The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 9, 1962 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 9, 1962
Page 1
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RKHiltUCAN CAMIinATK TAKKS OUAI, 1'OUO VACCINE IN MKK VISIT Al Stmlent Clinic, .Inck Cox (icln I) me Kr«m Mr*. ,!o Ann Fane, UN PUSH TOURISM, TOO Cox Says He'd Sell Industry On Texas Republican Jnck Co.v alternated jnltract leading scientists (o Texas his proposals for suite industrial universities, lie said. development nnd pot-shots at his' Drmncrntii: opponent fur KOVCT-! nor in talks along the Gulf Coast. I In his principal address I n j Brazoria County, Cox told a Lake i Cnx '" »i-« opponent, mall," leaving the Implication that future appropriations ma' depend on tho outcome of thi John Connally, with a slashing at-1 governor election. tack on what he contends isi "We can't threaten loss of ap Washington influence. | (,roprialion«." he said in Lake p (iroprialione." he said in '"Die big question is whether a 1 Jackson; "but campaigns are Jackson audience that this was : |™" d "JlT* ^'fl' ¥ T^T" *? ""ft 1 ™* «"»«»"«» an(l the most imporlan, slate election: IS'^^^Uor Kle^."" W °'' k "" ^^ '"^ pendent of Washington control. I find this view held by people in all walks of life." Cnx had spoken Ihe night be- in the nation this year. "How often can you change Ihe course of a nation in a stale clec- lion," he told the crowd in call- 9 inK for a two-party system I n Texas. Co\- had conic through Alvin to Freeport for a brief street a p| pcarance. then to Lake Jackwm Imp. in Houston, where he blasted The governor, he said, could hejCenter th, a strong force for industrial development of th* state. For promoting its latent capacity, he said, hg TKftl begin with n complete cotinty-by-cotmty Inventory o f men, machines and materials. Then "I would pack my Img nnd go out selling the slate to industry." .'pii.i had not hi;pn done ii. t the past, he said. "We have been riding ; the gas nnd oil industry. It's down to an eight-day allow- I the Kennedy trip to the space icrc as "political black- for an address before about 150 persoa-i at tho Lake Jackson Slate Bank Annex. He then headed for Austin. West Huddles On Red Threat ,!;,. way. We can't rely on it therefore had to di-| „•.,„, „„,., verify, he said. He felt he could Xi^hc Berlin dilute, be a toce or Ins development The consulta(ion , ^ Also, he felt, the governor could | to help stimulate tho tourist Indus- 1 .try. ture opportunities. [many on joint steps to counterI'he Russians accepted a Western! Communist pres-i demand tliat their sentry convoys | use a new route through the wall are reported which cuts down the distance they must drive in West Berlin! East German threats to Allied sup-! to reach the war memorial. j |ply line operations and develop-] Western diplomats said thati "jments which may take place with-^v'"' the use of this route the So-' '•in Berlin itself. ; viet Union no longer has any real i s i Concern in Ihe U.S. government need to employ armor for protect-1 "j over the Berlin situation is said; m g its troops. But more impor-l ... ™ I by dish administration officials to lanlly the Western governments' economy primarily on tourists, j ,„, „„, primarv n . ASOn Prcsid( , nt do not like the frequent show ofj His approach would be a joint : Kennedy asked Congress on Fri- military force by the Russians in! venture by the stale and pnvnte],,. tor ' nulllorilv , o ,.„„ a maxl .'West Berlin whi.h is implied in' each year. Other stales, fornia, counlimic to b,-i \ interests. There was money avail-; iijuj I able in private hands for invest- j J^'j' ing in tourist facilities, he said. !{„,!,. _And there was a course for the' "stata to follow In new recommendations made in a Texas Tech research project. Election law reform was needed, he felt. "We're tired of stuffed ballot boxes. We must call for poll watchers, when all we want Is an honest count." One provisinnh P wanted in tin- new laws wax to' prohibit one man running for two offices. ^ He advocated full legal rights "for women. "We are behind most slates in this," he said. Another point of development he felt was needed is research fiicili- lies in Ihe institutions cf higher learning. "Texas is 1S o .10 years behind the limes In this." he said.! It would taka such facilities to of 150,000 military' Reserv- the use of armored vehicles, active duty in tlie armed. Their disapproval ri>es out ofj if necessary. ;a belief that the Russians may be To what extent administration; preparing to claim a larger role, concern over Ihe Oilum situation:for themselves in West Berlin at may have cniered into the deci-jlhe same time they deny that the sion to ask for the call-up uutbori- i United States. Britain and France ty is speculative. j have a right to a voice in East Allied i-onsultations on Berlin Berlin. are presently centered in Bonn; This, ill turn, could he connect- but are also taking place among ed with Premier Khrushchev's an- representatives of the four West- • nounci-d determination to make a ern crs in Washington and i separate peace treaty with Corn- tin- U.S., British and munist Kast Gei many, commandants in West' French Berlin. One Allied action expected to !»• taken within the next week or so SH* a refjuest to the -Soviet mill- lary ctimmand to stup using ar- inoicil cars lor tho lion of Soviet guard Berlin, where a big memorial is situattxl. The armored cars were put into .service late last viet troops Freeport Man III Help End Type HI Polio Today AwMFv/itrtA in nr »mri» f*\t\iml\t U A * _^>t, ^.ti.^...<.^._^_._il \/... _ • _ . _. .. . ^& Nssrly overyone in Brazoria County has been immunized against Type I polio. Even th» optimists among the county's modical men were astonished at the response '/o the polio centers last July 22 and tha makeup a week later. To date, it is the best public attendance at a mass polio vaccine program in tho nation. But as remarkable as the July performance was, it was only one-third of the total job of stamping out polio in the county. Another third can be accomplished today. It is to be hoped and expected that pride will induce Brazoria County to remain first in this effort to stamp out a disease. If is easy and convenient. There was little waiting last time, and experience will make it even smoother. You can stop on your way home from church, as the centers open at 12 noon. Or you can plan to make it before or after a beach outing. Don't worry about how you are dressed. The atmosphere is informal. Beach wear is perfectly suitable. It will help speed you through if you will fill out the form below in advance (if you have children along). For those who are taking the dose for the first time, it is odorless and tasteless. There are no side effects. As far as is known, the vaccine is completely effective. At the present time, Type I polio is the most prevalent in Texas. With the Type I vaccine turnout in July, it is unlikely that a case of Type I polio will ever again originate in this county. But nation-wide, there are just as many cases of Type III as there are Type I. Since each dose of Sabin oral vaccine is for one polio type only, Brazoria County is just as vulnerable to Type III as it ever was. And a tourist and port area, such as Brazoria County is, is a natural springboard for entry of a disease prevalent anywhere in the nation or world. !f Brazoria County will turn out today in numbers comparable to the July clinics, the public will have complete protection against the two most prevalent forms of the disease. The Salk vaccine did its job of protecting the individual. The now Sabin oral vaccine goes one step further: It prevents a person from carrying the diseasa and transmitting it to someone else. It protects the community. You can be fully protected by Salk shots and still be the cause of someona else having polio. You cannot after taking the full series of oral vaccine doses. If enough people take the vaccine, the chain of movement of the disease is broken, and m , ay d '«ppear_from the earth. Medical THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS ana> " SERVING BRAZOSPORT, ANGLETON. WEST COLUMBIA, BRAZORIA, SWEENY,, OLD OCEAN. DANBURY and DAMON J5 CENTS Faeti Cloiilficd: IE 3-2411— All Other Offices: BE 3-3511 VOL. 50 NO. 164 Associated Press Member SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1962 Freeport, Texas Weekdays 10 Cents—Sunday 15 Cents Solons Predict OK For Gallup; Seek Blockade , WASHINGTON fAP) — Tlie I Last Saturdav ihn nn«»i» v.» ^•^^'L!!!^ "'^ States is c—n, «*\<2%£^^SZ%\ '"'•Britain, France and West Gcr-iroorcd vehicles. A few days acol BRAZORIA COUNTY MKDICAL SOCIETY Sabin Polio Vaccination Program Li«l im Ibis form Ihe names and ages <A all prisons in your Iwusi, bold <vlm npprar at the clinics at the samp lime for vaccination. SIGN BKLOW IF ANY MINOR i UNDER 'ID IS LISTED PATH: Household City: Lwt N» PLEASE PRINT l~ir*t Nam« Initial I hereby jute irat I am the (parent) (Guardian' o! the minors listed above and I hereby request that Sab.., oral polio vaccine he administered to laid above listed persons. Signature: Parent or Guardian MILLWRIGHTS LAST Carpenters OK Contract Tlie 4,000 - memter Carpenters,of the Galveston Building Local 213 voted Friday to sign a i Construction Trades i three-year contract with tj T« AtsoCHTCD rt ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — Jacquelyn Jeanne Mayer, 20, of Ohio was crowned Miss America, su- cccding Maria Beale Fletcher of North Carolina to the nation's oldest beauty crc'.vn in the week-long pageant. Miss Texas, Penny Lee Rudd, was a finalist. Say Red Conflict and Councilj . _.,.— v.,,.,....^ .,,.,, thejagreed to stick by their decision; i AGC and CEA. The vote was 465; of two weeks earlier. At that time,| 1 to 97. , they lifted their sanction of the This action, affecting several, strike. | ; hundred carpenters in the county,' They claimed the Millwrights , |will boost wages in three sucrcs-,were fully employed, and thati ! rive ..annual steps. It^rovWcs oth- ! their negifiations involved mat- i »r benefits. " '**•-. | ters of *6rk jurisdiction. WASHINGTON (AP) - Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey, D-Minn.. Turbulent weather stnick Texas Saturday with cloudbursts wryling water into or to the doorstep of more than 200 homes In j expects Congress to approve rath- ,Fort Worth and vicinity,; with I er itk , p resi(Jent Kcnnedv . s two men dromied. Tornado-like, «imls hit Obtirne. as a cold' rc<luest Ior Etandb y authority t- front barreled into Texas. : cal1 U P 150,000 Reservists to conn . jter Communist threats in Cub, .. ; WASHINGTON — The Soviet! Berlin or elsewhere. I Millwright Local 22^? is now the; A representative of a local [Union exploded another megaton-j "I think it should be clearlv u I only member of IH/i. "irpenteis craft said Saturday that at the.' ranse nuclear device over its arc-!, .. _, ., |District Council vvhfch has not yet!lime of the earlier decision, they! tic test site Saturday in a continu-j tood Ulat tlie Presltlent ha 'reached agreement on a contract, j had seen contract proposals that Ration of whatt he U.S. Atomic En-| no immediate intention for use of j The Miiiwrights liave far the j contained the jurisdictiona! claus-jergy Commission called "an in- this authority," Humphrey, assist- i past six weeks maintained pickets l es. At Friday's meeting in Gal- tensive nuclear test series." ant Senate Democratic leader, I at Dow construction gates. iveston, they were not shown cvl-l j During the past week, the Mill-jdence that such clauses had been! ' wright strike was extended to | eliminated, tlie Houston area. At a meeting; Therefore, as it stood Saturday, | Wednesday, the Houston Building j the same crafts would cross the, :and Construction Trades Council)picket lints Monday, he said. ' i voted sanction of the Millwright 1 Millwrights were scheduled to strike. vote Monday on a contractor pro- But in Galveston Friday, crafts P"sal. It was reported that if the ! ' " — U-ote is unfavorable, negotiations intinue again Tuesday. said Saturday in an interview. "Prompt congressional approval LONDON— British and Com- j mnnwealth Labor party leaders' Saturday night called the terms |wi11 be a demonstration to our for Britain's entry into the allies and our enemies that the elected representatives of the pec* Cutter Vessels opean Common .'Market unac- ccptable, and soacht a second i P le ale firmly behind our corn- prime ministers' conference lie- inlander in chief." tare any final «(<•[» are taken. I Wasting no time, Chairman - Richard B. Russell, D-Ga., asked CHICAGO— The American Med-i tne Senate Armed Services Com- Polio Clinic Sites A Frec|x>rt shrimp company Ir.tiiipurta- owner became ill suddenly Friday into West and WHS rushed to John Scaly Soviet war Hospital in Galvcston to receive the attention of a dix-tor there. Frit/ Toomrr of ;iOO Fast Brit- month after S,>- /os was attended by a Frecport in ordinary bus- physician while in transit to the cs Intd IHVII sloiu-d by angry West lialvoston hospital in a Freoport Berlin crowds pintesting, the kill- Funeral llnnic anilmlancc. His! ing of Ivist Berlin refuge's who,m said Toonicr nppramt tried to flee to the west uciviss to lx> seriously ill. but there WHSI tin- wall dividing tin- city. im latt» rc|Kirt on his condition. These are the J9 center^ at which the v.iccine will tx- given !ro::i noon to 6 p.m. Sunday: — Bnuosport: O. A. Fleming School cafeliiriji:!, Umicr &:hoo!, Brazosport Senior High Schnol activity room in Frrvport; T. W. O;^^ | Siluwl, Uute: Oran B. Roberts Elementary- School and Lake Jackson Junior High School in Lake Jack-ion: Srcman lesidence, 3IJ j Third St., Surfside. i — Krazoria: Legion Hall — Four Forks- I>ow mobile unit station at inicrscction. — Swivny B>'rta IVavlay Scluxil — West Columbia: Legion Hall and Ouilie Brown School. — Anglelon: Anglt-ton High Scliool, Mai^hail High School. ion accepted several years ago. • Tlie contract accepted by the Two fishing vessels with nets!Carpenters provides that at the caught in their wheels were start of the next full payroll i<r- bnxight info Freeport by the|io<l afuv the contract is signed. Ci«st dtiard Cutler Dione Satur-'these wages will go into effect: *'. v - to at ^Ca M-<\ At 9. l' arrivin vcsscl. tlip Dione According to W. L. (Rip) Rush- ical Association says persons ov- i mittee to consider the call-up bill ins;, business manager for the er 45 might be wise"to arrange im- i at a cl °sed hearing Monday morn-.. Millwrights, the union is asking, mediately to be vaccinated against in £- _ _ ' "' in addition to wage increases, a an expected widespread third 12'i-cent rollback which the un- wave of Asian fiu this winter. MoPac Asking Tender Secretary' of Defense Robert S. McNamara and his top Pentagon aides are expected to present Biil- itary and diplomatic reasons for asking renewal of autliority Congress quickly granted more than a year ago during a Berlin crisis. Congress needed only five days Carpenter general foreman. S-l.-1 |\j(f\ 1 Pttfldf : to complete action on that author- A spokesman for the Freeport-j32: carpentc'- foreman, HOI: I - I CISllv! ] ity but Humphrey said there is based Dionp said the firs! call forjcarptnter steward (qualified by! Tlie Missouri Pacific Railroad' 110 deadline on tlie new request. :'.](! c:' Friday night from the'steward school graduitioni. J.1.S7; JCo. proposes to op<Mi its San Ber-l B 0 " 1 Republicans and Demo- shr;mp trawler. Hi D,x\ about 50 and journeyman. S3.H. |nard River drawbridge to vessels crats have pledged support in ad- mili-s southwest nf Frtvport. At On July 1. IX-i. p.iy for '.he'on two hours advance notice jn.ivance although Senate Republican N:.>l p.m. the Dione got uno'-nvay: same four grades will become j staid of keeping bridge tenders • Leader Everett M. Dirksen of 11- assist, taking Ihe vessel in tovv;SH7, 54.22, $1.02 and $3.97. On'on duty at all times. > inois told newsmen Congress will 2:00 a.m. Satuixiay. July 1. 1961, the pay will be $4.62,, The company has applied to the. want Io kllow vvl) y tlle adminis- in of the Hi Doc is John'S4.37. $1.17 and $1.12. j US Army Corps of Engineers in!'ration is asking the special au' l Fiveport. 'premium for cooling tower con-1 Galveston for modification of thoUhorily. a.m. Salimlay, !>cforc;struction when treated materials! regulations governing operation of i So »- ol '» D - Johnstcn, D-S.C., in port with the fishing {arc used: and 12!a-cent premium j a drawbridge in this Engineer! 5 '' 1 ' 1 ' ' 10 vvuulil urge prompt ap- roceivwl anoth- ', for work in other special mater-1 Di: - 1 District. The drawbridge between Swce- j cause Iproval of tlie call-up authority be- situations in Berlin extremely critical." I , CAPT. mid MUS. C. M. I HUMS, ! STANLKY and JIMMY, visiting In Jones Creek with her parents, MR. and MRS. I'LKAS I.KWIS. The IIIBBS Imve been in Gcr- |ni»ny for four ami will go from here to Furl U-c. Va., where he will enter Quiirleimaster Career SciuKil. . . Mil. and .MRS. t). !•:. I'YI.KS, marking :i wedding anniversary linlny. 'ilic 1IUNTKK CAItUUTIIS 1 Will IK* observing their weilthug anniversary Monday. . . ; Happy Birllnl.iy! l,«l,iy (u MRS. K. II. TUltK mill HAYMOND MUCIiOWK'il. And, AI.AIU Me-. I'.Il.L. MUS. F. B. BKKNK, J()-! :l LKNK ROSS. iHiil II. J. KIMIKL, lu comliig up for the suim> wishes'tiicr on Monday. . . :, MV(M A YEAR AFTER STORM APPROACHED... call from the trawler. Show- iwn. hx-ated alxnit 20 miles: llicre is a limit of two days ofiny and Brazoria must now lx? op-1 and Cuba arc -- --~ - «.. ....—.. . 'Utheas.1 of Fret-port. Stewart T. \ wage holdback. Sufficient time isjened upon signal from approach-! Johnston, in a statement, said -Alvin: Alvin Junior College and tent aciws fn'iu Good Hop* Atwo«xl of Galveston is owner of fallowed to put up tools prior tojing vessels. Bridge tenders'must'this country "should place an "''' '• b,\it. quitting time on construction! bo in constant attendance in ac- i ironclad blockade around Cuba i When tin- Hi I.W had lie™ tow-; work. Protective clothing is to beicunlance with the general Bridge I and economically squeeze it cut t«\ m. iht- Dione went Ixick for| furnished by contractors for work! Regulations. lot the Russian orbit." Mho Showdown, arriving at the I v\here chemicals would damage The company stated 1'iat open-! "Cubii threatens to spread com- 'Fivcfxnt Uxiy aliout 4 p.m. i clothing and shoes. .ing of the bridge for vessels islimmism and aggression in the Hemisphere," Johnston BApli»t Church. — Danbury: Danbury High Schix.J. — IVarlanii: scluxil building. — Damon: school Imildinu. For Most, Carla Scars Healed opening of the bridge for vessels is 1 munism required only infrequently and tin- Wc.-lcrn due burden is' placed on" the com- said. "We must act militarily to pnny if bridge tenders must con- ' prevent this, if necessary, and to timie to lx? in constant attendance. s l1 " lllis ">" President should have ' The bridge in closed positionMhe authority he sc-cks." H feet vertical clearance at j Sen. Karl K. Mundt, R-S.D , j mean high water, with fi'-' feet called for an immediate U.S. air I horizontal clearance, the- ipany staled. An.v pititests to the pn>|M>al i me.-.s like this, tti try lu clean;sleeping on pallets on the floor from tiie standpoint (if navig:i- H> and start over," Mrs. Cobb aniiuid it," Mrs. Cobb ivlateti. "lt;tioii should l«? made i.j the IMS- s.iid then, ""llicn vou Icalizo you; was March or April Ivfure we trict Kngin«-'r no later than Oct. as .dent In'ing lair to them if vou gut all our furniture. There are -i. so't tuiKagu what you can." .still things we need but things wo ri1 " 1 '' 1 ' 1 "' 1 ' 11 " 1 ' By roi.l.V OTOVNKI.I. | The next two di.vs were nighu nice tu share what they have with'.living room," Mrs. Geriuuul s.u,l, T,«l,i.v marks a gum .iiuiivei-; niaiish as high winds shrieked, each other even if it us nothing i adding that Ihe kill hen alsn needs' sary. It was a >nir ngo un Snlur- cliin»\cd by surging fl«»i waters, more than a dry rag with which ju second ixiul of paint, day, Sept. 1), thai Hurricane Ciirlii which lnun,l(le,| many areas, liyi'.i swab up water." said Mrs. W ! "We art- thankful tu have as sliuliil aiming her ,ieuistatinn Tuos.l.iy, Sepl. 12. lltiil. (be storm'P. Geiuand of 918 West Hghth iiuu-li as wo do, ami we art- fury l.m.-ml Bm/nna iVuiilv. had uliiidnl ainl Ihe full extent of in F«v|x>it :Utcr tlie sloim. -lad to be Iwck lumu- again." she "Our hulls* i.s s., much prt'llier, will live furevcr without " Since that lime, many heart - the damage c,,ul,l U- sc.-ii. Sh,- an,l her liushand and .seven commented. "We dually had to than U-foro the Sturm." she said She has almost attained an aim Mck, discourage, people have I luring the following weeks, a of their imio children had re - destroy all uf the children's l)..','ks r.veiulv. "We made all the cor- she expressed just after Carla. ci.iudv I,, n U ,K wi.lelv up their sleeves ussiim,-.! few |H',,p]e .Imse !„ leave Ihe Jimied Imme to find Il,x.r» Imckl-ibut wo Ixxight a set of en.-ycl,y ;ivetlons insule we had wanted 1,1 ,Sho said then, "1 hope to ay later .eatten'l th-ndei-slmwerV littlV KIR. and Have maile area, hut more displayed a nmr-ii-,1 up more than lluve fivt high Ipwiias, then Davul won, H set this do all tin- time. I can hardly be-!when we have it all cleaned up, chance in temiioi-iture r'iodei-ito triumphant 1-t.iiiflai-U «i that age m Uw fact- of adversity which'ami family p-wst-ssions ruined. Isimimor which h,-l|n-d out." hevc it. txit wo will Iv a" Ion- : Hurricane" What hurricane" De 1 ' ' me few reminders of the proved inspiring. S,UIH- of tbesv "We an- just tluinkful none of I But they will always l'omemlh-r time in paying for it." come in and sit down and tell me II K N I vi I.' I-AV niMuwnw i"","" u ' 1 '''' 1 "'' 1 liy "'"' s " )n "' :'«»"I»'S were suhjccls of Facts Ilic children were injured or ill." |the flooding which resulted in a: She addtsl that there was not a all about it! 1 " nr.Hi.M, M) lll{|NM)N.| i, was a >ear ago t,xlay lhiil;sl,iri,-.s at that lime. Mrs. (icniaml sai.i then. Uaiuo rttilesnake takiiu- rofu,:,- .mivacant house in llaveuwo,»l now. IIIKJ Mito. t jBiM/.nna t',mut.v reshlciils m low-' In a ro.viil cheek with ,.f Living in a 1,-mn.irary U-aiion, : ,me of their living twin chairs.-"It's a shuck when vou remciii a palien oiijlyui). nn-as wen- advised to eva-; HICM- families, n was found that they .slarlcd to work. About the 1 ' _ -. her linw sonnv |kxipU> said thc> lemuna Ilos-;,.„„(,. j,, || lt . (,„.,. ,,f u,,, im,:cii,t-illiey had sun essfuily eain.Hl mil'tiisl of Juiiuary Ibey inovtxl bt,ek Haveuwmd was ahr(0st a gl».sl; were i.,,t c.iniing kick." ' on FM h'.':l after living until March ipniu-u lOjing hurneaiie. By nightfall Ihe their plan for rehabilitation, home, ccmliiming to do interior; town when Mr. mid Mrs. Tom C. : As .Mrs. Cobb, her husband and in a liny house with another fami- bumpor surge of These people arc ivpicscnumv work into Mas. Cnl.b ivturnetl home to tufklt- the children, Care.l Lu and Michael,: ly. South and his father did Ihe ...,,, IS nil ' M l'ei>"iis of oilier families In their aie.,.1 The buckled fkwrs have been job ahead. Water httd stool at;viewed the job ahead last l«ll, it work ihcnisolvX'S alter South fin- _ _ , •h.« I i",, "'.".''""I 11 *kiill:l,«* i-.-lugf in olhei- IHIIS of llicMwh,, have erase,) m.jst „( Curia's pulled nut .md replaced with con- lu .six (eel high W the homu.v. ^(.pealed almost im]»vsiible. ished with his ieg.dar day's work.lSUH DdtQ "fn tlie was hit with a tat while country. Others vvlm chose to slay |visible marks although they will eiclt- fl.iors and carpeting. "We 1 "You wonder at first if >mi are, "We did must of the work our- "There's still inmoi things to 1 daugiili-r of MK BHINSON ,if Chile Mr. and Mrs. II. H. Soulh arc back ill their- Oyster Cieek home DiaMll piiai m IHAIMI i>,. unp " 8 '"" "'"'" ... I an, ,,ve,l and cnju.Mi , , hurnr bumper • M '"cnd.s. traffi, Weothercast southerly \viniis. Hi.t;fi ttxlay Tide Schedule Tinlay— High 1:(Hi a m. Low 5:01 p.m. watching som« tumb&U. . . children play- behind wore making preparations i nevei; for^H her blows, lor Uie tit blow. have replaced our furniture buljdoing tlie right thing by jourr&eives. At Chrislmas we had a be done, but al! my husband does; "Uir iK-ijjhbcrs have teen ikiiwe are still short of chairs in thejduldien to bring them back intoitk»mtiful tree but we were BUlii iContinued On Pagu Rises Today 6:03 n.m. Sets Today 6:34 p.m. and naval blockade of Cuba. In a taped report for radio-television use. .Mundt saiil Letwceu 3,">00 and 7,tx.Ki troops or terhnirians had ar- riveil in Cuba recently in an effort to corner! it into a Conimu- niM lorlre.-.-' ?.lunii! s-ai<i an economic bloci-;- ;uie could "bring Castro to his l.iues iK'lort- lie starts a war in lii" U'l'su-rn Heniispiiere." v.uuMnt ha\e to invade," at, "if an en.vtivo blr.ekade esiahli.slu'd. What is needed is a lill!e eni-oura^einent for the fieedotn-lo\'ing pt'oii!. 1 of Cuba " A different vi.-w canio from S.n. Cliftoul P. e'.i-e. R.X.J., who 'listened to secret testimony on Cuna the ],:eii wiok from Secretary of Slali' I'.-an Husk and Mc- t'ase, ni ai'.('!i.'. r t.ipt-d inlorview ler i lilM-lilevi-ion use, said "Theio i» no .Hideiire of mflilary •ffireis -vi far as tin' Russians are

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