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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 1

Baytown, Texas
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Monday, January 23, 1961
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The Baytown Sun .tnvitci LKSTKB TAYLOR 1903 Ward Road to the Brunson Theater to see 'THE GUASS IS GRERNER' This coupon i« (food for two lick vis when presented at the Brunnon box Smjfamm 8m lAY-TIX— Tfct GoMtft Ctefe of T««r SUN CLASSIH* VOL 42, NO. 130 1AYTOWN, TEXAS Monday, January 23, 1961 TELCPHONE NUMKR: JU 24302 BULLETIN NAPLES, Italy (AP) — Seven persons \verr killed in a fire aboard On; U.S. aircraft carrier Saratoga at sea. it was learned hen» tody. U.S. Navy officers here said tlu; fire wa» believed to have occurred today. Many persons were reported The Saratoga was sailing to Athens after the accident, in the eastern Mediterranean SUN Spots Union Meeting OCAW'tOCAL 4-333 will have aj special meeting at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at the union hall to discuss contract negotiations with Humble Oil and Refining Co. Parents Council CEDAR BAYOU Junior High School Parents Council will meet at 7:30 p.m. Monday (tonight) at the junior high auditorium. John M. Stuart, director of curriculum for Baytown schools, will be the speaker. Dowlen To Speak EAST HARRIS County Medical Assistants Society will hear Dr. J A. Dowlen speak on surgery in the office at 7:30 p.m. Monday at San Jacinto Memorial Hospital classroom. Speaker Surprise ROSCOE Z1ERLEIN. Lions Hub program chairman, has a surprise speaker for Tuesday's luncheon at the Tower who will discuss the powers and duties of the United States President. School Board BAYTOWN School Board will meet at 7:30 p.m. Monday in the Administration Building, according to Supt. George H. Gentry. Meeting Changed MEMBERS OF Veterans of Foreign Wars Women's Auxiliary will meet at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday in the VFW Hall, instead of the home of Mrs. Joe Harris. A business session will be conducted by Mrs. Leonard Keller, president. Attending Funeral MR AND MRS. Doug Guthrie of 1?,08 Madison are in Tex to attend the mother, Mrs. Claude which will be held Tuesday under the direction of Harris Funeral Home. Bow Club Meets BAYTOWN BOW Hunting Club APRIL CITY ELECTION POLITICS IS UNDERWAY SATURDAY IS PROCLAIMED MARCH OF DIMES DAY Mayor R. H. (R<>d) Priiett holds a copy of his proclamation declaring Saturday, Jan. 28, as Baytown March of Dimes Day. Looking on is Charles Dippel, right, chairman of the Teens Against Polio in Baytown, and Francis Sweeney, left, co-chairman. Activities planned by the teen-agers for Saturday include a bucket brigade, a hicycle versus foot race, a tricycle drag race and an on-the-sp»t radio broadcast. All the activities will be conducted on West, Texas Avenue. Radio Station K\VBA will play record dedications throughout the day for anyone making a 75-cent contribution to the March March of Dimes. Numbers to call to have a record played are JU 2-8221 and JU 2-9313. The record dedications will be made from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and donations for the records played will be picked up by the teens at the house of the person calling in. A meeting will be held at 4 p.m. Friday at the Chamber of Commerce building to make plans for Saturday's event. Dippel said any teen-ager interested in helping with the drive is invited to attend. (Baytown Photos) Agreement Tentative — NY Harbor Is Ended NEW YORK (API — A two- week-old harbor strike that had caused a paralyzing railroad tie- up throughout much of the East was ended today by tentative agreement on a pact. Mecliato. s, including Pi oskleiu Kennedy's new secretary of labor, Arthur J. Goldberg, met in a marathon 14-hour session that ended with the announcement of a settlement at 6:18 a.m. The strike of railroad tug and ferry boat workers against 11 railroads that operate in New York harbor had crippled the. city's commuter transportation, forcing 1100.000 pel-sons to look for other Francis, i mcans of getting to an d from work. The walkout of the 6M workers in three marine unions on Jan. 10 had also virtually shut down the New York Central and the Now i Haven railroads. ratification meeting for later inisessions, praised the new labor the day at the Seafarers Interna- national Union headquarters in Brooklyn. Both sides were expected to okay the pact. Both Mayor Robert F. -Wagner secretary for his contribution to the settlement. Goldberg flew to New York less than 24 hours after he had been swjflrn, k)to,Kennedy's Cabinet. the key to the settlement wli . and Gov. Nelson Rockefeller, who an agreement to postpone the had invited Goldberg to attend the I touchy issue of job security. Interest In Stadium Bonds Is Picking Up County-wide interest in the $22'last day that poll tax receipts for million bond election for a county sports stadium was at a high peak Monday as the last week of absentee voting besan before the j final Jan. 31 ballolms;. will meet at 7:30 p.m. Monday in the Community House. Kd Ratley, president, wil be in charge. (Continued On riutn 1 °) A LITTLE cooler tonight with skies cloudy to portly cloudy through Tuesday, Tuesday's Tides OALVESTON TIDES Tuesday will be high at 5:28 a.m. and 6:16 p.m. and low at 12:44 p.m. and 10:27 p.m. Roth roads said they honed toj Absentee voting will take place get hack into operation by Tues-iin the office of the county clerk day morning. The unions have called n I Ion from S a.m. dav this week. I at the county courthouse in Hous- lo 5 p.m. each except Friday when the polls will- remain open until S p.m. for the final day. Endorsements for approval of Continuation Of Probe On Vice Sought AUSTIN (API — Rep. W. T. Oliver of Port Neches prepared a resolution for the house today calling for continuation of the present House General Investigating Committee. The resolution does not ask that the same five men be named to the committee which recently held public hearings into alleged vice conditions in Port. Arthur and Beaumont. Oliver said he would leave the membership to Speaker I Chandler said a voter must own James Tin-man The committee's'property in the county and have life ended with the convening of ; '> poll tax receipt. If a car or oth- jthe legislature Jan. 10. i^r personal property is rendered., the bonds continued to pile up through the weekend as the first signs of any organized opposition appeared. Added to the long list of those Ixicking the lionds was the name of U.S. Rep. Bob Casey of Harris County, former county judge. Casey said in Washincrton: "It is perfectly plausible and sound business to shift, to county bonds in order to get the lower interest In Baytown. where a citizens committee is actively supporting passage of the bond issue. City Atty. George Chandler clarified Monday the question of who is Migible ((> vote in the election. the previous year could be used, since they would otherwise have had to wait until Ihe new poll tax lists are prepared. They sought to save as much time as possible, since the stadium must be eonv pleted by the 1902 season if Houston and Harris County are to have major league baseball. Groups who have voiced opposition to next Tuesday's bond vote are the Property Owners Association of Houston and the Harris County Constitution Party. Both groups contend that private interest should finance the stadium. JFK Reviews Master Plan For Security WASHINGTON CAP) - President Kennedy and his new administration's top defense and diplomatic officials today started a far-reaching review of the national security program. Seeking a safeguarded peace with the Communist bloc, Kennedy began talks with key aides at rnidmorninK and arranged to resume the discussions after a. recess for lunch. Sitting in with the President at the conference in the Cabinet room at the White House were Secretary of State Dean Rusk and Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara. Also on hand were McGeorge Bundy, Kennedy's personal aide on national security matters; Undersecretary of State-designati Chester Bowles: and Paul H. Nitze. designated as' assistant secretary of defense in -charge of international affairs, including disarmament planning. Also present was Gen Lyman . Lemnitzer, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Pierre Salinger. White House press secretary, said several other officials were joining in the discussions. He did not immediately name them. The conference started at 10 a.m. an hour and 35 minutes after Kennedy turned up in his office Salinger said the White House would have nothing to say regard in? the talks until tbejr conclusion late m the afternoon. He added that there might not be any of ficial comment even .then. A scheduled Kennedy meeting with the entire White.House staf was called off. Salinger said with out elaboration that other busi ness prevented it. The president arranged to have lunch in the White House living quarters with Mrs. Kennedy. Resumption of the national se curity talks was scheduled for 2:30 p.m. Eight Dogs In Lakewood Poisoned Somehwere in the Lakewooc area, there is a dog poisoner. So far. there have been at leas eight reported victims in the pas several weeks. In one three-da\ County voters approved a reve- p or iod last week, three dogs wer nue lx>nd issue for construction of the stadium in July 1958. County officials say the new election will result in a large savings in the amount of interest paid on the Ixinds. nnd that no taxes will be required from the people since rentals on the stadium will make it pay for itself. Two Neqroes Die In Anahuac Fire A second Negro died Monday •morning in Anahuac • • result MRS. JOHN J. MeiRS of Crosby was the winner of the $10 Monday Morning Shopper prize. "I prefer to shop' in Baytown because it is so convient. I seem to find everything 1 want," Mrs. Meigs said when receiving the pri7e. Ivte Sultis. surprised by the "climactic" 'inish to his banquet agreed to lot Oliver explain bisity owner. resolution. Rut. Turman said. !K'| The s;,mr-r>o!l fax roeeipl or ,-v the measure to a • emption u^erl in the November i thorough study m- 1 "residential election is required.."' stead of immediate passage ,«,:he pointed roil. Persons who may' a voice vote as Oliver intends. ir.ave already thrown awav their iof injuries received in >worst f "' r the killed. F. W. Motley, R. H. Cooke am Carl Hammels are three of thi pei-sons who have lost dogs to tlv poisoner. It is certain that poisoi caused the deaths because an topsies were made on two of thi dogs, and both disclosed the sam thing — poisoned liver in thei stomachs. Motley said he had no idea o who is responsible for the poison ings or the motive of their ac tions. He pointed out that man; people in the area keep dogs a "burglar alarms' 1 as well as fo pets, since the subdivision is on POOR PUPPY SHIPPED BEFORE Christmas, this two-month-old English bulldog didn't arrive at its destination, Hanscom Field, Bedford. Mass.. until nearly four weeks later. The pup is holding his chewed-up shipping ticket in his mouth, cause of the delay at a Chicago airport. The kennel in San Antonio, Tex., which shipped the pup finally wan located and supplied th« intended address. HE LOOKS IT PRESIDENT JOHN F. Kennedy, 33th President of the Vnited States, is in "excellent health," according to » one- sentence medical report: "A physical examination this month indicated that President Kennedy's health continued to be excellent. Citizens Form To Name Slate Icy Grip Is Holding East As Cold Dips Into South By BLUE BEATHARD A committee of Baytown citizens, with a platform of "securing and supporting'good city administration," has been organized and will endorse candidates for the office of mayor and the three council positions to be decided by city voters in April. Called the Citizens for Good iovernment, officers of the steer- ng committee for the group are C. A. Hansen Jr., chairman; T. L. Doc) Satterwhite. secretary; and fred Parker, publicity chairman, lansen is assistant to the general 'oreman at Humble Oil and Reining Co.'s Baytown Refinery, Satterwhite is a staff engineer at he Baytown Refinery, and Par- cei- is director of music at Horace Mann Junior High. The group plans to announce its indorsements by the end of this A-eek or early next week. It is presently contacting prospective candidates. They emphasized that they have no axes to grind, and are only interested in enlisting the candidacies of qualified candidates, supporting them in the election campaign, and lending iheir cooperation to the offices of those elected. Councilmen from districts 2, and 6 will be elected this year, as well as a mayor. The city council is expected at its next meeting to formally schedule the city election for April 4 with the run-off April 29. Councilmen whose terms expire are Kenneth Badgett, District 3; W. L. (Dub) Ward, District 2; and Lacy Lusk, District 6. The term of JMayor R. H. (Red) PniCtt'also-expires and he has repeated he 'will not seek re-election. Among those who have saw they are considering running for mayor i s Councilwoman VWma Ansley and a former candidate for mayor, L. W. (Slue) Massey. Organization of the Citizens for Good Government was accomplished after representatives trom each of the six council districts in Baytown were chosen for the steering committee. There are about 15 members in the steering group. A tentative platform adopted by the group and dated Jan. 13, 1961, reads as follows: "Citizens for Good Government'' is a group of Bay town citizens; working together in the common j interest of securing and support-! intr Rood city administration. The movement is motivated largely 1 from the recognized need for active interest and participation by the people in current affairs of our local government. Perhaps the need is even more j important for careful planning and strong visionary leadership into and during the immediate future when major industrial development of the Baytown area is considered imminent by all quolified planners. 1' is the objective of the group to enlist the candidacy, to support aggressively the'election, and to lead continued cooperation to the office of individuals filling the several positions on the City! 5. Serious and favorable comid- iration should be given the creation and support of a strong planning commission in recognition of he need for establishing goal* for ; x>th immediate and long - ntig* city development --;>-. 6. Adequate zoning regulation should be enacted to protect residential and commercial arem and to promote orderly growth and development of Baytown and its environs. 7. Particular attention rimfld be given to the enforcement of orderly development of the five-mite zone on the perimeter oTthe City of Baytown. The hazards of air and water pollution should be r and policy and regulations ! to meet needs developing with" expected industrial growth. Good Afternoon • Tww SM Anton!* me* dfe wh«n C « cmrjfo plane explode* and era**-, In a muddy rfc* paddy near Houston. • Col. Joaepfc Mobnta, tary strong man of Congo's eminent, I* promoted to major general and trite hfe army it must obey or***. Tw> SMdM, few*, in** ci*; » bask cMfckr aid president of the MjQ(«M todw- try, are I* aunt Jafl accwed M partners fct a JK mlltto* a ifement. • A nwedMi maid who §he saw a struggle that M to slaying at Barbara Jean Ffeefc will testify in Uiird Flnch-Trvnff murder trial. • A solemn pontifical man* for Jungle doctor Thomw A. Dootey to acftednted at 8t Lovfe Cathedral. Laos awards its feign- e*t honor posthumously to Ike doctor. • Mayor Ifc-Lcwwp* Morrison of New Orleans Jays the school financial proNeni in the lap at Loulsaim (Jov. Jimmfe Davfe. «H! adlnistratton with "two-faced." • Queen Ellimbeth 11 and her husband, Prince Phillip, g» is miles into jungle for ttfct hunt In India as animal lover* of Ko- rope and Asia voice objections. • Special Houston poHce squad file* 10 charge* agafaNt nine defendants for violation «f Texas Sunday closing laws. of the city limits nnd not regular- jbut By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS blamed for at least 70 deaths, me j Such a slfUe o( in , iivkiu . lls Winter, a month old and rugged, fatalities were attributed to es-j , ^ la ', ifiw , hv thoir Vm- held an icy R rip across much of|posure. snow-shovel,ng exertion j ( , u dvi ; s , t an(J the eastern half of the nation j raffie acc.dents on icy roads and ^ „ management abil- today after a record cold weekend if, res. Seven children and a .,,- • Through their integrity and extending into the Deep South. ! year-old man perished ma r,^, in , inish . at £ 0 , cadcrs hip it should No immediate general break m;m a home in Pasaaena. Md.. thus ^ thpjr na(iir;il indjnaf ' jon to ad . principles of good to limit their en- the frigid weather was indicated; morning. some warmer weather ap-i n was below zero again this ly patrolled by poh'ee officers. pcared on Hie way for the chilled morning in most sections in ' llr j flavors to policy making and en- r>ne Mnl'cr who is workiiT' Gulf states. 'northern tier of states ., full-scale investigation by! Lower temperatures, however, 'eastern Pa kolas thnvi-:h Harris County Sheriff's Pe-iwerr indicated in Tennessee, fIK: Lakes region into partment. warned doc owners [central Missisippi Valley and 1 talk Al Melinger warns RKL . irirls about misrepresentation of a Tab Hunter picture . . . Chena Gilstrap. grid bancfuet speaker, isn't sure he likes being second choice to a Baytouri letter-writer . . . After Saturday night, James i Slick ' Ellis dowm't worry about dropping his speech notes, but h? complains the speaker's podium was made "for fat men" ... Dr. and Mrs. George Walmsley came to eat, hut couldn't stay , . . Holly MrLBmor* complains of a cramp in his leg. I). Williams relates the latest voice voie as unvcr n e ins. ; »y • •"••.• "',, " si] \. otc i Hamilton Street in the north sec-i Both houses of the legislature, >e.n s IP. .nt st II ote. Annhllnr „„„. thp firp in the last 1T> years. f nr Marshal W. R. McAllister! tnr ,„,,,,, v .,„,,..., . , „ ..., Monday. jpartm'cnt. 1 warned 'doc owners [central Missisippi Valley and! Thr mercury dropp'-l to^ "i' 1 '^ i inf | uon , v ,,( pl - rss ure groups ntv. lies Bernard. IS. died in the: to put their pets up for a while or'parts of the central Great Plains, than 'J! derives Ivlow /eto "ii^,^,^ so |fj sn mmoruies. ' shell of a house onjm keep close watch on them to he| Th >W weather and last northern Minnesota after a, none-j convene this morninR for expected I h V form at the polls. brief sessions. , Commissioners Court c;,]!ed the . The Senate reconvened at iQ : :fl!speml_ rleelion_ on_ .Tnr.. 31. the a.m., ami the House at 11 a.m. I " ~" " ...... Both houses are making time until committees are apixiinted to| be.s{in c-onsideration of bills. Speaker James Turman said last week he did not think he would be able to name the 43 standing; House committees until this weekend recess. Lt. Gov. Ben Ramsey is expected to announce the Senate committees about the same time. Poll fax Sales Badly Lagging • tion of Anahuac after the fire broke out about L'.'.'iO a.m. Sunday. Adah Banks, about ffl. who escaped from the house during the blaze, died 2-1 hours later in Chambers County Memorial Hospital. Analuuic Volunteer Fnv Dep.trt- jment could not save th> i house but kept the flames away (from houses on each side of the tlwt" they do not get any week's snow storms and blizzards tingling -?,\ of the poisoned meat. ' 'that swept wide areas have been j lion's so-called Rcmidji. "icebox" Wreck Kills LP Woman Mrs. Klsie J. Cresswell, 27, of 312'- S. Second St., Lu Porte, was killed in a head-on car-truck collision late Sunday on FM Road 1764, one mile south of Alta Loma Curtis Wilhurn Sample. -12. of Aha Loma, uho was alone in the pickup, arid Kay Joseph Comraux. '!7. of Houston, also a passenger in t!>- ••.••,)•. u.-i-e killed instantly. Kenneth llolinn 21, of League City. .UK! .!. D. Yoketn. ?A. of Houston, \\ei-f taken to Galveston County Memorial Hospital in La.,, , izens for Good Government" in-i Marque with critical injuries. It ''• I eludes the following objectives.' was not known whether Hollan or here to the government. jforceirtcnt consistent with thr \v»ni lVI ,'|and intent of the City ("barter, 'jam! to maintain immunity to t!v tii The specific Allan Shivers Not Senate Candidate But in'Norfolk, in western Con- j; j hom tht . on , aniz . ltion W , U af- necticut. thermometers pluntjed to AUSTIN (API— Former Gov. Al- such decision* «k*A "; , , " <nnollluls >'"'^r,,"' filiate should concur. 3TC lvlow . follr degrees shy of thej 1 ^ .^f.,,,.,, sno uM be con- ut v ;record rea.lm- of -37 in 1W3. A, , ; } c ', ons|s ' u . nt ulth .^.lations ;Tfi-vrt'ir-old reeiiru \vas broken in ,. . ... ., ,-,. •>ic>->n--'ii • * i [ <• r,,, „ -.,. 11 ,ri ; ''"i limitations set out m the C ity .MMons ;\\unfsor IxjcKs ( unn . ni-ai Hail-,,, .t .^r.'. i .-.u . i. ,< •>.; iCtiarter. ! it is expected iliat candidates j Yokem was driving the car. Sgt. '' " '' 'Randol Gilmore, Highway Patrolman investigating the accident, s;iid. have t<j l>e. but mainly out of con ford, with a tnark of -': In the ScHith. Shivers said tex.1ay he has de- cit council shou sideratkm for what I believe to IK.' ided not to run for the Senate. designated for such respon- here strictly in its administration Sen. Biakley To Speak At LP Chamber Meet W. A. (Billl Biakley of,persons who have lived in Harris Dallas, appointed by Gov. PriceICounty at least six months but Poll (nx sales and exemntion are lapsing far behind ,1960 ceipts records at Carl S. Smith'' office, tax assessor • collector. ,,„, K ,,., ,, t - rll ,., ,„ ul - 111(11>( „ 1<n ..,.,. --- ,, . . show. Taxes must be paid by Jan.lHe said this fire is the most seri- them on a basis ot principles as SI. ' jous'm the past five years in- well as of personalities," he said. Poll receipts cost Jl.'-xl in Har-i stf le the city limits and the first Shivers din not endorse any can- ris County and exemptions are i?-:death from' fire in at least l.Sididate for the election April 4. sued to people over firt or who-years inside the city limits. | He said his decision "was part have .iust become 21 years old or|' ' ' '"" ~~~ ~ ~ p*^ll taxes have tveon Mrs M V Pace ex-'r)aniel to fill Vic P President L\TI- not more than one year, citedlv prepares' for a new den j don Johnson's Senate seat unnli Weekend iveords showed 30.21f lireplace Fernie Davis re-'a special election is held April !.,-persons h,.\'e (wid p<^l taxes and (vives an' anonymous letter ... Jwill bo guest speaker at U »•• Hilly and Verte Younj? repaper some rooms. l.i//ie Anpr-1 finishes another H :Vi p.m. H'iday, l-eb. 10. picture . . . Aliee Femberg off to I van Beach P.'Vilum. tl'- l.'c mavk.t Pr.t Dunn! Scurry Brsrewrl) will Iv the missinsc a lot of sleep'. . . Beu)."i, stsllinc Wfic* 1 !" at the erronw:- living it up ai a Nwlmz anrt Christie V , Al Karri* sxhthttimt hi^J Two REL Students On Science Honor Group alley .if Cornrrn'-ree'v ;,rinu,il llftlK^t"''' t*Xl""" 11 ' : 'l .-it Svl Tickets persons h.t\'e paul '.'j.irto exemptioiiN MI.-,) l'i,|| !a\i-S lii.'i.v I* 1 (-.mi by .-itli er you I'T .\.>ur «p»iuse. in pel sun or Sy mail. An a^ent mav.biiuse science tie nuth'in/ed hy the 'axpay.-r toj.iwards. dilixer thf rereint irfi.i'!^at:0ii (A! (Irace Belle RnMissard. 1^. vc TV^-'VM-'- I>,\e nvl Tb, Fops, 17, of TSvo Rol>ert K. Ix^e Hiyb Scho< tudetits haw Iwfii narim) to th -i r >i ' nitl'M t'['"tl|' ill tht* -,1ml .ililul.'ll , < it-pee lalt-nl search tor Westuis;- ]jst scholarship* j ihe :«*> t. . i'lii>M-n tin sections showed we ih hmh sclx-vol seniors: want \,xi to know "I was especially concerned j \vith a reading ofj? below Sunday. that the conservative vot- " ers should have an opportunity to register their preference. Under these circumstances I did serious- j ly consider entering the race. "Thousands of you advised mei that your own surveys in various i Heavy Blanket Of Fog Area Monday of N^nded expenditures and developments to prior a creed upon purposes and needs for which issues have been approved by vote of th« people. 4. The city council should develop and publicize a policy dealing with development, rocoj; Free Film On Cancer Scheduled Tomorrow Pians were completed Monday r a full-house snowing of th« American Cancer Society film, "Time and T\vo Women," followed by a panel discussion led by four doctors. The life-saving film will bt shown at 10 a.m. Tuesday at tht Brunson Theater and, the public is invited to attend. most IMIIVf to the applicant Amy Drive, we>« named nrriongjcoileges. Ite st iecUxi for an all and exper.M- trip to Washington. !>.(' \\lv-re they will < oinpet of av«hip< totaling n- ner< will Iv 00 scholaiships to i could \\iil I ;i|i|>r( Votir eontlilellcc." Me iii.^l.- li^ M.tteinrii! ill .' Sli'MM's s,'iid he feels the He, for si-ho'. tvw will produce a senator "ul'.o |ni/ing F.x; hea\il\ p blanketed Ravtnwnj'""' mu;\Ml inte i'',!n,ui.i! - ,iiu'in-/ thr- r.iilv U'oniin--' turtirs '\},'/iil.i> Jtiif fin Ij^tli" :t,-Ci,lt nK v\,i>- rt-j«ntt,| :ni.l Hiii.ii'l'- ii<! ,ii,l Ki'hniiu:. Ci'i. it'H-ks ~:e.1 --til!' 'ir.iftic v\,is tv>t affi-'.-li-i) »HKC lin • n.'-t'hr \\.is wl'.i'-iii-.!- 1 -.'! R\ S 'i ;n most of the V-; hi.i O..-I...B.. All « .-n- is truly re:>re<etit:it:\c of r'-.e Tes- '••-,! . <.,T,- ••• v::.-! 1 ! yi.relvs N'tnuniencted for .'is electorate." He urge.? vet; r< 'o near w:iter. N^ RiMown ui;lit:es iinivfrsities »nd Hiy their poll taxes before the; '-ep.irted any tre^ible due TO the "-;""i"il ..r lh.- Physicians who will comment on written questions passed to the staiv frmn the audience are Ttf. i h.imiian «r th* -. s! :u'<l pro- .iidiiMl l.ii ell- (> 1. l.ii/L'etl ii;> r *.j MK'Illi j j 1 ^i v [,i\\ li ,l: tl '.j III,- i..1111. :',<".,,'„ --I S'... I,'I; (,«.|,t-i,itf .n 1 l)r V\ T -In ami M. n 'I. i|,x -kins pe» ' «m-> <<\ fov unrtcr order- several veal's by ixfAui s;»id Mrs h.-,«l of thf jj m 31 deadline. foff. lly piannmt;. of women hhv«

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