The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 9, 1962 · Page 9
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 9

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 9, 1962
Page 9
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gbSPOUT AND BRAZORIA COUNTY, TEXAS, SUNDAY, SEPT. 9, 1942 THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS Wild Editorial—Adv.—BE 3-3511— Classified—BE 3-2611 PAGE 0 1lr u^ a . M ,'' Gow ' tnlfll<Mhls|s ' llf '' " J ltllnt < we'll bo In preltv iler^Wildcats into Iho 1962 fool-: R ood shape." The Wildcats strong point this year will he the backfleld accord- Ing lo the coach. lie will field two ^seniors and two juniors, Including |l season Saturday night at iper Field HRninst 2-A Whnrlon. his Is the first nf n four-Rame '-conference schedule, for the , seors an wo junors, including fhnt „ ? ,T M (i|M ""-| l «'°-ye«r leltornwn rniarlcrbnek 'L.9A 1 A 1 "',"", " 10 , Wllri<fnl H S >' lv '' MorShanklln .'n'"n»t«riinR list 2-A Angleton and Victoria bnckficld Texas City, In addition to The Umier team will bo In depth, experience and •ako to the practice field at 3 p.m. each afternoon. Ticket* for the Wharton game next Saturday night will be on ""' ? wle at the Hopper Field ticket I "* CW "" i - — ,.,-.,.,, JI.-MI..J i ijDi 11 train HIM I, ciiun* newcomer* to the Wildcat squad, | McGowan's returning lettermen tnflf snnw arnaf rtntantiai -»«,4 t,-. s«^i..j*. """ 1 " 1 * Rrpat a "<* would see action this These include Bonlaby; Include: part on. RtcGowan thinks his Wildcats schrdule P mv " lwl |«'e«k """""« « , but nt this time, center Is the only B '" injuries. ever before, 'eny's George . iler returns the 1961 first siting ict and McGownn reports that I has out more Ixiys— 35 in all— . . - ..... „.- WashlnRlon 'er and El Campo gets the nor) I McGowan to win the DiKlrlct Itltle this year. Hut (he Unier r doesn't concede the race he other t\vo schools yp|. "if Mo not get any boys hurt in District games," the coach an allempt to McGowan in the lineup In strengthen this position. He snifl that sophomore Hay Boniaby, n eiiard, may be moved to center and this may be (he answer to his problem. Henry Nelson, a center who broke his Irg In IMP, action, will be out for the entire season. McGowan started two-a-day workouts on Aug. 31 and started one workout a day Tuesday as school opened at the Brazosport | h ^j™<;1i Negro high school. The wildcats , H~.II, - j, ... .. im-sB mciime Boniany; boothi preceding the game which Floyd Edison, halfback; and T. J. Fexos Is Second f Alabamajs Third Ends-Billy Ray Smith, 150, junior; Johnny Jones, 160, junior. Here Against Whai IScJ^'^^Sr,''' GUardl t: iJam<!S S """ 11OT ' ^ ! -= Branch Robinson, m Junior. City,, halfha u ivi T. SCn '° r; B ' NorriSl 150 ' :iunJ Cenfer --J a mps Walker, 155, lun- Away ha f back fan. senior; Don Anthony jior; Mo* Lunsford, 170, sopho- lor ' Oct halfback 150, junior; Thomas ' more: Frank Fuller «™ („„;„,. Wal| er Stafford Is the assistant fol,', m i Backs-Johnny C. Smith, full- elius Williams, 140, junior. Robert Harrison, 150, senior. City, Away; Sept. 29, Angleton, Away; Oct. 6. Victoria, Home; Oct. 13 Open; Oct. 19, West Columbia, Away; Oct. 2T, Sweeny Home; Now. 2, El Campo, Away 1962 Lanier Schedule — Sept. 15 Tackles—Eddie Smith, 185. sen- Wharton, Home; Sept. 22, Texas *£JMJ£"J^ P^EJStateJs* Jn_NatK>n £*?Afab^fln t £ »£«11 J" .!? a : Sjr,S£S' ^l^Sr^iiiiiiiifs g^X *<** Alhany_ TWO AngletoiT $60 to $2,000 AUTO FURNITURE PERSONAL ['i "vTO PAY BILLS . . . I $\» T0 BUY THE THINGS YOU NEED • TO CONSOLIDATE YOUR BILLS . . . EVERY DAY LOANS fTO EVERY DAY PEOPLE FOR EVERY DAY NEEDS UBLIC ed Press' pre-season poll fo take t all in 1962. The deep and mighty buckeyes . vere picked to top the nation by! y " —., lost the trip last year by a' •> ~ fabbed as the No. 1 rejection vote of the university's! «-' Mi"h"""t»t'' ,21 1 but the Hawkeyes, j faculty senate. I s - '-" u / iiu'V'iV't has ' osl All-America i Alabama's outstanding marter-^- PIIMI! lion h% ^ f^Biwon by gradua-ihack Pat Trammel has graduated, !"„ "'"" "°ch Woody Hayes has|leaving a big hole. In addition,! 1 " .< u ,!", W71 "" 1 heaflpd ! Bpar Br J"»«'" MUSO has been ' ''-' . ,. ,„ u>n the nation byj"' " ^"^Mng halfback in Paul j by the injury of running 41 of the 50 sports writers and Warficld. The Buckeyes have the Mike Frac cWa sportscaslers from across the 1 ' country who participated in the poll, Texas was tabbed for second and Alabama for third. Michigan State was selected lor 'r u "" lrl!h - ">•' " . o r «on. okii- the fourth position followed by, Yankees Trip Red Sox 6-1 NEW Vnpif i*r>) -. . Beat Albany Texas Football Is Off, Running By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS , Olney downed the Lions 14-0 Two Angleton Youths Return As Gridders ANGLETON (Sp)-Two forme. Angleton football players are returning lettermen on college grid teams this fall. NEW YORK CAP) - Whltey Ford, with thp help of Jim Coates — ......... i«"-"n"n j-.-mj*vi^4 \iy t , p ep o Jim Coates Louisiana State, Mississippi, Pur-jpitched his 15th triumph of the due. Duke, Penn State, Washing- Reason as the New York Yankees ton ' j vanquisher! the Boston Red Sox Alabama was picked to finish I 1 *' Saturday to protect their lead first by three members of the iia-i wcr 'he Minnesota Twins. Hnnfit r\'inn! HTl,nU :„.... c*«_i_ ___ il P"nrr? iirVin r...««_J _;__ i. ilional panel, Michigan Slate and "ho spaced six hits !n , ae an . ce sx ts n Mississippi by two each, and Tex-; flvp innings before he was forced ''" as and Purdue by one each. On the basis of 10 points for first, nine for second, eight for after sweeping four straight, were ruined by injuries and wound up| with a 5-1 record. i third, etc., Ohio State rolled up I rt an injury, Barry Kerr, who won honorable (new streak. They don't appear to mention all.ta e hZ^ft! lhave as irovt a r-h,^,^ n i j»;— 10:0 <I-MJ__. . :. " JIS wlul We also received fine batting support I from Bobby Richardson, Skowron and Cletis Boyer. .„,„. „„,, „„„.,, ,„ vm ,„„,„ ln . Kicnarrtson had a single, dou-'nings later when the injured area ""* ble, triple and sacrifice for a per-' began to stiffen. The injury was game feet day at the plate, driving in a ""' ~™.ij.,~i ™- mroui run and scoring another. Skowron considered serious. Coales pitched scoreless ball swept through 29 straight to two Class championships, fell to the^ ame had a single, double and walkthrough the last four innings * ^ that last b™ 1 »'. Olney. while Boyer drove home a pair Boston "~ " Angleton Wildcats Tc*me La Marque, 18-12 Seeks 20 New ccn-,1— ,,„... n Members Now ;,r —• j- '"- >"'"=.v M.MIJUI ever to wm _ .•-•.., IUI-JUUWR Albany, which lost its opening; 3 championship took an 18-6 beat- Tan ? erine B 0 "'! championship """ of I960 and then swept '"B f rom aass AAA Mission. The : . r is a fullt »ck on the Card- AA champions saw a 13- "J'" 1 ' rosler an(1 is slated to sea winning streak snapped 'Plenty of service this season Those were the most significant' an TJ^ ,' Bulch) Veit ' wh ° **» •(results of opening night as rain 1 ?, ,' a ' slnct * rifl star for Ang|and electrical storms wiped out 1°'°"* ,u ll ? 1cats . in . 1959 - 6 °. is la dozen games ,°" K the n rcl ''niing lettermen .•M,.,™ ^-...' , _ - at Barton County Junior Collet Page 7) The on the it on the five. On second down, .yards. Buchte erabbed three for ' Heffernam plowed over right tack-;26 and Jon«s hauled in one for 15i e and tnillied the tieing touchdown, -as the Wildcats displayed a potent' The extra point try was fumbled lair attack to go with their rushing r — 001000000—1 90 single and double.:New York 001 113 Ox-6 lOljgp BOOt Clllb ^^ ^" ** ^* • a '.i-i/.i;;; F"arr;^s " — •• ^ tll r*< tcufrincn \Vharton County Junior College. -2, 210-pounder, is one of call off their md«™^ '^t&nc^ "T™* * °° ach T ° m third quarter when the "to mif f ", P ?" S 3S the Pioneers [knocked out all power in he °' 2 du P |lcale Ia st year's 10-1 o A ,""•"•;"• j"'L""~. ••"•"•">•"-,-•<•"•"-"J"-* nauiea in one lor la, iJohnson Citv stadium v»-»i, - rec which Included a victory Of the 10 teams nicked" to rank """P' 1 *"* «'as fumbled on the The T "l" " elnR 1 ™* M <>™-I™ the Wildcats displayed a potent' The Brazosport Boat Oub decid- had scored ' , 0 fhev decided ^h" " * e Hos P itaIit - v Bowl. tetrsSss^S^SS^rr Wd ' Hi™Fr s —saKKrsir ssr.-w-^rr r* - te - ^si»"ttsst-a I i.neo me top 10 last year. ITie> , ^-0 lead with 5. la to play ,n the! 3 -^ remaining m third stanza, ing. members in the club because of rl ... ... . . . 'schedules with home games on ln; ' M "- ' AiEleton made a hid to go ahead The Wildcat defense which was ^mltf<} facilities at the new club',. n.J V gamcs can - Sc P ( - 15. •'T«^^^trampio<»tcd U n^ ll 1. n ^^l ra Sj:..?ecat»r and Sweeny Boosters =INANCE CORPORATION IBAST SSCOHD ST. TARPON INN VILLAGE PHONE EARL CADENHEAD At BE 3-5341 SWKENY ISpl — The Booster Cub will meet Monday, I over |j7:30 p. m. at the Berta Barclay dom „..,„., -,, . . . ._ ^ Elementary School here. The Wildcats "marched tbe 53 !l lo tho 15 tat An K |c '° n drew a'constant thorn rushing the La _ a A film will be shown (V !he var ds to paydirt in cicht nlavs ; j J i? hoWin K penalty that stall- Marque passer, spilling Murray ">< al ri 80 members—since all the Fair drive. [ O r repeated losses. present 40 members were not par- tinna Linebackers Heffernan, Roberts ticipating in the club's activities !he V ar ds to paydirt in cicht nliv c ; passing to Arthur Roberts . »> rinur Roberts - c , on . s WK Meme he!(| , he from ired AAA . - — in e of Shreveport's 'ark but another intersec- game was lost as Pecos to Carlsbad. N.M., 14-0. FREEPORT sho\vn o/ !Sweeny-Ganado game lhat was,? 31 - --. ....^^..., played Friday night at Ganado. |" r a ™ lo Richard Buchta for TI^PI- an,i i- \i ^, "T"j """ j •-••—. -.-..^ ., ., u .._ Rcfershments will be served ati' 6 ' and Robe «s adding 10 yards J^ onK- ttk H^'^M f i J °^ St °" e "'"" also : a 'l. USln ^'^ taclljtlos the meeting and a scoutine renort on B 5W ' W< P lo the right for the , J y e P"" 10 " 1 set ke > ' defensive figures in the sec-i Th's »-•» allow the persons on ... ... will hTJSSeS w^Dkknson^ n«t b ' B K ainers ' °n third down^i-om^', " ie riRht sWelines and ond ha " wtwn ^ """We man-;"* Citing list to be added and'^ mU start week's Swwny opmnTn" : lhe 7 - BaiTCB smashed wer lrf^ n ' hrCW ' ' he final block aRed onl - v hvo fir5t dowIB - TtoV also e ivp ^er boat enthusiasts an " eek ' The piiblic is invited to thisi*" 1131 ^ an<) tncWe for the touch-'-- ' tlca '" 1 llim m a wnsalional successfully bottled up Doug opportunity to join tbe organiza-j. ' rhe weather took out five games ' J " " "'»-vard remrn for the go-ahead Uoyd, La Marque's big 300-pound ti ° n - '\nyone interested in joining; ™ _ class AA — Ranser at Cico, '" ' at Eastland, Granbury E! Logo Men's Ass'n Elects New Officers ., . Defendi "e champion Dumas of campaign next . ° flce «d neengas heooseraub mak '- dora - Gl ™ La*wig's extra plfm for tta ^ binder oT^e "™ low an ^ «h= score " Te ™ MeT °' al seasn ootoaii season. —'•—^^^•^••••M NOT with 6:38 to play in "'^ m , Goods Store in Clute FOR DELIVERY OF BRAZORIA COUNTY'S OWN DAILY NEWSPAPER THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS BRAZOSPORT AREA-BE 3-3511 ANGLETON & DANBURY MRS. EDNA TAYLOR—Tl 9-5327 WEST COLUMBIA MRS. LEE KAY—Dl 5-4581 SWEENY JOHN & DANNY MACHACER-2671 OLD OCEAN GLENN SCRABANEK-4606 BRAZORIA MITCHELL DAVIS—SW 8-2620 JOSEPH LANDRY-SW 8-7548 SURFSIDE MRS. BERNICE TRIPPETT DANBURY MOTOR ROUTES GEORGE WOODWARD—SW 8-7395 MRS. OLLIE MARSHALL—BE 3-4843 *f.53 Per Month Doug opportunity to join tbe .., „ , . . - . .Mai 4 u«o ui^ -wpound '' on - Anyone interested in joining; The Wildcats tried a fullback, who was the leading ^uld contact Cajvin Markwa.rdt. ; tlie two extra points, but'Tiger rusher with just 24 yards in commodore, at Palmer's Sporting :missed, leaving the score 1S-12 nine carries. " ' "' ' The WildcTt.: n-, mo • i. , , ' vvith S:0fi Iett to P la >'in the game, more more more i to score agafn ,he nevttt t ^ Ck ^ T> ^ K0 ' ° W m ° re chance STATISTICS got possession asl \ m to An K |eton 's 49 before Angleton i ii .'* •* * '"fque K-iiTj- thpy punted out of thp end zone Fir-t Downs 15 I .ake a flm dowrhliTMir^Twa 0 , •' ^T . Wild f 0at i' i T" "^ a " d ""^ PaS - SeS Attempted 17 nailed for „ !„ K i «^ s; out two first downs to run out the Passe? Completed 10 nanea tor a loss hv Jones and dock and preserve their win.; Yds. Passing 155 took over, Heffernan was Angleton's lead-j Passes Int. by 0 « and had its'inr rusher with 4fi yaitls in 12 car-'Net Yds. Rushing 281 Roberts gained 44 yards in ! No. Punt? , — carries and was Barnes' fav-^Avg. of Punts and carried to ',h"'ii~ Roh ? ns I orite terget as he P 10 ^ «' four i Yds. Penalized and earned to the 14, and a passes for 77 yards. Donald Wag- Penalties nine :l a ^L p ' cku P b >' R" 1 *"' I»t 'ner caught two pa^es for aSiFumh^Lnst , . Rose. Fort Worth Brewer v.m le . at Decatur and Lewisville at j . n Other officers in the club include Nort hwest. "ecreta • • J - Hile._ vice-commodore; Nor- Class AA also saw a well rated n^ 8 ^g", over Paducah Bill Hall. EL LAGO CC (Sp)—The El Lago Men's Golf Association elected coming year at a meeting. The of- .i. the Kennedy, presi- Grisham, vice presi- .. "Curly" Scroggins, easurer; Gene Bran- committee chairman; . ^ . ' - man and } 106 " . E name ln where it won chairm an; 2 24 45 5 1 156, 6 27.5 60 6 0 Sweeny Bulldogs Waliop Ganado Indians (Continued From Pngn 7) jllu- | 0 ii K csl single nm in the se- IJFriddle added five putting the ball!,"'*,!,™'' a lefl crKl SWC( ' P by Kpos l ! on the Ganado 10. Long raced T. ,,,^ l: ..._.* " ll -« 1 Ganado kicked off to Sweeny to I i over to score but it didn't count |The ball was put hack on the 15 I with a Sweeny beckficld-in-motion I penalty. But on start the second half. Kecs took the kick by Ganado fullback John-; tlie very next play, Doolen passed to Kriddle for the n>> ^laxwell on the Sweeny 21 and, raced to the 3S before he was! hauled down--It w«. s a 17 yard kick-off return. ^"^ in ^^^^^ t '^ 1 ^^ came with 4:-19 remaiiiing in tho 1 ™^^ di J* ' a - V -, lalPr Swoon - v , k Roughnecks Score Win From Pago 7) pasting. I "We were very p,»ir offensively first IXnuis taml our sirons fxiint is still de- Yds. Rush Doolcn scored Uic firuil two points nn a keejier around right end alter .looking for a receiver. Coach Waggoner's only comment in the dressing room after the same was: "We got to look at 34 boys, that's all." Every boy on the Sweeny roster saw action except halfback Bill Holloway, who was injured in the Sweeny intra- stiiwd scrimmage a week earlier. Waggoner pointed out that it was too early in the season to say whether his Rulldojs were overrated in the stale Class AA stand- Co-Captain quarterback Doolen said ilia! he thought the team got a lot of experioiii-e in the fracas. Somowio nsk him if the Bulldogs were gciing all the way (to the state finals). Dollen replied: "We aie rait looking for all the way, we're looking for next week. We mi-et Dickinson in our new sladi- '. urn at Sweeny next Krid.-.y night." STATISTICS Snwny Ganadn The club meets the first Tuesdav fo "r state championships, showed p - m - at ^ !t .r s ^ in ^'^ aga * "ith a 3M victory over ---- ' C ' t ' director: tournament Loyd Schroeder, pub- ;.. costs /ess per day than, you f newspaper! .-... n , > ^ --n , jj Olllf »{(-- X (.1.1, IMIMUUm Workins from their oun 4fi. thiw' Ions ^' '"'" l ' oi "' h s ' lifl - And line Yds. Passing ' norKing nom their oun 4fi. thiw V n lme Yds - Passm B Roughnecks K«t into the act lo coad ' Bla ' k Tenvll wid, "Getting Passes Attempted move H yards closer to paydirl ""I". , ys P lai ' tx) '" ""' r 'Sht spot Passes Completed Couscr hit D,-ivid Williams with a "! m lllp "'-'king this Wivk." Passes Int. By quick PHSS. Williams Him lateral- «whrs «eie pleasetl with!Punts ed to fleet sophomore Donnis. 8 " Rotvl " t St ' 01 '- » 1*1 pound-: ,-Ug. Punts Wi-bh, who curried; the Kill lo Hie el ' """ ?° Rinssold the R.xiRh. Penalties Riillrfii.-r .1/1 MOCKS 1?R lu-iinift .- rt ,,;.,- . , i*_. . i , . it; (net) 197 34 9 5 0 !; Bulldog Cmiser ll:.-n hit Hoy Amlrrsiin nocks 135 pound senior , I.IHIMT iiipn nit Hoy Aiklrrsiin. l '"" n «'ilis their vii-ioiy over Yd with n p,-iss gixxl for six yards. A' Kl ""' Rouglinci-ks now face ! four-yard run by versatile Cnus.-r;'"' 0 "l^ 11 (iales in a row beforeiSw (picked up a first ,|, )wn („,. u, B: meeting Sweeny on Sept. ••""•- •Roughnivks on the 30. •enter, i KumhU> ovrr Yds. Penalties S3 8 4 70 - . Cnuser passed to Williams (or i-i«ht, moved four yards on a kvx'per and then j passed ]3 yaixls to Anderson to i put the hall on the Bolins 5. : liai>- Ihixmis pushotl across for I the five yanls and Ihe sroro. 'Hie i try for the two points was stopihxl short. All that remained was the two points received by BoluiR on the safely. it wus a Inner-sweet victory for j coai-h Tex K.i.wen. The new West Columbia mentor was disappoint I ed In his club us a whole. eeny is.Ifianado Scoring 5 •11 0 3 0 1 7 2S.2 6 3 45 6 S 8 S—30 000 0-0 GOODYEAR'S NEW NYLON TRUCK TIRE PRtCES START AT JtlST 15 95 and your rtcoppabl* TOM GARRETT'S PHARMACY MISSING ? ? ? NOI TOM JUST MOVED To Th« BRAZOSPORT SHOPPING VILLAGE LOOP ROAD Phon* CY 7-2442 This great Hi-Miler R-C is the lowest priced Goodyear true* tire ever offered. Pennies per day is its cost for an average service life. Swap your smoothies for this work horse today! GOOD/YEAR More Tons Are Hauled OA Goodyear Truck Tiies Thaa OB My Otter Nod GOOD/^EAtt 222 W. 2nd SERVICE STORE Ph. BE 3-2228 OPEN 8:30 AM TO 6:00 PM FREEPORT

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