The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 25, 1930 · Page 8
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 8

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 25, 1930
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT v./ i NOT LISTED Man Sentenced for Life This County Received No JMention. WIRE THIEF PAROLED ; According- to dispatches, the case of Elmer Hoover, sentenced from this county for life, on !iis plea of guilty to a charge of rape of an eleven-year-old girl, -was ^ot taken sip; by the board of fardons at the Michigan C prison, althou! of Noulesville ty h Judge .1. F. N«}al said to halve presented a petition. The petition asked for .the release of the mJin on parole and was signed by practically all of the court officials and a large number of influential men of 'Hamilton and Tiptijm counties. Judge C; W. Mount who sentenced Hoovej; in] March. Ifl2i - when asked two years ago sign a petition for a parole fir Hoover refused to do so but stated he would sign one for a con mutation of sentence from five to 21 years and recommend tie • release of Hoover at the end of the five years. In a conversatiq with a Tribune reporter Thur day Judge Mount stated now that the man had served five years 1 e had signed the petition for h|s parole. . One of the men paroled 1: the board Is .Tanses Hickman, who was sentenced for . .stealing copper wire from a line car the Union Traction Company. H was .sentenced from the Howard Circuit conn, last September an a/brother-in-law, Floyd Jumpe ^-Avas sentenced at the same tin and is serving a term at the r formatc;-y at Pind'e -vn. The men testified the wire w;i sold to Tedam Purvis, former Sharpsville junk dealer. wh was charged with receiving stolen goods but has never been brought to trial. Hickman is tl € father of five small children arjd the wife and children made tl; trip from Ivokomo ^to Michigan Ciiy to appear before the board and ask' for the release of the| husband and father. Since Hie man has been in the peniteiitia: Ae family bas been kept by tlfe trustee of Howard township. Man May Die. Lebanon. Ind., April 25—Jo C. Renn; 35 years old, of Cheifi- dan, is in a critical condition the .William hospital here, v/he he Was taken following an an on ,on state road No. 32 early yesterday. He suffered internal injuries when his auto was collision with a car said to ha "been driven by Preston . Roberjts of In galls. Physicians said Renn has only a small .chance for i|e covery. He is a salesman for t International pany.' Harvester Com- Use Tribune classified ads. A. A. Bridge Dentist •Tipton, Indiana. MAX IS KITXER. Hiishniid Shoots Wife, Self After j t . . Quarrel at Kansas Home. _ • i Caney, Kas., Apilr25.- jlO'Bryaht, .64 years old, a man, shot and killed his Mrsi Eva O'Bryant in Elisha blind wife, 55; and then commitjted suicide here yesterday. They had Quarreled. O'Bryant fired as his wife as.she.entered the door ofj their home and later shot himselfL ' ' •. I . . ' • ' ' KHiliKD IXlltAM, GAME. Oklahoma Youth Dies of Blow on t '! Head Ff-om Bat. -' I McAlester, Okla., April 25.— Sand lot baseball wascharged with a fatality here yesterday; Gerald I!G years- old, was killed by dental blow on the head bat swung by his cousin. Cook, 16. Cock, an i ; aceij Jroim a George Prison Board Flays i Lax Judges and Prosecutors • .at Hearing. 11111 \ 11 BARREttj JiAW Amended Rata) DecUtrd Void by • . Hnmmonri I Judge. mmj. KOKOMO CASE CITED Michigan' City, Ind., April 25. —rHeapirig criticism upon, Circuit court judges, and at times turn-j would have exacted a higher pen : in'g l\s ire on prosecuting attor-lalty and highejj- assessment, total- Hammond, Ind.,! April:. 25.—A decision, of great' -importance . to city taxpayers in Indiana was handed down yesterday, by ..Judge Clyde Cleveland in the Lake superior court when he held- that the newly amended Barrett; law was void "and inoperative. The case was Soltesz vs. Heckler, Hammond city. treasurer. Soltesz attacked the newl amended Barrett law, claiming that [under the old law, which provided a.If) per cent penalty and 6 per! cent interest, which was in effect at the time improvements were made by the' city of Hammond, he was hot subject to. the new provisions, which HUES MCEO 'I 'i ! Young Briton Tells of Gandhi's 'Battle of SaH' New Levies Proposed as a Means of Removing Load on Property. COMMITTEE ADJOURNS nsys, the Indiana state prison •ling'about'30 per cent. THIEF ADDS TO TROUBLE j pardon board yesterday and last p Judge Cleveland S held that the j night waded slowly through 1251 new law was void and inoperative clemency petitions, granting but as against property. owners few paroles, chargeable with; ; improvement - While" men, women and \ chil- taxes on all improvements" that dren literally clamored at the had been started prior" to March great bars of the prison for ad-'l^ 1929, the date the new law mission to plead the cause ofi wen into effect, their relatives, the board wrangled an'd condemned, as it sought, i meritorious cases so it might re- i . , ! lieve the institution of its over T Dastard Sneaked-, to Ruins | crowded condition. There were of Burned Tobin Home -.f- 2 - 3 ' 00 men in the P lace when the and Took/Poultry OFFICERS One of the, most daring and at the same time most dastardly crimes with which the officers i sessions began early yesterday ! morning. , .. ' ' j Repeatedly first one member I i and then [another launched, at- j tacks upon Circuit court-judges • as statements from trial judges • \vere handed them in support of j clenjency pleas. In one instance, thatl involving an assertion that i a 9 -year-old girl was permitted to | run lloose in a town when she i should be confined, the board or- have been confronted for I , , i dered an investigation, declaring rite, took place at the burned., J . ' - ; ! j „ _ ' ; that if the facts were borne out, home of George Tobin some time . • . .. . , ^, i . ! ' . ,• 'impeachment proceedings against Thursday night or early Friday I, ' . . ,. ° , , .1 , ,- , . ' . • the prosecutor should be taken, morning, when a sneak thief, vis-i m „ J.. j ., I . , , • : Tlie pardon board broke loose ited the ruins oLthe home, and i , - , „. , . L .= , , , i whe.n Mrs. James Hickman of Ko- stole the flock ofichickens housed;-, . ,, „ ..... .... ' , , , komo, with her five little children m the poultry house near the!,. ,L, i , - „ . , : , -.. hudaled about, her, told of her burned residence. '.','.,.' • , -. , , husband being sent to prison for The home was burned early ^ „ . i . ^, .1 . j , „ ' from one to ten years on a grand Thursday morning, and the fam-i, , M ,. „„„ ., ,' I , . i larceny charge for stealing $.29 lly lostlniuch of their belongings- - jj-,- .i . mi 'worth of wire, in addition—to the home. Thurs- -, . , ,, . , , What in the world are our day night they were with rela-' " , . , i . , . '• . . , , courts coming to? M. E. Foley, lives and friends and no watch \ ' • i i i. , . „ ' . ,; secretary of the board, said, was j maintained at the burned! - -. J „ '-iC" , - , '"Judges in Indiana are trying to home. No one even dreamed that i B , , 7. . I ,. . . . - . ' make us discharge their duties. here could be a creature, so low; - . . , , • I . . „ . . .. . .'Why are these conditions not in- is to sneak back to the ruins and • • add fnriher to the troubles of the! ^stigated before men are senMo unfortuke family. I ! prison in cases ,lke ; his? . W * y I '->. „, •.. : • -. J -can't judges give consideration to When Mr. Tobin ! visited the' r & ; .' ' I , „ .. . i these unfortunates. Let the judges ruins early Friday morning he . _. , : ,J , I.. . , ,, ,„ i in this state wake up. There is notice-J the door of the poultry! • . , ! . • .. .. i riot a court in America house .open ana an investigation' disclosed that the flock, consist-! ng; of some sixty or more' hens ind a- number of capons, had been taken. On account of the numerous automobile .tracks and foot prints made by persons who Ivisited the 6cene of the fire I * Thursday it was impossible to et any! clew to the tracks left by the thief. ! Sheriff Devault was notified immediiAely and left for the scene jof the rjobbery early Friday morn- ngl The chickens were all but j wouldn't have ended this case with a fine or a suspension. It is a shame to send men here with no record and send a woman and little children but to saarve." Hickman was paroled. EVIDENCE ENDS. House Completes Hearings (lie Prohibition Question. marked with the Prairie Farmer j marking their number-being 61,029. 1 Dealers throughout this section are being notified to look for; this mark and it is possible '.hat a line can be.secured on the thief.' j, ' "»• : •" . On account of the boldness and audacity of the theft the officers are making a determined effort to nab this-thief and if caught his Dunishment will be severe enough to j make an example which will have a I lasting effect. Indianapolis, April 25. —Creation of an income tax or an excise tax was recommended yesterday ( to the Indiana "tax survey committee in the second day of the first session' of the body de- to * prepare ;igned legislative suggestions for a more equitable distribution of the- tax burden. Discussing intangibles, several men, authorities on the tax question and on finance, appear- tee to 1 pro- Grand Lodge Names Mrs. Dora Gleason District Grand' Deputy; ed before the commi pose a small • registration fee for all securities in place of the tax on money now provided by Indiana's tax law. I • ; The committee adjourned its sessions yesterday to meet again May .7, when the. subject of taxation of corporations ! will be considered. '._ Representatives of banks, security houses and tax! authorities seemed to be unanimous in their approval of an income tax to replace the property tax that has /been the source of governmental 1 revenue since adoption present constitution in MEMBER OF ROSARY, 66 Washington, April 25.—The anti-prohibition forces yesterday concluded their attack j on the eighteenth amendment before the house judiciary committee with an effort to prove the success of the Canadian liquor control system and also to -establish that athletic directors of big universities were divided over the effect of the dry law on American youth. ' 1, !|L • . As soon as they finished, Chair man Graham announced the protracted public bearings closed. He said probably at a later date the committee would take under consideration the vast amount of testimony obtained and might act on one of the manjUkllla introduc ed asking repeal of tne eighteenth amendment'- or modification of the Volstead act. in the committee r membership has a preponderance of drys \he wets do not expect any . of the repeal or modification vmeaanraa to ^''receive^l:favorabto ravort. OpponenU\of^ prohibition were the i f Irsti heard brtha 'cpmmtttMi when toe,-a>a^in^BiaTtod;aonie time ago., AW 'the* hadV»alatad a in 'crime,'tbi^r^^^S TVey ,»Urlb«ta« *tq " * inrriasid ajniaa trial avuitMri aW-Wtt«r^Uvia| For the first time in many years, n local women has! been honored by -the Grand Chapter, Order -of the Eastern Star, which ended a two days session atr Indianapolis Thursday. Mrs. Dora Tyner Gleason, wife of.I. A. Gleason, who is a member and past matron of Rosary Chapter, No. 66, of Tipon, was appointed district grand deputy, and remained over for an organization meeting to be held this morning and to receive in- itructions and secure supplies and other equipment belonging, to the iffice. The Tipton county delegates who attended the grand chapteT meeting are justly proud and they returned home happy. The deletes from the Tipton diaper were Mrs. Walter Brittain, Jtfrs. S. D. CJroves and C. A-1 Downes, and here were delegates present from Kcmpton, Sharpsville ' and Windfall chapters. At the opening ses- ion there were 1,186 voting delegates. . . '.^ . Other members from Rosary chapter who attended the sessions •:f ; the grand . chaper were . S. D. •irbves, Walter -Brittain, Mrs. Mary Ramsay, Mrs. Ebert Allison, Mrs. C. A. Downes, Mrs. Omer, and M TS. Gleason, who was signally honored. Mrs. Gleason, who takes her office at once,, will have sixteen different chapters under her charge, he district including a part of tTendracks, Hamilton, Boone and all of Tipton counties. Mrs. Gleason is well qualified or the office she will fill, being ine of the best versed women in he district on the jurisprudence hd workings; of the order. She of the 1851. Taxation of intangibles was opposed, but speakers seemed that a small registration fee on to . agree 1 securities would brin tangibles that now :are from the tax authorities. out in- hidden r i BASEBALL RESULTS. American Association. St. Paul, 9; Indianalpolis, 2. Toledo, 9; Kansas (JMty, 1. Louisville, 8; Minneapolis, 1. Columbus,^14; Milwjaukee, .6. American League. St. Louis," 12;' Detroit'; 4. Others postponed, cold. National League. St. Louis, 9; Chicago. 2. Others postponed, cold. las a record :! of : serving more erms as Matron of Rosary Chaper, No. 66, than any other mat•on who has been in office. She was Worthy Matron in -1901, 1905, 1906, 1907, 1908 and 1910. •The t local members are jubilant lver the selection of their Past -Matron for this office and know ^hat it will be filled with credit JO herself and the local order. Two Mat* . -lli'ldajsa. Indianapolla.-:'April' SB—-Tan- Notice Encampment Members. Business of importance will come up before the regular meeting of the I. O. O. F. Encampment tonight, and all members are requested to be present. A social, session will follow.- George's Dairy Tipton and Hobbs Quarts 10c Call 39x7 Good Milk THOR and EAST WASHERS Wife Saving Service |M JB. MM V " NOTICE. We Have a WaHUghted Park- ..iBcBf ^jla the~Bear of ERY BAROAIV o: atlveJagTMment b*lween Illinois 'ind IndUnaJSfor | joint eonatrnc- Wn ^ottwdibi^gel; acrose the than ill, oeo,««f |m aiMtla at a •Mttag of cf f talaM « tha iw» Hataa in the offfsta sf Urn IUI m highway will -I " A, number of Tipton people will go to the Ross schdoj ;tonight--to attend the annual exhibit and pitchin-dinner which is. always' a big community affair. . Th|e exhibit' this year is larger than-ever and the students of the school pride themselves on mak­ ing'their exhibit one o£-the best in the -county. Mrs. Harley Pickett from that neighborhood who was here Friday morning stated plans were made for entertaining" a large number of people and an invitation is extended the public to attend. Sales Made at «10.25 Friday; — Cattle Unchanged. - Friday, ApjrftV2f r 11 Mr. Reginald Reynolds, the young Englishman, was chosen to 'convey and to deliver to the Viceroy of India the ultimatum of Mahatma Gandhi, so-called deliverer ' of India. The ultimatum informed the viceroy of the start of Gandhi 's crusade to Jalapur, where he manufactured salt in defiance of present laws. ROSS SCHOOL DISPLAY. Annual Pitchin Supper ami Ev: hibit Friday Night. HOG PRICES STEADY. Indianapdlfs, Ind.,-April 25. — Receipts on| hogs, 5,500;" cattle, 400; icalves,; 600; sheep, 200. Hog. prifces early today .at the local; live |stock marfcetj .were steady, with general sales -at $10.25; under weights sold<at Sio down, and sows at J9.25 down. Cattle were fully steady, calves, were; steady at $11.00-down,.and sheep were steady, with clipped lambs at^SO.OO down. ' Chicago, 111., April 25. — Receipts on hogs, 17,0-00: carried over il,000; the market was 10c higher with the top $10.10; there were; 1,500 cattle and 12,000 sheep. ! Local IToCtoe Market. (Moore &; Moore) Batter :~L--. ^___35c Eggs| _-________'_]—— • 82c i Local Grain Market. r , \. (Hobbs Grain Co.) No. 2. Soft Wheat ___$. .96 Oats!_______ .36 New I Corn, No. 4 yellow, per 100'lbs. 1.00 Indianapolis Produce Market. Eggs—Indianapolis Jobbers offer country shippers 'for strictly fresh stock delivered at tndlana- pollsi loss off, 22c a dozen". Poultry—Jobbers .. paying for fowls,. 4% lbs. up, 22c lb.; Leghorns, 18-19c; roasters, less than Vt ilbs., 20-21c; Leghorns, 14- 17c; i sick, cull and humpback poultry- nott bought; roosters, 8- 12c; /ducks, ; 8-12c; geese, full- feathered, 8c; guineas, young, $6 a dozen; old, $4; squabs, 11 lbs. to dosen, $4.50; old pigeons, 75c dosen. ' -." .j Butter—Jobber*' selling prioss tor creamery batter, trash firsts,! ). 1, 42-43c a pound.. I Batter Pat — Indianapolis buy-! srs are paying 40c a pound deliv-i ered at fadlaaanoUs. , •.- •- J TkeCaseUne tad^lwn'' BinklwjBldg. Tipton. THE'WINNERS OP I THE BASEBALL PEN'?:•}. '• \ • NANTS • Will be the teams that play tihe most CONSTST- ENT ball from now until October. That is mathe-' matically certain because the positions .of the 1 teams ai - e decided! on alpercentage basis. So is financial smccess. jit is won by the men and women who save most CONSISTENTLY week in :aiicl week out. Are you la consistent saver? If not, step up to our. savings ivindow today and open an account- It is the first step toward your financial THE BAJfBv OF TUB FBOPMI ,; A Voluntary Member of the Federal Reserve System Only Bank In Tiptoa Conaty Vmder Both Bute v& Boy Better Yon are Entitled to it For the rest of your life use a "Best Rest" Inner Spring filled mattress .. See Them on; Display in our window Suite & Baimm little SSES re £4 <ve equal consideration D XCEIV^ jeqnally important cbm- mereial services at the Citizens National Bank; the same personal interest of the officers, who are able, as specialists in finance, to provide the most authoritative counsel and information. Tipton successful businesses operate hand in hand with THE BANK OF Ej^ UNUSUAL SERVICE Citizens National Bank The Only National Bank in Tipton County , »» kvi >vi ivi t' ,V'i iv< >'\-'( tVi' iri i'vi ivu i'vi House Cleaning Made Easier With tike New Eureka VacutMi Cleaaern : Large M«4el 11 $S*.SO •Nite Special $1941 , For iipholstered furniture, draperies, stair­ waysmnd numerous unhandy to get at corners you should try, THE EUREKA JR. ^ r $16.90 • <^ ttTAauwco ias»-

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