Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on April 20, 1971 · Page 3
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 3

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 20, 1971
Page 3
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\ New Directions for Texas A Librarians Theme for Meeting \ Mrs. Bess Bradley, librarian for Val Verde County Library, and Miss Lea Harlow, an assistant to the librarian, recently attended the 58th conference of the Texas Library Association in Corpus Christi. Theme for the conference was "New Directions for Texas Librarians." Outstanding individuals In the field of library work participated in the program for the three-day conference. Dr. Cados Rivera presented "A Socio-Cultural Profile of the Mexican-American, said bilingualism is universal and if we are going to teach anyone a new language, we must first understand the culture of the society in which he was reared. The topic for Dr. Phillip D. Ortego was "Books for 'the Mexican-American," and he declared in the bilingual program, more books for the Mexican- American should be written by Mexican-Americans. Dr. Jesse Shera's theme was "Libraries in a Changing Society." Dr. Shera said libraries in the United States began as little groups of individuals who banded together to get books for scholars. Today an education is open to anyone, regardless of his status in society. The response was given by Dr. Edward G. Holley, who said the main aim of the Texas Library Association, is to strengthen the districts from the local level. Dr. Garth Williams said children's books are most important in molding people in what they are going to be. The illustrator and author work together on books to be sure the pictures and the author's words relate the same story. "Coordinated Planning and Funding of Library Services" was the theme for Dr. Kenneth Beasley, who said there are no set answers to problems but for their solution, individuals must be perceptive to change. Dr. Donald W. Zacharias said no one sees things from all points of view when he presented "Communicating Effectively with People." To communicate, he said, needs of each other should be sensed, so that "what we say and do is understood by the people with whom we are communicating." John L. Mortimer discussed "Aspects of Library Shortages in Relation to Environmental Protection." i pollution as aggression neighbors and whole. He said libraries must gather information on environmental protection. "The Administrator and the Young Adult Librarian in the Total Young Adult Services was the theme for Denny Stephens. He said "Because WIN AT BRIDGE / young people sometimes have little time on their hands, they sometimes do not realize what libraries can do for them." Horace C. Hartsell discussed "New Approaches for Educating and Communicating with, People" and he said librarians must know the media and the material collection and relate it to the neeids of the patrons. "We need not fear, technology but learn to accept and use it," he said. The awards made at the conference included that to the Dennison Public Library for the library project of the year. Dr. Melvin Marks for the Red River County Library at Clarksville, Tex., received the library trustee award and Thelma McDaniel Phyllips of Fredericksburg was presented the award as librarian of the year. The National Library Week program includes "Changes in American education and culture, resulting in increasing and accelerating reader demands upon libraries, changes in the quantity and variety of published materials ;and developments in technological applications for libraries, these plus the rising costs of materials, equipment and services, have all combined to generate pressures and open opportunities which must be met in new ways. The Val Verde County Library joins all libraries across the nation in the observance of National Library Week through Saturday. Hints From Meloise DEAR HELOISB: We have three children, and, for a while, two were still wearing diapers. I had always had trouble with their rubber pants, getting small tears on the seams or just one small hole in the bottom, which made them useless. One day, while in a hurry, and short on laundered rubber pants, I tried using some of the new hair-setting tape to mend a small tear In the rubber pants. I thought if it could hold wet hair in place, maybe it would do for the length of time I needed it to repair the pants, It worked like a charm. I even laundered these same pants five or six times before I had to replace the tape. The water seems to make it stick all the more. Now I use this kind of tape on my shower curtain and even plastic bags for the refrigerator. Karen He defined a form of against our society as a Here's one for the books . . . works gllck as a whistle. Helolse * * * DEAR HELOISE: . I discovered that those bottle or nipple brushes used on baby's bottles make easy work of removing corn silk from fresh corn on the cob. Try it, it's fabulous! Nancy * * * DEAR HELOISE: I have several uses for the plastic foam cartons that eggs come in. My favorite use is as a paint box or palette. Acrylic colors from tubes can be squeezed into separate cups and diluted with water for water color painting, or mixed among themselves in the lid or in empty cups from oil painting'. Incurable Box-Saver * * '* LETTER OF THOUGHT DEAR HELOISE: It is usually not so much the quality of our troubles as the quantity of our faith which makes us complain. Irene » » * DEAR HELOISE: I have found a spring-type clothespin perfect for clamping on the ends of knitting needles when finished knitting. The little groove on the pin holds one needle and the larger groove holds both together. Mrs. H. Skafte * * * DEAR HELOISE: Here's a hint for gardeners. When planting turnip seeds, or any very small seeds, mix with corn meal and they will be easier to sow. Mix about four parts of meal to one part of seed. > H. Hall 73 Proves Lucky for South NORTH AQ2 V A54 • QJ10986 4.42 WEST (D) EAST 20 VK83 VQ7 475 443 *KJ1085 *9763 SOUTH A 1043 VJ10962 4 AK2 *AQ Both vulnerable West North East South 1 4b Pass Pass Dble Pass 1 4 Pass 1 V Pass 2 V Pass 4 V Pass Pass Pass Opening lead — V 3 automatic. South ran his trumps to discard the deuce of spades and a club from dummy. Then he played out the diamond suit to wind up holding the ace-queen of clubs as his last two cards. West had to un guard the club king to hold a high spade and the queen of clubs made the 13th trick. (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) DEAR HELOISE: Here's a tip for those of us who do not have dishwashers and still do dishes in the sink. When I cook something with a meat sauce, especially spaghetti, I always have a problem with grease clinging to my pota and pans. I have found that if I add about a half cup of vinegar to the dish water, grease will not cling to the dishes, pots and pans, or to the sink. It works for me. Try it. It will rid you of a greasy problem. "S. A. M." DEAR HELOISE: I had a bulletin board which no one ever paid any attention to when it hung in my kitchen. So I put it in my bathroom in a very conspiclous place and no pne ever miaaea a message! Can you beat that one? Madeline SOCIAL CALENDAR WEDNESDAY The regular monthly meeting of the Del Rio Legal Secretaries Association will be held at 7:30 p.m. in the offices of Doran, Gulley and Murrah in the Del Rio Bank and Trust Co. building. WEDNESDAY The New Century Club will meet at 4 p.m. in the home of Mrs. A.F. Fitzpatrick, 410 Avenue D, with Mrs. Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Hugh V. Atkinson, Mrs. Robuck Daughtrey and Mrs. Thomas H. Scale as hostesses. The, program, "Theatre in the Mod," Is to be presented by Mrs. Hamilton White and Mrs. Alvis Belcher. FRIDAY Mrs. Henry B. Horn of Del Rio, president of the Texas Garden Clubs, Inc., will be honored at a coffee from 9:30 to 11 a.m. in the Ceniza Room of the Del Rio Civic Center. The Mignonette Garden Club and the Morning Glory Garden Club will be the hostess organization. Guests will be members of those two clubs, of the Cactus Thorn Garden Club and the Buena Vista Garden .Club of Del Rio; the Ceniso Garden Club and the Valley Garden Club of Quemado and the Retama Garden Club of Brackettville. FRIDAY Mrs. Henry B. Horn of Del Rio, president of the Texas Garden Clubs, Inc., will be honored at a coffee from 9:30 to 11 a.m. in the Ceniza Room of the Del Rio Civic Center. The Mignonette Garden Club and the Morning Glory Garden Club will be the hostess organization. Guests will be members of those two clubs, of the Cactus Thorn Garden Club and the Buena Vista Garden Club of Del Rio; the Ceniso Garden Club and the Valley Garden Club of Quemado and the Retama Garden Club of Brackettville. CHURCH CALENDAR TUESDAY Court St. Joan of Arc, Catholic Daughters of America, will meet at 7:30 p.m. in the Parish Hall with Mrs. Ralph Tobin and Mrs. Stephen Baudo as hostesses. Police Chief J.R. Koog will be the speaker. ". WEDNESDAY The Together Circle of the First United Methodist Church will meet at 9:30 a.m. in the church. Mrs. Gerald Leonard, Mrs. Leroy Hutto and Mrs. L.D. Whitehead Jr. will be hostesses for the meeting. Tips Q-Tips are a must in every cosmetic wardrobe. These cotton swabs easily wipe away make-up mistakes, take off nail polish in no time, remove the results of too heavy a hand with mascara and are useful in applying medication to blemishes. DEAR ABBY DEL RIO (TEXAS) NEWS-HERALD. Tuesday, April 20, 1971-3 Nope, Sure can't! Heloise The bidding has been: West North East Pass South 1* 3* 4N.T. •t By Oswald & James Jacoby Here is a bit of whimsy from "Popular Bridge." The author is Victor Mollo. South is an overbidder who takes full advantage of mistakes that are continually made against him by his opponents. Today he takes even more advantage than usual to collect all 13 tricks at a four- heart contract. He could easily have been set one or two tricks if the defense were enterprising and his own play not quite the best. A look at the bidding shows South overbid two tricks when he went to four hearts. West got off to the good lead with the three of hearts, but East was not going to waste his queen that early in the play. He tried third hand low. South won with the 10 and promptly led the jack. West had been taught to cover an honor with an honor and put up his king, whereupon dummy's ace plucked the king and queen together. After that start it was a cinch for the expert declarer to make the rest of the tricks. . ..,_ . He was sure that West would hold the ace-king of spades and king of clubs for his opening bid. In that case a one-way squeeze would-be Pass 2 * Pass 4 4 Pass 5 A Pass You. South, hold: *A K Q J 5 4 VK J 3 2 46 5 *2 What do you do now? A Bid five no-trump. This shows that your side holds all the aces and asks your partner about kings. TODAY'S QUESTION He responds six diamonds to show one king. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Moody Cafeteria Menus Menus for the remainder of the week for Moody Cafeteria, which provides lunches for all schools in the San Felipe Independent School District, are listed for the remainder of the week. Mrs. Irene Sandoval is manager of the cafeteria and announced the menus as follows: WEDNESDAY, meat . loaf with tomato sauce, vegetables, bread, cake or cookies and' milk; THURSDAY, charizo with egg, pinto beans, salad, fruit, bread and milk; FRIDAY, hot dogs, chips, salad, desert and milk. TUESDAY'S menu included enchiladas, pinto beans, tossed salad, apples and milk. Carrier Christian Environment Small Classes Creative Curriculum Readiness Program pplications Accepted Now For Fall Term Mrs. John Foster S ""* Si " it \ 775-3730 ' . % Testing For Elementary Grades Being Scheduled Now Mrs. Charles Howell 775-4072 i' m sorry i Found Prayer Breakfast Out About the Other Woman' Wednesday Morning By Abigail Van Buren [« IfH by CWCito TrilNM-N. Y. Niws Ind., lac] DEAR ABBY: Two questions. Why does a wife want to know if there is another woman? Isn't the old fashioned way better? [I mean, not knowing.] I suspected my husband had somebody else, so I investigated and found put I was right. She's a coworker. Not young, but middle-aged like us. When he knew I was wise, he told me it didn't mean anything, and he begged for my forgiveness and understanding, and said it was all over. I took him back and believed him. I am not fat or ugly, and I always worked hard at being everything a good wife should be. After what happened, I tried even harder. I got on The Pill and turned on the sex appeal. I thought I had bun back again when I accidentally found a love letter in his pocket. Now I know it wasn't me who had him so turned on. He still stays with me, but I know he is seeing her, too. I was happier not knowing. Now I'm sorry I ever tried to find out. It does help to write to you, Abby. There is no one to talk to. —SADDER BUT WISER DEAR SADDER: Don't blame yourself for "finding out." Your intuition told yon. Your Investigation merely confirmed it. If ignorance is bliss 'tis folly to be wise. But ignorance is never bliss. A woman wants to know where she stands, even if she's standing outside. The truth hurts, bnt a lie hurts more. DEAR ABBY: I've got nothing but trouble. I married a man who is very mean when he. drinks and he drinks a lot. Last year he bought a new car. He made the first payment and after that he told me if I wanted to keep the car I could take over the payments, otherwise the car could go back. Well, I took over the payments, but the car stayed in my husband's name, and he had it most of the time. We fought all the time, and I got tired of his mean moods so I moved out on him. I was staying with friends when this wild man busted in on us, all boozed up, and started shooting tip the place. He got me in the hip. The landlord heard the commotion and ran up to help me and he got shot in the head. [The landlord died three days later.] They locked up my husband, but he is out on bond now and I haven't seen him since the court hearing three months ago. My problem is this. Should I keep up the payments on the car? He has it, and it's still in his name. Yours truly.—GLADIOLA. DEAR GLADIOLA: See a lawyer about transferring ownership of the car to yon. And in view of your husband's criminal antics, if yon don't get the car why not sue him to recover the payments you've already made, and whatever else the trigger-happy boozer has? [I have an idea he isn't going to be needing any of it for a while.] on your old Air Conditioner during our pre-season Trade-ln-Salef A city wide prayer breakfast is planned for Wednesday morning in the San Felipe Country Club beginning at 6:45 o'clock with the community invited to attend. Those in charge of the. breakfast said the need for' . such a Unified prayer endeavor appears to be growing daily. The affair is sponsored by the Larger Circle, a local circle organized several years ago with the name chosen from an oft-quoted poem. The theme for the breakfast Wednesday morning is "God's Way to Save America" with the scripture from II Chronicles 7:14. Mrs. Edward V. Jarrett will extend greetings as general chairman for the Larger Circle for 1971. Torvil Henricksen will sing "The Lord's Prayer." , The breakfast will follow with three short talks on Prayer. These will be given by the' Rev. John Henry Cash of Comstock, A.C. Ozuna and KNITTING PRETTY — The mania for pants continues into spring and summer '71 with a fresh new look in cotton. Random-dyed cotton knit with a wide darby rib shapes a sleeveless jumper- cut tank top and flared pants. Both by Miss Ingenue. Ralph Mayer of Del Rio. The closing benediction will be the hymn, "How Great Thou Art," sung by W.B. Robb. Mrs, Johnson Quigg will play the accompaniment. The breakfast will be brief and those in charge said anyone may attend, ready for work, and the program is brief to afford time to attend and still be at work Wednesday morning. Pick Up Designs On Pillows The problem with having a comfortable, cheery guest room is getting the guest to go home. Yet, this. former haven for castoff furniture, including sagging mattresses, gets the face-lift it so drastically needs. Decorator Shirley Regen- dahl designs a. lime green, white and pale turquoise setting with a budget in mind. The corner sofa units with table containing a built-in stereo is the major purchase, about $400. However, you may save more money by using twin beds or rollaways, slid' under a Parspns table purchased from an unfinished furniture outlet. Key to the total coordination of the room is use of vinyl wallcoverings, p r e't r i m m e d and cloth- backed in a triumvirate of patterns from the Decade '70s collection of J. Josephson, Inc. The fresh floral and its geometric color-mates are interspersed within panels painted pale turquoise. Miss Regendahl alternates mirrors and solid panels for I pictures with mirrors giving illusion of space. AQUARIUMS FISH & SUPPLIES 90S E. 6th 775-4998 Buick Bargain Days are saving days. We'll give you a big check . for $75 cash as a trade-in on your old worn-out room air conditioner or condensing unit (or anything else you've been keeping cool with) If you buy a new Carrier air conditioning condensing unit (38GF Series) now during our Spring Trade-In SALE! The exclusive round Carrier unit comes In 12 sizes . . . to fit any home ... or additional space that you may want to cool. Buy Carrier now . . . and get your $75 cash trade-In. (Offer caumif apply to rquipmrnl tiunli'djpriiir In February I. 11111. Offer applif* mily In reniileitliul euuii>i»i'iit..<>•>! '" ituli-tlii'ixiun </('!'• cliipi'rx nr iHiilfli'n.) A bargain price on a stripped-down car is no bargain. But a Buick or Opel at a bargain is something else again Because we're not selling some special stripped- down model. We're selling Buicks and Opels, the same great cars we've sold all year. Opel 1900 Sport Coupe. Wilh a 19 liter engine that operates elliciently on low-lead or no-lead gasolines hydraulic valve lifters lor quiet engine operation, power Irani disc brakes and more With one difference. The deals have never been better. Which means that you can move out in a new Buick or Opel at a price that's hard to believe. When Buick talks about a bargain, we give you something to believe in. fee ••i ,-s ••-*/*^ Skylark Custom. With Buick's exclusive nickel-plated engine exhaust valves lor smoother operation on today's cleaner fuels, Comfort-Flo ventilation system and more Your Buick-Opel dealer will give you better reasons to buy a new car now than anybody else. T S -f* Tl CONDITION ING--ING. 1 SAN ANGELO- 11 East Ave. B 663-6881 _ DEL RIO 3801 Hwy. 90 W. • 775-8801 The business of auto safety. Auto safety is everyone's concern. But it's our business. And we think the attention that's being paid to auto safety now is a good thing. Because it will result in better driving for everyone. And, frankly, better driving for everyone means better business for u,s. ^/^ We say Buick is something to believe in. That's why we're trying to make it easy'to be safe by putting in safety features that work by themselves. You don't have to do anything to make them work. •'«"". >•' Like side guard beam& And the energy absorbing steering column. And the cargo guard between the . trunk and back seat. They start "working" even before you get in the car. -- But two safety features, two of the most vital, are worthless unless you do something first. Seat and shoulder belts. . Unfastened they do nothing. And you've seen enough statistics to know what a difference they can make. So use them. But that's not ail you can do. Because the most effective safety feature of all can't be added to our carjj or anybody else's. That feature is you. And the way you drive. Which should be defensively. And rested. And sober. We're all in this together. And together we can solve the auto safety problem once and for all. 1 And the time is now. , r-.

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