Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on December 4, 1967 · Page 11
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 11

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1967
Page 11
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WATCH TV CABLI CHANNEL 6 Tuesday 5:35 p.m. City Council W6IKLV MlitlNS Video Taped as ah educational pfbgraffi DAILY TV SCHEDULE Monday MOHT: 12) 00 denem! H&«D»» 30 -age ol NIpM do Secret Storm 30 Dark Shadows 00 The Fugitive 00 Rat Patrol 30 Walter CronMte :00 Sports :it> Snorts Hlllghu :20 vVeathef :30 Gunsmoke :30 Lucv Show :00 Andrv Griffin :30 Pamily Affair :00 Bit) Vallev 00 News and 30 Carol Burnett :30 Clmmnron City 30 Sipn ff News KRBC-TV (Channel 9) J:00 Another World 2:30 You Don't S«v 3:00 The Match Gams 3:25 NBC News 3:30 Family Game 4:00 Everybody* 4:30 Newlvwed Gam« S:00 Dating Game i:30 Hunlley-Brinkley Report 6:00 Local Mows, Weather 6:20 Sports. News Roundup 6*30 The Monkevs 7:00 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. 8:00 Saint Joan 10:00 News 10:20 National News 10:30 TnnlgM KRLD-TV (Channel 4) J:t» lo Tell the TrutK 1:25 News J;30 Edge ot Might 3:00 S«cre> Storm 3:30 Password 4;00 Mr. Ed 4:30 Gilllgan's Island .5:00 McHate's N6. v 5:30 Wallet tronkltt New* 6:00 News 6:30 Gunsmofce 7:30 The Lucy Show 8:00 Andy Griffith 8:30 Family Affair 9:00 Carol Burnett Show 11:00 News, Weather, Sport* 11:30 Pete:Gent Show ll:3i"Mery: Griffin Show 1:05 Star playhouse 1:35 Vespers & Sign Off KTVT-TV (Channel 111 3:30 Honeymooner* 3:00 Captain Zero 3:30 Popcye 4:00 Mighty Arouse 4:30 Fllnlsonas i:00 The Munslers 5:30 Twilight Zone 6:00 Rifleman 6:30 Cheyenne 7:30 Guntlgmeri 9:00 Movie 1ft TO N'ews 10-15 9 Oclock Movln Continue! 11:00 Movie , 12:30 Ouldoor World 17:35 News and Weather 12:45 Meditations 12:50 Sign Oft IVFAA-TV (Channel 8) 2:00 General Hospital 2:30 Dark Shadows 3:00 Dating Game 4:00 TemRtalion 4:!5 News 4:30 Sump'n Else 5 30 NBC News 4:30 Cowboy In Afrlce 7:30 Rat Patrol 8:00 Felony Squad 8:30 Pevton Plac» ?:00 Big Valley 1C t * Ktrtmer 10:30 Joey Bishop Show 12:00 News'. 12:10 Laurel and Hardy Theatr* 12:40 FBI 12:43 FBI 12:44 Living Prayer 12:45 Sign QH Tuesday MORNING KTXS-TV 'Channel 18) 6:00 Summer Semester 6:00 Farm & Ranch News 7:00 weather 7:05 Morning News 7:30 Cartoon Circus 8:00 Captain Kangaroo ?:00 Candid Camtra 9:30 Beverly Hlllbllllii 10:00 Andy of Mayberry 10:30 Dick Van Dyke 11:00 Love of Ll(» ll;2i News 11:30.Secrch For Ton.firrow 11:45 Guiding Lighf 12:00 News 12'15 Farm Factt 12:21 Weather 12:30 As The World Turnj 1:00 Love Is a Many Splendored Thin 1:30 Housepertv KRBC'TV (Channel ») 7:00 ioqa> 7:25 H»rry Holt B-JS Devotions 9; 00 Snap Judjemenf 9 to Morning News »:SO Concentration 10:00 Personality 10:30 Hollywood Squares 11:00 Jeoparoy 3J;30 ?y« Gusss M:OQ weyw 4no Wwtlw U u f/oria of 8«»ytv 12;30 Let's Make a Deal I2-.35 NBC News 1:00 Pay* or Our Llv*» }!J9 The Doctors KJtJ.IJ»TV $ S'an Qo 0 summer Seme*l«r 4) BULLEflM Monday, bet. A, 196? 7130 Timetable |:00 Cap' Kangaroo t)00 Candid ' Camera J ,-30 Beverly Hilipiillai JJ;M Aiwy G/V§ Him Fact§ f Not the Brush DEAR ABBY: My husband is these things without hurting j an executive who must make, her feelings because she is real- occasional business trips. I have ly a very nice lady? T am been kidded quite a bil lately surprised ue didn't have an ac- aboul his new red headed sec- • cident yet. but some of he kids retary. She's Australian, around have black and blue friakrs all 30, supposedly very pretty and over from where she slammed married, which may or may on her brakes and everybody not mean anything. ; went flying. Thank you. Anyway, my husband recent- ELIZABETH ly returned From an out of town 1 D15AH ELIZABETH: First, business trip and when I un-! (ell the woman bus driver packed his things, as I always 1 what you've told me. tf that ; do. I found a red hair in his j doesn't slow her up, tell your hairbrush. I am keeping it as> mother, "evidence" in case I need it. DEAR ABBY: For reasons Have you any ideas on how which you will understand when | I can get a hair out of his sec- you read this letter. 1 cannot retary's head without her know-' ask anyone I know to help me ing it? 1 would like to send with this problem. You are my both hairs to a chemist to de- ., last hope, so don't let me down, | termine whether they are from j Abby. I want to get a social, the same head. My husband's; security card, but I understand hair (what there is left of it) is: to get one I have to present decidedly gray. Thank you. my birth certificate. SUSPICIOUS IN SYRACUSE DEAR SUSPICIOUS: The obvious solution would he for 3'o» lo engage (he red head in Here's my problem: I am an illegitimate child and I don't have a birth certificate. Worse yet, there is a question as lo who my father was. a hair pulling contest, but I j My mother says one thing, and wouldn't recommend it. (I hear '"Y relatives say something else. (To be truthful with you, 1 don't think my mother knows for sure. Anyway, I was told that the birth certificates of illegitimate children are locked up some the Ausics are excellent fighters.) Why not confront your husband M'ilh the evidence. Don't give him the brush. Just ask him to explain it. DEAR ABBY: I have a prob- wh , eref < pand U * ould , take a " lem that concerns not only me. ; f l ° Congress to get on out. but aJl the other kids who ride So vhat my bus. It is my bus driver, now a woman. First of all she drives a little too fast, and second, when she has to put on her brakes because the car in front of her puts on his brakes, she waits until she is about a foot away from the car she is trying not to hit. How can f tell her she does Anirp READER DEAR READER: You don't need your birth certificate to get a social security card. Laws differ from state to state but in yew case information concerning illegitimate births may be obtained only by court order. COUNTY HD PROGRAM—AJI all-day meeting of Brown County Home Demonstration Clubs was held Thursday at Adams Street Community Center. The afternoon program included a display of driftwood by the Rev. Hubert Foust, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Graham. Here the Rev. Mr. Fou'st discusses an unusual piece of wood with Mrs. J. V. Fortson, left, county HD council chairman, and Mrs. Calvin Thompson, a member of the Woodland Garden Club. (Bulletin Staff Photo) Miss Fields, Wade Smith Exchange Marriage Vows DE LEON (BBC) - Kathryn Anne Fields and Wade Hamrick Smith exchanged marriage vows Nov. 23 at 4 p.m. in EJmwood Baptist Church of Abilene. Dr. Ray Ellis read the vows before three candelabra with white tapers. The prayer bench was flanked on either side with sprays of lemon Jeaves. Cbiisi yoor Ptianna as you would choose a doctor Have Voor Doctor Call Os OPCN ^ A.M. • 7 P.M. DEAR ABBY^read ofjhej T hc'couple's parents are Mr. " '" " ' and Mrs. James L. Fields of Abilene and Mr. and Mrs. Wade W. Smith of De Leon. John Wilson was organist and Mrs. Sue Sillman was soloist. Given in Marriage The bride, given in marriage by her father, wore a floor- length gown of peau de soie difficulty encountered by young brides regarding what to call their mothers-in-law. Recently I a friend's son married and her ! new daughter-in-law calls her I "mamma-law," I think this is a wonderful solution. It is respectful and has a feeling of warmth and love. I hope this will solve someone else's prob wm boive bumeuie piou- ith chapel-length train of le, ] am sure it would have! rlianfillv ^ ,£„„„„„ , np( , solved mine 48 years ago. I.M.G. [Classified Ads Make And Save You Money Chantilly lace. Chantilly lace appliques outlined the hemline and neckline. She carried white gardenias with while miniature roses on a white Bible. Also in the bouquet was a gold pin be- NICE WEATHER FOR DRYING CLOTHES Sell Those Unwanted Items In The Bulletin Classifieds CLASSIFIED ADS W»U 0&ING QULCJUBUITS GO AIRLINES « ; jiigh- r to' ' f .. . ,, ! _____ ^f^hf . :-'". , - - - '/, r> "- f ':;;,' -' -, < iii^^ longing to the bride's great- grandmother. Mrs. Jimmy Bramlet was her cousin's matron of honor. Michael Smith served his brother as best man. For the wedding, the bride's mother wore a two-piece suit of taupe crepe. Bridegroom's mother chose a blue bonded knit coatsuit. Immediately after the wedding, reception was held in the Starlight Inn. For going away, the bride wore a double breasted suit of gold colored wool with a corsage of gardenias and roses. The couple will reside at 1809 Luther. Fort Worth. The bride, a 1963 graduate of Abilene High School, received a bachelor of arts degree in 1968 from Hardin-Simmons University. She attended medical technology school at Hendrick Memorial Hospital and is cm- ployed at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, The bridegroom, a 1963 graduate of De Leon High School, received his bachelor of arts degree at H-SU in 1967. He attended medical technology school at Hendrick Memorial Hospital, and plans to attend medical school, beginning next September, While at H-SU, he was a member of Alpha Chi, Beta Beta Beta, Alpha Mu Gamma and Kappa Phi Omega. Mrs. Mullins Hosts Church Group at Bangs BANGS (SQ-Woman's Society of Christian Service of Ba,ngs First Methodist Church met Tuesday in the home of Mrs, W. B. MulUns for a salad luncheon, A program entitled "The 'American Indian" was directed by Mrs, CJydeJVta,ner. Those on the program were Mrs, C. H. Sheffield, Mrs, Hugh Wjjson, Mrs. J. B, Stephens, Mrs. HU' bert L.ane and Mrs. Mullins. Other members present were Mmes, ,W. B. Cqppfc,' Cook Sheffield, NeiJ Carney, mil Harris, John McK§On4' Char- Shower Honors Mary Bearden At San Saba SAN SABA (BBC)-Miss Mary Bearden, bride-elect of Jerry Lee Williams, was honored with a bridal shower in the Gold Room of Ranchmen's Tower Hotel. Receiving the guests was Mrs. Bobby Spinks presenting them to the honoree and her mother, Mrs. J. M. Bearden, and Mrs. Dave Williams, mother of the prospective bridegroom, and Mrs. Sam Craven, grandmother of the bride-elect. Miss Jymie Bearden, sister of the honoree, registered the guests, assisted by Mrs. Richard Stockmann of Lampasas. Gifts were shown by Mrs. Gene Williams of Lampasas and Mrs. Jimmy Allen. By ItELOtSE CRUSE Dear Heloise: As a supervisor with a telephone company, 1 would like to offer a little advice to your readers on phone calls. When you answer, your phone and someone asks, "Who is this?", my best advice is don't answer that question. Come back with the reply: "With whom do you wish to speak" or "What number were you calling?" Usually if the person can't answer these two questions correctly, your answer should be: "There is no one living here by that name or you have dialed the wrong number." Never tell ANY unidentified person your name or phone number. For those who have unlisted numbers: Once in a while you will get a call from a stranger saying, "You have just won so and so Miss Sfarnes, Burchfield Set Wedding Date SANTA ANNA (BBQ - Mr. and Mrs Tom Starnes of Santa Anna announce the engagement and approaching marriage 'of their daughter, rfuth Ann, lo James Authur Burchfield, son of Mrs. A. E. Burchfield of Round Lake. Miss., and the late Mr. Burchfield. The wedding will be Jan. 28 in First Christian Church of Santa Anna with Dr. Robert M. Platt of Fort Worth officiating. Miss Starnes, a 1963 graduate of Santa Anna High School, attended Texas Christian University and was employed in Austin. Her fiance, a 1961 graduate of Rosendale High School, Rosendale, Miss., completed a tour of duty with the U.S. Army and is now employed by the police department in Austin as a patrolman. DQkQRES l 'MQCWS parents, Mr, aria Mrs. Billy W, Buzbee of Bellinger, announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter to Robert CJifton Phillips, spn of Mr, and Mrs, Bishop Noel Phillirjs of Winnie. Bride*elect is the granddaughter of Mr, and Mrs, Tom Moore of Route J, Bangs, and Mr, and Mrs.%, A* LeMssterof May, She is empjoy- gO, at JMC in 'Howston where her Jianee is presently going to college, He completed a lour'of duty with, the U.S. Navy, Wedding will be Pep, 24 at 3, In the Early Baptist £hureh with-the Rev Allan Car. trite ofJiGiating. Reception will be held at Riverside Motel. Both wedding and. reception will be opefl to friends and'relatives, if you can answer this question^ or do you buy such and such. Then is the time to always ask, "How did you obtain my phone number? These people use a numerical sequence system and just dial 3 prefix' and go down all of the numbers. If you want to listen to their sales talk—fine. If these calls annoy you—hang up. Many of your readers blame us for giving out unlisted numbers, but this is not the telephone company's doing. You do not have to talk to these persons who call. Just remember that is your privilege. We DO protect our subscribers. Dear Heloise. I beg of you ID pass along this advice. You'd be surprised how many problems it might save on unwanted phone calls. . . . If people get repeated annoying calls, or calls that are obscene, they should call their local telephone supervisors. Telephone Executive Thank you, Sir, with all of my heart. You have taught us a mighty good lesson. And children who answer the phone should be taught Never to answer the question, "Is your mother there?" if she isn't. The correct answer is, "May I take your number and I will have her call you back . . . she can't come to the phone right now." i Mothers, please EXPLAIN this to your children. Even teenagers should know. Heloise Dear Heloise: My boys have bunk beds. Instead of trying to keep all their customary bedding neatly arranged, I made two red cotton flannel contour sheets to match the decor of their room. The zippcred pillows have cowboys and horses in white and red. The boys sleep in sleepers or in sleeping bags made from quilts which also compliment the color scheme. These are EASILY folded on the bottom of each bed. The whole setup is simple for them to handle on their own and looks neat. Sure beats the hard way of trying to make bunks. Mrs. H. Olson Dear Helaise: Don't discard your torn, plastic laundry basket. Cut the solid bottom off and use it to put under the garbage can in your kitchen. Use it at the outside back door lo hold dripping umbrellas and boots. It can be used as a "pick-up sled" for children. Attach a long string to one side of it. It can be dragged on the floor to pick up toys, blocks and all small playthings. Children love to pick up things this way, I use one of these as a carryall for cleaning rags, polishes, etc. when cleaning. Saves me steps walking back and forth for cleaning utensils. Constant Reader IiBTER OF THOUGHT Dear Heloise: Live with yourself FIRST and Jet others IN when you find the time. Jim Kennedy

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