Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 10, 1935 · Page 9
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 9

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 10, 1935
Page 9
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1(5; '. Texsi 1 BIGGEST GUSHfiR IN WHEIMIE COMPLETED FOR 4,603 BARRIES * - • /"i —- i i- - . . , . , - _, _^ » , ^.^.,. ^ , AT-'i - i *J, - ..'., .^iL"ii.".-' i, ' >_Li -- J '.'-•--"' SIX, LOCATIONS MADE IN WHEEtEk AND GRAY Blf GEORGE L. GtmiRtE, Cnnnultlnic Geologist, Combs-Wnrlcy BMir. The Wheeler county "hot spot" ngnllt came Into the limelight with the bringing In of the largest Well thus /ar drilled in the county. The (Phillips Petroleum company •*>No.,i& Lcla in section 49> block 24, maje.4,803 barrels the first nineteen and a half hours after it was brought In., It was shut down for storage. At the end of Its 5-day was still*going strong and maitq over 4,000 barrels which grave y iti. average above that Jlgure. ms bottomed at 2,500 feet and ,,flowing with an estimated 20;000,000 cubic feet of gas. v.Tlie Texas company.brought In Its No. 3 Carwile at about the same time which was flowing at the rate Of over 200 barrels an hour from a itbtal depth of 2,515 fee't, the last 15 feet of the hole being the pay sec- .yop. It has finished its test and 6 estimated, at an average of above 3,000 barrels daily from the run tickets The Elbar corporation No. G Noel ih section 54, block 24, was brought m this morning flowing -50 barrels 4« • hour for 8 hours. From 2,445 to 2,548 feet it flowed 25 barrels an flour and drilling deeper to 2,455 feet the hourly flow was doubled. „ Ip Moore county several wells fiaife been drilled deeper on the strength of the showing made by the Alva Petroleum company No. 1 .Jones In section 171, block 3-T, ifrhjch averaged 4,800 barrels last lyefik on test. The Magnolia Petro- teum company No. 1 Jones an offset •fyell in section 170 was deepened 30 feet and Increased its potential from 72 barrels daily to 3,120 barrels dally. The Shamrock Oil & Gas company No. 1 Robertson "B" in section 105, bilo'ck 3-T, was another old well Deepened and the production was raised from 250 barrels daily to 303 barrels daily with an increase In water. The Sunray Oil company deepened Its .No. 2 Jones in section 164, block 3-T. from 3,352 to 3,358 feet and had no increase. COMPLETIONS Gray County. The Stanolind Oil & Gas company completed Its No. 3 Cobb "B" for a tjaily average of 293 barrels on a 5- day Railroad Commission test. The well-is in section 118, block 3, I&GN survey. Its No. 1 Culler in section 173) block 3, of the same survey, was completed for en average of 387 barrels daily. The Texas company completed its R o. 24 Saunders for an estimated l barrels daily. The well is in section 1, block 1, ACH&B survey, and the pay from 3,140 to 3,152 feet. Its No; 1 Taylor "C" in section 52, block B-2, H&CN survey, was bottomed ^t 3,006 feet and completed its test for a daily average of 233 barrels. Its Taylor No. 1 "D in section 81, block B-2, H&GN survey, was drilled to 3,182 feet and the oil shows in the granite wash were shot,-the well wa? plugged back and the gas pay in the lime was shot which Increased the gas from 1,500,000 to 3,000,000 cubic feet. The Danciger Oil & Refining company NO. 5 Barrett In section 128, block 3, I&GN survey, averaged 808 barrels on its 5-day test. It was bottomed at 3,312 feet with the pay from 3,228 to 3,312 feet and was shot with 230 quarts. The Dyke Oil company No. 3 Noel in -section 187, block 3. I&GN survey, averaged 339 barrels daily on test. It was completed at 3,230 feet with, the pay from 3,225 to 3,280 feet. "the Gulf Production company NO. 7 Thompson in section 126, block 3, I&GN survey, averaged 407 barrels on a 5-day test after it was bottomed at 3,275 feet with pays from 3,205 to 3,275 feet in the brown dolomite and was shot With 380 quarts. The Skelly Oil company No. 4 Jackson in section 88, block B-2, H&GN survey, was abandoned as dry at a total depth of 3,467 feet. Good saturation in an oil sand was shown at 3,110 feet before the water was encountered. Its No. 18 East Schaffer In section 189, block 3, I&GN survey! "averaged 206 barrels dally on commission test after it Wffs bottomed at 3,275 feet with the pay from 3,100 to 3,250 feet which Was shot with 450 quarts. Its No. 12 Webb "A" in section 62, bloqk 25, H&GN survey, was bottomed at 2,640 feet withj the pay from 2,575 to 2,585 feet and was shot with 120 quasts. t lt averaged 20 barrels on commission test.- • • • < HtltchlnsOti County. The Stanolind Oil & Gas company No. 5 Ware "A" in section 124, block 4, I&GN survey, averaged 23Z barrels, daily on commission test. Its No. 2 Watkins in section 72. block Z, averaged 114 barrels daily on commission test. Its No. 5 Moore- Langdon. in section 125, block 4. t&GN survey was completed at 3,100 feet with an average of 278 barrels on commission test. It was shot with 230 quarts from 3,005 to 3,097 feet and the pay was from 3,020 to 3,097 feet. The Stekoll Oil company No. 4 Canadian "A" in section 20, block 47, H&TC survey, was completed at 2,977 feet and after a shot of 100 quarts averaged 238 barrels on test. Its No. 4 Whittenbtirg "D" in section 38, block M-23, TCRR survey, Was bottomed at, 3,066 feet with the pay from 3,000. to 3,027 feet and from 3,045 to 3,080 feet. OThc pays were shot with 100 quarts and the well completed Its test Wthj a daily average of 243 barrels. Wheeler County. .The Texas company No. 3 Carwilc section 51, block 24, was completed at 2,515 feet and .was due to complete Its test today. . Prom tank gauges it , was estimated thti t it would average a little over 3,000 barrels daily for the 5-day period. The pay was .from 2,500 to 2,515 feet* The Shell Petroleum company No. 7 D'Spain in section 52, block 24, completed its test with an average daily production of 503 barrels for the 5-day period. The Phillips Petroleum company No. 5 Lela in section 49, block 24, was the largest well over to be brought in in the "hot spot" area. It completed its test today with n'n average of over 4,000 barrels daily for tho 5-day period. The hole was bottomed at 2.500 feet. The pay brought an increase irj gns as well as oil, the total amount of gas being estimated at 20,000,000 cubic feet. The Humble Oil & Refining company No. 3 Binkeley-Cain in section ' 55, block 24, was drilled to a total depth of 2,490 feet and plugged back to 2,474 feet, the pay was very light and the well was given a 20- barrel allowable. The Alma Oil company No. 9 Johnson in section 47, block 24, was bottomed at 2,467 feet with the pay from 2,440 to the bottom of the hole and averaged 138 barrels daily on test. Tho Champlin Refining company No. 6 Williams in section 49, block 24, was completed at 2,550 feet. The pay was topped at 2,480 feet with the hole loaded and the well blew in at 2,550 feet. It averaged 966 barrels daily on a Roalroad Commission test. NEW LOCATIONS Gray County, The Clayton Dwyer Drilling company has staked the location for its No. 1 W. H. Taylor 330 feet from the north line and 330 feet from the west line of the northeast quarter of section,,51, block B-2,.H&GN survey. The elevation is 3,127 feet nbove sea level. W. C. Jones has staked the location for No. 2 A. J. Culler et al 330 feet from tlip north line and 330 feet Jjrom the west line of the,east half of the northeast quarter of section 173, block 3, I&GN survey. Wheeler County. The Champlin Refining company- has staked its location for No. 2 Thomas Kdes 330 feet from the north line and 330 feet from the east line of the east half of the southeast quarter of section 49, block 24, H&GN survey. Ben C. Barnett has staked the location for No. 1 S. .N. Pryor et ux 330 feet from the north line and 330 feet from the east line of the east half of the northeast quarter of section 48, block 13. . The Gibson Oil company has filed its intention to drill No. 10 Bentley 330 feet from the south line and 633 feet from the west line of the northwest quarter of section 42, block 24. The Phillips Petroleum company has staked the following locations on its Lela Lease which is the east l)alf of the northeast quarter of section 49, block 24; No. 6 is 951 feet McLEAN, ;Peb. 9.^-Assisted by her ' iter; Mre.t Ruth Gralgiof Amarlllo, who is herliouse gue$tifor>the week, Mrs. John .Harris was hostess to- the Pioneeri club in i the -music- studio of Mrs. Willie Boyett Thursday afternoon. An interesting program was rendered on Pnnhahdle history, with Mrs. J. W. Butler as loader. Mrs. Horacr Brooks gave the history of tho X1T ranch. Mrs. W. L. Camppell gave the interesting history of Col. Goodnight, and spoke briefly of the colorful careers of-Uncle Billie Morse, uncle of J. 'B. Morse of McLean, who trapped in- the early days along the Northfork of the Red river, of F. R, McCracken, who now lives in AlanreeB,, who had, exciting experiences with] the Indians; nnd Mr. Dubbs, a familiar character to all olcltimers of the Panhandle. Mrs. Cecil G. Goff sang "The White Rond Westward." The refreshment plate was un» usual in decoration, carrying out the patriotic coloring of red, white, and blue in honor of these pioneers as well as Washington and Lincoln whose birthdays are In February. Atop the delicious chicken salad was a miniature flag nnd around the edge of the plates were red, white, and blue crepe paper. Red, white, and blue mints: were tied With a white ribbon In red cellophane packages. The little daughter of Mrs. Craig passed the patriotic napkins. Those present were Mines. Breining, Horace and Claud Bi-ooks, H. V. Finlcy, J. W. Butler, S. A. Cousins, J. B. Hembree, W. E. Bogan, Cecil G. Goff, Ercy Cubine, C. O. Greene, W. L. Campbell, Jim Back, Craig, and Harris. Seniors Have Party. Transforming the old study hall of the grade school into a recreation room, seniors of McLean high school enjoyed a party Thursday' evening under the supervision of their sponger. Miss Jewell Cousins. The affair was informal and a general good time was had by all present. Miss Elizabeth Kennedy, high school teacher, assisted Miss Cousins with the games. Those present were Sybil Young, Charlie Marie Back, Mary Emma Back, Mozelle Glynn, Geraldine Bowen, Juanita Carpenter, Juanita Wade, Marlilene Riddle, Imogene Myatt. James Massey, June Woods, Arthur-Ray Ledbetter, Relbert Daniels, George Mccarty, Hobby Appling, Russel Killingsworth, Billy Robinson, Clevy Hancock, Nell Jackson, Glenn Eastham, Alton Howard. Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Massey, Mrs. Los Hancock, and Mr. C. A. Cryer. Contest Winners. In an elimination contest in choral singing for Intel-scholastic league meet, the following clitildren won the right to continue work. Twenty- five of the following under the supervision of Miss Vera Cummings, will represent McLean ward school at the county meet: Maxine Goodman, Opal Thacker, Peggy Greer, Doris Rigdon, Joe Bryan Carpenter, Oran Back. James Everett, Myrle WJggs, Herman Petty, Bobby Nelle Davidson, Willie L. Cobb, Thelma* Jean Dishman, Ada Beth Follis, Lois Bryant, Mai-quetta Payne, Ruth Ayer, Dorothy Sue Y6nngi!Velmtt'<Stanft!'tJ&rOthy- Sitter, , - c&M,!'BefTil<* MaGienaiV Billie West, David Davis, and Rpy Caesldy. ' Teachers to Sltidy Curricula,' Tea-chefs i 'Of "bdthj schools '-were Called together Friday afternoon by Supt. C. A. Cryer for the purpose of studying curricula, the subj'ect uppermost in the minds of all lead- ng Texas educational leaders -At the preseht tlme._ • BOOK TEA Continued • from Page 1, Sec. 2 from the south line and 1,000 feet from the east line, No. 7 is 330 feet from the south line and 322,6 feet from the east line, and No. 8 is 664 feet from south line and 330 feet from east line. Op epeciflize In Qlaaaes Ms well aa Owens O DR. PAUL 0 Firrt National B« omfartable newest/etyleB. al Clihic Optoi/etrlst. BIdg. Eton* 269 PAMPA OFFI01S BOTJFI.1 COMPANY, Phone Center <*"' \ - .. t , .i '.-** . leastj(lifef times easierJa Male Inv lome loday than 9^ *ny" time in tho ' ." has been dona to in —*o rent— to imBtove youf Kome-n-an idea a steady/ncorafcp* NATltrrtAL ''O'DOWN PAY- italled accurate ish at abso- you. •iji not make FOX RIG & LUMBER CO, TWIMS in on Frf nfljy „ Night, 9:3f WQAI, NWS Hour JK¥,, JSVQO Feor»»ry JO/ 1935 Mrs, Charles Bugbee with luncheon and' bridge to ,.the 1922 club, Mrs. Seldon >Bagby tp: the,Contract club, Miss Willie Glenn Parten with, a Valentine party. Zone W. M. S. Meets > L MIAMI, Feb. 9.—Mrs. P. T> Teas of Canadian was elected chairman of zone three, Methodist Missionary society, at an all-day zone meeting ast week. All societies, in the Bone were represented. i • Altar Society Elects BORDER,, Feb. 9.—Mrs.A.i L. Schmltz was elected president 1 of the Catholic Altar Society when its first meeting of 1935 was held with Mrs. O. E. Dorsey this week. em Hln- Play Presented ! WHITE DEER, Feb. 9.—Tlie Dramatic club presented a three-act comedy, Spring Waters, Friday evening under direction of Mrs. Neal Edwards, as a band benefit. Observe Golden Wedding 1 WHEELER, Feb. 9.—Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Craig Sr., pioneer residents of ..Wheeler county, celebrated their jolderi wedding anniversary last Friday, when their children surprised them with a luncheon) Five of their nine children were present. Leaders of home demonstration club work in this county will attend a four-county meeting at Pampa Feb. 13-14 for a publicity conference with Mrs. Cunningham, state chairman. Mrs. C. H. Candler, county council chairman here, will attend. Surprised On Birthday . GROOM, Feb. 9.—A surprise, birthday party for H. A. Cranmsr was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dee Fee last week. Chartk Member Principal • J, A. Meok of B. ,M. Baker school has been an active member of Baker Parcnt-Tcach- cr association since its organization eight years ago. The association boasts the membership of the principal and all teachers: Mmcs. P, Arrlngtoiii B. G. Gordon, A. J. Johnson; Misses Beatrice Drew, Angelhie Dubbs, Clarice Fuller, Bcr.nice Larsh, Ethlccn Murrell, Wilma Perkins, Julia Shackleford, pwlyit .Slmnldiii, Clr.o Snodgrass, and Martha Wulfmanj. Messrs, W. ,T. Hurst and O. F. Shewmaker. Continued from Page 1, Sec. 2 Mrs. George Sharum will entertain the Eight Hearts club. Mrs. Carl Baer will entertain the Happy Hour club. Junior Treble Clef club will meet at city club rooms, 4:15. FRIDAY Priscilla H. D. club will meet with Mrs. Norman Walborg. Mrs. Roy Sullivan will entertain Laff-a-Lott club. Intermediate .department of. First Methodist, churoh will have a Valentine party at the. church, 7,:30. Altar Society of Holy Souls church will sponsor a pie supper at the city club rooms. . SATURDAY County Parent-Teacher council will meet at high school cafeteria, executive boai;d at 11:30 a. m. and general meeting at 12. Prof. Edward T. Thorndike of the Alaska Teachers' college, estimates that a. knowledge of 10,000 "word meanings", is the minimum requirement for a student graduating from the ninth .grade if hp is to read com prehcndingly of present day world events. 6RADE .LEARNS TO, DOv ?JUNGS— Afofi DDES 'EM vfirst (traders .fire bonding a house all one school - here, and keeping store at. another «ne. A fifth : grader, room has taken on the appearance of a broiulctuting station, nnd the hall of, anothef buildln? recently, held an exhibit of handwork such as rjlcunied grandmother In her spare moments as a girl. It is all a part of the new trend in education, that gives the students something to do as they learn facts so naturally that they never know they're having lessons. Visits to ward schools here show busy groups doing trie most unex* pected things, and sometimes leaving school on trips to a bakery or airport to check at first hand.-the information they have gleaned In this or that unit project, And. More Ideas Still more new ideas In curriculum making are being considered and tried as a part of a state-wide move. The recent visit of Dr. Brunei', curriculum expert from a nationally famous teachers college, gave impetus to the Interest of local teachers in new methods and subjects. Suggestions of Qp, Bluncr are being followed at Junior high school in a study unit using social sciences with all other subjects integrated. The same plan is being .tried in fifth and sixth grades at B. M. Baker school. In ward schools, several Interest- Ing projects..have occupied pupils. The home building work is in progress in Miss Thelma Thorpe's first grade at Woodrow Wilson. After visits to a lumber yard here, pupils built the house, large enough for them to enter. It Is being papered now. Furniture has also been built, curtains and rugs made. Eng- AUTO LOANS See Us ForJSeady Cash To • Rcfinaijwf H Buy ,«" new^car ~y m RcjlUee^'ppyments y'' B R&iso mpniey to mael bills. Prompt afia CpurJ«ous Attention INSURANCE ; AGENC/ I Cpmbs-Woiiey Bldjr. ,P1>. — el Kfilvpwefors at your will find exactly Nineteen beautiful, new models— all sizes •—all types—all prices— the finest line Kelvinator has built in 21 years in the industry 1 You are cordially invitq i your ats in ^c'tefrigeraH are illustrated~"s8n^e of the features that make these new Kel- vinators so outstanding. There • are many more—featufi fuc / that absolute satisfaction aha perfoi lodel l4M9sii^-iiyV'* -f VI* w uj. *<u*k* W«M***M^ r u«; model you w\nt at a price that is well within yoVr budget. Low down payment and easy terms. 19 NEW MODELS The .FOOD FILE for fresh The CONTROL PANEL wllh U The PASTRY SET with refrig- The FROST CHEST for keep- vegpt8i>ls»—left-oxers—dairy freezing tpeeds. orgtetf rolling jiiQ, Ing fish, rn^gj, etc., indef- prodvcti, • lnlt«lx qt b«|?*-fr»exing PAMPA HARDWARE & IMPLEMENT CO. 120 North, Cuyler phone 4 lish and number w&rk have been learned painlessly by the small carpenters. - 1 5>,>i.- '!•,:: Girls Sew^Bfly* «ftw Tjie handwork efchiblt WfiiS at'Sam Houston school, where pupils fchoose their own project for ft ; daily ftc* tivtty hour, and are assisted, by the teacher in carrying It out. Oirlg made tea towels, hot part ^holders, nnd other needlework fof.thb home, while boys made doorstops* tie ratks, and similar articles in -Woodi ••:•• ••:-, i T3ie radio statton is Simulated in a room at Hdrace JWanrtv,'where pupils "broadcast" the.•infoftha>- tion they are'gBining In tt sttttly of Europe as compared ito- the;.United States In native products^ Imports, and exports,' itJsuaily- !'dry" .facts are more interesting When spoken intd a "microphone,", they find. Other grades • there, as well as at other ward schools, have en joy*ed Studies of home , Industry rrtadfe on trips to the airport, flour mill, bakery, dairy farms, and oil fields. ERROR CORRECTED Through an error in the advertisement 'of Purr Food store Friday wax paper was quoted at 3 rolls for 15 cents. . it -should •• have been "Wax paper, cut rite, 2 rolls 15 cents." , -;-. 5 lAPANEsfe ,f EA A (Japanese t» : .-»iii be given by olftla, four of First Methodist Missionary "society at'2:30 tomorrow at the home of Mrs. Ralph Ohlsum, 115 T?i SVarVen. It was planned last week wheni the gltrup began study of a new book, Japanese Women SpeaK. All' are asked to come in Japanese costume if convenient, and to bring material for the circle scrapbook. •-. • • Use Dally NEWS Classified Ads. Dft. q. c. BRUCE SPECIALIST Practice limited to the treatment of Genlto-urlnary, Blood and Shin Disease*. Formerly of Hot Sprlflgt Ar- kanws »hd Amarlllo, Teian. (11 years experlente) Boom No. I Pint National Bank Bid*. Pamp» TezM L. Serves You Better and Saves Hau More/ \ Gay as the first Robin ing PRINTS in a Colorful Array Brig and genuine: . yat >. ANNOUNCEMENT! Servce Between City, Okla. rvice Bet id Oklano I2 No(w LeaVre at . m. and 5:30 Ai. m, Making / ect Connections fo/ All Points North, South Bua Fa/es Are Now er Before. Save Time . Same Money . More Cpnvenieii Call your local Ticket Agent At PAMPA 00$ TERMINAL Phone 87J ^' '£

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