The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on October 6, 1959 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 6, 1959
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Tide Schedule ^ Today; High 6:08 p.m low. . -' Wednesday: High 8:12 a.m. and 9:23 p.m. Low 12:38 a.m. and 13:44 p.m; . voiTJmj.'fin WATCH ro. W.NN..S AN. U, t S, Nr.SC,™ COUHTT „,„„«„, „. , mild through Wednt«<!»y erate v«l»ble winds, "ifht «7< high Fair Parade Goal for Trail Riders The fourth annual Brazoria County Trail Ride got underway In Alvin Saturday morn- Ing with the final goal to be participation in today's county fair parade. Trail Boss Joe .Bond reported that 227 riders had reglst- t ered before noon Saturday, and said a aarge number of additional riders were expected to Negotiations For Lake Park Land Continue Lake Jackson Mayor Kara Cooper has gained city council support to continue his discussion and negotiations concerned with the city's proposed purchase of park land from the Texas Prison System. The mayor reported to the t persons, he felt that it would be unwise for city and county officials to ask a hearing before the Board of Corrections in connection-with right of way donation by the board for the Brazosport Loop section planned to run through the fu-' ture park site. : At a meeting of the council ; last week, the group had agreed i to support the hearing plan and' had also agreed that the city should move ahead to purchase the land although the $67,850 price was somewhat higher /ban what ihey had hoped to- Pay. , ,' The land in question is a,' thumb-shaped piec" of prison! farm property, across Oyster' Creek from the city. _ The' mayor said he would' lt.:e council permission to continue hi£ negotiations concerning the purchase and might want to call a special council meeting within a week or 10 days to present a detailed plan >for financingthepurchase. etc register ,->er. The group stopped for lunch at the Garrett Ranch, midway between Alvln and Angleton, Saturday, and campeu for the night at the fair grounds in Angleton. A 'irge turnout was present for the dance that night at the fair grounds auditorium, wnere music was furnished by the inmate string band of the Ramsay State Farm. From Angleton the riders went through Clute, stopping for the noon break at the Lake Jackson Picnic Grounds, and camped at the American Legion Park in Brazoria. Dancing that night was held at Raymond's in Brazoria to he music of Lee Lelssner's band. From Brazoria, the trail rid- TS followed a route through 'our Forks, on to the Frank larris Ranch west of West Columbia. Dancing Monday night was held,at the American Legion home in West Col-! umbia. . •* „; ..v« ' •'.The. weaiyiAjaddJe son; rid on? were to arrive in AngJeto in,, time to -lead itheVparad opening the Bworia Counl Fair this afternoon. / Each chuckwagon provide its own food and horse feec and riders were In groups Fair Schedule TUESDAY ' 2 p.m. — Parade 2 p.m. — Judging of Fat Lambs 3 p.m. — Gates Open • 3 p.m. — Sifting of Fat Steers, Junior Show 3:45 to 7p.m.'—School Band Concerts 7 p.m. — Opening Ceremonies 8 p.m. -«• Talent Show 8:30 p.m. — Preliminary TwirUng Contest WEDNESDAY 8:30 a;m. — Judging of Dairy Cattle 9 a.m. — Judging of Crops and Agriculture 8 a.m. — Judging of Fine Arts 'Department 10 a.m. - 4-H and FFA Tractor Driving Contest 1:30 p.m. - Judging of Fat Steers 2:30 p.m. _ Judging of Junior Breeding Beef Cattle 4 p.m Judging of Special Awards 6 to 8:30 p.m.— School Band Concert' ' 7:30 pjn. — Coronation of Fair Queen 7:30 p.m. — Judging of Quarterhorse Youth Show 8 pjn. — Vegetable drawing ACTIVITIES OF CONSTABLE JACK WARRANT PROBE BY GRAND the new October-March Brazoria it i; ,u ran . . ury be 8 in s hearing witnesses. fl minl ,1 du , ty of tne rand jurors to ex- B Hm the . e Y ld !, nce supporting accusations of i,,««n 8n u-*°. decide whether this evidence the state t0 trlal those accused b y But also, the Grand Jury has the obliga- Hitf™ ™ a 7' n8 an inquiry into unlawful conditions m the county. Only through the ac- M^,r"i , t ! leJGrand J ury can the public ordinarily find protection from abuse of authority and privilege. nJLlPl 8 rega f d > !t is to be hoped that the Grand Jury will give the highest priority to an investigation into the activities of Constable Jack Lee. Less than two weeks ago, Lee was tried for assault In Lake Jackson Corporation Court. He was accused of an unjustified at^L°? a Lake Jackson business man. On the witness stand, Lee claimed self defense. Every person in the court could see AM,f> rge , buDt> and could "member the *i«lrf e Is v^ 11 " 1 - who had tes- j ,, ear "er. The reason given to justify this aamitted attack was so flimsy that even Lee made the contention In a self-conscious man- they received. Incidenls - Constable Lee Membeis „ » i to the uselessness and 'moo to «),k. ?»800 In salaries that «r Court caUin « attention wastefulness of th pointed out go annually to the a- . t the ^ry less than to elect a for *™an, to deliberate charge videw:e< and to flnd Lee B" 11 ^ of the This conviction lends added weight to a f. ^ K ******* abuses of authority that reach back over a period of several years. In the files of the Freeport police are the sworn ±. e f me h tS T 0£ "P 1 ^ victims, of alleled assaults by Lee similar to that of which he was convicted in Lake Jackson. These previous assaults did not come to trial because the victims feared the adverse 4t lake Jackson nnuay o county's eight constables, and the «mall a• mount of service received for .this money The Grand Jury suggested that the salaries be reduced to the smallest amount permitted by law. It has, also been proposed that mhitaum " ° f consta bles be reduced to the ll,2 n ft t . C T? llSSibn .! rs : £ ourt wuld accomp- lisa this The matter has come Up during haVff*^*" 0 b " d < et : "eatings, and i nothing has been done. Dunng the last hearing, Commissioner Bill Isaacs gave his support to the 'h r .lf 0n ^V *?* his sup P° rt «• de- by the efforts of Commissioner Jack worns. dkable the entire con- «f.M e enre constable situation be cured to the extent that the statutes will permit. But Commissioners Court has failed the public in this regard ^ j e v L !5 situation will undoubtedly be cured by the public- itself at the election next Tl * w ° l the fuU year which these activities can continue. The Fact* recommends that the Grand Jury bring these activities to the attention of Districl will pay the Navigation trict for 6.5 acres at tha end of the Old Brazos .lead Navigation Distric to sell the land at a ni^'" 16 request of the Plan nlng Board the .com nisstoners were buying the land to com plcte the site of a proposed city civic center. The agreed price of $1050 an aVe7a'nd''pui it up for bid. The city bid the agreed amount. But two real estate men bid $1101 an acre When the business men found that their bid, if acc>pt- ed, would sabotage a clvi- center .plan, they withdrew it But Navigation District of- contended that the un Driver Unconscious After Wreck 4 JUNE EPPS, a visitor at Monday night's LJ City Council meeting. . , HULON WILLIAM LANMON, a student at the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque. He's just pledged Kappa Alpha Fraternity there. 1/Lt. JOHN F. RAMEY, writing back to get the mall- Ing address on his Facts sub- 4 scription changed since he's now assigned to Fort Richardson, Alaska, near Anchorage BILL SCHLIG, just abnut the happiest new dad we've seen in awhile. He was out bright and early Monday morning telling friends about the new daughter' born just hours earlier. . . RAY CORB1N and NAT HICKEY, up for happy birth day wishes today. . . * Also, GERRI WHITE, becoming a teenager today. . MRS. W. J. CRAWFORD, able to be up and around after recent surgery. . . The CLA'TDE STRINGERS. T. C. SELMANS. WAT,TFH LYBARGERS, MRS. T n LACKEY, andi BERTHA SALMANS, among the moms and dads watching the fonthnll game Monday night between the seventh grades of Freepor 1 anrf flute motor highs. . . EARL KNIGHT, calling for A Brazoria woman spent sev eral hours unconscious after a one car accident Monday nighi near Bailey's Prairie. Bessie Mae Robinson of Brazoria suffered a broken arm and seVere lacerations on the leg after the car she was d l V . in !. r . ai ?°" FM "1. turned She told State Highway Patrolman Gilbert Kiel that accident happened about 10 p.m and she was unconscious until early Tuesday. She had begun walking along the road P aM ? rb y Bopped *nd h er to the Angleton Hos- Wd »ald she was bleed- Ing badly from the leg lime She was due to be transfer- r?i to , Joh ? s ealy Hospital In Gail . ston later Tuesday, Kiel The 1954 Ford which she was dVed about *«00 is prohab 'y a total said. No charges wh|o h led in the «•**£» which occurred seven miles west of Angleton. was "treed" in his neighbor hood ... FP Golf Course Man;'7p'' w O. SWIND*T. L( oW | rom worh on sick leave. . . Sam Ross To Head Tarpon Merchants Sam Ross of Ross Shoes Inc., was elected president of the .Tarpon Inn Village Merchants Association at their or- Rational meeting Mond»y Other officers muude Jlmer McElmeel of Nelsner's, vies president; Miss Lillie Swann of Firestone Stores, secretary; and Randy Randolph from w T Grant, treasurer. About 13 Tarpon Inn merchants were represented at tha meeting that wa s -leid to ci.>ct officers discuss problems parking, Christmas decora- and business promotions. Dan Moody, Tarpon Inn VH- lage developer, was host for the meeting that was held in the -aran Room at the Dow Hotel. FP Police Activity i£'* lt 'TT'*'-- • ,*f***"* ~ • •• After a busy weekend the Freeport Police Department caught a "breather," according to the Tuesday morning reports covering the past 24 hours. A theft by bailee, theft of money, a lost and a found bicycle, an intoxicated man, and a man disturbing the peace f were handled, by police during i hat period. '•" : John Kersh, 3pO Block of West Broad, told police! Monday morning that his car had not been returned after he gave i permission to use it Friday. Theft of bailee charges were filed in the matter. Dwight Hewett of the shrimp boat "D & E» reported the heft of $20 from his billfold a call to police Monday morning. | ^Ernest Palat, 1418 West Eighth, told police Monday afternoon that a 26 inch red' icycle had been taken from; residence sometime Friday! ight. Lengthy Bicycle Ordinance felt To Be Unenforceable , .. bicycle ordinance which took SO minutes to read was found by the Lake Jackson City Council to be too complicated to accomplish the purpose tor was FP HOPEFUL Mill J«n Toomer, 215 Eail Second in Frnport. will b» ont of 14 girls ntking tht '-M* of Rodeo Qu««n of th* Bratoria County Fair at the finals on Saturday niahi. Mlu Toomar, who is 17-ytari-old. will be sponsored by ih* Kiwanis Club. Th* The;' ordinance was read «i. the Monday night dty council meeting. It had been submitted some tinie ago by Robert Alcott who became interested in bicycle safety while a member of the Parent-Teacher Association Safety Committee for two years,-*", • . ; v _ • •-•,- xj^,, __ _^ After the lengthy ordinance I* 6 fine st every, iiresemed. b«* was read; eouncilmeo com-! 111 bet-'It i* the longest? . mend those who had' compiled i Police! Chief J, S. Brown, in had M . *** - Cooper, said that he did .not feel that stolen bicycles pro-j were a "serious problem" in I dty. A great deal of tha i . e unsolicited bid tended to establ- er.vahie on the Und. . Freeport they might subjected to criticism If they accepted less than the highest amount bid on the tract. The .city upped th»Ir price Monday to $1101 per acre, or a total of $7134.50 Freeport may still have a .V f own ership in this About half of it lies in the former channel of the river, before it was dammed .•City Attorney Wayne bolder told the council that the US government had pa,-^- •. •.„' ri « hte4 to'this land, and probably the best the city con H receive from the Navigation Dis- -.vould be He said that it would likely **'# '"•""Sress for acquire a clear title. tion—two bond. projects th have not as yet beefl release for construction. Both have .been awalHag choice of site.' A tenttuv sketch of. the library Bulldini had been submitted by Arch itect Earl Knight, mirth* fira. zosport Library Assuctaiiori had asked to be t'ven an opportunity to examine tht planV and make recommendations •• That was several months ago Commissioner C. M. ilelpin- still pointed out, and the library group has hot y«t turned m a report of their findings. Commissioners agreed 'that it was about time that they took jp the project again, pfbcted- ng without the report, from the library group. Helpinstil] suggested .that'the Board ask 'or tentative drawing' frotr other architects! WATERWpRKij — Ouribar and Dicksoh 'reported 'that plans for the city water system n the Slaughter Hoid could area largely complete, and be ready for conitruc- trict for .this portion a quit claim deed. e However, Board me'.nbeis «ed, the purchase will at least give the city control'hver ? »*SS*i l - es; .^ the dead >nd, the bait camp now there. ~ ' Jhe fullTnembersWp of the ( before commenting further ••- ••> " i ,K ^"fw ^ remarked esa-Ker •' that the .ordinance "may not be brought up the matter of and lauded the principles . which it is based.iThey "all agreed,- however, t.hfat in its present form, the ordinance is as Councilman Bob Barrel! nut t, "very complicated," City Attorney Frank Stevens explained to Afcott at somej lions of the ordinance, calling!J. L. Lee of its pres-1 pro-am to promote safer use cc . «a» ; ' _ Wom * n To Meet lon soon after the city . ited a site for a water well. BU1LDING-J. o. Uickson, ngmeer who Is under contact o draw up a city building cudej dvised Mrs. Frances Land*- orough, chairman of the Plan. ling Board, that he had recent onferences coricernirij tht outhern Building Code, wiSicft he city may adopt. Dickson said in his letter to Mrs. Landsborougn that .he is convinced that the rtviied Southern Building code. If enforced, would result in f »t« structures within th* city • He invited the planner* and the Board of ' Commissioner* to attend a final conferehc* ea thw code., After that, he :«JW, he the •j program ation will me«t in the club's Case Papers PSpers on the recent they ,_ would not of About 20 B, called police Monay afternoon to report that a icycle had been in her yard or about two days. She asked iflllce to pick the bicycle UD as might be stolen. After a call from a Frceport emce station employee Monay morning, police arrested a nan who was charged with in- oxlcation and jailed. A disturbance was reported : the Singleton Docks at noon londay. Officers found that ugene Tucker, reported to be ausing the disturbance, hsd one when they arrived. A arrant for Tucker's arrest on charge of disturbing the eace was issued by City Judge ". C. Hardman. Tucker had >t been located Tuesday morn- i 8- United f und PASTOR SAYSUilS GIVING WITH A HE ART By HEV. A. WAYHE JONES , ^ „ West Columbia * t " 1 "* ——. Lake Corporation Court to — County Court at Angleton, on an appeal of assault and battery. A hearing date for. the case has not been set as yet in County Court but an appeal bond has been posted by Lee's attorneys. Lee had been Jound guilty of the charge in a Lake Jackson Corporation Court jury ago --_ I-V.«.MW>« VUUIl tnal about two weeks be brought Sun Data Sets today 6:01 pjn. Hises Wednesday 8:18 a.m. -Sets Wednesday 8 pjn. Ice, usual follpwm,, the meeting: Mrs. Bill Calloway.'Mrs. Al Shorkey and Mrs. George Lunsford are the nominating committee for.tha of- ficerg to- be oroposed »t »hat time. Brazoria County Deputy Commended By FBI Chief would, make _ ,;j dn »« it ^••*>'!••*»»•=; ^HVUBTO But ! dln « Code/and turn .t ovefr to the.'Planning Board.' the* in * turn, would recommend .it to the Board of Commissioners for adoption. ' . "• GARBAGE—Th«;Board turned down the request of D. -V. Simpson, • who contracts "thi garbage pickup for a number of homes in the Lake Barbara «ea, to use the city dump for The Board agreed that they could not allow a private con^ tractor to.use this dty -luroo It would amount to an imtesk tion on the Freeport Sulphur Company, which ii no* Donating the dump site, they agreed. . : • ..., • ' STREETS-A request; frwft Bob Jordan and Bill M»ys4 to- pave the side street by the professional struetjirt -they are building on Highway! MS waa delayed until th*•-Spirt 'receives word from;the owner of the property on th* other side of the street. ;; CONSTRUCTION — A bill for repairs to the iiortft r"- water tank, including 1 ifti tering "Welcome- to : ~'"' ' ' 01 * part in apprehending _„ _ ^n_tauM»A iciiei 11 um [ _J_ Edgar Hoover, thanking him' ago. The letter said, in part, At Brazoria Hobby Is A Traffic-Stopper Br DOROTHY SMITH Facts NewswrUn Ever given much thought to .vhat you'd like to dp upon retirement? '•'. Seventy-three-year-old Lawrence Bason of Brsjioria hadn't, at least apt until that time came. little over year he just "tiddltd arouna,' trying to decide what to do. JSason'decided to g.u.v i^es. The three city lots about his home at 302 Wilson Street soon began to take on a different appearance onca his decision had been made, The lush green San Augustine grass was care- three years. fuUy removed in precise blocks oyment with;and given to neighbors who away. ™ S V e ^ 8rm w « wa «t*d to Plant lawns. ? hOUnd himse " Thea - not being the sort of hour * to whu e! fellow who does things by His doctor hud recommended he decide *>n a hobby some F->rt of activity to keep himself occupied. F< ' ' half measures, he began by purchasing 50 bushes from local nurseries, all of patented The roses were planted!at ttism". — formation. '" BECOME HIS HOtBY Rttir*m*nt Te Ctaat* Bwuty Let me take this opportunity to express, to you my appreciation for your alertness and cooperation. Your prompt action m this matter was responsible for the successful and expeditious arrest of these individuals within minutes of the holdup. I know that your associates must be very proud >i your tnacav- ors in this investigation. "All of a* in tne FBI are grateful for your assLstanca and "t we, ih return, can "bid you r- any possible way please do not hesitate to call on us." Hoover said hi felt Savell had played a "vital role" in apprehending the .-obbars rf the &WI Coast National Bank of Ajneda, SavcU was the first Person to spot the three, after ° Pick-lip order was radioed •aw«4 lawmen after the rib. was approved, as wt* monthly estimates on two sewer eon. racts and the city .hall. DRAINAGE — :. By the tune he had chased an additional 3$ rose bushes, one .could see a well- tended busty every any direction. Eason has had his rose garden over two years now, and he estimates that'he spends to per cent of his waking hours m the midst of. this beauty he has so successfully created. . K(* was one of the three w^wno captured the trio oi bam> robbers. by City Engineer .J, c. Denoting the main Bitches in the dty. According to a recent Aell-y idopted by the Board, whenever construction pn the north =ide requires the ujstallattoii af Drainage tile, the city Wili pay one-fourth of .the coat; prtoict- ed the adjacent private,owner Day one-fourth, ujg the Velasco Drainage District one-fl-" On Board Agenda The first plans for' tht new Lake Jackson elementary school are part of th« Board of Education meeting tonight at 8 pjn. in the high school activity room. •-' Also scheduled are various reports on school functions and ?SSSL?* «*»&***<»# a Postmasters Urge 'Write Today To Those Away' those . he say* with an impish grin, "'cause It^oeeat Nadir* that much perspiration. Most of the time is spent just LOOKING aanounctd. to

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