The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 18, 1954 · Page 7
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 7

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 18, 1954
Page 7
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»ATIUWN SUN, MUNPAY. - JANUARY .11. i WPASE Gammel And Evans Will Lead 7954 Two ambitious and smiling Ganders—J. W. Gammel and Von Evans—were set Monday to -lead the 1954 Roberc E. Lee football team. They, had !bnen elected captains of the team last week, and announcement of the .honors came as-a highlight Saturday of the annual football banquet in tne school cafeteria. Caramel, a back who lettered as a sophomore and who will be after his third letter next season, and Evans, who starred last year at guard, both proved their popularity with their teammates by carry- Wading Time NEBRASKA CITY,.Neb. —UP— School children found a double use for an ice skating rink recently flooded in Hayward Park. They used the rink as a wading pool, awaiting the first cold snap. ' ing off the highest athletic honor a Gander can win. Their first official duties will be to help the coaching staff plan spring training that is scheduled to start on Feb. 13. When these two lads were named by the outgoing captains, Jim Morris and Louisi Del Homme, the news was received with cheers. Previously Coach Dan Stallworth had"named. 35. -.lettermen; and he had presented a silver iplate to David (Kosse) Johnson, Baytown's second All-America college gridder who won the honor as Rice's great fuilback in 1953. Coach Stallworth praised the 1953 team as the team with the biggest heart. He predicted that the record of the 1953 team, which formally was awarded a huge football as co-champions of district 8-4A, will go down in Robert E. Lee history as one of the greatest achievements of recent year. He told how the team got off the floor after being mauled by Lamar in the opening game and how it came fighting back to have a fine season that was climaxed by a tie with Port Arthur. The big hope of 1953 was anoth- er shot at Lamar which was denied by a matter of seconds, but he promised the graduates that the 195* team would try to avenge the J953 loss when the teams— the Redskins and Ganders—line up for play in Houston to open the new season next Sept. 16. Those winning letters were Morris, DelHomme Stolhandske, Guinn Baker, David Wallace, F. C. Saxon, Ed Williams, Ken Cockrum, Vincent Lampasas. Mike Hensley, W. J. Stokley, Evans, Gammel, Don Browning, Jim Wilson, Doyle Mitchell. Birnie Nbvasad, Glenn Wat- son, Nick Listi, Cameron Gates, Don Walker, Ron Callaway, Richard King, John >Enderli, W. R. Mize, Ed Bussa, Buzzy Byers, Harold Stuart, Kenneth •'Smlth./Doii Hullum, Wayne Hollister, Charles Hill, Jim Rincon, Leo Wotipka and Bob Dooley. Stallworth praised Johnson : for his great play as a Gander and for his great play at Rice.-He told the modest Owl star how much the home folks thought of him; Kosse, embarrassed but happy, thanked his former coach for the gift and for the support he had received through the years. As the youngster advanced to the microphone, he received a standing ovation from those on hand. In the audience were Kosse'a wife, Barbara, sitting with him at the head table, and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Johnson, who were also praised as "All-American Parents." Supt. George H. Gentry awarded the district trophy, and he too praised the spirit and the comeback of fche Gander eleven. Morris Frank, sharp as usual as. master of ceremonies, said he thought there was more spirit at the banquet than he had noticed at recent affairs- He said the fact that the youngsters had had a season far better than expected w»-J perhaps the reason for fche high feeling. Fred Hartman also praised the team for its great showing during the past season and pointed to the traditions and heritage of Robert E. Lee athletics. ''You are the. luckiest schoolboy athletes in Texas," he said, "to have the honor of representing a school whose all-around program is so respected throughout state." t tj __ ,!_'< , He said Bay town fans sadly .sald- goodbye to the 17 graduating sen- 1 iors, but ho predicted the team *' next year would 'carry'ori. in<the" usual brilliant style of past Gander- teams. . ' ^ As a finale to tbe dinner, the''/| athletes placed the entire coaching t staff "on the grill" They presented them with 'fancy electric sandwich and WJiffle grills in token of fcheir appreciation for tho work of the coaches in develop- - ing-the team; Brown Finally Wins Lee College Boosts Techiest Texas Conference Leading "-'"'From Parkir Squad Record With Victory WHEN YOU THINK OF FENCE THINK OF •THAD. P. FENELON BAYTOWN'S OLDEST FENCE DEALER Featuring Anchor Chain Link And Rustic Wood Fence To Meet Your Every Need HUNDREDS OF ANCHOR BUILT FENCES IN USE IN BAYTOWN AREA. It Costs No More to nave xne tsest fence CALL us TODAY FORA FREE ESTIMATE THAD P. FENELON 100 Gresham -Dial S-1409 LOS ANGELES,. Jan. 18— UP— Paul Brown's Eastern all-stars ,pre- ,'fne Lee College Repels strength- sented:the Cleveland Browns coach ene( j an already fine basketball with his first win over Detroit's record Saturday night, beating .; Buddy Parker when they .. caught McNeese College of Lake Charles, fire, in- the second half of -a tight La., 58-51. , clash with the .West to take the fourth annual pro bowl game 20 to ' W as the first time this season fo r Coach Alton Laird's cagers to pi ay McNeese, which replaced Clifton on the schedule. It was a non-conference game. T ne Lee College team will go - in ^ 0 action again Saturday night, meeting Concordia in an important conference game at Austin. Wayne Peterson scored 14 points .. Brown, who. landed in the loser's bracket in his eight previous meets with the Lion men-tor^ sent his stellar team into the second half with a slim 3 to 2 lead Sunday to see co-captain Chuck .Bednarik swipe a Bobby Layne pass and. run 24 yards for/a touchdown in the third aga inst McNeese and was .closely quarter that gave the East a. com- followed by teammates Charles rhandins 13 to 2 lead. ' Daniels and Terry Page who The, giant Philadelphia .center, sco red 13 and 12, respectively. . unanimously voted the game's most McNeese scored first on a free valuable player, also recovered a throw but the Rebels came back fumble that set up on e of Browns and werit anea(1 a splure of field halfback Lou Groza s two field goa j Si Lee was never seriously goals. . _ •• • - . threatened after that. ; That margin would have been greater but Coach Laird played .his reserves the entire fourth quarter. , : _ Real Estate Insurance Loans Phon* 8088 Baytown, Texa» Z201 Market St. Dividend Savings E MORROW GENERAL CONTRACTOR JAL 2464 See your 51 FORD 50 OLDS 51 FORD 50 CHEY. 2 Door, Fordomatic, Radio, Heater, White Wall Tires, Low Mileage. "88" Tudor, Radio and Heater, White Wall Tires, 2-Tone Green. 2-Door, 25,000 Actual Miles, Radio and Heater. Trods 995 950 995 4-Door, Radio and Heater, PowergHde, Original Black Finish. Low Mileage. 50 PLYMOUTH 4-Door Special Deluxe, Radio and Heater, New White Wall Tires, Nicest '50 in Town. 52 DODGE H Ton Pickup. Se« to Appreeiatf. THESE ARE 1-OWNER CARS. TRADED IN ON NEW FORDS. WE WILL GLADLY FURNISH NAMES AND ADDRESSES OF ORIGINAL OWNERS. If Lee does as expected and gets by Concordia, it will bring a showdown between the Rebels and San •Antonio^here Jan. 30. San Antonio edged Lee_ by one point in San Antonio earlier this season. '• •'. -LEE COLLEGE ,(58) : FG FT JPF TF Peterson ..54 5 14 Pillow 1 0. : 5 2 Daniels 3 7 4 13 Page .....44 2 Carter ....... ....... 3 2 1 Her 2 2 4 Looney ............. 0 0 3 HSU -....;,..:,. o i i Welch 1 0 1 Flowers .....00 1 Creel 0 0 2 Pace-Setters- In. Border Conference Texas Idle This Week By UNITED PRESS cace-setters set a chance strides down the at' TOTALS 19 20 '28-58 McNEESE FG FT PF TP Hudson 3 4 '4 Duncan 5 5 5 Smith >.., 4. 7 3 Easbn .". •- 0 4 4 McCollester- ,. 042 Funderburk 0 1 1 Milan Oil Midkiff 0 1 2 By ED FITE Texas swept to two victories last United Press Sports Writer week, squeezing by the Texas The stampeding -Texas Long- Aggies 49 to 46, then turning on jrns have halted their Southwest the heat to bounce Rice 74 to 66. rnatch-Conference title trail drive for a Rice trimmed TCU 69 to 52 then bit of book-grazing, so the cage th e defending champion Frogs spotlight this week' swings to the turned around to beat the Aggies faltering ambitions., of- the Rice by an identical score. TT.JM, ,,,;n ho - n «„„ «„„ „„ Owls and. the hopeful chances of Rice's Gene Schwingcr had no «,?«£* imnl th»vqn the Baylor Bears. trouble building to his individual tooo recore^ 'auTboto will be ' « Texas is resting on a 4-0 scoring lead as h e ran his season hTartv favorite's to maintain their loop record while taking/time out total to 346 points and his four- winning wavs mamuun lneir f or mid-term examinations, Rico gam c loop total to an even 100 and Baylor "will engage in a couple points. of crucial contests . this week — TCU's Henry Ohlcn held onto one °f them against each other — second place at 250 points over in an effort to stay within striking the long grind, but there were distance of the crown-. : some shakeups in the league cam:'• Coach Don Suman's Rice crew, Paign scoring as Texas' one-two Tuesday" niKht Tech leaves its touted as real championship ma- punch of Fred Saunder s and[ Biliy home" bSe to k Tournev o^AW- terial, have stumbled twice already Powell climbcd into second and in .four starts against league foes third spot at 71 and 57 points, les- and can ill. afford to trip'again as they face the. tough task of beating Arkansas "at Fayetteville Mon- 12 8 Coach Gus Miller's " Buffs open activity a 0 day night against the 1 New Mexico Aggies—a 2 walloped 80 to 51 at Lubbock last 0 Saturday night TOTALS 12 27 22 SPORTS PARADE is running 15 NEW .YORK, Jan.,18. — UP—The this potent a journev lene against defending ion Hardin-Simmons, a team that gave West Texas a scare last week before bowing 64 to 62. In the only other conference ac- day night and Baylor at Houston tion of th e week, Tempe State in- next Saturday night, vades Tucson to meet Arizona, the Coach Bill Henderson's, low-rated other co-champion. It will: mark Baylor five,, its spirits'boosted by Ternpe's .second outing in league a 63 to 59 upset of .Arkansas last play and will be watched with in- week, tackle Texas Christian Mon- terest in light of the battle the Sun day night at Fort Worth and then Devils gave Tech two weeks'ago. meet Rice at Houston. Hardin-Simmons engages Howard Baylor currently is tied for sec- Payne in a non-loop tilt Saturday one p i a ce with a'2-1 record — the night at Abilene to round out the same as Southern Methodist, while four-game schedule. Ric( ,. s 2 . 2 mark left the Owls in Tech is operating at an 83.7- £ oiu - ln spo t point per game pace in three „. , SKWWfW^- pectively. MIL LDSDPHY -EXPERIENCE /S 'A GREAT TEACHER AND THERE'S NO HOLDING BACK SALARY EITHER Experience 1ms taught nmny people the hard way that it's costly to take cliunccs without enough of the KIGHT kind of insurance. See us today. IKOMMCEAGfliCV 102 WOODS BLDG. BAYTOWN. tEX. . CONSOLIDATE YOUR DEBTS WITH A blown hot-and-cold tlie pre-season tour- . . 'ight mob likes its fighters mean. Tech. 20 'noints behind warm side if it can dear that Fay- pace but toast~ etleville hl ' rd ' e UWt Pr ° VCd '"" too tolagh.and talking out of th e side of the mouth on the theory that as such the gladiators will scorn :he fancy dan. Which explains the interest this week in a two-fisted mauler named Mik e (Rock}') Casillo, who gets his big Madison Square Garden break on Friday night as an 8 to 5 undershot against welterweight Vines Martinez. The latest in the line of battlers sailing under the intriguing title of 'Rock}"" would seem to be a natural. He is compared, favorably or not depending on whether you are of the slugging school, to Rocky Graziano. He looks like him,' walks like him, talks like him and acts like him. More important^, in the trade, he fights like him. Casillo carries it farther than that. He even fondly tofcs a picture of his "idol," Rocky Graziano. You may consider that the final straw, if you are not a Graziano idolater. And it is not necessary to dig up a lot of old waste to say that if you aren't you have a lot of company. The Rock did a lot of things that the good, clean- cut American boy is supposed to abhor. Cassilo, fortunately, is short in most pf those departments. He is simply a 23-year-old who served an unblemished hitch in khaki and found, while driving an eight-wheel truck, that he always seemed to be mixing it up with somebody. The transition was easy. Rocky simply decided to get paid for his fisticuffs. The record insists that he can fight He has engaged in 29 professional encounters and lost only three. Seventeen of his victories were by the knockout route, and when he puts the clamps on them they have trouble moving not only that night but later on. Consider, as example, that in his last seven bouts he tins scored six kayoes. Thnse six fighters still are in semi-retirement, so you have t° more or less agree with the younp man from Blu e Island, 111., when he say s he knocks them "dead." If you saw Graziano fight, then you've seen Casillo. He's the same walloping whirlwind, both fists flying until there's nobody standing up in front of him. And productive of twirling turnstiles, he can lake the other guy "out" in the first minute or the last minute of a fight. Jack begun, his manager, never ceases being amazed a t the young man's qualities. For instance. Begun turned down a $15,000 offer to fight Carman Basilio at Svracuse to get his boy in the Garden. Church AthleHc Meet To Consider Program All Baytown church athletic directors arc invited to attend a mooting at the Robert E. !>« High School Administration Office Monday night to discuss a church athletic program and to outline an organized bask'-tball leagun. A repn.-.sontntive from every church is nrgpfl to attend. In other games last week. Texas Western upset Arizona 75 to 57, New Mexico A&M lost to Arizona 67 to 65 and to moils 59 to 49. much for SMU last Saturday night when Arkansas handed the Methodists their first loop setback. SMU. -like Texas, will be idle for two weeks Qf examinations and won't return to the court wars until Jan. 30 against TCU at Dallas. That should give Coach Doc Hayes' crew time to lick its wounds „ _ T . . . after that Ul-to-58 defeat by Ark- Hi. Reagan, Jr., expert boner nt a an g,, K local packing plant, was demon- T j--'j and Arkansas also have strating to now employes how to su ff ercc i lwo josses and will need ; bone meat when his knife slipped.; j, 0 g c ^ ka, c k 'nto the. victory column He went to the hospital with a if tJ 1C y hope to entertain any charn- wound in his right side. pionshin hopes. Bnuor FORT WORTH. Tex- -UP— E. . LOW COST LOAN AND START THK I'lDAU WITH A OtEAN SLATE Get $60. to $1000 Without Endorsers SIMPLIFIED METHOD-NO HIDDEN CHARGES Compare Our Costs and Save Money PAY LESS EACH MONTH — HAVE MORE TO SPEND Consolidate nil your obligations into otto, nccount AND GET THESE BENEFITS: LOWER MONTHLY PAYMENTS — our .term* -are mor« liberal — you take a long time to repay. GET EXTRA MONEY NOW — in. the same simplo transaction. HAVE MORE CONVENIENCE — only one monthly payment — only one place to pay. See "The Friendly Company' 1 First A Texas Company- for Texas. 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