The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on June 4, 1969 · Page 9
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 9

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 4, 1969
Page 9
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It W«4n«td«y, Jun« 4, 1*49 WORLD ALMANAC FACTS Maintaining an aquarium is one of the most popular American hobbies. There are some 630 million tropical fish in the United States, or 10 times the number of dogs and cats, The World Almanac says. Favorite fish tank denizens are guppies, descendants of fish caught a century ago in Trinidad by the Rev. Robert John Lechmere Guppy. i 1 ,,p>yrif.-hi 5; l!i«, i"r Km-riir-ltd- Assn. Snake Charmers Dwindling KARACHI, Pakistan (APj The charm appears to have gonu out of snaku charming. Ulil-timL-rs say there was a tifnu when you couldn't leave a hotel in Karachi without running into a performing cobra. Now it has become difficult to make a hard rupee at the age- old custom, Many snake charmers take another job during the week and bring their snakes out only on Sundays when more tourists and foreign residents arc around. A check one week day morning showed only one snake charmer on the job. Mohammed Hashem, 28, has been in the snake-charming business since he was a small boy. "J learned the trade from my father and he from his father," he said in a sidewalk interview. As he spoke he and his two assistants lifted the tops off some round boxes and out popped the cobras—black, evil-looking critters with yellow, unblinking eyes. Mohammed set up a tune on his snake-charming instrument, a sort of blown-out clarinet called a been. Its high-pitched wail sounds as old'as the subcontinent. The cobras seemed upset at having their snoo/e interrupted and lunged at Mohammed who merely gave them a clout with his been and went on playing. Mohammed said he caught the snakes himself in the nearby deserts of Sind or the mountains beyond Karachi. "It's very difficult catching them. I've been bitten twice, but managed to recover," he said. The bite of a full-grown cobra is usually fatal, although the snake charmers have Iheir own traditional herb medicines they use as antedotes. Snake charmers usually remove the poison sacs from the jaws of the cobras, which probably accounted for Mohammed's casual attitude to his reptiles. Mohammed's assistants, Mol- laa Bashkh, 13, and Babu, 15, share with hi/n average takings of 15 to 20 rupees—H to ?4—a day. "1 don't know whether rny son will follow me as a snake charmer," said Mohammed. "He wants to be a pilot." FIRST TENANTS JOHANNESBURG, South Africa {AP) — Edward Swart, a foreman on the construction site of the highest building in Africa, now has two extra charges to watch over. Swart discovered a pigeon nest in the completed 45fc-fool central tower of Johannesburg's new Standard Bank building, right inside a slot in which workmen were about to fit an M-ton floor section. Ilehad himself lowered to move the nest to andther slot further down, only to repeat the tricky rescue operation ss work proceeded from the top of the tower downwards. Finally he made the two baby pigeons a home in the tower's storeroom, where he guards them and feeds them with seed. "I keep 20 pigeons at home and I've got what you call a soft spot for them," Swart explained. Rockefeller Gives $50,000 to Church NEW YOKK (AP) — Gov Nelson A. Rockefeller of New York has donated $50,000 to the citizenship education program of the United Church of Christ The program trains Negro leaders in the South to help members of their race exercise • their legal rights. The donation was announced Sunday by the Rev. Howard E. Spragg, executive vice president of the United Church Board for Homeland Ministries. i Q k/1 a.* 2E O Q (A o O NICSH PtOOUCE IS YOURS AT LYOWS YOUR RtST VrSJT WILL PROVE IT! YOUR CHOICE EACH LYONS --BEST PLACE- FOR BEST BUYS - ON BEST MEATS J KWIK CHICKEN FRIED STEAK 2oo,.p kg . 89c TASTE-O-SEA FRENCH FRIED SHRIMP PATTIES, 75c TASTE-O-SiA FRENCH FRIED PERCH L , 69c TASTE-O-SEA FRENCH FRIED FLOUNDER , 85c TASTE-O-SEA CRAB CAKES , 99c TASTE-O-SEA FRENCH FRIED FISHCAKES ,69c U.S.D.A. INSPECTED BEEF ROUND STEAK Lb. 95 U.S.D.A. INSPECTED BEEF TENDERIZED ROUND STEAK rs T U.S.D.A. INSPECTED BEEF RUMP ROAST , 89c U.S.D.A. INSPECTED 8EEF PIKES PEAK ROAST U.S.D.A. INSP BEEF .LB. U.S.D.A. INSPECTED FRESH GROUND .18. 95c 69c RATH BLACKHAWK SLICED BACON Lb. 69 U.S.D.A. INSPECTED HAMBURGER PATTIES ,79c U.S.D.A. INSPECTED BEEF SHORT RIBS L , 49c ARMOUR'S "STAR BACON ARMOUR'S "STAR" MIRACURE SLICED HORMEL'S DAIRY BRAND SLICED BACON ARMOUR'S "STAR" FRANKS FRESH CALF LIVER .Lb. . 12 Oi. Pkg. Skinless Lb. 85c 49c 59c Coca-Cola Ashcroft's Cheese Buffer Flake Rolls ^g. 49c 39c Ashcrafr's 8" Lemon Pies *** ». 59c Blue Plate Mayonnaise £ 49c Borden's Orange Drink Super or Regular Tampons Liquid Metrecal 5 I !.33 Pkg. Box 40's 8-Oz. Cans Renzit Refills Gurf Salt KoolPops 20.49* Libby's Low-CoJ Peaches 2 c 3 : 3 , 49* Zest Bath Soap 2 !£ 43* •Off' Insect Repellent s 5P °', c .. 69* BORDEN'S LITE LINE MlIK (99% Fat Free] BORDEN'S LiTE LINE Cottage Cheese LOW . 72 Gal. Ctn. Fa* , 16 Oi. Ctn. 2V C Ajax Detergent Gi.^0,,69* Faultless Spray Starch 2 c°'59* Ken-L-Rotion Dog Food 6 c R .° n9 ; 99* Paoer Plates -"s 59* KRAFT'S VELVEETA CHEESE 2 99 BARKER'S MEDIUM Doz. EGGS GOLD MEDAL Limit One Bag With $2.50 Purchase Or Moro LOUR 5 LB. BAG WALDORF TOILET ISSUE LIBBY'S FRUIT COCKTAIL 2^,49c GEISHA MANDARIN ORANGE SLICES 2^49c ROTEL TOMATOES AND GREEN CHILIES 4s 69c GREEN GIANT CREAM STYLE GOLDEN CORN 4^89c LIBBY'S CUT GREEN BEANS 5 Cans 00 GREEN GI^NT ALL GREEN ASPARAGUS SPEARS 15 Ox. Tall Can 59c DISCOUNT DRUGS JUST WONDERFUL HAIR SPRAY "• Gittette Foamy Shaving Cream 59 Tang*« Reg. 77c J)/C Dusting Powder 59c Cop-/-To»e LOtiOn 2 Oz Tube Calm — Powder Deodorant _R.,. ^ BORDEN'S MELLORINE 1/2 Gal. Ctn. 44 2 cans 29c can cans American Sardines Libby's Luncheon Meats "V;; 49c Savory Strawberry Preserves 2 £ 59c Downey's Honey Butter 2"^° sz 43c Heinz Choice HOz. Jar 29c Folger's Coffee Lipton's Instant Tea Nabisco Premium Crackers Nabisco Animal Cookies 67c 2 £„ T 3 Oz. Jar Vf C . Lb. Box 2/C /Boxes 23C Skinner's Macaroni or Spaghetti 0 L 7 Oz Boxes 00 LYONS FROZEN FOOD GARDEN PRIDE STRAWBERRIES 4 Libby's Lemonade ., Merico Butter-Me-Ncit Biscuits , 2 c °o' s 29c Treasure Isle Shrimp Pieces 4 6-Oz. Cans 55c Harvest Waffles , «*. B°» lOc Green Giant gr 3 '2£ $ 1°° — Also: Cream Style Corn & Sweet Peas — Specials Good Thursday-Wednesday JUNE 5-11 FOOD SERVICE LYONS GARDEN FRESH PRODUCE California No. 1 FRESH PEACHES TEXAS BRUCE PLUMS L8 35c NO. 1 CATJF. LONG WHITE POTATOES 8 LB. BAG NO. 1 FRESH TOMATOES WE OffCR CONVENIENT CHARGE ACCOUNTS FRESH HOME GROWN BEANS FRESH HOME GROWN YELLOW SQUASH u, 15c NO. I TEXAS YELLOW ONIONS 2 u*. 25c PAY YOUR UTILITY SILLS AT LYONS o X fl i O m O O C 70 O T

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