Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on October 29, 1961 · Page 7
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 7

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 29, 1961
Page 7
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Robert Preston Soon To Act In Broadway Show By JOSEPH P1NNWAN HOLLYWOOD (UP!) - Robert Preston is returning to Broadway where his success ft tew years ago in "Music Man" catapauited him back into the front ranks of movie stars. Bob last appared on Broadway as Professor Harold Hill, the happy swindler in "Music Man." He recently completed the same part in a film version of the show. Preston, .who once said "I was the man with a black horse end black hat in many, many movies' 1 before his hit musical, is now working on "How the West Was Won" at MOM. When that picture is completed, he'll go to New York for re* hearsals of "We Take the Town," a musical version of the old movie "Viva Villa." He'll play the Mexican revolutionary P a li c h o Villa. .:• admits tnat ftis idfig rufti 6n Broadway was a key factor in the resurgence of hvs nitwie career. "I was soft of at -* standstill in the movies here," h» said. "I suppose I cftuld have stayed here and done every heavy that came along ftt RKO and Paramount but it wasn't going forward at any rate. It was just a comfortable living. "The sort of thing I want to do in movies doesn't come along mere than once a year, something that's exciting to read. 1 don't care what k is. That's how I've decided to run my life." As Pancho Villa in his new show, Preston will sing songs but he makes no claim to being another Perry Como. "All that's called for in this is the same kind of singing that I did in Music Man," he explained. "I'd describe it as talking at full voice on pitch. Maybe the com poser can recognize his melody, but it's mostly involved in telling a story." ; Preston said there's a possibil ity that he might do a movie in New York while appearing on Broadway. •./..' Opening ^Thursday at-the Capri Theatre lot 1 a three day engagement is an "all*family" comedy, "Everything's Ducky," starring Buddy tiackett and Mickey Rooney— and a talking duck named Scuttlebutt. The story deals with two sailors at a Naval Rocket base who become hilariously involved with the duck, which is the sole possessor of a top scientific secret. A picture of this sort needs a psychiatrist so Jackie Cooper is cast in this role. Canyon Theater Stage Location Marked Off CANYON (Spl) — Almost ev-|iion. Jfo« Gidden was represent- 54th VfcAJt tHJE PAMPA 0AILV NEWS SUffiUY, OCTOBER Ji, eryone concerned 4 with any detail of the cortMttietion of the theater in Palo fiuro State Park gathered on the site recently to discuss various concepts ,of the building and production, William Carr, the naturalist who built the Bear Mountain museum, r.oo and botannicnl g a r- dens for the American Museum of Natural History and is consultant on an outdoor museum soon to be added to the famous children's museum in Houston described his idea of the approach to the theater from the parking lot as "a walk into history." Eddie Melln was in attendance representing the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce and the Amarillo committee of the founda* ing the Canyon Chamber ef Comerce. Bill Oldden wa* represent- fetary of the Texas State Parks Board was accompanied by Jim Thomas. Thornfts Is > employed by the state board to help the parks interpret their stories to the people who visit them' The committee marked off a stage Urge enough for * cattle drive, a ,trall to the top of the cliff against which the stage will lie where the Indians could ride in or the Pioneers trudge o u t with their oxen- They marked a Spot at the top of the bluff where the smoke signals could rise, and planned to use some huge boulders for the Comanches as they prepared for their raid. The site was carefully selected by Paul Gfeen during tils visit to Earl Parge wtie is tetiftj IS th«| Canyon last Spring, tt is « bluff consultirtg architect lot the betwften two peaks arid will maka an exciting background . fof any performance. Me was cir-eful to be sur« that the m&on v/ould always come up over the shoulders of the audience in this spot—because he declared that no playwright Is ever good enough to compete with the woon. As « result of the discussions, ect during the earfy stage* wil(| be able to draw up the first rough plan of the thiater and to makg the estimate of its cost, which ii the next 'necessary piece of infof*| matlon. The natural key in music is thai key of C major, which has no| sharps or flats. FOR THE FIRST TIME ON TELEVISION! "Goodness for your family I" LIITLCT OCTOBER 81 "7:80 TO 9:00 P.M. KGNC-TV CHANNEL 4 CELEBRATE HALLOWEEN! GAPRt-SPECIAL SHOW 9:00 P.M. — THAT'S RIGHT 9:00 P.M. JINCENT PRICE' AGNES MOOREHEAD An ALtitD ARTISTS Wcturi 1 JACQUES BERGERAC *£$&* Top O f Tcxas-Tues Nife Only-65c Car Nit» THE MONSTER OFJHE FUTURE! KARLOFF IORIS FIRST TIME IN BLOOD-FREEZING CINEMASCOPE Video Declared Best In Public Affairs Field By DICK KLEINER NEW YORK (NEA) — Dore Schary Says he learned a lot when he produced "Sounds of the '60s," the first Westinghouse Presents show of the season. "I learned," he says, with-a touch of irony in his voice, ""that if you want to do something really important on television — to trouble: c o in- in say something — it has to be the Held of public affairs. "That's what TV does best. Nothing can touch TV when something like Kennedy's appearance at the U.N. is being covered. When you get to fiction and entertainment programs, TV is not so great." And so Schary has a new Hream. He wants to do a program in the public affairs field some day. Nothing definite or specific, just a chance to venture into the urea where he can say something. He found, in liis work on "Sounds of the '60s," that the sponsor is ' all - important" in television. He hastens to say that he understands the sponsor's posi-snow and Halloween." lion, but he think the over - all quality of American TV might, be improved if a magazine concept of commercials were used — with the sponsors' messages inserted before and after a show—leaving the control of programs with the producer and-or network. Did he have sponsor on "Sounds of the "60s"? Schary's answer: "No ment." Schary has concluded that tftl- evision is "a producer's mcdt- urn." He still thinks of Broadway i as a.writer's medium and Holly jl wood as a director's, but the facts ' of TV life make the producer the key man on TV. "That's because time and money are the prime considerations on TV," he says. "You're always worried about hosv long it will take and how much it will cost. If you're taping a show, and you get it right technically — nobody fluffs and the prop man's arm isn't in the picture — you are so thrilled that you say, 'That's it, I print it.' But you should s a y, 'That was fine —now let's do it. again.' " It has been 17 years since Cynthia Pepper was last in New York. Then she was 4—aand all she remembers about New York TV PROGRAMS FOR THE WEEK ENDING NOV. 4 TltR NK\VS IS NOT UKHTONSillbK POtl CrtANGKS I'MU.)M Till'! PUB LISKKU SCIlTSfJULK AS SUI'PUKD IN ADVANCK BY THK TV Channel 4 r i I I I I Channel 7 CUP AND SAVI KGNC-TV, SUNDAY NBC 11 :<m l<Mr»l 1'resh.vterlnn Church 12:0(1 ,tlm Bnrlais Show book Up 1:00 Prn I'onthrtll :l:45 News/Wenlher 4:00 Wisdom •1:30 flint Htmtley 5:00 Meet The Tress 5:3(1 CoHcm John S:lW News H:IA Weathtr (1:23 Sports «:30 The World O( Boh llopn 7:30 nipcord SiOO Bouaima 9:no Dnponl Show 0( Th« Week (0:110 N ft w.i IO:IS \\>ath«r IO-.2R «t><>rt.i I0i30 "Th* Til|illl ThAl •'•ailed" 12:00 Sign Oft KVII.TV, SUNDAY ABC 10:30 Allen lUvtvftl Hour 11:00 This. Is "i'..!* Iiif* 11:30 Air l^oree Story 12:00 Chrlntlnn Criisiitld iai»n r>orv Punk Show 1:00 OrAl Roberts Channel 10 8:30 Clhuro.h Service fl:30The fisher Fiinill.v 10:00 Suntlny Showcase 11:45 Star HowUr-i 12:15 Pro FofUhnll 1:00 Cowboy* M NT 4:00 Range Wider liSO Herald of Truth 2:00 Afflembly of Ood Church 2:30 Broken Arrow 3:00 Brteflnp SisMon 3:30 NY at Oakland 6:30 Maverick ft:30 Follow Th« Sun 7:30 tjfiwmfti- Ssfin BUB stop 9:00 Adve.ntiiroa In Parndlso 10:00 'The Big Tr<i«s' 6:00 Continental Classroom 7:00 Today Show 8:00 Cnpl. Kldd's Car- loons , 0:00 Sny Wh«n !l;:|0 Piny Your TTunnh ln : nn The Prloo Is 10:30 Concentration 11:00 Truth or Conssq. 11:30 It Could his You 11 :Bii N«w» 12:00 >J«w* was "walking in the park, the Channel 7 Open 6:45 — Now -Mon. •"*""" U-ITECIBWISTt Also Cartoon & News Open 12:45 • Now - Tues AT: 1:56 5:48 9:30 THE GAY, VIKE-RIDDEN YEARS OF THE JAZZ-MAD DAIJANSSEN OiNE FOSTER MCARSON PtH DORS MHO'HERUHY MICKEY SHAUGHNESSYl KEEKHHWYNH tilAMDEMAREST MPHplDKRAUT MtCKEYMONEY . O-.-e .AT: 12:45 3:44 7:36-. AH 4iHBMM*l Also @tttMWi % News Froni , • The Shadow of the Cross Came "The Robe"... "The Story Of Ruth" "A Man Called Peter- all inspiring entertainment events... Such a motion picture is the story of ...a young man with a heart as and great a* all humanity P(0()l,CliOn l!j".19 BRADFORD DILLMAN DOLORES HART STUART WHITMAN « PEDRO ARMENDARIZ 3J ff» SulUn . 11:00 The TO.NIUI ll:i:o tMVti That Boh t'J:Oo Ciinioufliiso 12 :»(! Mnke A F<m« 1 :0n liny In Coni-t 1:25 Mia- Day Heport I:3M Unity Mao Sliow 2:OOXumb«r Channel 10 6:25 Sunrise Classroom 12:20 Kami 7illOjRck Tomklnti 7:20U Ilai Xlfrht 8:00 Capt. Kangron D:00 The Jack L-iLanne Show 9:30 1 Love l.uoy 10:0!) Video VlllHRfl 10:30 Hui-pt-lne I'ackBg* lOsrif! CHS News 11:00 Lov« of Life 11:30Scnrch For Tomorrow 11:45 The auldliiB Light 12:00 Dnn Tru« Wea- thw 12:10 Ne\V» Open 12:45 Today • 1:45 Weekday! D«cta) b, MICHAfl CURIIZ , mm VALE, Today- OnJyr-l?:45 3:00 5:15 I 7:3)0 S:47 • Monday Only—?: 30 4:5i | 7:13 3:33 I FORSTTHwd JACKIHOMAS COLOR by DC LUXE I I I I Channel 4 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Channel 4 I I I I I I I I Channel 10 I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I KFDA-TY, SUNDAY College CBS >:SO fl. K Bowl B:oo 30TM Century 5:30 Dan True W«ath«r B:(0 News fi:00 Tjassl* 6:30 fJennls Th* 3it«n- ac« 7:00 Kd Sullivan Show 8:00 Th« J'tiwer and The Itlory 10:00 nun Tru* Weather 10:10 N*w* 10:25 Mrs. n Qo4» to Coll«K« •10:55 "Swjr KGNC-TV, MONDAY ABC Channel 10 «:2fi Sunrl«* Classroom TiooJack Tomklnji 7:301t llapp*n«d iN'ljrht *:00 Cftpt. Kan*roo 9:00 Th« Jack LaLann* Show 9:30 I Lov« Tiitey 10:0(1 Video Vllln's* 10:30 8uri>rl.«ft Pnckag* 10;55 CBS New* ll;on L.ov« of tjlfe 11:30 SMI t-ch For Tomorrow »« 11:00 linn thcr 12:10 New* KFDA-TV, WEDNESDAY 12:20 Pit I'm * RHiich X«(vs A: Mnrk*t» 13:30 AM Th« World l:nn A mug * Andv . liSOArt Llnkl«tUr'» Ilous* Parly J.'OO The Millionaire 2:30Thn Verdict I* Day Edwards Dan Ralph True XVca S:5S CBS Nftwii 3:00 The Br.lehUr 3:IR Secret Storm 3:30 The Kdjfe Of Nlrht 4iOO Olnnt Kid* Mat- lno« S:(i Ootlftlas «:00 \Veatlier Tru* 6UO Newt Wayn« «:SO a^e Alvin Show 7:00 Katlur Known Best 7:«0 Checkmau " X:30 Third Man 9:00 Armstrong c,s, I 5:00 Ilo 6:30 DloK Tracy pnlonit K Trac 10:00 W«ath«r Tru* 10:10 .\.VVR Wftyn* Cnssldy lfl:2S Clmrnnron Channel 4 KGNC-TV, THURSDAY Th«4t- Dun Ralph City Toxas Talk» Slftn Off NBC 12:25 Woman's World l:i)() ,lan .'Murray 1:30 Lorotta Young; 2:00 Young; Dr, Mnlone 2:30 From Thnno Hoots 3:00 Mnkc Room For Daddy 3:30 HciV.M Holly wood 3:f.". News NUC 4:00 rJupl Kldd's Cartoons 5-.4S lliintlcy .BrlnUlny IIIIIII N«!WB 6:15 Weather G:25 Sports (1:110 Jaoy Ulithop 7:00 National Velvet 7:!!0 The Prlc* IB R:00 S7th Precinct !>:00 Thrlll«r 10:un Nnws 10:ir, SVanther 10:85 Sporls |fl:.'in ,'liioU Pnar Show 12:00 SlKII Off KVII-TV, MONDAY ABC 2:.10 Snvcn Keys .1:110 Queen Kor A Hny SsSO Who Po You Trust 1:00 Ainorlciin Band- Rliind I-..10 "N^hl Niti-«i>" fi:00 Mud Wilkinson Show < cheycnn* 7 ::'.(! rtlflcmnn Six fl'.OO ilnn CiiMev 10-.OOTullnhH»c-i« 7001 10::tO K-7 Nnws & WC«- Ihrr ]0;IO Alnmnno N»w»- rpp| 1fl:U> Mlko Hammer KFDA-TV, MONDAY CBS It/im-h Marknl.s World News UiSO'As The . TUI»IS 1 :00 Arii"s Ik Andy l!80A.Jt LlnklflUe House Party 2:00 The Mlllloimlrn 2:30 The Verdict J*t Dan ;i:ni)Tlin m-lj-JUcr Day :t:iri K«-.rpt Htorm !t;;!0 The Kdtte Of Nl w ht 4:00 (iliint Kids Matinee 5:00 Yoitl Hnnr 5:30 nick Tracy 6:45 Douglas (1:00 Weather Triifl Wnynft fi:;iOTo tell Th* Truth 7:00 Pelft and ClUdya 7:30 Window On Main Htrcct S.'OO IJHtiny 'riKHiiiv.i 8:3« Andy Orlfflth 0:00 lt«niieney 0:30 I've dot A flerrftt 10:00 WeiUhm 1 • l>un True 10:10 Nfrwu • Unlpli Wayne 10:3." Donlh Vnllcy HnyH 10:f>fi "Mr*. ritrkliiBton" Off «:00 Continental Cla»»• room 7:00 Today Show »:00 Cupt. Kldd's C»r- toons 9:00 Say Wh«n 9:30 Play Your Itlini-h 10:00 The Prlc* Id Right 10:30 Concentration 11:00 Truth or Connen. 11:30 It Could bo You I1:6r> N«w« 12:00 News Channel 7 10:30 Funis-A-PoppIn 11:00 Tho Tftxnii 11:80 Liivo Thai Boh 2:00 CuinnufluKu I2:;i0 Maka A K«ca 1:00 Day In Conn 1 :^5 Mld-Dny llcporl 1:30 llntl.v Mac Shnvv 2:00 Niimhcr I'li'iisw 2:30 Seven Key.i Channel 10 7:MO.Iack Tnmkln-i 7-.20H )inpp«nc<l L*st NlRht S:0f> i!apl, Kniisi'oo 9:00 Th* .hiok Lnbanrm Show 9:.1fl I Lnv« r.ury I0:lio Video- VMIH'KC. 10:30 Sui-prlfm P;u'kBg« I0:,',ri i.'UH NflW* 1l;(io l,ove of Llf? 11:30 Sea reh For Tom- OI'I'OV' II :in Tim GuldliiK IJsrlit 12:00 Dan Tru« \Vtn- I her 12:10 News 12US W«alhor 12:2"> Won/inn's World 1:00 Jan Murray Show 1:30 Lorettn. Younn 3:00 Young Doctor M»- loim 2:30 From Themi Roots 3:00 Make Room For Diuldy 3:30 Here's Hollywood 3:55 News NHC 4:00 Cnpt Kldd's Cartoons 5i(B HUnlley -Brlnklcy B:00 News 6:15 Weather fii3S Sporl» G:M Outlaw* 7:30 Dr. Klldar* S:.10 llas»«l OjOOSInc Atonr With Afltuh 10:00 Naw« 10:15 Weather 10:2,-, Sport* I0:nn jack Paar Show 12:00 Sl^n Off KVII-TV.THURSDAY ABC ,1:00 Qn»>on For A Day :i:30 Who Do You Trust 4:00 American H n mist und 4:SO "The Cotnpany Sh« ICm|)»" fi:llO S! «::ill O: 7:.10 Rcftl McCoy 8 :W) My Tin ** Show 9:011 Two I.'UPCH We*t !l:.'ID llntoiic:hahl>iii ao;:i(l K-7 News & Wea- I her and linn-let ,10:10 HM irnihlonrdi! Uonim t'tctiil • iu:4!i Mckenxli'ii flnld- RFDA-TV, THURSDAY CBS 12:C# l''rti-in ft, MarkMs 13:30 An Thu World Turn* l:iin Amosi * A inly 1:30 Art LlnklPtHr'd Iloiifi* Party i:l>0 Thit Minioiiidr* 2:;!OThB Vcrdic.l U Tra«y Kdwui'rtx - Dan Circuit' Ilay . 3:OMTlin nrlxhii>r 3:l"i Rmiret. Storm 3!.in Th« Kdff Of 4:00 niaiit Kids Mat- Illf t! S:00 HiickUberry Hound r. :•"(! I •>:1.5 «:00 Weather Trim *lin Xr.w» Wn.vnr •:30 Frontier 7;:iO F'o'i Ci , . S'.OHThf lnv«tlffiitor« H'.nn cits lUport* LOiOO Wfalher - Dan Trim 1(1:10 N'owi* • Ralph Wayitd 10:25 niv«rhont I1:JS Hlffhwiiy Patrol Sign Off KGNC-TV, TUESDAY NBC 6:00 Continental C'Ui»»- room 7:00 Today Show 8:00 Capt, Kldd's Car- tOOIIH »:00 Say When !l:30 Play Your Hunch 10:00 Tho Prlcu Is night 10:30 Concentration 11:00 Truth Or Cotise- 'luencen 11i30 U Could Be You 11:66 News Channel 7 10:30 l'"unit-A-Popplri 11:00 The Textui 11:30 Love Thul Bob 12:00 Camoflfiifc 12:30 Make A Fac* l:o» Diiy In Court 1:25 Mid-Diiy J[iM>ort 1:1)0 life! ty '.Mui! Hhuw 2:00 Number Pltase 12:00 News 1!:U, Woather 11:25 Woninn'M World 1:00 Jnn Murray Hhow 1:30 Loretla Young Show 2sOO Young Doctor Ma. Inne 2:30 From Th*«« Hoots 3:00 Mflke Room Dndd-y S:30 Hore'M Hollywood 3:56 News NllC 4:00 Cant Kldil'n Cartoons ">:45 llunUey -Brlnkky 8:00 NOWB B:Ki Weather R:2r> Sports 6:!IO hnrumle 7:30 Th« UltllcHl Itebel 10:00 NfWM For 10iU"> Wciitlior 10:25 !0:.",n .luck Pnar 12:00 Hlgn Off KVII-TV, TUESDAY Show ABC 2:30 Hfivcn Keys :i:oo tjnccn For A Day 3:30 Who Do You Trust 4:30 "The Hmlllng Uhosl" 6:00 Tombstone Territory 8:30 The Bugs (Show The 7:00 JJarhclor Kathtr 7:*0 Cah'ln & Colonel K:ini The New Oreed !J:(IO f'l(i*«-U|i luioi) Mlninl'rcover 10:30 K-7 N«w» fi Weather Bunny 10:40 KM KafthiuiuUU 10:40 Thin Man Uawion Channel 4 6:00 Contln(!iil:il Clans- room 7:00 Today Show 8:00 dipt. Kldd's Cartoon* 0:00 Kay When »i30 I'luy Your Hunch 10:00 Tho Price fn night 1(1 i.1(l Concentration 11:00 Truth Or Consequence* 11 i!IO It Could Be YOU H:6C> News 12iOfl News Channel 7 10:30 Funz-A-PoppIn 11:00 Th* Texan 1U30 Love That Hob 12:01) CumouflnHt! 12;30 Mnk* A Knee l:0tt Duy In Court 1:25 Mid-Day H«port 1 !30 Hetty Mac Hhow 2:00 Number Please Channel 10 6:2.1 8unrls« CliiHsroom 7:00 Jack Tomklns 7:20 It Jliipjioneil l-ast KGNC-TV, FRIDAY I I I I I I I I I I § I I 13:15 Weather 18:26 \VomRH'H World 1:00 Jnn Murray Show 1:30 Lorctla Younr Show 2:00 Youngr Doctor Malone 2:30 Krom Thniia Rooty 3iOO Make Uoom For Dadd-y .1:,10 llfro'H Hollywood 3:.^r, News NIK' 4:00 Capl KldU'» Cartoon* NBC Brlnkley 1 5:15 Huntley *:»0 News 0:15 Weather «:2S Sports 4:30 International Show Tim* 7i30 Di-iui.-t|vt« «:3fl Dinah Shor» Show 9:30 Hero & Now lOiOO New* 10:15 Wither •''•21. HporU 10:30 Jack Paar Show 12iOO Sign Off KVII-TV, FRIDAY ABC 3i30 S»van Keys 3:0ii Queen '••'or A Day 3;;i(t Who Do You TnlMt 4:00 American Handstand 4 i!)o "Fort Apacho" ii:00 HOUR Kong 7:00 The, llathnways 7)30 Tho fllntstoims S:DO 77 Sunset S -ip 0:00 Tlie f'orruiitci -s 10:00 Hen Hunt 10:30 K-7 News ft Wea thcr 10i40 Almanac News< reel 10:46 "Bad Men of MI«HQUrl" KFDA-TV, FRIDAY cas rtanr-h Miu-keU World KFDA-TV, TUISDAY CBS 12:30 An TuniK ]:llfi Ainos * Andy 1:3(1 Art l,ink1eUer'» 6:25 Sunrise C'laKsroorn 12:20 Knrni it runi-h TidOJuuk TomkliD* News A; Markets 7:20H IfHpiiencd Last 12:30 An Thi World NlKht S:00("apt. Kniigroo U:00 The Jack LaLanne Show 9:30 I Love Lucy l«:W Video Vlll:is« IO:3U SurprUa ParUagt I0:r.:> CBS New« 11:00 Lov« of Life 11 :So .Search I'or Torn'.i row 11 MS Tim Uuldlnx Light 12:OU Dun (her 13:10 New* Tni» Wea- 2:<»0 The Mllllonnlr« 2:3«Th« Verdka Is Yours 2:"a CUH News 3:0d The rirlghUr Pay 3:15 ««i-ret Storm 3:30 'I'he \''.(\iin Of Night 4:00 ClHiit Kid* Mat- luce 6:00 Quirk Draw Me- trrnw 4:30 Dick Tracy 'I'fiie 5;|r> Douiclus Kdwunls 0:00 Weulher • Him 6:10 N'KWH - Ralph Wwyne 6:30 Mnrsluil Dl|l<ni 7:110 Dick Vim DIU* I'.W Dohle (lillls X;00 I led SUclton »:;|0 Ji-nliod A Me 0:00 (!ary Moore Show 10:00 Weather • Dan True . 10:10 .\Yw» • fulfill ! Wayne I 1«:25 Sheriff Of Cwhl«« I 10:55 "Dr»(ti)ii Seed" Sign Off 8:OOCiipt, Knngryo ! Hhow D:30 1 Love r.uay 10:iH| Video Village 10:30 Surprise Packuge 10:55 (.']!« Kew» 1 11:00 Love of Life 1 11:30 Henn.-li Vtir Torn- i orrnw II . ! 4.', The Guiding l.lvlil 12:00 Him True Wea- HUT 11:10 NiAvs U:20Kann & News & 12:30 Ad The Turn* IMlfiAinrift ft And-/ 1:30 Art Llnkleltefs lloime Party 2:00 Tim Mllllonulre 2:30 The Verdict Is Yours 2:5"i CI!H News 3:00 The Hrl* liter Day ;i:l"i Secret tiiortii 3:30 The Kd|i« Of Nl*lu 4:00 Clitnt Kid* Mat- lne« 1:00 Mister M» goo 5:30 Dick Tracy 5H*i Douglas 1-Mwnrds 6:OU Weather • Dan True «:10 News - Ral-ih Wayne B;;iO Ituwhlde 7:::0 Route (16 X'.M MHnuad 9:UD Twilight SSone 9::!fi Kyewltncas - I'BS 10:00 \V«atli<r - Dan True 10:10 News • (Ulph Wayn* Hi:25 Trat-kdown 10:55 "The Yearling" Sign Off I I 1 I I I 1 i Channel 4 KGNC-TV, WfDNKSDAY NBC 6:00 Contlntnttl Clsss- room 7:0i) Today Show S:00 Capl Kldd's Cartoons »:00 Hay When 8:30 Play Your flurich 10:00 Price l» [light 10:30 Concentration 11:00 Truth or <'on«e« lt:2<> It could Be You 12:25 Women's World 1:00 Jan Slurray Hhow 1:30 Loretta Younf Zid'l Young Doctor Malone 2:3'l Vrom These Roots ?;OOM. r ik» lloom Kor Daddy 1:211 Hc-re'v Hollywood 12:15 \"e«x Weather R;U W«ath*r '!:2H 8|n>rl» 6:30 Wagon Train 7i3« Manhunt 8:00 I'wry Oimo 9:00 Hob N«wh«rt Show t:Hn David Brlnkley'd Jnurntl 10:1)0 New* I H: IS WtMlhtr Hi:*!" :-'fi'nt!l I ft:.Vi ,f«<-k P.-tar Show i-ti llnntley -Briiikley 12:OOSIfn Off . 4:00 r«pt Klild's C*r- (:00 News ADULTS 90e-CHILDREN 35e Channel 7 10:80 Kunjs- A-PoppIp U:<iOTh« Texan 11:30 Ix)v» Thtit Bob 12:00 CaximufUiris 12:30 Makf. A Face 1:00 Day In Court l:2?i Mlil-lmv Ittport 1:W Belly Mao Show NO. I KYII-TV, WiDNiSDAY A8C 2:U'J Number Please Z:W «fcven Keys 3:00 '.Jueen For A Day 4:00 American Hand- Xlilllll 4:»0 "China »ky" 6:00 The Deputy 6:30 »«(.'• Allen Show 7:30 Top Cat 8:'in HftWftllan Kye 9:00 Naked City 10:00 TlKhtn>p« JU:3rt K'-7 News & Weather 10:40 Almanac Newsreel 10:1*. Rough Riders Channel 4 «:00 American* At Work »:IS Chrlntlun Kclenc!* S:.'i« I'lp The Piper !):»(• Slmrl Leu-IK Khuw i;30 Klnjf Lcoiurdo'ii Hhow 10:00 Fiu-v 10:30 Jitake floom Kor Daddy ll:0!M'apt, Kldd's Cartoons Channel 7 IliUUOn Your M»rk ll:3« Maiilc P.HIH-II 12;0(| Farm Home Digest 1 :Mi Hroken ATOW 1:30 The P.lg Picture Channel 10 7:5') (,'oineily Time »:00 v'hlu V'lllfiKe Jr. 9:30 Mlehty MUUKC 10:00 M««lf Land Of A Hull'i/.a in 10:30 Hoy Itf.ftfrt Show Il;ii0 .Sky KlnK II -.:!'i My t'ii.-riil h'llrkn 12:00 Tho 'fhrtf Hl<.<'K*» UZ:SO Saturday ' of - KGNCTV,$ATURDAY NBC I2:»lfl Mr. Wlnard 12:30 1-2-3 Oo 1:00 Cntton John l:::o pro Ua>ikftl.;tl l:i'il All Star '!nlf .">:<IM N'e«H ,"):l"i Wr-Hifrii i'.i *:'.',<< llullwlukle R:n(i XCVVK «:!') Weather K-.'l'i Snort* S.'.JO \Vell» r'arto 7:30 Tall Man N'lt? !''taltir« Huldltrs of t'orluni in;Wi N»w» m:IS Weather I I ] I 1 I":3« .Str«tsrht«a>- H :30 "Th« Knforcer" KVII-TV, SATURDAY ASC 2:00 Air Korce Hlory 2:IS Official Point of View 2:3n Mi»» at Colo 15:30 Joe Kerhel Hhow 6:<iO T*jt. Itoundvip S.3U 7.10 * It T'i B«<av. Hi"" Lm-. rent-e W*lk 9:(W Kl«h» of Th .• Wi'e 10:<m .\II-.Stir AVr"«itllni 11:00 "The HI? Sf-al" KFPA-TV, SATURDAY CBS 3:30 Kurnily Playinuue WyumlPK 4:0i» Amii.i A- Andy 1:30 XFL (!am« Of Thr Week f,:30 Mr Kd 0:00 Weather Warren Auder*on C.l'l ,S'i-w» Jlni Prait S:.1« I'erry M:i»on t:30l(av« Gun Travel Will 10:iiu Weather • Warren A mil-men |it:lli News • Jim Pratt |0:2'i San Francisco IO:.".R "Tfio Hot S 1 ! I 1 BALLAKU at Browning I MO §4788 B&B PHARMACY "YOUR PRESCRIPTION HEADQUARTERS" OPEN 8 A.M. TO 10 P.M. DAILY NO, 2 403 i S, CUYUR \ MO 4-8424 I

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