Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on April 23, 1937 · Page 3
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 3

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 23, 1937
Page 3
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EVSSNfflfc, APMiL 23, , Pampa, B*. STEPHEN .1. McDONOUGH, Associated Press Science Writer. ST. LOUIS, April 23 W)—A cause *)f; i "'ttidden death on the nation's highways has not been recognized before,.Dr. Ray W. Klssane of Columbus, Ohio, said today, is the effect tai the.'heart caused by a blow on the Chfist from the stesr'ng wheel or other part of an automobile. • .Addressing the closing meeting of thfe'r-Aitferlcan College of Physicians tor 1 .'Klfcsane declared that this cause of-death was discovered in experiments on dogs in which sharp blows on the chest "produced various types 'of' heart irregularities" which folio wed almost Instantly after the blow was struck. In most cases the electrical recording of the heart's action, by /Which'the effects of the blows were measured, showed that it returned to : normal beating almost immediately, the Columbus physician de- .dlared,'."but on the other hand we were 1 'able "to produce serious and J&tal .irregularities, such as fluttering-, and heart block or complete Stoppage which produced death almost immediately." ti-;*Inj8Uch caSes of death examina- tion''*!; 1 autopsy did not reveal any cause bf-death on abnormal Injuries ,•61l/'tiie hearty he added, just'as some pjefsons 'dying In automobile acci- dients ;ieveal no , actual cause of death-when examined. "This would .seem to Indicate that the force of the brow caused some functional disturbance or swelling of the heart muscle, ,whlch .produced the fatal fluttering and death," he added. , .if-Itt/sbme cases the chest blows caused' hemorrhages in the valves which control the flow of the blood 'ln i; the 'heart,'and tears or rents In ,the heart itself, these effects being produced without injury to* the wall •or the chest or fractures of the ribs or breast bone, Dr. Kissane said. —i ••" ANOTHER BILL VETOED. ,i AUSTIN, .April 23 (/P)—Governor James V. Allred today vetoed a bill remitting'taxes to Foard, Wllbarger, ,<?pttle -and, ; Hardeman counties to •Wd! .the Pease river flood control •.district; .The veto had been expected:'because the chief executive said when he disapproved a pro- .posed tax remission to Harris county, he would take like action on all similar bills. His veto of the Harris county proposal was upheld by a wide margin. _ Mr.,vand Mrs. Jack Mundy of Houston are here visiiing relatives PetriW Human To Be SWi Here ed the: opinion . sideration would last 'two weeks "of more and the Senate debate about twd months. .. The opposition presented today— as ..the, closing witnessesrr-Jacob Gould Schurmaii, : ahibaSsador ,tp Germany from 1926't6 1930," and J.' Prahcis .Smith, Democratic. state; chalrrnatf for Connecticut.' ' ''" , V'the: 'President's plan to remake the supreme Court Is a menace'to the American system," said Schur- or is the editor of a number of song jooks. He has written some of the best songs in use today. We will have two services daily, 4:30 p. m. and 8:15 3. m. Hear thtse men of God. FIRST CHfclSTlAK CHURCH i Johtt S. Mullen, minister Corner Ktngsmill and starkweather 9 a. m. Sunday school. 11 a. m,, Morning .worship. Anthem by the choir directed by R. L. All- teton. Sermon by the minister, The One of the oddities that accompany the Mammoth Marine Hippodrome is Roy Bard, a man! who is slowly turning to stone. At present lie only weighs 95 pounds and his body nas no more action than a piece of granite. Unlike »>3f,t.human, curiosities, Roy Is not in the least repulsive to gaze upon.. He •• is a very intelligent young moJ.i and has the appearance of .a college graduate, which he iiclrmlv is. and converses with his. visitors while lying upon his cushion, using only the best English in his. conversation. His remarkable conditicn started several years ago with stiffening of the left hip which gradually spread over his entire body. No physician has yet been able to cause of this malady. explain the FIVE SENATORS HOLD POWER IN WASHINGTON, April 23 (/P)—The Senate judiciary committee was as closely divided on the Roosevelt court bill at the close of hearings today as it was at the start of testimony seven weeks ago. Leaders of both sides, while ex- Medical men who have examined him wonder health. His at his heart, vitality stomach, and and liver are normal, in fact, one of his visitors after seeing him dispose of a meal that a hungry laborer would have clone justice to remarked "you could eat anything from a tin can. to a bale of hay." Notwithstanding his condition he is very cheerful and says that he has not been bothered with aches or pain In over twenty .''five years. The Mammoth Marine .Hippodrome will exhibit on a specially constructed railroad car oVer 100 feet long, that will be placed on a side track near the Santa Fe depot for cnly, Monday, April 20. one and day will man in his prepared Statement. (Most Expensive Institution in the He told how the emergency ! po*fer. World." The Lord's slipper Is always clause of the Welriiaf constltu'tlbn observed by this church at this ser- of Germany had been progressively vice, ..,.,- * invoked, and added: '.". . , 7 .p. m. The Intermediate Christian ffetclve preparation' fdr the success Endeavpr society Will meet in the' effective prepartlon lor the success educational building'. The Senior of Hitler." e . ,„ Endeavor will meet in the basement. 6 p. m., Evening evangelistic service. Music by the. young people's choir directed by Mr. Alison. Sermon by the minister, "Unchristian .Church Members and Unchurched Christians." The Lord's supper will be observed again at the close of this service for those unable to attend the morning hour. ; CENTRAL CHURCH OF CHRIST • ' ,'500 N. SomerVille St. Will M. Thompson, minister Radio service 8:30 a. m. (Sunday). Bible study, 9:45 a. m. Preaching, 11 a. m. Communion, 11.50 a. m. Young People's Meeting, 7 p. m. ' Preaching, 8 p. m. Monday, 2:30, Ladies Bible class. • Song practice, Tuesday 8 p. m. 8 p. m. Wednesday evening, 8, Midweek Bible study. Our spring meeting begins.Sunday May 9. This meeting will be conducted by Evangelist Foy E. Wallace, Jr. of Denton, Tex,. Song service will be directed by Austin Taylor of Uvalde Texas. Brother Wallace is one ol the outstanding evangelists of the Church of Christ, and Brother Taybe open to the until 10 p. m. public from noon were records in opposition and six in favor of the bill. The five yet to commit (themselves are (Senators McCarran (D., Nev.), McGill (D., Kas.), Hatch (D., N. M.), O'Mahoney (D., Wyo.), and Hughes (D., Del.). Consideration of the bill in closed session will begin Tuesday. Speaking of testimony by more than 80 witnesses, Senator Van Nuys (D., Ind.), an opponent, said: "It has been very educational for the general public but hasn't changed a Senator's vote. I think we have addition of six judges, licked, but I am not so sure about two. A SAN ANTONIO, April 23 tfP) — Finis was written on the Medina lake boating tragedy that' claimed the lives of six April 4, when the sixth body, that of Henry L. (Cotton) Lamkin. was recovered early iodiy.' It was seen floating on the surface off Masterson's point shortly after daybreak by Walter. Connors, of San Antonio, a brother-in-law. Funeral services for. Lamkin will bet held, this afternoon.. „... .,.,,.„ Rumors that Samuel Johnston and Leslie A. Bowers, two of the victims, had large sums of .money in .their possession when they were drowned, were disproven with the recovery of their bodies, yesterday. Bowers had $100 in currency^ while Johnston had $30 in, cash and some checks.. pressing confidence, acknowledged | lot of Senators who won't vote for that a group of uncommitted Democrats held a balance of power in the committee. , Indications were that some ill this group would seek to force compromise by adding one or two instead of a maximum of six justices to the Sunreme Court. Seven of the 18 on the committee six will vote for two.' Asked how long he believed the committee would take to decide.'on its recommendations, Chairman Ashurst (D., Ariz.), laughingly took a $2 bill from his pocket and said, "if I knew, I could multiply that five times." . . ,';'.'.' Other Senators, however, express- Kress Thinks He; Deserves Another Chance in Majors CHICAGO, .April 23 (/P)—Ralph .(Red) Kress, .one.itlme. '.'boy wonder", of.the Western league and a.part of big' league's baseball's picture 'for several years, apparently Is out to proye -he deserves another chance in .the majors., Kress is shortstop for the .Minneapolis Millers of the American Association. Yesterday the Millers gave Kansas .City a 12 to 2 whipping, and Kress drove in five runs. He had two home runs and a single in five trips. ,•: St. Paul, runners-up to Milwaukee in the 1936 association race, handed thp - Brewers .their : first .defeat of the season, 3 to 2, before 8,000 fans at .St. Paul. The game went 10 in-, nines. 'At Toledo, Vance Page pitched four-hit ball to give the Indianapolis, Indians a: 4 to 1 win over the Toledo Mud Hens. 1 —The Louisville-Columbus game was postponed because of cold. CENTRAL BAPTIST John O. Scott, pastor Sunday school. 9:45 a. m. Morning worship, 11 a. m. Evening preaching service, 8 p. m. B. T. U., 7 p. m. We extend a hearty welcome to everyone. will be studied at this hour. The regular teacher will be present, and everyone Is invited. —Class Officers. ST. MATHEW'S EPISCOPAL ft. J. Shell, minister Services for Sunday, April 25: Morning prayer and sermon, 11 a. m. Church school, 9:45 a. m. The public is invited to worship at this church. " SOULS CATHOLIC Joseph Wonderly, pastor Sunday masses, 8 a. m. and 10 a. m. ... Children's Instructions, 4 p. m. Benediction, 5 p. m. Week-day masses, 7.30 a. m. The public is corially invited to worship here. FULL GOSPEL TEMPLE II. E. Comstock, pastor Sunday school. 9:45 a. m. Sunday preaching services, 10:45 a. m. and 7:45 p.. m. C, A. S., 6:45 p. m. Week-day services on Tuesday and Thursday, 7:45 p. m. Women's Missionary Council Wednesday at 1:30. A welcome awaits you. FIRS? 1 BAPTIST CHURCH Kingsinill and West Streets Church school at 9.45. B. T. U. at 6:45. The pastor will occupy the pulpit at both worship hours Sunday, 11 a. m...and.8 p. m. There will be a baptlstrm!' service before the preaching service Sunday evening. A cordial invitation to come to these services is extended to all. EVERY MAN'S BIBLE CLASS City Hall Auditorium, 9:45 Another great chapter of the Bible THE SALVATION ARMY 84S S. Barnes. St. Cnpt. II. G. Lambrecht, pastor Young People's Legion service at 6 p. m. Sunday Preachint; service 8 p. m.. sermon nibject, "God's Comfort." Home League service for women, Tuesday, 2 p. m. This will be under the direction of Mrs. Lambrecht. Mid-week service, Wednesday, 8 p. m. MLEIH' FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Frost nt Browning L, Burncy Shell, pastor Sunday .school. 10 a. m. Morning worship, 11. Junior C. E.. 5 p. m. Vespers, 5 p. m. Mr. Shell will speak at both morning service and vespers. Men's Brotherhood meeting Tuesday. April 27 at 7:30 p. m. The public is most cordially invited to worship witli us. DUST BLOWING. Texas plains farmers, who last week-end smiled on rains that bene- fitted grain crops, were frowning on dust clouds that threatened to counteract the benefits of precipitation. Plainvlew, Lubbock and Amarillo reported a heavy dust hanging over their areas. A 10-to-15-mile wind was blowing the dust southeastward. WASHINGTON, April #3 John W. Studebaker, United commissioner of education, sald'td* clay the spelling bee of his genet** lion was all a mistake. The modern school child, he add* ed. get along faster even if he ish't taught his ABC's until the third Sr fourth grade. -j "The spelling match didn't teach how to spell." said Dr. Studebakef . "Its very nature of sitting down when you missed a word gave the least practice to those who needed most." 'Nowadays youngsters learn to recognize words as objects, and they start reading. Then learn to spell by readings." lie said. First Tarpon of Season Is Caught Off Galveston GALVESTON. April 23 (fl 3 )— The first tarpon of the season was landed • early Friday by H. J. Kirkpatrick, who won $25 in cash for being the' first entry in the preliminary tarpon rodeo contest to bag a silver king. The tarpon, measuring 40 Inches, was caught from the 24th street groin. The rodeo was arranged to stir up Interest in tarpon fishing in view of President Roosevelt's approaching fishing trip. Fred Roberts, executive of the Adobe Walls Boy Scout council, is confined to his home by illness. ^^^ AMERiC GREATEST Mnyr^-.-rj-—^, ,,_j. 'fm-a^eftaZ'm m -<1 ,^ 4 U Sr'StfSSr: irJWii. If your car is only half.there in the pinches.. .•, if it no longer runs like new . . . if it is sluggish Jh traffic and weak OR hills . . . why not try a tankful of the gasoline that has made a reputation for producing improved performance? Give your engine a. teal chance to "do its stijflf" with Phillips 66 Poly Gas <— the modern, extra- energy motor fuel. Jt |s always matched to ypur weather more accurately than others. Made-to» order for th_e precise cjimatif conditions your car will encounter in your vicinity. Pay ia Jind, diy put, regardless of temperature changes, every g(rop ofthis h'jgher test gjsp^ne |?urns Cleaa, 3urt\s cprapJetely^wit^Qmt w^stf or krtp^k, You actually feel your motor deliver more pep» / t . j , it and power. 'You note th? extra mileage/ -Besides, your mpt6r' stays fast> smooth, and flexible, with fewer catbqp-scraping and valve-grinding jobs, This means, a b.ig saving in money, as well as far more pleasure in djiyjng^p^gncier sq rqany rnillions ofycar owners feel 'tlist Phillips 66 Po'ly Cjas . , , which costs nothing extra ... is the great- es.t gasoline value. Now is (,h,e time to change to, $uquner lubrication. Draiji an4*efill with Phillips .04 W 0 pftrtneir o| Phillips 6(3, jRol<? <$& jn'gu perforwanjfc . Becaus|f j& js, ,the fi by phjllijijfj we recommend it as "fa t+ffl Save Ihuriiig Ward Week! Cloth Seat. Covers Week .Sgnsatippauy. low priced! Pine quality! For 2 or 4 door Sedans ........ $2.89 Guaran&ced 12 Musitlis! The biggest battery sale in «S*~*85 The biggest battery sale in Wards history! 39 plates. All ' UM new materials. Dependable qual- Kxch. ity! Giiarcmtce«i 24 Months! 45 plates instead of usual 39! $^95 Drastically cut in price! Ward ™jf/ Week only! Exch. 18 mo. 45 plate battery for Ford VS. . $4-25 Exch. GARDEJN [HbSE ' SALE 09 ' GUARANTEED. 3 YEARS. It's tough, 3-ply, non-kinking 1 Big 25-Jt. roll. 5/ 8 ". -,, " Peimsylvauia OIL '••• ••• -'••'- Reduced to Oil COStl If^iSS going up Jb«w i'lus Ic Fed. Tax Bulk price qt Prices! Stock up now with Wards Standard Quality oil! All from pure Pennsyl- I vanta crudes! 5 qt. can (!!)(' Z gal. ran Me 1 (Aid 7c qt. Federal tax) Cuban Sponge Ward WCCK Sale Top Dressing- 1't. Ward Week Sale Soft Chamois Ward \Veelc Sale Sprke Brush Wartl Week Sain Polishing Clpth 20 sq. ft. Sale ... Toucii-up Enamel Ward Week Sale . ISc 22C Single electrode PLUG Each Standard Quality. Hpt spark! Instant starting. Buy a set NOW before the price rise! Get Ward Week Savings! •. , ..•; v ,.<• Mr ?J) .>: &r WARD WEEK CUT PRICES ON ./ W<?rd Week OnJy AH fteces Lean Fitli"«s Imagine 1 Ah entire bathroom outfit at this low price!. Roomy modern tub, , i attractive lavatory, 'both white por- ••'•' celain enameled and a silent toilet,. Riverside. "Standards" at ex^ traordinary low prices.! W.ard Week only! Get all the savings of "Standards" low cost per mile! Hurry! Prices must^ise soon! Allies $E45 reduced for §ff VYard'Week 4:40 . 2 i WRITTEN GUARANTEE Protects you ogginst EVERYTHING that can happen to a tire in service... WITHOUT LIMIT as to number of months, years or miles, C D'C C 1 9°'' Linseed Oil r l\ C C 3 qts. Turpentine with every 5-gals. of ^C SUPER . HOUSE PAINT 9, gal V W Stgrdy PAIL Screen Supplies II ' ii ^ve ?4c. Large 10 gal. i Galvanised, leak-proof. Screen Dopr Set Galv. S«. Tt ..§(srpfl»., P9V Set 11 Complete •»' Screen Door Closer ,|f j I Stops that slam —V, V"»S V 18c *. Vk

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