Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on October 27, 1961 · Page 9
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 9

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1961
Page 9
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68 HouieMd Gaedi 68 _ furnttur.. MO 5-8551. 1215 W. WHki LAY-Away your toys now for Christ* nias. LafKett selection !h town. SOS holds your choice, Western Auto Store JO« S, ! Cujler . MO 4-74S4 Quality Furniture & Carpets for Lea* 125 m Sornefyllle ___ MO 4-3611 GOOD tJsteD FREESifiRS JESS GRAHAM'S . , TV . Apatlane- and Fufhltuf* 108 S CtiyUf __, MO_4.liIi SHELBY J, RUFF Furniture Bought and sold 812 S. Cuyler MO 6'8248 WHILE THEY LAST! $2500 Total Move-In Cost 1113 Neel 1153 VARNON 1112 Seneca 1029 Terry Call Paul Coronis At 8-9342 or 4-32U For Additional'Information HUGHES Development Company WHITTINGTON'S FURNITURE MART Takft ui* payment* oft S fi of furniture. „ , "Low Price* 5ust ddn',1 hapj>«rt — They Ars rnadt" ___,_ 108 S. Cuyler MO 69 Miscellaneoui For Sale 69 FOR MALE, to be moved Immediate-ty, building ifi' -x 16' x 8'. engine room a. n il 45' belt hall. , Corr«(ted sheet Iron, n^ar Pampa, both for 70 Muiteat Inifrurninfi 70 PIANOS FOR RENT $7.50 *$10. pffffiemh "Ask Abeuf Our ftenfal'PurtHse Plan'* TARPLIY MUSIC CO, IfS N. Cuylet M04-42S1 —~~~ $SO. Panhandle Pipe. Co., 239 4,_ BorKcr. The BR 4- BALDWIN Planes and Organs. STOUT & CLARK Piano*. RENTAL & PURCHASE; i . 118 W, Poster MO S'2001 IS..furalihM AjUffwinli »S<9? Futfttiftid Hsuiii 9?| 163 Rial iiiafi for Sata 103 3 and 4 room duplex and bachilor (tparlitUftt. DlH*r6nt toeatlwi*. All , nicely furnlihid tnd clean. Fufnic* _MO J 2343.__ ; 2 ROOM «fflC*neyBachMof Apartment, Private bath At Intetance'. Bill paid, antenna. MO 4-8!MO of 4-23S1. 2 Extra lar»e rooms, well f urn Ished" private bath. BUM paid. Call MO 4-atp.-). Ingulfe Mfl K. Starkweallii'r. 2 S 3~ roomfurnished apartment. Bills paidI. MO^..9.711. 2 ROOM apartment furnished, newty decorated, 405 N. Wells, Fh 8-8184 or MOD&RN ettsn S tdofn furnished house, ftnc*d yard, fcftrftte;. 1321 E. Frederic. _ ____ __ Tried It yet? The new 8w»l OloS.t Acrylic finish for vinyl and all hard surface floors. It's different. Pampa Hardware. "s^ai dioks'76 MUc* VOR SALB: Hampshire Cheat*, about 100 ib* each. Call MO 449.11 Take Up payment: Tour Choice , apartment size Phllco Refrlgators. fin J10 4-S'HJ_._ L | coxBlrToNER COVKRS fcti 10 We measure', and Install your covers. Free estimates. I'AMPA TENT & AWNtNO 317 B.....Brown MO..4-8514 CARPET Quality For Last One Room Or Whole House C&M T.V, and FURNITUKE 125 N. Somervllle MO 4-8811 FEED SEED. Salt, Fertilizer, Santltn. tion, Farm and Ranch suppllM. aprlal spraying. i Pampa Feed & Grain Co. 628 W. Brown MO 4-7392 ADORABLE Puppies, oocker, Dachshund and Boston Terrier, •parakeets and Canaries. The Aquarium, 2314 Atcock; 84 Office, Store Equip. 84 Small clean 'privnte7baclielor apt ^aj_tinent. Bills paid 1 8.20 N., Pray t. t irid 2 fbOttf» .irntsftid apartment, ' it« bath. Inquire 511 N. Cuylec. S*80»2 of 4-aolSJ.,. pHt MO F3EDROOM upstairs, paras* apartment. No bills paid Innuire 22S2 N, , g . ? 65 a month, .1 ii \i 1111 n »inu«i *^ I,, i,i , r __iJ•-^•"fi-i. tiini' r' •*• 2 ROOMTurnRlSd apftrtment. central heat, nice and clean. To »«« call •\Vhlt* Deer. S8S-58.1l 4 ROOM and bath, antenna, newly decorated. To couple 809 E. Foster MO 4-86.15. 3 AND 4 ROOM, ^private bath, bills NEAT 2 bedroom furnished, plumbed, carport, untenftft, 2 blocks from School. iS5. ,MO 4"2tm. 'URNISttiau moduli » room for rent, Cull <-imi ; FOUR V,oom modern houses, Inati'.re 52\ S. Somervill*. BV owner: .1 bedroom with lard* living room, extra nlc« kitchen. All fedeoorftiftd, patio, fenw-d y«rd, and 20 x 20 worh sltet» near Buy equity on FHA lo*n, 98 .1 BKUROOM house In country on pavement, storm windows, fenced _yard_MO i 6-60B7. __ S ~tM'ttiKobM~ house ^ on pogwood, unfurnished MO.^*.!.'.!?' ... , : ._ 5in S. SshneldTr. larp"e*mo'd"ern fc'r'oom redecorated and nleati, Ij, V. Sandford. 714 E. tfreflrlC MO 4-2331 - FCjft SATE BY Of N 3-Bedroom Brick 1839 N, FAULKNER $1.4,500 MO 4-un 34th VKAR TMB PAMPA DAILY NEWS FRIDAY, OCTOSfcR jf t mi 9 103 ft«al iitati far Salt 103 NICK 2 bedroom houao flt 182B R. Ko.ot*r. lUMtga ..attached, plumbed for wanner. TV antenna, at $8fl_ft '.•""'lil'i-MP iy 2 BKDU6oM~liOiise," 829 J60 », month. Phon* MO S.5831 or CROUCH OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. WE BWT USED UJSTICB EQUIPMENT 715 W. FOSTER MO 4*«771 **- paid. Antenna. . Washing ^achlnes. 92 Sleeping Rooms 92 Extra nice bedroom for gentleman. Private entrance. 30!> X. West. MO 4-li2ol or after_Bjao MO-fi2fil. 1 BRDROOM, fenced yard, wired 220, plumbed for washer, TV antenna, 11 ti flr "Air cttiditloned. 420 N. West MO' j[ UhlDnrioinriTiiTunris'bed^"w'TflT? 4-26«. ' - ' " LTr~oT~Tu?i55tT SMALL furnished apartment, very c.los« In. Adults only, Inquire S20 W. Browninir after 8i30 and on week ends. MO 4-8.124. '-•'• ..... , ....... _ 1-3 ROOM Furnished apartment, water &. iras paid, Also t room furnished house, bills paid. 902 E. Browning. JMQ <.fi7Sn. T_ _ 2 BKUHOOM furnished apartment. CLEAN Room. walklnp^llstancT^to 2 BKUIOOM r . u 7i' s » e . a ^ST 11 ^^' town. B0:> N. Frost. MO r,-4ri8.l. close to school Plione MO 4-4039. ROD MACDONALD FURNITURE & PLUMBING B13 &•'" Cuylw MO 4-6521 WHERE YOU BUY FOR LESS * t IS S » $ 1 I $ » I I 70 Musical Instruments 70 PIANOS FOR RENT New Wurlltzer Spinet at low rental No obligation to buy. Rental credit to apply If purchase Is made. See our new and used Spinet Pianos In varied finishes on display at Wilson Piano Salon 1221 WilHston MO 4-6571 3 blocks Bast of Highland Hospital CRAFT BUILT HOMES Now Ready To Be Moved Amarillo Highway See Jim Guy Office Ph. MO 5-5410 Home MO 5-2026 HIGHLAND HOMES INC. PAMPA'S LEADING QUALITY HOME BUILDER SEVERAL NEW HOMES STARTED 3 BEDROOMS 1809 N. CHRISTY 1 3-4 Baths, Ready for Occupancy With-in 30 Days 1813 N. CHRISTY 1 Bath, In Early Construction 1808 N. CHRISTY Just Started , OPEN EVERY DAY COL. DICK BAYLESS Office 1809 N. Christy MO 5-5410 Bedroom for young: man. close In with outside Intranet 3U N. Somervllle. MO 4-77X0 after r>!.10. 96 UnfurnishedApartmentf 96 _ FOR house with _ 3 bedroom attached sarage. All ^^^. ___ 3~BbiWOM hous«~for rent In sl<elly- town, newly decorated, Inside, Call _ V LJMJU _ _____ __ __ _ . 8 RO'bM house, Karate, sl"orB|cn room, M046809 Valrfta Pl-onto ,,,....,,... MO R-4t!),1 w, M, LANE REALTY MO 4-3641 Rts. MO 9*fi»0' Ford Herrlnr MO 4-232S , , lw .._, N, Otlllitpln, 3 room houso, N. IMUI, wiylAN HUFF ii..,.« i.,,.,,i..« v I'nt. •!• AH) VIVI/MN nurr C. A. HUFF REAL ESTATE & RENTALS G. H. MUNDY, REALTOR MO 4-n?8i 10J N. Wynn» Helen Jim or Pat'DaileyV.fei." Off let ..814 W. -" MO 4-7186 MO S-329-1 MO 8*1032 f op~0' TcfxSvS Bulldcfsi Inc." M_0_4-.1S42 Bill Oarrett 825 W. Pranels firw; WATERS . REAIj ESTATE BROkKRfl AND INSURANCE AUWNT _123 R KlnKsmlll . uu MO 4-IOSt 82('i™A"orri?a fnitu land near VViiifft Deftr, water, bnrn, elwtrlcity. Near future this farm Will he next to (arm to market roml. Priced to .oil Cnn be financed. \V. K. Hussy, ph SSil-filll, \Vhlte Deer. 113 Property to be Moved 113 Ikner, Cuylsr MO MO 4.t528 IN PAMPA SINCE ____^ ____________ ___ . 2 or 3 nra'DUOOlil. real nlc«~liousi« for NICE Bedroom, adjoining: bath, out. *Ol k side entrance. $7.00 jier wefk. 22S' N, Nelson. MO 4-6Sfi4. 95 Furnlihed Apartments 95 3 ROOM furnished apartment, • blllt paid'MO'• 4-7648. ' 3 ROOM furnished apartment, ante, nna. 'to adults. Bills paid. 414 Sloan MO 8-SM".. BEDROOM unfurnished house, waterpaicl, fenced yard. Inquire 1209 S. Faulkner. Nice 2 room to bntchelor or Indy, prlvnte bath, RHfagfl, bills paid 436 N. AVarren. JtO 4-B776. N1CKLY furnished 3 room-apartment, garage, antenna. on pavement, couple. MO n-i)BS7, '41» X. _Sumner. 3 ROOM furnished apartment. 610 N. Frost. . . 2 br.droom duplex apartment, private tub bath S30 per month. Inquire ,lr. Mlnnicks Trailer Park U mile South on Lefors HiRhway. • BRICK HOMES VA LOANS No Dpwn Payment No Loan Closing Cost FHA LOANS Minimum Down Payment See R. A. Mock in Mesilla Park 2300 Navajo. MO 5-2711 or 9-9893 „ _.T! 2 beflroom duplex ftpart- mcnt, nice. Kast Fraser. Beech St. Oven and cook-top. TV antenna, MO 4-4927. HKDROOM Duplex, large closets, fenced yard. Best location, 1307 Coffee. Call MO 4-H630. NTCR t and 2 bedroom apartment*. Close In, refrigerator and stove If requeuted, panel ray hentlntr. Call J.,ols Sanders. MO^ 4-^160 V _ 97 Furnished Houiet ^ 97 3 liOOAt nicely furnished duplex, panel rny henllnjr Bills paid. 414 N. •• —•"- «-»«i-~'4.2 N. Somervllle. _._.~. 2 REDHOOTl unfufnlshe'd bouse. plumbed (or wnsber, tcnrage. MO 8 bouae, garage, MO l)-9SiD. ___ . ____ nlcaii 2 be'dronni fenced yard, Cull PERRY 0.6AUT 102 But. Rental Property 1021 Your Ustlnns Appreciated ' Hi Ion llnuitley ....,,,...., 4-2HS PRICE REDUCED W«,i $.1 500. now $.1,000. 5 room modern exlra nlc.n, rnrpet, cernmlo plnnty of closets, new paint. \Vll move 20 mllB rndlus MO I-30H. 4 1 4 llavo sevnnil repossed trailers, soni Rood buys, H17 H. nilllspl*. Moderi r<% ' " .-.^ _ 'ATiKl 28" ft.' (TonTet \*S«-aiTo tmller, completnly mnilern. HUn new O, V. Rurnett, ph. SBS-:!«:!2, Mlnin _________ 2~iroblTl~wUb basement $7750 per -wc.ek. Couple or lady, no pets 517 N. Ward Bfter 4 p.m . 2 ROOifTTotiHR and pnra**. Nice for couiile nicely furnished. 60!) N. Frost. npproxlmate-ly 30x34 ft. for lease 732.Fredrick 7ft ft. of highway frontage suUnhlo for sarngc _o_^\varehou_ie. Call MO__R_j!>757. GO'OD JluTidln(t"'fii'sldV"'nnd out. 1400' floor spoof, nlre tor store or warehouse. 230(1 Alcock. Phono 9-0167. Joe Decker. 103 Real Estate For Sale 103 HY 'OWN Kit: 3 bedroom, altnthrd fetK'eil yard, 405 Magnolia MO 3 RO'OM furnished bouse, bills paid. 2 miles south on pavement. MO B- | 3400. I ____ ___ __ N Christy, 3 bedroom, 'iioolc top. dlslnvRsher, dlsposnll, rnrpel, drapes. AIO 4-4000 after ft p.m. BY Owner 416 Lowry HOOM with shower, nicely furnished, $40. A month, bills paid, elderly pejrsoii or_couple^ MO S-5S7p 2~ T UO()M~amr"bath 103l"Vi K. Fishor. Pali arO _4-415S. ___ _ _ SMALli 3 room furnished house, Rnrnge'. antenna, automatlR heat, 221 Lefors $45. per month. Ko bills MO fi-2Snn. ____ j ___ NICKtiY Kurnlshed 3 room house, —--. . _ _____ 6 ROOM~hous8 & Two 3 room houses. 2 blocks ot grocery store & 4 blocks of_scliool MO T.-4239. Close in. nlcf> furTilRired clean 3 room house. Inquire 704 X. Gray. MO 4- 8fil7. per 2 HICDHOOM hmiseT'lVy'iiwiieF, Tshnm Street. Inquire. 1117 Neel Rd. iMq -I-2(i30._Renspii!\bly priced. 4 Ifi'iDliOOM, 2"lmthsri3ill Christine. Trice reduceil by $2.500. 1'or lu- foriiuillon cull MO 4.74t!9. B. E. FERRELL AGENCY MO_4.-41J1 &.jy_B5» ; \VILlj TAKK iatoTiiodf'l cur for equity In It Ui-droom, ilon, 1% bath, central liont nnil nlr. 1101 Terry. MtlST SKlTti! 1707 Aspen, 2 bedrnon brick, fence, covered pntlo, »lore- hottsB, isnrpel, wired 220. f 1,750 down $80 payment MO 5-i!:i>*>5. Mary Clybnrn 13va Lou llodR«* i.-:inir, CrecAjCompanj Betty .Tnckson., Joan Olwnis .. Onto Thul ... . MO 4-2702 . MO 4-92S9 MO 4-6«04 _ __ __ _ ____ _ BEST TRAILER SALES rtK\V AND T.T8WD TUAU-V.U Hank Rales W. Itlnhway 00 I'll, AtO 4-8250 116 Auto Repair Garages 1 1 6 20 Autdfnftbiki far Sal* 120 . Q,, MBAfi U«d c*f* and ~ 58 Mod*l 0odf* thiek* lot W* bviy, *eil and **rvic« *ll makes, Tralleca and tow bars for f»nt. SIS K, Jjrown. MO <-t7<l. Tfii CORVATR Low eflulty, 4-SSIS. 22*4 9no lfk« n*W. N. N T el.«con. MO NEW AN6 U8EC ... 200 K. Rrn\Vn MO i§ Volkuwajtbn. sun roof."™ '< Pord VS. ftlr nontl., r»verdrlv« S Pord, 4 door Falrlane • nl Chevrolet Wednn, dellvorv «20 N. Banks MO S S9IW BtltCK . RAMBLER 2.1 North at-ar QMC MO 4-4«77 HAROLD BARRETT FORD 61 W, Brown MO 4-8404 957 PONTFAC .1 SftHter Station waif. on. bydramatlf', radio, heater, tu« tone. A-t rondltlon .tinflS. TRIPLE AAA MOTORS ph. >io NEED A NEW CAR? SEE US FOR Low Cost Auto Loans CITIZENS BAJSTK A TRUST CO. A Friendly BinK With Frl.ndly S«rvl«* For Corr«ot Tlm« »O J-B701 MEMBERS OF FDIC Ma.flers, tall pipes, brakes, itarUr*, ten^r.ators, minor tune-up. A. R. A. OF PAMPA (01 W. Po*t«i MO 8-32R1 HOKTiT A n MO 4-III 11 F. A, AUTO BRAKE 105 S._VVanl __ ~5"«rrii'tH'_~K!rrTSetfl Llf* of <tir*nt«* MO 4 2861 220 N. Bomtrvlll* Open House 2205 N. Christy 3 BEDROOM ALL BRICK HOMES HALL & JONES BUILDERS Built with Weyerhaeuser Kiln Dried lumber and the best grade of all materials. 1 3-4 ceramic tile baths and entry hall, birch cabinets with formica tops in kitchen and bath, combination kitchen and family room. Double garage with pre finished walls, fully insulated and fiber glass garage door. BEST BUILT HOMES IN PAMPA MOVE IN BEFORE CHRISTMAS CLEMENTS REALTY CO. MO-a4tl or OWNKR - _ ... Vriiser, 3 bedroom br- HERE! GET YOUR AHD-FRERE AT REEDS SERVICE STATION 914 E. FREDERIC ick, den, Canine, corner lot. Hi, tile baths, built In Ul» vanities In bedrooms; HtoriiKe, central beat, ducted air 'conditioning, carpet, dntpos, now cellar, fenced, patio'* liuiil- scuped, $17,BOy. $(1,500 eriiiily. r,'.% loan balance. MO 5-2854 Tuesilny. Kriday, Sunday, Other days "fler ti u.iii. _ _____ __ . _ __ ONVN'Kli: Knulty In 3 bedroom brick, cnrpetcil, draped, fenced, Khowu af- tero-.OO week days. 'Anyllma weekends. 2310 Churli's. MO 6-3 173. Nir:R 3 BEDROOM, cnrpnted. drinicd, 2 lilockd from Kchool, paymanU 61.00 iniil N. Kglson. •1 year old 2 ii(>ilroom brick house, den & kitchen drupes, nwtuhetl carpel. $S!l monthly 'paymtnls. 2120 Beech. MO'6.11(17. 3 BJBD.'UOO'JiT~li_use, carpet, conlral heat, redwood fence. 1929 N. \Vetls, MO B-4U6. after 8 p.m. 54 Yean In The Panhandle 3 MrcpllOOM frame with brick trim find Hlaehed Kni'ng.-. l.ociiled North ]')wlf;lit HireiH. Ciirpe.ted HvltiR ruom Hiid hall, cook top mid oven, nbout. ],2tlO si|, ft. of living: ari-a, fMicml vurd 1'rlre.d about $1:1,200, buy (bn faulty for ?70U., moiilbjy paynteutM $95. frHin« liom«, allnnhwl with larwrt I»t. Ijocaled PJ. ICliiRsinlll Street. Nice and cldHii. Priced $9,Bon would l»Ue Rood cm' or snine ciiltlw for down payment and you can «s»umB U 1 loan, jAROFJ 3 RKPROOM frame With »t- Inched slnKl« Kiin»gi\ lov'nt.»il Duu- cnii Ml.• oliw» to town, l^i Imlhs, i:ook top and oven, dining room or S nl bedroom, patto, cwrjift. t,2SH PI), ft. living urea, nboul 7 yoni* oiil, Iteduceil to ilO.rillO.. Cull Hetty MO »22«. ••••.• ' 2 TIKllP.OOJr I'MIA'MF. JTome. UViited llngbcs St. cartii'led livliiK I'ot/ni. liii'Kn kltclien. fenced yard, 'I'fice tt.dllO, l>uy i-riulty for $3011. or rnnk'i its an offer, monthly imymenU $00. Call TVitity. -MO 4-8(ll;i, WE NBED LISTINGS 117 Body Shops 117 I'alnt, Bonl repair, TOP 0' Body work, Lefors Hi-\Va» JFORD r S~BODY~SHOP" Cur Palnttnv • Body Work 111 N. Frost MO 4-4619 120 Automobiles for Sale 120 ltir.ll IHilrli l,«Snliro 2 door liHrrt lop, power link, power brakes A xlfOrliiR rnrfi-ct. (<ondltlon. ?3,3I)0. MO 4-3S4ft- ilny. ">-:i2iift 'iiiKiu. V criKVJIOI/KT I door, * cyT., .Stixndai'd shift, rivd'lo. h«»t*r, 21, (10(1 inllps, IlkR nnw. JI25U. EW1NG MOTOR COJIPANY 1200 MOTOR MO 5-2111 1316 N, Hobart 121ATrucki, Machinery 121A BY Owner —- Ideal Location J 'BEDROOM, cllnlnsr room, utility, carpets, drapes, air conditioned, central hunt, flreplnre, l.fion «q, ft. 1'i-iluced Ho $15.700, $2,100 down, Kl I A. loan. Re« ut MniMiuy "" .0111 Duncan horn* pUo«« Sports Coupe, like new, "\>ry low nillcnKC, Inrge HtiK'liin, Three 2'>i. (Mlior sport features. Cull MO n., 9I7 '1' Koit"''KATffi:n»Szri 1 iynToiViiV'~T~ii5oi : ; JtOIl Horn St. White Hetr. TOxli».____' "MAULbiN'MOfOR CO. OPKJN 8 to It PM 71S \V. Hiown MO 5-2RI1 IHBI "riiiovHoiJ'rrr'Koiiii "iiri-w." n'tinii fiirvi "PI , V"M o i IT 11 ~V.".T™'.T. .T'lhsT). H»M I'O.N'TIAO SSfin ID.VJ KOIt 1) 11000 McCORMICK FARM EQUIPMENT STORE Vrli'n Rotid _^ Mil .(-7infi COrBERSON CHEVROLET" 110 W. FoRter MO 4-4(Kl« PICKUPS 1959 A-100 Tnternatlotial |SS5, 10r,4 INTRRNAl'lONAL, U-112. de- fro»t«r, heater, ti;00xl5 S nly tire*. 4 npevd transmission $.195 1019 JNTiUlNATIONAlj, KB-2, $150 TRUCKS l(l."B OMC fi,10 Tandem $3750. l»50 Chevrolet 2-ton with oil field body with wliicli and sen poles J17S6. McCormick Farm Equipment Intprnallonnl Truck Headquarters Price Koail MO 4-746S 124 Tires. Accesoriei 124 REBUILT™ AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS 10% down and balance in 18 monthi Expert Installation By Compntant Workman Mont/iomery Ward 217 N. Cuyl«r MO 4-32S1 125 Boars & Accessories 125 I -00 BOAT STORAGE per monlli! 'Headquarters for PANHANDLE ICE CO. 417 W. KostiM- MO 4-7431 _ ISl'l (^Oi' > l' : 'Ji!i' : :"iic room, feticaij vurd, cl(i«f> I'rlc,* $7MIO. M!.,» 3HS, 109W W, Fo«Ur Off, Realtori B.H.Wniiams .den lirlcte, 'I lint tin. elisi'lrlu klti'lion. CKiitral hcnt, covered PHI In, uoutili' jS«rugH,_(loiM.l Imiiiljun M« n-!!";2S. 2~-"~Beilroom, 2 apiirtiilBHtH KaruMo. storm c'Bllur $7,700 My iniulty for $4,700 HHHinne $;t,noo loan at $,*!) H i»miillt__O._(.VJ.niip, K0_t X. Htimncr. BY OWNl'Jll 3 beilroTimrVleii'.'Tiiir'peu-'il living room and Imllx - liny Kifiilly »t B. sHcriricw and Uika up ?90 p»y- iiieiiu. SKI;! x. Weils MO n-saoi Rft«r 4:;tO weekday* or anytlino Permanent Type PYRO PRESTONE ZEREX $,49 Gal. Gal. 1 1 59 Installed & Checked All Winter BY OWNER I.a»t call i Muni move, ,'i bedroom A den, carpel*, patio, fenced, iikk-up paymeutH — equity maku offer _MO K__fiin8.J021 Tjrry Ud. 4 BC)OMH~& li'atli oM"lnrK« lot, Ciilft Suhdlvlnlon. SI.SOO liliono M(.l 4-21I60 "L. MO_9.!inH, _ J, E, Rice Real Estate 712 N. Somfcrville Pr- v\e MO ALL MAJOR BRANDS MOTOR OIL CHAMPUIN VAUVOUNE PREMIER 40 OIL 35 9t. 1181 VAU.N'ON DHIVH, 2 liedrnorn with iilcv »tnrin rfllhir, rvileconileil liiftUl* attd out. Hale* prU-u t'/.OOO, monthly iiuyiiirntu (,'ili. MO 0.5110 or MO 4-IIH2. _ N'EAR HIGH 8"cH"o6u :i liBitrooni ami U*u with ov«r I.SOii 1 »(| ft, Hi liallid. Carpet flraiicn A air coiulllloncr lucluitdd, liarjre I |mtln anil lirauttful uluttl* lri«i>». A Rood buy at |IK,6nil, Has I''IIA limn. M1.S .'i:i-t, ; MIAMI STREET '< liHilrooni wlili naiiinil wooil- worlt. l'*HiU!«il yui'il. MoVtt In for uliuiit tJtiti unit $"> mil. wllli UKW Ion M, MI.S :tli:i SOUTH DWIQHT ' ;i liuilrouiu with lit lilt y room, N(!\v|v |ialiit*il, iiiovi'-lii fur iilioui n'.'.u Hiui iw MIL AII.M .mi. IN LEFORS Hlx .'l-i'oiiin aiuii'tinciitx, f> HTH fui' lOxMru K'n»l I'ftliirii on hivf.-"! infill. Duly fli.lMMI. MI.K :i!l!l.c. LARGE 9 ROOM HOUSE ( in ( 'liiremlun lilKhwity unir I'mn- |iu. 'i lialhB. I'un tin iiiipil H« 5 liwl. riiuiii. Htn rni'iifl i'i| HvliiK I'linin. anil lOx.'IO ft, K"r- mid wnrkHliup. 1 1 7/1(111, ,MI,S :nr,. CHRISTINE STREET Attractive ~ bwlrnoni liiul ilei). Hi 'nfi'iiiiilc I lie liiitiiM with colored fUlm'i'n. llcniillftil carpel Itinniifli- DIII, Air I'liiulll luiH'il, KlAi;trlo conk tun ami ovi-n, lilrrli raliliiittM, Pu- tin and fenced yard, II7.75W, MI.H :tfi«. NEARLY NEW 3 BEDROOM ill I''|1HI l'l|]ll|lll. Ijlll'Kl- KlHHIfC. Move In for iihoul j:i2n uinl |BI mo. with new loan, Ml/S 3(11. 1057 nODdK Hoy n I Cnnvn, 4 door liiird top. power 'raliiiH. power Mm-rlim, fantury nlr coinlltloinir, null i), ln.'HI«r, iiuluiiDitii' IrniiNinlsKldn, whlln wnll -• tl«». ,14,1100 HiHtml nilli<c. * ureiitn pufr .., ....... .. 19.H ri/VMOIITH 11i>lvH(lprr', ( door, Ntnndvrd triuii!- nil«jilon wltli nvurdrlv^, clean 'Inxlrle ninl out. Knur; «*conrl csr, only ................................. J95S >,'i ton Pick-up. .1 (I cyl., $1195 $495 $895 $495 PARKER MOTOR CO. . . »t««l bml, red and whlip, a rent buy nl loll)!' wbeel Ion bun*, lcli-uii. \'S, ^ »p««d li-nn»ml|««lon, hcnli-r, (fn-en ninl wlille. ....... 301 S. CTJYT.ER Phono MO 4-2S48. 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BdlUnl ^••tW.\ Velina t,i)WtBr ,,.,, S-'JIBj I'.oli Krullli 4-44BII lilorla Ulunloii ...., .»-!i.'!M (!«oiy» Nt'i'f Jr. .,, ,f»-.V,!lMl UiiHiiiln VVilliiiin.1 ,,,, 5-r,o:i4 i.'arl Wllllnnii f>.!!.",«« iiiliXfity (Muli 'llrlubtw':" :t li»ilriiii|ii l,rlrk hdiriK with :itlnrttf.<t xitr^^**. Family riioiu. i-lKiMrli: U'ld'liwii. I''j ri'nmii' tllu hnlli. Nu. I mik (loin>. C.iIfiiHi n r**nliul lu»Ht, KiiiO liowii mi ;;n \.MI KIIA Idiin Cull Willie II.HI— J.MiHlii-r Cn MO t-Vi'.ll. TODAY'S SPECIALS 1956 PONTIAC 4 door hard top. $495 19.w RAMBLER, 4 door $395 19.1.") CHKVROI CT 4 door 6 cyl. $395 19.M i'ORD 2 door, V8 $275 ]!)j:5 MRRCURY. 2 door $175 JlXJi! HUICK, -1 tlfwr $125 J931 DODT.K'l door $125 I960 OHRVROI.KT, 4 wheel drive $1895 195.") KORO PiiUi.^!, V'8 Culberson Chevrolet «IO W, F«*ttr MO 4 4«» WE SPECIALIZE IN A TRIPLE BOYE VERAGE UTOS A MOTORS Folks we have a very nice selection of the nicest used cars in the state, all are winterized & guaranteed. If you don't know our location Just call and we will give directions, On the spot financing, bank rate interest. '''.•iH^h^r^rr,;.,''' 1 '*' '"* '":•;:"': .* ""::"; $ av e lil'K'K TWO iji I'n'.l ciiKV'liol.K'i" loi|,Ain I ilo,.<-« full (juwfr, (rt'l',l> air * .iii'li! voiifci . liV,^- r;--^ *-;t< h . .. i ili-c,,- I. !l |,,,v.f, «,r !:'/!:•' 1;' ;* I *f \ ^f> v?t > !'••'.< Kiilili i;.i!...»i,-. 4 ll.M.r _,. rr.iuill |ruik-r rr*.li VMM.H (li:. Iliv* II-VV .HO 5-1081 8U W. \Vilk« $3495 $2695 $1395 $1895 : $1691 MO.V2010

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