The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on January 3, 1961 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
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Tuesday, January 3, 1961
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7/cfe Schedule Today: High 8:S7 t>,tn. Low 10:40 p.m. Wednesday: High 2:83 a.m., 9:3(1 p.m. io;u a.m., 11:18 p.m. ARKANSAS, SW CONFERENCE CHAMPS, LOSE IN COTTON BOWL-SEE STAFF REPORT PAGE 6 E o VOL. 48 NO. 268 full CltMlflidt BK «.Mil—All Other Ottlctu BE 1-3811—E««pl AtiaUfcmt fl 1-8241 6RAZOSPOM, AVGLEfON, WEST COLUMBIA. BRAZOR1A, SWEENY, OLD OCKAN, DANBVKf and DAMON FACTS Weaf/ter Cost Partly cloudy and continued father cold through Wednesday, Low tonight 38, High Wednei* day 48. Freeport, Texas World News Briefs By Aiioclaitd Prui CUBA — Fidel Castro has In effect challenged the Unite fitotes to break diplomatic re VSTlona with his Island. The Cuban leader has or dared all but 11, officials of th US Embassy to leave Cubi within two days. He says tlv US can have In Cuba only the • same number of Embassy of(l \ cials the Cuban Embassy ha 1 in the United States. That Is, 11 WASHINGTON— Th* 87th •Congnii of in* United Stale convened at noon EST today In Washington. And D«mo critic insurgents in Sanatt and Hous« wtr« polled io prtunt demands to r«vis» thi prtitnt makeup of kty con 0r>silonal committed. The air? would b« to cleat the way for legislation and break lh» bottlenecks set up by some conservative *le< founts. DALLAS — Former Texas Senator William Blakley of Dallas is in Washington to take the oath of office as successor in the senate to Vice President- Elect Lyndon Johnson. The Secretary of the US Senate, Fclton M. Johnston said credentials with an advance date have been received ibjm Texas Governor Price Daniel. The credentials name Blakley as Senator Johnson's successor until a special election is held to fill Johnson's un- cxpired term. NEW ORLEANS— A white boycott of New Orleans' integrated schools eased a trifle today with 13?whlte chUdten .attending one school where a ' Jiregro child Is enrolled. At the other integrated school, three Negro girls had the building to themselves. BEAUMONT -- Agents of the Texas House Investigating Committee are trying 'to locate the Jefferson County Sheriff. They want to serve the officer, C. H. Meyer, with a sub- Bjj*na for his appearance at a public hearing into vice conditions in the Beaumont-Port Arthur section. The committee will open its public hearing at 9:30 Wednesday morning on the third floor of the Federal Building in Beaumont AUSTIN — A man who bypassed a promising career in fate and national politics for tne highest echelons of the law Robert W. Calvert, become Chief Justice of the Texas Su preme Court today. TUESDAY, JANUARY 3, 1961 RICE CARGOES MOV E THROUGH HARBOR Brazos Harbor Is beginning the new year with a significant addition io Its cargo buii- no«i. Sunday and Monday longihoremen moved 29.000 sacks of iced rice — a total of MOO tons — across the docks for loading into th* freighter Aenot. From Freeport Ihe rice will trarel to Havana. Cuba. The rice caine to Freeport by truck Irora driers in El Campo, and wai grown in that region and the Bay City area. This ii Ih. lecond shipment of rice through Ihe port; the first a cargo of 16.000 sacks, was loaded out about two weeks ago. The rict I< a major addition to a ileadily growing litt of commodities using the Navigation District's T«il-water terminal as the point of transfer from rail and hignway'tp steam- ihipi bound for foreign markets. —Photo By Gulf-PhoJo Engravers, Inc. County Officials Sworn In Monday Brazoria County's new Com- vears. t/> th. ~.KI;_ __j . i__ .... Brazoria County's new Commissioners Court passed two rders Monday, though the day FACTS NEWS STAFFERS waiting today on what may be one ol the big stories of the year . . .It's to be word ol a chcmlca plant that will use construction workers numb ered in the thousands, an operating force in tbc hundreds. . .word expected this • afternoon. , ^lARILYN and MICHAEL Me- GUIRE wilh their baby, LYNN back at Princeton University alter spending the holiday's in FP with her parents and sisters MR. mid MRS. GEORGE MICK DIANNK ami CHERYL. . . MR. und MRS. URADY F1TTS, hosting u recent LJ TAC dance. MR. und MRS. W. M. MOSLEY ol Pleusunt Hill, La., visiting their daughter und family, the BOB IjfcOERS of FP. . . JANA SPANGLER, honorce a party attended by around 15 boys und glrbi to celebrate fu*r sixth birthday. . . MRS. MARY COilflIN, Dow Hngplta) OB supervisor, on iiaml (or n "second generation" birth when thu son of the REV. and MRS. JOHNNY UKARU ol U arrived S a t U rday. MARY w,i» nursing at St. Joseph's Itosplt-il 1%/Ulun, 111., when the KEV. 15EARD was born. . . HELKNA TUItNKK, up H:.,I around after spending .he N'.-v Veur'n holiday* in bed with 'lie flu. . . MRS, W. E. W1NUMKVKII. in- other Brazocnorlw K/ICI lu<\ i\\' » bout with the flu but is ubk' to b* up now. • t was actually a holiday for lounty employees. The Court met briefly after le two new commissioners, >ixie Brown of Freeport and tenry Jordan of Alvin, were worn in. A number of other officials on county and precinct Ifivels also took their oath of office Monday.,, All except Jordan were sworn In by County Judge Alton Arnold. Jordan took his oath from his predecessor, W. R. (Bill) Isaacs of Alvin, Isaacs, who retired after H years as commissioner of Precinct 3, left the post of senior court member to Commissioner George Duncan of Sweeny, who has served 12 years. The other remaining commissioner, J. L. "Skinnle" Danford of West Columbia, and Judge Arnold, have both been Court members for the past eight Retiring Precinct 1 Commissioner, G. O. "Jack." Norris of Freeport, had served for 10 years. The ceremony was witnessed by a number of citizens, and was moved from Commissioners Court Room to the County Court Room to admit everyone who wished to observe. The Rev. John L. Shepard, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Angleton, gave the invocation. Both retiring commissioners had words of advice and encouragement for their successors as well as of thanks Theft Reported D. L. Thompson of 603 West Fourth in Freeport reported ,o police Monday that hubcaps were taken from his car sometime between Saturday evening and 1 p. m. Monday. He said the hubcaps were valued at J26. They were taken while Thompson's 1356 Chevrolet was parked at his home. Invade Cuba By Trawler, Says US Senate Hopeful HO1ISTOM An A M ...,«.. -* .i.« «j *vw -L-. . . . to the public and t h e other members of the Court As its first official act, the new Court approved bonds 01 most of the elected officials who were to begin duties this week. MRS. VICK APPOINTED They also appointed Mrs. El len Knight Vick as Justice ol the Peace for Precinct 2. This post was formerly held by her late husband, V?. P. Vick. The term will expire in two more years. In an informal discussion of work to be disposed of by the new Court, such items as setting of salaries, of County employees and the budget for the Child Welfare Department were mentioned as of primary concern. The Child Welfare Department began operation on Dec. 1 with a budget set until Jan. 1. The old Court had declined to bind the incoming commissioners by setting a 1961 budget for that department. These are among the questions expected to be taken up at a special meeting this week and may carry over to the first regular Court session Monday. HOUSTON - AP - A 53-year- old Houston contractor, W. P Holland, has announced his candidacy for the Senate seat ol Vice Presidcnt-Elect Lyndon B. Johnson. Holland said he would personal y lead an expedition to Cuba, If iccessary. In such nn event, he added that he would try to get shrimp boat captains to take armed men to the island. Holland put it In these wordc: 'II the United Stales government s so weak und ufruid ol Cam- nun'.st Intervention in Cuba, thei would It-nil an oxpetlilii-ii ucainst Castro, mid I have the means ol implubluus transport over theiv vllhout miylhlng i-lse dom the liuvt'i'imiiiii." Sin mild he knows many shrimp bout ii|H.'Rituii> inn) i Ii I n k s 'a iw>ji i-oulu be put oil eac'1 Data hots 'J'Jil.'iy 5:35 p.m. KU'S Waiiu-sdny 1:18 a.m. Sets Wednesday 5:30 p.m. of the 14,000 shrimp boats he says operate In the Gull of Mexico. A native of Jacksonville, Texas, Holland attended schools In G»l- vcston. He said he is what He termed a "pre-RooseveH Democrat for I cannot support the mod eni party's certain plunge toward socialism." LJ League Meets The Lake Jackson League i-t Women Voters will meet at 7:30 pan. Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Howard Brock, 122 Carra- :lon. The program will le on the US Balance of Payments Problem. ^^jgp^ MB^ aw ~ ~~ ~~~ — FP Baby Area's 1st In '61 A WocrVwttit I M f H «* * 1_ r* fit 11 ... . M ju ^ ». . .... „ Pried 5 Cents A Freeport Infant born In a-azosport Memorial HosplfU takes honors as Brazpsport's first baby of 1961, as well as winning tor Its parents many useful and valuable gifts presented by Bra- zosport merchants. Rodney Lee Straiten weighed seven pounds, seven ounces whrn he was born at 9:06 a.m. on the first day of the new year. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Stratum of 818 West Sixth Street The young man and hi* parents share in 15 gifts, Rodney Lee receives a pair of Jumping Jack shoes from B r o c kmsn's Department Store, Lake Jackson, and i gown by Carter, given by Brown'* Department Store, Freeport Tipton's Gulf Park Grocery presents him with $5 in baby supplies and Moore'* Tot & Teen Shop, Freeport, gives him a S3 gift certificate for whatever he needs in infant's wear. He receives a baby ring from Harp Jewelry, Lake Jackson. Other items to aid Rodney Lee In coming months are Hanson utility scales from Swann's Western Auto, Freeport and Lake Jackson; a $5 gift certificate for prescriptions from Evan's Drus, Freeport; and a Formulette bottle sterilizer from W. T. Grant Com- pany, Fretport. Lake Drug Company, Lake Jackson, is giving a one-month's supply of baby milk or a Kodak 8MM movie camera, and Brazos- port Bottling Company, Freeport, is providing a three-month supply of soft water or six month supply of distilled water. For his comfort, Irby's Home Furnishings, CUite, is presenting Rodney Lee with a playpen pad, and Younglandia, Lake Jackson, Laos Prince Claims Key City Regained is giving him u Comfy Babe infant seat. The proud father may announce the event with a box of cigars from Russell's Cafe, North Fre«port, and Mrs. Stratton receives a pettiskirt slip by Vanity Fair, given by Velfree Shop, Freeport. Mrs. Stratton and her new son wiu nde home from the hospital in a new 1961 Pontiac, compliments of Clark Buick-Poniia* Company, Freeport. VIENTIANE, LAOS (AP) — Prince Boun Oum's governmen announced today that its fora* 'recaptured the key northeastern •city of Xiengkhouang from Pro- Communist Rebels last night Information Minister Bouavar Norasing said the city was retaken by a battalion of para troopers that jumped three and a half-miles east of Xiengkhouan; Norasing's announcement wn the government's first admission that the Rebels had taken Xien- gkhouang. The Minister said yes terday troops loyal to his pro,we.,t ern government were holding out at Ban Ban, 30 miles northeast of Xiengkhouang. He said tint as far as he knew the key tfj iad not fallen to the Rebels -vho last week seized the strategic Plaine Des Jarres, with its cross country highway, and an airfield outside Xiengkhouang. Same American military lore-— in tlie Pacific have been ordcrM into a state of increased readiness in view of,the Laos Development But there-is no detail on any moves. President Eisenhower reportedly is convinced that fast and clear action is the best way to stop the Communists in Laos Marine News S/s Gulf Shipper Due, Jan. 3 Brazos Harbor S/s R. E. Wilson Due Jan. 3 Phillips Dock S/s Amsteldyk Due Jan. 4 Brazos Harbor S/s Hess Voyager Due Jan. 5 Phillips Dock S/s Hess Mariner Due Jan. 6 Phillips Dock S/s Del Viento Due Jan, 8 Brazos Harbor S/s Isarstein Due Jan. 8 Brazos Harbor S/s Hess Petrol Due Jan. 12 Phillips i>ock S/s Hess Diesel Due Jan. 16 Phillips Dock S/s Hellenic Destiny Due Jan. 18 Brazos Harbor — before they become irretrievably committed to a course of aggression. Eisenhower is pictured, however, as still Iwpeful oi a solution short of military intervention mere Reds bluff. in Laos by outside powers. What Pentagon action tint already had been taken is considered a preliminary aiert. All Indications are that a US Marine striking force is poised fjr action, it required; the aircraft carrier Lexington is moving doscr to the trouble areas; and our airlift capability is geared for instant "ise. White House sources indicate that Eisenhower believes verbal warnings to the would be disregarded as Thus, he has approved our military readiness to show our government is ready to foliow through. Any further action would ne channeled through the southeast Asia treaty powers. President Eisenhower has ceived additional reports on the grave situation in Laos from his top military, diplomatic and intelligence advisers. The new high- level White House conference followed Eisenhower's action of yesterday approving stepped-up military readiness in the Pacific. ' Angleton Store Burglarized Burglary of an Angleton hardware store is being investigated by local police and by the Brazoria County Sheriffs Department. Lauzon's Hardware Store ;n Angleton is missing come {10 in casfi" foUowhvr-r burglary some time Saturday night The burglary was discovered by the store owner, Parry Lauzon, the following day. Officers said an inventory must e made before it can be determined whether merchandise is missing. Deputy Sheriff Jim m y Jones said the burglars may have been scared oH before they finished, since they left some cash behind. Entry was gained through the DWI Charge Filed AfferFP Wreck A Freeport man was charged with driving while intoxicated after he was involved in an auto accident at Avenue A and Velasco 31vd. North Monday night Wavie Thomas Franks of 1407 Vest Fifth was released on ECO end after the charge was filed in the Justice Court of R. dyne Thomas in Clute. Franks also received a ticket from police, charging him with driving on the let side of the roadway, not in pass- ig- Freeport police said Franks was riving a 1960 Thunderbird south on Velasco Blvd. when his vehicle eft the d r i v i n g lane and sije- swiped a 1954 Ford going north and driven by Jack D. Graham f 1103 West Eighth Street The ccident occurred about 7 pjn. Police said Franks' car was impounded after the collision whidi implements at the rear of th store. There are no definite su spects, Jones said. damaged the left sides of chicles. both back door which had been" badly torn up and pried open. Jones said the hinge, lock and hasp if the door were broken, and /oil-! ers at the top of the door were | pried loose from the building loj allow the burglars to slide through a crack to gain entry. Footprints were found outside the building. Jones termed it 3 "strictly amateur" operation. Angleton Patrolman J. R. Farris was the first officer at the seen.* Burglars left various scrap iror MRS. STRATTON WITH YOUNG RODNEY """ Early Arrival Brought Lots Of Extra Gifts —Photo. By Golf-Photo-En9rav«Ti. Inc.. New Commander Takes Over Cutter Library Deed Ready At LJ V light agenda appears to b facing the Lake Jackson CiQ Council at tonight's meeting, • begin at 7 pjn. in the City Hall The deed for the library built ing, being offered to the City b Dow Chpmical Co., will be pro senated for Council action, acco-xt ing to City Manager A. A. Mac Lean. An ordinance requested by th State Highway Dept. for lowera speed limits on the existing SH 332 during the upcoming construe lion on the new fourlane section will also be up for a second read ing. FREEPORT HAS FEWER ACCIDENTS BUT MORE FATALITIES IN I960 Freoport police handled nine less motor vehicle accidents in 1960 than they investigated in 1959, but counted three traffic fatalities for the past year as compared to none in 1959. Officers issued more tickets involving traffic accidents but less for other traffic violations during 1960. There were 258 motor vehicle accidents in 1960, with 265 in 19S9. All three 1960 fatali- tlas occurred at the railroad crossing on Velasco Blvd. North, near the city limits on FM 523. All three fatalities were men who were alone in their »uto when they were involved in collisions with trains. There were 32 non-fatal injuries in 1960 vehicle accidents as compared to 34 in 1959. Freeport had five vehicle-pedestrian accidents in 1960 as compared to four the previous year. During 1960 officers issued 210 tickets in the 131 accidents resulting in charges as compared to 206 tickets in 180 similcr vehicle accidents in 1959. There were six cases each year of hit and run or failure to remain at the scene of an accident. Five of the cases were cleared by police in 1960, with two cases cleared in 1959. Police Chief N. H. Lassiter said that 1,589 tickets for various traffic violations were issued by police in 1959, with 1,123 such tickets issued in 1960. Eckhardt Is Labor Banquet Speaker The annual Labor Banquet, which each year concludes the in- nual I^ubor School In tYeenoi-!, ill be held this yi-or at Uic Urnzusuart Senior High Schiol c-ufclcrlu in Kreeport. It will begin promptly at 7:,ffl >.m. on Saturday, Jan. 14. Ttek-i's arc now on sale and may be pu-- •Imscd througii Thursday from jny member ol the Banquet Co.iv nlilro or union steward in inc Dow und Kthyl-Dow plum*. The main sucukrr of Uie even- ill! will be Slate Rep. Bob Kck- tiai-dt of Houitun, who will speak of on the subject of "Industrial Safety and Occupational Health " Others who will speak indu Sen. A. R. tliibe) Schwartz Cnlvcston, Rep. Neil Caldwell ->f Alvin und Texas State AFL-CIO officials. H. B. Junes und K. B. Bini;hum, co-chairmen of the banquet committee, urge all union members, their families and friends to attend the banquet. Tickets should be purtliased -,t Jtict 1 . liny smd, as the previous' lianqucU have been sell-outs and those waiting too long were uolj able to get tickets. Mrs. Marie Holder at the Operating Engineers' Hall (BE \5283). at 223 South Ave, C, Fr*e- port, will have a limited supp!y uf tickets for sale. However, nil orders for tickets must be in her liands by Jan. 9 as no tickets will be sold after that date, Jones, said. The cost of the tickets is f.'iO per person. Angleton members of the Banquet Committee are K. B. Singham, Roy Bruce, 0. W. Carroll, E. M. (Baldy) Bright ST., J. E. WUUs. J. R, Winn, D. S. Massey.i Fred Wood, D. T. Chudress, V. D. Mcdain, and Von Baker. Lake Jackson: M. R. Brown, B. D. Earnest, F. C Hund, J. C. Flowers, H. F. Miller, J. E. Prince, M. F. Warner, R. G. Hall, J. H. Mclntyre, Wm. M. (Bill) Perry, Barney L. Monroe, W. F. Mays, Harold D. Cox, J. 0. Drounette, J. P. English, H. C. Rathkamp, N. E. Burris, H. B. Jones. Brazoria: Roy C. Walker, Omer L. Hall, 0. O. Cowart, R. C. Rost. Clute: W. C. Wood (Wood's Barber Shop), Joe Robinson, A. J. Jeffers, T. H. Matchett, D. D. McConathy, J. C. Zachary, J. \. Evans, Mack Roberts (Pipe- fitters' Hall). West Columbia: Jack Hill, W. H. Frazier. Freeporl: C. W. Cook, J. R. Emanis, Henry G. White, R, B. (Bob) Wright Jr.. Mrs. H. C. (Mildred) Collier, R. M. Jones, T. B. Crow, E. H. Keller, W. D. Reed, T. R. Robb, C. Tomolin, Miss Frances Biggs, E. L. (Jack) Bass, J. E. Vaught, R, R, Turner, W. L. Campbell. In Ml dress ceremonies hel today at the Brazos Harbor moo: ings of U. S. Coast Guard Cutte Dione, Lt. Com. John E. Wester relieved Lt. Com. Robert H Scarborough as commanding offi cer. Lt Com. Wesler has served as executive officer of the cutter to the past year. He is a 1949 grad uate of the U. S. Coast Guart Academy and holds a master o science degree in acoustics frorr the Massachusetts Institute o Technology and a master o science degree in optics from th University of Rochester. His wife Ann, five year old .so: and two year old daughter live I Brazosport. Lt. Com. Scarborough, who has commanded the ship since September, 1959, will report later thi month to a new assignment as captain ol the port and comman der of the Coast Guard Group Sabine with offices in Sabine Pasi During the ceremonies he ex pressed regret at leaving Brazos port and appreciation for the ro operation furnished the Coas Guard in the area by local govern ment, news media. Chamber o Commerce, other civic and com merical organizations, and indivi duals. He congratulated the ship' company, termed one of the best groups of Coast Guardsmen ever assembled, on their splendid record of accomplishment during the past year and one-halt It was pointed out that tbe iione, long the busiest cutter in Jie Gulf, had seen a 50 per cenl ncrease in the number of assist ance cases performed and the rate of boardings for law enforee- nent and boating safety had been increased more than 12-fold during the period. The crew was told that they should also take pride in fna act that the ship had always been ready to perform every task and had successful! and expedit- ously completed every mission ,n Emergency Call The Lake Jackson Emergency Car was called to the L. T. Guenel home at 109 Pohsettia Miui- ay to take Mrs. Guenzel's moth- r, Mrs. Ula Smith, to Dow Hos- ital because of illness. Hospital authorities said Tueo- ay morning that Mrs. Smith's ondition was satisfactory and she bad a quiet night. spite of frequent hardships; particularly that they had done this while simultaneously improving the material condition of the ship, having no lost time accidents, creating no serious disciplinary problems and being good local citizens. Lt Com. Scarborough urged the men to continue this hard work and devotion to duty. Lt. Rudy Roberts, presently chief of the Communication Section on the staff of the Commander, Fifth Coast Guard District in Norfolk, Va., will arrive in Fre> port soon to become executive officer of the Dione. Jones Creek Man Struck On SH 36 An 85-year-old Jones Creek mas was injured in a car pedostrfin accident as he tried to pen some horses Monday afternoon. Ed Tone was taken to Brazos- port Memorial Hospital by a Freeport Funeral Home Ambulance. He suffered a cracked bone in tie leg and bruises about the lead but was not believed seriously injured. Tone was struck when he ?.>t onto Highway 36 about three mik-s west of Freeport at 2:40 p.m. Moil- day. Driver of the car was Mrs. fera Alexander of 218 Laurel in Lake Jackson. State Highway Patrolman Gilbert Kiel said no charges will be filed. This accident was the first m- 'olving injiiry since before Christmas, Kiel said. MOVING SOON... Whether you are leaving town or moving Into a home with "built In kitchen", you can dispose of appliances the easy way by calling BE 3-2611 Or BE 3-3511 OR ANGLETON TI 9-5246

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