The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 23, 1961 · Page 6
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 6

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 23, 1961
Page 6
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Monday, January 23. I96f GROWING AGRICULTURE IS INHERITED BY FREEMAN WASHINGTON fAP>—TV sgr.- <•-' "-"-? £-?*-•.->:•••.*.• :*•?--• crop'f::±- >rrars ago were rumlns Secretary oi Agrj' - ,-- "i injv~ L: than 170 ^tUJ:cc .-•— dew, year. Las: y-ear they rotaied J735 r-^-.-^f- is a^v-i^jSt^rp CLLT- Newspaper Texas' Top Officials Are Getting Big Salaries Convention Set Feb. 5 ; Al\STIX <AP> - TV sv*ragf,L.-. Texan doesn't rsake as m<ich ; ~f ..:aaoey as the average America."' p ;«unve$ gtt bigger salaries than • -»^Os«S 12 UiCsSt StH*fi*S. DAIJLA3 Dai ex- --•"- " SI «OS. h^rjc.- iTur. Klcw the ra^xial iver.i.;e <; ,£••••£, 7h~ aver*.;!* :.- s:.-.u-s oi Pressure ss being exertec or. the c-.^vi^ pooc^:^:- KJ« '~-^ *•** O- ".rT.J. r^« S~Cr *> «i— -£".-'~ C'. ; r^j f~"f ~-Tp i** p :i~> .••*! ' :*"" *~ip ^ • ••. , . , _ . _ _ .__.._ ..... — __ _y Tw-» «i» *• N-«. «-.-^ ^--.a,! i-*."*ii Onj « c" ^"^".J^j.^ .r_'. i .^-.--c 1 —-* » .-rAw:^ bv b» pwdroesvr. EK'a crow -:^ sLr,i :*rrr i-r-.jen j;?'o-"-'St-'.r i L- ^"nrd ." sh^n ^^^^per AssxnatJCB hoicis its iegwla^e to keep on raising the c:«; s C.2^ in Or.*. $: r.O :n L'- 1' T-;ff. rV^-Jr. »i?rt y^r« ar' --« -ir.rvr> a-->: th* Il.wje: b.-'tM ?ro«Th ^ exports In 1SS1'. ^r"^ 1821 ^ ^e«ting here Fen, ?£> . seji , e for de&arrrcer . t ^^ ^.c. _£:_«: ir. C;:l:^.:-:-.:.i arc ; "~ ::->:27: K^cments «ere viju« at is T '*- vis- of /t? ^riy^^-rrn.- ; i-.pv.- i >>r>ij csf cr:t:cc: e.x y^^-:V j:, :_- t,;;^ r, -^ ^ ev ^j £ tf.,^ : , -»: <JftR . v^-, _ n .:~, ; ^ -*zins o; ? :-tatc«« grcr-- ;^i • 5^-;-.-^."^^ have & ~. .-;;• v,: ••>;„•-,* c ,i ;t» c*.:p.' a.s fc^r, _•-,„„, ^ . c.rre-: ;n aarrixirii'e's p<x-k«*«-J M :^ *&~x*r.y. ^nrr^-i «zr:^a.« ,^- ^^ ^..^ -^ ffl ^ ^ ^ fr ,'. cruise in the octpoinr.a; o-f cow.- lirrr.e-rs' income has The Thr€*-dav rnf-eti.-j^ drfArrrcert , Only six siaies pay tfce^- --—•- L "* :j! >e "" • c ' r;: '>;frr..p-pe2 oeriasc. u"''T"' r.""'"'-"'"- ^".';" *-";*. "Tf^!".. t',-"r"'--'^- ^4f^ lff *^ i-7-OT--^-'" • ? '"' r ' f; ^™ AT - ^ n ^^- returns of op-'" ^" •""'•' •'*"•••'-'•';'""- " : :"_ •*•'" r -'j -''" ~"^: ^:"f; ..",",".' .^,.J°Jj" "t~Ti~^ e-^^'jr? waded $14.4 billion. la' '^nscr C si* .". ,.iaj..» • v'. -'•"•r?.* -•- --•' '-j- - o^.d— ...~ • j •—.-• •.(.-..•... .-.*.,3 . » i». * — -j' - 5(,*y* r^-r 1 -'. i^ w^^*? s rTV.TTy* SIT ^ - *'•*-* ^* tTl^ •",'.' f H ' ' '''.' • *"*•-' -t^ ^'-' '-' „* '••'-' **'' — ••'•• -S"-— WJ-o. r»_^ »,'>i-...j-ifc, v.» •" »•** -t~- -i- * * . . -„. ^ /-se.j*»' ;-n,B <T.f c '.'T-»*.rtfrr 'A"l -TWIT- ' i-'i CSiUKTilt V •ir-vitr-j genera'Liy advi^y the ;o5-isuprrinu:w, nts a: SIf.OGG a yt?;ir.| auditor from $15,001 |» $17,500; i5a:c:v to krfT-p" current sal-' ,^ e ST: '- : *' :;i>vv , J)a -'* lh< " dir ' :0!0! ; jP™'->" system director ftw, $ 36) . iarure -us; ,\x;i:&-r th,:- re^sy D-'c" j" P'--''^akr.'s^arv"h!ked of the Game antj Fi sh Commisa^.:n arfl ->.*•• :is ov,- c?v:s,:•:-.. .. ( ^ (1 e ,.,,,, s ,,,. e a _ s ^ gov . s ; on f rO m 512,000 to $15,000; state Wr. ;! - wa-w ;,-,_ -r.-a-.-o :h ; vrn . :r ; V ,Y.'.r<. A.-mlly. R'.iil-.'hc:-:!th commissioner j rom S i 8|500 ?;^ : '4L^.^-^j : ^;;,.;" ^ li *;:'v n? ^;: w ;' y %S to S -' HW): insurance commission- ^t^i a'iej^rral^ajf o:':S. ^.-^ '''"'""'* "'"'" '* ' ' i '7 from .;; 15 - (X | 0 l ° 51 J;5°° ; and the :e:# v..-n : 4?! err.-::i-.".e>. v.v.r.:-.: „..'.'.."-'".-• V^ -".^','.' s .,!.'" Co'njn'---' 51 '" 111 S1S ' 100 . to S22,5Cjo p ] Us con . •Til '^A •.•:•••••< V.;-i ^. -^«- "'. •"..."'. ""; ",>;,;. '„•;„>,.,; itimiH use of a house. u tijiti warxl •7,-'-"^.- ' ' "' ;:":. c -::,,; <v.-,,;:,"•;<,/j:;'^ ; SH.SX) in other suppkmpnts. -,,, .,,,.., c , T ,, r ,. r ,.,.. ... „ ...,; v . •;;;"./. , ,,~l;::\,y r " V^-s^i The board also corseted with ..:;:.::'^^ : r ;7,'^-' V7 "^^-' -,::'-.•_•..•..-'.";-."' pV f,; A ~er- iDaniel ' s recommehd at j ons lor £-; ^^;;v ^^r^w-end^ *-".;...;•'•;-: '•_:,::., ,r; n V, Ws. more money f 0r thr DPS chief t j,^ w . "™ ' •:.„••,.,.:...::-..^.,, f ,-=.,,.^^-j •Mr.i-i_thr-_^ducation_o'- (nim j ss i onrr> Turner CaUedge, nta^ S effl.j— V*Uc*%d£; "S5 l ^: J1S - MO w *"» New York T:- officers more. Toe ^T:ru?n in income rs- f.-;-. ; o; ^ p<V cer;-: — -sre. thar; sh* '2? 12 whet I aJooe iax exceeds the w. •;,-;• -'>•--! tr.* EiScnhcn*r ai- total stirplas isvestrDSK s: the fae- ?.!v-r. o' thi« ;acres'* vrg^ in ckCars tied up is corj: also is ir; p-.-ri^'.-:•-•*• of This ercsts Jr. vas: rsc-ns eign.t years ago. «.f;rr:rA^Sf« o' wheat, com, sor- The exJCT rf fee growth of ftse Firrr: prices at toe end oi 199D i™vi,;n rra;."- a-id th» iikf. stored sarphis probJen cas be srso«^i by .were down nearly 16 per cent, Lr»d'.-r gcr.r-m.Tif'Ct price syppc-ns. ocenpariag; grr.-ernm-enl Icsses irsifrocn rh° ]e/el pre%"£ilij^r eighij ?.':fp<t;ne agricaln-re's :n- carrj-^s; exit fern price sappon • years ago. Prices paid by fann-i •%sf--2 rc.vt iy' efH.cienc-y is the' prograrr^. tiafcr winds the sur-'ers are up neariy 4 per cent. i of -- the UfHversitv of Tc.xas. wise in larrn prods c: prices an increase in prices paid by : ners 'or goods, services. _aadi iir>-est-i~ iS= ^--' : ' e:r 7 E 5 ^ ^ fe 1 * 11 prcduc-' 'if. "£~. duria? the eight >ears^piuses are accumuJaied. Losses- PONYTAIL o? the rtanze :r> osition is rices stack up Newspaper discussitia leaders , will indode editorial and advertising executives from daily papers throughout the Southwest." Among exhibits win be the top prize winners in the 13SO Southwest newspaper color conference cocapetitiQ!!. a display of the National NeA-spaper Prtinocon Association, a special sbov.'ing oi a traveling photo exhibit, "News ar.d an- r in the the state's higher .tors want to erpand their depar;- states. " iments. of these are asking for: Tb* Legislative Burke* Board. raore money for toe nex%: b:«jnj- i made up oi Senate and House The State Hospital Boarf r>/r- : D..n;v;'? r\;-: ; :f: c,.. s icr -Vc-Jr:- crr.rnerjd&d rjrt-rir.tcTjder.ti ' : '- lf C".T.."."..<S.-••':-'." i>.^.: ; .;.". K^rj.; > '."f such irvstirjv.C'r.s ?. ; Aiifiin 5.-."' S'Liary :•"• bo n-.w-r. :r^"i Sjl.wi set SIT.CO"' a year instead c: iheisi^ewtr-i ns chan--?. cuTFr.t SIC 5CO The Wdse: r>i«:"d ; . The bu-ix-""! hxtrd rejectc-;: ihf-so fizur? vv-as 51 $.'»?. Th- S-ard re- «',»."' irr'.'v.-.v'.-" pr/r. v- •: i-v ths- jf-oted the hosp;ta; !>jsrc s plsr . rcspec'ivv .-,rf-"^:i>: Aa^:;an: ^-r; to >rT i-T: s-rvCrr?.! "t"A" ft5^;.~t.'.ir.; • f 1 ;':--: l~'~t~r. SIO.U 1 . 1 "v l S.^.'J-A': St'itr IF YOU ARE THINKING OF YOUR HAIfj SEE MONTIE's BEAUTY SALON 3001 Garth Rd. ju 2-2533 BETTER FOOD...MORESAVINGS AT schoois feature »iD be premiere of the film by Congress to be fair in tksi to prices charged, farmers j jjor th'r^ gjey boy. • j la 1S52 iar-r prices averagec; Mwiday aitemoon golfing meai- ifij T>^— ffi^t inf n?nt\" Tni^v' ftv* i_ * Ii_ • -n * i - j ci • •irir j . oers of &e organizabon will noia waged SO per cent in 1*0, a de- 3,^ tocrnameirt at Northwood cj.-je o. JO per cent. Country dub. Agriculture has sharply changed j Besides President Draper, other its character in other ways, too. (officers of the organization, which The farm peculation has de- i represents 95 per cent of Texas'; dined. In 1S62 there were 24,^S3,- • 2.800,003 daily newspaper oircula- ' KO perscei; on farms. By 1959, Ition, are James F. Chambers Jr.. this rasEber had declined to 21,- i Dallas Times Herald, vice presi-: IT-fffi- jdent and Allan Engleman of the! The number of farms has gone I Edinburg Daily Review, treasurer, j dowTj. toe—frocj about 5.SO.OOO ir,' Meetings will be ft the Sheraton 1S52 to shout 4.3W.OOO at present. | Hotel with Sunday sessions includ- The average size of Jarais has in- '• ing a garjeral business meeting of creased, facti've members and a session of Farm employment has declined I th *; int s rn training committee. during the period. Workers on' Speakers Monday will 'farms in 1352—including operators 'and family workers as well as i hired hands—averaged 9.149,000. 'in 1950 this average bad dropped 'to 7,115,000. WEVE WORKED OUT AN ARRAl«em<T OF THE BLACKSMITH ON TTC BONGO DRUMS. f€AR rr. -w?. Associated Press Winners Told At Fort Worth Meet By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Texas Associated Press Managing Editors Association today announced winners of its 3S£0 news and picture contests. The awards were made »t the association'! winter convention which started Saturday in Fort bunny nose is wrinkling up i ago: it's not the girl who col- "°™" with the joy of living. i lapsed, sorely ill a year ago. It's . Hundreds of entries represent- Harian P. Dodge Jr., personnel manaser. the Houston Post; Margaret Hamm, personnel office, the Dallas R. M. Frost, the Judy Gar/and Has New Outlook About Career 1/>N*DON (AP)—Judy Garland's /film "A Star is Eom" five years ' Beaumont Enterprise and Journal; Paul J. Thompson of the University of Texas: Don Burchard. Texas AtM; Wayne Rowland, TCU: and Robert Gleason of the Southwest School of Printine. Tu«-sday speakers and discussion leaders will be James Quigley, the Orange I/ead«?r: James Barnett. the Wichita Falls Times and Record News: John Ellis, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Jen- jtin Llo>-d Jones, the Tulsa Tri' J. Q. Mahafley, the Tcxar- d NeWS; Dr ' She has pat away the pills. Mealtime is just that square with pravy and all. Nobody is counting fhe calories. There are no studio woman reborn with a scope. There's still some evidences of her great career lying round. spies saying do this, do that, j Throat spray. jCough lozenges. A (ion't. don't don't ' " " ~ • - - • — "I'm free," «ays the girl who Kang her way Into the hearts of millions of American film fans over a career just short ol a quarter century. She said it like someone re- cable from President John F. Kennedy thanking Judy for siflg- ing to the U.S. troops in Germany and putting in a plug for him during his sampaign. There are conferences on a book about her life. Talks with her husk-as<?d from a trap, seated before band about a film they'll produce ;i great fireplace in a lovely home in London's arty Chelsea district, complete with husband, • three children and a puppy. It's a borrowed home, loaned bv film director Sir Carol Reed in Europe, based on a story called "Born in Wedlock." But it's all very casual and unhurried. "It's not important any more," the star said. "I like to work but hut Judy and husband Sid Lull!it really, truly isn't that import- are shopping around for one of j ant. Ihmr own—right here. Right there is the key to Judy's Ten minutes in Judy's home and • new-found contentment—that and > ou're caught up with her old in- j her family. Little Joe, 5, bursts factious spirit This is not the girl j in, carrying a recording to ask v.ho seemed through with her last i a question about it He needs a ^i haircut and that must be tended jto. Lorna, 7, just back from an j appendectomy, acts just like anyone who has had an operation and wants to talk about it Liza, 14, arrives with the new puppy, a toy LOOKING FOR REAL ESTATE? See tin YELLOW PAGES collie. ! The kids climb around "Mam|ma" as though she's a gymnas- iium parallel bar. Do they like to hear her sing? "On the stage," says Lorna. "On the stage," Joe parrots. No lullabies at bedtime? "Oh, that top, but mostly on the stage," the little hams say. As far as they're concerned Judy's not washed up. ing outstanding news and feature writing and news photography of Texas newspapers last year were judged by lop newspaper executives and photographers of the nation. Judging was for newspapers in cities of more than 75,000 popu- Boat Sinks Off Florida Coast MIAMI. Fla. ( AP)— All 12 crewmen were reported safe after the sinking of a small British freighter in waters between Cuba and' the Florida Keys. The 141-foot ship, the Caribbean i Queen, flashed an SOS followed' The San Antonio News _ at 5:30i [p.m. Thursday. ! •nd! The Coast Guard said it had members of its staff swept major j been unable to learn why the ves- honors in the contest, placing j sel sank. The ship underwent hull first in live categories, including repairs at Tampa three weeks ago first in community service for its and seas were only slightly successful campaign to force the ^ city public service board to increase payments to the city, a campaign the judges said was conducted "with intelligence, force and courage." The Big Spring Herald won first for community service in its population category for "its leadership and successful campaign for a $4.300,000 civic improvements bond issue—a remarkable achievement in a dry of 30,000 people. 1 ' Other major winners were newspapers and newspaper staff members in Dallas. Texarkana, Corpus Christi, El Paso, Abilene, Fort choppy. The Honduran crew, headed by Capt Albert G. Shippee of Maine, made its way to Cay Sal, a small' Bahamian island 125 miles south of Miami and 45 miles north of Cuba. A passing ship, the motor vessel Cramer Supply, intercepted a signal from Cay Sal and put out a small boat It reported to the Coast Guard all hands were safe. The Caribbean Queen, owned by Eastern .Shipping Co., «->f Miami, sailed empty from Tampa Wednesday for the Dominican Republic for a load of banajias. Worth, San Angelo. Tyler, Lubbock, Amarillo, Odessa and Ki!-i GOOD NEWS FOR HOMEOWNERS Combine Your Insurance And SAVE MONEY FIRE, HURRICANE, WIND STORM, ETC. BURGLARY & THEFT LIABILITY COVERASI • On your hou»« And household food* • On your hou*chold cover* at home a> well M away from home, *uch M vacation, etc. • Overall personal protection for you and your family mt home or «w«y Yaw Homwwners Pdky Saves Yw 20% To 25% ... end c«n bt Includtd lit FOt DETAILS CONTACT KERB-BOND AGENCY KK. A4MM JU24WS THE "ROBIT ' whltt Mlk Mtin, •tok. !• <"** Wilson Says His -Office Has No Police Authority DAIJLAS fAP)-"W e aren't police, we don't have any police in lour department," Atty. Gen. Will 'Wilson asserts. He was replying to charges by Rep. Tom James of Dallas that handling the Beaumont-Port Arthur vice situation. Wilson said his office doesn't have criminal jurisdiction. "WV> just file civil injunctions resultng from liquor and gambling violations. We have to work with the department of public safety. They are the police," he said. Wilson said that when the state police complete a case, the attorney s'-neral fi] e s. ! "The DPS can file complaints | with us or with local people. Thry i usually go to the local people | it is easier to get a com- i plaint filed with the local district ! attorney if he'll cooperate," he [ asserted. j "Thry saw fit to give tho com- j plaints to the legislative commit- te." He pointed out that the performance of duty on thf part of any state polirp agency is not undrr jhis jurisdiction but under that erf a fx>ard appointed by the governor." ''I do not mean to suggest an investigation of the DPS," Wilson added. "1 think the srt-op is fine. I do not bHi»"vp criminal juris- &MM. BHMttft it to • diction should b» rmtralizeti. On thf wholf\ oiir system works pretty wrll. Vc-'vr- got to work l'iway x rfistn'1 sttorwy h»s I work with th<^ jJvriff *t* police ui hi* rri<p r >'1iv< < <xnrnfy." BIG BONUS STAMPS _ DOUBLE BIG BONUS STAMPS TUESDAY YOUNG VEAL WITH PURCHASE 2.50 OR iRiom FRESH - TENDER C UB. 75 T-Boft* Steak mL u . 85c Ground Beef HUH u. 49c LUNCH .j>V.i^v •*••',;«'* ,.*•' ,A*?$^> tolljgfel.* ,*•*-"""" "i!-f .:•'' V .srf&fr ,;•• ,'J-'"''"'w' ^ Koso Prices v^;» J ' <?ood in Baytown AVon.-Wrd. •Jan. 23-25. ^"r Reserve Vno Right to Limit fyiantitics. EAT HAFNIA 12-OZ. CAN 29 PEPSI COLA 12 : 39 TOMATO SOUP LETTUCE CAMPBELL'S No. 1 CAN U. S. No. 1 FRESH 2 COTTAGE CHEESE A Color!*! Library ftf Fascinating Knowltdgc IN 20 •€AUTinn. VOlUMfS "~ DICTIONARY —« Portion IK frery Voltmt POt TO UN* ffOPLE NICE HEADS BORDEN'S 8-OZ. CTN. 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