The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on October 4, 1959 · Page 8
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 8

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 4, 1959
Page 8
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I . TEE BBAZOSPOBT PACTS BmoiporUnd B work Oounty, T«XM, Sua4>y, Qgtgbtr 4,1969 Jackets Swee P ers, 34-8 Galena Park's talented] band of Yellovrjaciets' served warning on fee °th" er District 12-AAAA clubs last night by whipping the Brazospori Exporters, 34-8. Rated sixth in the state schoolboy AAAA diviBKi,] the well-balanced Jacket*; i-ode roughshod over fee! sinless Exporters as »] crowd of 5,500 looked cm: *rom Hopper Field. j Friday's iZ-AAAA inaugural j oaw the swill Galena Park] Bidders take the Urn hurdle i jown the rugged disuin path-j in beaticg riaraen ^. oj»ej« \ l h « XeiiuwjBCkeU . forrins them io pant ; The pant -m-tort only It ysrfit Bud the Exporters totSc -vw«i on the GP tt. Two ruiinluf plan's jot the Snps Shree yarfls end a pass from Walker to From thsCT the Snij* there flier «rew « S*» penalty anfi decided 4e fo for «otl T»W» We* long enough, but oft to the tafle and aa food. late in th« first period, tb»| &ups *tt*o* ther first «i Eve' lumrjes and GP leuingred on, aieir own M. for fl» sight.! i porter futntSes, erring the Ex- 25 fumbles for four nd IS te «heir fset Frosi the H, the Jatfcete west 66 yards i» «s^t pity*, scoring four plajn deep la ** second period. This openri upiplays to score,, -with St*wart.from the six,"Stewart Mt W*I• IVposrst second period. 'going up the middle thorn the don wth • TD pass, -raklr* Fallback Mike Smith brokelone. The poirrt try was tuatk- the baUtuE* count, 1B-0. low right tackle from IS ed, tearing the score, !*-«, J On lh«_ Shippers^ first Uck rar& out, JusnU*d at the joal land tackle Gary Benett re- over the *»! to the booted the point Four plays later, Tate jot oS a 14 yard punt against the and GP took orer on the Ship S3. It took them Walker then pumt to Hynds fat /our, tossed i high shM to Tatt, who had * sensational catch lor 17 and a first on the around ends in the itaai two hurdler lor »s yarae inn » ""•>•",•"• TuL. ..V MS ^Qnwal^Twar^pSysjIn^^ «* M*** Coop* Ur*. ChrtoU-*, •>^:, d In. nme W,ite ttofot toe. on later tot GP got fte bullT» « off a boomer, but Welflon Ford m»d* soa.* neat ™H p ^ nt ' ro ' k j!j g *^ ^u ^ toe on^e* ^n^jn ^^ from a score, Wilker) point p«ss to Hynd« mtd« it up their fourth straid of the 185* lortoail; easoo, while the Shippers .ook it OB tht cfcin lor th* ...utb t'rnt this year. ; AS the Exporter scouts had _-.*, speedy Jack Weliion was .e man to stop. , £?&, Mr. Weio.on was not to , e corral»d on tot Hopper , ieid turi. The 12-AAAA hur- u;e champion, who run* th« IBS - yard dass in 8.8, account ' ed ior 13 pf Galena Park's 3t points. . Xne speedster caught oat easy sax yard pass Iron <juar- Leroacfc Stu Stewart. His other iwo TD romps leit the Export-' trt hanging oo the ropes. Once of hauled in a Siuv; punt on his pwa 26, set tail .,0'A-n the ieft sidelines and bt- ..ind i wave ol blocaer* > vmr>- ,d 74 yirds lor anou>t< G? ./jie. Weldon was nit or *t .art touched lour limes dur g this ijtr/' j rg dash. .jito came cit third TD. .us tat ^acxeu in trost 27-0, ..^wart tired a short pass to . irom the Exporters S5. j toofc the pass on zas iar Jelt, cut up the middle and aeaded strgigat to the red Jiag on We right side. He hao to curoie about toui tzponers but nianaged to carry the pigijun in ail th* way as the Jacttii oailea down the /inal peg in their expected romp over the Snippers. u « _ __ _ ItWmt 41 W4J MJC WM »*J^ "•» V... j ^ ^ ._«y s that hit paydirt ufain and runnifif oo Ws 7« ymrd-ded »ome yardaje. Sorto« J8 yards. . - - —....( ™«. « ,. Stewart's passes to Ronnie Crouch took care of 11 and nine yards, while Stewart went 20 yards on a light cad rollout hiinsell On third dewa ana runnsfif oo rut 7« yarn-nou numc ^«>»•«. punt return ior a TD. Ht had "VTith time rtnoninf out and lour blocker* with him the last behind, IS-8. Waats- tried a B yards. ! fourth flows pass, cprding 17 Galena's second unit pltyedifrotn hi* tnrn «8 *nd lost lire most ol the «econd half and to the »5, with GP getting the failed to move th* ball against!bait away tried a long psis to Taw snd 34-8- mterfwtnce wai esllcd, giving the Ships a 24 yard pJtkup and set up a first on the OP SO. i~wt Galena Park closed out tba fsme with Stewart pasting io yards to Crouch and a first on the Exporter 40, FACT! Host DP Next... Angleton Swamps Clear Creek, 56-0 ly BILLY WCHAHDBOH Facts Bports Slaff Ia a game thxt wa( as oae-sid- ' hal* c! them from Anglftan — |tht third period, to set the saw the Wildest* completely j stage (or KiUough's 32-yard dominate the District StS-AA' touchdown run. confereact opener. EXPORTER Haliback Coopn Ford. no. 4» ia th* light. B«*» rtdoy around *ad a piichoBt fa laat nilhfs Pfatriet opener asabui Calcaa Park. Th* Shippers took • M-« iollios at th* hands of th* Jackcta, OB Bob Walker, Ho. IT. looks on- ed as the score indicates, tht' Striking tor three touchdowns .powerful A^gleton Wildcats in the first <tuarter, Angkton rolled to a smashing 56-0 rolled on to t J2-0 halftime lead Kenneth Green and End Russell Matliews hooked up Ior another long gainer, a 37-yard; to th« four-yard-line Deer Park Nexf... slaughter of the Clear Creek j and tacked on S« mor« points set op Angteton's final iotich- | Wildcats Friday night. iin the second half tot food'down. ! Some SOOO Jans — more than | jneasure. ! Sophomore Halfback Mitt Triggered by the sensational : Morehe«d excited the crowd running of Fullback Barry I with a 45-yard sprint that al- Kerr, who romped ior three:snost went for a touchdown in; TD's, the Wildcats rolled upjth* third period, but the run 25 first downs and a total of j was rubbed out by a penalty. ' 5M yards passing and rushing.! While Coach Moore substitut- Tfa* only thing that keptL,* freely, standouts in the «i jjuixi BconcK zn ^ An^cton defense were James against the Wildcats for a-Myrick, Larry Martin, George whopping 117 yards — in the) Viet, Gerald Buchta, Donald opposite direction from their Andrews, Don Smith, andi Angleton 'B' In 64-0 Win Coopers -By MARLBNE In Gala Halftime Show Cowgirls were plentiful Fri-|At this time the twiriea per- clay night as the Galena Park" 56t total. ON THE SMOOTHEST ALLEYS IN TOWN, .. It costs so little to enjoy the finest bovling taclliUes. Our alleys are tournament* size. Most modern scoring equipment. Automatic pia spotters. Ask your friends to Join you here tonight for an evening of fun. Call us now for reservations. OPEN 24 HOURS! FREE PARKING! FREEPORT BOWLING LANES TAEPON INN VILLAGE FEEEPOET Amazing though it Is, even. : Alter a 84-0 rout of Oear^-u, A hipped me Alvin 'B Q-eek, Kjrby JeU's Anglelon j team, 4&-0, ana then handed 'with their penalty losses,; Wildcat '8' team now pom'. tc;vhe LaMarque 'B' team a 38-14 I Angleton aever bad to punt, a clash with the unbeaten Deer i setback. 'during the course of the game,! I Park 'B' grinders. ! The Angleton-Deer Park 'B': while Clear Creek booted the George Drury. FOLLOW THE CROWD TO ivoided •= , y e |iowjackets invaded Hopper formed. Angltton crew, winner j game will be held Thursday,; ball seven times. lot three r^aight gamer this{Oct. g, at Deer Park, starting! The Clear Creek Cats were Galena Park certainly puljy e£ r i Dal } iittl e trouble with 1st 7:30 pjn. I plain 'and simply outclassed:)!* ey ariving 34 yards iflijyeid and lei', their sting on on • fin* show. Their forma 'clear Creek as the Wildcats! Against CC, the Wildcats only |Probably the weakest osember live piayi and pusned over thei;h e Brazt.port Exporters with; lions were good, and Brazos-. ro ijed up 24 points in the first | allowed on* first down and tht Jin the 25-AA league, Clear TD wita iwo seconds Jeft Of ll .j4.g final score. 'port gave them an enthusiastic {period and made it 44-0 at; nearest CC got to ihe Angle-1 Creek managed only six lirst cne cioc«> /ioo .. Around o^OO fans were on , OIIB of the three (land to see the gridiron dash. used by Cooptr Galena Park brought a lot of hand for their enjoyable per-\haUtime. formance. Brazosport'i Exporter Band airectto. toe arive, of whicn people with them as well «j did well on the field, as usual, jton goal was the 35, that com-;downs, and a skimpy 45 yards; The game opened the 'B'jmg on a Wildcat fumble. I rushing, and 38 passing against! team schedule for District 25 ! Mlliam Munson, Skippy i Angleton's stout defense. four ol tile five plays wti e : their passes. A pau interference j team, call on GP, gooo for 21 yards ; south band and girls' , drill There wind was that a strong prevailed sparked the closing drive. ; throughout the game but oth- Waiker i o u n d end Don .^ynds open in end zone from .ne EIX and iired a perfect strike. The tame twosome .aired up to give the Shipers their two points. ,._A teams. 'Moore and Bill Robersoa ailj Coach Herman Moore played; They .marched onto the field j over the last two season'* ; pushed across two touchdowns ; nl» alternate unit most of the: in an inverted formation. Xexi,! Angleton has won 13 games and • in the Angleton rout. Rober-! second half. ; they moved into what is called jost none, one of those victories ] son had one 40-yard TD dash j Kerr turned in scoring jaunts MUFFLERS "Company front" form. This being over Deer Park last year called back. jut 12, 15, and 92 yards, to leadt . _ formation is made by a short T nat defeat is the only loss on Munson went 1Z and 23 yards j the Wildcat attack. Halfback The Yellowjacket band had! line centered in the field flank ji^e DP slate for two years ; ty score, while Moore had ones Bill Killough also hit pay dirt; ack uniforms with gold trim Jed on each side by a line thatj This year Deer Park ceat!run of eight and Rober? 01- i twice, on runs of lour and 32 i d big gold plumes in their j reaches all the way across th.\ ; the Galena Park sgphomjres,!reeled off a 35 yarder. .'yards. Quarterback Robert Du-J hals - Tne . unit were white with fringe on the short of the girls gold and downs to six tor the Ships, .isd 153 yards rushing to Era- .osport't 61 and lead in pau '.g, 146 to 96. The Exporters could ,hat. The girls squad combined their talents with the band in the half time performance. Tbr visitors were first on the field .,- , ; '' Of course the band "mad* ut one first down in the firii ^jj, the raufic w^j* th* drill ; all while GP got nine. Two, teara did && part . Some <rf f the Ships six first downs V. -wi, were tnDti with b»- Ships imc in the TD driv*. the Held. From this they went into* a series of intricate maneuv-j ers and then ended up in the; 'Company Front" form again j Before the finale, the Ex- i porters march&d into "Troup- • ing the Front." Notice how the lines up and down the field: remain perfectly straight until they seem to melt together on the 45 yard line. .Last, the band ended up with the floating diamond formation which by now should ; ilms Fair Quarterback V/ade Cook us ieitt and End Carles AmosJ ed a rollout plav to -core frcm! teamed up on a 49-yarci passj 50 yards out and i-arry LeelPlay that^ clicked lor ( a jcuch-j went 40 yards on one pV.' '-rr oown, ' *" """ Travis Hall added a: QB Meeting another six points. Th« Jinal Angleton touchdown came j when Roy Harris passed to ! Eddie Nida< That play :ovc. led some SO yards. Angleton scored on nearly :! _«_i. &i__ ^i i i *i_ . « »* Brarosport's yuarterbacn each tim* they had the Club will holti their regular r Due to the brisk wind blow-; r. r , with pom-poms. 'tons, some with lassos and oth j begin to be familiar to you. who have attended the gamrs ig in from the south, the! First th* band formed GPHSj Among those in the stands unters had a bad night, butj;n the salute to their scnooL —=..-—. -......- - _ .. -ie Shippers got off a few ood boots with the wind and and then they formed BHS to salute our school. Then. whll» ported an avertge ot Zi.O th* band formed an anchor, ards on seven Kicks. GP went > the girls * unit made a whit* 9.2 on seven. rope entwined through it M Far on* full quarter, the Ex- 'Mississippi Mud" was played. were Milburn, WUma and Donna Kay Emroons, C. A. Rasmujsen. Mr. and Mr> T^r- rf Parks. Jean Simmons. *<>»rk and Mary Powell. Forrest and Maxine Beene. T>r. Crow*, and Charles and BiHle Evans. -orters looked like a team 1 '4th a minion, at least on de-' fense. ] With ]»•; -/bus. Pat Pat-! trton, But Larry Ma:' //ay, th* Sh ^ark scoreless. Other stout • • * * Thursday night at th* '.'illenbtrg snd'Freeport - Lake Jackson Jun- leading the'uor High game there was what held Galena'> was a record crowd ot 3,SOti defensive ; people or play were more. Th* stands and people w*r* nme from Bud Jackson, 6indy crowded along the sidelines to anodes, Donald Pisklak, Ken.i wstch to* game which w»§ neth Bear, Don Hynds, Forest 'eally a good one. Coutins, Bob Tate, Forest j There was no lack of cheers Clark, Notl McArnilty Boyi" * icil *&* **& their share. Cannon, Kenneth Lee, A Ian'The new cheerleaders w«r« Shorkey and others. ready and quite capable of In fact during toe Km K-rie. ' esdj ?« th * ye "*: B .°' h "^ of downs, after tht Ships had; i *. uad * *«• r «* .f^f 1 * «* won the toss tnd taken th«i'' /nl ? b , lou « f - SaniUrly, botti wind, thtu kicking to GP, tt« M** 1 * U ° 1wor * r " locals set the Jackets back for'f 0 !"?' " ^ ^ . . * « «i* yard loss in three downs, ™» abundance of red and ' white cause a little confusion at times as to who was who There also was some chaos as fans discovered that th* Fr««- port numbers OL. the program Monday night meeting this week and go over game films ot the Exporter 12-AAAA grid opener with Galena Park. Th* Monday, Oct. 5th, meeting will be held at the Senior High School Cafeteria and will start at 7:30 p.m. T. C. Stlman, president of the QB Club, announced that along with the game film there would be a brief talk by Ship coach Harden Cooper about the game. A scout report on the Shippers next football foe, which ts will also 5nee they had to punt, on tht Irst series of downs and oncp they fumbled. • The Wildcats have novt ilanked Wharton, 14-0, Went ' ' 'mbia, 42-0, and now Clear Creek, 64-0. In a game with unbeaten AAA Bay City, the Wildcats saw a power failure cause the Jghtj to go out just bezor* the half and end the game. The score was 0-0 at thai time. did not correspond with those I 50 "" 1 Houston, • on th* football jerseys. '• featured on the Monday d.v;l;.-t Lak. Jackson and FreeponiT^Ex^rte^are dueto pl,y have patterned their halftimt- performance around th* formations that the high school is using. Freeport was first on the field. Their shew was based 8th at the Paiadena football field. As in the past the Brazoz four-yard TD plunge. j The Wildcats ran over the] two points after each touchdown, with Dueitt converting three times, Hickie Scott two,i and Bobby Krenek and Kerr: one each. j Heir's 92-yard sprint late ia the third period saw the/Wildcat speedster break into the clear and outrun his defenders! to the goal. The run is th*' longest of the season for the) Wildcats, and may b* the long-; est gain from scrimmage in re-j cent Angleton football history.! Kerr almost got loose on another 48-yard sprint early in Zinc and aluminum coated steel \ ( to combat internal corrosion... | the No. 1 enemy of mufflers! •£9M5MBlHimBnil>KBBHH \Double interlocking seams for your protection against] \leakage of deadly carbon {monoxide gases/ * * Wildcat Offense Off And Running AHGLETON-CLEAR CREEK GAME STATISTIC! * * * Galena Park Hands Shippers Fourth Defeat CAME STATISTICS BRAZOSPOBT-CALEHA PARK flnt Dnvns Fass** AU*mpt*d f*ttn Passing • ' Vttds teal Tfvd* Shippm I 10 7 0 86 7 ior 34.0 Avg. 3 for 45 5 3 SI 157 JadcHs li II 10 e 148 7 for '"2 7 for 8S 3 0 1(3 3SS th. "Company Front" _ a tp. of precirion drilling.i From this they developed into' port Quarterback Club run a B-B-Q stand Br will! th*: iria County Fair in An-! E year and all mem-; can arc- urged to re- '• X »V*»I MU& hue., «4KYC4VfVU *44 fcW j . . . t , . the multiple diamond and th«|P° rt . d< ^L^ e ^",?™ D .°,i fating; diamond that th. highj £ Monday. rne,tmg, ail school has displayed. people that are planning on i In conclusion, the Redskin j ^Zf"? ,17 R R o hnnth »-j x;r^,,^ is.. »,-..»' working in the B-B-Q booth at last The Lake Jackson pep squad ; e ae acson pep squa ; «^ I gave their band a rousing wel- j DOOlan come as they marched onto the field. Don H;>od is the Panther] Band Director. They extcuwd a scries of very good maneuv-1 ers also patterned after th», high school band. Among these were the Re- termed Company Front, Diamond Drill, Forward and flnt Downs Masses Att*ropt*d ?ass*s Complttid ?ass*s Int*rc*pUd /ards Passing ?unis and Yards ?«na!U*s fumbles Fumblti Lost Yards Bushing Total Yards G«ln»d Cl«*r Creek Twice As Pups Edge Alvin Jrs. With quarterback Larry Doolan doing the scoring, _ , ... , Sweeny's Junior High Pups Backward Mar chinj, and downed to e Aivin Mustangs, Trooping the Front (marched at * 45 degree angle). They gave a truly fin* per. farmance. Some of the maneuvers Lake Jackson did we havt 12-6, recently in a Gulf Coast Conference clash. Doolan raced 40 yards tot one score and then scampered 32 yards for still another six J not ever teen a junior high at i ; >rjjnti. Both times Doolan us tempt before and many high • ed rollouts to notch Sweeny * school* as we-!!. It's noi easy 12-6 win. to march at a 45 de? 1 - • •'• " 'eeny will host th* CluU and keep your ii-v •'ars in a Thurtdav name lout we thong"-' the ui this v Vs --late, v.-h : le A) (did remarkably well at it. Ivin moves into Freepurt. We Ilk.- to s.iy "YES'". CARLOANS I GUARANTEED FOR THE UFE\ \ OF YOUR CAR against dsfec-} j live workmanship or materials! \ mmmmmmmmmmmmm "Acoustically-Controlled" I construction for super-quitt operation! FREE IMSTALLATIOM W« do It In minuUBl Stop In TODAY 49-53 Ch«v. or *«rd PAY ONLY Others slightly higher BRAZO/SPORT Freeport MUFFLER INSPECTION tl Your Sxhoust System Mor«'( what w« Aw ire$tone STORE Ul West tat, Tarpon Inn Village FSEEPOPJ tKtt

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