The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on May 31, 1952 · Page 2
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 2

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 31, 1952
Page 2
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PAGE2—THE BAYTOWN SUN, SATURDAY, MAY 31, 1952 ^Summary Of News In Hof And Co/cf Wars -By PHIL. XEWSOM, United Press Foreign AiiaJyst "'GOOD NEWS '*"; 1, Thfc signing of .the West German peace contract BAD NEWS 1. But while the situation on Koje was improving, ~ and the European Army treaty were concrete steps the news from the stalled Korean truce talks at 'In defense of the West against Communist aggres- Panmunjom was all bad. It seemed a break must -'sion. Both face a rocky road before ratification but come soon, but rather than bringing peace, it might ' f %hey could be the forerunners of the long-desired bring on a renewal of fullscale war. Somber warn- '''United States of Europe, and they are the instru- ings of an immense Red buildup in Korea have come ^merits which will put teeth in the North Atlantic from, both London and Washington. Treaty'Organization. Both were accomplished in 2. Neo-Fascist victories in Italian municipal elec- &£be face of the stiff est Russian opposition. tions were warnings that followers of the late Be-^-2. .French Communists called for all-out demon- nlto Mussolini areon the march in strength again, ^strations against Gen. Matthew B. Ridgway, new and that Premier Alcide de Gasperi's center gov- ^NATO commander, but the results, although bloody, ernment may be in for a bad time. The Fascists and _,were relatively ineffective. Growing confidence of their monarchist allies only need to take about 70 " the French government that it can handle its internal Reds was seen in the decision to jail Jaques "*3Duclos, France's No. 1 Red, on chages of acting *ialnst. the" nation's internal security. "*'*• 3. :Brlg. Gen. Haydon L. Boatner's "get tough" "policy in the Korean Island prison camps seemed to be paying dividends, and UN guards seemed gradually to be regaining control of their tough prisoners. American arid British troops entered Com;„ pound 66 Thursday for the first time since the kidnapping of Col. Francis T. Dodd. Soon the big com.»,pounds will be broken up for smaller ones holding -'500 men each. seats in the Chamber of Deputies to wreck the center coalition's control and give Italy the same sort of unstablegovernment from which France has been, suffering. 3. The Russians and their East German allies were reacting as expected to the West German peace pact and the European Army treaty. There, was fighting in Berlin and the Communists were setting up a thre milewide no man's land along the dividing line between East and West. Other Russian moves could be expected. Russia's warning to Iran against accepting U. S. Military aid might be a straw in the wind. Report Shows Oil Reserves Boosted NEW YORK, May 31 (LIE)— The petroleum industry has increased proved reserves of crude oil by OH THE MILWAUKEE (LIE)— A ; Marquette University faculty .member says a new baby may need a three- SAN JACINTO month "shakedown run" just like a. new car. Dr. Kenneth J. Winters, pediatrics instructor at Marquette's medical school, said "the baby may look all right when it arrives, but its digestion and other functions may need just a little tuning—like an automobile." He said a crabby, red-faced baby usually needs about three months to get its digestion settled. During that period the tiny child gets over the colic. Dr. Winters said, and after that he "should run as good as new." He said grandma's old fashion ideas of infant care^-pacifiers for the baby to suck on and rocking cradles—could give modern mothers a lot of help in getting the babies safely through their trying: "test run." Michael Zandra Kay souri. Mrs. James Hubert ing. -Bayt, OWlu Reasoner—B, Richard Wa52? D. L. Worth. Mrs. John D. Hohn-j Mrs. Luther Pi emin , Mrs. Roy L. Mrs. Ivan Jones. SYD GOULD CH/ in Brie GENE RAPIER DICK EKELBERRY LENE MCCARTY .MM CARRELL HELPING the Old South to rise again. The Baylo \vn Sun's ad staff is ready to coin new Confederate money. Adman Harry Boswall is not shown. Spain Drops "Rationing BARCELONA, Spain; May 31 (\PJ ST. LOUIS, ftlay 31 ft?) —Lloyd almost one half since- 1939, despite The cabinet has decided tb abol- ri:Westeni Open * Saturday with a 3&- •iholer /total .of 133. seemed destined a jo -add*, ther Western's ~i top prize of : 52,400 to the $6,696 he has already srjvon -this -year. -.Friday he put together a pair of This will be one of the biggest have been carrying their advertis- dufc . .... ,. . _. • — i 1- arO und in carpet bags. made by Jefferson *~^.~ , lt ~^ ^-^—^ -~ .. _rand patriot of an- The board, in its latest "road sale. Rationing began during World ^fY e \son"^v^\ir\M&y'^^ J "" " For° 10 days" now members of other'era. maps of industry" chart, noted war II. , Confederate money in all its The Sun's advertising staff have Baytcwn will make merchandis- Ecuador Election Set former glory will be printed in been busily engaged, suh, in selling ing history next Wednesday. QUITO? Ecuador Mav 31 (IPi- The Sun of that day in ads of Baytown merchants on the idee. Look for the Confederate money Ecuador 'will elect a new presi- Baytown merchants. They'll be ad- Syd Gould Sun advertising man- in the ads. Cut the .currcnc* 'out of dent and congress Sunday with vertising "Confederate money ager, provided Confederate caps the paper. Then go spend it. It n the continuation of New York-born specials" good for next Wednesday, for his staff members, and they be that easy, these reserves is President Galo Plaza's New Deal- No Pay For Mumps ST. LOUIS (l'.P.)~~/rhe board of; education here holds that a school teacher's mumps can't be classed as an occupational disease. Mrs. Eleanor N.Gotsch who claimed mumps caught while teaching grade school pupils caused her to lose several days' pay. The board ruled there was no way' to determine if the illness was due to contact with pupils "in the line of 27. compered with end-of-1939 reserves estimated at 18.5 billion barrels. The bulk of -to .match the Westwood* Coun- located in Texas, the board said, ish program the main issue at .try Club's par 70. That round, with with California, Louisiana, Okla- stake. Plaza is not seeking re*his opening G8, was all the more homa and Wyoming following in election, but Modesto Larrea Jijon-, .impressive because - r it was scored importance. . s candidate of the government's sbc- ^In^the face of-some very tough The Texas estimate comprises party democratic alliance, has ' JuckV " ' . - more than half the United States promised to carry on his program ^ _ Mangrurn was two strokes under total, and reveals a sizeable in- ^ eJec^ 0 -- ypar for his second round when he cre ase since 1939, the chart show- N H __ T - hn -p..., Tonp _ ,,shot into a creek on the 17th hole. cd . O f the important oil producing A ^APOLIS Md Mav 3 nn- He bogies that hole with the pen- statcs onl ^ cw Mcxico roports TO^ Paul ^nes will So to s-I -*alty shot and missed a cup-rim- small< ; r rc * crves now th an ^ thc J ™£ *™ Jones will go to s.a mmg putt on the 18th. pre . war year .'Of the states which n£Xt wee *' The slender Chicagoan has the before th war had no r£™^™* ™* J?°\™™? £ ^rves, Utah and > sufficient oil picture. '/""* 7 Con -NT i Naval Arson Taught Here LAFAYETTE, Ind. — <U.E>— There was apprehension in some quarters when Purdue University announced the inclusion of an arson school _ 3 of T S??3gg in its curriculum. Visions of young ff—P<f%rei f f*5rl "**!? arsonists graduating "cum laude" I / Will \2\Jli were quickly dispelled, however, whsn the university revealed enrollment in the school would be confined to policemen and fire- More than 1.000 miles of the Congo river's 2,900 miles arc navigable. There are more than 1,200 known American Indian languages. FORT WORTH, May 31 Three prisoners who operated a be commissioned as June 6, is its first an ensign bear the proud name of the Navy's poksr game? authorities said Friday. The swindle up' this week 1 officers, said' one of the Rates Go In Effect WASHINGTON, May 31 {IPV-Uni- form railroad rates on classified made any money on the deal. .jjick a-course thakhas some of the .top notch' pros literally talking to "themselves. . '.J. That is the -case- at least, with Tommy Bolt of Durham. N.C., who was all even,with Mangrum after a first round 68- He skidded, to a 73 Friday ' to • become runner-up with 141. Bolt, noted for his fiery Temperament, kept up a running co'mfnent'ary on his bad shots and emphasized his remarks by banging his clubs into the ground. . , ^wj.**. vj^.x^, «_ci^., »iaj ox Sam Snead, the pre-tournament ireight became effective Friday on ^_p o ii ce were on the lookout Sat- iavorite, was equally distressed by *Jf su , ci } tr " mc east °* t*e Roc^y urday for a .« quite polite" bandit .a swollen finger on his right hand ^ounta^s. who ro bbed a market of 52,000. one " such case ' tn£ y wr °te a letter '•and an inability to pull his game Marking a victory for «the south- He pulled a gun, saying, "Excuse to • a Fort Worth ir-an. who died together.; He added a 75 to a first ern states, the initiation of uni- me, this is a holdup." "May'5, round 72 to wind up with 147, seven form class rates climaxed a 13- '" •*.!*. "father." Actress Becomes Mother HOLLYWOOD, May 31 (IB—Film actress Barbara Lawrence and-her husband, Johnny Murphy, were beaming Saturday over a new addition to their family, a .seven- pound 11-ounce daughter. confidence game from their cells men and only courses in arson de- the Tarrant county jail financed tection would be offered, scheme through a penny-ante For Bigger, R~d Lights NEWTON, Mass OLE) — Police Sgt. William R. Bowling is weary of hearing motorists sey "they soners emphatically denied they didn't see the red light. Dowling has recommendcd that the stand- whom are ex-convicts—operated from their cells _6n the fifth floor Polite Bandit Sought of *h.e county jail. They would ob- SOUTH GATE, Calif., May 31 tam names from newspaper obituary columns. Then they would write the dead person a'letter. In Officers said the three— two of -ard eight-inch diameter of the red light on traffic signals be enlarged to 12 inches. DAHC Mustc By THE TEXAS BLUE BOYS Texas' Xewest Swing Band Everyone Welcome !mer>iew celebrities and mo>ie stirs Tvtih Ilki Chase. Lett a more about people who make the nctvj. Brought to you every Monday afternoon, by. Houston-irea dealers for I ronnse AUTOMATIC IRONER 2503 MARKET ELECTRIC COMPANY DIAL 9148 SPECIAL:? SUNDAY Dill! Roast Turkey & Dresstj Smothered Steck Fried Chicken 0 Choice of 3 vegelaVjj Q Salad 0 Dessert $' Child's Plate 50e 3305 MARKET rl par and nine^off the pace. year proceeding .before the Interstate Commerce Commission. The uniform rates apply to various manufactured goods and not to commodities such as grain and coal which carry bulk rates. The rates of eastern, railroads serving the area north of the Potomac and Ohio rivers and east NEW.'YORK, May 31 (IPS —Heavy- of the Mississippi remain unchang- weight"-Roland LaStarza was still ed. But reductions ranging as high Scores Unimpressive Win Beaches Top Rung On Batting List In it, they mentioned a 150 debt on a wrist watch the man allegedly bought five months before his death. The letter demanded immediate payment. Apparent object of the scheme was that the "debt" would be paid from the estate. SATURDAY ONLY i3&^^£&*&r j ~rtlesf > j'ss* & -< luccerom rauroaos•-- on tratiic east or . tne fanc3 r fielciing do most of his talk- serves engioie ior tne classes DC Rockies. Traffic west of the Rock- ing, popped to the top of the ma- cause they are expectant fathers. ;w York zes is being handled in a separated jor league batting averages this I ^B*oHm*ma^*Bm\mn r 1111 •• mi mi rwuj knocked and undecided proceeding. . week \vith a .351 mark for 28 \ _ _ ^ _— _ &£ -T"athers-To-Be Study Up " INDIANAPOLIS (UE)—The Indianapolis chapter of the Ameri„ _.. NEW YORK, May 31 {IP! —Dom can Red Cross aa5d five men. have a big.question mark Saturday de- as 15 per cent had to be made by DiMaggio," the little Boston' Red e° m Pletcd mother and baby care -spite the return-bout victory in southern railroads and western Sox-outfielder who lets his bat and classes. The men .considered them- wbicrt he floored Dan Bucceroni railroads -__on traffic east o£. the fancy fielding do most of hls ; talk- selves eligible for the classes be- five times. " " ... .-.._. Stocky LaStarza of New was on.the verge of being out himself three times Friday Simultaneously, the new uniform games. j rught before he won a unanimous classification of processed goods Dom, probably the American j IQ-round decision over lanky Buc- became,effective nation - wide. League's finest centerfielder now! cerom of Philadelphia m the first Some 20,000 items will carry 'the that his brother Joe has retired 1 ^ Sm r°^- D l y flght ever sta sed same classification on all rail- posted the highest average in eith-; at Madison Square Garden. roads, instead of a variety of clas- er league by boosting his hitting sifications. eight points in official statistics which included Thursday's day Red J0k6 TellS HOW The quiet Red Sox leadoff man », isn't quite the hitter or the head- ll" line maker that Joe was but he's- no patsy at the plate. Wearing SUNDAY and MONDAY 'Aaron Siick From Punkin Crick" —SECOND FEATURE— 131 SI H STARRING Ben Johnson with Wan Young -PLUS- Richard Widmark in "RED SKIES OF MONTANA" Roland's victory evened the count with Dan, who had taken a similar verdict over LaStarza in the same ring last Dec. 21. However, Friday night Bucceroni's inaccuracy and referee Harry Kessler's laxity contributed almost' as much toward LaStarza's victory as did LaStarza's own smashing right-hand counters. 1360 ON YOUR DIAL ?2.l MG. ON YOUR FM Cedars DRIVE-IN Hwy.'.'HS North 2 Win. From Town TONIGHT ONLY NEW YORK. May 31 fl?) —- Race- HONG KONG (UJR>— In their eyeglasses doesn't seem to hamper lighter moments, the people who hlm _ a ? a ' l n nu ? e P revious seasons live under Chinese Communism ™*** S ° X ' he com P Ued a • 298 teli this joke: ^ {hi" National League, Del En- Stalm one day was giving Mao nis of the Phillies took the lead Tse-tung instruction in practical from Jackie Robinson of Brook- Communism, lyn and Joe Adcock of the Reds Stalin: Comrade, how would you f. hov< ** ir *° ^ runner-up spot. make & oat eat chili pepper? f tern ^. Iusl al of the Cardinals, the „,, defending champion and five-time Mao: There are two ways. 1 winner of the league * batting S? t0 «!!f , a 5 dicts * f °J c ^ to ?S tend could force Jt dow " n him or T could cr °wn. h eld third place. Ennis was the tack because of the crackdown stuff a fish with pepper and give hitting .343, Adcock, .333, and Muon bookies wagered 13 per'cent the fish to the cat. - sial. .331. more' than they did "last Memorial Day at 12 tracks, a United survey showed Saturday. the . eight major league i^.^^^ , . ., . double-headers declined nearly 15,- 0 5 rdeccr JJf "l 9 P eo ? le - 000;ians from the same holiday Mao: Then how would you do »t? date of last year. The baseball fig- Stalin: 1^ would rub the pepper ures were not as conclusive, how- on ^ e cat ' s tail. When it burns, ever, - because the 1952 double- tiie cat w o«W turn eround to lick headers, were not played in the his tail. That way, the cat eats the same cities as those of 1951. Race track attendance increased approximately 3.6 per cent*over 0*^111 3?X- ff" -*i The"" greater percentage jump in betting was attributed to the fact Stalin: Wrong. It's not compati- Al Rosen of the Indians was clos- ble with our idealogy. The first est to DiMaggio in the American method is ceorcion, the second, de- League. Tne Cleveland third base- ception. You knew we never coerce ro 31 * was hitting; .348. Yankee short- top Phil Rizzuto was third with Hank Sauer of the Cubs, who shared the .major league homer Rosen at 10 apie depart- i of the Giants was second with 33. Rosen led the American League with 30 » Andy Pafko of the Dodgers.'rank ed second in the homer race with nine. Adcock, rookie Ed Mathews of the Braves and Luke Easter o the Indians each had seven. Sal Maglie of the Giants contin pepper voluntarily. Miniature Mountains Exported By Britain LONDON —(HB— Mountains are crierKis, since th „ crackdowns drove bookies to cover. cach - They are custom-made plas- ^- tic and plaster miniatures of famous mountains of the world to Research Shows Value OfjBreskjng !n Autos h each of the Phil z of the A' be used by climbers, geologists, and others. They are exact replicas of pains- Buy From Tour Baytown Merchan taking-" surveys end air photos. ___ _,__._ ._. _ They show, in suitable color, every CHAMPAIGN, HI. — (TIE) — Some glacier, ridge and peak. Models of people have wondered why they Mount Everest, the world's high- ire supposed to "break in" their est mountain, are now being de- iutomobnes or other machinery at livered to members of the British increasing-,speeds. , ,, -- - expedition which, next year, will Research-'conducted by Prof, attempt to scale the "unconquer- George M. Sinclair of the UnJver- ^ mountain." >ity of Illinois college of engineer- T^ mountains are made by the )ngr showed that the "breaking m" same nrm which, during World process -avoids overheating bear- \y a r II, made the models of the invalid other moving surfaces D-day' landing beaches for Gen. md aetuaHy incresses, the strength Eisenhower's planning staff. Af the "machine, \ •SlaclaJr's work ,on metal "fa- , ^. ^gue'* ^proved that-the"**coaxing.ef- ' Not BasMnl At All tecf* on- englnics strengthens the JACKSON r Miss.—(TIE)—A beaut!-" iteel b^^norc then one-third. ful brunette found walking down "/- Details'^bt" his -^"research will be thc street in her "birthday suit re- jtrescntea "^atljthe^une meeting: of fused a police invitation "to carry fot Testing; her horae^ "I have nothing to r she maintained. SATURDAY EVSNtNG S:00— Te^as Blue Boys SiSO-^-Spprts Revteiv »:35— Range >Jdin& ~:00— Baytovk-n -Top Tuhea :•'.. — I'tictiUw. :00— Danny Brand Bini! 9:30— Telcqu«Et • SUNDAY MOANING 7:15— Chapel By The Siae of the Ko&d :45— SteU-art Heights Baptist Church :00— Second Baptist Church 5:15 — La Perte Church of Christ 3:3O— Central. Assembly of God 9:00— Churches of Christ 9:J5— "Ln Voz llsiJc^r;-- 1:00— Central Asstmbl? of GtxJ SUNDAY AFTERNOON 2:00^ — Lynn 1 Murray Show 2:30— Sunday Show. 2 :55- ; — News Sumnary l:00-f^Dan ; Eutchlns' Western ' Jamboree 3:OO— Sunday Variety 4:00_Tour EnrSr.ess Jteporter 4:15— Sunday- Serenade •SUND A". -'E 6:OO— Your Jvevt- Home 6:IJ> — 'Ray C'och DOUBLE FEATURE ^L WesWHTOH-BorisKARLOFF^ PLUS: CARTOOX—KfDDtN" THE KITTEN" & NE\VS EVTSl^fc. - —PLUS— Wiiiism XoweJl Lamrcers 6:30 — Sports Re-.!ev^ 7:00— David Rose . S:10— First. BapUst Cburch 9:00— News Summary S:05^-Tour P"a.vot1te aEd^iline 9.^5— Lisht For Living 10:00— Antioch; Missionary .'.' Church ;i:00-Slgn Off ' - MONDAY MORNING 6:00 — Reveille Roundup K:57— Late Kar.-s 7:00_Trtn!ty Vafiey Tune* S:00— MornSnp rcvoUanat S :I5— Watching The Clock S :3o— Late ; isrexvs 5:32— Wat chint; the 'Clock 9:OO— World- News 9:15 — Churches or Christ 9:30 — Dick .Kason Shew 10:OO— Warren Edwards Newscast 10:05— Start! jr. e ll:00~Late News 11:02—^413 Day MaUnce MONDAY AFTERNOON 12 :00— World News 12 :15-^-Slock Quotations 12:20— MM Day Matinee 1 ^X>— Top Tnnea 2:OO— News Summary 2:05__Best On Wax 4 :00 — Warren Edwards Nrwsca st FREE Bubble Gum for the Children at Box Office r * Cartoon: "Room And Bird" Country Store Tonight COMING - SUNDAY & MONDAY DOUBLE FEATURE CHERRY'S TRY OUR SPECIAL CATFISH DINNER JUST ONCE Watch For ' The New Outside Awning f08 Market Si ", *' STEAKS * SEAFOODS * "CHICKEN. - -In Woosfer" Curb Service I U to I i p. p.m. LASS1FS BACK IN H1R GREATEST PAIUXRIY BWKE COWING GARY GRAY- wx OORAX • EKDS TONTTE "BRIDE OF GORILLA" and "MAD GHOIH," THRU TIJES. BIG HITS PAT O'BRIEN No. 2 : JOVE T^r v m L*K? FRANCES UHGFORO i edv»«i« ntn,ti L,VST ?HO\VING TODAY ".MARK OF THE B» "KIO FROM AMAR SUNDAY John Wayne "STA6EC00 CARTOOX —PLUS— THE HOTTEST PAIR ON THE SCREEN TODAY! VWCEXT f«SCE TW HOU CHARLES KcGRAW Cartoon: *Fair Haired Harfc w | Adults 35c — FREE! "FRONTIER Also Xo. 1 SUNDAY BIG DOUBLE FEATURE No. 2 Remember LICENSE NITE ^ .^-\.-*---«c. -r

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