Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on December 4, 1967 · Page 13
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 13

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1967
Page 13
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SUtllflN . 4, Dem© Conference Backs McCarthy CHICAGO f At»> — Ren Eu- _ to instill faith In our govern-' gene J. McCarthy has gained 1 mcnt " the support of the Conference of | McCarthy announced Thurs- Coftcerned Democrats in his bid i day he would be a candidate In to wrest, the Democratic presi-, four and possibly more state flefitial nomination from Presi-1 presidential primaries. During a deftl Johnson oonfprptire session Saturday he fielweett 450 and 500 persons said he will lake part in the from 42 stales closed a luo-day Massachusetts primary. Conference Sunday by shouting 1 The primaries named Thurs- theif endorsement of McCarthy day were those in Wisconsin, for the 1968 nomination and Nebraska, Oregon and Califor- unanimously approving a reso- ( nia. jution praising the Minnesota j In an addres to the organza- lawmaker's "dynamic leader ! ion Saturday, McCarthy as- ship." sailed the Johnson leadership Doctor Says Transplant No Surprise The conference was aimed at for delivering a "mesage of ap- finding an alternative to Presi- prehension, a message of fear" dettt Johnson's Vietnam policy.. on the war in Vietnam. The resolution favoring Mc-| He was asked by a delegate Carthy said in part: "McCarthy what relationship his campaign Is a statesman who possesses had with the activities of Sen- the qualities of courage, leader- .Robert F. Kennedy, D-N.Y. ship, humility and vision needed McCarthy replied: There's no conspiracy, collusion or common plan between us. What he will do is up to him. Somebody ! had to make the test and now i that we've made it we are going ' (o pursue il." Gerald Hill, a conference chairman and president of the California Democratic Council, HOUSTON- (AP) — The man 1 expresed the belief that the '•who led in the development of, conference's stand on Johnson the artificial heart pump, Dr. | and McCarthy represented a Michael DeBakey, said Sunday; majority view of the American that the transplant of a human j people, heart by physicians in Cape j mil introduced the resolution Town, South Africa, was no sur-1 endorsing McCarthy. It was sec- to Ydu, 8UCKY... HOME IN A OF HOURS*. ft&tet tHAt SYStEM SHOULDN't 6IVE AMY MORE TROUBLE/ and me find our tntttpui ttttte ttcHtbte Ruckus, dtt att 27 Hurt as Cable Car Runs Wild in California Winds Whip Rains Across Northwest Sell These Unwanted Items }M The Bulletin Classifieds SAN FRANCISCO fAP) — Francisco. i which bounced off others as its O/-MX * IV.VMV joov/ \i\i ) — •• j "••v-.w'-v. i » J With passengers screaming in I The six-ton Hyde Street cable [ gas tank ruptured. * . . f • f „ ..._,. u :,i__l !*>._«*JnfiJr<lltm "A Klrt t'Mrtrt ( f\t ( prise to the medical community. He said the transplant "certainly would be a great achievement if they'll be able to over onded by Karl Anderssen of Eau Claire, Wis., Leonard Robins of St. Louis Park, Minn,, and Theodore Wise of New York come the rejection," referring to I city. the tendency of the body to re- Before the statement of posi- ject a transplanted organ. The South African doctors said Sunday a 55-year-old businessman dying of a fibrosed tdon was voted upon, Zolton Ferency, who resigned as state Democratic chairman of Michigan in protest of Prssident heart was in satisfactory condi-1 Johnson's Vietnam policy, ad- tion after receiving the heart of a 25-year-old woman fatally injured in an auto accident. ','The technical part of the op- dressed the group. He backed McCarthy but. also told the delegates that "there is still time with McCarthy or eration is established," said De- j some other candidate next Bakey, professor of surgery at year" to achieve victory. Baylor University College of i The state delegations included Medicine in Houston. The South Atrican had been kept alive prior to the transplant Democrats holding positions on the local level. The only national lawmaker besides McCarthy terror, a cable car ran wild down one of San Francisco's steepest hills Sunday night, ramming a car which exploded into flames and crashed into nine others. Ambulances look 27 persons, most of them from the cable car, to hospitals with burns and bruises. Critically burned was James Van Baalen, 30, of San car. Hearing Ihp end of its two- mile run from Powell and Market streets In a heavy downpour, rolled onto the steep grade and went forward out of control on rain-slick tracks. According to passengers, the cable car careened for a block and a half down Hyde. Some passengers jumped off. At Bay Street the car rammed an auto CHAFF CONFUSES RADAR Move by Pen f agon Aimed At Checking Air Losses JVCLJl' CH1VC kJ"l *Wi V\J Irttv* »•» "«.i«J j*»«" v j —..— .by heart-assisting pumps. De- j who took part in the conference 'Bakey said he did not know if j was Rep. Don Edwards of Cah- the pumps used at the Groote • fornia, former national chair- Schuur Hospital in Cape Town | man of the Americans for Dem•were similar to the one which he developed in Houston. ocratic Action. Some campus groups were represented. Death Tab Reaches 25 Over Weekend •§?• S&V !&? ' ?;» %*?.* ys By. THE ASSOCIATD PRSS "• At least 25 persons died violently in Texas during the weekend. : The toll included 11 deaths in traffic, eight homicides and half # dozen fatalities from other causes, ft was recorded between 6 ,p.m. Friday and midnight Sunday. 1 "These were among the victims: ^" Edward Jackson. 62, died Sunday In a fal down an elevator shaft at the Dallas Sportswear Co, A sand buggy rammed into a wall of a caliche pit Sunday sear Kermil and killed Howard Pilkington, 22. Two other men , In the vehicle were injured. Jose A. Herrera, 30, of Plainview was killed early Sunday .vrhen his car ran off U.S. 87 t jie^r Abernathy, '•> Gunfire killed Mabel J. Moore, ,35, and woundetj two men slight|y at a Dallas residence Sunday ijjght in what police described ras an argument over a card j game. They held one man and sought another for questioning. | James E. Jackson, 72, per- I ished as fire swept through a house on Fort Worth's east side Sunday. i A shotgun charge killed Jim Clark, 35, of Shrevepprt, La., while he was competing in a gar spearfishing contest at Caddo Lake near Marshall in East Texas. Officers said a duck hunter apparently mistook Clark for an alligator as he surfaced near a stump. Army Pvt. Carol A. Hahn, 19, of Spokane, Wash., died Sunday i ef injuries suffered the night before when a car struck her in a San Antonio street. She was stationed at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio. Kenneth Bell, 38, was shot and killed early Sunday at a West Fort Worth residence, By BOB HORTON WASHINGTON (AP) - The Pentagon is buying huge quantities of tinsel-like "countermeasure chaff" to throw a blizzard of confusing images into radars guiding North Vietnam's antiaircraft guns. The move reflects efforts to curb U.S. aircraft losses In the war, now totaling 758 over North Vietnam in _less than three years of operation. The'chaff, made up of thread- I sized strips of aluminum-coated ' fiberglass, is fired in puffs by American pilots approaching bombing target areas. The puffs reflect enemy radar signals and create blips on radar screens just like planes, confusing anti-aircraft crews. "It's like someone r.olling a bunch of coconuts down a hill toward you with a hand grenade somewhere among them," a Navy officer explained. In the past few days the Navy has ordered more than $1 million in chaff canisters, equaling Us total purchases for the fiscal year ending last June 30. The Pentagon said the Navy will order an additional 3 million more by next summer. The Air Force is more than Quadrupling its use of chaff. Officials said they expect to buy cal 1967's 1.4 million. Both services will get fresh supplies of chaff over the next few months as the United States prepares for intensified bomb- Ing during the good weather months beginning in North Vietnam about March. The use of chaff to foil enemy detection gear goes back to World War II. The tactic has assumed increased importance as the Pentagon seeks to counter North Vietnam's unprecedented air defenses. Blue and silver in color, the chaff now in use resembles the shiny icicles used to decorate some Christmas trees. The aluminum coating is less than 1-l.OOOth of an inch thick, giving the chaff an almost weightless quality which allows it to drift for minutes, prolonging the period of camouflage for U.S. planes. Chaff is produced by running fiberglass threads through melted aluminum. During World War II the strips were solid aluminum which meant they were not only heavier, and therefore less effective but also more costly. "The British like silver for theirs, which is really expensive," one military man said. "In fact we regard it as silly. Use the Classified Ads ^I r^' •i'r WE ARE PLEASED TO THE ADDITION OF THE HARTFORD COMPANIES TO OUR GROUP 'OF OTWIR FJNI r.-^i?., feS4s 6.44 million worth, up from fis- • Our chaff is just as effective."' "A big sheet of flame hit the cable car." said Jim Kosek, 22, of Clarendon Hills, 111. Kosek, just returned from serving in Vietnam, said the cable car seemed to have "lost its brakes." Several persons were injured in the autos that were hit after the initial impact. Another cable car passenger, Lorena Matson, 29, of San Francisco, said: "As the cable car started down the steep hill toward Bay Street, the driver said, 'oh, oh, it looks like we're gonna lose our cable.' "We thought he was just kidding the tourists and we laughed. Then we just kept going. Some people jumped off, screaming. There was a white car at Bay Street. Then things were falling. There was fire." The cable car continued for another block and stopped at North Point Street, its front windshield and the ancient woodwork on the right side smashed. But the steelwork in front appeared intact. Officer Frank Coombs said he believed the cable car had lost the grip on the sub-pavement cable that pulls the cars up the hills of the city. Police said the cable car grip- man, Arthur Coats, and the conductor-brakeman, Lou Abels, were not injured. The car is moved by an underground cable coursing along a slot between the tracks at nine miles an hour. The gripman operates a steel grip which extends down into the slot and grasps the moving cable. Four devices can be used by the gripman and conductor to slow or stop the cable car. A wheel brake clamps a metal show down on the front wheel truck. Two 20-inch-long wood blocks press down on the two rails by a lever operated from the rear. An emergency brake drives a guillotine-like piece of metal down into the cable slot. Or the cable itself is used by the gripman to keep the car from gaining too much speed. Cause of the cable car failure was under investigation. the Nation's Wcatlief i the West Coast to the San Fraft- fey fMfc ASSOCfAtfcfil PftfeSS cisco Bay area and into Netf ftain whipped by blustery; Mexico. Clear skies were the winds sent up travel and gale' rule for the rest of the nation, warnings in the Far Northwest i Early morning tempera tires today, while a storm that j ranged from 4 at Rock Springs, dumped heavy raift and snow ', Wyq, to 70 at Key West, Fla. along the Northeastern seaboard '~ " moved out to sea. The storm in the Northwest carried snow into the mountains. Travelers warnings were posted for the Northern Sierra Nevadas and gale warnings flew along the North Pacific Coast. Al though the storm In the Northeast moved offshofe, It sent a backlash of cold alf far southward. A freezing cblll spread through most of the South early today, and frost was scattered from Texas to extreme Northwestern Florida. , High seas at Portsmouth. Va..! sent an anchored merchant ship! slamming into the Chesapeake Bay bridge-tunnel Sunday night, causing extensive damage to; part of the 17-mile-long structure. A tornado Sunday ripped through a home on the outskirts LIKE NEW! THE FABRIC MART'S MONDAY AND TUESDAY, DECEMBER 4th AND 5th F | AT u R | NG NA M|. BRAND NATIONALLY KNOWN AND ADVERTISED FABRICS AT COMPETITIVE PRICES , . , WHERE YOU BUY THE BEST FOR LESS, TO 4 YARD LENGTHS Remnants Vz PRICE Goley t Lord TARPOQN 100% ConibeiJ Cpttoj!i Scotehesrd Stein Repellent finish- IA plaid and solid col* . or* 45 liwhe* w!4e> Reiwlar , SI ,79 yd. BONDED KNITS 100% 14,98 R«wle4 with Regular $3,98 , 5S *»4 £| Ribbed KniU, )00% Cotton, U>rge iolid telon. 54 in«ne» widt « of Impftrted — *fr- 5 • IV Andrew S. Hallldle^ invented O f Morehead City, on the North "" ' '""" " Carolina coast, hut both its occupants escaped injury. Rain and showers spread down . the cars. They have been run ning In San Francisco since 1873. Complete Body Slt-uiffhteiitng & Painting iiOLLEY CttfiVKOLET Ft. Worth Hwy. Ph. b4»-660l 4 HOURS TUESDAY Bring this coupon and $1.00 to our store and you will receive both knives; you will save $2.00. They have been advertised on TV and radio for $3.00. So clip this coupon now. 1000 USES-SAW A NAIl IN TWO-THIN SLICE A TOMATO-MEAT SAW- CUTS RIGHT THRU THE BONE-PAYS ITS WAY HRU SAVINGS-ELIMINATES WASTE IN SLICING FROZEN FOODS, BRICK ICE CREAM, ETC A FISHERMAN'S DELIGHT. "THE SECRET IS IN THE MIRACLE EDGE." LIFETIME STAINLESS STEEL Miracle Edge Ma S ic Peeler This Coupon And Self Sharpening Stalnlest Steal, Safety Grip Handles-Will Not Break, Crack or Chip. MAKES A WONDERFUL GIFT Hat Instruction Card World'j Most Ver»atile Knife . . . Peels, Shreds, Dices, Trims, Pares, Grates, Spreads, Scales, Peels Up ond down. BUY NOW FOR GIFTS LIMIT: 3 SETS TO COUPON AD TO For a Set of 2 KNIVES Supply Is limiledj IDEAL FOR Chefs Fishermen Housewives Butchers Sportsmen Poultrymon Hunters, Etc. Camper* THIS REN FRO REXALL DRUGS • •*-•-.. .- 201 Center, Brownwood, Texas I I I I I CERTIFICATE I I I I • • • • I • • • • 4 HOURS TUESDAY 11 A.M. TO. 3 P.M. ONLY! Bring this certificate and $3.71 and receive a LADIES' Sterling Silver or 10-kt. Gold Filled Ring, with a Vs-kt, size IMITATION KIMBERLY DIAMOND REPRODUCTION. SPARKLING, FLASHING WITH RAINBOW FIRE! If set in genuine diamonds these rings would cost $100 to $200. Compare, see if you can tell the difference. Also available: YELLOW MOUNTINGS 10 kt. GOLD FILLED MATCHING WEDDING SETS in Miracle Mountings—Clusters—Cocktail Rings Boys' Rings — Girls' Rings — Men's Rings-$3.71-$9.95. • No Mail Orders - All Sales Final • Illustrations Shown for Comparison * Free Gift Boxes • No Fed, Tax RENFRO'S REXALL DRUG »WJ 201 CENTER LARGE SELECTION 1, 2 AND 3 KT. WHITE SPINELS IN STERLING SILVER MOUNTINGS PRICED SPECIALl m?*A 11 A.M. to 3 P.M, CUP THIS AD No Mail Qrderi AH Selei final 4 HOURS TUESDAY W, DEC, 5 ONLY t BRAND NEW * PRECISION MADE t GENUINE IMPORTED SWISS MEN'S SWISS WATCHES Complete with Metehjng Wlih «TKII Compare,with any Wrist Watch Selling FOB STYU, 8JAUTY ... _...,.__,._ full (2) Ytsr Written Mfg. §war«ni§e* Den't AU$i the Sieetest Wrist Welsh Self -''*• ^ 'Wi Hsvf Ihftr'Hfldl « k-rfi with

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