Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 4, 1963 · Page 9
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 9

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 4, 1963
Page 9
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Television Programs Channel 4 1:1)0 'I'll* Mutch Clime 8-25 N«w» S;Hii Mii'-(> llnom Kor KONC4V, NBC il \. 00 Major Cutnar ftflft Trxlny SlioW Major roinar g:i:. KlnR & O'll« 8 iilii -Sity 'Vhcn S :.'!<! Dick Prw*ll S:l.'> Iluntley Brlnklpy Tliontr* r.:t|(> ,Vr>,\v« n ; :in mpcont R:1.'> U'eatMr 1fi ; n(i Window On Th« <i:i:> Sports World 6::>u [Vrfpertlvf on 1M ; K> Weather OrpRlno.M Id:'. 1 :, Sports 7 :.".0 Kmplro In : :!ii Tnnig-ht Show CHANNEL 4 WEDNESDAY (?onr'ftilntlon l!!:in Wealliflr 11.00 Ynnr Klrst Im- 12;20 linlh Brent Show DrcMlon 12:'J.'i iluriiM f 11 :5i> Truth Or Cons*- 1:00 fifti Jr-rrocl »:.1(i Play Your Iftincli ll:iV> News MlC-k 10:(.Ni 'I'll" Prlc* ts 12:00 Xe\v« 1::iO Tlip Doctors 2:00 Ijorrtta Young 2 :.10 You Don't K»f KVII-TV, TUESDAY l;0n Quci-n Kor A Df y J::;fi \\'lin I'D Yoii Trust 4:0n Ainrrti'an Uantl- staud <:,1« M:ivi-rlck 4:^0 News Stlfl \Ventli(>r ;, M:. ,Vc«-x 11:0" S.'« Hunt K:Ho Comliitl ?-S« ttawailnn S:30 UnunichalOr-s ABO lln Playhouit N>« R 10:10 K-7 \\>athi>r 10:15 Mfc 10: (T> KlghiliiK 68th CFtVNNEL 7 WEDNESDAY t:00 inrk I, «:^0 Karlv Show Ir.Ofl Ann SoiliPrn 11 :,HO Seven Keys 12:00 Tennessee Ernie 12:30 i-harll* Key* S11 u \v 1 tOO (Jencral HnsplUl 1:SO K.ithe.r Known «r»t 2:00 Pay In Court 2:25 MI<l-Pay rteport 2::ii) Jane, \\yman l'r«- sents -0- Television In Review -O- By RICK DU BROW HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - When CBS-1V advanced the information that novelist Norman Mailer and Nelson Algren would appear on Monday morning's "Calendar" show, I awoke early in hopes of seeng the pale tube colored by some juicy bloodlptting. On the surface, things looked promising. Mailer, author of the ! R rovvn j n g On Tin' S6TH VI-JAR THE PAMPA DAILY NEWS TUESDAY, .MM; i, ISM HIGHLAND GENERAL HOSPITAL NOTES MONDAY Admission* Mrs. Mildred Rush, Pampa Tony Frogge, 2708 Navajo Rd. Mrs. Barbara Ring, Lcfors Mrs. Rela P. Lawrence, 1138 S. Christy Mrs. Gail Walker, Wheeler Mrs. Tassie Dorsey, Groom Mrs. Lizzie Welton, Pampa Jana Lee Ratliff, 1015 Ever- nrcrn Mrs. Amanda V. Carter. A I a n- rcncl ]'. C. Young, 1115 Riplcy Mrs. Lu Jean Lusk, 313 Jean Dismissals Mrs. Dorothy Hammons. fllB E. Gordon Mrs, Willetla Snider, 7;!:! E. Campbell KFDA-TV, TUESDAY CB8 J-.oo Tlie ScL-i-et Storm J:HO l'M(te of Nlj,'ht < :MII I-'riMlillr: tllft Fife- nirin »-4S N civil • :00 News Report f>.20 \\'.-mlier fi:SO Mr. 1-M 7 nu I lentu si-y 7 :ii" Iteil Sliellon 8.-.10 Jnik Hciiny It.i'o (!nrv Moore 10:00 N'ews-JIm Pratt KIMS Weather Report 1U:2S KI-'HA-TV Kdl- tnrlnl 10:^0 ir.c Kllckpr l»:."'. r < l-;.N't.'U l!e|»octer 11:00 K,c I'Mcker Cont'd CHANNEL 10 WEDNESD4Y I:J5 Rural Nflnlnter (!:"0 Tr» veins UP 7 :iu World of Sporti '•?.n r.NTO Report i*r 7:40 KKPA-TV Kdl- torlnl IMS Frcilrllf Tho Klr»- man 1:00 t'apt Knn(?Arr>n Fro<Mie Th« Fireman 9:.">0 I !A.V» t,ncT -flic .NtrOnvs 10:nn rvtf And filiulvii It :'»' I,OVP Of I.lfp 11 ::.'i NKWS-CHS l,iv« II :IIH Sfaivh Kor Tom- orron- \\:t:> Th? r.uiitlne I-ltfhl 12-nn s> w «-Jlm Pratt 12:111 U'cath.-r 12:2n Farm K Ranch New." eft Xfarkft« 12:.10 As The World Turn n 1;(IO Piipsworil lr'.-i Art t,lnklftt*r 1 t Urm.ip Parly 2:0ft To Tfll Th« Trulfc 2:2". PnP XPWS. l:?,n The MI1!!on«!r« wondrous war novel, "The Naked and the Dead," and other works, is a roundhouse swinger in his literary onslaughts. Algren, whose hooks include the notable "The Man With the Golden Arm," is also a lively fellow. And Harry Reasoner, (he host of the generally ingratiating "Calendar," normally comes well-armed with dry wit for all occasions. Yet a remarkable thing happened. Rarely has a program showed so clearly the natural hostility of commercial television as a medium of communication for persons of intelligence and liter- ' nique of the ring: He felt out his Mrs. Betty Blount & Babv Boy, J Mrs. Pearl Brickey, 412 N. Wells '. f>2!) N. Sumner j Charles H. Brickey, 412 N. Wells i Mrs. Mary Johnson & Babv Boy, j Mrs. Nancy Ingram, 918 E. ;321 N. Wells Mrs. .loan Bilycu & Baby Boy, 921 F 7 .. Malone Floyd Spence, Border W. W. Blackwell, 416',; N. Bat- lard i Mrs. Beulah Pyeatt, l<H!i N. Nel- ! son Glenn Moore, 1101 \V. Wilks Mrs. Judy West & Girl, 1530 Coffee F. W. Conway, Panhandle Teresa Reeves, I.efors H. W. Forney, Thomas, Okla. Mrs. Lilly Rasco, 515 E. Francis Baby Boy Ring, Lefors Miss Bernice Beuselinck, Pampa Mrs. Claudia Smith, Borger Robert McAllister, White Deer Mrs. Clura Byars, 1019 S. Nelson Mrs. Corene McKay, 418 Crest Mrs. Flora Reese, Borger Earlene Younp, 1034 S. Grnv Joseph C. Willis Jr.. White Deer T. C. Tosh, Stinnett C. C. Hoskins, Skellytown Jimmy Riemcr, Stinnett CONGRATULATIONS To Mr. and Mrs Jessie Rinp, i Lefors, on the birth of a hoy at ! 5:04 p.m., weighing 7 Ibs. 4 ozs. ; acy, and therefore of ideas — or made so explicit why so many of them not only refuse to be* em- situation for a while; (hen he made some jabs at some of his chosen literary enemies; but bc- Quotes In The News By United Press (nternational VATICAN CITY — From among Moon 'Colony 1 Seen As First Space Step j ployed by it, but prefer to avoid fore he even had the chance lo I it altogether. really warm up and perhaps I Probably the willingness of the < throw a haymaker that would . (he last words of Pope John ! two authors to take ihe risk open up some fruitful discussion. XXIII: made the innocent viewer tempo- the show was over. It ended with "Death is not an ending. With rnrily overlook the obvious facts. Alpren apparently about (o say death a new life begins, a glon- CBS said Mailer and Algren something cutting about Herman fication in Christ." would "look at the condition of Wouk — and being cut off by the this country's literature" Well, clock. ' WASHINGTON—President Sarwe know the networks are pres- In short, it was bits and pieces. ' vepalli Radhakrishnan of India. i ti^e-crazy, which is a sign of And basically, the situation is an in a statement for delivery to ihe j something obvious—bu' even the insult to those involved. As Reas- World Food Congress: 1 most incurable optimist would ' oner said, writing is perhaps the > "Peace and stability can never By WILLIAM GRANGER I "The moon is an appropriate , have lo admit that only 30 min- most important of human activi- j be maintained in this world if. CHICAGO (UPI) — The f i r s t! halfway house between the earth utes were a n ot ted to this weighty ties. 1 do not think that those se- more than half of its population; men on the moon will dig them- and further exploration," he said. , su (5j e <-t. ! riouslv at work at it should con- have to remain hungry through- ; selves a hole - to protect them; "First, as our nearest neighbor, No no , •,„ fu || min ,, (e= either. | sent to appearing on television out lhe year." j from radiation. j in the solar system, the moon is There was , jmp out for „ seat- unless they are accorded a situa- i Then, after colonizing the satel- a relat ' vel >' '"V sho( - belt plug, not to mention an ad- I lion that allows them to ade- BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -Burke, hie thev will have a solid base "Second, it is a good rendezvous venisement for whipped cream, quatelv present what thev have Mar!:ha11 of tne Justice Uepart-; . .'. , .. . mrnot " ' i • i u , • 7 ' i 't ment. commenting on Alabama from which to die raw materials, larger. p| u<i a commercial about wives to say. Last summer, tor in- ,'? . , • ., :.. _ ,_. .. . ..j.,., _; J .__,.:,...,., ».,.._, _ : ..u __,i Gov. George Wallaces threat to- ph\sically block the enrollment of ; two Negroes at the University of build "balloon" houses under- Spmrad said another important whopping for men's '.ndershorts. stance Archibald Marl.eish and ground, and begin exploration of advantage is that raw materials nnp n r ,) le | nc |i e s liking t h e Mark Van Doren got a fairly de- the rcHches of space. These predictions were made by I from the moon could he used by ,)„„.,,. hecnuse they hnd a pnnel cent chance in a private one-hour '"" ' :e explorers to make many of • ,, h k nrf allowed for full- video diagogue. ' --J^' , ,h i, h» h- ,h«- n , J , o — components of future s p a c e np ^ I i, was an admirable cesture for ' 6 d Dr. Bernard I. Spmrad. director ,,„ ,u ,« Qt>n -j inn mnr u nf ,>,„ • ne s ' >• aclnnranie gesture tor ripm tn phvsjca | action w hich of Argonne National Laboratory's ^ ~ '""* avo.dmg much of the , B , my calculations> subtracting ; Reasoner to bring the writers to f * • ^ cost of earth launchmgs. |jme Qu( fo| . , hc abnve as wpl , us Mondav . p er haps he can bring * He said establishment of a moon ag for Reasoner - s tiUest j ons , Mail- | them back again under more fa- Keacior Engineering Division. Why colonize the moon first? base might resemble a squad of and A , gren therefore had ap . vorable condlt i ons . foot soldiers digging into a new proximately 12 minules 25 4 . 5 sec . onds each to "look at the condi- WASHINGTON — Sen. Edward V. Long, D-Mo.. proposing a The Channel Swim: Sammy j '.f reedom O f information" bill of this countrv's literature." Davis Jr.'s successful one-man covering most government agen- position. "Approximately 10 feet of rock will essentially the Wh£n ^.^ (ha{ Maj)er ; te|evis ; on show in En ,, !and , as , S same protection against radiation ^ { nmfmbcr it wrfl(e rouphly ! month i anded him an exclusive . Tlle great strength O f a He- inat we nave on earth by means _,..-. , i .1 n . i 10.000 words in Esquire magazine three-year contract with the hnt- mocracv is that it does not oper- j of our atmosphere," he said, so i the spacemen would each dig ., on the one-round knockout of , ish Broadcasting Corp (BBC). ale behind closed doors" 1 1 Now You Know By United Press International Motorists in the United States VERSATILE GENT—Want a job done? Call on Hobby Darin. He's a songwriter, dancer, music arranger and an actor of great promise and drive, proving the latter in ''Point Blank." Many consider his recording of "Mack the Knife" one of the best ever clone. TNEDEPOiaUtfSBIIIlTIYDOD6E! , , Floyd Patterson by Sonny Liston, under which he will do at least a hole. ' 3 111'. r steo he said would be ' t ' ou can a PP reciate ( ' le problem six more programs, from musi- to build an underground r o o m i of an >' man tr ving to express a ! cals to drama. . .One of .he up- 1 lined with a plastic "balloon " 1 whole lhou R ht under 'nfunating coming shows probably will in- Other "balloon" rooms u n d e r-' conditions. ! elude Frank Sinatra and Dean traveled 7fi7 billion miles in 1962 : ground would include facilities for' II lakes time ' besides ' tn really Martin. . .Davis' May "i program and used 61 billion g-allons of fuel a miniature "Noah's Ark" to pro-' warm U P to a slm l'ect Mailer the drew the highest ratings in the , doing u. according 10 the Auto-. U-ide a variety of food and a wa ter . box '"R huff ' '"efected the tech-; BBC's history. • mobile Manufacture,-s Association^ ! supply, he said. ! Spinrad said the colony would I need shop equipment — perhaps' 10 tons of it. ! "•Finally we need a power, plant," he said "I assume a nuclear reactor which is capable of turning out a megawatt of power " "All these processes are within our grasp. . ." he said, "I believe I (hat this sort of enterprise would 1 have an enormous total payoff in terms of our ability to exploit our early success on the moon quickly ' and move on from there." "HOMETOWN FRIEND" helps you most.., Whether you have a claim or need insurance advice your Local Independent Insurance Agent is right there to help you. He has your best interests at heart. You rely on his recommendations because you know he is a man of integrity. He succeeds only by serving you well. To be assured you are correctly and economically protected, insure with YOUR LOCAL INDEPENDENT INSURANCE AGENT who represents one or more companies of The MILLERS Insurance Group of Texas. 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KingsniUl Dod|l DftAle''* WA"anly against dete-U tn malenji and *oiVin4mhip on 19o3 cars has Itpinded to iirijd« puts iiplar.emt'i! oc npan » Ihoul ,lui[t lei itqunid [M H or toi Ii, •)«!:•, 01 M 000 rriles »h,:ht,( con c lust, on lh« eogmi Die,- n tiMl an.1 inteuidl r-'<U; trinsnvAion cisi «nd internal pa: I- (excluding manual J ,| h). t3'(]u« ccn\eit«i dm e •«a/V unnlFJH icnnlv (i>dudin| du-.l rc.ef ) 'tit a>le and d<H«ien|ial and ie.o »naal bean *<, — .xovided the .thicli das been icivicea at leasonable iniervals «ccoidin( to the O.idje Ceidlxd $v Ca/i schel^.e-. COMPACT DODGE DART!!! ooo« wvwioK ff» CHRYSLER JOHN PARKER MOTOR Inc. • 301 S. Cuyler Legal Puhlication THE STATE OF TEXAS TO: M O R V A N /> P T M u R BAGWELL O R E £ T I M r, • V"'l *'•• ''(,11111, in. I. •! !,, .Mp.-ir '.V fl ; l;:|: :l 'A [ ' , I ;n . , I • ., ! :,, ,,!,.!,. ll'f t I"'-' i'i.ill a < '"- I- f'.t • 1't ..' , :,„ '^ A. .Vf. "' ' Ii" :':i •'. M,<II.I.. •. .ii'ici ; h« (if l>--M|ii IK .• (.f t|.;u I ',1 :, I i,,, (i.,. «.||.,D I- i .•• M. ' .1 - . • ! .- : • i ,- ,,i .;.,;• A I' i ••. . ... ,. r : . ?.,:,. ..... , :,,. :. A M . ! , '.,., -i ,- 1 1 ..... ,-,•.'.- :• i -l ri, i ' '',:n 1 i.f , ;, :,-. I ,,,!!!' •• ;il h-- p. Ti ,• ii. in: ..... f <:••• P.H ' • :- i': •' "t - ui' :i> .• I'.KTT V it'\ , : n \<;<AT.I.T,. »* I' ' , IT ;HI,! '•.' li'.MA.'. All'l'il I ' fi I:A< :\\ I'.i.i, a '" !•••>••]. <:.• ; :•'! • c.i I of '.'i'i.p'i. T«\-M.-'V. -V P.. CLASSIFIED ADS GET RESULTS "Old at 40, 50, 60?" Man, Get Wise! Pep Up JUlKATIILI-iSS —Lovely Ursula Anrlress gasps for breath r.l'tcr plunsim: into an icy cold Jamaica mountain stream. Jlei- plunge--and frigid surprise--u as for a scene in a new- film, "Dr. .No," based on an Ian Fleming novel. peppy .it TO! .So. i) you rri:-,. • i <,!ii" at -HI, "'« "' r '°, nn'.v:'- If von u ant to (rr-1 -'i Tonic J~.iMrt« .it nni'J. A]' r|,.i! 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Cuyler MO 4-3268 •±i!«L^- SEE "EMPIRE", NBC-TV. CHECK YOUR LOCAL LISTING.

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