The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 31, 1969 · Page 10
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 10

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 31, 1969
Page 10
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1 0 Itgtgroti frttti Friday, Januarv 31, 1969 LC Rebels Whipped 74-54 By Schreiner Institute Rebs At San Antonio For Weekend Game .v\N ANTONIO iSp) - The IA-C College Kebels start a two- H.IIIH' weekend series here Frulas night .sull slinging Irom a i i .)I whipping Iroin Schreiner institute Thursday night a I KiTI'V lilt' i'ne Friday night game is wilh .~uin Anioiiiu .1C while Saturday m^iii ihe Kebols will complete iiieir weekend in the Alamo City «mi a game will) St. Phillip's JC. in riuirsclay mglu's loss, nmnnig went right lor LC as .-M-mx-nuT simply look advantage .•I die many Kebel mistakes and VA epi in an easy victory. It was .nc mini lime this season thai .-H-nrenuT has bealen the Ked .UK! Gray. tVc jusi didn t play at all," ( n.K'ij Julin AlcCornnck com- itn-uicd. I'lie Kebel mentor said iiu- Kebels were whipped in <"LIT\ depariineiil and Ihal the ptTiurmance had to be a low piiini in me season lor LC. I'ne loss puts the Hubs' \von- iiIM* mark ai ihe even spol with a i> i.i reading. They are now (i-f> in Miuih /one 1'JCAC slandmgs. .vmvnier is IKAS \u-2 in tlie.Soulh /niir. .MrCoimick said Ihal Hie lii-heih could not cope suc- o-.-s>iuliy \utli a l-;i-l /one tii-iciiM. 1 ;hui Scliremcr put up and as a result made many lunuivei's. Add to llns a SCORE BY QUARTER Lee C»l1«9e ..................... M Intlllute 30— s< I*— 74 PLAYER Bodeoux Welch Dortlen Beat Brown Chisutn •ol'ard MecM Gcllw McKiiwicr TOTALS PLAYER Henlh»rn* Needy Clay Ion Filer LC FT ff Tf t 4 M ff 4 1 F6 2 FT 0 1 3 7 It I 1 ff II 19 * 3 1 Horrendous shooting percentage and n spells deleal. Hoili weekend games are also .VMIIII /Cone games so Die Kebels will gel a chance lo make some success oul ol this live-game road series that so lar has produced three losses. Ituili San Anlonio and SI. Finllip ^ will be looking for revenge as Ihe Kebels topped bo Hi teams two weeks ago when me ^A pair came to Haytown. I'he next home action lor LC is Tuesday night when the San Jai'imo Kavcns come to Ihe Ki'bels Lee Drive gym. I.AVOY IMIUJK.N REL, Sterling Tennis Teams Begin Season Bayiown s Ingli school tennis team* are winding up pre-season pracuce and will lake In the oincially ihis weekend. Koto Sterling will compete in i ne (.iaiena Fark Tennis Meet Friday and Saturday while K.ptjvM i E. Lee s nelters won't Man play until Feb. 1-4-I5 in a a\ o-day meet at Sam Kayburn. i uacit Thurman Watson al KEL only lias two leliermen o.ick Irom lasi year and laces a reminding year with sophomores and juniors making up most ol nu Mjtiad. uymi Ford, the only senior on .lie leam, is one ol the two lel- lermen. I'ne other is Gregg .limes. Watson sees Ford as a POM.MI.IIC all-district candidate. \Vatsnn said ihat pussibly next >ear, or me 1!)7I season, KEL u oukl uc m strong conlenlion lor tli.Mrict and stale honors. I'ne KEL dead man also pointed oui that his girls team ,ui)k i ne state doubles cham- pionsnip lasi year and he is iiioKing lor more ol ihe same 11 oni mem m 1%U. Sagtmtm &im GARY SHERER, Sports Editor REL To Start Baseball Practice Saturday is ihc starting date lor high school baseball practice and like cross town school Koss .veiling, ihe Koberl hi. Lee Ganders lin>9 baseball candidates will be oul practicing. KEL Head baseball Coach Gary Herring!on expects 11 Culpeppers Avoid Upset In City Basketball Play Cny basketball League-leading Uulpepper Furniture almost got involved in the upset ol the reason Thursday night but recovered in the second hall ol iiieir game willi the Court Jesiers and prevailed, 57-31), al Cedar bayou School gym. In oilier action, Hie YMCA narrowly got by the Felly t'umpers, -11-40, and in a Church League eoniesl, First Baptist siopped Memorial baptist, 25-22. f'ne Court Jesiers went into iiieir game with a 0-7 mark in the league and Culpeppers record was jusi the reverse at 7-0. In a M>mewnat Uavid and Goliath lasnion, Hie lowly Jesiers pulled oui inio ihe lead Irom the opening upoll. However, there was one draw- uack lor ihe would be gianl- kuiers. The Jesiers counted only live men lor the game. This lad was to uo ihe lulling factor in the Culpeppers second hall comeback. I'ne lurnnure-men finally got die lead to stay with about two muiuies to go in the lirsl half and in nail lime had a narrow lead ot .i.i-li. I'ne Jesters kept in ihe game lor aboui two minutes of the .iccond Mall bui ihen the pace Carted to lell on them and Culpeppers steadily pulled away and inai was the ball game. Culpeppers balanced scoring attack was led by Mike Walker wuii lo ponus, Bill Flyun with 14, Larry 1'ekker with 11 and Larry tioimesai 1U points. Tex Folleu, Ken Kmppa and Bill Kilgore led ine game Jesiers scoring willi 10, nine and eight points respee- iivciy. in me chlllianger between ihe t'eiiy Pumpers and YMCA, the Y cagers came Irom behind lale in iiie game and kept ahead lo pull out uie one-point viclory. Jmi Prentice led ihe YMCA wnn lu points lollowed by Sieve Aasneim with nine and Bob Jeler wuii eiglu. League play will resume again Tuesday with two City League games and one Church League encounter. .Next week s schedule: TUESDAY i p.m., Shell Shocks vs. YMCA. ii p.m." Baptist Temple vs. Memorial Baptist. '.I p.m. L)u Pont vs. Felly I'umpers. TIIU USD AY < p.m. First Baptist vs. Second Baptist. il p.m. Court Jesters vs. Felly t'umpers. I HI DAY / p.m. Shell Shocks vs. Cul- peppers. i! p.m. Baplisl Temple vs. second Baptist. REL Hosts Pasadena; Sterling Visits Deer Uy C.AKY SIIKKKH Koss sterling Kangers cannot allunl another loss and the i\obei t I'J. Lee Ganders have probably losi loo many already as me2,!-IA basketball race gets closer 10 the Innsh three weeks nencc. Coach Woody Walker lakes his Kanger (.|Uiniel lo Deer Fark i-'nday night while at Ihe same KKL plays host lo t'asadena m a pair ot district i-uiMies. 1'nai Sterling can't afford a not Her setback becomes a iljhimct understatement when one glances at the current suimlings ol the 23-4A cage race. | .>am Hayburn sits atop the list wnh an unblemished 7-0 mark juinle Sterling and Deer Fark linger m second place wilh identical ,>-2 readings. Both the uangfi-s and Deer Fark have HISI once lo Kayburn while the oiner Kanger loss was a one- pointer to Fasadena and Deer Fark was bealen by Sterling in men' earlier meeling. 1'nai convincing 5y-4(j Kanger win is what probably has occupied ihe minds ol Deer Coach Homer Fowell and his cagers 11 us week as they have prepared lor die Sterling invasion. Botii teams are well aware wnat is at slake and the Deer Fark gym crowd should see a looui-and-nail encounter. f'ne Ganders of Coach Jay liollinger are saddled wilh a district record of 2-4 and a season mark, ol 13-11. They, along wilh Friday night's opponent, Fasadena (3-41 seem oul ol Hie race al Ihis point. Four losses wilh the district leader only Having live games lo play looks like a bad bargain. However, the Ganders can still play Hie role of "spoiler" as Kavburn still has KEL on it's Highlands Junior Cagers Take Baytown Jr. Twice ROSS STERLING AND DEER PARK players batt.le for a rebound in the two teams' first district game earlier this season at Sterling gym. The Rangers and Deer will switch to Deer Park Friday night. PI BY WAYNE ZAHN PROFESSIONAL BOWLERS ASSN. 9-The Ten Pin One big question people ask me is: "Why do we leave the 10 pin?" Well, 10 pins are also left by the pros, and we're not too happy about them, either. But it's one of two thing s—e i t h e r not enough lift on the ball to create the drive when you hit the pocket, or the angle of the ball. There are two ways you leave the 10 pin. What we call the "ring 10" and the "weak 10." The weak 10 is where the six-pin falls in front of the 10 pin, and the ringing 10 is where it seems as though you've got that solid pocket hit and the three-pin goes right around the 10 pin. This is created when your ball is driving too much. It keeps right on going around, the three-pin goes in front of the six; knocking the six straight back, and continues straight through to the side and around the neck of the 10-pin. , Conseq uently, the pros make an adjustment. They will try, if they are leaving the ringing 10-pin, to move in a board and create a little better angle to where they will get the deflection of the ball. If they're leaving the weak 10-pin, they'll move to the right a little bit, and this will create a little belter angle for them to keep driving and not get as much deflection on the ball. Another nemesis is the pocket split that a lot of the bowlers seem to be leaving. It concerns the angle again and not the drive on the ball. A lot of bowlers will leave the 5-7 or the 8-10: these are the most common pocket splits, as we call them. The 5-7 and 8-10 both are angle problems. Move to the right, or work on lifting the ball a little more. In other words, maybe you got to the foul line a little fast and lost the ball; the solution is lifting the ball a litlle more, and getting more drive to the ball. (Newspaper fntcrprise Atsn.) The high-flying Highlands Junior cagers of Coaches Koy Wolfe and Ron O'Neal scored another double win Thursday night as they swepl two from Baytown Junior on the losers' home court. Both were nip and tuck contests, as O'Neal's seventh graders narrowly got by Walter Norton s improving Baylown squad 43-40. In the eight grade game, Wolfe's charges scored another three-point win 46-43 over Coach Roy Foerster's team. In other junior cage action, Horace Mann and Cedar Bayou split their games at Horace Mann's gym. Coach Ronnie Kluch's CB seventh graders scored an 18-lti overlime win iver Mann, bul in Ihe eighth irailo game. Coach Jimmy Johnson's team used a lull court jress lo their advantage and whipped Jim Fartm's Cb crew, iH-2'J. In ihe Highlands-bay town clash, Lionel Destin led Ihe ighlh grade Highlands club with >.2 points. Kenneth battle added 3. For baylown, Clifford blake popped in 15 and Francis Elmore added nine. In Ihe seventh grade game, Sam Singleton and Nelson \moine led Highlands wilh 12 and it) poinls respeclively while J ele Cooper and Jim York led Baylown with 10 and nine. 'Hie eighth grade win puts Highlands all alone in the first place slot in ihe Baylown standings. Craig Viereck led the Horace Ahum eighth grade viclory wilh Royal Ambassador Cagers In Action The third round of play gels underway Saturday in the Koyal Ambassador baplisl Church Baskeiball League al Second Baplisl Church gym. Tne baylown - Baptist Church - sponsored league is for boys Irom U-17 years old. In last Saturday's action, in Hie Crusaders 1 J-H Division, Kirs i baptist topped Cedar Bayou 14-ti, Memorial baptisl stopped Central baptisl 2'J-iy, Second Baptist ran over Wooster Baplisis, ,(B-U, and another Second baplisl leam look the measure ol Channel view's Second Baplisl. 14-7. Fioneers 12-14 play saw Second Baplisl lop Cedar bayou, 37-13, and Memorial whip First, 24-21. Kmally, in ihe Ambassadors lj-l'i play. Cedar Bayou won over Second Baptisl of Highlands. 27-2.}. Sterling Trades Wins With Deer Park Frosh U points while CB was lopped by Kussell Foster with 10. C'B's seventh grade win was paced by Jimmy Cherry's eight points which was the high total for Tony Koberson ul the losing HM stjuad. Monday niglil junior school action will resume with Baytown ai Horace ivlanii and Highlands a i Cedar bayou as' the learns bian on iheir next lo last week of play. schedule iur Tuesday night at Fasadena. So, it would behoove me Maroon and White to turn in an improved performance against the Eagles Friday night ;o give ihe Ganders some momentum lor their match with me league leaders. Fasadena is 11-15 on the season and Coach bobby McKiiUey's tJagle quintet has been hot and cold all season. They started wnn two straight district losses out came back with two straight wins 10 even their record. i'lien. m a low - scoring inriller. they came close to upsetting Kayburn on the .liaglcs' home court and then alter whipping J. Frank Dobie il looked like the Eagles might cnallenge the front-runners. However, Deer Fark slopped mat cnallenge with a 4'J-43 defeat ol i lie Eagles earlier this week and tne Fasadena surge was squashed. It was KKL Ihal gave Fasadena one of those early district losses and also al Fasadena so it follows that the Dagles will come lo Baytown seeking revenge. Both varsity contests will begin at 7::io p.m. while ihe JV prelims will commence at (j p.m. letierinen back from the Alaroon and While diamond squad. Among these are football standouts Tino Garcia and Kyle Fulhek. These iwo plus Gerald Bishop are ihe only starters back trom last season. Kulhck may return lo Ihe ouuield Hits season or possibly somewhere else. The same holds i rue lor Garcia, a catcher, and UiMmp who held down ihe snoristop job last year. llerrnigton doesn't know yet wtuu tins year will bring but nopes to improve over last year's icam. I'ne Ganders were third in meir zone last season and imiMied a little below .500 for Hie enure season. I'lie Gander diamond coach said inai because of having lo play an abundance of sopiiomores last season, he isn'l sure ol uluii poieniial this year's iwim will have. Sports Brief KIAMESHA LAKE, N.Y. (AP) — Andy Scheinman and Mike Eirenberg,- teammates at the University of Virginia, met today for the championship in the Concord Hotel's annual intercollegiate indoor tennis tournament. REL Swim Team Stops Dobie Tankmen, 57-29 1'KLIX GIU-JKN George Reynolds Theodis Lee Ken Spain Ollie Taylor Cougars, Irish Clash In Dome Koss Sterling freshmen basketballers split a pair of district 2.J-4A games wilh Deer Fark Thursday nighl al Sterling Coach Leo Hechler's Kanger B .squad look a :il-2!J squeaker in the opener bul Ihe A squad did noi tare as well as ihey fell 46-',Ui to ihe Deer Fark frosh A cagers. Leading the way for the victorious B squad was Mike Campbell with 12 points followed i>y Greg Hunter with 1U and Kenny Ueans at nine. In the A game. Sterling was led by Melvin LJcbose wilh II points and Calvin Au/.enne added eight lollowed by Greg Ctimmings and Larry Arnold wilh seven each. I'lie Sterling Ireshmen will be in action again Monday (light with a trip lo Fasadena lo meel tlie Kagle Ireshmen, REL Freshmen Cagers Split With Pasadena FASADENA iSpi — The Koberl E. Lee freshmen cagers ol Coaches Bobby Wright and Gene bosse sphl a pair of games nere Thursday nighl willi ihe Eagle Ireshmen. linsse s B squad slarled Ihc evening oil on a winning nole wnh a 3U-24 win bul VVriglU's A »quad was bealen by a lasi second Pasadena basket and went down lo deleal, 'l'J-47. High lor lite KEL b crew was Jimmy French will) 14 and Kichard brown followed wilh nine. In ihe A game, Matthew iVlariin and Gary Amcrson tossed in 10 each and Mall Class added nine. The KEL squad will be back nl their own gym Monday nighl when they will play hosl lo Sam Kayburns Ireshmen cagers. By FKKI) HAKT.MAN HOUSTON iSpi — 'There won'I oe a selloul, bul they're planning lor 20.1100 tans plus for the University ol Houston - Noire Dame game scheduled lor 8 p.m. Saturday ai the Aslrudomc. I'he road has been rocky for the Cougars this year with Elvis goalmg lor the San Diego pros instead nl the Houston collegians. 'The team did stage a real turn around 'Tuesday nighl uy Handling ihe Sou-lhwesl Conlcrence leading 'Texas \ggies wnh case, and they Miould be sei lor their best game m a month against the Irish. Notre Dame holds a 2-1 edge over the Cougars lo dale. UH irosh will enlcrlain Kilgore Juniors in a preliminary contest at ii p.m The I Illusion - UCLA classic ixjlore ,V2.<i'.);$ in the Aslrodome lasi season set the all-lime 'Texas anil world eollugiale record lor attendance. 'The second largcsl crowd 10 see a game in Houston was ihe 7,7tKi in January, l%4 thai watched ihe Cougars beal (he Aggies 73-U5 al the Sam HouMon Coliseum. Noue Dame will enler the Saturday nighl eoniesl as llie nation s Kiih ranked leam by Ihc nainm.s coaches in ihe United Prchs Inicrnalional Poll. Houston is nui ranked, bul is Iresh irmu a smashing ll, r >-71 win over A&M. is now ll-H for ihe Notre Dame, 13-3, deleaied Georgia Tech al Notre Dame Thursday night belore leparimg lor Houston Friday. Tne Irish will set up road Headquarters al ihe Kamada Inn-Gull Frcrway in Houston. Twenty-live thousand ad- ilitional potential tans will also Oregon State Makes It 995 In Downing Portland By ASSOCIATED PRESS Oregon Slate's party-poopers turned Portland's homecoming celebration into a Sour Sixteen party Thursday night. I'he beavers, seeking lo become the second college basketball leam lo win 1,000 games, made it 1W.3 wilh an easy B3-59 viclory that left Portland the mil ions only major team thai nasn t won a game. The Pilots are i)-l(i. Coach Paul Valenti of Oregon State was worried aboul Ihe game, mainly because Portland had won its lasi two homecoming games from (he beavers. "Any time a team makes a sjK'cial effort il can be lough," Valenli said, "and Portland has a habil of making a special ef- lor against us." he arriving in Houston Friday and Saturday lor the National .-ipornng Goods Association Convention at AstrohaH. UUier players who lellered last icason bul weren't starters are piichers Steve Walkins and fiiomas McClendon, infielders Steve Adams, and Mike Archer, and ouilielders Fernie Salinas,. Jimmy Creel, David Lavergne and Joe Anderson. llerrnigi'on lost iwo infielders and one good pitcher from last year's squad and will iry lo get he besi nine on the field to open ihe season here with La Marque. "Uis really hard lo say how we ivill do ilus year unlil we start pracuce, Herrington pointed mil. The former Texas Aggie standout was also noncommillal on Ins leam s chances in ihe 23- IA baseball race. This, of course, will be the first time the race has been for one title, before this year, the district teams were split up into zones. The major par I of the l%9 C-ander baseball team will be made up of Junior Varsily players Irom last season. With a great deal of inexperience, the Ganders will be taking one game ai a lime and hope for improvement along the way. KYLE FULLIC'K TINO GAKC1A PASADENA iSp> — The Koberl E. Lee swim team look iheir second straight dual meel win nere Thursday night as they outswam J. Frank Dobie, 57-29, a i Souihmore School pool. Coach Kevin Lounsberry's KEL lank men are now 2-0 on the young season. Taking lirst places for KEL were Faul Jauberl in Ihe 100- yard butterfly wilh a lime of l.uj.ti. Brian Werley in the 100- yard Ireeslyle with a winning mie ol oB. 1 and Jauberl again in me luo-yard breaslslroke with a clocking ol l:H.l. KEL look both team events as Faul Moon, Scott Leach, Dana Larpenleur and Handy Keber came m lirsl in the 200-yard medley relay al 2:00.3. Then Keber, Allen Massey, Billy ^mailing and Mike Kice clocked !:oU.7 in the 400-yard freestyle relay lo take lirsl place in Ihat event. Taking seconds tor KEL were Massey at 2:1 1 J.,"> m the 200-yard Ireeslyle, Werley in ihe 50-yard Ireeslyle al 26.U. Kice at 2:31.15 in me 2UO-yard individual medley, Eddie Shoemake in ihe 100-yard buiierlly at 1:12.1, Smalling at jH.'J in the 100-yard Ireeslyle. Jerome Zierlem in Ihe IlKl-yard backslroke al 1:13.2. Moon at 4:.")2.-l in the 400-yard Ireeslyle and John Cappleman al 1:16.5 in ihe 100-yard breastslroke. KEL will be al Iheir home pool Feb. 6 in a dual meet wilh Fasadena m ihe next swim action lor ihe Ganders. Ranger Swimmers Are Sunk By SouthHouston The Koss Sterling swim team sullered their second loss ot Ihe young 1%'J season Thursday night as South Houston sank the Kanger tankmen 5U-'.i<5 in a dual meet at the Carver-Jones pool. Chris Lilras was the lone individual winner for Coach Al Dennis as he took the 200-yard individual medley with a time of 3:uB.2. Sterling also took one leam event as the 200-yard medley leam of Mike Hoskins, Jeff Ward, Roberl Martin and Pat Froclor took the first place flag with a Lime of 2:.8.6. The Kangers came close lo winning, as they were runner-up in every event excepl the 100- yard breastslroke. Grabbing second places for the Hangers were Jim Kubik in the 200-yard freestyle wilh a lime of 2:47.;t. Mike Aylor was second in the 5o-yard Ireeslyle with a time ol ;>2.j. Martin was runner-up in (he 2uo-yard individual medley at ,i:14.4. Glenn Morris placed second in ihe loo-yard bullerfly at 1:34.5. Second in the 100-yard freestyle was Lire Johnson wilh a time ol l:u'J.l. Litras look second in Ihe 100-yard backstroke at 1:32.7 while Kubik was narrowly del ca led in Hie 400-yard freestyle at ii:Uii.o. Sterling lakes to the water again Feb. (i in a dual meet wilh Sam Kayburn School pool. Southmore RENT-A-CAR SYSTEM National Franchise System Of Ford D«alcn COURTESY FORD m-*m CA s-oasi (HOI 5 SUM-TEXK DISCOUNT STORES \f Specials Good Fri.,Sat.,Jan.31-Feb.l J. W. DANT 100° 5th 389 EZRA BROOKS 90° 5th 419 KENTUCKY BEAU 86° 5th 329 OLDE BOURBON 86° 5th 329 BALLANTINE SCOTCH 86.8° 5th POPOV VODKA 80° 5th 269 SEAGRAMS GIN 90° 5th 349 FULL, QUARTS OLD CROW 86 C 4 79 BACARDI RUM 69 80° 5th 3 JAX BEER 6 Pack Hot Only 99 Other Specials Not Listed Her*. 3309 MARKET—6015 BAYWAY DR.—508 W. MAIN 2 N. MAIN—12749 MARKET

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