Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas on February 21, 1939 · Page 7
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Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas · Page 7

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 21, 1939
Page 7
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THE CORSTCANA SBMI.WHiHiK.LY EIGHT, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1939. SEVEN Local Markets Grains and Provisions Cotton 8.25 I Fort Worth Cash Groin. Cotton seed 20.00 | FORT WORTH, Fob., 20.—W)—Demand for grain ehowed some •light improve* : „ . mcnt. otton TBXIM Spots Markets. DALLAS, Fob. 20.— VFi —Cotton 8.11: Houston 8.40; Oalvoston 8.34, New Tork Cotton Tnble. NBW YOHK, Fob. 20.— IF> —Cotton futures closed 3 higher to 1 lower. High Low Last March 8.48 8.44 8.48 May 8.10 8.07 8.10 July 7.83 7.7ft 7.83 October 7.4'J 7.38 7.40 December 7.33 7.35 7.35-38 January ;. 7.40 7.38 7.38 Spot nominal; Middling 8.01. New Orleans Cotton Table NEW ORLEANS, Fob. 20.—W)—Col' ton futures iraded narrowly here today but pro-holiday coverlnr supported price* and tho market closed steady, net unchanged to 1 point higher. Open Hlirh Low does 8.50 8 50 8.58 8.60 8.20 8.20 8.10 8.10 7.84 7.94 7.80 7.93 7.50 7.61 7.60 7.50 7.47 7.50 7.47 7.60 7.4Bb 7.51-b 7.54b 7.54-b 7.80 7.80 7.80 7.58-b March May July October December .. January ... Mar. <fl»w) May (new) b Bid. A Nrw Orleans Spots UnchnnKed i.*.. NEW ORLEANS. Feb. 20.—W—Snot 1 1 cotton closed quiet and unchanged. [ J Sales 124; low middling 7.30: middling 854: good middling n.OO; receipts 1,920; stock 041.340. Liverpool Spot* Point Higher LIVERPOOL, Feb. 20.— vn —Cotton, \ no receipts. Spot quiet, prices 1 point . higher: quolalions in pence: American. Btrlcl good middling 5.88: good middling 6.53: slrlct middling 6.33; middling 6.18: strict low mldling 4.03: low middling 443- strict good ordinary 3.D8: good ordinary 3.83. Futures closed unchanged to 2 higher. March 4.84; May 4.77; July 4.01; Oct. 4.44. New Tork Cotton Tahl» NEW YORK,, Feb. 20.—l/P>—Cotton futures opened unchanged to 1 high- err, March 8.45; May 8.00; July 7.81; (jicl. 7.30; Dec. 7.37. ^'.Mid-morning prices were 1 lower to 6 .net higher with March off a point •' at 8.44 and May unchanged at 8.08. Trade support gave a firm 'one to old crop deliveries, all showing a 1- point gain around mtd-tlay. New Orleans Cotton Steady. NEW ORLEANS. Feb. 20.—W—Cotton futures opened ateady. net unchanged to 1 point higher here today. N 0. Cottonseed Oil Steady NEW ORLEANS. Feb. SO.—•(*>—Cotton seed oil closed steady, bleaohable prtmo summer ye low 8.78 nominal primed erode B.B21-3 5.871-8. March 840b: May O.eOb; July 8.70b; Ocl. 8.82b. b—Bid. Wheat No. 1 hard 80 3-4 801-4. Barley No. 2 nom 52-63. Sorghums No. 2 yellow mllo per IOC Ibs nom 00-02: No. 3 whlto kalllr nom 00-02. Corn, shelled No. 2 whllo 03 1-4 04 o'atB No. 2 red 37-38. Wheat Prices Advance CHICAGO. Fob. 20.—(A 1 )—An advance of wheat prices that amounted to as much as 3-4 cent at times today was bated largely on reports of Improved milling demand and forecast of a cold wave in parta of the soft wheat belt. Wheat closed 1-4 to 5-8 higher than Saturday. May BS 6-8 .'1-4. July 08 3-4 7-8, corn 3-8 to 3-4 up. May 403-4: July 51: oats unchanged to 1-4 down. Chicago Grain Table CHICAGO, Feb. 20.—W)— WHEAT— High Low Close March 88 5-8 May ... 08 6-8 88 1-8 88 5-8 3-4 July ... 00 68 3-8 88 3-4 7-8 Sept. ... 69 3-4 60 1-8 60 6-8 3-4 CORN— March 473-4 May ... 40 3-4 40 1-8 49 3-4 July ... 51 50 3-8 51 Sept. ... 61 5-8 61 1-8 51 1-2 OATS— May ... 20 5-B July ... 28 STOCKS DECLINED IN UNUSUALLY SLOW MONDAYJRADINGS .LEADING ISSUES YIELDED FROM ONE TO THREE POINTS OR MORE NEW YORK, Fob. 20.—(£>)— Stocks shifted to tho rear In today's market, leaders yielding 1 to more than 3 points. Except for one or two brief selling spasms, dealings wore unusually slow after .the opening. Sept. 20 273-4 27 3-8 20 1-4 27 7-8 27 1-3 ATTORNEY GENERAL TAKES INJUNCTIONS TO SUPREME COURT MANN ASKS HIGH COURT TO VACATE ORDERS OF TWO DISTRICT JUDGES AUSTIN.lreb. 18.— W— The supreme court today set for hearing Wednesday a request of Attorney .. General Gerald C. Mann Conspicuous on the decline wore j f or a mandamus requiring y , Wr" District Judge Bryce Fer- ONLY TWO MODELS AIRPLANES FOUND TO DE SERVICEABLE MORGENTHAU SAYS FRENCH MISSION WANTED LATEST MODEL SHIPS WASHINGTON, Feb. 18. ine _ „. „. _ iio _, UP)—A French air mis- uro all husky and "doing splendld- sion, sent to this country iy£ to buy military planes, found only two models which could "stand in the Red Cross Gives Extra Baskets To Olympia Triplets OLYMPIA, Wash., Fab. 20.—(flV- Triplets born Saturday to Mr. ana Mrs. Joe Lavery, of Friendly Grove, shared a big clothes basket In the couple's homo yesterday until tho Red Cross cnmc to the family's aid and supplied two extra baskets. The babies, Dr. H. W. Sachs suld, , Motors; Chrysler, U. S. Rubber, i guson Of Hidalgo COltnty WestlrtghffUse, Du Pont, Johns- Manvlllc, Eastman Kodak, General Electric and Anaconda. An exception to the trend -was American Stores which stepped and H. F. Klrby of Limestone county to vacate Injunctions restraining enforcement of the 7,000-pound truck load limit law. In granting the application to up more than 2 at ono time when , {1 | e the requoo t, the state's hlgh- the company obtained an injunc- e t tribunal took cognizance of .,._ Pennsylvania, burning controversy which has tlon against the chain-store tax. Bonds were Irregularly lower, i Commodities wore mixed. Involved lawmakers, jurists, truck Kansas City Cash Grain. KANSAS CITY, Feb. 20.— If Wheat, 128 cars 1-4 higher to 1-4 lower; No. 2 dark hard 72-701-2: No. 3, 711-2 781-2; No. 2 hard 071-2 71: No 3. 681-2 74: No. 2 red nom 07-00 1-2:1 No. 3. 00-H7 1-2. Close May 651-8; July 843-8; Sept. 05. Corn. 20 cars, unchanged to 1-2 higher: No. 2 whlto nom 401-4 471-2; No. 3 nom 40 3-4 47: No. 2 yellow 47 1-2- No '.3 nom 453-4 47: No. 2 mixed 471-2: No. 3 nom 453-4 47. Close, May 401-2; July 471-2; Sept. 48 1-2. Oal*, 3 cars; -1-4 to 1-2 higher: No. 2 white nom 201-4 31: No. a nom SS 3-4 30 1-2. NEW YORK, Feb. 20.—C/P>— Stocks backed away fractions to around a point In today's early market dealings. At a quiet opening losers included U. S. Steel, Bethlehem, General Motors, Chrysler, Douglas Aircraft, Booing, United Alrchaft, Anaconda, Sears Roebuck, Goodyear and Standard Oil of N. J. DELEGATIONS FROM MANY COUNTIES ASK HIGHWAY BUILDING companies, and fruit and vegetable marketers and growers. Slapping at what he termed "government by Injunction," the air for one second" against German planes, Secretary Morgchthau was disclosed to have told the senate military committee. Testimony released by committee showed Morgonthau told the senators January 28 that It would be "good business" to sell to tho French Douglas attack bombers of the latest type, which was one of the plane types found to be better than similar German craft. Tho French subsequently purchased 100 of thees ships. Testimony also was disclosed this state Is not above the constitution and law." The district court injunctions came as truckers, growers and others demanded suspension of the load restriction to speed movement of rapidly maturing fruit and produce crops from the lower Rio Grande Valley. A sub- j committee of the senate highways I and motor traffic committee Is ! stdying legislation to Increase the Roberta weighed 5 pounds at birth and her two brothers, Delbort and Albert, 6H and 6 pounds, respectively. Tho J^averys, each, 34, have five other children. Ton Cm Boy, Sen, BMtt, Trade and Accomplish Qnfoh Bemdta|| By Advertising In the Classified Columns BRAD BT THOUSANDS OV FEOFUS Business Service Mattress Maker* 10 LEGISLATURE DID TOD KNOW that you can now rel anything thnt yon want at the Coril- oaOR Mat iron Factory In tlio wajr of mnltmeci from tho cnrtrvpcst to the bout that can tx> (undo and all wo Mf ruar- nntocxl and nil prices reasonable! Wo wish to call your special attention to tho {net thnt wo are now the very beet Foiled and alno Inner Sprinj mntlrfM and will allow you liberal prim for your mnttrona. Wo would bo ir.Ml to have you call at our plaice of busl- noun nnrl w-n our full lino and rot our prlwHi before you purrhnso ft now mat* resii. If you wlnh wo will be nlonaed o ionc] our inlcarunn nut to ice you. Corwlcatirv MnUrcxt Factory, 312 S. Main, riiona 273. L, A. Stnrloy - A. M. Lane. ! lond limit. I Referring to the Injunction Mann said in his petition: "The deteriorating effect of such an attitude by tho Judiciary ° 50 -samplo formed of pressing needs of various Oats No. 4 mixed 28: No. 2 whlto ' sections of Texas for increased la- 321-an-4: No. a, 30-321-2; sample cillties In highway transportation grade white 27I1-4 SO. ______ — desiimatlntr. building and main- Potato Market. CHICAGO. Feb. 20.—«T)—(USDA) — Potatoes 194 on track 308. total US shipments Saturday 80S. Sunday 07: old stock dull, weak undertone; sacked per cwt Idaho niseot Burbanka US No. 1, very lew sales 1.55-00; Colorado red McClures US No .1, burlap sacks 1.06-2.10; cotton sacks 1.73-2.10: Wisconsin round whites US No. 1, 1.20. US commercials 1.05-15: North Dakota BHss 'Triumphs 80 per cent US No. 1, Chicago Livestock. W.H. Murray Will Speak Corsicana Wednesday Night Plains were being made early this week for the address to be delivered in the district court room at the court house Wednesday night at 7 o'clock of W. H. *,- Murray, former governor of Ok\ lahoma. ,,»i« i«Familiarly known as "Alfalfa Bill," Governor Murray is one oE the most picturesque political characters of the Southwest. He f was chairman of the Constltutlon- * al Convention when Oklahoma •was admitted to the Union and latter served in Congress and as governor. Richard Mays, attorney, friend of the Oklahoman, stated Monday In the district court that through all the years, "Murray has held a tender spot In his heart for Corsicana and particularly the southern part of Navarro county." Governor Murray formerly taught school at Cade and later was the editor of a newspaper In V Corslcana before going to Oklahoma. . He is speaking In Houston early this week and will speak here on route home. "The Federal Constitution" will be the subject of Murray here .J Wednesday evening, and accord•* Ing to the. announcement of Mr- CHICAGO, Feb. 20.—W)—Butter 760 302. steady: creamery specials (I>3 score) 253-1 20: extras (02) 25 1-2: i extra firsts (OO-fll) 85-261-4; firsts --- ~ ' ' ' (88-80) 24, 1-4 1-2: 231-2. 25: seconds (84-87 designating, building taining roads. Twenty-one delegations wore slated to appear before the body which was represented by all three commissioners—Chairman R. L. Bobbitt of San Antonio, Harry Hines of Wichita Falls and Dallas, and John Wood of Timpson. The commission promises full consideration of all requests but passed no work orders during the opening hours of the hearing. '• A Tarrant county group asked -io state agency to take steps toward preparing a second lane for highway 15 from highway 121 to Hurst and proposed extension of highway 15 from Main street west to U. S. highways 80 and 377. Designation of the route from "How can the layman be criticized or punished for violating the law, when those who are charged with tho duty of enforcing the law flagrantly disregard It? "It Is time the parent of the judicial branch of the government exercised some degree of effective control over Its wilfully disobedient offspring." He said the district court Injunctions were issued despite a previous ruling by the supreme court the load limit law was valid. President Roosevelt's policy of promoting American military planes to foreign nations. Morgenthau said tho French mission had come to this country prepared to spend $65,000,000 for planes If they could get delivery within six months. "Furthermore.e" he added, "they only want planes which are as good or better than there are planes at present In Europe. "Now, when they look over (he field to see what we have got, it gets down to two companies, just two companies, two models which could stand In the air for one second against the German plane." The French mission, in addition to the Douglas bombers, purchased Curtis pursuit planes. Senator Clark (D-Mo) Interrupted to say that "If we are going to defend the United States we might want those planes ourselves." What Thought Was. "If I could finish—"' Morgen- thau came back. "You want to know what the thought was, and tho thought was that this money these people being here, that these orders would be placed at i once, and they would pay for tho development cost and their orders would bo out of the way and be (Continued From Page One) number of experts had helped him and added the house needed "expert advice." Tho house last week invited O'Dnnlel to coma to the tax hearings but he declined. Advocates of a liberal supplemental appropriation for rural school aid during the current bl- ennlum scored an imresslve victory when they obtained printling on minority committee report ot a bill alloting $1,095,000 for that urpose. The house appropria- ons committee had cut the figure > $326,000. Both houses passed finally a bill nthorizing cities of 76,000 or lore population to float bond is- ues for paying firemen and po- ccmen back salaries Incurred by law setting minimum pay for IB two branches of municipal ser- Ice. lomo for Delinquent Negro Girls The senate adopted and sent to 10 house a concurrent resolution irecting the board of control to nvcstigate.possibility of financing flth WPA aid construction of n ome for delinquent negro ' girls, 'he state has no Institution 01 his type. It engrossed but did not consld- r on final passage a resolution or submitting a constitutional mendment which would permit tie court of criminal appeals to vork the year around Instead of rom October through June. To the house the senate also Eggs 11,028: easy: 'fre*h graded extra firsts cars and local 17; firsts local 181-4. Poultry live 17 trucks, ateadyp: hens over 5 Ibs 17, 6 lb« and under 10: Leg- •—_., - .. T _..i__ *„ „ horn hens 16; broilers colored 18. Ply. Dallas via Irving to a moulh Hock 101-2. White Rock 10 with highway 15, said to bo a heav- 1-2: springs ocer 3 Ibs colored 10,1 ily used farm to market road, was Plymouth Rock 21 1-2. White Hock 21: fryers over 2 Ibs nnd including 3 Ibs colored 17, Plymouth Bock 181-2. Whllo Rock 18: Leghorn ehickens 13: roostepft 13 Leghorn roosters 1C: ducks 41-2 Ibs up colored 16. whlto 15, small colored 121-2. whlto 121-2: geese 13: turkeys young toms 20. old 10; hens 21. Dressed turkeys steady, younp tomo 0, old 22, young hens 20, old 25. Mays, "He knows his stuff." DIstralct Judge Wayne R. Hawell stated he was glad for the distinguished leader to speak at the court room. Molly O'Daniel Is Featured In Parade Galveston Mardi Gras GALVESTON, Feb. 20.—(ff)— King Frivolous XXII came here today to grace a Mardi Gras pa- rade'which will feature Molly O- Danlel, the governor's daughter, as grand duchess of' Texas. The monarch will come Into his own tomorrow night as the historic fete climaxes In the corona- Ftlon of the king and queen and a grand ball for their majesties. The king 'Was escorted to the city hall today by a military parade, but the feature of festivities was the royalty parade In the afternoon, In which Miss O'Daniel daughter of Gov. W. Lee O'Daniel of Texas, rode. Lost Something? Try a Dally Sun Want Ad. ' Private Lockers Come In and make arrangements for your locker, and plant your garden, berries, corn and fruits, with view of storing and have fresh next winter; 'Have lockers for ten dollars per year, will contract for year and allow you pay quarterly In advance. You can now kill your meat and have fresh or cured any month in year. With this looker system you can produce your own foods and use for home consumption. WALKER Frozen Food Private Lockers Chleaeo T.lvciitork. CHICAGO, Fob. 20.—Ml—HOGS 11.00: lop 8.50 sparingly: pood 400-550 bs packing »OWB 0.00-7.25. CATTLE. 1.000; calve* 1,000 larr* r 8.75 to 11.60 trade: jlrlctly cholc« intern fed 000 Ibs avcraSM around 1.76; outstanding honvy Holsleln u o 7.35 and better; venlere cholco ' erlnss 1.50 mostly. up ol- urged by a Dallas county group headed by County Commissioner Vernon Singleton. Representatives of Grimes and Montgomery counties appealed to the commission to Improve highway 105 from Navasota to Cleveland .while a delegation from Lubbock county suggested paving of the rain road through* the town of Idalou. Improvement of highway 202 from Cotulla to Three Rivers as a needed connection between the winter garden district and the port of Corpus Christ! was urged by a large delegation from McMullen, LaSallo and Live Oak counties, headed by senators Morris Roberts of Pettus and Rogers Kelley of Edinburg. Leonard King of Chlldress and a amhbs offeri'nus 8.7.6-0.00; •best held .10 and above. Fort Worth Livestock. TORT WORTH, Feb. USDA)— CATTJ.E. . . ealcnblo 1.300: SHEEP • 5 °1200 t o! 1) 'good to choice fat I group of Chlldress, Hall and Mot•• • ' '--'•' ley counties asked designation of a road from U, S. highway 83 south of Chlldress to state highway 18 near White Flat in Motley county. Only ono order was issued during IB hearing which, for the first time n months, concluded at noon. The rder was to build a SV, mile con- ectlng road between highway 29 nd the Lockhart state park in 'aldwell county. alvcs 1100; thrco loads led steers 1.76-8.00; plnln and medium lots . 7.001.60: mosl shortled yearling steers and heifers 7.00-8.60; truck lots of year- ing steers 0.00-10.00; moRt cows 4.60- fl.50; cutter graded largely .1.26-4.26: good' qualified stock nicer calves 8.50' HOOS, 1.200: top 7.86: paid by city butchers: packer top 7.75; good to choice heavy butchers averaging 270160 Ibs 7.0-07.00; packing BOWS 8.26- 'SHEEP, S.OOO: medium to choice wool- 'd lambs 7.60-8.00; shorn lattvba 0.268.76: shorn 2-year-old wethers 6.2s; horn aged wethers 4.00-4.26; woolcd tedcr lambs 8.26-7.26. Kansas City Livestock. KANSAS CITY. Fob. 20.—Wl— .USDA)—HOGS, 2600; top 8.10; so«s 'CATTLE 8600: calves ISOO; medium and good grades led ulcers 8.60-10.60; best fnd heifers 0.76: most fat cows i.76-0.75: voalcr top 11.00; bulk stock- ,nd feeders 7.60-0.26; choice light itoekors 0.60 . SHEEP. 10,000) early Bales . . fed . , ombs 8.26-90; best held abovo 8.78; natives 8.26; early top ewe« 4.85. Navarro PTA Met In Regular Session Thursday Afternoon The Navarro PTA met in its regular business meeting Thrus- day afternoon at 3:15. Mrs. O. C. Collins opened the meeting with the reading of the state president's message. The special program topic "Story Books, Magazines, Newspapers," was discussed by Mrs. Deb Montgomery. Mrs. G. C. Goodin, our district vice president, reported on the district board meeting held in the New London school. Everyone is cordially Invited to attend the special program to be presented Wednesday evening at 7:30 In the school auditorium This special program is being sponsored by Mrs. B. F. Matthews and Miss Mary Baccull. . It is observing the many birth days in February, including the birthray of the National Congress of Parents and Teachers, There has been lots of time and effort spent on this program, so let's all go and enjoy It. Monthly Study Course. The Navarro PTA met Feb. 18 in the school auditorium for the monthly study course. "Whose Quarrels Are These?" was the sub ject discusser. It Is the sixth o the series, "The Family In a De mocracy" being studied by a nub- ber of the PTA members.—Pub lloltv Chairman. Dallas Bartender Given Ten Years In Bergfeld Slaying DALLAS, Feb. 20— (/P>—C. W. ilusslewhlte, 41, was convicted by i criminal district jury here last light of murder In the pistol slay- ng of Oscar Bergfeld, 19, and riven ten' years in the penlten- iary. Musslewhlte had pleaded self- efense, 'but the state contended Jergfeld was shot dllberately as he fled from a bar where Mussle- vhlte was employed here In April, 938. Musslewhite said he would ask Bankrupt Sale Nationally Known PAINTS & WAIX VAPBB 20,000 rolls new wall paper from So to 12o a roll. HOUSE FAINT $1.00 and $1.50 gallon. Save Half Your Money, 117 N. Beaton St, GROESBECK, Feb. 18.—(ff)— District Judge H. F. Kirby issued a statement today saying he would not consult any state bu- •eau head In "any of my court actions." Tho statement was in reply to he petition filed with the high court by Attorney General Gerald Mann, who asked that Klrby's In- lunctlon against enforcement of :he 7,000-pound load limit law be voided. Mann asked the court to "declare once and for all time that the judiciary of this state is not above the constitution and laws." Kirby's statement read: "It is a pretty state of affairs when a district judge Is required to gain the permission of a dictator attorney general before he can act upon a petition for an injunction writ when the petition is properly prepared. "I will obey any order of the supreme court but I certainly will not consult Mr. Mann, Homer Garrison or any other bureau head In any of my court actions." FOUR DEAD, THREE INJURED IN CRASH NEAR LAS VEGAS . .delivered before congress voted tho money, and the army would have a chance to have that com- now trial. Auto Accident Is Fatal to Cattleman SPEARMAN, Feb. 20.—(ff)—Funeral- services were held here today for R. B. Archer, 62, one of he few remaining large cattle op- srators In this section, who was tilled in an auto crash between Perryton and Booker Saturday. He is survived by his widow, six sons; six brothers, Judge Roy Archer of Austin, San and Sam Archer of Amarillo, Ben Archer of Sunray, and Otis and Branch- Tord Archer of Canyon; two sisters, Mrs. Claude Sheets of Spearman, and Mrs. Lewis Carr of Pegosa" Springs, _Colo. Fine Cattle Parade At Golden Gate Show CAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 20.—(ff) —Select Aberdeen-Angus, Short Horn and Hereford cattle paraded in the Golden Gate International Exposition pavilion today for $70,000 In prizes. Preliminary judging yesterday placed Royal Domino Junior II, entered by Fred De Beard of Kremmllng, Colo., the best of bulls in the sales class. "Texas Superior," a Hereford, was adjudged the grand champion steer of the show yesterday and his owner, Clifford Jordan of Mason, Texas, was awarded a silvei platter. LAS VEGAS, N. M., Feb. 20.— (ff)—An inquest was to be held today into an early Sunday morn- Ing accident two miles south of here which claimed the lives of four men and injured three others. State Patrolman M. C. Debaca quoted two of the survivors as saying the car rolled over as Manuel Garcia, tho driver and third survivor, playing "airplane" swung the automobile from one sldo of the highway to the other. Tho dead were Epiflano Salazar, 26, of Pecos; Manuel Lujan, 31, of Valley Ranch; Juan Rodarte, 27, of Las Vegas, and Eloy Ta- pla, 28, of Rowe. The Injured were Garcia, seriously, os Las Vegas. Felipe Rivera of Pecos and Tlmieteo Ta- Pla of Rowe. Sick and Convalescent. J. D. Haney underwent an operation at the P. and S. Hosplta Monday. Mrs. Robert Pohl of Mexla re turned to her home from the P and S. .Hospital Monday. E. L. Sheppard, of Kerens, was a medical patient at the P, and ~" Hospital Monday. Heavy Damage To Big Houston Building Today m HOUSTON, Feb. 20.—(ff)—Fire and water damage estimated at (60,000 was done to the ten-story Chamber of Commerce building today. A 13-story addition to the building was under construction and damage to new concrete and to the elevator-machinery In the addition was heavy, Architect A. C. Finn said. The fire started from a short circuit In a welding cable In tho basement of the building, firemen said , Many occupants of the building fled down fire escapes as the flames raged. No Injuries were petition later, and that all of the development costs will bo paid for by the French, and wo would get plants into production that are idle now. "Now, the thought, as I that the president had, with these other cabinet officers, was that here was this mpney — $65,000,000 good, hard cash— to go into tho pockets of American workmen and that theso orders could bo placed Immediately and gotten out of tho way before our American business was ready." In the same testimony, taken Jan. 28, Craig told the committee at least 18 months would be re quired to produce 300 bombers ol the latest type such as were sold to the French by the Douglas Air plane Co., Inc. Replying to a statement mado to the committee by Senator Aus tin (R-Vt), Craig, who previously had objected to the French plane deal, said he believed "it Is tho soundest kind of a proposition fo the United States to seek the plan Ing of its airplane products hi foreign markets." "It would settle tho question that has been brought up abou maintaining work on a permanen basis In our factories," Craig said Seek Pink Boll Worm Fund. WASHINGTON, Feb. 18.— <ff>— A Texas delegation asked the bud get bureau today to approve ar increase of $800,000 in the congres slonal appropriation for a pin" boll worm eradication program. Tho budget already had approv ed $446,000 for the work in th regular agriculture departmen supply bill. Those conferring with budge bureau officials were Texas Rep resentatlves Kleberg, West an Mahon, and Ralph W. Moor, mas tor of the Texas Grange. The budget officials are oxpec ed to confer with the bureau 6 entomology and plant quarantin before acting on the Texans' re quest. Avery S. Oyt, assistant o the bureau of entomology, alread has expressed to tho Texas con gresslonal delegation an oplnlo more funds should bo proviled t carry on the eradication program The money would bo spent in TPX as, New Mexico and Arlzoni wherever infestation occurs, largi ly In the Rio Grande Valley. FRANCO (Continued From Page One) co's foreign minister, and Ra mundo Fernandez Cuesta, mln Ister of agriculture, as minister of state without portfolio, General Fidel Davlla, the pro ont war minister, was said to bo slated for the position of Captain General and Inspector General of the land, sea and air forces. General Antonio Aranda or General Jose Moscardo, It was said, might replace him as war minister. Other ministers, these reports said, may be as follows! Navy, Admiral Baratch; Justice, Count De Rodezno or another representative of the Old Car- list party; Finance, a follower of Joe Maria Gil Robles, former minister of war and leader of ent bill authorizing a steep Li "k Baby Chicks 25 ivm- Custom SEP! CS lor Tlat>y Chirks, F wiles and Poultry Supplte hatching a specialty. Come in nnd see us and our modern equipped hatehrry before you buy. We aro especially equipped to hatch your turkeys this season. J. H. Roberts and Son Hatohery. 2000 West 2nd Ave,, Cornicnna, Texas. Phone 1077. Livestock for Sale 27 FOB . SAT.E — Two n-Blilrrrd. I.O.C. IIOKH. out* eiffht mouths old boar and 14 months old sow. Frank Cumpston lllnotnin? Ornvr, Texas. _ __ FOl ~ _ __ our~in>otl Jersey cows. See — . O. L. Albrlllon, Corilcaim._Phone llpl FOR SAMJ-^Three "rood bred work mares. See O. L. Albrltton. Corslcana Phono 1101. DEFENSE (Continued From Pago One) Merchandise Articles for Sale 30 :io—SW h'OR SALK—16 thlrty-gnllon open top «teol drums—ldoal_ for trash, wator or ~ cnn lx> lyoeked, t'alaco Theater. •nu SALK—Span work mnreH, 8 yearn ild, weighing I'-IllO nnd UIOO Itw. 1 Nfaw-ny 2-row cultivator, " registered shorthorn rwrhnm ninlofl. 1 bui'U sheep. oil containers. Top SM> Banki Lyons at everal hred srllls. . , or whlto 0. B. . Moore, Iloulo J, IMinion. Texas. •OK SAT.R — Ono hundred tons" o(~ffnrt >lass native black land prairie hny. $10 er ton on tho pavement In OoralCKDA. !I H. fltroulio. Building Material 32 LUMBER FOB SAt,B Oood shlplap and siding and a taw oth- or items nt mill prices. Call 0. M, Bomon or W. F. Scale. SECOND HAND LDMBKB 1x10—8' to 1ft' Ixjnr BAROAIN PrleM to Mora QulcklT. Located: Texas Co. Tank Farm almolt adjolnlni Navarro. PAUL J. HfOGINBOTHAM Arcadia Hotel. 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A resolution criticizing the fed- jral triple A cotton control program and asking for a sweeping eglslatlve Investigation of the ;ravo cotton problem was Intro- lucod by Rep. John A. Kerr, Jr., of LaGrange. It was referred to ho agriculture committee over Cerr's objections. Senate Fnssos College Bill. AUSTIN, Feb. 20.—</P>—The senate passed today and sent to tho house a bill authorizing secular colleges to elect directors for five Instead of three-year terms. Sen. W. C. Graves of Dallas said tho measure was Intended prlmar-. ily for Southern Methodist University which has been naming directors for three-year periods, possibly questioning validity of some of their acts. To Protest Curtailment DALLAS, Feb. 20.— (ff)— The Dallas Times-Herald reported today local securities and Investment circles said a strong statewide protest was "under way" against curtailment of operations of the State Securities Commission. Tho paper quoted Pat Richards, formerly In charge of the division enforcement office here, as Haying six offices, Including that here, had been closed. Others were San Antonio, Houston, Tyler, Fort Worth and Big Springs, tho Times-Herald said Richards told It. . Dallas dealers and brokers said the tax to support the offices was obtained through a license tax upon them, and that therefore It was unfair to' collect the tax and abandon the offices, the Times-Herald said. Local Investment sources re- ther dispute at this time should be avoided if possible. They acknowledged, however, that the foreign policy debate undoubtedly would break out when the senate takes up the $376,000,000 army expansion bill. 1'iirty Viewpoint Secondary. Senator Austin (R-Vt), declaring his party viewpoint was secondary to his patriotism, said a committee Inquiry had convinced him the administration's encouragement of French warplane purchases was not unnoutral. Austin said he bellevou the transaction, center of the foreign policy dispute, "tended to promote our capacity to produce airplanes needed under the armaments program." Senator Logan (D-Ky) concurred In this opinion, asserting President Roosevelt did right In helping the French buy Douglas bombers manufactured for American army competition but not yet tested by the army. "Tho president violated no law," Logan said, "and he certainly acted in the best interests of the country. He has reason to feel proud of what he has done." Senator Mlnton (D-Ind) added: "If everyone knew what the senate military committee knows, there would not be a person In tho country who would -criticize the president." Testimony about the French piano sales was mado public Saturday by the committee about the time Mr. Roosevelt w*s telling reporters In Florida he might have cut short his Caribbean cruise In Europe. 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WASHINGTON, Feb. 20.— Major General H. H. Arnold, chief of tho army air corps, advised tho nation today to "arm for air defense Immediately" lest It be too late. Speaking to several hundred delegates at a national aviation forum, General Arnold said: "France and England must now realize that they began too late. Lot us not mako that mistake. Please bear In mind much time la required to build up an air force. "It cannot be done overnight. Eighteen months are required to reach quantity production in planes. Note I «ald reach. Two years are required to train personnel to make them competent to handle our complicated air craft x x. "A strong air force may go a reported. popular civilian Agrarians; appointee, Interior, a aided by Mrs. John A. Hulen Died Ft, Worth Sunday FORT WORTH, Feb. 20.— (IP)— Funeral services will be held In Houston tomorrow for Mrs. John A. Hulen, 64, who died here yesterday. She was the wife of Gen. John A. Hulen, vice president of the Fort Worth and Denver City Railway. An Episcopal prayer service, read here today, preceded the Houston ceremonies. A native of Bolivar, Mo,, she was the daughter of Mr, and Mrs. James A. Race, who moved to Gainesville, Tex., where her father once wag superintendent, of schools. Colonel Ungrla, present head of the Department of Public Order in the Nationalist capital of Burgos. COLD WAVE (Continued From Page One) night at her mother's and were saved. Hot In New York, NEW YORK, Feb. 20.—(ff)— Overcoated New Yorkers perspired In a February "heat wave" to day. After a record-breaking high of 60 yesterday, the temperature rose to 62 at 10 a, m. today and the weather bureau predicted It would climb to 65 before nightfall, The normal .temperature for this time of year is 30 'degrees lower. Asked to Use Mora Cotton. AUSTIN, Feb. 20.—(ff)—Tho senate today asked tho state highway department and board of control to uso more cotton. In a concurrent resolution needing house approval for effectiveness, Sen. George Moffett, Chll- llcothe farmer, and others pointed to surplus storage, decreasing consumption and alleged use of cotton substitutes by state departments. They asked the highway department and the control board n letting contracts to specify .n so far as possible materials, supplies and fabrics containing cotton. Suiting action to the words, the resolution was printed on stationery made from cotton. Senate Fasses Local Bill. AUSTIN, Feb. 20.—(ff>—Completion of senate action today sent to tho house a bill authorizing Wlllacy county Independent school districts to levy a maximum school tax of $3 of the $100 valuation. The maximum for bonds and maintenance would bo $1,60 oaoh. Old Age Tension Situation. AUSTIN, Feb. 20.—(ff)—This may be reported today on the old age pension situation: Former Senator Pink Parrish of Lubbock was granted the privilege of tho senate floor and Invited to make an address. Ho told the solons: "The old people are going to have a reasonable and liberal pension. I don't know where the money is coming from but I can say that If you don't give It to them somebody will the next time." Bill Rearranges Court AUSTIN, Feb. 20.—(ff)—A second bill rearranging terms of court In the 104th district, comprising Jones, Taylor, and Fisher counties, was Introduced In the legislature today. Rep. 3, Bryan Bradbury of Abi- lene said under the bill's terms the court would sit more In. Jones county and less In Taylor. Lawyers of tho district aro agreed on tho bill, ho said. NAZI PRESS (Continued From Pago One) don Jewish congress that Roosevelt Is the symbol of all the forcse of democracy and freedom Is a sufficient declaration." The foreign office mouthpiece, Deutsche Dlplomatlsch-Polltlscho Korrespondonz Joined In the at-* tacks, asserting "the Impression Is gaining here, following a aeries of events, that the present administration in the United States has a conscious interest in maintaining or even Increasng tension among European nations," ROME, ^Feb. 20.—WP)—Foreign Minister Count Galeazzo Ciano's newspaper, II Tolegrafo, charged today an "Imporallstlc, puritan minority" of American leaders, headed by President Roosevelt, was starting tho CTnlted States toward a "democratic war." Giovanni Ansaldo, in the paper's leading editorial, wrote that "arm- Ing of American minds, even more dangerous than enormous material armaments," failed to Impress Italians. Italians do not believe, he declared, that Providence has given Americans a "blank check" on which they can write any victory they want. The editorial appeared as Marshal Pletro Badogllo, chief of the Italian general staff, arrived In Ilbya on a mysterious mission which foreign observers believed had some connection with recent troop reinforcement In that Italian terrtlry adjoining Tunisia, French North African protectorate. Tunisia figures largely In an Italian campaign for French territory. Complete Gas Service For Rural Homes. Low Cost, Safe and Odorless. Let as show yon and give you estimate, . CHARLIE STEELY ' Plumbing Gas Systems 817 North Beaton You Get A BETTER USED CAR From A BUICK DEALER 1037 CHEVROLET Do Luxe 4-door Trunk Sedan. Here's a family's pet! Beautifully cared for. Low mileage! Sweet motor! Upholstery clean as a whistle. A beautiful buy atr— $475.00 1986 BUICK 4-door Trunk Sedan. This Imlck wants a good homo. Owner hated to part with It, It runs so sweet and handles so easily. With . knee-action, Turret Top, Torque-tube drive. 03 horse power straight eight engine. 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