Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 11, 1935 · Page 5
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 5

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 11, 1935
Page 5
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*"""""*••"''•'' - - -— u, fi ARE PLANNED FOR BOY SCOUTS AND THEIR PARENTS TWO SERVICES GIVEN OVER TO BOYS YESTERDAY ,. Boys are the center of Interest Itii cfliirch plans for this week, as ; B&£ Stouta obserye tile sliver an- nlversary of thetr drganlzatlon -,; wljlit special services. Scouts. were guests of Honor at Hrst! Baptist church yesterday ii\oftilttfr and' at tfirst Christian cBflttM last evening. Tn each case .the tiojte toolt part in the service, andr heard* sermons addressed to thetri'. . Troopa 4, 20, and 22 attended In a ttody, at the Christian church program'last evening. ' Fathef-son banquets with Scouts as special guests were announced for this week, and! First Methodist church announced that Scouts of tho chtirch troop and Rotary club troop will be guests at the weekly Food, Faith and Fun program Wednesday. After the supper at 6:45 the two troops will present a 1 prograit directed, by Lee Bowden and Everet Westbrook, Scoutmasters. The pas tor, Gaston Foots, will speak to tin. boys; and their parents, all of whom are urged, to attend. The regular. Brotherhood dinne. at First Baptist church Tuesdaj will become a father-son banquet Tickets priced at 60 cents will ad mlt; a,, father and son. Men in the chlurch who have no son are askec to. bring other boys of Scout age. Men of First Christian church wll entertain troop four, and other boys of Scout age Hi the church, with a banquet Friday. _ WORLEY (Continued from page 1.) For Wear With unimportant matters in order tha they might distract from the ques. tion at hand. No Important con. slderations were avoided. No inv portant topics were switched' tha they might • be forgotten or pass without full discussion. Above all, no tempers flared, no aspersions were cast, and no fist pounded the table, of relatively small importance, but of grea significance, was the fact tha twelve men sat around a hote dining room, table for three hour and no,- one drew a picture on the ciothi That's, interest! As a result, Mr. Worley receiv ed; information that should be o gi-eat value in shaping the des tiny ot the gas problems when thi legislature gives final considera. tipn. It was unanimously agreed, that regardless of private interests, ga wastage should be corrected fo: the benefit of the entire Panhan die, wherein all 1 interests are treated, equitably; that while thi Panhandle as a whole would benefit most from a correction' of gas wastage, the problem of equitabli marketing was so inter-related tha it, too, should be solved at the same time. It was pointed out that a mere repeal of the Sour Gas bill would leave conditions in no better shape than they were several years ago; that a decision to leave the bil as it is today would be equally as toad. The concensus of opinion was that both the pipe-line companies and the strippers had! been selfish and greedy in, the Interest of their individual positions, while the land ownes, producer, business and professional man, and private citizen of the Panhandle were being, ma4e. to suffer. MKhJJe- the constitutionality oi the; "ratable, taking'.' plan has been challenged) even, though the plan coniftiiw the possibilities of allowx ing tE«i purchaser to pay any priee tors' the- gas, both sides favored? a ' bill demanding ratable taking, and 'for, a plan calling for the purchase of gas oh a "percentage oi op&l flow" basis, to be regulated fron> month-to-month according to in.BFketi demand , Iff then the producers attempted: to bea,t down the price of gas,, the grow, believed stringent measures coijjdrbe taken to keep- the; pur- ch$» price- above, a justiftable- mln- Im^jBjs. Strangely enough, even though, low purchase-price tactics have prevailed, on the part of some pipeline companies, and strippers have, fought the ratable takjng, plaffl, a^ majority of the group he- liev.e.d botfc factions would agree to sufih ai plan no,w, sund. should pay. a fair price for the gas bought. "Tb» pipe-Una companies and the. shippers Have beseieed tiie legisjatiAre- long enough now" said on? oC the neutral men in the mesJj&f, "They've, been rejecting or -asfiepljine Plans suggested by the, ^wewtersi as they've seen fit. Let's tow the- taWes, in the in- teregir QJ? tfes giate and its people, an$ »N&« tbe legislature 1 the judge in • tjb*- w«e ftw once. Let the people,, through their representatives, draw up. the bUls that will best aj*w tie puWic at large), pre- senS tfe«ia to, the two factions, and telj thrift ttws'v* g»i to accept the, dftpi«e > T>te .waritoff . opportunities of being »n4 jury to their own evils. les&' all privijega of pe?|6fc,tily willing to let the be -th& judge now, ajid atoWie 'by the to. the- letter* without ge." "(jross-sootlon of opinion" For one WHo needa a hat to go With a tailored salt of tweed, a traveling 1 d'utflt or a sport's costume, this classic felt fills the bill. Prom Knox, New York. It conies in a gr,and shade of soft blue, has a .shallow crown' and is trimmed with $and of groi—^'~ and cork-tipped' buttons, CLUB MEETINGS FEATURE WEEK IN SKELIYTOWN Study Of Home and Foreign Lands Enjoyed SKELLYTOWN. Feb. 11. — Mrs. K. A. Sorenson was hostess to the Eleanor Roosevelt Study club Thursday afternoon. Members enjoyed an interesting program on Cuba and the Hawaiian islands. Delicious refreshments were served to Mmes. Black, Sims, Hutto, Lee, Stanley, Sherrleb, Robinson, Stephenson, Haslam, Campbell, and the hostess, members; and a guest, Mrs. Berryman. Sunshine H. D. Club. With a foundation pattern that sho knows how to' use,'the liome seamstress will have no trouble in cutting, Miss Dalton Burleson, Carson county home demonstration agent, said at a meeting of Sunshine club here Tuesday. Mrs. E. M. Stafford was hostess. After the business session three new members, Mmes. Dona Mae Crawford, E. R Hawkins, and B. L. Barns, were welcomed to the club. Refreshments were served to them and to Mmes. W. S. Boyd, A. B Corley, L. B. Hale. E. Hatchell, J. O. Kennedy, L. Fiegenspan, J. C Sims, J. R. Stansell, L. M. Roberts; Miss Burleson, and' the hostess. The next club meeting will be on February 19 at the home of Mrs Hale. , CALENDAR TUESDAY Twentieth Century club will meet with Mrs. Roger McConnell. Mrs. Clyde Gold will be hostess to Twentieth Century Culture club. El Progresso club is to meet with Mrs. C. P. Buckler. Child Study club will meet with Mrs. Horace McBee, 408 N. Somerville. A. A. U. W. Book Review club will have a regular meeting. Hopkins Home Demonstration club will meet with Mrs.'Cap Byars. Merten PTA will ;«ieet at the school, 2:30, for board meeting and 3 p. m. for general .meeting. B. M. Baker PTA will have a board meeting at 2:30 arid program at 3, at the school. Twentieth Century Forum will meet at the home of Mrs. Bob Chafin, 438 N. Ballard. Fidelis Matrons class ' of First Baptist church will have a' covered dish Itmcl^eon at the church 2:30. Builders class of First Christian church will entertain the Harvester class with a dinner, 7 p. m. sire, to see the Panhandle's interests placed above those of individuals, still contains many baffling problems. The strippers have made immense investments in good faith, and are! interested in seeing some plan continued whereby they are allowed to process gas. The pipe-line companies want measures of conservation? effected to insure their long-tune investments. Phe^ oil industry wants the removal |of | gas pressure decreased Jfl behalf jof oil production. y In any event—and every/man that aifeu in/ yesterday's,/group agreetf thfey /were justified—the k-owneis /End 1 produces expect are ITS*" in demanding mea- •es that will assure/them a fair r lce for their gas^nd a return m^thehy^oyalty. I it was/agreed that the as is \ntitled to its\natura-l gas 3 av«»l|ie same Just retfriiids for the 1 /eoopera/lve t ^ velopmerp and ,tural Msou*4e. th* meeting were: / ' I •/ \^ Mel Davis, Genel Cfreen, W J, Smith,/Leroy Miller/ C. P. Buckler, R. G/Allen,, EddJefcDunigan, Slier" Faulkiier, Eugene* Wortey, Art Swafison, Dr. H. H. tocks, and Gilmore Nunn. ^ \ PARENTS s pF TWINS Mr. and Mrs. O. a Tiffany, former Parnpans who nom reside at GvUf camp near iwrger, are parents of the first \wins bor: Hutchinson county tfljs year. Ooy and girl were born lastj%eek in a Borger hospital. Mr. aija Mrs. Tiffany were transferred frojn Paim- 3& about a year ago after living here !our years. He is the soft of J. £. Tiffany of this city. CLASS-B. V. p. tJ. PART* The Ready class and. Senior B. Y. P; BT. of Central Christian church will have a social and box supper at the home of Mrs. McAnally this evening. All members of both young people's organizations are invited. TO WBWE GEOGRAPHY OA3STYQN, Feb. 11 (#)—Thousands of Texas children •vwijl receive, their ideas of their state, from Miss Darthula Walker, head of the geog-. department of the West State Teachers college. Miss Walker has been employed' to write the Texas supplement of the state- adopted text which w4U' be used in, ;hjB seventh grade. QccuBations and th>& relations to natural conditions - • «br«S8e$ by Miss Walter. WEDNESDAY Mrs. H. C. Berry will be hostess to Le Bon Temps club. First Methodist w. M. S. will entertain with a silver tea. at trie C. T. Hunkapillar home, 2:30 to 4';30. Central Baptist Missionary union will meet: Lottie Mobn circle' with Mrs. T. M. Gillham, Bethany circle with Mrs. R. E. Warren, Anna Bagby circle with Mrs. H. C. Chandler. Loyal Women's class of First Christian church will have a business meeting at the church, 2:301 Mrs. Ira Wilson will be hostess to Merten Home Demonstrati'oh club, Treble Clef club will meet at city- club room, 4 p. m. First Baptist Dorcas class will meet at the church, 2:30. PASTOR WILL REMAIN •, DEACONS ARE ELECTED Central Baptist .church .members last evening unanimously insisted that Dr. B. H. McGaha remain as pastor, after he had tendered his resignation and it hlxd been rejected twice but I finally accepted last Wednesday. He' was preparing to leave soon to take up other work, but agreed to remain as members insisted that his leaving would" not'be to the. best interest of the church now. He was given a leave 'of absence until March 1, hBweVer. The service followed an, afternoon of gospel singing, when the Gray cftimty .,singing ,,convention was entertained, .at,, the church building and elected new officers for the year. C. E. Ward was named president, Henry L. Jordan vice president, and H. A. Waters secretary-treasurer. A large number Of out-of-town singers joined the crowd; from Pampa, and enjoyed a program directed by local and, gUCst musicians. Accordian'. solos bj? little Miss-' Ernestine Holmes, PamjJa schoolgirl, were program features. The convention' voted to meet the 1 second SUnd'a'y ih March at Hopkins school'. Another feature of the .congregational meeting last evening was election, of deacons following the resignation of the entire' board.. Ben Hilbun, D!.M. Scaief, H...T. Beckham, H. E. Johnston, and Ben Seibold were chosen to. form the board. Mr. Seibold is a new deacon; the others, .were re-elected- The church pledged full cooperation with the pastor and board for work of the coming year, after,the reorganization. THURSDAY Horace Mann PTA will meet at the school'. Sam Houston PTA will meet, board at 2:15 and general meeting at 3. Woodrow Wilson PTA will have' its regular meeting. Mis. George Sharum will entertain the Eight Hearts club. Mrs, Carl B'aer will entertain the Happy Hour club. Junior Treble clef cliib will nie'et at city club rooms, 4:15. First Methodist Clara Hill class will- have a social at the church, 2:30. Primary department pf the First Methodist church; will have a ValV irje party in the church baseitient, p. til. Priscilla *yf>. club' will meet-with Mrs, Norman* Walberg. Mrs. Boy Sullivan will entertain Laff-aXott cUib. x Intwmedii-te Tdepartment of ,Pii»t Melodist cnwrcn will have a Valeh- ti«S party at- thf church; 7:301 Sociaty pi Holy Souls ; oliUrch : 111) sponsgrvj/pie supper at' thf} t.M qlub roorrss. « of Eastern Star will have toe party with its regular .eenng at Masonic hall, 8 p m. ^n member is to bring a comic [entin«. Annual battquet of First Baptist jiwer people's depa/rtment' •vftil be- given in the church dining room, 7:30. \ SATU1BDAY -, County Parent-Teacher council il}.. meet at high school cafeteria, executive board at 11:30 a. m. and general meeting at 12. • - - '.' <•' Class Welcomes Six Three ne\y couples were welcomed as member^ <jf the young Bi^iWe^' Couples' cfess- at First" Methodisti lehTjrch yesterday. Attendance t'p- taled 23. This class was organized only last month, with Philip 1 Wolfe as teacher. Members plan to enroM, ell couples under JQ yes«s pi age whi that 46 Men Attend CityHall Class Presided over by a carbon b'la'ck superintendent, C. V. Edwards, and taught by a Baptist minister, 0. EJ. Lancaster, the ,12yeryir(an's Bible class was attended by 46 men from all walks of liW.her^ at its meeting in city hall' yesterday. The class trio, Ernest Fletcher, Bob Rose, and A: J. Erwin, sang with Mrs. Tom Rose as accompanist. Announcement was. made of a father-son banquet ait the Qhurch. Tuesday- night honoring Boy Scouts, and members who have no sons were asked to bring other boys. ; .The teacher read §crlpture on the subjects of Covetoushess and EWorld Distress. "Religion has a 1 ' concern for social as weir as . persoiial problems lOf imen," lj!a said. "I jj(i not beiieye that •any, notion' , or man that. lives for i itself or hlniself can survive. We, as a nation, have lived through a period when the motto was 'Grab while, the grabbing is good.' That attitude must be changed before 'tjie'; United States will raise , itself from an eponomlc morass. Civ'iliza- :ti,bh; cannot survive parasites, be they politicians or tycoons." i Thi} president extended an invl- it'atipn to every man, in Pampa to ! attend the ""class.. farewell Party Given By Friends To Address P-TA The Rev. Gaslon Footc, First Methodist minister, is to speak tomorrow on the founders day program of B. M. Biker Paren't- Tcacher association His subject will lie, Tlie Youth of Tomorrow YOUNG CROWDS ENJOY PARTIES OF WEEK-END Birthday ^ Party and Valentine Party Are Given Complimenting Louella Sauhders on hpr birthday, a party was given Friday evening with Mrs. Guy Saunders and Anna Beth Barrett as hostesses. After a gay hour of games, re- jfi'eshments of cake, jello, with cream, and! hot chocolate were served. Guests were Melvin Watkins, Elmer Casada, Bob Gilchrist, Lue Deari Scott, Erdus Dedmon, Charles Hickman, Jeanette Cole, Donna Jo Berry, Melvin Turner, Lela Grant, Woodrow demons, Bash Barrow, JeweH Skagigs, Marjorie Davenpart, Welby Reid Parish, A. C. Cox, Jr., Cecil Rhoades, Floyd Rhoades, Charles Hall, Lonna Faye Lickey, Sankey Trimble, Junior Barrett, Marvin Hood, Lois Ilene Foster, Leo Gotham, C. W. Smith, George Saunders. Maxine Turner entertained with a Valentine party at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Turner. Friday. Valentines decorated the rooms; heart-shaped candy \yas served through the evening, wliile Valentine contests and games were enjoyed. Heart shaped cookies and ice cream were served later to Christine Warren. Junior Martin, La Maria Coursen, Velma Turner, Wilt lie Campbell, Junior Warren, Leon 'Crane, Hilton Crane, La Verne Cour- .sen, Junior Carson, Thclma Turner, Lucy Ann Graves and Louise Guinn of Bbrger, Edward and Lorene Wood of Amarillo, and the hostess. Prizes in the contests went to Christine Warren, Junior Coursen, Hilton Crane, and. Velma Turner. -•. SftADOW PIE SUPPER A. bidding limit will be in effect when the Altai- Society of Holy Soiiis church sponsors a shadow pie supper at City hall club rooms Friday at 7:30, it was announced today. Everyone is invited to attend this event, and all women are asked to bring'' pies for thg auction. ART ON DISPLAY CANYON, Feb. 11.—The twelfth circuit exhibition of the Southern States Art League, brought to the Panhandle-Plains Historical museum by' the West Texas State Teafchers college from Simnions university, was placed on display Sunday for a 26-day showing ii who will' lj&ye : sooh to' riiak^ her h,om'e in wheeler, was . nqjiorea with a 1 arid K: J. Ayres' were . . ,, , . . After several' Valenfynp' contests, little Gii'ine't'te Killiiifeswprth, dressed as, si fatry, Hresented : her mother with; a Valentine box containing' & shower of ^Jfts. ' cojirs'e' wa's served' to y Bea^ley, Cpffsh,', Robert .diV*Lav^M S^ilie'r Bar- jjett,- p' ,|K Kowrande; Ke«i, Mc- I£«nzip> Dee ^aUfniahi H 1 . H 1 . Oar- tejv. W. ,W. Russelli. Di p, H0ard, B^in; Ou.y Saunders, D. M. , Tojn dhtiffih, M. E tteT!ar, (3, B. Barries, Roundtree, Verhori Mopr'e, 0. R'. Nelion, Rhoades, Albert' Lane. . To Be Notified Presidents of all Parent-Teacher Etssociatton in the'county, are asked to notify Mrs; Claude 1 Lard, pre'sir dent of Pampa council! of the number of delegates'who -will attend the couhty Parent - Teaehei' council meeting- here " Mrs. Lard wishes' fto know by Thtirsday' how many! delegates to expect fo> the ,jhinch«k>ij airt : program. Presidents; of alseaaJpfcns at ton, view- \ A Body Builder Let us cover your your new 214 No. Cuyler Phone 689 fty. fjf A Xie «lock North of Old Location MANY ATTEND OTHER CHURCHES HERE SUNDAY Overflow crowds attended both services at First Methodist church yesterday, when three former pastors werp present to help observe historical day. The Rev. J. s. Huckabee of Am- nrlllo, pastor when the church was first made a conference charge, preached last evening from the subject, The Church Triumphant. The Rev. Gaston Foote, minister, preached in the morning on The Church. The Revs. Tom W. Brabham of Ft. Worth and J. M. Fuller of Denton were present, and messages were read from the Revs. J. A. Laney of Lubbock, A. L. Bowman of Allus, Okla., W. B. McKeown of Abilene, B. J. Osborn of Knox City. and C. A. Long of Sweetwater, all former pastors. A letter was read from Mrs. Gertrude Cousins of Amarillo, one of (he five charter members. Ray- mend Hafrah Jr., grandson of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Harrah, other charter members, read a brief history of the church last evening. Souvenir book markers with a sketch of the church history and names of past ministers were distributed. Nineteen additions to membership were made during the day. Sunday school, had 412 present, and Leagues 92. McCullough-Harrah churches reported a Sunday school attendance of 146. Other churches of the city reported large attendance at services yesterday. First Christian church completed plans fcr a young people's revival to begin next Sunday, with various young members as speakers. A district pastors-laymen's conference at Plainview starting tomorrow was announced at First Baptist church. The Rev. C. E. Lancaster, minister, and C. O. Huber, educational director, plan to attend. That church had C80 in Sunday school and 207 in training classes yesterday; Presbyterian Sunday school had 127 present; First Christian 351, with two additions to the church; Francis Avenue Church ot Christ 107 and three additions to membership. — . -•. EASTERN STAR SOCIAL The Easleun Star jchapter will have a Valentine party with its regular meeting Friday evening at Ma- snnlc hall. Each member is asked to bring a comic Valentine to the meeting. The new Pla-Mor dance palace will hold its first dance of this weifc" Tuesday night when Chick Tatcott and his o/fche#e.ra pMs'ys forxthe en- tertainrnent -r The 'adtpission s will be 25 cenfe wph/a 6harg^ of Scents per dence.j;'',/ ,, & _ >> '- -^*^ The-dance'-wUl be a holiday affair and JjU«s are made to care for a larsrcrowd. Special njusiear'rnmi- bers have been, pfl$ared and a full evening of entertainment ,jj(Ut"He provided. ' The T^lcott aJclirflra contihues to rcvj»ms r popirai-ilJ and is drawing people Aom a wijfe towrtwryo at- lendjme dances/ The amplifying system makes th/ music easily heard injSfl parts of jibe hall. TThe Pla-Mor ; managemeht Invites you to attend this Tuesday night dance. Get together your crowd and enjoy an evening of delightful entertainment. \ (Adv.) Have your show fitted at Kees & Thomas. \i (Adv.) Use Daily NEWS Classified Ads. FRONT PAGE BARGAINS AT PENNEV'S REHIIJHTS BUB IT-PRICE Spring's Smartest For As Little As E*ff ^ Orn« New < br^ effects and noveTty surfaced- woolens for dress! — Women's and Misses' sizes.! New Spring Wash Just Received 100 Dozen Heavy Terry S Large size Absorbent Each Tuesday Feature New Patterns 48 in. 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