 ALL HE CARES ABOUT IS THE MONEY I EARN WITH THE VIOLIN/ DOES HE BEAT YOU, YEHOODI ? HE SOUNDS LIKE A BAD SORT. IF YOU DO — I'LL RUN AWAY WHERE NOBODY WILL EVER FIND ME.'.' —by Walt Kelley POGO AND HIS PALS ..... 1 IS kVlN'ttWRCHXA B-INPfOLPTBIT 1» Wil TWf WHX HE ONT .SU THE COMIC VlTUR BUNPPOUX-1HEN *W PONT SOTTA fl4V IT NO M0# MlNPTHANtHBAUTHOR WHAT HBLPTHAT Old Red Bam Is Out Of Date DAILY CROSSWORD . ANN ARBOR, Mich., Jan. "18 .(IP) —The old red barn Is on its way out as a type of architecture, according to Prof. C. Theodore Larson of the University of Michigan. The traditional American general-purpose barn is an architectural fossil that will soon go the way of the covered 1 bridge and the one-boss shay, the architecture professor said. Farms are becoming more mechanized and there is less and less use for the huge loft to take cere of hay and grain for horses and cattle, he pointed out. "What we're looking for," the professor explained, "is a low structure that is more like an umbrella in that it will protect me- BE QUICK To Treat BRONCHITIS Chronic bronchitis may develop if your cough, chest cold, or acule bronchitis is not treated and you cannot afford to Jake a chance with any medicine tess potent than Crcomulsion which goes into the bronchial system to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm and aid nature to soothe and heal raw. lender, inflamed, bronchial membranes, Creomulsion blends beechwood creosote by special process with other time tested medicines for coughs. It contains DO narcotics. No matter how many medicines you have tried, Creomulsion is guaranteed to please you or druggist refunds money. Creomulsion has stood the test of many millions of users. (Adv.) chanical equipment from rain and snow. It also must provide storage for tools and other items necessary for maintenance of farm eouipment." "Larson said that more rapidly changing conditions also moke it necessary that the new type of barn be one that can readily, be dismantled and reassembled. The university's Engineering Research Institute is working with its architects to achieve such a structure. Larson said 1 the materials used will be mainly steel and plastic. The plastic would be used for sky-, lights In the umbrella-shaped structure. Present plans call for a unit that can be assembled or taken apart with a screwdriver and a wrench. Wedding Nervousnesn OMAHA, Neb. — (IP)— The bride didn't attempt to hide the fact that her teet "were killing her after standing two hours in a reception line. She complained "they hurt all through the wedding, and . ." She stopped abruptly when she noticed she had the right shoe on the left foot and vice BEETLE BAILEY WJIIard 9:30 P.M. ; Phil gets 'a call -from ;a strategic i FBI j — THE MAN WAS FOUND, FROXEN TO DEATH,.,H£ . 'WRINKLES' REYNARD'5 PHONE NUMBER 1N HIS POCKET — PLUS TWO HUNDRED 'WINKLES' I* ON HIS WAY TO IDENTIFY. TM£ 90DY! Wl$H-YOU'D .SET OP THERE FIRST ANO LOOK THINS* OVER! COULD T)6 IN VJlTri THE ABRAM$\/ILLE BANK ROBBERS — I'LL BE ON THE ROAD IN FIFTEEN MINUTES ; THROUGH fOOR WIDOW BIT AGAIN BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH —by Fred Lasswell SHORE, LUKEY !l Tt.L'60 TftRN 'EM OVERTOTH'RACIM 1 . COMMITTEE THIS VERY INSTANCE SNUFFY. ME RECKON I COULO SUBSTITUTE THESE TWO'PLUMP: LEETLE PUtlETS-FER MY ENTRY TH'MULE. RftCE? FETCH ANOTHER HELWM' SOUTHERN , FRIED ENTRY FEE MOON MULLINS —bv Mort Walker REMEMBER, MAMIE, "EASYCOME, EASY GO." IF 1 WAS YOU, I WOULD BE LAYING PLANS FOR THE < FUTURE.,) I! WELL, WE MUST ALL THINK OF WHAT IS GOIN6 TO BECOME OF US IN OUR OLD A<3E,YOO KMOW- /^OH,YAS-BUT I'VE <SDT A LOT LON6ER TIME TO THINK/ABOUT THAT THAN M —' YOU HAVE, Canada is second only to South Africa in world goM production. MIKE FRANSSEN STATE RESERVE LIFE "See M« Before You Die" WOLVERTON'S ^^^ ^,^X ^B- ->•...» .*-ta v— _____ 107 WOOSTEB + WOOSTEB * DIAL 9020 SPECIALS for TUESDAY nnd WEDNESDAY. JAN. 19-20 VEAL SHORT RIBS .....i*, GOOD, LEAN PORK CHOPS Lh FRESH CALF LIVER u, WILSON'S SLICED BACON u. " GOLDEN RIPE, CENTRAL AMERICAN BANANAS 2 lU -23c CELLO PACK TOMATOES 2 c^29c MARYLAND CLUB COFFEE ACROSS 1. Raises to third power 6.,Gun (slang) 9. Printing errors 10. Blunders 12. Haphazard 13. Food 14. From 15. Enough (poet.) 17. Title of respect 18. Pig pen 20. Hindu' garment 22. Northeast (abbr.) 23. Hawaiian bird 25. French city 27. Kind of linen tape 30. Wharves 31. Profoundly 33. Indefinite article 34. American moth 35. Dash 37. Speck 10. Tuber (So. Am.) 42. Move through water 44. Mother 45. Membrane 47. Garland (poet.) •49. A symbol of winter 50. Male sing, ing voices 51. Female sheep 52. Beasts of burden DOWN 1. Art 2. Vase with afoot 3. Ordered 4. Boy's jackets 5. Native of Samoa 6. Jewel 7. God of war 8. A drill master 9. God of love 11. Emphasize 16. Outer garment 19. Couple 21. Protuberances of the skull 34. Leather flask 26. Serve 27. Simpletons 28. Pertaining to the later part of the Tertiary period 29. Old measures of length / 32. City in Japan 36. Baseball teams 38. Hebrew measures SHLllIl BQIIHB Hsaas atasra Ban - - nans QQUQGIB so aBDB HUE BDHBsra sans BEEE Saturday'* Antwer 39. Caps 41. Belo\» (naut.) 43. Equips with meR 46. Solemn wonder 48. I^emaJ^ deer 31 S\ 1 29 32. — 36 37 Shepard Barclay On Bridge SALAD DRESSING 5SS^ 25c ...Giant Box 3lC _..R<,n 20C _i* 19c 4 C«ns25C TIDE „ CUT-RITE WAX PAPER „.„„. KOLLENDALE OLEQ_~ TOP KICK DOG FOOD . SUN-UP QUEEN FREEZE _ _* «. 59c ici i A 3 . 9l\r jLLL*Q - * pkffs - ^ MACARONI 01 SPAGHETTI si..,™,. 2„..,.. 19c WATCH FOR WEEK-END FEATURES THURSDAY .^^^.^j^MBM^i^^^BMII^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^a DONT PRESS YOUR LUCK LESS than the ordinarily sc* cepted minimum amount of total strength required to make a particular contract will sometimes prove enough. That can be due to the location of certain key cards held by the defense. Or it can be partly because you get good divisions of particular suits, or maybe the result of having such secondary cards as tens, nines or even eights where they influence the result. But a good playing outcome of one deal does not justify your lowering your sights substantially thereafter. In. the long run, the reducing of sound minimums will cost you points. 4 K543 ¥ J2 4Q943 4J97& A Central Press Feature see that, no matter what East rsturnai the declarer could score four tricks in clubs, three in spades and three in hearts to have a total of ten—no game, though, in contract bridge since the game was. not bid. North wondered wh.y. South, with the nice plum of a game maybe available, didn't raise the 2-No Trumps to game. South'* comeback was that he had an utter minimum hand, with only 13 points by the 4-3-2-1 count in high cards, so did plenty, of bidding with his opening and hi! club rebid, and anyway he was afraid North might not have diamonds safely blocked. He recommended that North should have bid 1-Diamond on his first return and 1-No Trump ought to have bid 2-Spades, an overbid which could have led to game as ishown in. the second sequence. j Notice, however, what could have happened if East and West swapped the club Q and heart K. Also see how important the diamond 10 and 9 were if that suit be led. i AQ8 • 106 *J9864 (Dealer: South. East-West vulnerable. ) South West North East 1.14i Pass 1 NT Pass 2 4. Pass 2 NT 2.14, Pass 1+ Pass 1 NT Pass 2 4t Pass 2 NT Pass 3 NT Everything 1 worked out beautifully for North in the play of this rubber deal after East led the heart 5, which ran to the J. The declarer went to dummy with the spade Q so he could lead the club J, the Q and A covering and the 10 then knocking out the K. Now it is easy to Tomorrow's Problem 4Q986 V None • Q J 10 8 5 3 4.K86 *J743 4 None 4 A J 10 9 4 (Dealer: North, Neither side vulnerabls.) Kow should South pl?<y for 5- Spades after West lays down VTie diamond A? TRTTUN CLASSIFIED ADS

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