The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on June 2, 1969 · Page 14
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 14

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 2, 1969
Page 14
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14 9lit laHtuwu £u» Monday, Jun* 2, 1969 The Time To A New Home Is Now 12. Male Help Wanted PART TIM6, FULL TIME mm, 4 h«url dally. Will nol Inlcrltr with present IOD. 57H1JO wwxly, personal inlervi«rf, JiJ N. Moln. SALESMAN WANTED — Good opoortun- lly lor righl man. Soiory plus commls- lion. Transportation lurniihed, paid vocation, qwd company binellls. Apply in person to The Singer CO. 318 W. Texas EXPERIENCED *ACK HOE OPERATOR — 4.25 per hour. Call 422-2122 ofter 5 p.m. coll 573-1 It). FULL TIME CUSTODIAN — Needed. AD- pl/, in. person, to First Baptist Church, Hionlands, 210 «• Maanolia. Call 424 3JIJ tor appointment •* SECURE YOUR FUTURE U day Iralnlnj ot ll» weekly »lui tommisslw, then SJW wMVIy »lus com mission. 115,9*0 in \U:000 onnuolly with •DDorlunttY ">r promotion fo<- o««K«isive man. Work In Baytewn ana. Compony holprttfllotlen, l»nu»«s. No moUrlol Shorlos.s, i» loy-oll!. F»r !i«ltr«l»w ift Mr. C»*fey tr Mr. Duck»«. Hwloay Inn. xtfm 1*1, I am. I* 1 t-m. J 2nd and Vd. 15. Work Wanted CANDY CANE NURS6R.Y — W«» nan try. (Una, tnitttiotnt, lovlno cart. Hv mtols. Klnderoarltn. 6 a.m. to 6 p.rr. 512 per wek I tr.lld, etc. 427-2511, 21: E. Tt'a*. Mother Goose Nursery ENROLL NOW FOR SUMMER PROGRAM Stolt lictnifd Ph, «H Kit. 422-27tl. Swint's Kiddie Care DAY NURSERY Ph*ivl 422-ftM Pasture, Lot Mowing PHONE 427-7m 15-A. Bldg. Contractor DON'T MOVE — IMPROVE!! fltw Ideas comtiined v/i1n 2S-years ex- pirience and wholesale pricfti can give >cur home o luce lill! FREE ESTI- I MATES!! •BARIIEY MORrON 411-3315 al'«r 5:30. Outstanding Opportunity Sol«i s«rvkt ond claims *ort(. N« lay •fit or sllrtss, unllmll** Income, •*• ketpinf witfi y«ur ability and skllll Starting solsry V50» p»r nwirh elut c«m- minion 4I7-MS2 »r 4J7-4IJO »tt»r 4:» ROBERTSON TANK LINE INC. NOW HIRING DIESei. TRUCK DRIVE* Pro'il SJiorlnj, Fr« Me»l>»<iiliolliin, Re- llrimefll Plan and many otn«r b*n«llh. Top wa*il, Ap«ly al I2M WodH Ka. Baylown. Auto Mechanic Needed Ejperienced. Fr!f»t Btntfils, paid vota lion. CtHI Mr. Casllabefry at 41M1II or opply COURTESY FORD, »?1 W. T«»s Av<. MANAGEMENT TRAINEE Ar> you a s*>f-*torf*r WiU to morrOT* • rrtai! butlrmi? Would /MI U^« I* «jHfaH a l*col rau** buttrw«i Ihol would protvc* T<K a 110.4B* annual Incom* or m«r»? Many m*n «drn much mort irxjfl mtft, WE FURNISH 1. Compltt* lYDlnlng pra«/arn 7. EirabUih^d cuif»m»rt p 3. Vthlcl* wiHi ti-jxnm p«|d, 4, Rttir*fn*Tvt pttqram ••« 57. 3>a<*ag« p\m\ tnivuraftc*. GUARANTEED INCOME UP TO $540 PER MONTH PLUS COMMISSION h y»u »r» ov*r IS y*ort •( *f«, lo y«vr Mil 9*4 tflrnlff t* l***x hi to Fir Inttrvlvw CtJI MR. WORACI.L. .JEWEL TEA CO., INC. 74T«r» «r 7O-414J Driver Wanted OBS ond Ol*t«l iKMfience, Furniture m> P4rl*ncc helpful. A^fily In p«rsvfl, WALD- MAVFLOWER >f tayrawn, >M* 13. Sale* Help Wanted Real Estate Company ExpvrttUfl »TO4r«m un4«r war, •••nloj •nri *n* *fflcc mun*f«r. KILPATRICK 4M-M7I IS. Work Wanted PAINTING DONE — No job too large a i small. Rclcrenocs furnished. Coll 427-5107. COLLEGE STUDENT — Handicopptd v;|th broken ankle deilro iipsk lob. Call J77-2IQ9. boo/lining — In my home. Fcnced-ln •yard, hat meals turnlshcd, 5 days week, reasonable. Call 422-1755. IRONING DONE — In my hum*, IIS E- Aooue. YARDS MOWED AND EDGED — Kulloblc man. Phone 4275146. JOHNSON'S COUNTRY DAY SCHOOLS— Slate licensed da/ care. Preschool, Isl. a'ode anct summer camp. Bus service ana swiTimina. Macs 7-10 Oilier. 575-15V/. HAPPY HOUSE DAY NURSERY—Stole licensed. Worklnn mothers enroll your child now In day care nursery. Call 42MS37 lor appointment. Classified Ditpiay HEW MEMBER IN YOUR FAMILY??— Din'f be cropped for space Add a room end I've comlorlaDI/. S-/eu'S lo pu/. C G. "ROCtCY" ROQUEf/.ORE t.'XJ! V/ri^/il B'^tJ , HOUiE LEVELING — Bell bottom type tiers to builders c'a/. Slabs our socially All work guaranteed A ASA FOUtl- DATIOH CO, 674-8111 or 424-7?)?. THOMPSON BUILDERS Rem«dciin9 — cabmels — wlndowi — corporlt — new norm* an«l old. Finonclnv 1*1 John A, 424-S447 Hasty Builders TOTAL REMODELING — Ftf* • STIMATES OM t. Main, Hkjhlon*, tliM47. 16. Apartment* For Meot CAROLINA, 2018 — Five room lurnished r/iray* opanment. Coll 4225'>il. FOUH ROOM — Furnished qaraae apart- frent. Prttef odalrs or 2 working men Bills paid, J22M37. LOBIT, 701 E. — Ellleiency apartment, [•rlvate entfOnce. oil bills paid. 422 4&75 after 4 p.m. KENNEDY APABTMENT5 ~ 4 rooms lictly lurnished, air conditioned, cenlrul wol. i!30 Michloon, 423-S3I4. JONES ]0] N. — Heal nice lurnished air conditioned, bachelor apartment, all bills paid. Apply M3 II. Jones, HEW JERSEY, 5»<"i — Clean lurnished one beOroorn garage apartment, wafer paid. Couple only, no pels. 427-2473. PEARCE, JIG W. — N«or tee College 3 room furnished aparlment, carpet. Couple only, no pets, 427-2447. STERLING, M2 W. — Lorg« cfeon one bedroom lurnished aparf-nent, oir conditioned, adults, no peli. 422.8X7}. FURNISHED APARTMENT — On« bod- room, oir conditioned, bills paid. Phone 422-8171. OEN»Y,70« — fir leose, Furnished t-bed- roo-n, air conditioned, water. By appolnl- merf m-KKI. 427-3937. LITTLE RD., 5127 — One Bedroom lurn- ished 170 -nonth, utilities paid. Phone 424-3245. REPUBLIC, Jlo E. — Furnished, larat, 3 bedroom nporlmenl. Excellent location, bills paid. 4522411. WEAVER, 110 — Exlro nlc«, 4-room lurnlshed, apartnnenl. air conditioned, new corp*»l, garoge. bills pofd. 424-5423 WISCONSIN, 3X1 — Ne. 1. Lafft, }. rooms, furnlsh(-d. clean, completely redecorated, air conditioned, water paid 185 monthly. 437.3371. APPLY 5213 MISSOURI — rbeoVoom Gparlmenl, draperies, carpel, air conditioned, utilities oaltl, No pels, 427-4539. B STREET, Jljy, W. — Lo Porte. l-budroorn, unfurnished. Phone 424-7J65. WEST STERLING, — Furnished garao* apartment, waivinq distance lo town. Pre ler settled adults, no pets. 427-6324. LIVE OAK. SI3 — 2-room furnished oparlmenl. Apply some address. IOWA, J1J7I/1 — Furnlsh.d oorooe aporl- menl, bills pai'l, no pets, Phone 4243110 MOBIL!; HOMES — On« and two twd- rootns v/Ilh air. furnished. i25 and S35 per wceK. 2916 McKlnnty Road, 422-7233 DYER, io» — Lovely, 1 rooms onU both, furnished croartmenl. Couple, no pels, bills paid. 4729B1S. JONES, 40! N. — Apt. Ho. 2, one bed room lurnished, air conditioned apart • monl, oil bills paid. 175, Apply «O. BLUE BONNET APARTMENTS — Mow rentlno — One and two bedrooms, furnished. All bills paid. llwv. 144, 422-6917. ONE AND TWO BEDROOM lumlshea" apartmenls lor renl. SHEARER REAL TV, Cull 427-5«51. COUNTRY CLUB MANOR — 3W3 Otivu. Section 1, 1 ontl 2 hcdroonns, furnished and unfurnished apflrlmertb; electric kitchen, air candl- lioned; carpets, drooerlcs; swl-nmlno pool. Phone 47.1,8411. CHATEAU APARTMENT LOCATORS — We have apartments available. For Inlor, malion coll 427-3252 or 424-560-!. 422-8515 LA PORTE, — Unfurnished aoarlrrwnt, 2 bedrooms, V£. Call 47M1VI. BARKLEY SQUARE TOWMHOUSES — Low cost luxury and convenience. Swlm- rt'lno pool, cenlral air, patios, carports dlsliwosher^. '•*frlo«ralars, dksnoso's, car Pfllnn; lurnlsherl and unfurnished. Ullll lie", paid. 1215 Park, 422-7435 or 424-17(17 Weickersheimer Manor Orm and two-bedroom opartrnafllt far rent. Furnishes* and unfurnished. Classified Display You'll Check "YES" On All These Features Found In EVERY Starett Home Plumivood Sec. V ENJOY 'YEARS AHEAD- LIVING fucimc Elnclfic range Electric heating" and air conditioning Electric water healer • Brick - • 3-4 fedrowm • Toft! EUc+rk H««4 - Air - Modern wiring 1. Turfain* roof v«ntiUtor» 2. Buitt-fn Rang* and Oven 3. Custom Bwit Ccbirwh 4. V»nt-A-Hood (roof 5. Diihwather 6. lr»ink»rator Dispo««| 7. Marbl* Top Vaniti** •. Cioan El»c+ric wad h«at»r m *. 3- Way Mirror M«>dicirt* C«bm«ti 10. Cart iron b*tti fixfum 11. Drt«pp«Mnn4j artic stair* 12. A in. Blown c«3ing irrujiatioft 13. 3 in. i*th outtid* walk M. CtWn EUefrie H««rf and Air W* Take TrodM • FHA Tofc* This CJMck U»» Wit* You- Shopphig For Yow M«w Horn* StoreH Lumber Co. «xi EAST JACK 15 — Two bedroom lurn- Islied house on large lol. Lois of shade n'1 Ilg Irecs. 165 rnonlh. 422-7345. It. ApartSMnts For B«»t TANGLEWOOD SQUARE BMullful ••arlmenta. OM on* r»i >«< rwimlu ftr*M f+ •*•!. MVMM 40-119 GRAYWOOD ARMS OM and fwa-IMdraom aa«rfm*Af%. Fumlt***' iMd uftfurnlsn««l. UTILITICt PAID LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT AVAILAaLi 472 MM, >M« fVUHMTM Dt NOW RENTING Rarcttoftcj *^aclm«nt VUtav* — LKv btct«r «feefrlc«ffy Jn ItitM "n*w«it *l rrw n*w" •porlmtntv Unique Spanlm arcM Tfccturt o*w uftra-mc<]«rn i-»<rmi»f»*< rcrcklltiei and ttfuuhjft Hvin« c»ndlllo*t, Dr>* ond r«o b*ciro0mi< lurrim/iad ant C»l t*f »folH< 427-U41 APARTMENT COMPLEX t'2-3 o«aro*mc, electric bwlll-lns; po«i, Tw«nl¥ Thr«i Hundred T»rt WHITEHALL MONT CLAIft 427-1711 »1 Trl Clly »«oth »«. NORMANOY •RANAOA COLONY 4J7-S4T71 Creative Arms Apts. 3800 Baker Rd. 424-8814 Built-in Kitchens Carpet* On« and* Twa ft«dro4nm, alM Tw*-t>*droom« wltfl a*n FURNISHED AND UNFUHNISHEO Apartments Starting $130 No Security Deposit V/ASHATERIAS FENCED PLAYGROUND 2 SWIMMING POOLS (F«nc»d) II HOLE PUTTING GREEN RECREATION RECREATION ROOMS COVERED CARPORTS &ei>oral* Farnllv ond Adult Aroat Call Now!! Baywood Apartments 1K« E, Jamti, lurniihKl or uofurnlsho* opor(m«nl» for rtnt, U4.H U ' »» phon* 427-S3M Hyde Park Townhouses How nyallobli — J-««Or»am luJLurf opofl menu. 2104 lowlo School Drlvo, 422-7M 17. Houses For Rent MASSEY THOMPKINS RD. — Twa Bod- room unfurnished house, garage, sao per onth, water furnished, 422-7159. BAYSMORE, \11 — 1 badroamt, IVi baths, oir conditioned, central ' hsat, oleclrlc kitchen, lar;e den, relrences end 5125 deposit required. 575-1347. BAYOU AVENUE 2114 — l-B«droam lurn]?ncd house, settled couple no pets 412-4600. - Ml — Unfurnished 1 Md ns, Jk Jtao^BrajM* f\<f° jTUear/ le^V -I t>50 HEW JERSEY, JlM _ 3-bedroom hcme, u>.furnished, air conditioned, water paid, 185 month. Phone 422-83/8, night 424-3355. FOX DR., 3»7« — leas'ey oddihon. 2 bedroom mobile home, heal and air, water lurnished. ID 3-6375. CARNEGIE, M4 — 3 bedroom, unfurnished house, $55 month. Phone 473-B27S. MARYLAND I»l _ 2-hPdroomt unfurnished, 570 month. Call 422-5544 HIGHLANDS — Small ] room houn, ualhronm,, hall and Large closet 126-3367. CEDAR BAYOU LYNCHBURG RO. — 2 bedroo-n mobile home, air conditioned 575. 4248095 alter 6 p.-n. flEACH HOME — Located on Ihe Gull ul Galveslon. For renl, Monday Ihrouoh Frliloy only. 422-8171 FOB FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED HOUSES Call T. VI. Wllks, Realtor Phone -122-6138 or 427-3280. FRANCIS. J0« W. — j bedroom unlurn- nhed house. 545 per monlh. Thane 434.7424. ? e h L °« RENT _ 10<55 It. Poramonl ti alter, 3 bedrooms, IV'i baths, central he<it ond oir. Intercom AM-FM. washer nntl dryer. Mitchell Rossi, 427-3383, 13OS H. Aie»omfcr Dr. HUNNICUTT, mi E. — New two bedroom mobile horrw, cenlral air, natural (ja'», 427-4292. APPLY l]is MAGNOLIA — Furnished l-nedroom house, fan, prefer couple 01 two men. WIGHLANOS — ID) prairie. 3-bedroom trailer, air conditioned Couple, one child No bills paid. 426-3011. COMMERCE, )0)t N _ j (wdroerr. house. \80 month, Call 422-7316 or 422-1464 ofter 6 PM ONE AND TWO BEDROOM MOBILE HOMES. 125 and J35 we«My. 27t6 McKln- ney Rd. Call 423-9U3. Business Opportunity BAYTOWN SUN CLASSIFIED RATES effective October 1, II Ad «r Caaect, 5 pjn. )>ay Beiarr—«JO a.m.-MoiuU}-tW>(«- SaJ.ursi.or Minimum Ad 3 Lines , fl-Ofi- CON'TRACT AXD CI-ASSIFIEn DISI'LAY KATES ON REQUEST. PKONE 422-3324—422-8323 17. Houses For Renl MOBILE HOMES — Furnished l-2.J-b«d- ,-c«ros. accept children, close to scnoo ond srioaalng, deposit reaulred. Trail*. Cltv. 2401 N. Alexander Or. IN WOOD 7M — 4-frearooms, all bui1Mrt« 'eitrai air and heal, nice neighborhood, S22S month. Call 427-3230 or 412-2743. 18. Bedrooms - Boarc NORTH BAYTOWN — Kitchen privileges private bu'h. nice home. Call 422 •<5*8 after 5:30 p.rrK NICE BEDROOMS — Men only; plenty oarKIno, wllh or wllhout air contJIIIonlnfl TARK5 HOTEL. 427-9/23 401 5. 19. )Ju«lnei« Rental* NARCILLE ANO WARD RD. — Brond new commercjol bulldina, 30 » 40. ot Jones 7-11.7. and Laundry PlcXup Slullon location. Coll 422-»72B of 424-7117. TEXAS «< W. — ISjtISO II. masonry bulldfna. for rent or leas«- Owner will decorafe to suit. Terms. Amazingly cheap) Try mm H. Aron, CA 5-0078. M8TAL BUILDING FOR LEASE — 50 x W) It. parking. Gorlh Rd. Coll »2J-8»1. SHOP AND STATION — Will rer»l s«p orolely. Available June 15. Coll 427-1422. Barry's Oil House. LEASING — Aooroxlmolely KH1 x ISO It. Hwy. 146 and Peggy. Available Ma/ 15. tall Mr. Kerr. 422-30J5. 21. Trailer Space MAGNOLIA TRAILER COURT —Bioull- lul SO Ft. wide lots, large patlcis. tlear Channelvlew on I 10. *5i-007«. 723-W54 STOP PAYING RENT! — Own a lol for your mdbllc home. Community swlmmlr.g pool. tiO down, 125 rnonlhly. Also rtavt V, acre tracts, same terms. HIGHLANDS. CHARLIE RAMSEY, 426 3521. ELM SHADOWS TKALER PARK — I miles Edit ol Hwy M« on PM 545. Slobs, water — llgMs. shady lots. Country Living. GR 2-7974. JOHNSONS TRAILER PARK Corner al Ave B and Hwy <•»»• Ah city conveniences [natural gas) 5761670, Ml. Belvleu. NEW MOBILE HOME PARK NOW renting — No city tax — Close In onverilenl to grocery, school bus Rt '37-1224, nller 6. 422-2541 COVE MOBILE HOME PARK — C»n •rete patios, wooded lo!s, S miles ot -Iwy. 144 on FM 5*5. 731094 or ST3-10A1, PRAIRIE VILLAGE AND MOBILE HOME — We nave lots for sole. Prc- -levelopmerY; all utilities, future sv.lin- •ninQ pool. Conveniently located al corner ol Prairie Rd. and BnlMebcll In High- lar.Ul. CHARLIE RAMSEY. 426-3521. 23. Services Offered J H. BERRY, ASPHALT CONTRACTOR!. —Equipment ana trucv. remais. jewer and water lines. -'"Irnse call 4'17-4??t. WE REPAIR weslinglouse CENTRAL HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING. Call lor free csllmalcs, all mokes. JACKSON HEATING AMD AIR CONPI- TIONIfIG, 427-3230. PARTTI.MS BOOKK6EPINO 511 E. Rwle Pnane BOOKKEEPING DONE REASONABLY .IAM6S OUVALL BUSINESS Phone 422-9-134 ROACHES — TERMITES — ANTS FLEAS — ETC. Yurd and trees sprayed commercial and residential. Banded, II censed. HARVEY'S PEST CONTROL, 122-9884, 422-5357. Electric Motor Repairs Rewiixflnq, any k!n4, size; modern equipment. Qualified mechanic. MASSEY ELECTRIC, IB S. Pruetr, 423-7JT). Backhoe and Loader CLAM SHELL — FILL SAND BULLDOZER WORK 4Z7-15tS, Loyd Burrls Venetian Blinds, Screens New and retapvd. Aluminum screens, now on* rewired. 7M N. Tenth, 427-1070. Business Opportunity 23. Services Offered ASPHALT PAVING Ol types—street, parking tots, driveways BAYTOWN ASPHALT CONTRACTORS SADDLE RACK — New custom ftulll /vnite pine, nicely finished, saddle rack Dn nylon rollers, 520. (Sold saddle). Call -;-;7-2Jis alter 4 p.m. ODD REFRIGERATION SERVICE CO. Commercial and Residential Rtirlrjer Hon, Air Conditioning and 34 Hour Swvlc* All War* Guaranteed fteotonablt Rol 1 *! 33 Years Cxpvrlenc* Phone 453-014.' U374 Av*. O. ChanntlvTtw. TRCMCHINO AND BACK HOE WOftK AIM t<iu!pm*nl ond mochint moving Call 422-8239. 23 A. Welding SuppUe* »AYTOWN WELDINO SUPPLY — soi«j>», fenla'ir repairs. Oxygen and aceTyltne, on«thellc ga4fi5 ond equipment. 7* how service. &02 N. Alexander, 427-I887. i(4. Soil • Fertiliser Scrap Brick-Fill Sand IHCLi. — CLAY — PINC BARK 477-39W 25 Lawn-Garden Supplie* 5RA5SCUTTINC SERVICE — New and used lovm andoarden tractors, Yaioo H'wheelmower, Pro whoelmov/er, riding .-nov>er. Lawn Say mower, Toro mowers. (New location) (Bold Metro 12-13) Sf/.lTTY'S LAV/H S. GARDEN SUPPLY,. 412 S. Eighth, LaPorle, 471-2010. 28. Plant* • Seed* DAY LILIES — Many Colors !o choose from. Growing and blooming In gallon cans, S.98. SMITH BARRO'W GARDENS, 8&02 Thompson Rd. 426-3215. Cooper Plants, Cactus, others,new spring, shruus. Non p3l«nlcti rnses .50 DAVIS NURSERY 28, Pets - S POODLE PUPPIES — Toy breed females. 1 silver 1 while, groomed, $75 and up. 424-M49. AQUARIUMS — Two 15 gallon ouari- unis, stands lights elc. complete, S50. JJ2-JWB. POODLE PUPPIES — Toy, bred lo SHOW TO SELL AT PET PRICES. POODLE GROWING. CLAIR LAC KEN- HELS, 426-3355 evenings and weekends. THE COTTAGE — WET T6TS. Siamese lighting llsh, males S.93, females J.6V. Open Monday-Saturday, Noon lo 9 om. 422-5569. SUZY'S PUPPIES SOLD LIKE MOT CAKES ! I I Ploce yours' thru Ihe Irec Boy and girl want adsl ! 1 June 1-15 POODLE PUPPIES — Black miniature P'rppies. Stud service aid poodle 3rom- ing TOWN 'N COUNTRY KF£NM£LS JW5 N. Main, 422 4978. REMODELING SALE I I Mollies s.75 or 5 for ST.CO, Swords S.3P Or 3 for 11.00. M&R PET SHOP, 2301 M. Main. FREfi KITTENS — 4 yellow and whllt, 7 V/eeks old. *07 Prolrle,- Hiyhlands. Call J26-31SJ. Siamese Kittens 15.00 each Minah Bird S35.W Greenwood's Pet Shop MOVING TO 330 W. DEFEE Watch For Our Grand Opening HOUSE OF PETS Now will be olferlnj experienced professional groominq ol POODLES, SCHNAUZERS, 5COTTIES ANO other breeds. Phon* 41? 5MI. $1.49 CANDY SUPPLY ROUTE Man or woman to restock new type coin dispensers with high quality package candy pro duels. NO SELLING! DEPENDABLE PERSON CAN EARN UP TO SBOQ.OQ A MONTH. Part or full lime positions needed in this ar ea. Requires car, exchange of references, S1450 to S2990 cash, secured l)y inventory and equipment. Write for personal interview, giving phone number, to: STRATEGIC FRANCHISES DEPT. 25 500 South Ervay • Suite 629 A Dallas, Texas 75201 Coy Pel Vitomln Wafers OFFER GOOD THRU JULY 1ST. Gulf Coast Pharmacy 2EOO Garth Phone 417-9417 FREE CITY DELIVERY 29. Livestock - Supplies TANDEM WHEEL TRAILER — «xM, hydraulic brakes, will carry 4 horses. 575-121.1. MARE — Thrt« ytors old, Kid's hors«, UrltJIc and blanket included, 1125. 424-7417, 140 WOOd SI. 20 ACRES — Pasture Located Danek Rd. 172-3202. PART APPALOOSA HORSES — One 3 • vear old Illlv and one 4-year old oeldlna, each. Phone 575.1009. Classified Display 29. Livestock - Supplies HORSE STALLS FOR RENT — InclUd- nO 25 acres lor oroling. Newest am nltest In Bayrown. -orry Erwerll, 427-4416, 535-116:. SADDLES Buy, s*ll and Trade ANDERSON'S, 1*} f. Texot, 4ZHt>3 FREE! 1 do<e ol Cinch Horse wormer (st.JS value) with pur- clx^e of t IS. icr of cirrCJl horse conditioner at 15-50. OFFR GOOD THRU JULY 1st Guff Coast Pharmacy 2SOO Garth Phone 43'i-«4,l7 FREE CITY DELIVERY S & S Western Corral •1 Botllebell Rd., 4M 40t« Western Wear and Medicine 30. Article* Wanted WANTED — Youth bea and chest 01 drawtrs. Good condition, Call 422-4310 oi- ler 5::30 p.m. 31. ArticlM For Sato NEED TO BUY — Good used air Condi Jlo;itr, reasonable. Call 427-2231 alter 6. REFRIGERATOR — Coldspat, S», Ad rrilral electric range, double oven, SBC Bolh good condition. 427-2557. AS ALWAYS — Your supplier of Needle ^/ark and Crafts. MCDONALD MEEDLE ARTS. Bob Smith Road, 427-)27i. TWIN BEDS — 2 white modern style v*ith box sprlnas, Innerspring mattress, 100 lor all. 422-7253. NEW FOOT LOCKERS — J9.95 All size Ian blades lor atllc Ions. UNIQUES - ANTIQUE - OBSOLETES Formerly Jack Heards, 422-5657. _ — aNvy/Muty, MfJ. adiusl able. ^^ h'X/lft.Ay 15/tl.jTotal I OWN A NSW ELECTROLUX Vacuum Cleaner Just 55 monthly J. Wilkinson, 427-352?. ELECTROLUX — Seautiluf new model. shamaooer, door waxer. sales and scrv Ice. 422-9944 afler 3:30. 517 Harvey. SEWING MACHINE — Wltard Ilg aulornolic patfern kevs, In heavy 4-dra-A' er walnut cabincl. Excellent condKlon !90. Phone 427-J930 otter 5 a.m. ONE SLIGHTLY DAMAGED SOFA — Brand new, orlcjinal cost 1199, NOV S99.50. BIG WORLD FURNITURE, Cor ncr fl. Main and Defe«. CRAVES FURNITURE WAREMOUSfi Mice Apartment Stovi J 55.00 30-ln. Eleclrlc Slave » 65.W Viesllnofiouso v/ashcr s 49.50 Like Hew Frlqldalre Washer S 75.0C Frigidolre Refrigerafor S 24.50 Oood Wringer Washer » 35 Of Laiqr 3 Piece Sectional J 35.00 5 Piece Dinette J 22.5C IS In. Bo* and Mattress J 25.Of. Uicd B'inks ond Bunklcs S 3S.&. 2 Piece Bedroom Suite S 55.W flew 4 Drawer Chest J IS.7 Hnllmark Window Fan J 15.0C Mew Recllner » 47.9 New Apartment Stove 1 89.9 13 Ft. Upright Deeplreeze J100.00 4 Fl. Chest Deeplreeje J 45.01 314 W. Main OLD PELLY 422-471 FIRE SALE Many Fantastic Values Lift GENE'S HI Fl 122 E. Texas, Phone 422-81M. TV — On« Zenith, 128, G.E. SM. Man others S2S. anct up. Color sets Irom S6 to sm Shop repairs WORLD TV, 131 5. Main, 427-1438. CRANE'S ENGRAVED WEDDING Inv lotions, notes and Inlomals are the bes anywhere-and samples are available a MATHERNE'S, 1)7-1)9 Weil Pearce. COOL IT, PLEASEI — Wl'h a FAN Tooslmaster, G.E. and orhers, suitcase window, or smaller ossclltattng type irorr amona our large serecllon af BAYTOWfi HARDWARE, Old Baylown, 427-4052. ADDING MACHINE] — CASH REGIS TERS—TYPEWRITERS—SALES, Rentals service. All mokes, electric and manual BLOOM SALES, 3305 Market. 427-2325. USED CH65T TYPE FREE7ER — Good condition, see at APPELT ELECTRIC, 7507 Bayway Dr 424-5121. PARTtN'S USED FURNITURE Dreslrtg Table, Anllque Finish •• J 29.9 Large Solid Oak Ollicc Desk S 45.00 S Drawer Cfresl » 14.95 Mew 3 piece Cast Iron Patio Sel S58.00 2 Air Conditioners, tlot V/orking . S5 ca 2 Piece Krochler Coucri S 45.W New Spanish 5 Piece Dining Apartment Ranoe 138.0< Suit, Slightly Damaged 5 86.00 Hew 3 Piece Casf Iron Pallo Set J £00.3 Double Oven, Elect Rang/:, As is t 7.SO Sel Of 4 Folding Chairs J 5.0C O'Keefe and Merrltt Range, All The Extras 11000C J2-1 VI. Mdln — 422-5049 YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF to »av money on printing and office supplies Check prices af MATHERfJE'S and see hlch firm ~'"es you the bes! price. d« ivery and satisfaction. Phone 427-1718. Classified Display DURH of Pasadena, Texas ANNOUNCES NEW CLASSES • FBX Receptionist • Drafting • IBM • Typing-Shorthand FREE Parkin* • Secretarial • Bookkeeping • Office Machines • Accounting FREE Placement Mail Coupon Today For Fre« Bulletin Name Phone , Street City I Day £] Night Q Summer Coursje Q Student • VK We«t Pa«ad«na Freeway 47jV ^ ^ , ^— — ^_P_ _ __^ ,^_^ .^^^ ^^^_ 10BBI Call 413-2S8*—Today, Writ« or Vi»it 31. Articles For Sad* LAYER HAHO — Witn llocnTitrit, J&SO. none I24J354. IK CONDITIONS* — ftr >«d >nre* monih4, (IM. Cost new J72-6-119 after 4- 'ANELING — 14 Sh»«ti Medill«r«m, ihiic oax poneiiny. Finished, wl:h mould- ngs, 5125. Call 334-5693, Liberty. CNTRAL AIR CONDITIONING UNIT— 0,000 BTU, compressor condensing uni>, Doling coils. Hi years old, JI30; Call 22-5424. San Jacinto Shell Co. Highwry M « S4>n Joclnl. Rlvor Clam ihHI. Now oyoilofcl*. Al Kepp*r v o«llv«r«d. GL 6-9465 •ELTS AND PULLEYS (»r IttrV ors, aK conditioners, pumps, compr«- ors, v/^shers pttlc ond window fans. 3- CO belli in Slock. MASSEY ELECTRIC S. Pruett, 422-7211. HOLLEY'S ANTIQUES — All sorts of s, Avon bottles, plp«, candle srtlck. avel, etc. 517 Sllmpson, 427-5109. DRUM SET — !» pltct white Hall r«d parkle. Ilk* new, sm Drum stool sis. 171-3474. Ol.L COLLECTION — 20 years accumu- utlon. Some antique dolls, will sell sep- ate or complete. 427-2S51. ,IR CONDITIONER — >ne and holf Ion S50. oil 424 8005 alter 6 p.m. IEFRIOERATOR, HOTPOINT •rost Ireo, doubte door, i7S oil 42Ji455. >ERT'S o gay girl-reody lor a whirl of- er cleaning carpels with Blue Lustre. Rent electric shampooer SI. S. R. WILLIAMS CO. Mont Belvleu. LARGE SELECTION of H. U coins. Seilino entire collection Tn whole part. 42J-2505, 715 Meadowgien. CHOOL is OUT—Ycur children will »loy 'Uldoors this summer under aluminum nMc covers. Free estimate BAY-QUALITY ALUMINUM YPEWR1TERS, ADDING MACHINES— CALCULATORS, CASH REGISTERS, -tiles — Service — Rentals. BAYTOWH YPEV/RITER EXCHANGE, 300 N. ';in, 427-20'!. BIG WORLD FURNITURE — One modern sofa and choir, regular S329.80 for 3nly $144.90. CORNER H. Main and D»- ee, 422-5H5. .HE AMAZING Blue Lustre wit leave your upholstery beautifully soil ond clean ?enl electric shampooer St. WOODS HOME CENTER, 800 E. Texas. FRONT LOADER — For Ford tractor, Ike new. J24-8v5l, Baywny Drive. PENNYRICH BRAS SEE, WEAR, AND SELL, BRYANT. 422-H17. CAROLE CUSTOM MADE round, pedestal table chairs, Spanish style. Livingston Furniture New, used furniture-—MO W. Main CULPEPPER'S Warehouse Showroom SEVEN PIECE DEN SET: Vinyl »fa bed ond Chair, Two Step Tables. One collee table, two lamps . . . JW.95 SIX PIECE BEDROOM GROUP: Oak ~inlsh Triple Dresser and Mirror, with flight Stand and Full Si?e Bed wllh Box bprinos and Maltress ......ST99.75 NEW-USED FURNITURE 141* Market 427-l«7l TRUCKS FOR RENT Equipped wtlh hydraulic lift aotes. We sell custom hitches BAYTOWN TRAILER RENTALS, 423-5il. (Next to Kllaorc'i Ready-Mix) NEW PERMA-POWER Radio Control Garage Door (EVILL'S 2-WAY RADIO, Phone 4J7-I» Bay Kill PRESSURE SPRAYERS LYNCHBURG FEED AND HARDWARE — m» Morke' SI. 424-7711. 31-B Building Material P.OOFING — S7.« SQUARE 140 Pound Sell-Seal, while only. BRITTON-CRAV6N5 LBR. 9 Morkff! St. «2-82iS. rtLUMIMUAA SKTETi — 2i-ln. by M-ln nigh grade .009 In. IhicKncss. Ideal loi insulation, roofing, siding, S.25 each. Cai oe seen al lh« Baylown Sun. 1301 Memo •ial Drive. Channelview Discount Lumber Yard GL 1-7133 14120 Martcel St.—Channelvtew Pre-Fln. panniing, Reg. S3.M t 2.5 4x8", Fir SanoVd Plywood, Reg. VI.00 t 1I» <x«H Pine Sheeting * 2.«5 4x8 Balh Tile Board * *.«' 5 Gal. can Ext. Lolex .... S '.75 IxlO It. Lap 9, Gap Cedar per M -. 517*.00 !xt It. Rough Cedar Per Lin. ft * Jl Rough Ccrfar Per Lin, It » .l< 30 gal. Hot Wafer Heater S 43.50 15 Ib. Felt No. 2. per roll I 1.00 All Aluminum Screen Door and Hwd 1 12.5 2x4—3 S4S, Y.P, Eoch i .J 72 Double Sink f l.f 31-B Building Material PANELING — $2.99 'rc'inlsh** « « • — Haul vovr own. 1TARETT LUMIEB CO., 1JU N. Main ji-C Musical Instrument* SAXOPHONE — KINO t«T.or, p*r(»c1 condition, wilh case, »2oo cosh. Coll 424-S21S after A p.m. GUITAR — Gibson Jumbo styl* houlder straps, excellent condition, 110. 427-4153. BASS GUITAR — s«ll equity ftr us and ake up SIO monthly payments. -rone 422-SSSI. ;UITAR — Baldwin 13 Mrlng, Grttwh irnpllficr, S700 or (rode lor car o( equal 'Oluo. 427-1859. 200? Coloy. BALDWIN PIANOS—ORGANS House Of Music 5H Pwk Pti. 477-»14 Small Upright Piano Completely rebuilt and r»flnlsh«<!. hcautl- u\ lone. Nothing down. Assum« monthly payment* 04 $11. Fully guarantMd for 10 y*ars. Balance Due $295 HALBERT MUSIC CO. 410 E. T«« Free Bench 477-M74) Free o* II vary 32. Articles For Rent CAMPING COMFORT IS YOURS. A la I RENTAL CENTER hos the equipment you need for camping out. 1610 N. Main Phone 427-i<S29. LAY NOT UP for yourselves treasures upon earlh, where moth and roil doth crrypt, and where thieves break through om.' steal: Malt. FOR THE INVALID w convalescent, complete slock of supplies for easier, more comfortable home care. Option to buy. Trl City Pharmacy, 421-8291. TRUCKS FOR RENT — Drive yourself. Equipped with hydraulic lift oates. (New Trucks) Local ond on«way, 2101 Morkel, 422-5315. BAYTOWN RENTALS, (Next to Klloore's Raady Mix) FOR RENT K«4luc*ng Equipment potMr Te«ls, Power Post Holt Dl94*r> Floor tandert ond p«ll»h*r< Stw«r Cleanup Equlpnwn) .*•*«•«. TIIKrs, Btt»eH, Hedoe TrlmnMr TMr Mrs and C*r Top* fora, Ladder*, Chdlfl Saw* NiW 5hamp<« MachliMl T«levl»l«n» Utility Tririltn Trucks We Rent Most 6verythina BAYTOWN RENTAL) Next to Kll9ort's Reoey-MIx 2101 Market TTJ-St Travel Trailer Rentals S«* Richard DAN HUTCHINS MOTORS Hwr. IW "t T»a< Trim Trees And Shrubs RENT TOOLS FROM UNITED RENT-ALLS Weekdays 7-4 » m Sundays, I a.m. to 1 p,m. Pru«tt and pearce 4»-Ml* 33. Sporting Good* MOTORCYCLE, I»i7 — XLCH Sports ci 900 cc. metal floXe gold, forks xe tended 6 Inches competition slralls, anc 1.1 Inch bars, rolled and pleated seat or solo. 422-9054. 422-7676. BOAT — Motor and trailer lor sail, -or details Call JJ2-BJ71. SURFBOARD — Oceanstde competitor ikegg, concave nose, yellow 9 ft. 4 In Coll 424-5871. oOAT — 14 (I. libersiasi Mat, ,'i H.P. motor, excelent candllion, reasonably priced. 422-9324. USED GUNS — Double barrel M 90 Lefever, 184.50, 3 -nodcl 12 Wincheilers Don't worry about the poper work ol buy' •nq o aim. We take care ol it all riyhl In Ihe Itorc. JIM NELSON SPORTING GOODS, 104 N. Main. Free Parklnc 122-6197. PICKUP CAMPER — Fleelslde, LWB insulated and paneled. Clearance Ugh' and dome light, call «2-89ll alter 4:30 GOLF CLUBS — Potty Berg-Wilson, cup defender. 3 woods, 4 Irons, pu'ler, bag and head covers bag boy can SW. 535-1349 Sporting Goods RIFLE. M.M — Ktmtnflon automatic Woodmaster model 740, 4X. Weuver wope .125. 422-7IW. •OAT — 7J Fl. »lrwo«dV a HP au«on- ncer, nice (roller, motor controls, sletr- ng anchor, 131S cosh, 424-7213 r M3- 741. iUH REPAIRS reclslon barrel! and chamber work. Ap«x, Douglas ond Ackky barrels. Hood* oaoers supplln HUNTER'S DEN, 40) f.. Jack, floytown DOYLE'S NET SHOP _ S0*rh trawl* end commercial. 10809 LoCross*, Near -10. In Joclnto City. Coll 455-1075. UNS — MMltl It. J. C. Hl«lni 12 oatat pump shotgun wllh ventilated rib barrel. —*MM Mauser and boll action rllle. Both 'n oood condition, 1100 for both or J75 or shotgun, 140 for rill«. phon* 427-4930 itler 5 D.m. RUCER PISTOLS AND RIFLES, New Borrel Acilom. rtOLZAEPFELS GUN SHOP, W. Cleveland. Reel and Rod Repairs OlM KMwtrl — THE OUTDOORJMAN M7 S. Mo In, Bayfown Cycle Supply Hodokn and Monlesa Motorcycles Trail SUc«s our Business Repairs ond Srvnice Open » A.M. '• » PM.. in S. PrueM 427-2W} 35. Good Eating SUZY 1$ selling her cakes and caokls! In the fre Boy and Girl wont ads . . . June 1-15 FRESH SEAFOOD DAILY E. & L WINFREE SEAFOODS FM 5*5 (Cove) S73-15BO SEAFOOD MARKET — « a.m.-« p.m. Monday thru Saturday. Red-fish, Speckled trout, Drum, Shrimp and Oysters JOLLY »OAT, 4A07 Trl City Beach Rd.. 57J-ISJJ. 39 Business Opportunity Eddie Cox, Realtor SOOD BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY »n overtired comer lof, Norm Main, H»ar! 0! Baylown. Excellent opportunity to make a million. Land, building slock, ilxtures, price. 415 OM. No pho«< calls pleose. contact Eckfie In (Mrwn out*. I Boyway Dr. 40. Real Estate Wanted HIOHEST CASH FOR YOUR EOUITYII Buy, Sell or Trade, Residential or Commercial Real Estate. INSURANCE AMD LOANS, JOHN M. SHEARER REALTY PHONE 417-5851 or 427-6036. NEED LISTINGS ~ Beverly Realty Co. MLS Offlc* 427-1751 Nlfftits 422-MSI, 4Z2-*77S •OUITTE! WANTED WOODRUFF REALTY MLS 417-14M IN REAL ESTATE SELLING IT'S THE RESULTS THAT COUNTSI List w!1h 1he GUYS who 9tt Ihi RESULTS SPARKY AND PAT BOND Member or Multiple Listing Service SPARKY BOND, Realtor "Estnoliihed In 1»«4" MT7 S. Main St., Baytown, Texas Phone 427-17i» Galloway & Associates Night J7J-14I1. Phone, tV-UH, Seven Salesmen to Serve You. LUTHER T. LEA MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE int Wash ingt»n, 421-71*7 42. Acreage For Sal* HURRY! HURRY! — To choose your fu- ;ure homesite. Va lo one acre lots on Flo Orchard Rd., crvoose your terms. CHARLIE RAMSEY. 424-3521. TWO ACRES — Near Garth and Hwy. 10. 1M fl. fronlaoe. Loam. Nice resl- aentlol area. Good place for horse. SIOO down. Owner, 422-5427. Price Reduced. .IFF 5JOLANDER — On* acre ,/ooded, $4000. Tall 427-134V. 3D ACRES ON EAST ROAD — rtear Sferlfng High School. Can be bought in 5-acrc tracts. 3TIS GRAHAM REALTY. 1224711. HIGHLANDS REALTY CO. HIGHLANDS: 3'A acre homesite, all Utill- ,ies. black, top stretil. Terms. DECKER DRIV6: 323 It. frontage, HI- vay 10 Business route, near Country Club, back lo ana'her road frontage of 330 ft., good Investment. A VV. HAMM, Realty, 115 S. Main 424-2411 or 426-34W. BOYS AND GIRLS FREE ADS June 1 T "™ June 15 JuJU SURFBOARD lor sale, 13S cash, lor condition. Robin 9 It. 6 In. Call Jeff Chase 15, 422-8058. BICYCLE, JO In. red and while, oood shape, with training v/heols, 115. Jackie today, 4, 424-3453. FLUT6 — Arlley, good condition 135. Susan Clayton, 13, 427-1SSO. FREE TO GOOD HOMES 2 luliy Kittens, one black, one grey, DAVIO BUSBY, 12, 575-1177. WANTED — Good home 'or sweet and playful block and white small type puppy. Dcbra Busby, 13, 575-1179. CENTRAL HEAT UNIT — Wilh duels, vents, thermasta', S45. Sylvia Wilson, 10. 477-369S. BABYSITTING — Doy or hour, colt 422-9310, Cathy Gay, age 15, , ».5D ftr LAWNS MOWED CALL DOUC SMITH, 14 yean old, Phone 424-5254. WILL BABYSIT — In Your home s so per hour. Infants through age 13. Experienced. Cynthia Ward, age 15. Plumwood area. 422-6997. BABYSITTING — In your hemt or mliw, old Baytawn area. Edna Soweif, ope 13. Phone 427-2725. BABYSITTING — Glen Arbor area, day ar evening, S.50 hour. Teresa Slankls 13, r*«ne 427-3««. I WOULD LIKE TO KEEP CHILDREN— AT my home days. Monday thru Friday, VSO an hour per child. Ermo Variant, a or 16. phone 427-10S4. PUN ERRANDS — Wnft cars, yard. work. Old Daylowrt area, Mike Sowel.ft age IS, prcone 427-2725. LARGE SIZE COGO STICK — Like n*w, SIO. Sire 12y?M 'op shoes, is. Andr*a Jccksoa, ooe 10, pflont 424-5575. SELL AND, TRADE — US., and far<l«n sfamps ana 1 coins. Also mice crieap. Fred Zumwalt, aye 1, 427-W2». 31 INCH BOY'S BICYCLE— ill, Sovwal sport coots like new, size I3-2O. Sieve Knight, age 16, phone 422-471I. BABYSITTING — Mr horn* ».M hour. For sole, bat, ball ajove, V3.75. To no Bur-jess, age 12, phon« 422-U40. BOY'S 20 In bike, 17.50; Boy's M In. bIKc. SI5.00. good condition, high handles, bonono seals, Boa Hale 11, 4Z7-4107. DRUM -~ VA. Includes snare stand and case, excellent condition. Call Donnlce Fisher, age \t. 422^1432. WORK WANTED — Will do any lyp< work lor reasonable wages. Coll Gary 422-7720, ope 13. WILL TRADE — « drowtr chtsl ler (orje used bike or sell lor SIO. Mork Ward, aa"! 13, 422-6997. MUST EARN MONEY — For summer scout camp. Experienced In yard work. Coll Slacy Chcse, age II, 422-8058. FOR SALE — 1 Suzy Homemaker super safely oven llxe r\v» for 15.00. Telephone Mario Boudloche aje 7, 427-25SC. I WOULD LIKE TO TRADE a floor polisher lor a big girls bicycle In good shape, Danny Conawoy, aoe 10 427-3062. MINI BIKE FRAME — Bnnonia will take up lo 4 np. metallic blue, drum bake, front shocks. Make offer Randy Slrohan 427O55A. WILL BABYSIT — In your horn., have experience. Coll 427-4495 ond ask for Rhonda Slmms, age 13. LAWN WORK — Ami othtr l«>s don* ol very reasonable prices. Call James Sims, age 14, 4J7-4J">S. RLECTRIC TRAIN FOR SALE — Two en gines lair shape, price »3S. Mark Hamman, age 9, 110 jos-nlne, 424-J923. SHETLAND PONY ANO SADDLE ANO BRIDLE 150. Trace* Humphrey are 7 4M-302J7504 Thompson Rd. BABYSITTING — In y«w ham*. In Crosby area. Phone .578-2271. Crosby Texa: Will work 5 days week age IS. WANTED _ A fib*r(las<f «r aluminum canoe must be In good shape Gnu !cw price. Contact Richard Mlclalsky age 15 579-3505, • ASCYSITTINC — in y«ur Mntt. Need work I Hove experience and references. Limited transportation. Mont Belvleu area. Age 17 574-24*5. BOYSCOUT NEEDS CAMP MONEY — Willing to do any odd |oo. Call Andy Richardson, 12, 422-4371. CORONET CASE — And.books. Including Herb Atperi music books for coronet 5430 Lorinle and Craig Dickey 573-112o. SEWING In my home. By pattern only. Highlands -26-3621, 112 Soulh 7lh St., Monica Becko, age 16. FREE TWO cute eight weeks old kittens ond their mother. Very playful. Marianne Buchonon, ooe II, 422-420D. BIKE ?< In. bays, us, 94 In. girls bike, 115, Mike Heasley, 11 422-2003 2204 Plnc- mont. GREEN Boy Seoul suit new, 110. Size 15, Rlcfcle Janes, age IS, 422-6033. WILL MOW YARDS — Plumwood ond surrounding areas. Gary Eskey, aoe 14, Phone 422-7772. BOY SCOUT NEEDS CAMP MONEY. Willing lo do odd lobs, Gary Thomas, 12, 427-5307. GOOD SURFBOARD MS. Call Debbie Gleger, 16, »12-fM»8. SHAKESJEARE REEL 1>24 model, used once, S7.00. New LTD wire hub cop, 53.00. Shannon Tompklns, 422-6039. EVINRUDE motor, ']f 5 hp.. Si.00 ElK- Irlc football gome 13.00. 45 n, pull fiberglass longbow 15.00. Ricky Ttlomp- klns, 422-6039. SIX — Mordy »«ys My««ry looks tar sale. In very good condition. Volumes, 2 3 13 17 X +4. 15. 4229759 Lorry Nellies age 15. REFRIGERATOR — G. E. Co»d Condition clean. Cornblnaflort Freezer 150. Sue Thomas ao« 15 424-»73. OUR DOG "FRISKIE" needs new ntme. He likes the counlry. FREE. Nancy ond Lori » ond •> 477-1077. SELL YOUR BIKE TRIK6 OR WHAT EVER with d free boy and olrl want od i.. n _ i_it * TROM1ONE — KacJi. In tytrnll t»»l condition, Tcchniue books lnclud«d, 150. Judy Rowe, age II, 477-1342. BABYSITTING — Prif.r S.urhwnl or Brilton and Cravens Addition. Janice Sus- cek, age U</i, 4J7-2676. BABY SITTING — Jwiet f.o<My, 15 years old. Eva Maud and Plumwood oreo. Afternoons and evenings, 427-3427.

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