Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on September 22, 1935 · Page 4
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 4

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 22, 1935
Page 4
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.flFttfi PAMPA BAtLif PftffiiSfi, »«.-.^ J il..«.-.^. 15 NEW LOCATIONS AND 21 WELLS REPORTED IN PANHANDLE '_ *i.*?.?*fe*i^ PANHANDLE POTENTIAL INCREASED 18,900 DURING PERIOD BY GEORGE L. GUTHRIE, Cnnftnttlngr Geologist, Combs-Worlcy Bldjf. Panhandle operators staked 15 new starts In the field during- the last week, an increase over prcvl- mis averages. Two of these were In the gas area, with the remainder In more or less proven producing areas. Gray county made 7 starts, Hutchinson 4, Wheeler 3, and Polter 1. There were 21 new wells tested by the Railroad commission, adding 18,105 barrels to the daily potential of the field. Nine of these wells were In Gray county which accounted for 4,909 barrels of the new oil. Of the Gray county wells, the Skelly Oil company's No. 29 East Schaffer in section 172, block 3, wa? the best, making 1,100 barrels. Wheeler county hit the crown block again with four wells none of which made less than 1,000 barrels for,the 1-day run. The Helena Oil & Gas company's No. 15 Keller was the best well in the field. It flowed 5,282 barrels. Two of the Wheeler county completions were by the Texas company and added together accounted for 3,842 barrels. In Hu'tchlnson county, the International Petroleum corporation completed four of the seven new wells tested. The four wells on the Lewis property made 1,883 barrels and the seven for the county made 2,458 barrels. Carson county had only one completion. Another start has been made by the Taylor Oil company on the south side of the granite ridge and is known as No. 2 Taylor. There is also another proposed location which looks promising, and it may not be long before the real strike is made. There is still plenty of room down there. In the Shamrock area, the Tcci Pe.troleum company's well on the Gregg lease is reported to be a real producer, flowing around 640 barrels into the tanks with the separator pop spraying oil. It is claimed to be a dolomite producer. This area has had many rises and falls during the last several years, and with the new market for the oil it is likely to be revived for certain this time. The well will call for some major company offsets. COMPLETIONS. Carson County. Sinclair-Prairie No. 2 Cooper in section 4, block 9, I&GN survey, put 401 barrels in tho tank on the 24-hour test. The well is producing from the dolomite. Gray County. Dixon Creek Oil & Refining company No. 4 Allam in section 127, block 3, I&GN survey, made 467 barrels from the dolomite west of town on the pump. Humble Oil company No. 6 Merton In section 87, block 3, I&GN survey, made 64 barrels. Kewanee Oil & Gas company completed two wells on its Smith- Rest lease west of town in section 149, block 3, I&GN survey. No. 11 made 681 barrels and No. 16 made 761 barrels on the 1-day test. Magnclin Petroleum company No. 1 Cantrell in section 136, block 3, I&GN survey, put 117 barrels of oil into the tank on its potential test. Skelly Oil company No. 29 East Sclmffcr in section 172, block 3, I&GN survey, made 1,100 barrels on the 24-hour test. Stanolind Oil A; Gas company completed two wells. No. "B" 6 Cobb in section 165 .block 3, I&GN survey, made 618 barrels, and No. 5 Waggoner in section 173, block 3. I&GN survey, made 320 barrels on the 24-hour test. Ifutchinson County. Dlxon Creek Oil & Refining company No. 4 Cockerlll "K" In section 1, block M-21, TCRR survey, made 320 barrels of oil on its potential test. Gulf Production company No. 53 Dial in section 1, block M, H&GN survey, made 148 barrels on a 24- hour test. International Petroleum corporation completed testing four wells on : ts Lewis-Badger properties. No. 14 Lewis in section 8. block M-21, TCRR survey, made 600 barrels, No. 16 made 353 barrels. In section 21, block M-21, its No. 19 made 298 barrels and its No. 20 made 534 barrels. Stanolind Oil & Gas company's No. "A" 4 Pitched in section 19, block M-21, TCRR survey? made 207 barrels on its 1-day test. "rVheeicr County. Dyke Oil company No. 4 Sitter in section .33, block 24, made 1,123 barrels, flowing 24 hours. Helena Oil & Gas company No. 15 Keller in section 48, block 24, made 5,282 barrels flowing 24 hours from the granite wrrsh. Texas company completed two wells in the hot spot. No. 5 Bush in section 48, block 24, made 2,660 barrels, and No. 13 Keller in section 48, block 24, made 1,182 barrels, both flowing from the granite wash. NEW LOCATIONS. Gray County. Empire Gas & Fuel company No. "B" 1 Hughcy is 330 feet from the north line and 330 feet from the cast line of the northeast quarter of section 129, block 3, I&GN survey. Gulf Production company No. 10 "A" P. A. Worley is 330 feet from the north line and 990 feet from the west line of the southwest quarter of section 36, block 3, I&GN survey. King Royalty company No. 4 Volmert is 330 feel from the north line and 330 feet from idle east line of the northeast quarter of the southwest quarter of section 140, block 30, I&GN' survey. Magnolia Petroleum company No. 14 Pee Land No. 227 is 330 feet from the south line and 660 feet from No. 13 in section 14, block 3, I&GN survey. Magnolia Petroleum company staked No. 8 Harrah 990 feet from the north line and 330 feet from the east line of the northwest quarter of section 150, block 3, I&GN survey. W. H. Taylor Oil company No. 2 W. H. Taylor is 1,320 feet from the south line and 1,320 feet from the west line of the north half of section 79, block B-2, H&GN survey. Texas company No. 9 Harrah is 990 feet from the south line and 330 feet from the \vest line of the southeast quarter of section 150, block 3, I&GN survey. Hutcliinson County. Gulf Production company No. 3 Pitcher is 330 feet from the south line and 990 feet from the east line of the northwest quarter of section 19, block M-Z1, TCRR survey. Phillips Petroleum company No. 1 Cattle is 1,320 feet from the north line and 2,640 feet from the east lino of section 2, block B, BS&P survey. Texas company No. 6 Lewis is 450 feet from the south line and 1,151 feet from the east line of the east 207.1 acres of section 18, block L, ELRR survey. Turman OH company No. 1 Wliit- tenburg is 330 feet from the south line and 330 feet from the east line of the most southerly northeast corner of section 11, block M-21, TCRR survey. Potter County. Canadian River Gas company No. 14 "A" Bivins estate is in the center of section 26, block O-18, D&P survey. Dumar Oil & Gas compatvy No. 1 0. A. Linkey is 150 feet from the south line and 150 feet from the west line of the southwest quarter of section 106, block 23. Texas company No. 6 Bush is 330 feet from the south line and 996 feet from the west line of the south half of the northeast quarter of section 48, block 24. Texas company No. 14 Keller is 330 feet from the south line and 996 feet from the east line of the northwest quarter of section 48, block 24. _«. CIVIL SERVICE EXAMINATIONS The United States Civil Service commission has announced open competitive examinations as follows: Public land surveyor, $2,000 a year, Field Service, General Land Office, Department of the interior. Medical supervisor (psychiatric), $5,600 a year, Department of the Interior. Full information may be obtained from O. K. Gaylor, secretary of the U. S. Civil Service Board of Examiners, at the post office. *•» •SAMMY' SCARVES FOR FALL LONDON UP)— "Sammy" scarves iu all wool for autumn are designed in Scotch plaids and stripes in bright reds, greens, blues, and yellows. REALIZE How many ways ELECTRICITY is or can be useful to you? Through various appliances and equipment, electricity economically performs dozens of useful services in homes, offices, shops and on electrified farms, If you are not using this cheap and dependable form of power to its fullest extent, it will pay you to study your methods and determine what electrical equipment is still needed. Your electrical dealer can help you. Not Your Light Bill But Your Electric Service Bill Southwestern PUBLIC SERV/C& «S NEW YORK, Sept. 21. (/P)—The stock market swung back to a relatively even keel In the short trad- Ing session today. There was a little buying in the rail shares and a few specialties, while other classifications were narrowly Irregular. News that the Italian cabinet had rejected the League of Nations proposals in regard to the Ethiopian dispute appeared to leave the market unmoved. The Associated Press average of 60 stocks finished without change at 48.4. The 30 industrials were level, while a small improvement In the 15 rails was offset by a minor price shading in the untllity group. Dealings proceeded at a gentler pace. In the stock exchange 673,500 shares changed hands. Am Can 5 139% 139 139^ Am Had .... 23 16% 16% 16% Anac 118 20',6 20 20% AT&SP 11 49H 49'/4 49% Bald Loc .... 5 2% 2% 2% B & O 26 16 15% 15% Barnsdall ... 24 9% 9% 9Yt Bendix 37 21% 20% 21 Case J I .... 22 77% 76% 76% Chrysler .... 226 69% 68% 69% Col O El .... 56 11% 11V& 11% Coml Solv .. 18 19 18% 18% Com Sou .... 253 1% 1% 1% Con Can .... 4 84% 84 84 Cont Mot .... 1 1% Cont Oil .... 22 1914 19 19% Cur Wri 13 2% 2% 2% Doug.Airc ... 26 30% 29% 30% DU Pont .... 18 128M. 126% 126% Gen Elec .... 106 32% 31% 32% Gen Mot .... 141 44 43% 44 inserted, and the gas burner for 45 Goodyear .... 10 18% 18% 18% Goodyear — 5 9 8% 9 111 Cent .... 34 16% 16% 18% Int Harv .... 9 56% 56 58 Int Nick .... 66 29% 29% 29% Int T&T .... 33 9 % 9% 9% Kelvin 36 12 11% 12 Kennec 43 24% 24% 24% Mid Cont .... 2 10 Mo Pac 6 6% 6% 6% M Ward .. ..68 31% 31% 31% Nat Dairy .... 28 16% 15% 16% Nat Dist .... 41 28% 28% 28% N Y Cen .... 119 21% 24 24% Packard 11 4% 4% 4% Penney 1 82% .Penn R R ..... 33 27% 27% 27% Phil Pet .... 18 26% 25% 26 Pub Svc N J 12 39% 39 39 Pure Oil .... 5 7% Radio 169 7% 7 7% Repub Stl ... 30 16 7 / 8 16% 16% Sears 24 55% 54% 54% Shell Un 2 9% Simms Pet ... 4 5% Soc Vac .... 12 11% 11 11% Sou Pac .... 3 318% 18% 18% Sou Ry 12 9%. 9% 9% Std Brds .... 35 13% 13% 13% S O Cal .... 10 32% 32</, 32% S O Ind .... 16 25% 25 25% B O N J .... 39 43% 42% 43 Studebaker ..111 5% 5% 5% tin Carb .... 16 65% 64% 65% U S Rub .... 28 13% 13 U S Stl .... 13 47% 43% 44% New York Curb Stocks Cities Svc ... 16 1% 1% 1% Elec B&S ... 2 63% 63 63 Gulf 10 60 58% 60 .•». CHICAGO GRAIN CHICAGO, Sept. 21. UP)— Refusing to take Italy's "no" today as a final rejection of peace offers, the wheat market responded with a moderate downturn of prices. Cautioness in Europe over Sunday ruled dealings, especially as trade drew to an end. A. firm undertone in wheat values was evident. Wheat in Chicago closed unsettled %-!% under yesterday's finish, Dec. 99%-%, corn % off to % up, Dec. 58%-%, oats at % decline to % advance, and provisions varying from 5 cents setback to an equal gain. Prom the outset, sharp attention of Chicago wheat traders was given to weakness of foreign markets, Corn and oats developed relative firmness after first sympathizing wheat price downturns. Rye chiefly followed wheat. Provisions averaged higher. Offerings of lard were meager, and shorts were buyers. » KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK KANSAS CITY, Sept. 21. (£>)— (USDA)—Cattle trade at midwest- ern markets this week was featured by an Increased movement of grass cattle, while there was a let-up in the shipping of good to choice grain fed steers and yearlings. Chicago had a top of 13.35 on finished heavy steers and realized 12.60 on best yearlings. Grass slaughter steers at the river markets bulked at 5.25 to 7.25. Aggregate receipts at eleven markets totaled around 283,000, as AUTO LOANS See Us For Ready Oaeb To • Refinance. • Buy a new oar. H Reduce payment*. • Raise money to meet bill* Prompt and Courteous Attention given aU application* PANHANDLE INSURANCE AGENCY Combs-Worley BIdg. Ph. 604 All makes Typewrite!* md Other Office Machines Gleaned ana Repaired. T-A11 Worts OuarantefCh. Call JIMMIE TICK PAMPA OFFICE 8DPPI* compared with 275,394 last Week. Pat lambs opened the week lower, but after Monday there was a reaction which left price quotations 25 to 60 higher than last week's close. Native lafnbs in St. Louis reached 9.75 and best rangers in Chicago made 9.40. The week's supply approximated 317,000 against 338,699 last week. Hog prices, are unevenly steady to 25 lower than last Thursday. The practical top late at St. Louis and Chicago was 11.85. Totals offerings of around 140,000 were about the same as last week. COTTON IS LOWER NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 21 (AP) —The cotton market was subjected to pressure again today, losing 8 to 9 points during the two- hour trading period In quiet dealings. Hedge selling, coupled with realizing sales and the customary week-end profit-taking supplied the market with plentiful offerings and proved too much for the light trade demand. Price-fixing offered the market its main support and kept the losses under 50 cents a bale as Oct. finished at 10.45, Dec. at 10.48, March at 10.59 and May at 10.05. Cloth markets, one of the bright spots in the general cotton picture, continued to provide good news for the trade in general. Orders were said to be running ahead of curtailed production with prices holding firm, but little buying developed on this news. Spot sales ended the week In a good manner at leading ports and interior points. Canadian News CANADIAN, Sept. 21^-Mlss Margaret Hervey and Harry Wilbur Jr., were married Thursday evening at Rice, with the Rev. W. A. Pite read- Ing the ceremony. Reflectors are being made for lighting the football field here for night games. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Word returned Thursday from Chicago, where Mr. Word has been in a hospital the last three months. Miss Helen Howard visited in Amarillo Thursday. Charles Eller, Gilbert Porter, and Herceal Reno returned yesterday from a trip to Amarillo. Earl Clark and Robert Kite were in Pampa Wednesday and Thursday on business, Mrs. Hubbard of Plainvlew is visiting her son, Norman Magill. Carloadfflgs of Past Week Break Four Year Record By The Associated Press General business activity assumed a fast pace last week, and industrial ppratipns were well maintained with the movement of merchandise to production and consuming centers reaching the best levels since November of 1931. Reports on retail and wholesale trade from almost all sections of the nation Indicated substantial advancement. Warm weather cut volume in a few centers, but the development was regarded as temporary. For the first time in nearly four years freight carloadlngs reported by class 1 railroads passed the 700,000 mai'k, a level looked upon as the dividing line between profit and loss in maintained over a reasonable period. Loadings were 700,357 cars for the week ended Sept. 14 compared with 592,786 for the previous week, which Included the Labor Day holiday. Foote Takes Six Local Orphans to M. E. Waco Home • The Rev. E. Gastoh Foote, pastor of the First Methodist church, drove last week to Waco where he placed six children, all brothers and sisters, in the Methodist orphans' home. The children ranged in age from three to ten years. About 400 boys and girls live at the homo. The school maintains a farm where older boys work during summers and week-ends; a 'dairy that furnishes all the milk; a modern print shop, a carpenter shop, a garage and a well-equipped laundry. Older girls are given training in music, secretarial work and home-making. Last year, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Harrah, long-time residents of this community, charter members of the local Methodist church, gave the home a farm valued at $4,200. The Harrah church here was named for Mr. and Mrs. Harrah. KNITTED JACKETS POPULAR AT NIGHT LONDON (/P)— Short-sleeved knitted jackets, made on tailored lines, are a popular novelty for evening wear here. They were first brought out in Paris. 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