Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas on February 24, 1939 · Page 7
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Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas · Page 7

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 24, 1939
Page 7
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8HVEK PNEUMONIA HELD BE SEASONAL DISEASE; PREVAILS IN INTER AUSTIN, Feb. 28.—(SpU— "Pneumonia Is a seasonal disease In that its Incidence and mortality are much Increased during wet, cold weather," according to Dr. George W. Cox, state health officer. Last week 234 cases of , • pneumonia were reported to the stato health department. The disease Is most prevalent and serious In urban centers where contact with people Is most frequent. Pneumonia Is always dan- V gerous but It Is especially so to persons In a run-down condition. This accounts for the number of cases following illness fr'om some other disease. The germs that cause pneumonia are spread by careless coughers, sneezers, spltters and objects they thus Infect. The first symptoms are usually a severe chill and fever, a very sick feel- Ing, loss of appetite, rapid breath- Ing and a heavy sensation In the chest. Sometimes ' coughing brings up blood from the Inflamed lungs. Any of these symptoms should be the signal for going to bed at once and sending 0- for your family doctor. The rules and prevention of other respiratory diseases apply o pneumonia. These rules should ecome personal habits and not put on, or off at times of prevalence or absence of disease. Fer- sons should avoid careless cough- ers and sneezers even If It means rudeness. Wash your hands thoroughly before each meal. Keep your hands, pencils, money and such objects away from your mouth and nose. Get plenty of fresh air day and night. Exercise and eat in moderation and wear clothing suitable for the weather. Pneumonia ranks second as a cause of death In Texas. In 1038 Jf.132 persons died of this disease. It should be remembered /that contagious and Infectious diseases cannot be decreased or eliminated without the co-operation of the people and this means the people who are sick with contagious and Infectious diseases should be Isolated and visited as little as possible by relatives and friends. Lost Something?- Try a Dally Bun want Ad. MILK GOATS —the finest young milk goats we have ever raised—at price* you can pay. C. F. BRYAN, M. D. Telephone 180S. Office at Residence Exall Heights, Corslcana, Tex. Try us once for your Permanent wave or Manicure, In fact any line of beauty Work. We guarantee to please. Call 247 tor appointment, or come by 108 West Sixth avenue. NORRIS BEAUTY SHOPPIE R. R. OWEN. LAWYER Dally Sun Building General Practice Specializing In Land Title Work and Estates First Film Showing New Schools Club At Powell Tuesday POWELL, Feb. 33.—(Spl.)— Patron* of the Powell school enjoyed the first film shown, by a member school of the newly functioning Navarro County Audio-Visual Club on Tuesday evening at 7:30 o'clock. The picture ^vas "The Little Red Schoolhouse," featuring Frank Cogh- lln, Jr., with Dickie Moore, Ann Doran and Richard Carl*. Wednesday night the play went to Emhousc, and It will show at Rlchland Thursday night and at Blooming- QroVe on Friday night. "Romance of the Ltmberlost" Is booked for next week, opening Tuesday night at 7:30 at the Powell High School Auditorium. In addition to the feature " picture, there will be a Cubby Bear cartooon; "The Last Mall/' Admission Is lOc for children or grown-ups. Kerens First Grade Pupils on Train Ride KERENS, Feb. 23.— (IP)— Up'on completion of their latest project, Which was the making of a miniature train, the entire first grade of BB pupils were thrilled with a real train ride from Kerens to Powell Wednesday morning. Chaperoned by Mlsa Maxlne Owen, primary teacher, and Miss Velma Jearnes, primary supervisor, the party was met In Powell by one of the school busses, and returned Immediately to their class rooms for an -object lesson In drawing things observed on the trip and about the train. ' It was the first train ride for the majority of the youngsters, born in the era of the family automobile. Kerens Baptist In Attendance Campaign KERENS, Feb. 23 (SpU— Following the plan Of the Southern Baptist association which will be carried out In churches all over the south, the local Baptist church will Inaugurate 'a throe months "Prove Me" church attendance campaign on the first day of March to last through March, April and May. . The church roll has been divided into families, cards have been printed and each member of each family is asked to sign a card, signifying that unless providentially hindered he or she will attend each of the four Sunday services, Sunday school, preaching service, BTU and night services through the three month campaign. Balloon* Baffled Blvals. HALLANDALE, Fla., Feb. 32.— W)-r-Btrds bothered E. V. Lalm- quist's truck crops considerably. He set out reptile-shaped balloons as a scare crow. The birds came to Investigate the. balloons, pecked at them. "Boom," went the balloons and off frew the birds. Very few have come back, says Palmqulst. _ Editor Sent Regreto. BOISE, Idaho, Feb. 23.—</P)— Freedom of the press note: The editor of the Wall City Bulletin advised fellow editors "confining duties make It impossible to attend" a meeting of the Idaho Editorial association. The Wall City Bulletin is published by inmates of the Idaho penitentiary. Raybestos P-G When rellntag your brakes always ask for P-G. Any mechanic can get Raybestos P-G Brake Lining and they are the best HEIFNER BROS. GARAGE 112 West Fourth Avenue SAFETY PATROL IS FORMED IN POWELL DY HI SCHOOL BOYS WATCH - CLOCK - JEWELRY REPAIRING ALT WORK OPARANTKETl G. D. RHOADS, Jeweler POWELL, Feb. 23.—(SpU— The Powell Safety Patrol, a functional unit of the safety drive which is being made throughout Navarro county, has entered Its second week of activity at the Powell High School. Organized with the help of the Texas Highway Patrol, the group consists of high school and junior high school boys who are Interested In doing their part toward cutting down the county's traffic toll. Besides taking turns nt duty on the highway to see that no school child runs unnecessary risk In going to and from school, the patrol has formulated a set of rules that point toward lessened danger from traffic for the personnel of the school. The work being done by the boys of the Safety Patrol has aroused a great deal of enthusiastic comment In Powell, The members are: Mickey Bancroft, captain; Cecil Parker, Dubart Davis, Melvln Gilcrcaae, W. G. Clarkston, Elvlron Griffin, William E. Shelton, Kenneth Lee Ray, . Pete Hanks, Thomas Earl Mayfleld, Leon Aven, Daryl Wayne Tucker, Johnnie Braddock, Eugene Tucker, Jlmmla Burton, Loyd Wilson Kent, Roy Ray Johnston, Sonny Melton, Edgar Earl Johnston, Morris Holloway and Wil Ham McKinncy. _ Inquiry Pursued In Navy Plane Crashes PENSACOLA, Fla., Feb. 23.— <ffj —A naval air station board today pursued an inquiry Into the crash of eight fog-trapped training planes that killed two fliers. A second investigation Is to be conducted by a formal board of Inquiry named at Washington yesterday by Navy Secretary Swanson. Three Instructors, each accompanied by a passenger, and nine students were in the 12-plane squadron caught In a dense fog as they returned from a routine train- Ing flight Monday night. The Instructors and one student turned northward and landed safely. Two students were killed when their craft crashed. Six others parachuted to safety. Card of Thanks. We wish to take this method of thanking each and everyone of you for the kindness shown during the Illness and death of our father and grandfather, T. J. Scruggs. We also greatly appreciate the beautiful floral offerings. May God bless each of you is our prayer. Mr. and Mrs. 3. M. Scruggs and Family, Mr. and Mrs. W. H Scruggs and Family, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Scruggs and Family, Mr. and Mrs, G. H. Horn and Family. Handshake Was Costly. BOONEVILLE, Ind., Feb. 23.— (IP) —Russell Creamer, glad to see his old friend, Justice of the Peace Luther Cabbage, gave him a hearty handshake. It was so hearty Cabbage charged Creamer with assault. Creamer pleaded guilty and was fined $5. Members OF ALL CLUBS Ar» Invited to Inspect our flowers at all times. Let us help plan the decorations for your next meeting THE FLOWER MART Office Across from T. P. & L. Co Day Phone 418. Night Phone 797'or 88 After. 8:80 Announcement We wish to announce that C. A (Ernest) McBrlde Is now connectec with us. He Invites all -his friends and patrons to come by. HEROD RADIATOR AND ELECTRICAL Fourth and Main 9 Time to BUILD! REPAIR! REMODEL! f Consult Lyon-Gray Lumber Co. For Plans and Estimates! It's convenient and easy to have a home you can be proud to own —It's equally easier to repair and remodel the one you already own. Why not really enjoy life with a home that's convenient and comfortable? Lyon-Gray Lumber Company has plans for. every purpose, and you are cordially invited to discuss YOUR, housing problem with us at any time. ' The financing of home building or improvements is arranged for your convenience, so do * not delay! Telephone 17 Lyon-Gray LUMBER co, 315 Eft.t 7th Averse. Texas Today By OLEN W. CLEMENTS ' Associated Progs Staff. Texans are not proud of their soil weevils, In fact the weevil s not even mentioned In some circles of society, but the biggest cotton farmer In the state, It cornered, will admit shyly that he has a few In his cotton patch. The weevil, you know, Is not a let. It eats the squares and bolls >f the cotton plant and since 1893 has been a thorn In the side of the cotton farmer. In some regions, the farmer has given up hope of killing the weevils off and his adopted the practice of growing enough cotton for both 'armor and weevil. Other places, the farmer just plants his cotton and trys to beat the weevil to It. Anyhow, the weevil, which came up from Central America and Mexico In 1893, Is a fixture of the cotton patch—or at least t was a fixture of the cotton patch until M. W. Dye of Seattle came along. Now Mr. Dye Is no Pled Piper of Weevlland. Mr. Dye, on the other hand, laughingly refers to himself as an amateur botanist. Standing among the daffodils, bluebonncts and orchids of the National Flower Show at Houston the other day, Mr. Dye announced he might have something —something that might rid the South of boll weevils. "What," queried a bunch of reporters, "have you that might clean out these pesky weevils?" "Flower," said Mr. Dye with- Ing blushing, "a flower that eats meat." Then he showed them a dar- llngtonla, a carnivorous plant that grows In the mountains of Oregon. The reporters gasped. They were dumfounded when the dar- ltngtonla ate a piece of hamburger meat from Mr. Dye's hand. "I do not know," went on the amazing Mr. Dye," whether my plant will cat boll weevils. They eat earwigs In Oregon and I suppose they will eat weevils." The Incredible botanist then suggested that he sic his meat eating plant on a weevil. Now the people of Texas and even the chambers of commerce admit there are weevils here but nobody carries them around In their pockets, so the reporters suggested Mr. Dye go to a cotton patch and try out his plant. He announced he would, provided the farmers will let him experiment. No reports on his experiment are available, but If his meat eating plant likes weevils and can stomach them, so to speak, Mr. Dye may go down In history of the South with General Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and others. Then, too, there Is this possibility, If the darltngtonla will eat boll weevils. The darltngtonla Is a pretty flower, Its bloom Is a brilliant crimson, lavender and purple. With the right amount of publicity and ballyhoo, the darllng- tonla may be made to rival the orchid as a thing of beauty— something milady often wears In her hair. Then Texas farmers could gel rich catching boll weevils and selling them up north as food for the darllngtonla,—the fairest flower of them all. Hers and there department: Colonel Ike Ashburn, of Texas A. and M. College Is becoming mere skin and bones. He's down to around 325 pounds....T. A. Low, president of the First National Bank a,t Brenham Is a corking good cook....B. G. "Educated Roughneck" Matheny 'has ono of the oddest nicknames around the Splndletop oil field. The educated roughneck Is working oh his B. A. degree at the University of Texas. ...The strangest graveyard on the North American continent Is at Gtianjuato, Mexico, Part of the cemetery Is a catacomb which has several thousand skulls stacked at one end and gruesom skeletons dangling from the walls. A nurse at a Houston hospital carelessly tossed aside a $15,000 stick of radium the other day, It was found by a frantlo doctor 15 minutes later In the waste basket.... The Rev. J. W. E. Alrey, chaplain of the National Frontiersmen's Association, has a necklace made of human finger bones from the collection of Major Gordon W. Lllllo, the famed Pawnee Bill Nelson Eddy said In Houston that his recent marriage had not caused his fan mall from the fair sex to decline ....Little merchants In Texas are fighting tooth and nail for the fair trade bill. School News Of Interest From Currie District CURRIE, Feb .23.—(SpU—The Currle Citizenship Club held Its regular meeting Monday, February 20, and elected officers to supervise work to be done on the ball courts and track fields. Great Improvements were made last week by planting trees, Ehrubs and flowers on different parts of the school ground. A movement was made recently to organize a P.T.A. when several of the patrons and teachers met and discussed the organization. There will be a meeting held In the near future to complete the organization and the presence of all parents who are Interested would be appreciated. Everyone Is looking forward to the three-act comedy, "Aunt Samanthy Rules the Roost," which is to be presented at our school auditorium, Friday night, February 24, at 8 p. m. We are sure you will not be disappointed In this two and one-fourth hours of entertainment which promises plenty of good laughs. Mr. Davis and the band will furnish musical entertainment between acts. The admission will be ten and fifteen cents. DR. ANGIE SMITH ILL BE SPEAKER METHODIST BANQUET Dr. Angle Smith, pastor of the First Methodist church at Dallas, will be the speaker at the spring banquet meeting of the Brotherhood of the First Methodist church here, to be held In the educational building, Friday night, April 14. Dr. Smith, a brother of Bishop A. Frank Smith, and who like Bishop Smith, spent many of bli boyhood days as a resident of Corslcana, Is ono of the leading preachers In Southern Method- Ism. For the banquet the speaker will bo Introduced by Dr. P. E. Rlley, the pastor. The Invocation, will be given by Rev. R. O. Sory, the presiding elder; the banquet will be served by the women of the church; Dr. H. B.Love, W. B. Waddell and L. M. Morton will be In charge of the sale of tickets; W. P. McCammon will be In charge of the entertainments features of the banquet and Boyce Martin will preside. Use a Daily Sun Want Ad for aulok result*. Caught Cold? j^^ To relieve distress—rub hroat, chest, back wli VICKS W- VAPORUB USED BY 3 MOTHERS OUT OF 5 At K. Wolen* Open Question PENDING "reasonable pro*- pects of success," Cordell Hull will withhold Representative Ludlow's proposal of an international naval holiday. Now the question Is: "Could the League of Nations enforce a law forbidding people to work on holidays?" PEOPLE who require prescription medicines promptly can place full confidence In the Johnson Drug Co. Knowing as we do, the vital part played by necessary medicines, we cooperate to til* utmost—by delivering our medicines a» promptly fa our standards of accuracy will allow. I] FREE* FAST 'DELIVERY. like us cool comfort, the snug fit of Vitality's ultra- smart shoes for Spring! Open toes, cutouts, perforations arc strictly in the mode. Some fashions employ the use of stretchy leather. You'd not expect to find such ex- quisitc workmanship, stunning materials, and authentic fashions in shoes so modestly priced! »..Comc sec the new Vitalitys! Uiwffe (CENTER.) ^LitutU (ABOVE) Clever utt of alternating atrips This sophisticated tie feaniei on ramp. A shoe with symmetry anopenlaced Tamp treatment to flatter every foot! and tiny perfbradooa. Carey AAAAA to EEE Sizes 3 to H i (TOP RIGHT) (^kuilitu (TOP urn lattice effect forms ramp de- Ingenious contrast of plain and sign. Open-toe, open-shank, punched areas. 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