The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on June 2, 1952 · Page 3
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 3

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 2, 1952
Page 3
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.ITTLELUU l^si^^r PECIPE PO JUST ENOUGH TO PLAY £ SAMS/ jd-Ridden Invalid Helps Fight Fires :;t?HlS Tenn. - O>— If you all firefighters are rugged ho battle flaming buildings _ sirens of \\3t^? or go rac- f.p toA-ermg ladders with axe , rou haven't met Mabel d « doesn t. don a glistening to. and go rac»n% off to fires Mi^s R'chmond is an bT?vpr, on hf-r depends , the i safety of tne city of Bartlett, rie Memphis. i Richmond is full-time dis- •?r of BartSctt's volunteer fire She's on. duty around t' lies in bed .with two tele- bs in easy reach. One is her fi» 'phone, the second, the fire .tment number. B-side the "phones is a pushbutton alarm that sets off a fi i re n on the water tower. When she touches the alarm, the firefighters come running. Miss Richmond has the technique down pat. While she's takm^ down a fir* report on the tele°- phonn. she sounds the siren button. Sh^ also takes down the location of the the fire and the quickest and best vay to get there. Breed Increases CHICAGO (UP)-Dnect'ors of the American Aberdeen-Angus Breeders' Association announced that the breed has increased 72 per cent in the lest 1Q years Presnc registration is .1,505,000. [Our vacation days are ahead Jnce a year, for two weeks, we close our printing shop oiale our vacation*. Please anticipate your needs and o^W ii plenty of time for us to make delivery before July 3. Thanks! * . . phone can sell jou AXY need in office supplies" tng//sA Girl Starts Fight By Criticism MANCHESTER, Eng , June 2 An English gj r l student's complaint lhai American girls go to college only to "get a man" has touched off a controversy in the columns of the *,taid Manchester Guardian. It all slaj ted when Miss Pat Anowsmith, a Cambridge University student who spent a year at Ohio University m Athens, Ohio wrote a dispatch foi the guardian entitled "Athens. Middle West." Miss Au-owsmith said, among other things: "Manv American girls go to college simply m ord^r to 'get a man'.. . "Scholarly leaimng is positive!v discouiage . . Most student work [or giades' and 'credits', not knowledge "The geneial Jevel of conversation in diugstore and bedroom is low.. . attendance at poetry lead- ings and piano lecitals is" poor " Miss Arrov, smith al*o complained that ^he was ciiticised for go- oing to a dance with a Negio She said she \\as leauested not to do u again because it was "contiary to the local rnoies." Fust leport came fiom Caiolyn Heiberl, a foimer Ohio University student who now lues in England. "«. found hei views as superficial and disgruntled as some summer tourists to England who remember only bus queues, royal parties and cricket games," Miss Herbert said She Has Hat In Ring On Shoestring Issue CULVER CITY, Calif, OIP>- Atrs Marian Mbsick, a six-foot nousev,if e who admits she isn't "willowy," is campaigning for v.ce president of the United States on a shoestring Mrs ilosick, 38, is running on an independent ticket with. F. E Peterson of Topeka, Kan, with a broken shoestring as their campaign symbol. The shoestring is supposed to show voters what Mrs Mosick and Peterson believe is i*\ store for them unless the national debt is trimmed and taxes reduced. Mrs. Mosick has anotheo reason for wanting to get to Washington. Her husband, Master Sgt. Oscar Mosick, LS a career Army man and her son. Jimmy, 18, is a member o fthe 40th Infantry Division. Both are fighting in Korea, and Mrs. Mosick wants them — ail American troops brought home because she fels the Korean war is a waste of time and military strength. The Orinoco river, which flows through Venezuela and empties into the Atlantic, has "a mouth 20 Jmles long. Shepard Barclay On Bridge THE BAYTOWN SUN, MONDAY. JUNE 2. !952 — A Central Press Feature AS APART AS THE POLES AN OPENING bid of three in fore wap a "point-saver. But what about Soulh's fir.sO > By- PAUL SOUTH WICK must be completed be/ore they, misguided persons ;who are J>ro- WASHINGTQN, June 2 UP!—The can tajk about solving the prob- moting iiith at the expense'of the Prohibitionists hope to capitalize on lem o£ programs which offend greatest country "on'earth/' / the 'impending House investigation some people. The National Television and Ra- of radJ9 and television morality to R ep ^ c. Gainings <D-AikJ, dio Temperance Association, wrote impose cuibs on the liquor indui- wno sponsored the investigation, Gathings protesting "degrading in"">'• said Saturday "I think we have fluences on television and asking Since the inquiry was projected, enough bureaucracy as it is" and for control of liquor ads. the Women's Christian Temperance that he had no idea of censorship 'j^, e associatipn objected to,on» outside strength or in other he thought he could take himself. Unm - on h ^ s f 6 * 1816 *** strun g 5 om ' when h e started his clean-up cam- rece nt exchange on a'show spon- «iuc anwijjvn, or m o 1 n e r _ ^ __ e_ r> _ _ _ • plains about beer and wine adver- paign. sored by a beer company/ tising on the air, and wants to be -gut I don't know what we The association said the dialogue heard, might run into a year^ from now," went as follows: In addition, Rep. Joseph R he replied when asked whether he ''Child —Mommie, does Santa Bryson (D-SC.) told a reporter he would support ..government censor- Claus bring all the Christmas pres- hopes the investigation will point ship if the investigation revealed ents? up a need jfor his bill to outlaw that as the only practical solution. "Mommie -r- Yes, dear, all advertising of liquor in inter- Gathmgs who is expected to "Child — Does the stork bring state commerce, whether in news- h \ ad a se ' con d investigation into a11 ^ babies? papers magazines or over radio fl]thy ^j^ and uterature. has l'^°^ mie —J 6 !' dear / ,, -and television. ^en swamped with letters, prais- _, ChM —Well, then what is Bryson said he has tiled unsuc- ing him for his double-barreled dv hanging around lor? cessfully for 10 years to get House campaign He said he will turn all action on his measure but has been the radio-TV material over to the unable even to obtain a hearing, committee when it opens hearings a suit may show either pf two btd? A veteran player. In tourna- contrastmg types of hands tn n\ents and otherwise, he knew the early days of contract, nearly how top-ranker's use such a call, everybody made such a bid on a Lo show J ust about the kmd of suit that required no support from hand he had, bidding about three partner.y together with a bit of more tnan th e number, of tricks outside strength, or in o t h e r words quite a good, hand. In re- to tr >' to shut the opponents out cent years, however, nearly all J players of high rank have learned that this more often: crowds the partnership than the opponents, so they open with a three bid only for defensive purposes, when Pretty fair all around player. It the hand has no-general ment at had not occurred to him to ask all, bjit omy a long suit which m advance "what type of three bid or-crowd them into a wrong contract. . He was playing with a brand new partner, however, one v,ho Had be e.n. recommended as a protects the bidder 'when he tries to crowd the other side out of its best bid. 4QJ6 V 76 • A 8 5 2 4> A84 2 V A109 2 4 KQ9 4,86 N W E S 4 K 10 9 3 * None 4 J74 4.AQJ 10 7 3 475 V KQ.J854 3 • 10 6 3 East Pass 4 4 Rdbl (Dealer: South. East-West vulnerable.) South West North 3 ¥ Pass 3 NT 4 9 Dbl. - Pass Pass Pass Dbl. 5 If Db!. That contract was set five tricks, with t<vo each in spades, hearts and diamonds and one in clubs to give East and West 900 points. That was not nearly so bad as the score xvould have been if South had let West play at 4- Spades redoubled and make an his partner was accustomed to making. Actually, ,^it developed that his partner expected a much better hand in general, one worth at least a couple of defensive tricks. Not knowing" what h\s partner would read from his bid, South would have done better to have passed. A suit bid of three can be dynamite against you unless you know how your partner will interpret it, A smarter player will not make one with a new partner. * • * Tomorrow's Problem V » •* 4 J2 V AK73 > K8 They Collaborate ID-Ark.), has many complaints about programs A 64 • J107 632 4.J6-J3 N WE 4 KQ973 VQJ1054 494 show drinking. Some have been particu- ^j» larly bitter about "well-dressed ^^^ young women" shown drinking or "?,,.,, n , , .carrying "cocktails. 1 ' ,./ w f, in ?i vid , aa j. V™*** can do _ " , . , . ,. , little." a Nashville, Tenn., woman But most frequent objections to told Gathmgs . » A big part of them radio-TV programs center on crime ,p rO g rams , a re lepulsive and dis- shows, sex and risque innuendoes, gus^g »» Committee members are flinch- . \ , m - , ing at the mention of "censor- An Austm - Tex ' man ' ur S ed , , ship " They said the investigation Gathings to "place a censorship on dog, a setter, who about is fair , play, litter and the dog nurse the other's and raw jokes as as f ae j r own low cut dresses is ... ' - a Barkley. Mich turn a well MIKE FRANSSEN STATE RESERVE LIFE"See Me Before You' Die" Dial 2061 (Dealer: South. Neither side vulnerable.) l -. ,. If this hand is bid s o u n d I >0 what purpose can the Blackwood extra trick.. His final bid there- convention serve? -\ Slum Development Gets Green Light CHICAGO (UPj— Theway is be- the most recent to approve the ing cleared for more cities to start participation of cities in urban:re- urban re-development programs, according to the National Association of Housting Officials A growing number of state courts are upholding the constitu- development The court upheld the power of Detroit to condemn slum, property and sell it to private builders. Last year Tennessee's high court Lionality of urban re-development upheld on all counts the constitu- lawa under which cities condemn tionality of legislation empower- slum or blighted areas and tell ing Tennessee housing authorities the land to private development to condemn slum areas and, after t agencies. clearance, to sell or lease them .toA The association reports that of private re-developers, four state supeme court decisions handed down on such laws in the last year, three were favorable. That brings to seven the number of states in which supreme courts have upheld the" laws. Meanwhile, test cases are pending- in five others — Illinois, Ohio, Other states where such laws have been upheld by the courts include Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Alabama, I^ew York and Illinois. In Illinois, further court tests a're pending, however. The University of North . Caro- Dhcde Island, Florida, and Minne- lina, at Chapel Hill, is the oldest sota. Michigan's supreme court was 'state university States. in the United I Discontinued €ojorj, Dented Gans, Overstoelc — All Top Qualify 'I; 801 AUTO ENAMEL RAP1DRY ENAMEL COROC WALL FINISH 810 BULLETIN COLOR * f UTILITY ENAMEL $*& CHROMOfD COLOR ^W McALEER'S AUTO POLISH WAX ff KENTILE ASPHALT TILE — ODDS AND EN&S Group A— 9x9-inch Tile ........ 5c ea. Group C— 9x9-inch Tile ........ 7c ea. Group B— 9x9-inch Tile ........ 6c ea. Group D— 9x9-inch Tile ........ 8c ea, 9x1 2-R. Heavy Wh Fell Bdse Rugs, were $10.95, NOW ................ $7.85 ea. Standard Gauge Inlaid Linoleum, was $2.35 sq. yd., NOW .......... $1.85 sq. y<k Inlaid Linoleum Tile, 9x9-in. Std. Ga., was I5c ea., NOW . •" I3c ea« —MANY OTHER DOWN TO EARTH BARGAINS^ —ALL THIS STOCK MUST BE SOLD BEFORE INVENTORY— %*4 f- MADE IN HOUSTON FOR T-HE GOLF COAST CLIMATE 512 W. TEXAS ral . Three More Big Days of Values for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in AH Houston, Baytown, Freeporf, Joanfc'City and Texas City Stores (Rights reserved to limit quantities) ^Jne Gojfw-iaatiaa BbeahJ,GAt ^ti&Gi rfkstJ/i Ros-Jljj fi^f /*/ ^4^ Wo^dd! Boned, Skinned and Excess Faf Removed. SALT BACON Or Cerve\aV Summer Sausage " r Blue Ribbon—Boned. Skinned Excess Fat Removed Butt or Shank Portion . .*. - .Lb. SWIFT'S Fancy, No. 1 Oxford Table Trimmed, Tender Shoulder Chops t » tTm* fo preserve, can or stock your Ds«p Freeze wiih fresK {ruits and veg- efablej. H«r* is a compMs 1«t of canning supplies af Wcmqarten'j Low Low Prices FREEZER JARS .......... ^ 1.24 KERR CAPS and I IDS ...... : ..... ^ 27c KERR LIDS ................ 2 Do , 25c " 13c 25c 3.U or KERR FRUIT JARS . BAIL or KERB FRUIT JARS KERB WIDE MOUTH 'ARS. WID* MOUTH JARS KERR 3F H V GLASSES .. FRUIT PECTIH FREEZER JiRS .....".2;-I/ GULF WA)CPARAFFIN £. 20c U-S. No. | JuJcy, Florida's Fwest -No. I Home Grown, Oreen Weingarten's Own—Fresh Roasted frseh daily—a delicious blend ,of SoutH American Coffees.- SAVE 18 Coupons from pkgs. of 3, W. Coffee and receive one lb ^FHEEL ^

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