The Paris News from Paris, Texas on October 9, 1960 · Page 6
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 6

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 9, 1960
Page 6
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rnc cxrr, Cooper P-TA . K ts in Ml Wesfinghouse 2 PHS Seniors Honored In Scholarship Tests fcirt V •'.''•;*". >>-•< .^ '? '-/,» r^'-vw &!/.' V J. tU' A.' 1 ^ 'V.'fi'. ", f ':.'"-- C.' f W.'*;*., 1 ^ " r (J: •, ;."7:*/f-' V'-j 1 " •* -'•* >>*'.»^v.Jl!*:^ 'iitoiwi ^;a: :v-i. ?iir» _H;iii rauir.r; ;mi u: mic^on:^ .tucr.: XD cr ,lj^« vhk:t i:>r> r.c-T.'-d tt '^ .>-V<y- {>«';'.'.'/', ^ ail m£h fchool ; ^-"^i^ i<: • Sir Xir:.imr«; W i : i -*<::•;••:, it . i.:..w r,«:-Uu.:;Kr.»!r ?'-*'^K^fcp S^liH-^j. "*sf. pr.-ei. . j.-riMtVb IT; iu^rdHUT.--- VT.I s :-,,••-- ;.i-j... -• i ,>*,i""> "-'•:.,,. '*'<;£!«*. 'l;:r.r.«'_n r:;3it;? '-'?!« t'-5i.r,v>'!.- »' U. | '* rSiT/w%^ e :S77' t; «.,.,*;• p*Lfei ; "'flk^'S EC ?•'•^'-T:! Met Skips i 'it'-iC 1 .?- .«' .>:;.'..V-i'. .'.'.• .' :'.' '. V ' .' •"'* •• v '' v * l-t-'W Ji'Wi'.Cj'.r:: :'lEl-.t::;'.:.' f" *T" L " C '<.*•*.:•,' :,>,:.^.-.t '.<?. <*} '.-,.* • *'X'-*~ •-- -^- a-.r.>. ;l Por This'Season V<-.:'-! l;v * '.tW-'V.IV'J 1 '<: '•='••- «'..,>•• '.f 1 ':" •/, '.rjf y.>".'.;>". "•'' 7^;i 0: " t/.t'.-«*-..: : ',^ : '. ... ''.'«; ;.-.,*.'. >:'' *.>' i-i.^': '-•-. •;. i' :•-- =:;:•- f-*:,*'.'J. 6»A. ; .f" »: !'.'.••: '^: •:••...> '.'.• ! -•^•;.>r > Vv '•! :.:. '.V. 1 " 7T,o '«>:v. -7 i*' 1 ;;- -.-.••.: • i • ;^v-l c:'*'_"Jv to" !•"' £<•'' " 1 -. / - ; ' -"-''• ?^-!'"i'- : -f i'.'." ::ii- £r.!,t>c.s: t :sr •^. j-rr:*- 't^ fi-Kvr 'j..^^^i,- ,s..'-"' pr^rt-l -'.ceriii i; Zi^-Ia 1 !^i£ '•.'-•.•ji-.iW.'s.v',* *•;.=:- }^: V? (A.*: •£.;a? V,''> 'v' V t- BOGATA f^V,£_, r- A if-<-•••, '. £.'.'. t ;f. ':-.i a'.. I-r.5.-y's O.."- 4v £.',, '/j gr... i j'. i '*- . ...... ,'• '('•' "- -•-•• f .'-- %&*?££? .--S-^-'Vv. : ~..\."V"/ : "- ;-' ; -'^-^ •":'• * s l£f$lF ^,.^ ; .-- 'Ifev J| s - '•"'£. ^-:?V"S1 r7;/^'i '/;;• O !,:. C-;-/ -vf 7ic;..'-.-.'^ .>>'.".:,-ow^-^ Vrvri'd RO-'J;^ •,<,;•;': V; ;':i:\.'A:. Z;A V,;i, I., h. .': '.i iL-rJ.*.' •-; <:-<^'.?. ...r.."'.'. ""—;: .-*"'•. ••"- f- ^^^7t^-<^ '-.;o^.:.^ r.,, ; «-v« 7 '. '.fcr.oui -iz , ^ **,'* eF H ^ . fwtal Welfare Department Geh S 1,800 Surprise A-<": vAiU.-.g •.*.' j. «.^.»?.fi, ?£ri. O.J. v^r W^'MM : ?'.- t Y^H, '.-fn-t OTV;J }i/v.vri y/ ':'/&•:. ;':- ' .,, A , ^ v ; t!J ,- hw ft . J ,,,. Texas Department _ _ , r ,, Store Sales Up ' ^ ', vuSv^VSS Mr'lSi 500-Doctor Draft ! Y?;;,"" 1 f "" >h ' * 8lne ^^i /*<•*;v< : ^ i r-!*;r; M.'i, ;?s:ry Hzrti&w wi !.«;>.' ^ '2-«- . j *^* f.*5-^wn. . , I Predfcted in Year s j f^wrrifJ t// Odeess i c^z;'., S«n Ar/tenio J2. r'or: Worth ! IXlSG DI.STA.s-CE M E. T. BOYLE, Jr. IW S. £. £i>, SU4-647) Phor.e* SU5-2S55 p * e» i r T'E""'* A % A t est EJ.VG VAN i STORAGE DEARBORN HEATERS SIS.95 up COSfS LESS HEATS BEST! AREA HEAT Leu fo insiell, less io operate /el jives you more heal end contfori! Cona by or.d f&t m (eJ? yov oboyS Deor- born Aj'e-a Keci! •R.V, FREE FURNITURE !M Lsrr'sr SU4-277I <A VA<-n w-. Mr?., G. A. V&U^M. For the BEST in Electrical Appliance Service... rr.odern tiv- tog citrpcndi lo a large e/.lot.} on the uic- of c i'.- <: t J 'i r - r J I o p p i i c n c e s vjcft cji ranges, refri- gcf'aJori,-freezer*, air cortditionerj, radios, fek-'/iiion . . . (hi; Corn- pan/ hoi >o^c•n jfepj to gi;v« every possible c:s;:'or.ce !o t?;oifc engaged in the business of servicing end repairing elect*ic'jl equipment to the enc ihcl /oy ''ill e^pc-ric-noa- fbc leasl poisible incc/nvenic-nce. Thii we have accepted as an obligation to j'Ou, cur pofrons. TPiL ernployee-i vho regulrjrfc/- contact our cus- lo^-ers ore framed lo understand your jervice needi. Each of ihese ernpioytna hen a list of oil local service and repair firms, as well as the type of appliances in which these firros specialize. So ... wKer&vc-r you have difficulty in obtaining service, feei free lo cell on anyhof our employees for assistance. The/ wit! welcome the opportunity lo see that you gel prompt efficient service. SYe invite you lo ask any TPSJl employee or calJ ct our omce 'or any iniormaftcm you may require recording service to your app'pances. TEXAS POWER & Ll'BHT COMPANY | j; fev y Air Fore* Jrjurfc*! t r/f ov, Va»r* SJmUz of IJain- '*•«* b-rrrt Iwt Sunday '/> f<ri. Tfo'i in/y 8Uit.ififl}«2 the Vrfti lh<: iSO.y<:Zrr-l'jM Ylrc. Ifi.4ur;>riw Oj v/hich ps Chsjfch. • of Mr, sri'J Mra. W. JJ, •<v«;r«i '.If, ferM Mrs, Kr;;nk C. fJ. .lorxfs, Mr», K'i Ive,, Mr?.! Myr« Rr.-j'. ; , l i6y. Mrs. Ray Tucker, Mii. f{i-j,,-j Kww: and Mrx. Milchf:!!, ail of Dallas. Now...your Chevrolet dealer A fJ<i/:; : !:iorj of th'^ rrxoct fciM i flit rfr»ctor dr;=f; 'juoU v.iH r mstfj'- &Jt*!r wti M^ich !, Thtre j 'f.T>- no fK'C'fcfffil ;*!<!«•; to draft den- tisij,-, the Journal ,-iay?.. SAFETY FIRST! for your new'61 car! Patronize Your Local Qualified Licensed Plumbing, Heating and Electrical Contractors THEY PROTECT YOUR HEALTH & SAFETY EKSTROM UNITED SUPPLY COMPANY 226 Urn.r Parii, Toxai Here's a better way to choose your new '61 car. Now your Chevrolet dealer offers a range of models to suit almost any taste or need—in a range of prices to suit any budget. It's the greatest show on worth! A full crew of low,, low-priced new Chevy CorvairB, including four wonderful new wagons. New Chevy Biscaynes—offering big-car comfort at. small-car prices. Beautiful Bel Airs, elegant Impalas, and the incomparable Corvette. Shown below are just 5 of the 30 different models you can pick from. Come on in and make your '61 car-shopping rounds the easy way—all under one roof! New '61 Chevrolet IMPALA .SPORT SEDAN You've got fire Impalas to pick from—icnodels that put the accent on luxury while offering all of Chevy's new ideas about comfort and convenience—Jike larger door openings, higher seats, and a low-loading deep-well trunk. Presenting blg-c»r beauty at small-car price* NEW '61 CHEVY BISCAYNE 6 (2-Door Sedan, above) All, Biscaynes, 6 or V8, give you a full measure of Chevy quality, comfort and proved performance. Yet they're priced right down with many »maller cars that give you a lot lossl New '61 Chevrolet BROOKWOOD 9-PASSENGER STATION WAGON All KI'X Chftvrofaf, v/!ti<oris font,ure a cave-si/e cnrfjo opening that's nearly fivo f»;':t, arrows!.., plus a now concealed compartment (lock is optional lit «xtra r/mt) for Nluwing valuable!). New lov/er priced '61 CORVAfR 500 4-DOOR SEDAN Liko all Corvair coupes and sedans, this model o-oets tes« for '61. You get more spunk, space and savings—and nowCorvnir has wagons, too! NEW '61 CORVETTE New form and fineness for America's only tm» sports car. New '61 Corvette offers more performance and mooe luxury equipment than any car in its class. See the greatest show on worth at your Chevrolet dealers! Burtrum-Woolston Chevrolet Co. 225-lirS.W. Paris, Texai Dial SU4-7446

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