The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on June 4, 1969 · Page 4
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 4

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 4, 1969
Page 4
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frit* '•dn«»d«y, Jun« 4, 1969 The Sun's TV Log WEDNESDAY I P.M D <D 09 Jf*»* (C) O HTial's New? (C) Elliott Ashley, bat boy for the New York Yankees, is seen al work as lie explains his duties (D Voyage lo Boltom of Sr» iC) (R) 2> 1 1-ove Lucy (R) t:M I'M O Virginian (C) (R) The Virginian joins a bounty hunter to search (or the gang which robbed the Medicine Bow stage of gold and urgently- ncotlc-d vaccine; Joseph CarnpWieUa guests O Travel Club— "Portrait of a City: Buffalo" shows a day In the life of Buffalo, NY OJ Turzan (C) (Ti) Repeals of NBC's uM scries v/ill fill the Glen Campbell G'lfxltiinc flour lime slot for Ihe smmnpr; Ron Kly stars as Tartan, who runs a race with dfstiny to .save Ihe life of his flying young friend, J.-ii fplnyml by Manuel Pndilla Jr) in th<> first episode IB Here Cnmi- Hut Brides (C) (R) Cl.'inrry loses his ship S3 Hazel (C) (II) 7 I'M Q .Spectrum visits UCI-A's Fcrnald School where c Ii i I d psychologists help youngsters who have average or higher IQs yet who are rhiunlc failures in srhnol CD My Favnrilc Marllun (R) •3 Farmer's Daughter (U) 7:30 I'M O Book !(<•»! fC; f.luoM is Harrison Salisbury, author of "'Hie 000 Days," ;in acctmni of !i:<* German singe of l.ciiin^rVHl Q) (inwl (iuys fC) (K) Rufus and lien try to tilde money frurn two lhuj!-«i chasing a Ixxikie who used H'-rl's [itaco as his headquarters E Kiiif; (''utility ((.') Mu'.ie (D Mnn I'r'ini I'XCl.K 1C) (P.) Silo arid Illya I,ingl*.' with a onc-r-ycft, fat f.iii.itic •3 M'.til- — "SllOIt O.r.. ' (lOVIl I'.ip'l C.u.'i' rrin. CJaihy Own- jAiipIc iV^hUnK to keep out Uvo ruthless brothers . . . needs ;nowing 8 I'M O .Music Hall fC) Tony Sandier and Flalph Young with Judy Carne are hwils to Ella Fitagffrald and Norman V/isdom In another show in the series ta[K'd In England O News In Perspective (C) Discus- >ji>n uf Ihe K'c.'ent French elrrlicm^, tlm Mideast siiu;ilinn and tin.- Vietnam v.'ar O) Beverly Hillhillirs (C) (Fl) l-es- irr Malt nnd Karl Sciui;}!* arrive at Ihe Clamped house dressed in liu 1 tioiin!'.* and Clyde fashions tlK'y'vc been wearing for a photographic session CD Mnvif (II) "ThD Slender Thread" (1%5) Kidney Pol Her, Anne linn- croft; story ot suicide prevention "enter 8:30 I'.M CD fJri'F'ti Acres fC) (R) Oliver sends Lisa off on vacation by herself 03 11 OTIork High <K) "f J OU .Story," part one 9 I'M O Outsider (C) (R) A man sup- [Kifrdly killed in an accident is alive -jnd has apparently swindle! an in surnnrc 1 company O Critiijne (C) The sculpture ot David Smith: 10 Kirn Off CD Ilnvuili Fivc-O (C) (R) CBS re- ffHs the pilot fi't' this sen'es. uii^j inally vho'.ui on TV as ;<, in t .v<> |>;itr--; in |i-i it ul:e. MiG;nl and finds c[ii>-> t f i .111 nju'ii<:rii' V m eric a it Intelliyeru'e rit'i'.vjrk ,>roughrjut the K;*r iiast £D llnvthidi- (10 Kenegade Apaches trap singe passengers in an abandoned way station !):30 I'.M (D »r*liTii Star'llii-alre (Fl) A BUM- s!in£er-Ujrned-pre:i< her mixes bullets with prayers III I'M O fU CD Ni-us |C> 03 .Mnvie — "I'lidilitT Head" f!9!0) Judy Canova, Kranris l/'derer; tiill- hilly Kir! si(!i« :i contract with a broadcasting company; 11:30 Sign Off Gp I'LCIJ Mason (It) A sleepwalker with a carving kni/e spe.Ms murder 10:38 I'.M 0 Tonight (C) Johnny QJ .Movio — "Queen five" (IK55) .loan Crawford, B.trry .Sullivan, John Ireland. Lucy M.irlow, Betsy Palmer: beautiful srajthern Sfx-ialite rules N>r friends \vith an iron hand IB .Jiiey ftishiip (Ci Hetiy Walker, 1 he diet kijutes 11 I'M •B \Vestrrners (H) 11:31) I'M G3 News (C) 12 -Sign Off MII>NK;IIT O (D News (C) 12:0". AM 0 Mcrv firirrin (C) 1:15 Si(;n Off (D Movfn (C) "Or'Tnlinn Atlantis" (1958) John Ericson; U. S. secret aqent investiK.ilcs acts of salxnap? in Africa and a secret Chincv- nuclear center . . . shopworn spy stuff; l:50Sisn Off 12:20 AM ID Movie—"Drive a Cronker! Road ' (isr>1) Mirkey Roonpy, Uiare KOS- ler; auto nipcltrinic rrali/r's his dream of driving iri a bi^ [are rider rr'xiks force liirn lo ljuild them n ^rt;( - .».jv car . . . Koonry is i;o(H.I; 1 :')."i SIBII Off THURSDAY, K AM CD Surnmrr -Srmrttrr: Black Mrrl Up (C) ID C»pt»ln Kan^arnn (C) ID Carff I Don <C) for children S::-,-. AM O (*•»< Harvey Conitrx-nli (O 7AM O Today (C) Fourth show from West Germany includes visit lo th E'uropa Center In Berlin; an inter vi*w with Jurgcn Graf, radio and TV commentalor; a fashion show o German cosigner UJf Kichtcr cre.i lions; interviews with members of Berlin's dissident youth movement 7:li, 8:KNY»»(C) S »w* (C) O CBS New* "*• Q Ca4f I DM (C) Conlinuwi 8AM O Morning Slww (C) 8:M AM ID KiUrlk'» lUrrmwl (C. » AM a It T*krs Two (C) »:1> N'BC News fC) Q] I^jcy ShiH 1 (C) (R) (D Oirl Talk (C) Sergio Franchl. I'.efjinn Resnirk, I-aurn Ifayden S:M AM C) (''inrentrattatt U') 00 Beverly Hllthillles fR) (D Mrtlnx tor IXilUrs (C) 19 AM O Personality (C) (D Andy Criflllh (C) fR) 1I:3«AM O Hnflywooil S<]uarra (C) ID Dick Van Dyko (R) (D Calldjiim; (lourmvl fC) II AM O Jeopardy (C) lx)Ve of Life (C) llr'H Xi-ws (C) (D Switched (C) (R) 11:15 AM 3D Calendjir (C) H:M AM f) WbaCs.MyI.ini'? 1C) (D Seared lor 7'miiorruu- (C) 03 Funny Vrju Shrjuld \\li (C> 11:33 Children's I>octor (C) .\fK)\ O Mlddny ft 1 1 Tlielma and Larry fD New* »l Noon (C) (D Ilreatn \\n\\\f (C) 53 Antmboy —Cartoons 12:.W F'M O lliililen races (C) Dr.trnn CD As Ihe WurM Tumi (C> Drama (D \>-\\ Make a Flcal <('.) ) l(«ni|wr Kiiiiin (C) 1 I'.M fl l):i.\> of Our l.i\«-s '(.') Or.'irna 0) f^ive Is u .Many Splnid'ireil n^ fC) Oram;i (D (Spy rC) fR) S3 I'uvnrilc Story (R) 1 :TO I'M D Dwtors (C) Drama [D Ouiillnt;;!il (C) Drama iD Ikinald D'Cunnor (C) Guests lo je annoiincod 2 I'M O Another World (C) Drama (D Secret Storm (C) Drama CD ficneral Hospital (O Drama MO I'.M H Von Dnn't Sny (C) ID Kiliji'of NiRhl (C) Drama CD One IJte to Live fC) Drama 2:t. r ) I'M 03 Citrtixm C'ulii|is 3 I'.M O Mutch Ganii: (CJ 3:25 NBC Ni'iis (C) ID UnklettcrShtnv fC) ID KHIrik's Kurrwis*] (C> CD Mwlc — "Boy From Indiana" (19DO) Lon McCallister; the excitement ol quarter horse racing SD Mtvrrick (R) .•)::«) I'M O Mlkti IViu^las (C) Leslie Us;- gams, co-hostess; guests, Eddy Arnold, Craig Hundley Trio ID Movii: — "Pnula" (I9">2) Loreltr, Youni:, Ki'nt Stnllh; woman and be: husband take a mute orphan Into their home . . . tearjerker CB IKirk Sh«ilo»s (C) Drama C9 Movir — "Ramar and Ids Deadly Females" (l%l) Jon Hall, ILiy Monlpiimcry; no story availahfi; fS Bozo the Clown (C) 4:1(1 I'M (D No No Die Clrm u (C) •D Lone Itun^er fR) a I'M O Chris Chiindlrr (C) O Misterogers' Ni>lt;hbnrhn»il (C) ID Ron Stone (C) (D Keal McCoys {R) 60 FIint»Uiin'!i (C) (R) Cartoons HiSfl I'M O Hnntlcy-Brinkley New* (C) O Friendly <!l»nl CD Wnlter Cmnklle News (C) (D Tnilh or C(Misei]iiences (C) (D O/iiuaml Harriet (R) <D Se.-i Hunt fR) a:la CM O SiiiK HI, SliiK fji IR) (C) Colnr: (Ftl Repeat Civil Servants In Nigeria Complain ABADAN, Nigeria IAP) — Civil servants are Ihruateniny lo strike because the Western N'igeria government wants to ive thutn another day off. The government, wants them o continue working a 40-hour veek over five days instead of •I hours over six days as is the jrauticu throughout the rest of hu country. The 40-hour week vas instituted two years ago. The government has built an 122-1,000 canteen to provide until hour meals. Under the six-day system, government vorkers stayed on the jot: straight through lo 3 p.m. and hen went home for an cnd-of- .he-day lunch. Workers complain that look- ng around for something to do on Saturdays costs them too nuch money. Alaba Kalejaiye, secretary o: he Nigerian Civil Service Un ion, complained that employe; eturning to their jobs after lunch fall asleep in the humid tropical climate. He said also eating lunch ai work "is like keeping two homes because a good lunch in the canteen costs two to three shillings per day (28 to 42 cents which is additional to the fooc budget at home." Kalejaiye also complained that quitting work at 4:30 p.m instead of ii p.m. means getting home too late because of Iba dan's poor transportation sys tern. "There is no opportunity fo sports or other recreational ac tivities which contribute to goo< health," he said. NOTHING BUTTHETRUTF LONDON (AP) - Tricky tele vision commercials thai make goods seem heller than they are, have been banned by Brit ain's Independent Television Authority. Class or plastic sheeting, fo example, cannol now be used i give a shine to floors and furn lure. AJeomfer- 2100 N. M* Wb*r* Th* S*rric« ISI SPECIALS GOOD THURS.-FRI.-SATURDAY JUNE 5-6-7 IMPERIAL PURE CANE HOMEPOLK BLACK EYE, CREAM, CROWDEft OR PURPLE HULL PEAS $100 FROZEN FOOD ROSED ALE VIP _ STRAWBERRIES 4 10-Oz. Pfcqs. TOMATOES 303 Cons With Tiirnl[Mi 20 O*. ^ For ' »W 4 For LOO 35c L Ox. i u». VIP TURNIP GREENS MARINKK FISH STICKS SEA PAK HUSH PUPPIES.. SARA l.KK COFFEE RINGS 59c BANQUKT MEATS conk i.. n«K 25c ORB-IDA CHOPPED ONIONS 120 , !9c IX)WXY FLAKR WAFFLES Hll(c(lflfl 35c VII' S LB. POTATOES 75c MRBY BLACK KYK PEAS M0 . 53c ROSED ALE PEARS LltBY'S TOMATO JUICE BITS-0-SEA GRATED CAN Wednesday, June 4, 1969 FRYER BREASTS Lb. STICKS FRYER FRYER FRYER Wings u.. 29c Gizzards WHOLE 39c Backs & Necks cur UP 9c Livers FRYERS Lb. FRYERS SPLIT BROILERS SWIFT ROUND STEAK T-BONE STEAK SIRLOIN STEAK RUMP ROAST RIB EYE STEAK PIKES PEAK ROAST BONELESS CLUB STEAK NEWYORK SRTIP STEAK ALMA SHOESTRING 19 Lb. Lb. Lb. Lb. FRANKS ^9 SWIFT 19 99 Lb. Lb, Lb. 69 BACON BUDDING SLICED MEATS 3 OLD FASHIONED RAT CHEESE Pfcqs. WITH 5.00 PURCHASE OR MORE Tips On How To Live A Long And Full Life UNCLE WILLIAMS i a CUT GREEN BEANS NORTON HOUSE SAXONY STRAWBERRY PLOCHMANS PORK & BEANS 3s?T PRESERVES -. NIBLET'S WHOLE KERNAL BLACKBURN WAFFLE 60RN 4'aT° SYRUP 2r,49c LIBBY'S BEEF McCORMICK ^ SLOPPY JOE .:•£ 59c BLACK PEPPER.... o, 39c /~ A L JODCI l'C TCMulATD 13c CAN IWV 3.. 89c TEA 30,, T HAD DRESSING., 39c TOWELS 3™89c BEST WALDORF BLEACH SA u ON 39c TISSUE PLAY O'BRIEN'S BINGO 2600 CAMPBELL'S TOMATO MUSTARD 4,/r SOUP FANING BREAD and BUTTER NESTEA INSTANT IN CASH PRIZES" WIN UP TO THIGHS GARDEN CLUB GLADIOLA CAKE MIXES No Cost or Obliaation- No Purchase Required tv»nin<jl 7 P.M. Boxes Kg Bingo Winners WE SALUTE...0AM STALWORTH...28 YEARS OF SERVICE Mrs. Hub Bounds, 1,000 Bi(f Bonus Stamps — Bubba Blair, rf.0.00 — Pam Anderson, S 10.00 — Mrs. Larry Jones, 1,000 B! B Bonus Stamps — Mr*. Tracey Snipes, $10.00 — Edith Kibodeaux, 1,000 Bi B Bonus Stamps — *>»nces Dalquist, $50.00 _ Mrs. L. J. Blcvins, 1,000 Bijc Bonus Stamps — Cookie \VU»on, J20.00. BAKERITE can VgAYNE -FAULTLESS SPRAY ON DOG FOOD 25 IF MULTI-PURPOSE PRAY BOMB Lbs. $109 14 Oi. STARCH N.B.C. OREO CREME COOKIES DRUGS .22 Ox. loz. PVg. Helene Curtis SHAMPOO GARDEN FRESH PRODUCE AQUA XET SHAMPOO At - 45c LARGE UANTALOUPES TRAY PAC TOMATOES Pkq. MOUTH WASH and GARGLE „«.!.„ 98c CUSTOM *— CURLERS Cut to the SiJ* you want *«8. &»c SCKICK SUPER CHROMIUM INJECTOR OR DOUBLE EDGE BLADES «,«,«* «>9c DERMA FRESH SKIN and BODY CONDITIONER »«.i.n 1-48 BUFFERIN «>, ««,.». 79c FDS BATH OIL OR _ SPRAY »«r.i.47 '-27.. RIGHT GUARD __ SPRAY DEODORANT »,„..* 77c OLKKM . _ TOOTH PASTE ,*..«„ *5c LARGE CALIF. LETTUCE Bell Peppers Cello Carrots Yellow Onions '* 1 YellowSquash 2 For Lb. Pkq. Lb. Lfas. FOOD MARKET 7M M. Akwider-2100 M. Mata TtKAS SPECIALS GOOD THURS.i-fRI.-SATURDAY JUNE S-6-7 By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP) - "Dear Poor Man's Philosopher: "I am graduating from college this week and have already ordered a frame for my sheepskin. "Now I'm trying to figure out what lo do next. Would you mind telling me how I can live a long and happy life? "Wondering." Dear SVondering; Certainly, my boy. It's easy to tell someone else how to live a long and happy life. Doing it oneself, of course, is quite another matter. The first thing I'd do if 1 were you is to throw away any old picket signs you may have been carrying lately. You won't need them anymore unless you have decided to become a career picket. The next thing to do is to find a steady job. Your sheepskin should be of help in opening a few doors. But remember it is only a badge of accomplishment; it is not a passport to immediate prosperity. Unless you are unusually self-reliant, it is probably better lo work for a corporation rather than try to start off on your own. And don't worry too much if you aren't offered a vice presidency of the firm the first few months. While the world is full of vice presidents, most of them spent years before achieving that thick rug on the floor, that nameplate on the door. Be content to do the nitty-gritty tasks until you learn the rules of the business game. From the day you get your first paycheck until the day you cash your last one, be sure to save or invest at least 15 per cent of every one you get. This often may mean a real sacrifice, but it will give you a cushion of confidence and win the respect of your peers. As soon as you are on a regular payroll, you will be astounded at how many young women are willing to marry you. Don't be in a hurry and wed a girl merely because she is pretty, has a steady job herself or a rich papa. Her beauty may come from the drugstore, she may quit her job, or her papa may lose his riches. Wail and marry the girl you find you simply cannot live any longer without. Here are some further general rules that should help bring you success and health: If you find you simply can't stand the line of work you're in, quit while you're young and go into one you can stand. Don't call your boss by his first name unless you marry his daughter or he has been calling you by your first name for at least five years. Lend or borrow money only when you must do so to keep your own self-respect. Work for only a few good causes. If you try to work for every worthwhile cause, you'll fritter yourself away. Head a new book or an old poem at least once a week, get eight hours of sleep every night and walk three miles every day, do your best to keep from falling in love with your neighbor's wife, and never interrupt your own wife when she's telling you something she insists is for your own good. Keep out of jail yourself, and teach your children to stay out, too. If you follow these simple rules, my boy, you should live to be 100, and die solvent. If you don't—well, it won't be your fault or mine either. ^__ Attend Church Sunday «y 1 PLANNING makes for a perfect WEDDING.^ Beautiful Framed Photographs .Capture The Happiness Of Your Day The Nell Gallery CUSTOM FRAMING 909 N. 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This includes complete inventory, display, operating equipment, signs, bookkeeping procedures, ^....everything it takes for you to start reaping in the profits the very first day you open your TuMOr, Fabric Center door. No previous retail experience is necessary. We completely train you. ...SIMPLY TERRIFIC1 Write or call collect . . . today! fabrific FABRIC CENTER Fr<ncHiM Exclusively by INCOME SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL 1003 Expressway Tower • Dallas, Texas 75206 • (214) 369-8196

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