The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 9, 1962 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 9, 1962
Page 2
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WWWBI Edlfortd—Arfv.—BE 3-3511 —Classified—BE 3-2611 Tffff B«AZOil»dRT PACTS BRAtOSPORT AND IRAZORIA COUNTY. TEXAS. SUNDAY. SIFT. », „„ A YEAR AFTER CARL A .. . (Continued From Pngo t) now is fish," Mrs. South said. "He :nys he is waiting until this year's storm season is over just In case there is another hurricane, and I think he's right," she commented. The back wall of the home had washed out in the flood so that the Souths lost all their clothing, furniture and olher possessions. Water stood to the windows of the home when South returned by rowboat after the storm. The home they had constructed four vears earlier sight. are Mill planning on it. It's not around to it yet," Mrs. Whitten said. She told how they rebuilt the flooded Highway 2RS restaurant In CIme which was ready for bust- I ness on Oct. 14, Since then they 1 have added over 2,000 square feet in opening three new dining rooms several months ago, | "Business has been so good, we have been putting it off. -Just before the storm we bought about SO acres at Surfside and were going to move the Surfside restaurant there and also build a ma- that we are scared of another storm — we just haven't Rotten Youth Charged In Auto Blazs A I,ake Jackson youth w a s charged with felony arson Satur- was a miserable ! day following a fire abott 8:30 ip.m. Friday which damaged a But they were not daunted. Mrs. |1957 Chevrolet owned by A. B. South said then, "We will makoiFerrell, Lake Jackson grocery rma - W° Rrp s "" trying to make out fine until we rebuild, using; store owner. up our minds about the marina whatever means we possess. Ev-; Donald Allen Voight, 18, was anti W B are not in too big a erybody has been so nice— w e committed to County Jail under hurry," she added, can't do anything else." 51.000 bond after the charge was Their home is now back in And they accomplished what, filed in the Justice Court of R. C.! shape except for walls which are they set out to do. Thomas in Clute. still cracking and a new roof Chief Ralph Smalley said the which developed leaks recently. vehicle was parked at a service "Our floors were not hurt. After Mr. and Mrs. J. Vernon Whitten of Chile viewed the wreckage of two restaurants, bait house, car and truck, and damage to their j the Lake Jackson Fire Depart-[few legs still Jailing off of furni- home and four other houses they]ment was summoned. jture, we are doing fine," Mrs. station at Oak Drive and Circle j polishing and rebuffing they look Way when the fire occurred and j as good as ever. Outside of a He said that S.Et. Ollie Soulhall < Whitten concluded. own when the storm was over. "You fcpl so terrible when your j and Patrolman Victor Swanson life's work is swept away in a!went to Volght's home on Red- day, but there is no need to let it j wood Saturday morning to ques- get you down. We'll make a come-j lion the youth about the fire, back," Mrs. Whitten said last fall. | At first Voight denied having 700 BLOCK OF W. 11TH IN FREEPORT ONE OF WORST HIT AREAS Sldei Ripped Ont, Roofs Torn, Interiors And Furniture Ruined By Flood IP'S Verdict Murder Try, And Suicide She estimated the loss at about $200.000 then. The bait house was rebuilt first near the Surfside Road restaurant which has not yet been rebuilt. ! "We haven't decided when to anything to do with setting the car on fire, but later at the City Hall he made a statement to the two officers admitting it, Chief Smalley said. Voight gave no reason to motl- An inejuest verdict of suicide Mid attempted murder has been returned in the Tuesday shotgun and tha wounding of his wife, Watch for the GRAND OPENING of BRAZOSPORT FLOOR & CARPET CO. Formerly (Tapp Fleer Ce.) 317 So. D BE 3-5258 FREEPORT I. C. PHILLIPS, Owner Mrs. Billie Hannah, 21. The verdict was handed down by Justice of the Peace W. C. Ellis of Sweeny who held an in- ejuest at the time of the shooting but witheld the verdict pending further investigation. The shooting occurred early Tuesday morning at the couple's home at 904 Main Street in Sweeny. Mrs. Hannah remains in critical condition at Matagorda General Hospital in Bay City where she Underwent surgery after being i death, of Gerald D. Hannah, 29, wounded by the shotgun blast. Her physicians told members of the family that if Mrs. Hannah survives for 48 hours they could i be hopeful of recovery. However, |tlie doctors said, she would still have to have extensive surgery. Members of the family report mt the gun used in the shooting I was very old and had formerly (belonged to the Hannah's grand- j father. One barrel was faulty , causing the shot to scatter. Mrs. Hannah was shot with this side, | and relatives feel that this is all i that kept her from being killed instantly. rebuild the Surfside place, but we vate the fire, officers stated. Clute Fire Alarm System Clute Fire Chief Lee Price pre-,had been notified by the Freeport scnted several suggestions for city manager, Bill Blackwell, that the city's fire alarm Oute and Lake Jackson are to CB Club Will Meet Tuesday A meeting fo all Citizen Band radio owners and operators has been scheduled for 7 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 11, at the Clute Elementary School. The meeting is intended to reactivate the meeting schedule and civic operations of the Eleven Meter Monitor Club. Officers will be elected for the club. An official of the club said that the meeting is open to anyone with a Citizen Band license, or an A YEAR T,ATF.R, SAME ARKA BACK TO NORMAL. MOST IIOMKS IMPROVED Insurance llclixxl Some; More llsc<l Hunt Work, "'^'"' BUT MOST TAXES SAME New Tax Notices Use Full Appraised Value, A recent mailing of notices of (sections, carried valuations thati Kor the city, the valuation will ... , i Kn 1^1 rwii« i>nnt tlirmirrhnttt • TV«a interest in the Citizen Band work, tax valuation changes in Freeport j were too lew. per cent throughout. This Moreover, the valuation derived will ho balanced out by the t«\ i Pick up for two I The Litterbug and you There are many new sets in the nas brought a flurry of calls to' • system when the City Council met j each pay half of a Freeport po-icily, the official said, and these,.,... .,„_,.,. from the appraised value was ar- rate?. _r_o_r _a probable budget fljnirrt Thursday night to approve a bud-1 lice dispatcher's salary instead of i would be valuable in the emer-j officials. get (or the coming year. a third of the salary each. Firejgency work performed by the Among items in the fire depart- sirens in each city are sounded j club, ment's budget for the coming [by Freeport dispatchers who! A special year was a cost increase in the'handle fire calls. .extended present alarm system. City Sec-! Chief Price suggested that some|group who are now in the process retary R. H. Montgomery said he 1 one in Clute might be paid to! of organizing a club in that city. rived at through a complicated of $:C!S,000, the City Council \vi! For 'he callers, City Secretary sysiem of several percentage do- likely set a ax rate of $1.42, com- Pennington has this surges- • diictions. This would confuse most: pnlT( i to the $1.54 of last yr;ir. invitation has beenjtion: Read the whole notice. The | who might have valid complaints There will he a slight increns. to the West Columbia:manner of reporting valuation is!about inequalities, he said. And in taxes for most, though that W.T; different. For most, the tax tevyjit complicated bookkeeping. 'not the intention of the equali/,i Most of the work was completed,lion program. When the property' ya, (take fire calls and sound the fire; A visit by members of that club itself will be about the same. >%mt ..._ ._ ( The most important change is a year ago. It was the intention lvalues were equalized — sum* siren *at a savings. He said that , would hefp toward future cooper-j that the notice states the apprais-jlhcn to put the new values into lowered, some raised — there was s>stem was used years ago wheniation in county-wide disaster pro-Jed full market value of a piece of:effect. At he snme ime, the valu-ja slight decrease in total valuer. '• property, then the percentage ofjation percentage would be raised Also, there was a further accommodation to the city. Price told the Council that fire- j says the official, is 1 available to men sometimes have difficulty in [any local group for emergency hearing the siren when winds are j work of any kind where mobile high, and in summer when home j communications is an important air conditioners and fans are run- \ factor. ning. '' i „ j He presented figures on" radio ! alarm systems by which firemen | P...-- DiicinaOC Uiauic are alerted and are given the lo-l OHd|J DUdlllCOO f ICTfO cation of fires by sets installed at ! phone company system where \ the balance of payments problems, telephones are installed at each : economic growth, and overseas in- ness section, were far too high, fireman's home. j vestment, particulary in Latin I he said. Some businesses, in fact, The Council took no action on ; America. I carried valuations as high as 150 Price's suggestions which he ask-i Blough told newsmen It was a|per cent of the appraised market ed the Council to consider carry- j "good, constructive meeting," but lvalue. Other pieces of property, ing out within a year or two. 'declined to elaborate." 'particularly in some residential A school eye chart test is not enough... to determine the condition of your child's eyes Your child's eyesight is checked annually at school by means of a vision screening test. The purpose of this test, of course, is to discover any visual problems that need professional attention. Yet the simple facts remain —such tasts are limited in the defects they reveal; and they should not be substituted for a thorough, professional eye examination. Remember: a child can have 20/20 vision and still need glasses to see comfortably. • Make sure your child's vision is what it should be. Have his eyes examined by a competent TSO Doctor of Optomehy. At TSO his eyes are examined Internally for any evidence of disease or defect; then for visual abnormalities, such as near or far sightedness, astigmatism and muscle imbalance. » If your child's visual diagnosis shows the need for glasses, they will be accurately prescribed and fitted for the clearest, most comfortable vision possible. • The cost will be reason- able. Single vision glasses are as low as $14.85, including professional eye examination, lenses and frame. • If glasses are not needed, there is only a $3.00 charge for the eye examination. ©TSO—1952 Convenient credit at no extra cost Directed by Dr. S. J.. Rogers, Dr. N. Jay Rogers, Optometrists a man performed the task as anijects, the official said. The Eleven Meter Monitor Club, the full value which is termed the from 54 per cen to BO per cent, bee-ause of storm damage, valuation. The tax rate is applied!to make computation simpler, and: Because of the storm damagr. to the valuation. Previous notices' the tax rate lowered accordingly.' there will be two separate sets of showed only the tax valuation. But the storm struck, and city tax notices. One is the standard their homes or which can be taken ' WASHINGTON (AP) — The ; effort begun two years to their businesses. to executive committee of the Busi- : equalize all property valuations Since the tax valuttion in past officials felt it was the wrong notice of increased values. years has been 54 per cent of the. time to change valuations goner-, The other applies to housr' value, the first figunf' shown on 'ally. So on the north sirl<» of the which received water damage hy_ the notice would rnake ; ,at appcar:rivcr, the new, equalized values inundation during the storm per.™ that the individual's tax was i were used; and on the south side. kx). This was established by. tin about to be doubled. ithe old values. A 5-1 per cent val-; inspection made by tax officin's The tax notices are part of aniuation was used. following the storm. This year the full equalization Houses that were flooded will has been accomplished, except for, IK marked for a 25 per cent credit He said the radio system would ness Council met with President | in the city, and to set up a simpler! scattered areas. The new apprais-jon taxes for the building portion allow firemen to reach the station Kennedy Thursday to exchange'method of computing taxes. I als will he u?cd except on the!of the property. The credit will quicker as they would not have views on a variety of subjects. Two years ago Pennington, i waterfront, in the Volasco Heights : be for one year only. Next year. to phone the dispatcher for the The council is headed by Roger whose duties include tax assess-land on Slaughter Road. [houses receiving the tax credit location after the siren sounds, ; M- Blough, chairman of the board!ing and collecting, pointed out toj Values trrived at by the city ( will be inspected again. If they which sometimes takes two or of the U.S. Steel Corp. a board of equalization that tax, for its tax rolls will also be used i have been repaired, the credit will i three minutes. Pierre Salinger, press secretary, Price also reported on a tele- said the ground covered included valuations in the city had a large I by the school district. number of inequities. Many, particularly in the busi- I be rcmoveel. 140 TARPON INN VILLAGE m* CONTACT LENS SPECIALISTS «,, -BE 3-1661- FREEPORT, TEXAS MONTHS TO PAY OF 51 " oCD fs/i rsxi E= r=3o E: FREEPORT-TEXAS Mrs. Davis Is TB Secretary New executive secretary for the; ton ami membership In Braxoria County Tuberculosis As- i ton Garden Club, sedation is Mrs. Mary Davis of! 11u , TB Assex-iallon offices arc Angle-ton. nou . on ,|,,, MTOm ) door of tho Mrs. Dav is was chosen for that . Old Courthouse building;, having post by members fo the TB Aw> ] been inovil from the small office elation Board of Directors, at a in the Welfare Building, at the re- recent meeting. j quest of the Association's dircc- The wife of J. E. Davis, a crew j l' )rs leader in the electrical depart -| Mrs. Davis expressed her plea- mem at Dow Chemical Company, ; sure in \uii-king in the newly elf- Mrs. Davis is the mother of two (.mated offices, which provndp- children, a daughter IS, who will considerably morn space than the* begin her first year of college this Welfare Building could afford, ami year; anil on eight-year-old son which are also more conveniMit | who is in third grade in the Angle-1 to the Health Department offi ton schools. Mrs. Davis lias deine; cnn.siiler- ! able volunteer work for lho TB Association during the past several yours, anil has serve-ii as a: lees was ailopleil by (be grntip, j member of the Board of Directors | h o u g h no appointment* were for the |»ist year. j made. Chairmen for a Budget Bin! In addition, she has worked with; Program Committee, Case Flnd-J the TB Clinic aixl .served is trea-i i m ; Committee, Health Education. surer for that clinic, as well as Christmas Seal, Nominating, and ; having done social work In the iVrnoimH and Administrative monthly clinico for (he past or.e |'radices Committee are expect, nml one-lialf years. j ,,,| )„ )„. ( -| M1S en soon. In addition, she has had secre-i Mm. I/mise llruvvn. Seal dm tarial experience at the Do w 1 siillanl for the Texas '111 Aiwocl.'i- Chemical Company for about l.">:liun, |ix>^ over administrative dti- months, several years HUD, anil ties ,j |! u . Hniwin Cisinly TB earlier worked nl Hughes Tool; Association during Ilif Interim Company in Houston. J between the resiKiialion of Mrs. A member ot the KiiM Baptist; Mililml Davis i« Kxii:utlv«,S«>4l Omicli of Aiij'lolon, ulic has heenj idary anil Ilif n'cllon ot Mr». active ill work will) Hie < lids'| Davis. Auxiliary of that chinch, Imvini;; "The Stale offi<« attempt* to worked wilh Hie !) to Hi year e>]il'|,elp Die local associations In group for the- |iast M veil JCMIS. Other alliliations include the designation of "niailiinle member" i where the monthly TB Clinic ii i held. i III other action at the B«ini meeting, a II.- 1 . <>! needed commit. of the- tlillil .Study C'luli in Angle- Help Keep Our BEACHES CLEAN! siirli ways its tills," Mrs. Brown cxpl iine/1. milling that slm hud been in Aimlelon for me pait Hiiee weeks, anrt will return fr«- fjiienlly Ix'lwccn now and Decem- iM-r to H.sxist Mrs. D«vl« wilh tin upcoming Christmas Seal ,Sal*_ which fin«ncps tho Bra/oria i j ly 115 Association 1 * activities* For a cleaner beach: Clear Your Litter and a Little More »i

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