The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on June 2, 1952 · Page 6
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 6

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 2, 1952
Page 6
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PAGE* THE BAYTOWN SUN, MONDAY, JUNE 2, 195* Your Home — Color Photos Show Inside Human Body STANFORD, Calif., (U.P.) — A. new kind of "map" of the human body which shows the anatomy in color and in three dimsensions is now being published. Four columes on the nervous Jlv LOWELL LAMMEItS, AIA prevent exploitation by ignorant or material suppliers or any other S y s t e m have been prepared ar.d Vftcr a quiet period in the con- unscrupulous persons, society parties connected or interested in are being used with remarkable Etructioa industry it is apparent recognized the responsibility of the the work. He is bound by the resu it s by medical students at th«t b-uilding activity has already architect and so we have in our ethics of his profession to consider Stanford University. sorted uo again in the residential state statues a law calling for your interest as uppermost and Th con tain 238 transparent field The planning of the resi- architectural registration, "In ord- look to you solely for payment. colo _ pici - ures . when viewed denial structure as well as the e r to safeguard life, health, prop- Your interest will be best served through a ster eoscope, the pictures p-a-Mi'n" of any building is cover- erty and the public welfare, and to by the architect who has devoted appeead to have depth. The four cd bv the term architecture, which protect the public against the ir- years to special training for his books were five years in'prepara- J thu dictionary defines as- the art responsible practice of the profes- work and therefore is better quah- ford anatomy professor. Eventual- o^ sconce of" building sion of architecture. No person fled than the man with other in- tion by Dr. David L. Bassett, Stan" r ^ knov-icdee reauired for the shall practice architecture unless terests, obligations and training. } Bassefct intends to include every , no kno\..e<Jge :rcquir C J Ior c j e h fe * regis tered architect and From start to finish of a buildmg * t f th body in the set. i r °^ o r^ the architect . is th * Physicians who have seen the L7V*5£>oiriL has been recogniz- board of architectural examiners." owner's professional adviser and ncw color draw ings have called S -ronT Se time of the caveman The act further states, "Any per- representative, in drawing con- them remarka ble and predicted cd ,rom the time ottne caveman gon Q _ firm wnOr forra fcc or o; her tracts, complying with building the new .« at j as of anatomy" will on - direct compensation, shall engage codes and Hen laws, certifying revo i u tionize medical education. As civilization progresseo. more th _ plann5ng designing or sup- building charges, and seeing . training and a broader knowledge crvisln< ; the construction of build- throughout that the owner gets required of the architect. !rtor _ f » fae e _ ected or a i te red in what he pays for. Thwarts Term In Jail By Just Standing Stl Pebbles Make Home Through the years it became ap- "'«£ *£,<£ \v~or~for other"persons Architectural services are a KILLEN, Ala- (UJS)—U E. Gaut-parent that the man that was ulti- Hian \ hcmse i ves as architects, or small fraction of the total cost of ney and his family of eight live - mately in charge of the building ^^ural designers . . - shall a building. A good architect often in a self-constructed, seven-room had a responsibility not only to ^"'^dered as practicing the saves the owner a sum much house made of pebbles and rocks the owner of the building and it's ^of ess km of architecture in this larger than his fee, and your picked up from the ground. Gaut- occupants, but also the casual £ , h ^ bg reqti i rc d "to building, no matter how small or ney, his sons, his wife and inter- passer-by. The failure structurally * , with ' the provisions of this large, is a better investment if well ested neighbors built the house, of any portion of the building Comply with me provis o p i arme d and attractive in appear- They stacked the rocks around a would cause injury, loss of life and ^ • „-«„* once Only the trained architect wooden frame and filled in all air From the aoove it is apparent •** ~~ j - - .-- ^ has proven his can make it so. pearance and good arrangement worth to people in general for would cause material damage to many many years. Now lets con- the owner in the lowering of the «<ler his worth to you as a pros- building's value, as well as un- pectivc builder. pleasant reactions on the part of He plans your building to com- those using or viewing the build- Pletely .suit your needs. Ho con, suits with you in detail as to the When laws were constituted to room appointments. He carefully considers your budget and advises UTILITY H«.Ox8 t O <fr§H !-> LQv iltcxOlO F 1 n S T \ FLOOR tdDDtd MTCMEH 9*-Cn8^0 FxT* pro— i JV T :r Ko-l' <CU oB _4_ V :-U u\/ tr-< ($0 E x8K> no-nm Jjc-W-C oirion n.tifi Adults To JACKSONVILLE, *"£< hce here say they hav'e'^ with juvenile va ' parks. It's the OKLAHOMA CITY, UJ.E>—Jesus plants that giv- o¥icerX St Casas Perales, aged 19, saved him- selm a probable trip to. the peni- The average America ^ , tentiary by just stadmg still. man is 30 years 0 M i.^'" Perales was arrested for violat- children and earns MA ^ by failing to get a job and hanging according to the 19-sn 1 ing a two-year suspended sentence -= lilJ^li 950 Ce " around taverns. He was being transfered to county pail with another prisoner when the other man made a break for freedom. While deputies chased and captured the fugitive. Perales waited patiently in front of the courthouse until they returned. The judge decided not to revoke the sentence suspension. Second THE ADRIAN is a story and a half building without basement, Bacon Makes Bookmark WACO (U.K>—Fred Y. Osborne, Gateway to a Secure Home hut equipped with a centrally lo- . librarian at Baylor Univer- cated alcove for heating plant a acting ^r believe finger nail utility room for laundry and .tor- sg d ^ age. a shower bath on the fir ^ make bookmarks< so holes with cement. Home Service Designing, Planning, Building, Repairing, Remodeling. ises Across from Post Office In Old Baytown Dial 31417 you as to the possibility of securing what you desire within your By ROBERT F. LOFTTJS of the. nation's farm families live WASHINGTON, May 31 (IB—De- in quarters that do not meet the budget He has expert knowledge sp it e the biggest home building government-industry space stan- of building materials and con- boom In history there are almost dards. floor and rub bath on the second. There are three bedrooms, one on the first floor, which can l>e us«d as a study or den, and two on the second. One advantage of this plan is the fact that the first floor is self-sufficient and the second floor rooms can be finished off in the future. The galley-type kitchen has cabinets on opposite walls, with sink under the window, allowing ample dining space. There is a total of seven closets and attic storage. Exterior finish is planned to ne of wide siding and asphalt shin- he prepared a library exhibit of such articles he's found. It still hasn't gotten as bad at Baylor as at another Texas city, Osborne said. The librarian there found a slice of bacon between the leaves of a book. * Overall dimensions are 30 feet by 30 feet'Area is 860 square feet, while cubbage is 12,780. For further information about THE ADRIAN, write the Small House Planning Bureau, Bay- to\vn Sun. Fruitful Yeaj-s BESSEMER, Ala. OJ.E) — They claim only a record for happiness, but the ages of Mr. and Mrs. Killis Sellers total 186 and they have had 70 years of married bliss. Married on Sept. 15, 1881, he is now 95 and she is 91. The family has grown somewhat during that time and the Sellers have seven of their children living, plus 34 ' grandchildren and 62 great-grandchildren. lay, wil bgbtefd Bubba stari .st year': fotvcd to [ound nia iy- The 'tie ser ] A other feevP; 3 Birfiel Jr. ovc The Venetians of the 1400s are usually credited with, inventing the double-entry system of bookkeeping. For Positive Property Protection Anchor Fences Are BuRj to Withstand the Elemental FREE ESTIMATES 38 -MONTHS TO PAT Thad P. Feneloi PHONE 3-UQ9 100 GRESHAM fertoa 'I I movement of farm * centers. The \ by I I innrpa<;f>d offamilies I World War II is in- I Woria War U 1S creasing. 3. Builders have been, so busy g to fill ^ & demand for new Home Lumber Company Phone 8241 (Terminix Representative) 2 COAT 5YSTFM CLARKE FLOOR SANDERS FLOOR POLISHERS 3IALL SAWS HAND SANDERS DEVILBISS SPRAY PAINT GUNS li- there were in 1940. The Housing and Home Finance and specifica- Agency reports that 5 1-2 per cent tions and advises you also on the Q f a ^ non-farm dwellers, or about V legal requirements and the finan- g g million men, women and chil- ™°^ er ^ cial aspects of your building pro- d rerl( don't have enough elbow "' ™ ject. room, in their present homes. The He calls for and supervises the ] as t prewar 'census, in 1940, num- bidding for the contract- Both the bered 1 million persons in that owner and builder depend on com- category, slightly more than 7 per petitive bidding for fair prices, cent,of a smaller non-farm popu- and a fair competitive bidding de- lation. pends on complete plans and Tne agency and private industry iu 1U1 U1C UCillttiJU _ M1> _„ specifications drawn by an arctu- experts calculate that any house homes that they haven't had time • tect. is too crowded if it has to shelter to concen trate on home remodel- I After the letting of the contract an average of more than 1 1-2 ^g and expans i on . The recent lift- j the architect furnishes expert persons per room. - j n g o f credit restrictions on home * supervision of the construction, Thege figures have spa rked a repairs and improvements is ex^ J unbiased by commercial considera- nat j on _ w ide campaign by the Insu- pected to stimulate this type of I tion. He sees to, it that the qualify lation Board Institute, a trade as- work. ** of materials and workmanship go- soc i at j on o f 13 leading building ma- The United States Savings and ing into _the building meet the Aerials manufacturers, to sell home Loan League advises prospective specifications. ^ owners on the idea of expanding home buyers to include a provi- He receives a fee from you in their homes to provide more us- sion. for upkeep and mpderniza- proportion to the services he pro- abie living space. tion in planning their housing budg- vides and will gladly tell you be- institute officials estimate that ets. The league points out that as fore hand what his charges will a t i ea st 11 million homes through- a house grows older the cost of •be. He receives no additional com- ou t the country have attics that maintenance naturally goes up pensation front the contractor, C0 uld be converted cheaply into and the owner must plan on spend- good living quarters. In addition, ing an increasing sum for that hey say millions of homes have purpose each, year to protect his porches and basements where ex- investment. ra room can be added for living More than 300 prominent build- surposes at a minimum, of ex- ers from aE parts of the country pense. met here last week for the annual "Many families who bought spring meeting of the board of di- :iomes within the past 10 years now rectors of the National Association have outgrown them, and as a re- of Home Builders. The builders suit they either have to move out spent part of their visit button- or expand their houses," says holing their senators and congress- Charles M. Gray,, manager of the men on the subject of removing institute. Regulation X. the Federal Re"Too few are taking proper ad- serve Board regulation which fixes vantage of the space they: have, minimum down payments on new either because they can't, afford homes. it or because they think they can't In their closed meetings the afford it." - - NAHB directors • also discussed Latest official figures disclose plans for operations when and if that more than 3 per cent of the the reserve board relaxes those one-family, owner-occupied homes credit controls on housing costing in urban and non-farm country 512,000 or more, as it is expected areas, housing about 700,000 fami- to-do shortly. lies, are now too crowded for com- The builders take the position fort. That group is the principal that no governmental credit re- target of the IBI's "more space" strictions are needed on housing, campaign., " ^ since they have been removed About 8.3 per cent of the people from other consumer purchases, who live in rented housing lack But they prefer a, partial easing sufficient space and 10 per cent of Regulation X to nothing. K*)-* >-«»-« MB*? I I I I Please send me more information, without obligation, about g construction used in the 1 ___ house as pictured SMALL HOUSE PLANNING BUREAU Baytown Sun the plan features and the type of "MADE FOR 7&/S CLIMATE" U WANT TO RENT: Your Headquarters for Behr- Mannin? Abrasives RENTAL EQUIPMENT SERVICE 700 W. CLEVELAND AT BAYLESS PHONE 5895 \\'U/> The early settlers were forced to depend on forests to build their log cabins. You may depend on u?fo finance your modern, new home. Answer: The first Colonial Assembly was held at Jamestown, By REX CHANEY by the Internal Revenue Bureau. WASHINGTON, June 2 (IPV— The bureau was held that, for House members who voted xuiani- tax purposes, congressmen reside mously to cut their own federal both in Washington and in the dis- income taxes while doing nothing tricts they represent, UNLIKE for other taxpayers are spending NESSMEN WHO COME TO Wash a lot of time these days defending congressmen are not allowed to their action. charge off their" travel expenses In letters lo constituents, in in- to .and from the capital their lodg- sertions in the Congressional Rcc- '"OT, meals, tips, taxi fares, laun- ord and in talks with newsmen, &?- etc., as business expenses thev argue that what they did was McCormack s plan, ^nich had fair and just. Some have accused ^ aavance okay from Republicans reporters of being unfair and in- ^ well as Democrats, would put accurate in writing about the tax congressmen in tne same category cut plan for congressmen. « businessmen working away from One member Rep. A. S. Hcrlong home .even though a member of Jr. (D-Fla.>, told his constituents Confess may be m Washington in his weekly newsletter that what »r eight or ten months out of the the House did was courageous. He " said the news stones . and radio After fe House approved the Mc- commentaries of Washington news- Cormack amendment it then pro- men "are not accurate, and these critics know thev aren't accurate." salary -of P ass ' e appropriations J llj - ins measure is now in the Here's what the record shews: Senate where considerable support On May 15 the House was con- »r Inc McCormack ptar. has de> sidering the $62,390,000 appropria- ve lpped. tions bill for operations of the leg- Congr«smen now get oslative establishment during the f 12 ' 500 a y ear and a vear starting Julv- 1. free expense, account. While they House Democratic Leader John were «»»8 taxes of other tax- W.- McCormack of Massachusetts P^ers last year, they eliminated offered an amendment. It was *eir tax-free expense account as phrased in technical language-in .°. f ™*Z**n. 1 and made the en- such technical language, in fact, Ur e 515,000 taxable. that reporters were unable to tell ^ an y congressmen frankly admit from the reading of the amend- that the new business expense item, tnent what it would do. « approved by the Senate, would Before McCormack uttered a I^re ? a « offset ^ loss of the word of explanation to the House, $2,500 tax-free expense money. Rep. Christopher- C, McGrath (D- • N. Y.). speaking for the Appropria- ?™£ e ™ T i»^ -" tions comrnitlee. said the commit, ST. LOUIS (UD^Joe Mikecin tee had ho obiectiorx to the amend- has changed the name of his Unit- ment. Republicans nodded their as- «* Nations Bar her6 in compliance sent -• v?iih a, TJN dislike of cdmmercml Reporters were obliged to seek use of the title. WTikecin wrote U1ST out McCormack for an explanation, headquarters in Ne^ York that he He ?aid the purpose of the amend- was renaming his tavern the Whit* ment .was to remove a discrimina- Flag "in complete surrender" to tion against members of Congress the cause of peace. S'do ^ything. even v,hip UP a tasty dessert. LAWNDELL HOMES Where farsighted planning and construction have joined to pii Baytoxvn its finest residential development (No Down Payment To Veterans on the G.I.) Drive Out and See These Lovely 3 Bedrwn Homes Priced from $9600 to $10,000. and offering more space ami more attractive features thaamiE| new homes costing far rhore money. LANFNDELL is located in the big bend of Hxvy. 146 bctwe Pelly and East Texas Avenue. See 3tr. Plnnt, the .s in the office on Brianvood Drive any day until dark HOW IS THE TIME TO INSTALL A Kew! Different! Sensational New, different, sensational! Now is the time ot install this quality gas wall heater that discharges warm FORCED AIR at FLOOR LEVEL Come in today. Priced within the range of everyone. Ask for a demonstration. Distributed by Southern Furnace & Supply Co. Houston, Texas BAYTOWN DEALERS: Gas Appliance Co. 2500 Market - Phone €900 PLUMBING CO 1812 X- Main St- PR1-TECT-U JALOUSIES SOLVE HOME'S "GROWING PAINS" Thousands of homeowners with growing families, who find their present homes cramped and inadequate, are solving their "growing pains" problem with Pro-Tect-U Jalousie Windows. These families have converted waste spacer that is, open *r°rch or breezeway, into a completely . weatherproof year 'round room with Pro-Tect-U's. Not only is the initial cost on this type enclosure far loss than building an additional room, from a long-range standpoint Pro- Tect-U's "no maintenance" advantage adds Up to tremendous savings. Pro-Tect-ITs life-time aluminum frame cannot rust, rot or warp. There is nothing to repair or replace! An exclusive mechanism seals the Pro-Tect-lT glass vanes to hurricane-proof tightness, protecting your home from both weather and intruder. These vanes adjust to simutaneot:sly shut out rain, cold and drafts, and admit fresh controled breeze. Pro-Tect-lTs come in a large selection of stock sizes. They may be purchased on easy F.H.A. terms, FOR A FREE ESTIMATE. CALL IQQGresham * Dial 3- 1 409 with MODERNIZATION LOAN NO DOWN PAYMENT, 36 MONTH

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