The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 23, 1961 · Page 3
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 3

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 23, 1961
Page 3
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Monday, January 23, 1961 •*• •m I NDUSTRIAL SLOWDOWN IS SURE IF PATTERN STAYS NEW YORK (AP) — Business i attributed to liquidation of an decisions and most business barometers pointed toward a further industrial slowdown last week, pointing up immediate economic problems lor the new Kennedy administration. Production cutbacks were ordered in such basic industries as over-accumulation of inventories. Auto inventories of over a million units at last report were one factor behind a 10 per cent reduction planned in auto production last week. Sales contests for dealers and salesmen, an old in- automobile oUad con The *«** tactic, were whipped up to steel industry, sharply curtailed plans to spend money for new plants and equipment in 1961. |P a « e ™. AMERICANS CAPTURED IN CUBA—These six men in custody in Havana are said by thi> Cuban government to be U.S. citizens and former members of the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force. They are reported to have been captured while trying to land by boat The Castro regime claims they are members of a force trained is the U.S. to seek overthrow of the Cuban government. Your Daily TV Telescope By CYNTHIA LOWRY NEW I'OHK (AH— Alter that i.".c;y, busy inaugural Friday, television gave us the remainder of the weekend to rest and to relax. Noli ling particularly demanding turned up on the entertainment :'rom. The finals of Bing Crosby's golf tourney Sunday provided .some moments, especially when one beautiful long putt literally hung on the lip oi the cup. Despite the wind at 30-miles an hour, and likely the blowing at the screen by a large part of the Jiving room TV audience, it stubbornly refused to drop. Crosby has bad weather luck for his charity tournaments the last couple of years. Last season the finals were played in a cold and chilling downpour. Sunday, The gale mined a lot of fine playing. Leonard Bernstein, as usual, lectured too much and permitted the Philharmonic Orchestra to play too little on the Sunday CBS musical show. Sid Caesar turned actor in a li:00 li.OO 7: Hi) Y:Ki S>:(M »:iJ 'j-ll'l II :'j ID: IK) 10:1'' WI- KWBA PROGRAM LOS Monday ED P. HORGXS— ABC ON THE 11OA.1I ABC Nt;\VS O.S THK ItOAD ABC NKWS liOWN HEAT ABt" NEWS f'Cm'.V BKAT A!!'* XKVVS LINE KK I.IF SI' IN .\THI:U ON Tin n\u uutR very heavy-handed piece of fan-| One would presume that CBS, tasy on GE Theater—he played Lucifer, and not very convincing- iy. The Ed Sullivan Show had a trapeze artist, Edgar Bergen, a reading by Sam Levene, and Sullivan read the entire list of performers at the Washington benefit staged by Frank Sinatra—for reasons that remain pretty obscure. All in all. it was an average Sunday night. Somehow, Sunday nights Ihis season seem to have lost the zing and excitement they had in the days when Sullivan and Steve Allen were slugging it out for ratings, when "Maverick" was coming up. and when there was Alfred Hitchcock to anticipate. .Nowadays, Sunday is getting to be a night when it's easy to turn in early and get a good night's sleep. Possibly the most interesting event of the weekend was the Friday night premiere of the little CBS disaster called, "You're in the Picture.'' This is the show which presents "What's My Line?", "To Tell the Truth," and "I've Got a Secret,' would understand the basic elements that go into a successful and entertaining program of this type. These moves are expected to become downward lines on future charts, paralleling similar declines disclosed for industrial production, personal income and housing starts in December. Arthur Goldberg, the incoming In similar fashion, Texas au- thorites reduced permissible oil production next month to an eight- cfay producing pattern, one day less than in January. Copper producers trimmed their price and also cut output 10 to 15 per cent in a twin effort to get the labor secretary, estimated" the) . , te[ movin » current number of unemployed at tl MI moving. 5.5 million, up a million from the! The American iron and steel in- reported mid-December total. President Kennedy made no economic proposals in his inaugural address, confining himself tc international matters, but his economic task forces previously had urged swift new spending pro- stitute said steelmakers plan to spend $1.2 billion on new facilities this year, down 19 per cent from 1960's $1.48 billion. Last year's spending was 7.5 per cent under the 1960 goal. The Federal Reserve Board grams to combat the business said industrial production in De- slump, jeember fe!l two percentage points Outgoing President Eisenhow-1 to 103 per cent of the 1957 aver- er in his final budget and again 1 age, the lowest level in more in his last economic report to the!then a year. Principal villians: nation, warned against big in-;Weakness in steel and auto out- i creases in government spending Most panel shows are carefully!He said the economy was in good , . , . ... ... „ . !shape despite declines in produc- designed to permit witty or funny ^ , ^^^^ whinh he exchanges among the panel members while they are engaged in a guessing game of some sort. The device in this new entry is a series of king-sized cartoons depicting various scenes. The members are placed four panel behind the cartoon and at a signal each sticks his head through a hole. To the audience, it looks like one of these old-fashioned gag photos taken on some boardwalk. Then, in obviously uncomfortable positions, the four panel members are supposed to find out what the cartoon is about. They ask questions and Gleason, the moderator, answers them. Jackie is the one who obviously is to make all the jokes. At any rate. on Friday night, he wouldn't let that brings Jackie Gleason back anybody else make funnies. The to weekly television. He's the host sad part was that Jackie wasn't on tlie new panel show. | funny either. Sun's Television Log 5..".o sia:; ON .\xi> NKWS r .:33 COUNTRY MUSIC :>:JD T1MKKKKPKK h.nil CF.NiKAL BAPTIST h 15 UFR U.VK 6:30 TIMKKKKPKB fi'.MJ LKO.S MAI-K ti.-.Vi V.'OKUi .'•' K'.VS— ABC •;:10 TKXAS ISK\V> TTMEKKEPKR RJLUJOAR1' . Tt.VKKKEPKR ~;M PAUL HAKVKY ~,:M A FA' KKWS S'OO T1MEKKEPKR *::>:• AHO NKWS n:«i )>ON MI-NF.AL—ABC ?::vi ABO NEWS 10:00 TAKK IT KAST iO.V> Aid' NEWS 11:00 TAKE IT EAST 11:31) IJKK LINE .11:45 TAKK IT EAST 11:55 ABC NKWS 13:00 NOON NEWS 1M5 PAUL HARVET— ABC 11:31) R. \Nril TIME 1?.M ABC NEWS 1:00 FI.AIR 1 •:•:> AP'" NEWS " 00 I A I'OKTK SHOW 2:3n iwo curp. ?..". A Fir MEW.« 3: (XI 13MI Cl.UB 3:53 AIJC NEWS • •M ON THF: ROAT> 4:7S TKXAS .VKWP < r,n ON THK itOAn 4-~a AUC NEWS ':00 PAUL HARVK7— ABC VITi SPORTSCOPK 5.10 MUSIC 5 15 MOVIES PREVIEW 5-r.n JOHN HALT- ABC n:10 I.ATE WEATHER 5: 4r, I.ATE SPOHTK 5:53 VVN JIOP.N-,V»C WKVTHKIl OX TIIF. HALF HOUR 6:00 6:10 (!:15 6:20 6:25 6:30 10:00 :40 MONDAY NIGHT © Conaway News O World At Large g Whirlybmls Sports © Weathered 0 Newsreol (B Sports, Guy Savn«e O Weather © Conaway Comments The Americans To Tell The Truth Cheyenne Pete and Gladys Surfside 6 Bringing up Buddy Wells Fargo Klondike Dnnny Thomas Andy" Griffith Adventures in Paradise Dante Hennesey Barbara Stanwyck June Allyson Show P«er Gunn U.S. Marshal Grand Jury News, Weather News Late Show News. Sports Sheriff of Cochise Mann About Sports Jack Paar Jim Bowio The Pioneers •{D Sign Off :05 tit Daily Word :45 O Sitm Off LET US RF.-STYLE YOUR OLD MOUNTING NOW OFF WE HAVE EXTENDED THIS FABULOUS OFFER FOR 3 MORE BIG DAYS Remember! This Offer Good Only ... • Monday • Tuesday • Wednesday UP TO Trnde In 25 Robson's For Your Old Watch On Our Entire Stock Of New Fin* Watches TEXAS AT 6AILLARO TUESDAY MORNING Jan. 24 5:55 O Morning Devotional 6:00 g) Cont. Classroom 6::!0 (Q Cadet Don fii.Vi ffl Daily Word 7:00 fl) Farm Report, News I I Today 7:15 S Mr. Caljoosc 7:25 O Today In Houston 7:30 Q Mr. Caboose I * Today I ) News 8:00 © Cidet Don 8:15 0) Capt. Kangaroo 8:25 i i Today In Houston 8:30 ( J Tumbleweed Time I } Today 9:00 Q Say When I j Our Miss Brooks 8 My Little Margie Play Your Hunch 8 Video Village Jack La Lanne 10:00 O Price Is Right DJ I Love Lucy fly Star Showcase 10:30 |R Concentraticm 8 The- Clear Horizon Truth Consequences SLove of Life Morning Court 11:30 O It Could Be You fl) Search For Tomorrow S lyive That Bob Guidinc Light .11:53 G NBC News j TI'ESDAY AFTERNOON 112:00 O Amos 'n Andy j nj News at Noon i © Camouflage 15 IT} Joyce Hayward 30 Q Medic 05 Boat the Clock S As the World Turns Jan Murray Life of Rilry About Faces 30 O Loretta Young «1 House Pnrtv (0 Home Edition News 00 fr.C Youri" Dr. Maloo Millionaire Day In Court 30 O From These Jloof Verdict Is Your« Road To Reality 00 CS Room For Daddy The Brighter Daj Queen For A Day -Secret Storm 'j Here's Hollvwood Edge Of Night Who Do You Trust 4:00 O Looney Town Early Show American Bandstand People's Choice Kitirik's Party San Francisco Beat Quick Draw McGraw Rather News 5:40 6 Almanac Newsreel Chandler Sports 5:45 O Huntlry-BrinWey Edwards Nrw« Less Alimony And More Taxes Rooney Settles SANTA MONICA, Calif. (API —Mickey Rooney will pay less alimony and more taxes. That's the substancr of an agroemrnt he rrachod with Elaine Mahnkcn, *he fourth of his five wives. They met in a hallway outside a courtroom, where a hearing was scheduled on the actor's request for a reduction of alimony payments. When Miss Mahnkan agreed to take $500 a month in stead of $1.750, the hearing was taken off calendar. Miss Mahnken said the govern ment wants to collect $130,000 in hai'k income taxes from her anc Mickey jointly. She said he prom ised to assume all the taxes. Rooney now is married to for mer actress Barbara Ann Thomason. Whominc is sometimes called I tho "Ko^ialily State" because ji j \vas hte f>rst statf in the Union i to cr.-tnt ••mi-\'' <nffr;-u:e to women. :on and employment, which he put. Particularly chilling to economists was $2.3 billion drop in per- Commerce Department for De-, consumers has been cited time | daunted by the figures, however. cember, bringing the seasonally!and again in recent months as a.Department store sales last week adjusted annual rate to $406.7 bil- bulwark of the economy. were reported by the Federal Relio. Continued heavy spending b Consumers apparently were un-i serve Board to be 7 per cent high- Income Of Texas Farmers Is Down Slightly In 1960 AUSTIN (AP)—The I960 farm cash income tor Texas farmers and ranchers was down 3.2 per cent from last year, the Bureau of Business Research said Saturday. The income from livestock was up 2.7 per cent, but was not enough to offset the 6.6 decrease in incomes from all crops. The incomes from all crops amounted to $1.2 billion while income from livestock totaled one billion dol- jars. The bureau said the increase in farm cash incomes for live-. stock is principally the result of! heavier marketings of cattle in I960 over 1959. Average prices of cattle were down about 16 per cent but the heavier marketings more than offset the price decrease. The decrease in farm cash incomes for crops, the report said, may be partially attributed to the 'decreased income for cotton and cottonseed. The smaller crop, however, lower prices and the shifting: marketing pattern were creased farm cash income for the cotton • crop. The bureau also reported: Income for sorghum grain dropped 6 per cent from last year. Lower prices was the attributing factor for the decreased income. Farm cash income to Texas growers was 27.6 per cent greater in 1960 than in 1959. The wheat income for 1960 was $21,167,000 over the 1959 figure of S18.548.000. The state's wool growers received 14.1 per .cent more farm cash income lor their wool in 1960 than in 1959. Average prices received were 6.7 per cent greater in 1960 and increased marketings were 6.9 per cent above 1959. Income for mohair was 12.7 per cent less in 1960 than the previous year. This year there was an average decrease of 5 per cent in prices and an 8 per cent drop in marketings. sonal income reported by the | all contributing factors to de- Victim's Sketch Leads To Arrest FORT WORTH (AP)—A robbery victim's sketch of the bandit led to the arrest of two admitted hotel hijackers early today. Police credited a drawing done by advertising man Delbert Dally for furnishing the lead that led to capture of John Darcy, 25, and Arthur Hartwell, 29. The bandits' downfall began when Dally, an advertising agen- cy, owner, stepped out of an elevator as the men were robbing the night clerk Tuesday night at the Birkley Hotel. The men took $8 from Dally and forced him to lie on the floor while they escaped. Dally remembered enough of one of the robber's features to do a draw- or than In (he Private housinc *bur«i tM D|- cember fell to tte lowtrt Itwel IB two yean, the Cen«ia BIUMH reported. It figured the MMMfe adjusted annual rtte at M.ttl unitB, dbwn IS per cent from November and 32 per cent from December, 1959. Briefly over toe btuineM Ktat — Two New York banks, Maat facturers Trust Co. and the Hanover Bank, announced plant to merge into the city's third large* bank and the country'* fourth largest. . . . Glen Alden Corp., which had offered on Jan. 3 to Wjr Endicott-Johnson Corp. stock, shifted signals and announced it would sell all stock tendered, phis a sizable block previously received in a stockswap, to the Eo- dicott-Johnson pension fund. . . . The National Board of Fire Underwriters estimated 1960 firl losses in the United States at H,107,824,000. a record. ... A. ML Sonnabend, who resigned u a Studebaker-Padcard Con. director when he didn't get the president's job, was named chairmsm of the Seagrave Corp*. ... H» Federal Communications com* mission tentatively approved • major test of pay-TV at Hartford, Conn Peter Hoguet, prest dent of Econometrics Institute Inc.. predicted a 41 per cent gaii in U.S. industrial production la the next decade. '' DOUBLE STAMPS EVERY TUESDAY WITH PURCHASE OF $2.50 OR MORE! HOUSECLEANING SPECIALS! PRICES GOOD MON.-TUES.-WID. JAN. 23-24-25 JOHNSON'S KLEAR WAX 26 ° z BRUCE QUART WAX REMOVER * RIGHTS RESERVED TO LIMIT "JVAere Shopping Is a Pleasure" CUDAHY'S PURITAN FANCY HICKORY SMOKED HAMS BIRDSEYE FROZEN ORANGE JUICE..... 2 '!£ 89c GRO-FRESH FROZEN CUT OKRA 2 S£ 33c SARA LEE CHEESE CAKE »*. 79c PARKAY MARGARINE u, 25c BLACK GOLD STRAWBERRY PRESERVES M 49c KOBEY SHOESTRING POTATOES 2 c'S?, 33c BLACK GOLD SLICED BEETS 2 & 25c KOUNTY KIST WHOLE KERNEL CORN 2 15 35c "SHANK" PORTION LB. 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