The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 29, 1897 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
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Wednesday, September 29, 1897
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The , SEPTH&R 29, 1807. "^i --^ Absolutely Pure «tiy«t touowo powoen eoi, HEW V6mc Named for the Greatest Mayoralty Position Existing in the United States. ., BtJfcEK (MP "G1EATBR that adopted" by the <!tmvfthU6n. at ClitcMo 1*4 «»* 1 * other bo]ji8|n.^es tfte: lileutcf»st>l 6or, CnYtytibpher T". Caltehan, ot Mot- yoke; secretary of «iat<S C, D. Nash, of Whitman; attorney" le«-erftl, John A. O'Keefe, of i-ynn; treasurer ana *& culver general, T, A. WatBtm, o cb«ventlon Vas 80 disorderly al^tlme» Ion of ifllams was - convention. i nomina~ BepuMlttttM Ctmnot tJrtJte wdtft t|ie M*n, AlthoHRh , a <*«fei*ne* with TImt Wateon &. .Watson have the newest styles in Walking Hats,. Sailors, Bicycle Hats and Children's JFJchool Caps. West State Street. • _____ T neat ion "Days. • In the lake regions of ttlseonsin.North, ern Michigan* Minnesota, Iowa and South "Dakota* along the lines of tho Chicago, Milwaukee A St. Prtul Railway, are hundreds of charming Vcwal tit'-? preeminently fitted (6r summer, homes, wauls alLof, which are located on or near lakrs which have not been li'ahed out. "Thews'resorts range in variety from the "full dross for dinner" to th« flannel nhirt costume f«r every meal. Atftou^t .tbo list are namtn Inmiltar to many of our readers a* theater foclion of northern sttmer resorts. Nearly all of tho Wisconsin points ot in'ert-fit nre within 1i short distance from Chicntfo or Milwaukee, anrt none of them are «o far away, froii the "buSy marte of civilization 0 that they cannot be reached; in a few houMof travul.hy frequent train8,over the 8ne.H road iu.tlw northwest— theChicagq, Mihv.aukee'i St.'Paiil Hallway. Send a two cent stamp for a copy of "Vacation B'y* 1 ' cmna a dc-scniition of tho Great Eiithr. : •teftfflrim tho ChU-iiRO for <Sov- nonncwl. , .,«.„ ,^~. ^,.. ... -C^tiera! Benjamin F. Tracy, former secretary of the navy, was last night nominated by the convention of the regular- Republican organization'for tnaVor of Greater New L ernor—Injiiiu'tloii'i I'i nonncwl. New T-ork. Sept. 29.—a««era principal rc*oriB, and nli« of summer hotels ana boardinR hou»™, rturt rnttfl f»r board, tp Oeo. H. Heattord, GoQcrnl Passenger Agent, Chicngoi 111. York. Seth Low, the nominee of the Citizens' Unfon, got 1<W ttjan fifty of the 348 vtes east. Ml9 name was received by" the delegates and Spectators with •jeers and hisses, and Jacob Worth, the leader of the opposition to Senator Platt, was crit-d down \\hen h*» «".pxfd to present LiO\\'a name. • Nnr.e f f tH defeated Low mfeh, however, i-xpressed an Intention to bolt the Tegi'l, r ticket. 'The Citizens' Union several C.xys ago announced 'that the withdrawal of tow was Out of the question, and the Republican onm- mitTee"~at £he same ttme presented an Ultimatum to 4he effect that Low was 'not-'.acceptable''.to the-.Republican organization. Negotiations were then discontinued and were hot resumed yesterday, although the Brooklyn committee, •et-flfty and the Purroy Democracy, both supporting Low. made a last appeal to the Republican leaders In -Low's Ijehalf. llolil a Conference That Failed. The convention' met and organized, and thgn took a recess,- having appointed a conference committee to meet committees from other organization*) that desire'-«. union against Tammany. The. committee held a secret session. There were present representatives of the. Brooklyn Committee of Fifty and of the Purroy faction. The Citizens' TJnlfin Was not reprwEted, Henry T>. Purroy made a. vlg-oroua speech, 'advocating 'the 1 in- dorsement of IM\V. Members of -the Brooklyn committee alro ppnke for I<ow. National Commlttwman Fred S. Gihhfl denounced Low as a J.'MuRivumpY" and Chairman Quigg said the convention coulil, not consider Low. If -the latter would .withdraw -'from the race then there might ''be. sonic-thing 11 dtrhe. Low's friends' wild that he was In the field to KO almost to require,the . the police. George J^efl; the, principal ri#ute in t* There wfcs 8$ opposttio,_ lion for governor, btij/hte Insistence tm the turning* i^wn of old party leaders who were luWw»fm In support of ttlm- and Bryan/test fall created a tumult at the outset befos«t perme *?nt prgan- wllon toad/been effected, » ReprcstmtaUve FltzgoivJd was ordered M his seat when he Rttefflpted to npcak, and "his adllerpnts at one tlmp tlhre«4enpd to sustain Mm by force. Finally otder wps partially restored and after a speech fcy Mr. WilllTiis a recess was, taken: The Convention reassembled In the afternoon. Colonel Johrt T. Rice waa elected permanent chairman. B&- sldes Indorsing the Chicago platform of. 1*96 the platform says that "Just H6W a shorta&e of the world's food rropa, culminating Ifi widespread arid ghastly AFiatlcTamlne. has rated prices for our products. These abm^m'al conditions have larfTcly eliminated iho competition of sltvor-uslng countries. But a recurrence" of Rood crops win renew the lieroe competition of these countrlt", which will again underbid thf AmtnUan farmer and reduce ttu woild's prit.os of agricultural products." In a eubfteqUtnt plahk of ttif platform mcnt by injumtlon." Tiii? pUnk "The country has seGti with IndiRra- tlon the lopical^ result of thi? judicial, tyranny, where, after an un«iual Strug- pip iastinR nlnt- weeU?. conducted with remarkable self-ctmtrol and long suffering by thousands of .starving, miners', ap- >»eaHng in a free land for, a living wage, men unarmed and In peaceable prorps- Bion^are shot drmn on the. public highway. x Let thf people rpiwrnhpr thlsi roassarrV^at Ixattlmer nnd rpsolve that gpvernmem by Injurr-tion rtwll not be tolPratM and>that American liberty shall not Farm Property li I am prepared to inaiwe fariu t proporty atone per cent for thrc'e years in a good first cloas coinpanv doing business un- dor license from tho fttuto insuriinco com- menus emu mm- UK noo m me ,it..« «.»- mismoner, better than the' Mu- stay, and a Wrangle, for nearly 1 i-t- —.. *. 1_ n... _« fi*.*. vtn j-i A+ J *.rt> ml Ij-ki t"»'»1 (Jll TL 11 Vt — tual companies. • '• HEN uY BENS KU, Agent. 8100 Howard $100. The readers of thiB papor.will be phased to loam that there ia at least one droade<1 diacaso that Bciencehas beeXah'o to euro in nil its stage's and that is catarrh. Hall'fj Catarrh cure is the only positive^euro noWyj known to the inwlMsat frateroity. \Cfttarrh I being a constitutional disease reqtfires a I nots , re gi TO ents. constitutional trcatmentf. Hall ( «r Catarrh cure i« taken -tteroally, ac^i^f directly upon the Woodland muc'ous:«aTficeB of the —i, thereby destroying the foundation rtfttnltlrttt*. ^09* Mott-^ , of the artillery, with' two <&«$ of Infinity and «. Detachment'o| , 7 _ I ttt«t we«k on bbard, the Spanish torpedo beat In ardcr to feco'ttholtre "ihe cftast province of Pitrar ae< nlo. } Near Gap* Satt Antonio, 1ta western c*trert«ly + *>n Thursday last, Captain Moiia*tei lo land-v act & at'tacnWnt of h-ls ttqops at Calm-', anora, atid on the ta&3 Wt Ltf Jteula he discovered -one Hotohlrisf» cashed 1,890 Cftr'ti8<SKe« for ihe'gw'n, a'quftiittty-of artillery harness, *b«P p««k teddies, twelve boxes of ttolchRlss* cannoti car- .trld^es- and oth_er munlUona, Including a quantity of dynamite cartridges. Continuing the search Captain Mon- aste^ found near Caiman la beach and nearPunta de Leon 80S boxes of Rem- Ipgton and. Stauser rifle cartridg;^s. It was Apparent that att these munitions Of war had recently been 'landed in tha| •Vicinity by * filibustering expedition. x HOW AlioUt THAT ENGINEER f WUl H« Ho Bnty Hnngtcil *o* MI» Cowardly 1 ' Crime? fallahaasee, Fla., Sept. 29.—Reports from Apaluchlcola say there was serious rioting theve Mcnday. It appears o thaf a White engineer on the steamer C. D. Owens sent a negro boy to a shoemaker for his shoes. The s*opmaker told th<» boy he could not get thtf shoes without the money. When the boy gave the message to the engineer he attacked the lad with a knife, cutting his throat. -The boy was dead In a lew Jtnlnutps, The negroes became terribly excited. They gathered In large numbers and attempted to lynch the engineer: The Fianklln County Guards were' orSered out and With the assistance of cltteens a lynching was prevented and order restored. ^________ VetenutR. nt the Illinois Stntfc Fair. ^prlngfleld. Ills., Sept. 39.—Old soldiers poured Into the^cfty yesterday from all parts of the state to attend the reunions of variou/ 'regiments and Old Soldiers' day at the state fair. Mem- ,bers of various' regiments are forming permanent i Organization to meet annually at^fafr time. Regiments were represented from Iowa, Massachusetts, Maryland. Maine, Minnesota, New Jer- X sey/New York, Ohio. "" i««»i*/i hfVest V Hcolored < Carolina, Missoilri, veterani of the Mexican war/and over Hghty IUI- ' sol* **"* The Evening News, t * _ it , '•* ^rt* "" 3-9 ^ urn «P Thfe dr^atent AaveftUJng Medium \ lntl|eS«atei*THBDetROitEVBNmaNEW5^ Why? J -' B^Stl»e it hte hy'ltar th» lirgcst elrcniaUort. Wj^a| ] F It? Beca«i*1s II is t^e best d*«y newspapw. If yott Wattt | t ' ,"h6beS"TAKgTHB EVENING NEWS. x , Two cents t copy, Tpn Mnl5 fl WRel( ^ ! ^ 5 ^ r 3 mont ' 13 •s ««ti j& y> .»-«-- ii&t jj*. AGEHT& JN MICHIGAN* The Evening News, Detroit. What if Not Miracles? Tfie CTCaf FoiW-C Remedy is doing work wherever introduced as nearly mir as it ever falls to the lot of any human agency to do (I will *& ?em it a favor for aay one interested to write the persons whose names appear below or anyone whose name may appear among these testimonials.) ttNEFACtORS OF THE RACE. Office ot "KWWI8HKR TiMwC' I Klngflsher. Okla.. Deo. 12, m f my duty to write you beneficial effect of Phelpa' »ast Thursday, I was Mna frith a severe attack of la grtppa »nd In »«>ort lima became so hoarse I obuld n The nlftht not speak above a ht pwviogs I had .courted ht; 5u»t betelre retirtnft I took ttlbieentitBnl|th(la«8weeMy I was e o . 3ouab,CoW/and Croup Cure ebould be to every tn tb* land. I aend you th»» wholly by anyone, •.Editor. A MIRACLE. Kansas City, KMMU,_Deft. M, *W , . I three hours the rheHing adjourned wlth out ,| ' I am prepared to do ladicB' and chil- drea'a shamp-Kjing at their homes, Leave'orderfl at Clark's burbor shop, or at .'15 east Green street. MBS. 'V. \V. ' JHilpHj!<> Tickets. ' A new form of Tliunwinil-Milo Ticket, the ««BH-of-<;ftrefa^ disc,useioo between tho (heir princrpul. putri'nia, will be placed on snld Sept. 1st, at all important Michigan Central tickot oltlces. The ticket i^ sold for jf'W.(K> with a rebut* to the purchaser of $tu,(tt wht'n used It Wax a K<-iuitor l>l«tt Crn-wil. At 7:15 p. m. the convention reaswem bled with a gn-at throng present; Whc.n Sunator Platt. by Mrs. Platt up in cutnpliaiu-a "with its and is acwpted <jn all tht* Hues in the Central ]p&3senger Atssociafcion, -forty- flv» in number and covering a vast extent of country. • ,- '. No milouge book haa yet Ueen devised ^eo. ^C^eptftblfj to all piirties concerned and BO advanti^wms to the holders. Every- oae who i?^ likely- to t,r«»vel a tnoasand.iaiies ia'tt year should av»*l thenmelvea of it,- and eboulxi iioii*ult the nearest MieWgaja Ceatral.tieket . and several ladles appeared in the par- ten-e t>fx! immediately above the rifrht of the platform the band played "Ijail to the Chl^f." and the crowd yelled and cheered until it was hoarse. "Three choerw for. Platt" were given again and affair... The senator bowed- and jfwl!«L Afier the .Worth people Jmd, been sat upon by a large majority and the plat- ^Mw-4ia<l be&n adopted the report "of the futile conference was ihado, and then TMstrk-t Attorney Olrott placed In nomination for mayor General .Benjarjijn F, frsny. The- flag: whifh hl<l from view tlnTlt'tur 3 uf Oeneral ft-fcy -nver the TVS'" of the 'platfrtm, was drnwri aKld>" when GIcoH flni'hpd and the <*Wates set up a yrtl of applause. 'ITie notrilna-. tlhn Was madf mM>nlmo<nr, and In a biiet Traey ^wpud. Drkl'l, diet's were present. Ten thousands-old -/ - tttoM Combine Tbnt ,Mancle, Ind., Sept 29.yAt a 'called, ... , ? Ip the meantimfr Cbaun- rey M.- D«pew nominated far tbc u ent . incumbent, and P/Flteh, the a gold Dtmoi-rat, of the disease, and .giving the pationt Btrength ; by building up the constitution and assisting nature in doing its work. The proprietor* 1iave so much faith m its curative powers that they offer pne,hundr> d dollars for 'any case that it, fails to cure. Seni for liat of tftitnobials. Add rest*, F. J, CHENEY <fc CO.i tolodb, 0,, Sold by df UK gist** 75c. Hall's Family Pills are tho best. j .—,—,— , —, t If you contemplate the purchase of a new hut for the fair, call on Mrs. Merrill Wanted. Apprentice «irle at once. Apply at Graham & Stone millenery store. The Fair. The Fair. , Auctiou by the universal auctioneer. N. A. Sherman, on Friday afternoon. I will aell all K«xid«, horees, tshattU-s of everythi»K that people wish tQ dispose of. terras reasonable. Come to the f»wr; coiofe t«i my stojjd and I will {fttfe you prices and sell whatever you bring and wiehtx^he 3old. ^N. A. Hui£i£Jtf.A^ Universal Auctioneer: %v«8 the Croupy Children t^^tjew, Va»—We have a sale on Chamltxerlftin's Cough and-ouTenStottterB Doming from'far Muncie, inu., n«pi. ui.-rm » v»i.^- rheetlng pf the board of-directors of the Western Window OUuM Manufafturersr association, representing all factories weet of Pennsylvania, at headquarters Jn this city last evening, the Ufa of the organization was expended until the or- gan>iatlon can Ipck hands with the na- •tldnaf aseoclatlon now bolng organized. The meeting wa» made necegsary by the fact that the association would httve died 'Bytlffie limit on Oct. 1. The pro* posed big combine was thoroughly rat- 31 «^&r ttSTwlo-"*. TbeflretaoseBtoppefmy o«Bb; rtept oiid restcJ well; ft ftw more do»e» •emo»ed »11 soreness from ray JUBR»; tB« second Uy 15w» op; tbft .thtW d*y I wwi out^on tW •oroh and to-d»y wu up town purohaslng hoi Way iood». Mwa Jsmtt* BASBMP, . VTMliington AV«- and Summit St, CROUP CURCp. On* *>»« o* PhelM' Coujsh. CoM and Croup 3uro, cave my child instunt r*ll«f wbeo HUoked »ith tbo oroup. W. E. MOOWJ, ot Moore Tiros., Onx»M. ArkanSM City, KftBMB. UNBROKEN REST AT NIGHT. .,. J. tt. HUMHO, Slaoapcr, . Office Commt'.cral Vrhiinni Co., 196 South Clark St. , .', Chicago, Nov. £4, '94 R. B. Phelps, Esq., City, DBAB Em:—I wish to -bear testimony to Uu - - rar "PourC" rcmfdv in throai umouu. As n rule I h'We been sleep- viuoiuxuc merits of proptiotary medicine"), tw' lk»vc to oonfp§sthat a lest of your "Four C' it convincing that at least qtio ready made rernfdj la Worthy of use. My children till take It x\ lib out the wast objection, from oldcs.t to younw and It is particularly noliccable that lioneHt it almost' Immediate.. • A siiiRle doso will chocs most coughs In their beRinnins; itpives on un hrokan test at night. In my family "Four C" ia simply indispensable and I rt-coromend it un ACUTE LARYNGITIS. ' ' Chicago, Snpt. K>, 'W v For 5»at8 back oaoh winter I have feuffr.rea with aonte Laryngitis. Last winter wa* so Bo'jJ I could toot leave my room for two • c? fen of speak above a whisper, i trW ev^r, preuttratiou from co> h drops >• no relleT, then Jn di tratlo i to try Ph«lp'< "Ko-rt '• T5 -'t my cough, elvini? me 'ti- I «• weeks. Half the bottl»,-ur J • . been -without this worn'' r'ul , ni"«.' . tiuoe. It ia a« different from .other lil««r«.i;ii:tii;^M molasses trom vlaegar '-m.wn ctmsh ddowiiwltu i indu«-«tJ to o»e reljpvutf , .tN re^t^ fo, ( liavp nevei &2I.3 iMi'.disou AVO. IT IS A MIRACLE. Conductor Eclorrd, «*fcra»Hm«I /Cortcspon. dfent ot th» Neodiusha Kan«us Icj.-'sMr, hastliis toBftV of "Four C." "Ptwlps li lmvin>: a wor* dflrful ••!• of hifi Cough and CoW R«m.<iy, Wo persoMlly know It ia just wbut It U r -•-'ed to M. Too much cau *. be i;aid in 'Itto'» miracle. BurHog*on,Ia., Sept. ^9.—At the meeting of the Western BaseBallasspciatlonheld here yessterday, all the cities were wp- reaented. The $500 guarantf e to play out the season was taken down- Ttoft Bur- 'Ifn'g'tdn'-Quincy andRockford-Peorlacon- lested games were decided In favor at Burlingtori and Rockford. Cedar Bap- Ida *as awarded the pennant. M*Cnt*hi«m I>*cJar«<l ~Kot fiuilty. Merrill, Wls.. Sept, 29.—The jury in thf caae of i the state again* James -Mc- CUtcheon.. on trial the v past week, u rendered a verdict of not guilty yesterday, McCut^h* 01 * was charged -with the murder of-Adam Coey »t Tomahawk, WW.', who wj» killed 09 A.prU « ?»at during * saloon row, NOTICE TO DfeUdOISTS AND THE PL * ^C. CONTRACT —Drusrai^ts are authorized in ALL CASES TO KEFUNP THE Pim- CHA3EWJS'if the ?lur C Remedy (Phelps'Cough. Cold and Croup Cure. faiB to give satisfaction in Croup, BroocfiitUiAithma,La6nppfe.Coughs arM M,.d f. IK *. v t *i.»*:«... «» ^Aan o^nt^H in fact I cmirantce in .ill r: oiineroi a. R, JKV «*** VUrtllv*. J* < t t CHICAGO, ill. PfQD. "For sale¥y W. T. DRAKE GAJS'STOTES! t-ame W 3t A&- to-, who sacrificed to 'for last year the "' of thfr -.-" , ;tJiB, Wiftj that I ' U. onwed In this city yesterday morn- ins !$&-$> utfa*.--• -—•- your sailora trin;*wed ot the Jajir. Misa ion, of council, , for jureuMteftt of the c«nventj<?» A41 aeco«nte du* th# late flna o| rin & Bis4«si are due and payable to 1. M, Bisbee. HUMPHREYS' WITCH HAZEL OIL U x>ne grejit J*sue~]D«Tore - ' ltto by nothing of mftde *t, A T«#le for " contest. Iff* platform, than tJiaA the n Ueauttl ul .and. lths. It i» opt only an ^baolnte an few nMritf tto ' * Large Reduction in Wlces on -ail Cooking Apparatus. *.,.!/"' ' ^aaigee $lp.00» |13.00,$15 00^and $10 oo "txjsizti' piatform **« lor of agajnat ,P»les OP Hemorrhoids Fissures & Fistulas, Burns & Scalds. Wounds 4 Bruises. Outs & Sor$% Boilst & Tumor* iry lnteia«rent voter know* tjiat K first roayar vt- the Greater New k jj» the candidate pt tbta fjpftyewtloR - < ' wm-JaB-givfflB-in. wist Salt Rlxeum & Tettei?a. Hands. port of e^fery dfiund princifije of goyfero- mtnt. ^ other |ian^, th*t tf tt«s ttrst B3l*yo|- of the fjreater New Yorlt is a IPammany Democrat the eK«ct will iw gt>eatty <o revive the hopes and promote tae •chimes that are grouped in the pwWlc miod -under the naflafe at Bryaaism. and- at the WMM* tiba? t0 deliver this maguUi- Bietroi«>lis intP the to&da of an. •Kanized con^irac-y for puJjlic plunder"We Indorse the St. U>uia platform, ^Jieve tn»t it ne«4f the awpport of iotelUgeut and oatriotic »»oj^e of JJew York 9S a»ucb> u>d»y a* it l «»«. J *— O. t» the sex, but wttt nee a perfowt « eyes, f»l» arias aaa liwoe, « ptrfeot d president, aud in attendance. mrleetioat SP 6toeh|;ial to V , •/ v INCANDESCENT - GAS - LIGHf From S2.26 to oaeh J||S VW+ JfMJf&W****'* WUTT*^ ^umr*f —r-^ ~~- ^helfletureand^atertftinaiant ^iveijbjrthfiUoi o| HOjil perweinou* 8P «s«wn?,ia» w pjf- givei; ^ m»utu*mr ^»»»»«,*»»w»«t*» "* ?^~ »n4 Wsautihii wepaaahood, I^^^jobriatian church will open November toher chiaa ot eiitortaiowent (o the who would *a4 those 5«lt female mid beft & Nostrils. Corps &" Bites of insect* Mcing toi\c. It „ ^»._ for constipatiod, purintjs tho blood and'^ all d»r<un(eajiente of tho etomach, . and kidney^, a most popular and i-^- Bpenaiye Herbal Tonic, pkasant W take, can tie tnade at hoou> an4 IB an over r«ady qf tfw to bring miaery rod distjesa ioto of howee. In it# ability to p^eaes &«d iaatf uct. The fojlowing attractions are Nov, 3d, CaroliueBarU mazoo- Subject, ?Life'i* *»No l^etwrw I^w a hw*»d<w vi&w o* th* W efeds and pocwbilitie* of this mjarvelous ^a i» social a»d religious life. She tpuchee the heart, Bth-ath* omotifsaft ^pl moves dtie will.' Pec. 1st. Hiilsdate Mate Quartette. haraoBy is p«dEa<4. They eing •^"*"T« i y W"^»T « ' r~ —-- i * i ft •< 25 ce»*8 ext« tor dome aud pmtactdag »l*a^ (See ^ute.) , per fecommjendafcion tothoe* who h*ve beard them. •power of Ugbt .Gives twice the light o* * opea ga» bufcner with tte g»a. . three or more perfurmerf oa the WMttanw, ot tor by UM> Heo«>cr*tie stat* «ca«ng , witty m Ixw dt*criptiou« iPPW^P' •*^**B^*^P' MJUJJ o| the best %hted atorea iu '/I ^o^8»i^U^i^%»»a^P^M»^i«i- S«(riy8flOfoMiw; during the past year. M4«iniU, Oct. lit, m ; LIGHT CO.

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