Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on September 22, 1935 · Page 8
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 8

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 22, 1935
Page 8
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f ME PAMPA CAtttf NEWS, £*«»*, ¥a*8f ; 22, 1935. LeFors Pirates Defeat Canyon Eagles 6 To o .CANY6N,. Sept. 21.—The LeFors Pirates htet stiff opposition in the Canyon high school Eagles here tonight and were able to score only one. touchdown against the scrapping and high flying Eagles. The game ended with the score 6 to 0 in favor of the visitors. LeFors scored in the second quarter 6h a buck from the 3-yard line. The drive started on the Canyon 40- yard line after an exchange of punts, Hall and Twigg doing mcst of the ball carrying. Hall made the final three yards. Three times in the first quarter, the Eagles stopped the LeFors attack inside the 10-yard line. The third quarter was all Canyon's, the Eagles getting to the 20-yard line three times, only to be repulsed by a stubborn LeFors line. Canyon threw 30 passes, completed. only one being Hall and Twigg were powers offensively, with Hearn and Mathis playing deadly defensive games in the line. The Pirates will meet their stlff- est competition of the year on Fri- Huber Company Signs Contract For Sweet Gas BORGER, Sept. 21. (/P)—Walter David.president of the Huber Petroleum company, announced today that concern had executed a contract fcr ratable taking of its sweet gas by the Panhandle Eastern Pipeline company. The contract made Panhandle Eastern one of the first, if not the first, of the major pipeline companies to conform to the gas production proratlon plan set up by a new Texas law. The act contemplated ratable taking of gas from independents. Several plpline companies have refused to comply and have attacked the law in court. Panhandle Eastern owns a pipe- lino from the Panhandle to a point near Indianapolis. Ths company has day night when they'tangle with N ust concluded a contract to supply the Shamrock Irishmen, the team I " as to thc cltv of Detroit, planning doped to win the Class B title this | Immediate year. WPA (Continued irorn page 11 rolls rre expected to increase following the seasonal decline. The projects were numbered on j dicates plans for recommendation rf representatives ing. of the communities affected. It is desired that men be employed near their homrs to avoid transrjortation costs. However, men may be moved at the sponsor's expense. This is district 16. All of its ap- extension of its lines there. The contract with Huber covers several thousand acres undar lease in northwestern Carson and southwestern Hutchinson counties, a large portion of which was recently purchased from the Continental Oil company. There are now 23 gas REFINERS (CohtMiet! t»sge 1) wells on the leases. The contract In- additional drlll- rllcatlcns, totaling $1,253,000, have been Epprcved by the state office at San Antonio. Hank Breining of LsFors, chairman, presided at the meeting Friday. Other members of the board (Continued rrom page l) In it.' That was and is true. The nnlv real'y important thing has always been to build a fitting Cen- teniirl celebration. "My work as a .volunteer and naid worker in giving assistance tn Cryer of McLean, C. T. Hunkapillar, Alex Schneider, ber of visitors. There were a num- present included W. E. James of. the Centennial movement, while at Alanreed, C. O. Green nnd C. A. I times trying, has been interesting, ^_ __ - - - * _ _ .... i in ..I ** " c" sncl I hope, helpful. "I am at present a force-out as managing director of thc central exposition. The board of directors of the corporation through an au- Hirrizcd committee decided to make two changes with which I find it imnosfible to agree. "I express ths sincere hope that The projects and asslgnrd preference numbers follow: No. 1 — Alanreed-LeFors road sponsored sponsor's part by Gray $4,975.75; lateral county; fer'era! funds, $20,029.75; total, $24,985.50. No.l—McLean school stadium sponsored by school district; sponsor's part, $2,400.44; federal funds, $4.307.71; total, $6,708.15. No. 1—Pampa bridge east of Ham Houston finool. sconsored by City; sponsor's part $688.67; federal funds, $8.897.50: total, $9,586.15. No. 1 — Parnpa street marker-, sponsored by City; sponsor':; part, $125; federal funds, $1,4«.40; total, $1,566.40. No. 1—Pamoa, five double tennis courts, sponrored by City; sponsor's part, $1,156: federal funds, $3,084.75; total, $4,240.75. No. 1—Pampi water-sewer exten- fcicns, sponsored by City; sponsor's part, $560; federal funds, $17,282.04; total, $17,842.04. No. 2—Wnrd school repairs at Mc- Lsan, sconsnrnd bv school c'lstrict: sponsor's part, $1,809.40; federal funds, $8,031.10; total, $9,340.50. No. 2—P-mpa fairground park, Fponsc:red by Cltv; sponsor's part, $6,328; federal funds, total, $111,17803. $104,85U93; no time nor effort will be in quarreling over this change. There is much to be clonp and scares time for the doing. All cslebraMnns in Texas plnnn-d for our Centennial in 1930 will continue to have my Iryal support and earnest wish for p. full measure of success." Saltf Florence: "Mr. Cline felt thnt, he would not I:E ju.'jliried in continuing with the corporation at thc revised salary and wouH bs unable to continue ac- lirely in the corporation's affaire after Oct. 1. Our relations have been uniformly pleasant. He has bren a mo-<t important factor in Centennial pi -ins. I understand his oil Interests will require his personal time." . Quit Good Job Cline was a pioneer booster of thc Cr"'pn:'i'.'.l. He formerly .served wage Increase and union recognition, Yesterday the oil companies obtained an injunction restraining them from interfering with their operations. • The Rangers here were Captain Fred McDanicl and Private Dick Oldham. BURKBURNETT, Sep 1 ,. 21. WP)— Throe plants affected by UIP .strike in the Burkburnett oil field resumed rpprnUons todny under the supervision of two Texas Rangers. The Rp.ngei'i. Captain FrM Mc- Dnniel and Private Dick Oldham, found the situation quiet on their arrival this morning. "I appreciate the attitude of the bovs." Cr plain McDaniel said. "After we talked to them, they were as nlcr as anyone could be." Shortly thereafter the Bell Oil nnd Gas booster station at Bridgetown began pumping oil toward Grandfiel'', Okla , the Bell Pump- ins> nlant No. 2 at Newton began sending oil to the booster station! find the vacuum plant at the Bchner company started operations. Some 250 oil field and refinery workers struck last Tuesday be- raiiEO. they said, their request for H wfifje increase of 20 per cent and union recognition had been denied. They walked out of the Bohner Oil company, the Burk Divide com-i nany, the Bell Oil company, the Tucker OH company and the Reno company lenses and plant. Since then strikers have picketed the plants, but there has been no, violence. Yesterday the oil com-, paniss obtained an injunction re-j .••training the strikers from Interfering with their operations. Home of Packet- Looted of Half. Million in Bonds iOontlnu«j rrnrn uaee sen that the proposal does "not offer a minimum basis sufficient for a conclusive realization which finally and effectively would take into account Italy's vital rights and interests." Another cabinet session was called for Tuesday when it is hoped fresh overtures may have been received from Geneva. Empsrcr aHile Selassie told the Associated Press in Addis Ababa that if II Duce's action meant hostilities. Ethiopia is ready to offer stout resistance. With the end of the rainy season expected next week, many Ethiopians believe Italy's drive will begin shortly afterward. Great Britain, although officially asserting "we have no quarrel with Italy," went forward with its speedy defense preparations in the Mediterranean. That sea now has the greatest concentration of war vessels j under the union jack since 1918. Officials admitted the moves were "defensive" and let it be known Biitain will act without delay should her interests be threatened by war in Africa. France's cabinet, meeting in special session, disclosed a huge boost LOS ANGELES. Sept. 21. W)— Theft of nearly $500.000 in securities from the fashionable Bel Air home of George A. Hormel, millionaire canner, was disclosed today by police. Ths thieves also took a valuable fnr r.-nt. Aside from that, authorities said, the big "haul" won't mean a thing to the robbers—the securities arr described as non-negotiable. "If the yeggs don't know it already," said Captain of Police Bruce daik. "they'll soon find out that they have a white elephant on their hands." Captain Clark said it was "plainly an outride job." He said the theft, which was engineered by "Jimmying" a sccond- stcry window of the big residence, occurred four-days ago. Maniac Attacks Chicago Woman CHICAGO. Scp.t 21. (/P)—A brutal attack on a woman—the fourth attributed to a muttering maniac— spread terror anew through the West Side today. Mi?s Anna Swanson, 47-year old employe of the Danish-American hospital, was found near death from a ravage beating in a vacant lot early this morning. During brief interludes of consciousness she told authorities how a dark-complexioned man accosted her as she walk-, ed to work. He struck hsr a heavy blow en the jaw. she said, and drag- gei-! her into the weeds. Her general description of the assailant corresponded with that of the madman who battered and assaulted two other women in the district and who was frightened off as he attempted to attack a third victim. Dr. Lewis K. Eastman, who attended Mrs. Swanson at the hospital, expressed fear the shock might cause her death. He disclosed she had not been crimnially assaulted but that her face and body had been badly bruised "by a sexual maniac of the worst type who dc- live.s KRtisfnclion from seeing women suffer like this." (Continued from page 1) the budget for Premier Lnval called armaments, the meeting off when informed of Italy's action and hastened back to his office. Markets generally were quieter, but still reflected nervousness over the situation. Nearly $50,000,000 in gold has been shipped to America within a week, an unofficial survey disclosed. ASSISTANT COACH DIES JACKSON, Miss.. Sent. 31 (/P>—K as fxccviHve chairman of the Texa-sJT. Renfro. assistant football coach Centennial commission and worked j at Centenary college, Shreven-rt. with H. L. Thornton of Dallaa in -, La., died at a local hospital tonight •fferjtins an organization of the shortly after 9:30 o'clock. Stricken Fair corporation fuel was named her" Thursday with high fever from an infected boil on his face, Renfro No. 2—Lateral road south firnij managlp'; director. He headed dele- LeFors; sponsored by Gray county;; gatirn* that obtained state and fed- j developed blood poisoning, lapsing sponsor's part, $3.477; fe:'eral funds, cr al appropriations. | into P rrma ear!y today, from which $11,628; total, $15,105. ; He resigned as regional manager, he failed to rally. No. 3—McLean-Hedley road, spoil- j O f the federal hcusing administra- scred by Gray county; snonsor's, tinn to accspt the Centennial po- part, $5,210: federal funds, $8,741.50; sition. tct?l, $13,951.50. Thornton, chairman cf the ex- IN SEMI-FINALS LONGVIEW, Sent. 21. -David DavK Tyler youth v.'h" connuerrd No. 3—Latsral oil fi?!d road off | position's supervisory board, saidJGiis Moreland in the Tran-Mlssis- highway 41 west of Pampa, spoil- operating expenses of the expo- sippi, turned on his pressure here by Gray county; sponsor's part, $7.183.94; federal funds, $41,762.72; total, $48,946.66. No. 1 —Street improvement, .sition corr-Tation totalled $226,:!87.08 until Aug. 31. There has been little construction work but destruc- Le-'ticn of old buildings and prepare- iNU. T: OL1 CCt iiiiUAUVi;:iii'tii'i •'-"•' l-ll. 11 Ul \Jiu uiluuiiiiS 1 -' n* *vi [jii-ijtiii* Fors, sponsored by 'Citv; sponsor's i lions frr building is being carried part. $2.559; federal funds, 703.93 total, $24,262.93. 4—street improvement, $21,- on Extensively. Me-; Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Smith of Ama- Lean, Frjrnsrred by City; sponsor's rillo were Pampa visitors Friday, part, $3,011; federal funds, $21,- 54fi.31; totM. $24.55731. No. 5—Laketon-Miami highway, sponsored bv Gray county; sponsor's part, $5,719.50; federal funds, $9,355.50; total, $15.074.83. Not numbered—Highway 88, sponsored by Texas Highway department; sponsor's part, $33,576; federal funds, $84,684; total, $118,260. Not numbered—Rodent control, sponsored by Gray county, sponsor's part, $1,108; federal funds, $4,296; total, $5,404. As noted above, projects of the same number have no preference, over another, except insofar as some may be rejected by the federal government. this afternoon to brush aside Billy Morris, sensational Fort Worth star, and win a place in the semi-finals of the third pine crest invitation gqlf tournament. Other .semi-finalists were Joe Le Sage, Longview; Doug E'erring, Kil- ecre, and Jimmy McGonagill, Dallas. .are the living, dead undergo a constant torture of susp3nse while waiting for its action should be stopped. "If it takes a few of the days of life I believe I have remaining to carry that point home, I am glad to give them. I am not worried about dying. It's the suspense . . . the eternal, maddening waiting that causes we of death row to pay a hundred times over for the crimes they say we have committed. "Quick death would be all right. I would have no kick against that system. In cases where we appeal, and the law gives us that right as part of the game of death, we should have quick action. "I have been in the row almost a year . . . and I'm still here. That's not right and I am not going to .stay here any longer than I must." Denton, 22-year-old printer, who clinics he "killed" John O^by Peters, 23-year-old former Oklahoma Citv university athlete but "executed" him instead, "for stealing my wife, 1 ' was reminded of thc art of "force- feeding." "They may feed me, but I will not retain the food." He replied. "I've got them there." Denton was convicted after a stormy trial in which he "dared" »he prosecution to send him to the electric chair. "You're not smart enough to convict me," he taunted Lewis Morris, Oklahoma county attorney, while he was testifying in his own defense. "You're proud of killing this boy, aren't you?" Morris shot back. "Wouldn't you be?" Denton countered. His appeal was taken under advisement by the appellate court July 10, cf this year. FLIER (Continued SSrofn Page 1) but Dr. James it. Kimball, government meteorblogist, predicted walt- kus would run into fog. In West Orange; N. J., the flier's 23-year-old wife sat by a radio and waited for reports. An anxious vigil was likewise kept in Chicago by the family of ths youthful flier winging his way toward his home country. His father. Anton, proprietor of a plumbing shop; his mother, Mary, and sister, Antoinette, gathered With friends. All expressed confi- 'ipnc' Waitkus would reach his destination. The flight was arranged primarily in a commemoration of Stephen Darius and Stanley Glrenas who crossed the Atlantic two years ago only to crash 375 miles short of Kaunas. Waitkus' plane rose from the airport at the crack of dawn after the flier had kissed his bride of 18 months and received the good will wishes of Kasimir Daubzvardis, Lithuanian consul in New York, and Paul Zadeikis, Lithuanian minister to the United States. As the plane roared 3,000 feet down the rutlway, two fire trucks, two water trucks, an ambulance and a police emergency car tore out in hot pursuit—just to be there in case of a crash. Slowly the craft, carrying an 8,000 pound lead, rose from the field under the power of its single 550 horsepower supercharged engine and disappeared in the distance. Waitkus said his route would take him over Newfoundland, Ireland, England. Denmark and the Baltic sea to Lithuania. He chose the great circle path. Inside the plane were a thousand letters to be delivered in Lithuania and ribbons contributed by Chicago Lithuanian-Americans to be dropped on the graves of Darius and Glrenas. RICE WINS TaxiDrkrfe Held in Chicago Assault Cases lips; §tte" denied it wii« a L CHICAGO', Sept. 21. WV-Mlcaleo TanneJia, 24, a taxicab driver, was identified tonight, Deputy Chief of Detectives Walter Storms said, by one of the men whose wives were criminally assaulted as the sex madman whose recent series of radlstlc e Hecks terrorized the western Chicago suburbs. j Mrs. Madison was the first of two residents ill the same Austin apartment building to be the victim of an attacker armed with cc lead- thudded lash. She suffered a nervous breakdown after the attack, which occurred Aug. 17. Waiting at the station to view lannella was Orlanda James, husband of Mrs. Helen James, who was attacked Thursday morning. Mrs. Jnmes, Capt. Stege said, was "in no condition" to view lannella. James was bound with neckties by the attacker, who forced Mrs. James to disrobe and then lashed her severely with a leather whip. rick Hid tSRft!" o*'; thM M* going mM thai I Sih &&•> suing A hiah toho does h6t Want t6 see me. John Barrymore does not know that I am hear. Those guard* ing him will not let him know it. If he knew 1 was here In Kansas City, he would turn heaven and earth to see me. John is ah ill man. I have been trying to nurse him back to health for weeks.^ _ VIENNA'S BIRDS SAFE 'MID POLITICAL ALARMS VIENNA (/P)— Whatever happens to Austria, so lang as there are Viennese the birds and animals of Vienna may be sure some-one will look after them. Slot-machines vending birdseed In the city's park have been well patronized by friends of the feathered folk all through the depression. And on a busy day recently the fire department was called out twice: to feed some canaries which had been left behind when a flat- dweller departed on his vacation and again to rescue a young deer from the suburbs which had lost its way in the underground canals of the city. '.III. (Continues from page SAN ANTONIO, Sept. 21. (/P)— Playing everybody but the waterboy, the Rice Institute Owls swept down on the St. Mary's university Rattlers hers tonight for a 38 to 0 victory. The Owsl used up more than three teams, scoring once in the first quarter when All-American Bill Wallace crossed the line on a 12- yard scamper, three times in the second period on a pair of counters by Atkins and one by Smith, and twice more in the fourth period on touchdowns by Smith and Cogdell. The Rattlers made one sustained attack against the Owl defense, marching to five first downs thru 60 yards to thn 18 yard line, where the attack fizzled out ns. four straight passes grounded. -tOf SENATOR LEWIS ILL MOSCOW, Sept. 21. (/P)—United States Senator j. Hamilton Lewis cf Illinois is ill of bronchial pneumonia in a Moscow hospital. trying to reach him ever since we quarreled Thursday in my New York apartment and he was escorted away." Their trails almost crossed here. Barrymore and two male companions left a train from Chicago in Ncrth Kansas City, dashed by taxicab to Holliday, Kas., and boarded the Santa Fe railroad's California limited there, going into seclusion in a locked compartment. Miss Barrie, believing he was somewhere in Kansas City, sped frantically by cab to a radio station and broadcast a personal appeal to Burrymore—she calls him "Caliban"—to get in contact with her immediately. "John dear, I know you need me now," she pleaded over a Kansas City broadcasting station. "My messages to you have not been delivered." Previously she had sped by plane from New York, overtaking Barrymore's train at Chicago. He dashed to a Chicago hotel without her see- in him. Thinking he took another train there later, she boarded it, got ahead of him and doubled back here after reaching Emporiff, Kas. "Ariel" is—or was before Barrymore walked out on his young pro- tege in New York—the film actor's pet name for Miss Barrie. Caliban and Ariel are in Shakespoar's "The Tempest." In her hotel, Miss Barrie spoke definitely through heavily-rouged Use Daily News classified ads. FIGHT OVISR CAR LUBBOCK, Sept. 21 (AP)— Three brothers were in city jail tonight as 'an aftermath of an unusual row. Each wanted to drive a community car they .owned. To keep others from driving it, each took a part of the motor. When it was found that restoration of his individual part would not make the motor start, each got mad and investigated. A fight started and police took charge, TO SPEED UP TRAINS CHICAGO, Sept. 21. (/P)— The Santa Fe railroad announced plans to spend more than $3,700,000 for higer speed transportation between Chicago and the Pacifiacoast. H. B. Taylor has entered West Texas Teachers college at Canyon for the term. Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Moore are the parents of a son, born Thursday at Worley hosptal. Land Suit Rest FORt STOCKTON; Sept. 21, (£$ —The Staholthd Oil company and others rested this afternoon In ft suit in which the State of TexaS seeks to recover title to many acr&i of public school land in the Yates oil field of Pecos county. Introduction of rebuttal testimony was begun. Jeff Williams, Plainview surveyor, was the Jifst rebuttal witness. The trial, which has been in progress two weeks, was expected .to be concluded next week-end. Aerial views of the field were shown the jury most of the day by attorneys for the oil companies. GREENTREE WINS NEW YORK, Sept. 21. (IP) — A last minute goal by Pete Bostwick on a hit-up from Gerald Balding after the gong had rung signalling the end of the first overtime period today gave Greentree a 7-6 victory over Aurora and the 1935 national open polo championship. CHAMBEtl HAS PLAN WASHINGTON, Sept. 21. (/Pi- Proposals for new NRA legislation embodying the principle of business self-government may be offered congress in January by the United States chamber of commerce, SEE US FOB GOOD USED TIRES AND USED TRUCK PARTS PAMPA HARDWARE AND IMPLEMENT COMPANY M. P. DOWNS Automobile Loam Short and Long Termi REFINANCING Small and Large 104 Combs-Worley Bid* Phone 336 • ALWAYS WEAR A CLEAN HAT — ALWAYS! Factory Finished by EGBERTS the Hat Man Located in DeLuxe Dry Cleaners Do You Need Money Corpus Christi Is Given Jaycee Meet TYLER, Sept. 21. (/l'i—Oorinis Christi was awarded the 1936 convention of the Texas Junior chamber of commerce today. Other bidders were Wichita Falls and San Antonio. Victor Boulflin. Mineral Well.s, wes elected president, rf lllR ortran- 17,01011. succeeding Theo Weiss, San Antonio. Clyde Greer. Vnion; Boycl T. Russell, Waco; Charles K. Cowsert, Kevrville; Murray McCoy, Port Arthur: and J}vrm Bonders, Tyler, were elected vice-presidents. (Jovernor James V. Allred and D. K. Martin of San Antonio, a highway commissioner^ were speakers. MRS. FOB INVITED TYLER, Sept. 21 (IP) - Mrs FrankJin 0. R«osevejt was invited today to attend the rose festival here from Oct. 3 to 6. John W. Miller, IfestlvaJl president, telegraphed fee Jjayitatipn. The president's wife ijfjll bf in fprt W«Vth Oct. 3 and It' was IvMifid sjhe WrttJ arrange to v^fr the ft*!»wri white in No Security—No Endorsement Required — Loans Made on Your Own Signature — All Dealings Strictly Confidential. Consultation Strictly Private. SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO CARBON BLACK AND OIL FIELD EMPLOYES. Any man or woman steadily employed can borrow from $5 to $50 confidentially. You can have money to meet bills that arc pressing you by borrowing- from us. No red tape. All you have to do is drop into oui 1 office and have a talk with us. Tell us about yourself—tell us what you are up against. •Vou'll find us friendly—eager to help you solve your fiiuincial problems. When you need $5 to $50 conic directly to us. You cun get the money quickly and confidentially. Then your friends or employer need not know the condition of your financial affairs. Keep your friends and borrow from us. Cull and learn how easy it i* to make a loan here. special JUST RECEIVED! the genuine Wear-Ever Aluminum — and there is no belter made! . . . Every piece is stamped from heavy sheet aluminum—no seams or solder to develop leaks.— Whatever you do, don't confuse it with the light, cheap aluminum ware you'll see advertised everywhere today! This is truly lifetime quality! You'll find satisfaction in silvery beauty and perfect design—and everybody knows how easy it is to keep spotless and 511111111?. It can't chip—it won't nick — it's absolutely safe to use for any kind of cooking. ANOTHER SHIPMENT OF LASTING BEAUTY! Wear-Ever RIDAL SET This Gift Set brings you all the pieces the average family ever needs — the RIGHT utensils for practically every cooking need. The set is specially low priced for this sale — exclusive with the Pampa Hardware & Imp. Co., tomorrow. So don't wait for Christmas — don't depend on somebody else who might disappoint you. Come down to Pampa Hardware & Implement Co. at once — make yourself a present of this 15-piece Gift Set . . .and start cooking the easier, pleasanter Wear-Ever way! DOWN EASY BUDGET TERMS To Approved Accounts - C * f\ . J[ ^/ WEEKLY COMPLETE Here's The Set l-ql, Windsor Saucepan. 2-qt. Covered Sauce Pot 4-qt. Tea Qettle. I'/i-ql. Windsor Saucepan.S-qt. Covered Sauce Pot. 8'/Hn, Mountain C»Ke Pan. g-qt. Windsor Saucepan. 4-qt. Covered Sauce Pot. Ui-qt. Double Boiler. Large Frying Pan. 6-qt. Covered Sauce Pol. 1-qt. Colander & Strainer. Small Frying Pan. 6-cup Percolator. • Boaster holds 8-lb. turkey. PAMPA HARDWARE & IMP. CO., Pampa, Texas. Send me the "Wearever" Aluminum set at $19.75, I agree to pay $2.75 on delivery and the balance (plus 89c, carrying charge) $2.00 monthly. Name Address City Phono Apt. J'LEASK SEND NO MONEY Pampa Finance Co. Pampa Hardware & Implement Co, Room $ JACK STARKEY, Msfr, Pfoone 450 I II pJ-fQNJS C 1?Q $<?« £UY1*ER Wynneriyierteo g.}«}g. l,Q@Vg §. C^yl^F ' Qv?* 1 §t»te ThtatTP I II -. t. . i' ,. \ • . ^ •: ii_j _—. ________^_^^____i_^^.^^. !V*.Vi... >«<

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