The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on January 2, 1961 · Page 3
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 3

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 2, 1961
Page 3
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.„,,,_,,„.j,j_., and Brasorla County, fesus, Won., January 2,1901 THE BRAZ08PORT FACTS FP Nears End Of 1960 With $744,816 In Construction Frooport went Into the Inst ftjonth of tha I960 with mm. *i (Qbuildlng permits lmu«d for Jno pn«t U months. Permits through November o( 1959 totnM JS68.787, wllh (i 1959 total of »3t, B67, The $15,385 value at tho 32 limildlng nnd one moving permit I Issued hy Frceport In November, J19GO, was (he second low out jrnonthly total for tho year. The low was set In Mny when bulldln* Permits totaled $12,525. A Jtew home permit accounted 'or U.500 of the November total. It was Issued to South Texas npully Company for a three hod- room home at 1834 West llth, with 1,584 square feet, Residential addition permits Wfnt to Mrs. S. A. Price as applicant and the Rev. John !.,. K.irrnld of Boys Town, Neb., as owner of a building at 818 West 10th to which 351 square f e e i wcrogto be added, at a cost of $' IrtjPAnipnro Ncgrcts, Galvcston, ISO square foot addition, 420 East tilth, $1,720; and J. A, Pederson, 423 North Avenue B, 10 by 20 foot addition to garage, $200. And, H. G. Bnrron, 1624 North Avenue T, 12 by 12 foot addition to living area nnd 18 by 12 gnr- ngc, $1,800; E. J. Cormier, 1123 West Seventh, enclose porch, 3C square feet, nnd entrance 4S so.uare feet and build shingle nw 'W> $25"! and A. R. Glover, 315 West Eighth, 86 square foot work shop, $125. Also, Hubert Davenport, play. house nnd lool storage shed, 56 square feet, $225; J. 0. Olson, 30.") North Avenue D, 49 square foot wash house $125; J. W. Jackson, M by 30 foot garage and wash house, $600; Vcrnon Beck, 1512 North Avenue R, 486 square foot garage, $600; nnd Hardy 1M.-10, 1813 Avenue T, 432 square loot garage, $100. A moving permit went to Ed ward Hobbs, with E. E. Pitts as mover, to transport a 180 square foot building from 805 Avenue A to 327 East Seventh. OCTOBER New home permits went to Wll lie Williams, 203 East Seventh frame rdSmlng house, $3,500; am Cut Rate Homes for L. V. Horky lGl%\venuo F, 1,188 square feet $7,200. A commercial addition perml went to Freeport National Bank with Freeman Construction Com pany adding a drive-in window t the bank facilities, $2,800. Residential addition per mils wont to L. M. Johns, 507 Wes Sixth, 72 square feet, $165; C. G Scarborough, 1814 North Avcmii S, 220 square feet, $800; J. W Reo^s, 1227 West Fourth, IOC square foot addition to garage $:!00; Fred F. Erwin, 807 Wes Sixth, 504 square feet, $600; Ir.i doro Sisneroz, 227 East Fifth, sis by 14 foot porch and entrance hood, $300; J. A. Pederson, 423 North Avenue B, water heater en closure, $100; and Jack Pearson 1502 Gulf Blvd., tool shed, H square feet, $100. Other permits went to Jim C HoUs, 511 East Eighth, 12 by 2 ioo™garage, $450; G. E. Griffin 1615 Avenue T,- 180 square too carport, $150; Marvin McDanie! 1407 North Avenue F, garage, by 22 feet, $1,300; Mrs. O. Shadden 1002 West Broad, 22 b 24 foot garage, $200 and W. H Stemler, 903 West Eighth, 20 b 18 foot garage, $150. Moving permits went to W. A Handle to move a 1,284 square foot building from East Second t 41WVfct First; and Al Bclange for Marvin G. Kleypas, to mov a building from 1203 West Four*, to the city limits enroute t Clute. SEPTEMBER — $70,020 New home permits went Colemnn Hardware and Lumber Company for Lawrence M, Law square feet, $800; Mrs, I. II. wain, 606 Avenue C, 12 by 24 et, $500; nnd .1. R. Martin, 121 orlh Avenue C, 18V4 by 24'4 et, $1,000. Also, H, E. Evans, 1601 North venue R, six by 16 foot room nd eight by 24 foot screened orch, $1,400; Lcroy Knelling er, (14 North Avenue D, 459 square eel, $1,500; Dclbert T. Adkins 06 West 10th, 230 square feel, 1,400; and Quentln R. Stewart, KM West 10th enclose carpo r t nd storeroom, construct new M oot square garage, $2,200. Garage permits went to V, C. Sinady, Slaughter Road, 14 by 0 feet, $515; Marvin Klepns, 203 West Fourth, 24 by 22 fccf, stlmated nt $500; Robert Lee hephord, 523 Etist Fifth, 18 'iy 4 feet, $250; and H. W. Hudgim, 01 South Avenue B, 20 by 3 eel, $500. Hudglns also obtained permit to move two frame nilldings to the same address. Other moving permits went to rfrs. A. E. Reneao to move a 56 square foot frame build 1.1 p o 210 South Avenue 13; ntv\ /clasco Assembly of God Church with Albert Dannluius as appi: ant, to move a 34 by GO foot ulldlng to 612 North Avenue D o be used for church purposes. Tool shed permits went to K. E. Peters, 715 West Sixth, S5 quarc feet $75 James W. Sicd- er, 2021 Avenue H, 80 square ect, $50 nnd R. S. McCulley 203 North Avenue D 120 square cct $1,000. AUGIJST-*55,675 David Crockett of 1426 West llth obtained a permit for a soft cream stand at 331 West Second 14 by 28 feet at $3000 and "isherman's Supply Company a M by 10 foot net shop building in Tarpon Inn Village $1800 Northside Baptist Church ill torth Avenue D, recciced a permit for a 31 by 61 foot brick •cneer building, valued at $15 000. ler, three bedroom, two home at 1202 Avenue N, bat 1,5 Ian, 1735 West 11th, 2,755 square eel of living area nnd 595 square Vet of garage area $16,000 and George tlnberts a three bedroom rome at 315 South Avenue 1 1,471 square feet $10,000. Union Ream got a permit to» n 14 by 60 fnot canvas canopy for the front of Pat's Drive Inn it 30r> North llth $1,000 and residential addition permits went to H. R. Eppes, 1912 North Avenue G, one bedroom, half bath, kitchen, dining room, 14 by 36 feet total $2,000; L. P. Warnlck, 007 West Broad eight by 36 foot, storeroom, $1,000; nnd L. L. Griffith, 120 North Avenue B, 12 hy 30 foot addition, $2,000. And K. L. Robinson 710 West 10lh, 12 by 24 foot bedroom and utility room, $1,000; T. E. South, 1012 Avenue A, convert carport, nine by 16 feet Into residential area, Sr>00; and W. D. Germany, 11 North Avenue A, convert porch into kitchen, $500. Other permits went to John A. Smith, 1218 West Eighth, U by 24 foot carport and seven hy 14 foot pntlo, $800; Raymon: Pina, 215 South Avenue D, 14 by 20 foot garage, $350; James Rny Taunton, 1030 West Eighth, ad ditlon to garage of 14 by 20 feet 5225; and Minnie Lego, 802 West Fourth 20 by 20 foot garage $500. Mrs. A. E. Reneau obtained two permits, to move a frame build ing, 18 by 3-1 feet, from Oyster Creek to a location at 206 South Avenue B; nnd move a frame house and garage from the city limits to the same location. New home permits: Bob Jor- Dricd chervil seems to lose its lavor more rapidly than some other herbs, so when you have a ar of chervil on your kitchen shell use it! square feet, $11,000; South Texa RtflRy Co. 802 Dixie Drive, 850 square feet including garage $11,500; and Texas Better Honv Inc., 1402 West 10th, 1,795 square foot including garage, $17,000. A permit for a 40 by GO too addition to a commercial buildin nt 10th and Avenue D $15,001 '•V wont to George Willis, 1737 Wes Martin Morris obtained a •rmit to repair damage and a canvas awning at a caie Vclnsco Blvd., $300; and antes Rangel, un eight by 14 foot addition to a building at 503 East Broad, $600. Residential addition per m i t s i wont l» I.. D. McCoslin, North 20th Street, 12 by 28 foot garage and 24 fuel, eight inch square addition to Ills home, $2,500; and D. A. Ross Ittti West Seventh, covered entrance to home, 120 square feet, and garage, 7S6 Kj%-e (eel, $1,130. And, "Mrs. Willie Smith, 1415 Avenue S, 132 square (cct, $200; Fernando Salinas 210 East Sixth, porch, two bedrooms and kitchen. WH1TJB SATIN, regal and elegant for tho most formal occasions, la featured in fall collections. In this one, by Hannah Troy, the waist-length jacket Is fur-cuffed In mink and covers a strapless evening Ireaa, beautifully embrok'ored in rhincstono and crystal ocada. Also made in pale blue uiUn, It la obtainable 'n ri-""e ?ngUi aa well. NO ODOR AT ALL! DRY CLEANING THAT'S REALLY ODOR-FREE. MODFRN CLEANERS 118 W. Broad I'rFtport BE 3-5222 * II. Frank Carter Phone SWift 8-2333 SlCiUlb DIAL HWu't *-.!.. WRIGHT'S PHARMACY BRAZORIA PENNEYS 'A'tWAY SUF t« ''': OU A I'r M' 4.N m Peswiey's H THIS LITTLE CARD DOES THE TRICK A LWAY S FI R S t Q U A tIT Y ! HUGE tomorrow 9:30 a.m.! Penney's offers WHITE GOODS YSH 3 GENERATIONS-FAMOUS QUALITY! LAB-TESTED! ALL PERFECTS! NATION-WIDE COTTON MUSLINS! PENCALE COTTON PERCALES! Hurry! 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