The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 29, 1897 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 29, 1897
Page 4
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i Konirtiix Why Wool<w« ft list vnncc. From Alosftnder Hamilton's low tariff hill to relief thy Straitened circunt*- the lr*as«fy-ift 178fl to 1861. fntiff was a nominal affair, 1864 it wftB raised by successive acts to an avor» age olP 47=06 t'fr coat. Th« Mettinley ~fftfiff Wfitf t»CF peFtJervfc act 1 a jpoutttt' tPfcigfet on- "wttrttettSf ,son,tariff was 50 per cent ad valorem pot cent; a<l vaiorettj and ^4 cents a potrao". tariff act of lf»T4 had 6tt a ptretffd 'to ••qpwVihs Mc^inioy bill lie, the bill mostly frm fh« Diftely Wl or jSf , This -trftM' raise. t$§ pfi«56. of Twif? w simply » form tlid (Sftsl tfflsn pad* H profit t^t ftMtt vmtmenfe f&r th& Wt*»t& wM jwJoV to fltoflk for Wife Stop tt Qnichlf, Jnftt the game A Bttf Mr. Charles tt. Hoffman* of t' Eyck Street, If y<m &&Ye» pain la your twck, Stop ft' i. lamelmck,- stop iff An aching IwcK. tlwft *!~»r ?li*i^ *il.ijJ£''"iwXwfa3r"Ti?\' j«,.. —. ,Mie Hire* pnnjit. never irj yourself of pain without kn the £&ti&5. If pain or ach<J e*fst ia reason fw ,!t Find out tht^ .tad get after ft. Slrifife " wHSfce" a ?liw with the rfeht Weapon, arirt its i •>afn Sittl ftche, will flee like diftff I he wind. To get right down teit, ichfe is hrillcrrtive of kidney Hiso'rders. • tlwttt Ky nafure," Bstsa to 1ft ~te up t,fre i^apon, »tr}k 1 fcln.forced -with 'ittlh* if Band ef witn Lcfc tialritrfttfuo ,£et«Spr^ei»su * ~ Thfc drawers eVstsota, 0ar iftrife *<*&.<{ over- eijats are* at«o4n stock stances worth a advanp- ttoday. . "^^CT" Our mprehntit tailoring department is better stocked than ever and our prices will ptwail XtntiVnir present stock la ex- haunted. , T. fn 1ttt ElntorH fl/ ifa Vi.iy of Marshall: - ;Afc a meeting «f the cotntoon council ^Tfhe ciiy ot Marshall TOBTaFthe city tne SSttt day.o! , 1807, the following adored bjf ulJattimone vote: it tefeitpedieftt for the pfirchaso maintftin an'd' ato a,sysb)»rof w^tefwttfm the system of waterworks ow«ed by thfe Mwnfeall Water>to|»any tan I* jjjartjbaiwid . fer ihe sntti of forty thpfl&and dollar* or j^tWftbontB and itnprbvemente thereon W the value of ten thduentid dollars, tote, deeaied jiecpBSary and «<i*iflAbte^whioh ftutft of fifty thoue&tid dollars is. a greater ftttm t»aa p&fl'be rftiftted fay th* comnrcm coaodi of ftaid citr or paid irom the tax ef any otreyenr, tftetefoi^Wlf ; JtewtMd* That tfae cl « Mttrshftll do ptrttsh^w , the At Watson'B yon ean\set the Alblot) andNHotnfr (Inur by the HX) lb>, in you* owh i*is«, no light weight ateo Alninn patent; tbebest\flour.ra'«lf* try it. ^___ _' ForftAlo-\\ W model- Sell cheap frtr cash, • Enquire atwmeri- oan Inundry north of Greene's drugstore. until cold-won thprf'Smep, but have roof covered with nsbestna roofing. is only one half the price ctf shingles.. Anybwh can put it ou EosLFy^ Hardware, The Klondike «»!«! Fields \i\rft now attracting .tho attention of' tho' whole world, and the results of-plaror and quai to mining are fully equal JOT the findt» of nuggetts in tire earl> California dayft and extraordinary induj^nientB are being offered to prospectois, practical miners and investors. • By next spring the f^old fever will have taken possession"*}!" thousands of people, nnd the wcsterp/roitUsrWiH have a) I thov, : can d« to transport the fortune* hunters. Tin. Chicago, MiiwauEbe & St. Paul raiU ay, tm<\ its connecting lines, offer the *>>pl fiieiliticH for reaching the Alaska Hoffman , tesMes at 183 T« Street, Jackson, • SficbT Ho sa.j> ""ihiive suffered fdlf along time frotn i _'4Jdm;y,a^* D Mrtfi f disorder wltreh has » imes* rendered me incapable «>f work lave been at the hospital for my eomplaip md discharged, from there as cured, bti he old compjaint has invariably, con;mi* agnin. Some time ngo t hcartl^f* .llonn's Kictn<?5r Pill^ flnd I began tukiu< ", \n>m,' with . most gratifying fesuiT 1 - vjrimtry complaints wliieh Iwllierwl ni» {rmtly are Very much improved, nnd/tlh - )rthi I suffered, in my-lsack has ennrx-lj' eft me", my general conditioft .is much tin proved. I woul'd • not like to be/withoti! Drmu's Kidney Pills, I think others shouk 1 KU«W what a Valuable remedy It' is." • POT- sale by all dealers, price 50 cents Mailed by Foster-MJlbjJr/Co., Buffalo, H*Mf:7l3o1o agents fortlietl. 8. Remem bee the .oame. Itogn'ftjHid take no other. Misera Sandera x and MeKary will opnn dress making rooms over the postoltice ,next to the/tibattact office, Wednesday, opt. lly'^Thcy nro Iwth experienced ^ios at the business and will be pleased to\pcure thp patronage of their friends others 'who may nwd anything in «s«wve Specified »»d fat thfe city 1 raise bV, tottn* th« (rtttn of fifty tfe«Qw* wd fsfiftfe ^hB.teiids df therefor, such bonds to bo called Mar 1 -shall Water' Bonds, "to Be oWd tfif ot ttie date (ft theif bg of the donotni- natfon of one thousand donate each, tt> bear itttprest at ths rate of not exceed ing 4Jg per cent per annum payable Beim-annually to tte montha ef May ncd each 'year and to have coupons *^tht'r information, address Harry Alorctv Michigan TUBS. Agt., Detroit St. Mar\"a school of imi^ic- will re-opon on Monday, AUK- 30. 'The best and lat e. 5 t methods are u?ed in this department eitid Hpecial attentkni jji^'nto the theory and art of IUUMC;. For furrier partieu- lar's call lit tfro school or Bisters' residence. _j _ ..,......,...• __ ' " MU-hlpui MiuiiifT School. A high grade, a(,ato technical school. Practif-aJ work. Elective system^ Summer courses. Givoe degr^ca of S. B., E. M. and Ph. D. LaborfttoricB^ahopa, mill etc., well equipped. For catalogues ad drees M. E. Wudsworth, Ph. D., direcor Uoughton Michigan. CASTQRIA Talk^»bout style, talk about it! But have yoiVseeu the stylish wedding-invitations, party cards, individual cards we are putting out? They're pure stylo Don't you need a trifle of printing in the above lines just about now. Wo have the newoB.t.andXlatest script type. The Michigan cursion to ChicagV Oct. 2, tho round trip. run nt). 'ex- T^SXiO for If Hip Baby Is Cutting Tectli Be'aure and use thawWattd well tried remedy, Mrs. Syrup for children tee-thing^ M.BOpthea the child, softens the gumfl, allays nil pain, cures wind colic and is theXbest remedy fnr diarrhoea. Twenty-flvoVenta'a bot tie. For Infants and Children/ is ca A JJno Uiw dn'tai) „- for tan and black shoes. Fur ssije bj' >'-»» K. K»- Billinga, Soli? agent, Delia Bur, -m. ^ - " TOCORENERTOSDYSPPSIA. Po O»ln Ifleiib, tu 8I««|>' w.*H,.iTo, Know what Appetite axiul Good D/gejitlop inutti', in»kn » trlftl of 8tu»rl,'» l>y»p'p- »iu Table)*. , . ( f *n. Indlan»in» fof such interest attached to each boadj ftnd the principal thereof to be due and payable A. D. 1917 both principal and itttereat to be payable at the city of New York s forty thousand dollare of said bonds to be issued upon the completion of the put/Chase of the works and such nor- tion of the remairider from time tO' time as may be necessary upon the order of the board having charge of the water worsts property. ;Be it further Resorted, That the proposition to raise said sum of fifty thousand dollars for purpose aforesaid be submitted to a vote of tho electors of said city of Marshall .that the election thereon bo "hejd m the said city of Marshall on Thursdny tho seventh day of October, 1897, that the ballots at said election shall read as folioWSK "Shall tho city of Marshall raise by -loan the sum of fifty thousand dollars for the purchase and improvement of a system of waterworks? Yes." and- "Shall the city of Marshall raise by loan the sum of fifty thousand dollars for the purchase and improvement of a system of waterworks? No." That each person voting for said proposition shall designate his choice by the use of the ballot ffrBt mentioned and each person voting against said ' proposition shall designate his choice by the use of the ballot last mentioned; That the recorder cause a copy of this resolution to be published in at least one newspaper published in, said city of Marshall with a notice thereto attached that said election will be held in accordance herewith and ahw, cause to lx» posted in the proper place, a copy of this resolution with the same notice thereto attached said election to be held at swh time, by the proper persons, and tho returns to bo cnnyaiesad'nhd declared as in case of general elections. Notice is hereby given that an election will be held in accordance with the foregoing resolution on the seventh day of October, 1 897, and fchat-the-several poll -, ing places at said election shall be , as follows: First ward -Raymond store. Second .ward— Brewer store. . Third ward- Fire engine hotiso. Fourth ward -Arbeiter hall. Dated Marshall, Mich.', Sept." 21), 1897. ' jEnoAR H. GRANT, Mayor. EK,VKST C. $AWpy, Recorder, lla No trouble is -mure common or more mia- udderstood tlinn nervous dy»popRi». Feo pie huTiiig it think that their nervea^re to blatnu and are :«ur prised that they are. not cured by norrejnedicioo and sprinsf retnc- di«H the real t*oat of. the tniaehiefis loss sight of; the stoihaob iS the organ to be looked after. ~ ~ Nei TOUS dyspeptics often do not have any paiu whatever "iu ther StoUSfieb, nor perhaps- Any gf the usual symptoms of stomach 'weakness. Nervous dyspepsia afeows itself aot in the BtumaoU so much as in nearly every other organ jinjsouje cases the heart palpitate* and is irregular; iu others, the kidneys are affected; in others the bowels ,<ire oonstiputbd, with headaches; still other* are troubled with loss of tieab and appetite. with accumulation of gas, sour riatogs and Mr, A. W. Shatper of No 81 Prpep** St. dianapolifjlud., writes «s follows " \ Tlitw. ,1. H. Bmber. lias tt»aa*d th» Riee- Greek- IS ready to, t\v all kinds of C,UB OrJudii^,. Th»«.', iHe inay ierfeut. . H. ( Bi9insB, P Uuoutca, BELVIDERE A motive of pure gratitude prompa me to wTi.te ihese few lines regarding the new and »sJuabte icedioine, gtuftrt's Pysp^pma Tab- letfl, | have $>e<*n a-suflfsriog from nervous dyspepsia fi r tbe j«s« four yearsj bare u»ed oua patent Medicines ana other rtme* Kind Yon Have Always "Bought, Bears the Facsimile WRAPPE rConstlpa- Hon.SouK 1 Stotnach,DiArrhoca Worms .ConvuteibrtsJeverish- BOTTLE. - JHE IOU ALIAYS/^OUGHf. •tl'ME TABLE* JULY 4, >^97. . Trains dnpuft from M«r*h»ll at folfoWB: TBA1NO WK8T. ^ Mo. S Mail and Express. r; So. 15N. Y.Speclnl* .'... NO. 83 Fast KKPTOBS* '. t»:4« No. 13 Kalfimaxuo Kspfeua....... . 8:41 So. 7 Night Express*...................W:li TBAJNB KAST.£ .Vo. SJlftlliiuU Eipresa. /-30p.m. No. 10 N. Y. Spools 1 *..... .J3:0»p. m. ^Jo. 8 Sight Expro«3*, .*!,..../?..ti.i'J «. m. Vbf'8tf Atlantic ExpriJM*........./ Vo. 12 Qian l K»plda KxpfcBu-./C— ti:a a. m. f Stops onjy on ^mum. / - . All tralDR ran OB mandatd time which is -30 minutes slower than local time.; O. W, RUOOLB8, (tot; Pass. * Ticket Agt. (5io. A. JDHKSON, Freight AEBnt. " C. Jt. Unwonrf Ticket A«ent, MarnhaH Notice. / Chairs and tables to rent for partu>8 . J. W. Dr. Fowler's E*t. of Wild Strawberry has b( j on used for forty years and haa never yet failed to cure a caae of dial'aeutery, ofsuinrnor comflaint in any of ita various forma. : : ( • ' edles without aoy favorable result, They ^raetuneSMVe temporarj relief until the ffpctn of the inedtetJHe wqre t>tf. I »ttrt,h»r niy swlentsry httbit)i, Wiu« a muvr vil,h little physical ejeroiee, but gisd to-state that tb« t»bleU tmve . ..._ ww *U " these obstacles /for I, -gained tu ficsh, uleep b.>tt*r^and »u» better iu every way. The above »s written not fox aotwicty, -but U based on actual fact," >b»,lna\ U is safe to wy th&t Stuart's Q et&teM will cure »uy it&mach w»a' di»cai-? eseei* cancer of etofnael . nuns miir fttfttyf^K 8«*. toes of ne»h appetite, rfwplessttess, oalpitetftm, Iwart- burn, w«i!itipati,on aoa-heaaAmee. g^nd for valuable httlt book on ctonaach di»eas«u by ftddr«eimi Stuart po., Wafsa»U, MlCB. ^' All druggists soil f Ml] sized packages at ISO . One tr five applications of Doan'a Ointment wilt «ure the worat 'case of itching piles there ev«r was. Can you afford to. suffer tortures when a simple, never, fajling remedy is at hand? It never faila. ' Mra. Merrill bad a fine lino of cycling hats for the fall'trade. She also shows the "cow boy" hat which ia the latest at he east,. ' . , For Sale—A '97 model bicycle; will sell ihoap fotcaab, .Eaquira at AmerJ^an. laundry, north of Greene's drug store. Carpet laying, stoves blacked and set up. furniture packing etc, Leav« orders at W. E, Boaley & Son's and P. B. Snyder's. • • • • ' B. F, Y-X*aberpon ie hero'jn Marshall wjth his cold blast Feathert Renovator, Ho will coma right to yont house with his feather renovating car guaranteed. Pric*e reatBoneble. f * Watson receive* i D. I/& M. R. R. f~ —Formerly Cincinnati, Mm & Umai / Time table taking effect AUK. ,8511897. /TralDB paw Marshall as lollowB. tKAlMS OOINO BAHT. v 'o. »l.'BattleCrock accommodation. Vr>. 7, Kxpress...... .. No. 25 Mall '. Vo. ii4. Battle Creek acoofflmdation.. Mo. t», JlaU....,.,.,....... ...i.... Vo.88 Exprewi , - Afr train* datly except Sunday Direct connections arc made at Toledo ant! Huoinnatl with all roads diverging,' Q. R. UASKKLL, 8upt, C. A, OHAMBKHS, Q. F. & P. A. H.ANBON.Astt,- ' / ivc^iwisricoon RexTablets resold under a positive guarantee to cure r refund the money, and we stand by our uarantee. CUKESall Nervous-Diseases, Hjpotence, Varlcocele, Lost Vitality in Jd v x>r young, Nightly Emissions ani Wastlqg Diseases, and all effects ol self- ibuse or%xcesses. Stops dangerous drains. <\ genuine n^rve tortic. Shows immediate improvement. The grandest Teriiedy f modern time^. Don't buy imitations Get RfiX TAiJUETS. Price 50 cents^or ix packages (a full treatment) for $2.50,by thail, in plain package, on receipt -ol >rice. Cjfcu.lar free. •- • ; KING REMEDY CO., 2 ^ HL a T ra PU 'or.Mte'at Maivban, >tlcn.,toy.A. O. HYOE. 7:20 a. m "M \i. m a. m p. m. CAVEATS, TRA02 DESlfifj 1C It KtTHKR SEX. > Tblfl remedy belnc :Jeet«4 «Ur*«Uy to the , a«»t of tbosw dlaemie* I of the Cksnltw-Urlw ,requires no «£>«. HYDE. "My boy came home ftprn achool <sne day with, bia Iwjnd badly lacerated a»«l bleeding' and Buffering groat i»ain/° says Mr. JJ. J. SohaJil, with Meyer- BK*., Dreg Co., St, WHUI,' Mo, *5I .dreteed the wound and applied ChawWrlaio's Palo {Him freely All pain ceased, and in a abort Jtinjajt Aeabat, agtthattl l^teg a. Mra. Merrill ia daily receiving new things in (be millinery Use. H»rv*»t. about ltetne«o Seed fiaie L» a go,o<i op.portu|iity to iwitig laadisia South Pakot*. ,d«>«<ioe lfuu> Chica^ti.. Bountiful crops of 1 wfaeat, cum, barjey and fiat reward 4fae tiU.<r of tine »wJ^ 4* A »U«k *nd. dairy country Houth Dakota lc»^» alt the Vim ulaeti tt&ffi iawi* v.i^h utarby can now boaght tor f roi4 f IX), |13, J16, to' ac*8, aud this i» tfce _ Oeneral Pasa/eager A K ent, Chicago. MUw.ukw <t St. Paul Eail- woy, Old Colony Bonding, Cbiosgo, UL is the best because it is only one-half tb? cost of shingles. It can 4 e appliad oa flat; or e^ep roofti, Jt ie Sre proof. Anybody can put it aa. ^ BCWIKY'S Hardware. fall scar. For wounds, sprains, swellings an<J jrheiftilatisra I know'of 00 medicine or household WciBsity," 'The 1 25 and So cent flizea for «ale at Greene's DratE Store SOUTH What 4 Man fan Do With $1,600 A« c«n i»uy 160 aetPs of good Iwnd |1,«». Psy MXl down; bmlancc ia payioents due in 8, 4, «fid 5|e«M at 7 per Merrill iff showing millinery. sA WDf or» for aa(le. (3»11 aind see them. Mow EUL.BN 34 8. Monroe str^etr To buy flour, Rrafaws, bolted uieal. meal, ground feed, bran or ujiddlinga » »t C. 4. Cb.eah.ur'B milL All kinia of cu*too grindinjf cbicken feed. From *ie, -to 850 per year saved each fesply who will mod a pupil to the Drew Tailoring school in the Watson building, ' of & Sou'* |800 «n4 19 good w.wffor 1300, f be lad batter f roj» to* 4Bfc» «iU pay *U twin and family expenses, Tbe increee* of abwp ai^l wool will payoff the mortgage before.! i» due. In fi«4 years he wdl h»ve a «U p*id for «Wd weil stocked. Jave lists and Prices, a^dreas H. F. lw»igr«tkiB 4f«»t far South Paiiot*, 29f l>parfcK«n street, Cfcicago, I1L Mangled and Terrt ta£g cartAjps would sicken the heart of sVich a state of afitaira I»a0| nepes- • sary. We undertake to thoroughly wasti and Iron any laco curtain, no matte* how ' te,otir car^ and to return if aa whole and sound a6 when brought to o& Anybody dttn launder ft sock <tr a hand&ercBie^-it takes art to up" lH|e& enrtaiir iath«? wty they are done ot th*; Steam Jjniinrtry, Block. Olde/it . for 1.6 i ,rlB,f pnU'pt.s In Atni?rl<?t(i'- Fv^ry iinti'iit laifii out 1>> UH tu \>T\injs\n bufora the jiuliHo by u noticu gi wn In. v ui-vluaeiVi tlrf Lanrot world,,tai K «t eirenicon of attv ("'Ifntld' paper In th«' ' mlhKy IUti'.tr%U''«J, J» * int.'llt;^ ut im wiOtDUt It. WH.I h, «.:!.<)<•> • new pair of kidney* for $i.— Or. Vatos* Wine, a pleasant to the tfcste liquid medtcme U sold at >1.00 per bottlfr UROO the guaiaotee of, your money back if not benefited. Cures Kidney nise.tse, Rheumatism. Constipation «na Urinary troubled caused by impure blood. Sold at dr ue stores or will be £*T T t repress pretmid apati receipt of jirice. FrceJti *AT&ttB'S RfiiitDV Co.. Bovce BlU-j. CMc^po. BL To be had of...... • M. B. POWELL, Druggists, ' MAE8HA.LL, MJCH DR.PEUX UE BRUIt'» E. Q. WEST'S NERVUHD BRAIN TREATMEN1 THE OfliSWAL I will be at the'ojiice of the hojiel duriagOH»jn*8«i hours until further notice, fw W» purpose of r«ceivin»j city taxes which are now due. Save the extra co%>ctk»n fee by JM* i«« now. M. ^ PBJE^VBWSJW, City tre»aurer. Cordette. » S. |1 yo« are going to bay a, new pay-, of cj-qliig sjboea it will pay you to kiok over Joh L /oBnBaUer'#Btocls. Those of elk skin are soawthing entirely new, are «Jao aasy An i:(iA itaAJ; V.*»c»E*3*. V»f>!n<» %«tx«^M£i^k*«Atfk HOOSE Cor. Bates and Larned Sts., ' DETROIT, WIICH. Only a IRlork frour .W A«id w»ril'- ft Joffcrtmn Aves. Very Central. Near All Car Lio«s. Par Day, •1.60. £3'(/£? _ DETROlT,,MICH, htist place in Aweric* lor yuunir twomen ti> secut* a Pnsirtesw KOui'aUori.' :»l M*ch»n!n»l Jjnmrlniit or J'ertmanMilp. Tli'i tern of A<rtottlBu«lnem<. .se-ijlon beffio any timft. fatftlotmo Kc^ Urtrolt. W. K.J*WEtUVr*« i' MACKINAC PETOSK^Y S CHICAGO.. roon TIIIPB rcnWKK Between Toledo, Detroit ^Mackinac PBTOSKEV, THE "SOO," MARQUETta - ANDDOUJTH. .'•••-. EVCRV EVKNINQ BETWEEN . Detroit and Cleveland Connecting' with Karlimt iSralfls &t Cleveland ' • • . for all point* Rait, South and " Sunday Trips Jun*. July, Augurtand 8«pttmb«r Onl» 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers HaVe just been Bnljt for our ITppci take Route costing $joo,ot»<each. Send for illBrfrated pamphlet Addr«s," ,."-;'."•••." . A. A. »CHANTZ, O. B. «.. DltHOIT. MICH, TUB Betwit i RieveiamJ steam )liv. m ' *. * Fast Trains To Bay View Via G. R. «Ruta«je« Sphedale ia now iojeffeet. fast day tram^o. 7 leaves Kalamazoo )2:3^ p. ui., and Orand Rapids !i:20 p. m., arriving Traverse City 1M p m., Petoakey 7-^6 p. m, Bay View ,8^ pi to. and Harbcr Springs 8^5 p. m. " This Schedule eepe«ally eycoemodates v eowing from other JBuee. for. folder* t«n4 to . Grand THE HEMRY0.5HEPABOCO. " . v i' *

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