The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on January 2, 1961 · Page 5
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 5

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 2, 1961
Page 5
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inH Briutorfa County, Texas, Men., January 2, THE BBAZ08f»0«T FACTS SUCCESSFUL KOMEMAKIM0 iir ottiui.nmit MSB Hmw Dimmilnllw i Aitnl. Mot IM. Ani1«ton Remember These Tips When Cooking Pork Because It li pork time, nviy I remind you of several things to romombcr In cooking pork? This » rtlculnr type of moat, In one Its mnny forma, I* enten lhf> year round; but the heaviest eon- sumption la usually In the late (all nnd winter months. Lenn pork, like other loan meats, provided high quality protein as well ail Iron und nincln. Pork Is especially Important for Its vitamin B, or thlnrnlnc content. Fresh pork must be thoroughly Aoketl to be safe for eating. meat thermomcler provides tho most reliable method for testing doncness when thick cuts such as ham and shoulders nre roasted. If a thermometer Is not used, smalt Incisions next to the bono can be made to dot e r m I n t whether fresh pork Is well cooket ooked when the color has •hanged from plnlt to grayish vhite. Store fresh pork loosely wrap- icd, In refrigerator at 35 degrees o 40 degrees K. Use within a ew days. Ground pork and the variety cuts are highly perishable. Since pecans are plentiful now. .use them to add d i s llnctlve flavor and extra food value to main dishes, breads, cakes, pies, cookies, desserts, salads and candles. Salted sugared or minted pecans are quick nnd casy-te-do. . . Keep a supply on hand for snacks, holiday refreshment trays or package them for special gifts. Recipes using pecans are given in the extension bulletin, "Eat More Pecans." Included also are directions for storing, canning nr freezing pecans. . .Write or call Brazoria Study Club Holiday D arty Held In Ogburn Home CORNER FOR CONVERSATION—Th« charming earner In ihli living room wai created by building a banquette teat Into <.ne corner. The teat ti eantllevered aut from wall and built o! Douglas fir lumber. The euihloni were custom- male to fit. The wall It paneled In autumn-hued weit- •rn red wood. throughout. It Is thoroughly me tor your copy. JJse Old Fur To Trim Clothing For For those of you who sew, und are wanting some ideas on trims, etc., how about those forgotten pieces of fur stored away in your attic? They can add nattering touches to your fashions this season. Use good pieces of old fur to make collars and cuffs, banding on suits or dresses. You mny even decide to line a short jacket frith fur. The first step In making over lur Is to clean it thorouRhly. If you don't wiint to have it done commercially, mfislen sawdust or comment with dry cleaning fluid and rub briskly Into the fur. Then brush out nnd air the fur well. If the pelt or skin side of the lur feels hard or dry, tack tho fur to a board, skin side up. Rub well with thick suds of oil soap Id at liardwarc stores, taking re not to use so much moisture that it will soak through to the fur side. When dry, remove the fur from PARTY, PROJECT REPORTS MADE TO VFW AUXILIARY MEMBERS At a recent meeting of the I chips, cookies and punch we Brarosport Veteran of Fords" served as refreshments. Mr*. Hamll Ogburn was hostess! ir the Brazoria Study Club's! hrlstmas party. Honored gue is ' the evening were the husbands ( members. Holiday decoration! were car- led out throughout the house with x>lnsettlas and candles prcdom- nating. A bright red cloth on the uffet table was centered with an rrangement of candles that had lolly and poinsettias at the base. Th« menu Included ham, mr-i Stable" by Elizabeth Goudge. *y dressing, sweet notatons, Ninctcon mt , mbcra and , h , green beans with_aimonds, tlnv|husbands were present. Also, whole beets, relishes and nuts. cranberry sauce, gravy, hot rolls and two kinds ot cake. Mrs. Llgon Foster of Angleton gave the Christmas story again this year and club members report that as always It was an unusual story. This year's story was entitled "Chrlstmaa Eve in the OTcsts Mr. and Mrs. Foster, Mr. and Mrs. Ogburn, Mrs. George Stanger. The next meeting will be on Wednesday at the home of Mrs. A. J. Proebstle. Mrs. C. A. Hendrix will introduce another film on the Elizabethan drama entitled "What. Happens in Hamlet." WOMEN Edited By LeROY BYRD Hvnke ^Pillol DIVISION OF- THE KROGER .C board and work the pelt between tlie fingers to make the skin more supple. The next step is to brush the fur in the direction It grows with a sponge moistened in water. When dry, shake and comb the fur. Then sweep a hot iron rapidly over the su rrac e of the fur to glaze It. To cut the shape you desire, lay your pattern piece on the skin side and trace or tailor tack urouml the edge. Cut through thn I pelt with a razor blade from the i War Auxiliary 8576 It wa» announced that the annual Christmas parly for the Post and auxiliary had been a success, with around 60 people present. Santa Claus was present and presented each child with a personal gilt, also a bag of fruit, candy, and nuts. San dwiches, U St. Timothy's Parish Meeting pelt with a razor blade Irom me pi II I I 1 ft skin side and pull the pieces; 5)^6011160 jCHI. 10 on apart. Because the hair covers up scams in the skin, piecing when necessary can be done in any direction. 'Die secret here is to match the flow of the fur. Lay nit p i e c es together and sow, using an overhand or whip stitch with waxed, medium-weight ration thread. Silk thread will cut the skin. Church-Wide Mission Study Slated At Freeport First Methodist Church A church-wide'mission study-M Freeport First Methodist Church Begins Sunday, Jan. S, and will FP Methodist Official Board, WSCS To Meet Th« women of Freeport First Methodist Church will have a meeting and luncheon Tuesday, and the Official Board will hold Jts meeting Sunday. continue each Sunday for live or six sessions. Lake Jackson St. Timothy's Episcopal Church will hold Its annual p a rish meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 18, at which time new vestrymen for the coming year will be elected. Delegates for the annual diocesan council will also be chosen at that time. The Rev. George L. Carlisle Jr. rector, says the vestrymen and council delegates will represent members in two most important areas of the church's life. A list of men eligible to serve as vestrymen was mailed to mem- tors a few weeks ago. ar.d B fc« nominations have been received I Other nominations may be made It was also reported that a fruit I Basket had been taken to one ofi he Post members, who Is a pa-; iient at a Galveston hospital. The winner of the bride doll, ! that the auxiliary had taken do-: nations on, was won by Mrs. Jane j Fluker of Lake Jackson. All the] proceeds went to the auxiliary's general fund. The president urged all members of the auxiliary to pay their 1961 dues in time for the next meeting, to be held Jan. 9. This will be a business meeting wi'Ji plans to be started on the next district meeting that will be held in February and will be hosted by the home post and auxiliary. The study Is set for 5:45 '•" fr0 m the Door at the parish meet 6:-15 p.m. Adults will study missions in general, beginning with a session on Bolivia. On Jan. 15 Mrs. William Stockwell will be on hand to Rive a first-hand account of the Lake American Legion lans Pancake Supper The Lake Jackson American Legion Andy Brannen Post 306 will have a pancake supper and movie on Tuesday beginning at 9:30 p.m. Radford Luker Is in charge of the program which includes th» movie. "Operations Abolition", to be shown alter the supper. AH Legionaires, Auxiliary mem jers, and interested persons are invited to attend. ing. The Rev. Carlisle said men listed are also eligible to serve as council delegates, including vestrymen retiring at the end ot Congo. She is a Presbyterian mis- i ,, e " ..... "" "~ sionary to the Congo. Mr. and Mrs. StockweU are as-! signed to Katubue for the next) tour year term where they will' The Woman's Society of Chris- j servo in a high school sponsorx-d all mem bers to be tian Service will meet at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday for a regular session and luncheon. All women of the church are invited to attend. The Official Board will meet at 8 p.m. Sunday. The meeting ori- jointly by Methodist and Presbyterian Churches. Mrs. StockweU is a sister of Mrs. Rose Your.3 of Freeport. During tne mission study, youth of the church will study "Youth ginally set for the first Sunday .-.f |and the W o r I dwide Missions' the month, was rescheduled for i Juniors and Primaries will study fin G ' "TVin QiKIa ArtfMllul fho ItWM" Jan. 8. I present for the meeting. I . Guys And Dolls Dance Club Has Holiday Party A blue tnd silver New Year's lhci.;e was carried out in decora BAKE BUTTERMILK BREAD Baffled Freshman cooks baffled by cul- nary terminology Include an in- erior decorator friend ot Elaine toss, a food expert and author. Mrs. Ross reports that a recipe j (or browning meat elicited this! nquiry: "When you say brown, | do you mean maple, walnut or mahogany?" "The Bible Around the World". I lions for the annual holida; dance held Wednesday night bj the Freeport Guys and Doll 1 Diince Club. Hosts and hostesses for U« event, held at the Freeport Com munity House, were Mr. am Mrs. C. D. McClcary, Mr. am Mrs. R. W. Patterson. Mr. am Mrs. D. Penney, Mr. and Mrs. J B. Jordan, Mr. and Mrs. L. Z Bryan. Jr and Mrs. H. Fraikj Carter, and Mr. and Mrs. G. \v. Hunt. Focal point of the room was the mantel that held a top hit and cane, "Happy New Year" in the background, and a "kissing ring" h a n g i ng nenrby. Crene paper bells and streamers were suspended from the ceiling. For one of the dances each person was given a small black paper top hat with a glitter band, and with a number on the tack. Matching numbers were partners. Refreshments, of punch, cookies and sandwiches were served lo about 43 persons. THEATRE LOG VEt-VSCO THtAIHE •The 3 World! ot Gulliver 7:00, 9:00. LAKE THEATRE ••Oceul* 11" «:«. 9:05. Sl'RF THEATRE Qoud til Thursday. SHOWBOAT THEATRE "Ju.T£te Cat" £ "The Hound Who Tboufhl He Was A Raccoon. •nuc-un AMtXTlNtt rlATUMI 'MLTMME* JH5*; Ptos The Hound That Thought H< Was A Racoon Man. Thru Wed. "OCEAN'S 11" Frank Sinatra 1 package or oukc I-Uischmann'i Yeast, I There's nothing to equal the flavor of homemade bread nude with \ buttermilk, llake up a batch soon and serve it fresh from the ovcit with , • choice of cheese and fresh fruits. The combination is good enough and [ balanced enough to make a wonderful meal I , BUTTERMILK BREAD I cup buttermilk 3 tablespoons sugar Yeast, acme dry or cumprcucd 2^i teaspoons ulc \*i teaspoon rukin£ sou 1 * 6 tablespoons shortening (j cups sifted all-purpoM 1 cup very warm water Hour (about) Hot buttermilk. Stir in sugar, salt anil shortening. Cool in lukewarm. ..Icasurc very warm water into a Luge mixing bowl. Sprinkle or crumble in yeast. Stir until Jinohcd. Add lukewarm milk mitiure. Combine baking soda mid 3 cupi of the llour. Add to yeast mixture and beat until fmooth. Stir in remaining flour. Turn dough out on lightly floured board. Knead until smooth and cU>tic. Place don^h in a Krcaiid bowl. Brush top lightly with soft shortening. CtAcr with A tcmcl. Let rise in a warm placc ( free from draft, until doubled in bulk, about 1 hour. Pumh down and turn out on lightly Moured hoard. Divide in halt'. 'pe into loaves; place in gteju-d bread pans CJ * i x A incheO. Urush lop with melted (hortciling. Cover, lit rise in a w.inn pi jcc, (n ,• from ilralt, until center of loaf it slightly hittlur than cuV' of pan, aU>ut I hour. Dust Witb * Uttii Hour. UaJkO at -lUO'is abuut 5U uiiuutet. Makes 2 loaves. UIU^ „, nrtiratr-nmt C^f SHOW STARTS 6:30 I'M SUN. • MON. THE NAKED AND THE DEAD — \ND— KIDNAPPED AlAVAVS TWO CARTOONS 1 Showlnf Sun. thru Thurs. J01HING LESS JHAHA MIRACLE IN [ MOTION PICTURES!! iamim, GULLIVER i ,...„.,„ COLOR .MB SB DOUBLE STAMPS TUESDAY (wrH. 2.50 in purehoMs) Pticec Good Tuet.-WeA R%ht to Limit Reserved Tender Fresh Yearling Liver Lb. ••••••^•^•••^•^•••^•^•^•^•••••^•HHK^mB^HHBHHHBBB Tomato Juice Biscuits Instant Coffee Baby Squash ' 46-Ox. CM t*. FRESH ALL BUTTER Ground Beef 3£T Cocoanut Cake K 55 e FRESH BAKED SAVE 5e OVER OUTSIDE BRANDS Cinnamon Clusters 35 C Mel-0-Soft Bread 2 !££• 49* FIRM GRttN MINUTE MAID Lettuce 2iE129c Orange Juice 4 c£ 89c FINE 90% RAYON AND 10% ACRYLIC • 8" rayon ocetate binding • Choose from 6 beautiful colors • 100% piece dyed • Nofl-oltargenic • Mildew resistant • Machine washable WHY PAY 5.95 CLORQX % Bleach 37' MORTON Polite Chips H-Oi. « Bags 4b«if MINUTE MAID Grapefruit Juice 2 6-0*. ^Ce Con* 4}*? KAISER Foil 25' Heovy C>u?y Roll KRAFT NORTHERN Tissue White or *fti Color fak *9 niORTHiRN Towels White or Color Reg. Rolls - NORTHERN Facia! Tisiue 400's Box O CC White or Color A«f MORTON 2 «S NORTHERN Napkins 2 £. 25«

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