The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on June 2, 1952 · Page 4
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 4

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 2, 1952
Page 4
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PAGE '4-^ THE BAYTOWN SUN, MONDAY, JUNE 2, 1952 Editorials .. . In ussia Many newspapers recently carried ap article' by William L. Ryan of the Associated Press which dealt with conditions in Moscow. It was based on information gained from a man who had recently left the Soviet capital. According to him, the Kremlin makes a point of raising living standards a trifle each year. Even so they are far below ^ the level in the United States and many other nations. A constant barrage of propaganda is employed to convince the Russian masses that "nobody else, in the world ever had it so good." Ryan dealt briefly with the situation in Russian retail stores. One leading department store, he wrote, "opens at about 11 a.m. At 9 a.m. there is already a queue running far back from the entrance. The store is invariably crowded, as are the food stores. There are some attractive displays in the windows, but usually the purchaser fails to find these item on the shelves." Contrast this with the average American store—whether it be large or small, a chain or an independent. Long waiting lines are unknown, except in the case of some terrific bargain sale. There is plenty of goods,for all who want to buy—and a very wide selection of styles, colors, qualities arid so 'on. There are no phony window dressings— whatever is displayed there is on sale inside. If the consumer doesn't like one store, he is free to go to a competitor's shop. He could not do that'in Russia, where everything is a state monopoly. Next time you shop, whether for such daily necessities as food or for a season's wardrobe, think of the vast differences Between freedom and communism. It should make you mighty glad you live here—not in the "workers' paradise" the Kremlin bosses. First Principle Speaking at a stockholders' meeting, the chairman of the board of one of our large oil companies made this significant observation: "The most serious danger we and all business face is the rapidly growing government control ... "Some believe an increasingly big and' powerful central government is" necessary to deal adequately with the complexities of the times in which we live, and that busi- 'nessmen are so avaricious and lacking- m good citizenship and human decency that thiey require rigid government inspection, supervision and control. And they see no reason why one of the moat potent controls —taxation—should not be employed to the point of confiscation. This seems to be the philosophy of many honest and capable men soon after they become associated with the government in Washington ... they develop a tendency to consider themselves wiser and more filled with the love of mankind than the rest of us mortals who are not, m government." - . Oil happens to be a conspicuous example of how dynamic, competitive enterprise flourishes in the air of freedom—the traditional air of America. It is also an example of how the profit motive drives men to take great risks which have resulted in achievements and discoveries of immeasurable benefit to the nation and everyone within it This could never have happened under a system where the government controlled and directed everything— and where con- fiscatory taxes made fair profits impossible. . , This nation was founded on the principle that the government which governs least governs best. In The Lyons Den By CHARLES E. WILSON jiyst American Assembly of Columbia Uni v | Arden, New'Yorfc. He told some of th» at the meeting of his General Motorg he'll be. faced with a demand to elect a the board of directors, a measure he then had to face the wrath of, three paper women attending the conference— H Ovetta C. Hobby and Anne Ollare iIe - who asked him how many women owned 0 Motors stock, bought GiVt cars, drove Q etc ... Tom Watson, head of International" ness Machine, came to the ladies' defense ing that one of his IBM vice-presidents is a ^ "She's a smart, able executive, and ha*", her femininity/'^ said Watson, who then u n ' ly lost them by adding what he thought compliment, "She has the mind or a Today's Bible Verse FOR THE LIFE of the flesh is in the blood: and 1 have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for your souls: for it is the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul. Leviticus 17:11 Looking At Life Washington Merry-Go-Round: GOP Congressman Hires His Wife For Security Reasons By DREW PEARSOX book, "Book About American Poli- WASHINGTON...'..— Congressman tics,' r dedicated to Judge Marvin Ernest Bramblett, Republican Joneg Qf AmarU1Of Texas, now from Pacific Grove, Calif., faces . . , . ,. , ' T , c /-«,,,-+ «f some interesting new angles about chief justice of the U S. Court of the reason for keeping his wife on Appeals. the payroll. His official explanation, just re UNDER THE DOME—Mrs. Joe .. . _ I . iO-13 XJl. ili-lcil CAJJ»CIHCH.IV»», ju^i. »~ By Ench BrandeiS cently uncorked, is that Washing- O'Mahoney, wife of the statesman , ton is so riddled with Communist sena tor from Wyoming, says she WHATS ALL this talg about "inherent" power. ies he has to have SO mcone who . . • husban ^ w m be defeat- I 1._J ..„ 4-kan-nrrl "inVl^rpnt in -.. , i. _ r 1._t,;_~ »•.-, IIUVJLS UHi il u^ ucvn-i Have you ever your dictionary? looked up theword "inherent" in will keep secrets from leaking to the Communists. seems to IjL UJ.\*kAv/fti<cfci^ > * - m , i.iH-VrfXj'******'-****^ i-.j. _ ^ Inherent" means "belonging by nature; malien- In giving this alibi, however, the it. Mrs. O'Mahoney is 'tired of able." ,, congressman overlooked the fact po ]jtics, tired of the thankless job Since when has ANY human being any power that that Mrs> Bramblett has been on h . h husband be & sen a,. .._ i_ t.: v,. -^^4-iim nr- frtinf- is inalienable. .... n f r:,.~ !„„„ ,.^,-,,-c- Ul ""••"'s i ' t - 1 *• " belongs to him by nature, or that is inalienable? Legal power is man-made: inherent power is Gods alone. j She b/ga°" dSUSTtuTS^dS-d tor ... Ho^vor, O'Mahoney w™ld from the government in 1947, long be badly missed in Washington, is When I was a kid I learned the Lord's Prayer. before he was worr - lc a about Com- one of the most conscientious And, according to the Lord's Prayer, all power he- munists and Before "loyalty" be- leaders on Capitol Hill . . . The longs to GOD. , came an issue. Senate is taking a look at the ap- "For THINE is the kingdom, and the power, ana go pcrhap3 w hen Congressman pointment of Tom McCall to be the -1 *•-=*.'" it says. And just before that, you 11 re- Bramblett talka about "security" postmaster of Lanaford, Pa., due u asked the Lord "And Lead us not into whafc he refllly mcans is sec urity to the fact that his brother Pat for the family bankroll Because is in income-tax trouble. Both he, and his wife have drawn a brothers have been associated m total of $126,270.59 from the tax- the coal business, and internal payers during his six years in of- revenue charges Pat with being -' '- " "7 Vaf'Jj* hnvp been taueht by «ce. Her share of this is $36,270,59, 560,000 short on his 19W and 1945 Unless we make .what *e haxe been taugbt oy ^ curr ^ nt salary being $ 707 .S7 a taxes ... Tom McCall who wants [but deliver-us from evil." i dozens of times what I it is • 'BY,"it isn't worth anything at all. our parents and teachers and [™™ si ™?™\%[ montY'or"^^ "a'y^ar-which to be postmaster, claims his lives, we nught as ^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^ &gents . brother owned the coal business; T\KE it Re- make. hfe was only superintendent . ]\ r ote—since the congressman is If Oliver Bolton is elected to l^on- Agriculture gress from Ohio, as he probably be heathens. A medicine is no _ li^ion is no good unless you USE WHEN THE Banshees, a writers' and artists' club committee, the only secrets that will be, Washington will see the to which I belong, recently gave a luncheon for ihf> m j g ht leak out to" the Russians first case of a mother and son Publishers' Convention a few weeks ago, I looked. per tain to potato scab, tobacco serving in Congress together, tub number of guests who might well wildfire, tomato blight, witch's ^mother is able Mrs. Frances Boik around and saw a have "claimed "inherent power' but never did Thev were either too'modest or too BIG. wnen d i se aso in soybeans. they' 'were in power—temporarily—they had too much humility to brag about it. , , broom in lima beans or frogeye ton of Cleveland Heights, Ohio. KEY SENATORS—The fate of the CAUSTIC CONNALLY — Though President's veto on tidelands oil * Thev knew that ALL power passes away and that Sen. Long Tom Connally will re- hangs on only a handful of votes. * thTrQ^hK^f today are the lowlv of tomorrow. tire from Congress this year, he As a result, lobbyists are concen- » the mighty ot tooay a.e u^e . ^ hasn't lost any of his cantanker- trating on-a few aenators^-particu- ' THERE WAS former President Herbert Hoover, ousness—as clearly indicated dur- larly such Western Republicans as * He was sitting quietly among the other guests. No ing a spec ial presentation to Ecton of Montana, Watkins of * fanfare, no trumpets, no nothing. Just an aging George Stimpson, popular Wash-'Utah, and Malone of Nevada. " man—but aging in DIGNITY—a man of wisdom and j ng ton newsman and author of They represent big inland states ^ of modesty. " many books, at a National Press with nothing to gain if three states * There was Gen. Douglas MacArthur in civilian club gathering. get control of the oil under the t clothes. He* CERTAINLY had power once—iremen- » It is my pleasure to present seacosts, and hitherto they have * dous power. Yet, he learned but recently—if he had Q eorge w jth a beautiful watch," voted with the President. They 1 not known it right along—that NO power is inner- said Connally, "like one I bought also knpw the schools of their s ent, that the gold braid of the moment may turn to in Geneva ]ast summer." states might benefit if tidelands "Why don't you get him an oil goes to'all 48 states. American.- watch?" piped up vet- Senator Malone of Nevada is be- eran editor Clarence Marshall of ing watched especially, because CHARLES LINDBERGH is writing a book •"*' aviation, starting with the history of sir' .... • t > J *ii Jfl: Time magazine planned to use a cover-« Johnnie Ray but substituted Lucille Ball so that there was no time to have a picture nrf her . . . Paul Gregory, producer of the Boy er-Laugh ton-Hard wicke-Moorhead will send Tyrone Power and Raymond ing in the fall in "John Brown's Body" Dewey is being urged to name Asst. U. s'j Florence Shientag to the Supreme Court caused last .week by thy death of her husba tice Shientag'. BOB WOODRUFF, head of Coca Coi Vwi Louis Marac' idea of last minute rttwt available for telephone callers who We "COKENKW" as they would phone to weather prediction or the, correct time TJ Lesser will produce Jed Harris' adapt| 0 n'»n Geraldy's "If I Wanted To," which ran 825 formancc* in Paris. Celeste Holm probablr play the starring role The new solarium at White House is within view of a nearby The President refused to hare an awnir. at that spot, because it would obstruct th' they want to peek,** he said, "let 'em." ROBERT VOGELER, who was StaJin't an •will give the commencement address at hU mater, Peekskill Military Academy, on June Lionel Hampton will get a record fee, $15,0031 from the Apollo Theater in Harlem' He 'NICE KITTX' DEAI/.THAT DIDN'T PAX OUT My New York— Hi Abouf Time For Norfh Shore G/V/To Appear as ''Oak Point," the Harrison \Vil- old financial baron lived life fully tinsel the next moment. \ There was Gene Tunney, whos presence in iny crowd would have caused a sensation some years ^^^ , I ago. who was cheered and acclaimed by the multi- the"KiplYnger News Letter. assistant, Ben Whitehurst;. once '- tudes. His was the power of strength. Today he 44][ hevn . t had time," shot back offered to lobby against the fed- ,„,„—,„ I was just one of more than 1,800 guests. No one the senator from Texas, "and be- eral government on behalf of oil- By MEL HEIM&R ' paid any particular attention to him. . sides I wouldn't do it * I thought of the Duke of Windsor, also a,memacr yQU „ ? of The Banshees. If ever a man had "inherent" pow- T hat'endcd that. " er, he was IT. Then LOVE came along—more pow- Stimpson, v.-ho was being honor- ^ „. ~ & - r - , - . , _. . ... . . , '" *---'-—* cd afteyr30 'years as e Washington from the federal government In cal transportation, and once again Harbor Hill, which Clarence the grass grows.; wild and long r-nvsman 'has just written a new the end, Long Beach didn't bite. I shall resume my endless study ot ^ackey had constructed early in where once there wer.e beautiful. ' J her. this century at a cost of more than rolling lawns. You couldn't find a By the North Shore is meant the ^ million. ^ f more apt symbol of a way of life top part of Long Island; Man- MAN y OF.THE old horhes now hatan's backyard.-Now,-. Long Is- arfi occupied by strange tenants, land is spilling with millionaires- Walter p Chrysler's place at Kings * erful than all the power in the world. And pfft went ? his "interent power." " LET NO 1VIAN ever think he has any power at all except the power that God has given him to enjoy "r for just a few fleeting moments. . : > T ^ him remember what is written in the 16tn career as a newsboy at that corner, dancin- 4 ming, playing instruments and shouting the hi lines in rhyme to spur sales ."". . When MiltonB- phoned his mother, Sandra, to ask about hit & birthday celebration, the poker-playing plained: "It was awful. I had a straight and lost.' I TOOK Berle Mesta to the Barberry Room uU Morocco Saturday night by way of relaraUoa f| her before she reported to Washington. ShtU i nothing about the presidenHal candidate o< after the conventions . . . Mrs. Me&ta, incldusti. has known the Eisenhowers for fdonj time, nj first met when Mamie Eisenhower brought husband to Perle E s parties 25 years ago..,J M.esta will cover the Democratic convention one of the ne\Vs services. The fee will b« _ for her scholarship fund. She refused a$5,OWtfil to write an article about Margaret Trunaa, t cause she. can not write about her clos« fritndt.i RICHARD CONTE, now in .New York for thei miere of "The Fighter," will work with TEM Williams on the screen version of 'The Rwt too," in which he will appear . . . Turner C»il wearing a dinner jacket, was mistaken for t! waiter by some customers at Sardi's. The nu editor of the New York Times accepted thepo$*| them to a table and distributed menus ..:.' Hollywood executives own. a new TV pttznt showing movies to TV subscribers, with ti ed to the users' phone bills. But thV telephone i pany wants nothing to do with such.outjide jects whichmake it appear that the phone m increased. , JOHNNIE RAY'S weddlnr yift to hL» n«vr fsti in-la.w, Cnarles Morrison, was a-n nit^ Ray re-cords . .]V At the wedrtinr mtptioel Gojfi's I^aRue, Kay told u* that he'd snuV much on his weddinjf day. it'll be hard to ' crying stjcain . - - "There** no wetldinjj jfift for UA," said omsGf the guest. "We'll jurt handkerchiefs" . . . Golujf from the raeUncBoSt the military, T then went to Bernard M. Bir dinner for Gen. and Mrs.. Matt hew Ridfwsj general, \vhos« comments were off-the-r spoke ably and frankly. In Introducing Banich said he \v»s the man who filled the ii» of one sreat and ab!^ adminsitrator, *nd now i leaving for Europe to fill the sho«'ol.««H >>iich one. cha.pter of the Book of Prophets: "Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fail. Try And Stop Me _ Grab Bag Of Easy Knowledge that has go'ne, if you tried. A Central Press Feature or thousandaires. I imagine you , , . ca31 thcm now in these da ^ °^ through the grades to major gen- bone-crushing taxes — on both The Answer, Quick I ^ -1. When is the summer solstice? eral. He wag with Group Opera- 2. Can you identify Farmer cions division, general staff during the majority. By Bennett Cerf George by this nackname? Point now is headquarters for the United States Merchant. Marine Academy, while "Winfield Hall," shores, but the North Shore has lhu onetime Frank W. Woolworth mansion, is a research center for From The Sun'Fiies 1942-44; assistant chief Oi staff of Jt mu< . L ^ the weelthicst strip Reynoids Metal. The Glengariff 3. Who, in the Bible, ate grass? FIans a" d Operations division gen- of Janrf - n Amcrica ,^ d it seems Nursing Home is situa ted in the 4. Remember the evolution trial eml staff in 18 * b - ^ was me " to have bred a strange and fas- former 'residence of Frderick B. IN THE DAYS when the Curb Market ^located o£ John Thomas Scope in^Tcnnes- -s'.gned^ ^commandms gen^ cinating typc of girl _ tall in the middle of Broad Street, New York, the num- sce , some years ago? Whet Chl- ber of reputable brokers was augmented by a fringe cago lawyer was counsel : of ne'er-do-wella who traded frantically in mining ScopesT stocks that were just as worthless as 'they them- 5 ^ Vhat Js usua n y meant ". selves. One of the big shots in the market was Fred mufti? - Schwcd. His son tells of a day when Schwed's watch I stopped, and he unthinkingly gave it to one of the Happy Birthday biggest bums in;the district to take it to the repair " straight and s i ender . her FIVE 1TEARS AGO HEADLINES: 44 Per- Dead In Tornadoes; and Pratt, and-nerish forbid-a night 5 epU J Uc * n ^°]>e Into Election J „ , . . , e — — - hair dub, the Swan, holds forth on the ^ rauds May Redden-Demo Faces; for and Hawaiian department, and Weacne d from weeks and wnonths o kT Arthur "Williams estate at Acheson Defencs Oil Agreement also^was commander of the Joint in the sun sa ;i ing or golfing, Glenv.-ood Landing. " The Tri-Cities was hot in May. Task Force 7. an 1949 he was ap- casual of a ttire, cool of manner William Robertson Coe, who The temperature hit an average of pointed director of the Weapons and confident'of mien. You have once owned ahorse called Oscula- 85 maximum and dropped to a low Systems Evaluation Group, office one immediate reaction on behold- tor that beat Sonny Whitney's of 58 degrees, but on May 5-it was secretary of defense. Htr is now in5 her: Boy, she musfbc rich, -famous' Equipoise, hes deeded 92 -^ ; yT- Constance Lovice v Perry- North Shore today, because it is estate at Oyster Bay, to the Long man ejid Robert Clayton Lanier TOM MEANT sent a copy of his new bb°V. Magnificent Yankees," to Yankee owner DILI ping, inscribed: "If you don't like this .booK, will?' T ; . . Ex-Asst U. ; S. Atty. Bruno Sch^ co-counsel to the King r committee investigitiEfj frauds, :f« retiring:-to private practice after* and brilliant career in;government . . -T-- tion of'the paintings of Jack B. Yeats, the late Irish poet W? B. Yeats, opens ai tional Academy. Tt'wil! include his picture, men Prefer Books." owned by'Anita Loos, aat "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" . . . Ex-Asiwunt Attorney Fred Backer vd II be named'by we to the Domestic Relations Court bench tn:i by It's "hands across the sea" to- Army vice chief of staff. Can you f fd , to ' thinking . about the "Planting Fields,"' his 435-acre day as we wish happy birthdays tel1 *"f n . ame -' - . . 2—He is one of those actors shop •- aay as we wian ntj-yp^ um.iiuo.ja — -~ - . , ^ A-«UH.U ^uuit; uuud.jr, ut^rtoi^ >t. 10 estate at vjyster xsay, w> tne ixjng «»«"i «uiu i^uucrt v^iayton . i^anier A" few moments later he realized he had pulled a to Anna Margarete Gerell. noted ~ , e ls one o£ those actors v^no Qnc Qf t i loge residential areas like Island Technical and Agricultural were married at 'the Firet Meth- boner Turning to a penniless old hanger-on who Swedish artist, and Professor ^ Ieft (temporarily at least) die Newport, Tuxedo .Park, Grosse institute. odist church in Austin. ' was d'av-dreaming on the sidewalk, Schwed mourn- A dam Andrew McConnell, Irish Hollywood scene to ^perrornv on.. Po i ntCt g^., w hcre the handwrit- Saddest of the show places now ' • boner. was day-dreamir. 0 _- — - -- . ed "Why did I entrust my watch to Eddy? Hell surgeon, probablv vamoose with if The old hangeron drew himself'up stiffiy, fingered the collar button on his tieless shirt, and announced proudly. "You can have full trust in Eddy. He happens to be a director in three of my biggest mining companies." You're Telling Mel GYRATE — (Jl-ratc) — edjcc- live; winding or coiled around; curves. Verb intransitive to revolve around a central point: move spirally about an axis, as a tornado. Origin: Latin — Gyrates, mede in a circular form, past participle of Gyrate, to gyrate- radio and television. He was born in ^ on thc wal , is clear and is . Ma anecock Point" J. P. Mor- 10 YEARS AGO in San Francisco, Cal., attended f rigntening> - The establishment of gan's estate on East Island off Frank Braswell was elected pres- Leland Stan^oro university, and any morc m iiji ona ; res in our j^d G len Cove. Notoriously anti-social, «dent of the Tri-Cities Lions club, joined the Pasadena Community is pre ] ude - d b y taxes, of course, and Morgan fled to East Island near succeeding H. S, Malone. theater. He toured in Ine t rqnt the day js | n?vitablc whon no one tng turn Qf the century ^3 threw Miss Sylvia Stern was awarded „ „ .,_ . . will be able to afford the show u p a fabulous mansion—which to- $5 in war stamp's !as winner of a, >nies, rlign riat, rteunion in D i aces thaf Hot. thp North Shore ^air ;»? nT-,.rv-,xt;^^. «-,^ *,!** f«« °v_ virtriry contest conducted by Lass« . -. ^ TT* j x. .*. ~ j*w..*j..\.. *vr^ %.*&^. WA«.J w^ v^• w«» v^v^'*- ^*, '.^c«\IT ne>v5j/aj/cr OL tne xexas day Afternoon. His screen debiu the word is used advisedly and to tear down. State college for women at Den- JOAX BLONDELL is » woman who « ^ quick action when an z>me>Teney *"***' 4 times' with a touch of vaguene**- A " v ^ .married to SSicha«l Todd, the producer, in Hollywood where, one day. covered that one of her children had Todd was making a search.. or able time, but Miss Blondeli phoninjr the authorities. Twenty..mi child appeared and a few minutes doorbell rah*. It .was C-'Aubiey Sm'JJ rable actor who had bern awakened sleep. ""Is the child all right?'' n«, "Yes,' 'said Miss Blondeli. then started she'd phoned.. and - jja«p«d wanted J. Edgar Hoover." "C. Aaorei ,. «pT e „ places, that dot the North Shore day is crumbling end, ales, too ex- victory coi a, one aun- . now And thi5 is Qne time when pensive for the city of Glen Q^g Q weekly i screen aebiit the word is used advisedly and *~ »-—- J —— o k ^*_ —«. was made in "Stolen Harmony'' in corrcct i y . Show places they are. 1934.^ "Guadalcanal ^ Diary," "Ba- Today there are 300 ^ r 400 of Once there was a day when the ton. By William RHt It Happened Today taan," Circumstantial Evidence,^ ^ cs& mansions and the i r e ccom- ROOM AND BOARD 1692—The court of Salem, Mass., "Captain Eddie," 'Interference, parrying estates left. To comple- Each American GI, statistics snow, cost the gov- began trials for witchcraft. 1840— "Bad Boy," "The Lemon Drop ment them ^ erc are p^vate racc- emment SW47 a year. That may seem like a lot of Thomas Hardy Jborn, English Kid," are other films in whicn he courses an( j po^ fidds. a couple jnonev—but it couldn't happen to a nicer guy. novelist. 1944—French Commission acted. He has later pf&yed Martin of p r i vate go lf courses and more , , . r , . for National Liberation establish- Kane, Private - Detective on tele- privately-owned indoor tennis A Britisher claims he never had a singei fuss m Algiers. Africa, provisional• vision. What is his name? - courts, likely, than anywhere M ^ ..-.- !_'-» tX^M. ATCTVi**^ i«r Vio _^. a Vf*<I-TnJi fliTi— ^-^— — _. »_ -^ _^ —i^ —% ' * ~ ** •—By Gene Ahern vs«tt?- * 71 years of married life. What is he a yes-ma am- government of French republic in man World War II. 1946— Italy voted to Singer Johnny Ray, almost overnight, ha^jwnpcd abolish the monarchy. , 'Names at bottom of column). the wor i d . feJill^LL «^v»««»--^ *• •* — - , from cbscurity to national fame. For crying out _^ v - The 5s a good O^P THE^ESTAT^ 'is a tomato a vegetable? asks a reader. Well, •omctimcs it's an answer in a political argument uri The Baytown Sun, In<x, at Pearce and Ashbel tn Baytown, Texas j Editor and Publisher Beulah Mac Jackson , - v ° fflc - "^Jf' Warren f Edwards. Managing c-dito: .. , Subscription KAtes By Carrier—S1.00 Month. 512 Year 'By MaiF-Month Xi.00; 3 Months $2^0; 6 Month* S575;-Year $11,50; Armed Services 75c Month AH roail subscriptions are payable in advance. Entered as second'-class matter' at the Baytown, Texas, Postoftlcc under the Act of CongreM of March 3,1870. Famft—Guess The Name for correspondence and romance. Aldred in Locust Valley at e cost However, don't weer your heart on o{ , more ^^ 53,500,000 (that's your sleeve. Unexpected good for- more u^ three iimcs the cost of tone and great happiness-may he Dong Duke's "Shangri-La" in in store for you Sn the months Hawaii), spread over a six-year ahead. Born under these influences, building period, a child is likely to develop a fond- Aldred, born a poor boy in ness for poetry, art and music. Lewrence, Mass., made untold millions in investments -and when he had "Ormston" constructed it was rooms, -there are several . gate houses, there is 1,400 feet of priv- How*d Yon Make Out? • 1. About June 21. 2i King George HI oJ England. It's Been Said If a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.— Testament, Mark 3:25: :—This Army officer was *n Greenfield, O-, May 26, 1895. In World War I he was a commissioned 2nd lieutenant in, the ln- ate bach and all the furniture was imported from Europe except the _^ _ _ beds.-, at a -f?ost of a half million. 3. ianj Nebuchadnezzar (Daniel -Today, "Ormston" is a monastery 4:33). -, - of the Monks of Saint Basil, a 4. The late Clarence Darrow. Ukranian order. ' " , 5. Plain clothes worn by one who ^ Actually, the carnage along the the right to weer a uniform, "Gold Coast" in recent years hes, l_Gen. John E. Hull. 2—Lloyd heen. large and. depressing. Gone fantry. He has since edvenccd Nolen. the wind are such mansions AH, BLTT, JUNTOS., PUFFLE MEANT ODD ETS'-UKE, AH,\MOLF PUPS, OR. CROCODILES •••• BUT NOT CHINCHILLAS/ •--BY ALL MEANS THE LITTLE DARLNGS OVER. HERE 70 STAY t— BUTYUH SAJDYER.VW1 ALLOW PETS .HERE, SO A FRENNA I KIM BR1MG AM'A^o^^£ OVER, run UVE IN A RABBEST . HLJTCH IN HiS YARD/ 1S.OOO FOR A CHINCHILLA*. OUDGE. -HAS A DEALTM MWD— Success Secret^ By Elmer ARE YOU AFRAID of people? Before swer, stop and think a moment Maybe you aren't afraid of people ^ wouldn't be afraid W crawl into the ^ ^ with the fellow down the street. Th>cn you freeze up when you meet him !n office? . Fear of others holds many a P* 1 " 9 ^ climb to success. Yet it is an un^TTrf see, the other person is just as air* 1 t will think of him, afraid he will c impression, afraid that he will say "^ pnKr HJ Archie Hunter started off as A m Western Union. Today, he is «' es ... Dallas, Texas, branch. Archie tells we rf , upward began when he whipped m* People. - wy ,t8 "In my opinion there is n ^sk" & e frightening behind any door or a •' .^ t "Top Hight, successful executives tbi ' and handled much easier than -' J gthe . n people. Your ,cutomers eat, 5,eep T vtMtitimt t the same as you. They are no ily and financial difficulties, or I." However, Josing your fear or o« lhat you must become rude %na the opposite. Concentrate on oein er in front of the Httle jfuys or w "your fear.will vanish and yo«r ner will put the other fellow *<• be *Me to "get together" and ao Try -it. It works, regardless you're int a5e .

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