The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on October 5, 1959 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 5, 1959
Page 4
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Page 4 THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS BRAZOSPORT DIAL BE 3-2611 DAILY CLASSIFIED SECTION Bmospori and Brw6rt& Oftunty, T«XM, Monday, 0<rt6t>« 8.1959 1 HI'' 8RAt 0 8 P 0 R f f A «*" ANOLITON DIAL Tl 9-3246 Pet Lin* 28c 19c 17c CLASSIFIED INFORMATION "o pile* roui Ad BE 3 811 or BE 1-3511 and •-'• lot Clnr RJ.TES No. af ln'°ition 1 weekday 3 days (consec) S day' leo"«ee> .. Im«r.oni musi be eonieeuhve Clmttfl-d Hours Monday through Friday t A.M. lo S P.M. Saturday llOO A.M. 12 P-M. deadlint l« 9 A-M of publishing day Insertion d.adlin. lor reader •df il • A.M. et nublli.iinq day. All display and box adi must be la by 11 A.M. of pr«viou« publishing aay. After an ad is ord -red it can- n«l be cancelled or chanfl-d be(or* publication. The Braioiport Fact, referral lh» right to edit 01 rei«cl any ad '-at » deems object-enable •nd to chir-* the classification order to conform to th« policy ef the paper. Ail charges are based on f 3 lln» mln'mum. . NOTICE of typographical er ether errors must b* given b*- fore the second insertion or claims for refund or extension will not be recognized. There- iore, we muit be notified oJ error before S A.M. of second publishing da? ' S3. MISCELLANEOUS mrYCLES—20", J4" M". Prlcid from $379! 10 M9.M. »1. lioldl 1111 Christ- mil".Lack's. 107 North Parking Place, Lake Jecksoa. GTBBAOE"CANS Ihtt *jrt rust wt or ttar up. M.95. Call CY 7-«ll. value reduced lo FOR BETTER cleanlnf. to *«D celari aTi»>,min.T use Blue Lustre carpel g'eaner PARWOOP FPHNItnRE_ CO — ^ JM used, S10.00 LUIng room rait used. Portable Stwln« m«J} REFRIOERATOR-Frlgtdllre condition. Phone AN V132I. In food •T. UNFUnNISHED MOUSES BENT HAOERMAN ROAD - 4 room tall, tnd utility room. Wtter tlhed. Plwnt 8B> with torn- JONES CREEK area at Perry's. t»nd- tag. 4 rooms tad btth. BU ytrd. B£ a-101«. _ LAKE JACKSON—121 Laurel St.. 3 bedroom home .single bath. In gooo condition. M3. month. CY 7-7885. 102. HOUSES FOR SALE LAKE JACKSON-3 bedroom, brick, *!• tuhtd tartse. fenced back ran. Phone CT T-7I1S. bedroom home. Only «m. down with monthly ptymentt of " 163. Including lues Call AN 5-5549. MKE JACKSON—315 Aelela. Will tetll on I months rental la purchtte plan. InTestlgate today. Can Jot Ttlbot. Realtor. CY 7-4411. LAM BARBARA-1 btdroom house, Furnish water Md Ball ol JjjM Mil. $33 Mo. AN S-5431 or AN S-HT8. REFRIGERATOR - Montgomery Ward , JAC KSOrt - two bedrwm Jomt. excellent Condition, warranty still, L w eJond-ta twch. It*. BB MJSi. yalld. NOROE Range-good condition. ""V i — AN 5-5«75. LAKB JACKSON I Oedreora homj. S*0 RETREAD TrRES-U.OOO-rolle til-road- hazard guarantee. Manjr SUM. Black and white wain. Whit. ^Auto SWre. 1013 North Oull Bltd. BB 3-1231. SPEED QTJKEN WASHERS lei JOU breezt UirougB ratr laundrr wltuotit leaving jour air condlllonlBf. Sw Item too>.- at rrtr'i on H«r OT Ir Clute. "STOP SWEATWO ft MILDEW" centrally heal roar aome. No.hlng down. J10.00 monthly. Factory direct dUlrlhutor. Our own duct shop and Installation crews. Call Anileton Tl 1-7539. STERIO HI FI set. Brand new Zenith. SJOO. Call after 5 P.m. CY 7-7579. LAKB JACKSON per month.. ROWLAND •.«AtTT CT 88. FURNISHED HOUSES FOB BENT FREEPORT — I bedroom bom« with a. t«r«f«. I.wuirt 1131 Writ 4111. LAKE JACKSON Hwr-J rwaM Md bath 1010 t wirt otlllutt Paid, C»n BE HIM or BB 3-nHl. JACKSON-BAROA1NI 3 bedroom home on well elevated lot bearing trull, tery «aso»able. Floeler- CtrKr and Asioclattl CY 7-H77. lfl«. HEAL ESTATE WAMTED ACREAGE WANTED — Hive willlnl bum for from 1W to «0 acrel ot land within SO to SS mtlei radlui of Brnzosport, R. J. DaTti RetltT. BB 4^1». 101. FARMS. RANCHES FOR SALE •• r-'WE ACRES, 2 bedroom house, Irate-1 or with «o,ulptmnl. SI.IOO. 10 cleared I acres. Apply "Y" Fruit Stand Bra«. | orla. I LAKE JACKSON-01 MatMllt. J bed. rooms, 1 Ualhs. Irtes, casl Iron line IT sewer FHA WO Mo. B. I.. Sauer, R filter, CY 7-7781. LAKE JACKSON-108 •rlmroM.IOTely I bedroom homt. MO -on oot'tw only «Ut dow. en conWrt Um ISO rnooiMr. T»IM Belter rtonrta. B. L. Stuer. Rttltor. CT 7-77tL LARK JACKSON - Brick ... bedrooms, troetd »»r*. MJoe«««lT. tn MO. aowkAiro BEAI.TT. CT MS4J. JACKSON — Lately 3 bedroom t to SMdow Olen. Breakfasl area guilt tai to btts room. beaulUut Kaetd ytrd, AIUOTI equity »l 171. Ur tnnth. Fbtur-Ctrtu tad At- CT MOT. SBRFS1DE BEACH eotugtta eomforttsiy LAKK Mrnlaned tt winlir itn, C«B Ports omreom tiom«. wall Btuller BE S-23W. USED — 2 rocking chairs. 2 bathroom heaters, electric hraler. box ipriag and mattress, one ladles' and man's' Bulova watches. AN 5-2055. i WATER HEATER—52 gallon eltetrte like new. cr 7-S352. 1. SPECIAL rjOTIgE5__ E H LANIER - Next llmr yuo are j Bver our way drop by ana nave a cup "" BARGAINS Bargains In men's workclothes. Extra good paats 75o Extra good shlrtx 75e Good white pants and shirts. Comer AVB A and South SECOND ST. FREEPORT 124. MOBILE HOMES SPARTAN MANSION—clean air conditioned mobile home. HIM cuh. W. J. PtrneU, Kormtn'l S«rr. *tt. H»> at Clnte. , ' 121. AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES AUTHORIZED DEALER for Lmtoln. Mercury. Bdsel, Entltah Ford, • and Sludehaker. Hu repnnnlaUm hi Bratosport tret. For anpolntmtnt Call CT 7-JOK. CORBI MOTOR - tWa* Auth«Ttt«d rord Dealer oOtrl tejKJittt twirlee on Motor Body, ClntHi Mon tut tht aesi HecnanlM w»!t W nn rar at Curry's Jar ^.Mtt 137. TRUCKS • TRAILERS «5» toltl to mow ta. t* Ttttnnt ft assmw «alty tt »» FLOSTSR-CA»Ti.R t»d •"' CT 7-J4T7. — Three bedroom Fenced back for S30. Carpeted. Ml CT 7-Sf" 11. MALK HELP WANTED ROUTE BOYS—lor Angleton Braiosport Fac.7 Paper Route. Contact Mr Robert Lackey 601 E. Lortlne, Tl 8-5141- GUARANTEED UFE-TTME MDFFLBRa BE 3-9240 TOYSI TOYS! TOTS! Lay 'em Away Now. LACK'S ASSOCIATE STORB 107 North ' Parting Place Lake Jackson, Texas ANGLETON-J13 Hllglni. low equity. K250 per month. Joe Talbot Realtor, CY 7-4411. 2S. MALE • FEMALE HFLP FLIGHT INSRUCTOR OR COMMEK- " PAPER ROUTES ataBsfflo-dellver on paper BB mint. WS11 Landing. Wild Peach Depart- NEW ZENITH stario hi ft record player with AM and FM radio In .walnut cabinet. Regularly priced t43J. Salt 8325. plus tax. CORNER SPEAKER Inclosun with 11" heaty duty woofer. One S" mid range, one t" extended range University speaker. University cross over net work. One 50 watt ampllfyer. One garrard turn table. Reg. Ttlut S3U.JS Sale Si LAKB TV 36 B. Clrelt Wty . CT T-M11 «TAT> TAXI drivers wanted. Part time or fu5^ttoe. Apply 219 East f ar 26. FEMALE HELP WAMTED FOUNTAIN HELP-Experienced. Ap- Bly In peraon only to Oarretls' No ] in Lakt Jackson. •ATE IMMEDIATE openlnjsi for ma tur» expertenetd aales ladles. Full time also part time openings soon Good pay, numerous company benefits Apply W. T. GRANT COMPANY FREEPORT. 54. HOME FURNISHING :ARPETS an vt mmaallon ot Beautiful room. EuHd yeer lovaly roun with out from Ltonard't V Co. Ct 7-an5 'or eiUmtlM. . JBEP-IM1. Ideal for d«r ctm». Ta good-sham. S425. Phone Dl S-UU tr write Box 7»7. West Celumbll,. MODERN r,melalr Service SUllao Hwy 288 Ate A. Phont BE 1-SJsl or BE 3-ttK. . 102. HOUSES FOR 8ALK AHOLETON-3 bedroom til brick homt, Ideal for teachers. Located to Richie SuB-DlvUlon. Convenient to loutbtUt School. O. L. McKay, AH S-S322. gwd bo. Ttrmi. Ota Utter Drakt or JM TtOot, SteJtor at CT 7-1<lL SEAS ST. MARTS CathoBe Church— its West Kh St. Family tin 3 bedroom hotel wait den. Bath tad half. Fenced pU7 yard for children. Car- pettnt In Utint room. Down payment tnd tht ttoslns cott loo, onU »500. South Tins Really. BE 3-3410. PROSPECTIVE COMMERC1A1.1031 WM. Broad. Ute In this I bedroom ANOUETON—3 bedrooms, 1 baths, family room, study, dish wtaher. many built-in features, central heat. 1V< tcrt lot. IH.SOt. n M454. Month for this excep- llonal buy. I7SO ewlty and tuume ANGLETON- . • Iota on this 2 bedroom home. Flotter* CtrUr tnd Associates, CT 7-2477. SAVE u utrt. UMO buy this JV« »tr cent FHA equity uutetd ot paying TO nr nut on a, new ban. Ill Canter Way. 3 bedroomi. 2 baths. 2 ear garage, ftmlly room. Insulated. Corner. B. U Sauer Rtallor. CY 7-77IL AKOLETON - Homes for colored ta beautiful Washington Ttrrtce. New 3 bedrooms. "ntrtOheat ,ttllc fan. l down paymtnt 60* ">• W Md Marshal! Road. Can T.. C. COOKSBY. la Angleton Tl M712. BRAZORIA - atrdtn Aeni betmt. An new 3 bedroom frame on 73 z ISO lot. Long term loan. Coleman '.umber C» AN S2423 or AH S49U. DINING ROMM SUITE—Blonde finish. China cabinet with glass doors, big table and S chairs. AN 5-5586. BRAZORIA—On Brunei Road. 3 by* room homt on 14 tent of land. Fh 3433. 55. SPORTING GOODS BOAT—It' boat with cabin, large BRAZOR1A ROAD-3 beclroom, frtrai home, with some furnltun. 8. D Gupton Realtor, Phone Dl 5-4651. wheel trailer. Make Huljache, CY 7-4436. an..offer. .205 BESERVE VALUABLE TERRITORY now for Avon Cosmltlcs Chris-mas Business. Can average ilO day Min- ings. Earnings begin at once. Wr.te No. 14-16th Ate, North Texas (::ty, DUCK DECOYS for sale. Call CY 77-6431. SALESLADIES Apply 9 am to 6 pm Mr. Jewel WACKERS LAKE JACKSON OUTBOARD MOTOR—1159 35-hP. Evln- rude, electric, long abaft. Used 3 months. S450. Phona CT 7-2U7 from S to S P.m. 57 SCOTT ATTWATER 33 to outboard In good condition and boat that needs work Will sell together or separate. AN 5-2357. BRAZORlAj—Htw 3 bedroom Dome. Tilt bath srnc? half, garagi. 100' frontage redwood lencttui. Ho down payment 207 2nd St. O. L. McKay AM S-S322. CLUTE—?ltt room home on donbli 83x165 lot. AN 5-2129. CLTJTE—S500. down $60. month tray neat house. Urge lot 75IK7 with lot! of trees and shruby. ABC Realty BE 3-3221. BOOM. Lit tptrtmcnt tn nar mlerest. - Only 11I.SOO. Mrl. W. Walter Rial Estate BE 3-2541. pay I«S FORD halt-Ion ptcknp. U!». J«« trier 4 p.m. at 91! West tin, Fretport. '.",ED CABS FOB Pacts FORD—UW ( cylinder. Radio tud better. Can AN 5-24H. . PORD lt», coupe. Pertttl Condition. (295. Phwe AN 5-22K. MUST SXLI. SS Mercury Cruiser or SS Ford Fan-lane 500. Both low mileages. New condiUoo. 103 Finn Moe, Lsie JadaoB. CT 7-4328. dip me for fast action The Bmosport WANT AD CRDER BUNK Writ* JVM ad bure: (on* «rw4 ** *Mk UM Alexander Rites Set Wednesday Funeral Cervices lot D. D Alexander, 70, of Angleton \ :il be held at 11 a.m. Wednesday at the Gardner Funeral Home Chapel In Angleton with the Rev. T. Stewart officiating. Burial will be in Hcarne, Tex. Alexander had served as cook at the Brazorla County Jail for the past 12 years. At tht time of his death he was also night jailer and deputy. He died Friday afternoon after an illness of more than a month. He is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Willie T. Stone at Dallas. « a x t, m ri cl f-i R y B i J Y ft SIUCA— 1S5S Station wagon 3 gallon. Excellent condUon. alter 5 pjn. 30 mflei per BI 3-4(30. UtO EDROPEAN SEDAN—Coupll tlatt- tnt Europe In December will bur u European sedan (or an Inttnattd party at lax exempt price In exchange tor Us use while there. Cath only. Delivery In Houston. AS 5-atO. 1. 2. 4. OUTH PARKWOOD — 101-103 Ash Lane, I bedrooms, family room, 2 bttltt, 1 car fartffe. Insulated. Your present borne might 'make the down paymint E. Sauer, Realtor. Texas Belter Homes, CY 7-77SI. 129. MOTORCYCLES. MOTOR SCOOTERS ALLSTATE—l«5t AUstatt motor icool ir for sale «25. Can after 4:M BI 3-3249. 128. AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES TIRE SALE WEEN YOD 8KB tkls ooovraleolly located spacious 3 bedroom homt on one-wooded acre, you would want to la (12,995. Mrs. W. L. Walter Estale. ,BE J-2541. 214 LAUREL. 3 bedrooms, extra large kitchen, small utility building, fenced. JAMBS U. ELBERT REALTOR. CT 7-MJt Dty Night CT 7-2165 . B. J. DAVID BXALT7 'Phont «• M2J*. FKCEPlll.'l - U13 W. Tlh-4500 down. PBBRY-S 1*ANDU«OI ten. t bedroom naitH. CLUTE—Large u>u. bow Den menu. LAKE JACKSOK— 110 Laurel, i btaroom V d* Ft» CLUTE—Nice roomy 2 bedroom hi $4500.00. 100 West Marlon St. Phone AN S-9MO or AN S-5U9. 57. BUILDING MATERIALS SO. «VORK WANTED. WOMEM CHILD CARE: rx fa Mr. Fenced yard. TV. also ffight and Sundav Mrs. Prather AN 5J572. BAY NUBSERY-Fenced play ytid, by day, nour, or week. Mrs- CMOS. 137 Bouthen Oaka Drltl. AN 5-2»15. IBONIHO in ^.501™ tt 'II Freeport BB J-2204. SEWINO—Children's tewing done. Also button hotel made. Mrs. Wlenyk. 129 Smith St.. Clute. WILL CARE for several children working: mothers. References. CT 7 4159. 'Aim SPECIAL. - R: 5oe» BUB tnd outside white SU. nl. TF Iblpllp Sc. 215-rooflng 17.35 Western Lumber BE LMfll CLDTE—'FIril one here gets toll 1 bedroom bargain. 1100. total cost to move SB. Extremely low monthly Payments, Floattr-Carter and Associates. CT 7-J47T. SHAKES NEED PAINTING f H..80 per gallon GULF LUMBER COMPANY 167 S. Main, Clute AN 5-28B1 58. FARM EQUIPMENT CASE RACTOR—2 row equipment, r svcle. Ph. 3099, Brtiorla. 81 '.dlJ-lOOMS .-Or. RENT FREEPOHT—Furnished or unfurnished room for man. Private' bath, entrance. 1306 W. 6th. BE 3-4503. Bournes 3 bedroomi. Utlng and family rooms. Large kUchtn. S4SO. «77 monthly. 1 bedrooms. Extra large. Uttng tnd dining rooms. Spacious kitchen. 11400. 572. monthly. 3 bedroomi. Carpettd living room. 11*50. 139. month. , Rowland Realty, CT 7-654! FIn»- r»r to Rees.Bf.ible' ALL ROAD HAZARD GUARANTEED 5. 6. Robert Galloway Rites Monday AM Funeral services for Robert Bertrnn Galloway, 48, ot 117 North Avenue A, Freeport, were scheduled tor 9:30 a.m. today at the Freeport Funeral Home Chapel. Rev. George A. Beck, pastor of Freeport St. Mary: Star of the Sea Catholic Church, officiated. Burial was in Restwood Memorial Park. Galloway was killed Instantly Thursday night when the car he was driving went out of control tnd crashed through « railroad blinker light on the S curve on Highway 288 just out ot Almeda. Survivors include his wife, darie; four sons and five aughters; parent*. Mr. and klrs. R. B. Galloway of Wins- >oro, Ky.; five brothers and hree sisters. op*** the great majority <* an played by deoterer •* a contract. Proper tmwtj • ,gement *s consequently Srtant fat4or kt tb* ) bn- 10. 11. 12. •II WOBBS •1 line ralnlminn 11'; 15, FOOH BOOM dwelling on 1 acres acrois from Rlchwood Addition. Water wtB. Well located and • btauUNUy land- LAKE JACKSON 219 Camerllia Large ramHy room 237 Acaelt—3 bedroomi. 315 Redwood—3 bid. t$5 tlontg. 140 Laurel—1 bid. Brtuewiy. SW llagnollt—I bid air conditioning. 156 Hulsache—S200 down. 18. 1012 N. Gull Bltel Fieeport | I'HONE BE S-ZZS2 19. tha card*. There to a*waj« tfcw !•«•*•« of vrheUwr *» to** t delay thOr extraoUoB. anlwada when declarer to best to Icnore tin ouUtand. p* and mtnhM hta own trSrap, «nd dummy 1 * to th« b«tt The subject tloe* self ta easy genorallratlon, IVM only long Mtptrttm,* - -»*" UM t-nsrwer to tt«t 11 problems tht* ess* Strts*. West M k (Mb snd ' wen *it* «h» «««. •« etarer now drmw «a«tn«p»t Printed Pattern W««* •MUnr •**. Itouttt Tttfte aatl iMda a IhM found <M 4Umend.v Now We«* to «t> acataat It. H ha Kaita *a four* jw«d •« dubs, dwclatw nsffc. Trta, thVa vrtH re*»o» 8o«Ua ta «n>*f twa tmrap% but deehawr aaa withstand tb* «horta,ja Uttauaa dummy. w«fc thr-e food tnimpa, tsjceacbatfii at UN oaMandlnf) heart*. ' ' ' three diamond trick*. His tea winaera cMatot et thna »5»<1««, UM thr«« trump* dummy dnma, •ad four d«* tttefca. _ • K We«t «OM aot eh*, tMekuar «rtM any reharn. dnum _twmpa> and caa*et\«fce FREEPORT — 3 bedrooms, I family room, electric kitchen, 2 car gtragt, assumption. S127. Uonth. Urs. W. L. Wilier Real EsUtt. BE 3-2541. 411 Jasmine—Bath and Ul wisteria—Corner lot. Its Forest Oik Lane—3 bedr ton air conditioner. FREEPOKT 1114 West llth—btth and bull FREEPOHT — Very nlct redecorated private bedroom with bath. 1E03 West 5th. BE 3-1539. 11. SERVICES OFFERED ABO OPBOL3TEKY— fT» it -n Skilled upholstery by id Craftiman BB SJ774. . » — no W Sth. Freeport, FREEPORT — 1 bedroom apartment 1229 West 9th. Call AN, 5-SeSS. tral hUutlag, lull _ jtters. IOUTI 101 Cottont/a lOCfAL CD. Oen- utomitle kltehen hoodt, _.jg«. oaahlng. AN »4t51, wood Drlfe. Rlchwood. FREEPORT—2 btdroom aparment. Btott and refrigerator rumlsatd. Ftaetd back yard. BE 3-2242. CARPORTfi. aluminum awnings/ and 1 •" Bo money oo. AH down. O U L V CABFENTBB work wanlea — Bepllr windows, add onto homes, turns aheel- rock. Upe. float and texture painting BE 3-12i« COBTOM UADt SEAT CuVEES, dooi uanels. Unera. Expert workmamhlp Srry'a npholaten Hhop «W r- tad Et. 85. UNFURNSHED AP-'M'NT FBEEPOItT—SU Wtat Board. Large S btdroom home only t75M, lira. W. L. Walter Rtal butt. BB MM1. FREEPORT — Ult Witt 12UL X Wd- room wltn den. Uonthly payments (49. BB 3-1151. FRBBPOBZ-M Wtat Xtt. Lltt to tkll 4 bedroom hoqu wnflt Fretport trows to you. SILHt. Zoned commercial now. Urs. W. L. Walttt Bttl Eslatt — 3-2541. PREEPOR1 t oecnom apartmanu, hardwood floors, ttla ktths aid ' ' boards H. J. 'Davta* Realty, BE JONES CREEK — 4 tad 3 room apartments redecorated. Private bath. garage. Phone BE 3-4018 alter 5 B.m. tOTJSt BEDROOM gw our VA and FBA apsarwttl I TEXAS BBTTBB HOtH» Ct T-W1 : OYSTER CR1 btdnom. all brick 1 yr. old. Will tab trade-in In Wtat Fittpart BOOBB DrUKB or JOB TALBOT CT 7-4411 103. LOTS FOR SALE BA8THOP EATOr/—Lit Uf w*t«r front. Plenty of ahadt ttttt. Fhont BE I-3M1 or BB 3-2B4. BABTROP BAYOU — A large 13SX25S lot only SMtS. B. U Ituac. Bttltor. or -wiu, JONES CBBXJE—Lltl Otk Dritt—4 btdroom. opt ten, Dbu houw to bt nmodtltd. lluet. tin. W. L. Wttttf Beat BsttU. BE 1-2541. LASX JACKSOK ahtdf lot. UeOSJ. NMI d ahoniotr. $L2M* BB 3-1IM. JONXf CBBXK-ottr 2.300 aoun fttt ot living ana. 4 btdrooma. halt ten, LOVELY PLACE lor imtll family, 1 bedrooms, garage, In shady Oaks. (SO Mo. Floeter-Cvter and AssocUtti. CY 7-2«7. 86, BAVENPORT CPHOLSTERY — Call BE 3-1272 free estimates gladly given. Located on Slaughter Road. GENERAL ELECJBIO aiRVlCi. For competent aervlet on youy QE. tpplianct Ctl) yonr QV lealtr Cllflun'i BE 3-1221 ODTTERS - Galvanized Don—Installed. 60c per loot. Nothing down, S5.00 monthly Call Angleton. Tl S-753t. K3RBY vacuum Cleaner Cc SALES t SERVICE S24 HW! 1BI .\N SJM3 + + ORNAUETAI OtON Columns and Satllflgs V. V. Byroav T> PAINTLNa !>uer nangmg '- ttnlBhinB. Sldlo- Jad return A. R. Olover. BE 3-31BO a SB M1S2. FURNISHED AP'TM'HT. FOR HEN'i LAKI JACKSOK—133 HuUtehl. 1 bad- room. 1171 to. ft. MO cub, Mo. TBXAS BETTER BOMBS CT 7-7761. A.NGLETON —'Completely lurnlihed. Dlllltles paid. 2 bedroomi. IV, bttlu, air conditioned. On Bastrop Bayou* South Hwy 238 4Vi miles. Children tni animals welcome. Freeport Schoo bus. Aliens Tax Office. CLUTE—3 room furnished Private bath. New sofa paid. Inquire BE 3-22(2. apartment* bed. Bills bargain at BE 3-3055. SU,500. Consider trade. NBAS 1 ten ot land fronting 100* on old Braxoa Rlttr. Loetted on North FrMport side . of channel, midway oetwMu Vtuuca too; nipper tnd. 8u Impnvimtnli tad la will land- tciptd. atlltn tualty BB mti. VETERANS t) WORLD WAB n KOREAN CLDTE— 3 room Brick tpartmeat tt 405 Cora St. 125 Uo. AN 5-2214 or All (• 2138. CLUTE—Nicely rurnidieO duplex with utlUtles paid. AN >2215, FINANCING IN BECAUSE YOU HELPED YOUR HEART FUND... You speeded development of surgery to correct•defects of the heart and its vessels, with the result that many thousands of hearts and lives have been saved. For mor« progress ... 120. s D»y» 1D»T M WOKDI 913* Rltlty. OT 7454J. OYSTEE CREEK FBOHTAOX! Eouth- era Oaks Drtti UO's33V B. L. Sauer. Realtor. CT 7-77IL RIOO5 OAKS Pavement, X T-77«L BwT 33S. UCdSO L. Saner Bttltor, SOUTHERN OAKS-Lot with 1M' on Oiattr Critk. CT 7*781 after 5 P.m [KPUOUR NAVY Teach Safety Subject* To Preschool Child "our nMf UM daw >M> tftn M feMst t* •*>••, MM •Ml (flOwk tijrJiWMas*| til'* t» tW 24* SOOTH PARKWOOD SOTJ-DIVISIOK You can buy a choice lot, Ttua BtUtr Homes. CV T-77SL VELABCO—One btlf block. Alto, one block, clou to tcHooL cturches. tod anopplng canUr. Pli. Jam J-loeter CT 7-2477 or CT 7-M4» PLANTATION PA£Kl«». DOWN US. per montb. Htvi ta- f un>n*<***.«» **fki*j* —- . , i^- ... au-. .... CLUTE — 3 rooms and b«ui. ouiitiei'. Lake Juksom's awweat anal meat paid. 114 week. 211 Brockman ltd. I Pno.-.t AN 5-5162. I BAD1ATOBU, icagnclo!, lawn :i.over* and small engioes, pans and service BRAZOEPORT aAOIATOR WORKS Mil Rwy 2M rreeoo.-! 8E 1-1271 '•• on^l^x—Large nice 3 rooms, Near PHOTO BSORAVJMQ—For tie oest to , Pnoto Ensrtylng, Zinc halltoues. Zinc lint etttg- Ont dty service wltb vork |ps>rutet(> Call now Rec Jonnson. .mi Byuusport Pacts eagravlns pju-Unent Phone BE *-:ill. or rent. Call Und-i'tr r.f) j •-••- ia: l>Uenhus) sun a&rt, Bra. • Uenke's 150 Mo. No bUll paid. BE 3395). PREEPOHT — Very clean," 4 room/ uctlltles 1223 West 4tb. couple compUmenU* tsalckborltoti L ItaUtnartt only. Apply I tnti 20th! alley. Phone] Street next to bowling BE 3-2919. NICEST 2 bedroom garage apartment wlUl porch In North Fretport. Adults only. 804 Ave. C. BE 3-1454. bedroom*, 1. 1M. > VwUu, wetU dr.tae« loU. ABC R.alyt BE J-3222. I ACRES—Wooded, high and dry. Dull raid. Telephone. School but to Sweeny. Will trade lor anything of taint. Rowland Really, CT T-SJ4J. 104. 3USINES8 PROPERTY 34, TV SERVICt I NICE rCRKUHED >.;"ARTMENT — i' Adu'.t^. Air coadlt>i.tie<* 505 Soatb AVI. C. CY /<3t>2. tide walks aad paved street* $12000-117000 TRADES OUR SPECIALTX LASOE warehoUM with lot on L Jtekuo-Cluti road next to Palmer's Sporting Shop. 12500. O. L. McKay AH 54321. PLANTATION DSrvZ - UT frontttl only 111.000. A MM taunt toot building thrown In. X. L. Stuer. Realtor, CT 7-7761. fJD YOOBSEUr tlf iAUGlTU fl«. ^&PHOMI Lit Socoiy Oebari (epalr ' ' njD TOO KNOW thtt eating natural ^ood Trill mtkt you ftf betteir? JSw". Natural Foodi. 8wj 2M Tr»4ln» Post. BB 'RULERS .^ rtsi lurnUoel. J»riv»t», bathi 340!. Biratoo* ' -til < er ^Jr: H.W/ 288. CY 7-7010 SDOAH luni. AN 5-8941. Bwy 168 Cluto. 87 UNFURNISHED HOUSES : FOR BEMY I 'E^UTK-.^i' East Pccao Laoe. 1 bed* room house with large living room &nd lutcheu. Only 141 per month vlth the water furnlahed. Town >&d County CY 7-7777. U YOUR BOSDIESS I4OHT COM. UERCIAL? Do you nied t new location thtt oilers plenty ot tralllc, large lot, abundance ol parking? Set 111 Plantation Drive. Laki Jactson UtU) building, OB 701137 lot. Solid reinforced slab. Cork tilt floors. Tor sale only. Call Leo Anderson CT 7-70U. Normtn's WtEEPORT—1504 Avt K, 4 rooms tnd gtrtgt. BE 3-43S4. \jAiUC LAKE JACKSON BOLLOW THE BUSINESS Building on Utln Street In Clule. Low Down Ply- meat tad Owner Will Flninct. B. J. Dtvlt Realty, BE 3-522t. JO.. -ICHEAGE FOr SALE 25. H WOBDI Cat IbN DetCTlfUeei Drier Met. ItVWTtttM P»y Lew Ta Davy 13 WORDS 6DAY&51C Ron At (Ninator) BectuitBC la 9123 4Vw-24Vt PrlDt*4 aHttwf* »1M. Hal Slats itH. HVi. llH. »Vi, » I*. Slae HVi tskts S yards «h fabric. Send Thlrty-Hvs «eM» IB coins (or this pttttra — sdd 10 cents tor eaek pattirn lor flrst claas maillot. Send to 170 Newspaper Pattens Dept, lit West 18th SU New York 11, N. Y. Print plalal NAME, ADDHKM wltk ZONK. •»C as! wTYLt HOMifs to Mi cam i SMUOM Of *t> OOWltT, M , «• TOHtlR kMi «• » 10 kttTOfl to tte tov iStjatatataiiiiati ijrii.wtw^tsisf nv*aatr • i - — Ja>> threat to yoHtf JtcMIlM ts/ pcMtenl «r IMstfOdS. Tour dotjto* k kt • posntlon to ttMM yo* TRY FACTS CLASSIFIED (Date) Eneloswd Is 9 Name Address City Stat* FhOB» WILD PEACB-U to M acres down payment. ID ytara on baltai Owner CV 7-2S2I. laUl i«.| TB.e FACTS CLASbiFIED The Braiosport Facts WANT ADS Box U6S FREEFORT WAS CONDEMNED BUT 6RUMP IS NO LON6ER WITH THE R4PER— HE'S A PRESS 46ENT HOW"* «4ND MV/ HOW His PESSONALrr H4S TUAHK 4MO1U4TUP TWTO MICKEV4LPEBT, BOSTON MASS.

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