The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on June 2, 1969 · Page 13
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 13

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 2, 1969
Page 13
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TIZZY by KotoOMnn "Let me help you, Mother—I'll cook the instant mashed potatoes!" OUT OUR WAY By Neg Cochrau '-^f v^^^T' WHAT Y VEAH ' BUT WH e" I FJMISHEP \ TOOK yOU SO LONG TO OB- t DSLIVEeiKJ 1 'CA.1 I HAI-> A PADETE UIVEK YOUR PAL'S PAPERS / I|FT OVER.--AW' ituD Tnr5? FOR HI.W? HE SAVE VOU ALL S BACtC TO EVERY HDUSE^rr^ •^EKJAMeSAKJPAPPRESSEsJ) FWJP WT^S^ M^sflS? ^o7,^r': J ' J =?T OV1ERS ' J ^-Y AFTER. THE SECONP TIME P/PM THE? . <* \ A pnt iur> IT PAWNEDOW ME THAT ITS OURS.' II 9f~f^ THE WORRY WAKT SIDE GLANCES By" Gill Fox "You say they're lined up for BLOCKS in front of the Grand Theater? WOW! I didn't know a movie could be all THAT dirty!" Douglas Fairbanks Still Dashing Figure By BOB THOMAS Associated Press Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP) — The face is more deeply lined and the wavy hair is white, but otherwise Douglas Fairbanks Jr. presents the same romantic figure as when he followed his swashbuckling father in films. He has returned from his London headquarters, not to renew his film career but to play 15 weeks in Los Angeles and San • Francisco as Professor Higgins in the Civic Light Opera's revival of "My Fair Lady." "It's rather a lark," he commented at his rented Beverly Hills home. "I wanted to see if I could get a fresh approach to the character, and I went back to George Bernard Shaw's notes when he was rehearsing the I original play 'Pygmalion. 1 "Last summer I experiment-i ed with the role in brief engage- 1 ments in St. Louis, Dallas and Atlanta, preparing for the appearance here. It took almost a| year to arrange my affairs .so I could conduct my business from: l«rc and San Francisco while I'm doing the show." One of the few actors to have his own cable address (Doug- fair), he has devoted his recent years to public affairs and business enterprises ranging from Scripto Pens (director) to Fairbanks International Business Developments (chairman). Except for occasional ventures like "My Fair Lady," acting does] not appear on his agenda. He explained why he gave up the family profession: "In 1957, my television series was coming up for renewal, and the sponsors offered to triple the budget. But I had run dry on ideas, and I knew that another season will be a struggle. Now I like prosperity as well as anyone, but I've never been the acquisitive type. I said to myself, 'Why burn yourself up?' "I had set aside a fair amount of money, and I'd had 37 years as an actor. Why not quit while I was ahead? "I guess I always had that fear of not quitting soon enough. I remember the pain I experienced when I had my own production company at Universal and oldtimers pleaded with me for a day's extra work. People like Herbert Brenon, who had directed 'Peter Pan' and had been a kind of DeMille-like tyrant in films. And Andrew Charlot, ' who had produced the revues that introduced Bea Lillie and Gertrude Lawrence to America." BOOKS College Knowledge by Computer Tutor Picnic Postponed CEDAR BAYOU Past Matrons annual picnic has been postponed from June 6 to June 13. Serving will begin at 6 p.m. at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Parker, 1601 Richardson. Veterans Reunion VETERANS of the Second Armored "Hell-on-Wheel" Division will have a reunion Aug. 1-3 in New Orleans' Roosevelt Hotel. Veterans may write to Martin B. Richard of 1M3 Potwin Dr., Baton, Rouge, La,, 70808 for more information. STORY OF A YEAR: 17W. By Raymoad Poctgate. Harcourt, Brace. K.85. This is an interest-. ing book, but not an important one. Postdate, an English editor and author, recounts the dramatic events of one year when the final phase of the French Revolution and its offspring, Bonapartism, were reverberating almost around the world. It is the same treatment the same author gave to a later revolutionary year, 1848. The trouble! with such a format is that the picture it gives us is kaleidoscopic rather than significant. All of us know what happened to Napoleon and Wellington, Nel-j son, John Adams and Thomas' Jefferson; yet Postgate cannot round out the story in any single case lest he be charged with anachronism. The main sections deal with the rivalry of Britain and France, the savage conflict between Protestant and Catholic Ireland, the spread of the French Revolutionary spirit to present Haiti, under the magnanimous Negro ex-slave Toussaint L'Ouverture, and the French-Austrian rivalry for the domination of the dirty and corrupt Italian Bourbon Kingdom of Naples. In an effort to impose an orderly framework not otherwise apparent, the first and last chapters deal with the unsuccessful attempt at the peace conference of Rastatt to snatch errnany from the territorial chaos in which French greed had left it. Proportions are hard to sustain in such a study. Whereas Nelson, Bonaparte and the French campaign in Egypt are umped in one chapter of 34 pages, the Irish troubles get 51 >ages. But perhaps this was jrescient, in view of the present outburst of Irish Protestant- Catholic rivalries. There is nothing very new in Postgate's presentation; this is underscored by the fact that most of his sources are secondary, not primary. One of the most interesting chapters deals with the anticolo- nial uprising by the Haitian former slaves under the shrewd Toussaint. This was scarcely an egalitarian development. And Toussaint is probably the only revolutionary to draw inspiration for his movement from the raeco-Roman Stoic- philosopher Epictetus. Ronald C. Hood Attend Church Sunday jGRANT HOSPITAL. i COLUMBUS LICKING COUNTY MEMORIAL HQSFItAL. NEWARK Ohio State University's College of Medicine is conducting a program of computer-based medical instruction to help keep physicians and other health professionals in rural and remote communities abreost of new developments in medicine. To initiate the program, computer terminals ore being installed at four Ohio hospitals and linked by telephone lines to an IBM System/360 Model 40 at the College of Medicine. By communicating with the computer, doctors will be able to draw on a variety of programs or take refresher courses in their area of specialty. In addition to serving the educational needs of practicing physicians, the system will offer specific courses to nurses, physical therapists, dietitians and other health professionals. • —*—•— • - " • i • i Try Sun Classified Ads Today! 2998 SEE IT NOW NOW SOME OF THE GUUUffS CAN'T Bf SEEN. DRAG STRIP YOUR BAG? MAYBE YOU DONT CARE ABOUT SPEED! NO MATTER Well, imagine the bob on trie faces when you lay down an ET in the low 14's at say 98 MPH—right off tH« showroom floor! Ttot't HM SC/KAMBLER bol pot*. You can boggle rhe brains of fhe boulevard crowd by just making "the scene" in your SC/Ramb!er. The hood scoop and fiedowns, mag-style— custom wheels — Goodyear Poiyglas Redlina tires—Custom blackedout grille—teardrop racing mirrors and more-more-more. And if that doesn't do if. INVITE THEM IN. H Only Hurts "Them" 14 Seconds! McPhil otors 1 JOIN. MAM f Monday, June 2, 1969 IS MOST REASONABLE prices In tcwn. men or ladles, aiXXHmnxtils opt'onot. TEXAS BARBER SH<Jf, . 6 S. Alhbel, 422-S4/V. Sun Classified Ads WANT AD RATES . , * CwiMCvHv* I c«iMcw«in tl*gl« • JM 13 »3 THIS IS * < LINK AD, * f*r |u»t i -« jjr ]u«i 4 . IB-CHI Jusl lay "C»«ra» CARD OF THANKS AND IN MEMO4IIAM t M B*r MM* MINIMUM CHA40E CM Sam* ROM at 1 llMt •» fyy r ' J • J2 PT. Some R«l> a« erdinvry type 1. Lodge Wotic*» CALLED COMMUNICATION of Goose Creek Lodge No. 1193, A.F. and A.M., Tues- DAY, June 3, 196-) at 7:00 p.m. In the Goose Creek Masonic Hall. Exomlnalian of Candldales. Vlslllng Sre- thron cordially Invited to attend. J. A. Boyer, W.M. E. E. Wouoh, Scc'y .REGULAR MEETING every Tuesday ol Goose Creek Lodge No. 458 Knlahls of Phythlas 8:00 p.m., 2010 Alexander Drive. Jot FranX Robblni C.C. Bert Williams, Sec'y. STATED MEETING of Goose Creek Chaaler No. 798.OES. will be held Monday, June J, 1969, 7:30 p.-n. All members and visiting 51ars cordially Invited lo attend, Helen Cho-nblec, W. M. Lorena Ingram, Sec'y Special Notice* HEY BOYS AND GIRLS! III! Place your free ad June 1-15 EUY—Sell—or trade Itiose unused Hems Even gat a lob! OLYMPIA POOL AND RECREATIONAL '.".E.'.'iERSHIP — For sale, please call 122-590 3. CLASSIFIED Mi>VERTlSERS are urged o checfc the first Inserllon of an ad of passible errors. The Baylown Sun .vlll no-charao for an Incorrect od If tie advertiser calls the classllled depart- nrnl before ttie second fnsertlon. ACHING FEET? Call Burley, yur ex wrt foot fitter, Arcolred Cushion Knopf noes for men and women. Tall 422-2433, 1-C Garage Sale GARAGE SALE — 709 Fleerwood, Tuesday, 6 a.m. 'til Sold out. clothes, appliances, baby needs, moV.e offer. GARAGE SALE — 111 Grantham, Tues. ond Wed. 3ooKs, clothing, jewelry, tape recorder, guitar, maltrcss, springs. GARAGE SALE — il> Peagy, Tues-, Wed., 9 to 5 planlss. Mowers, beds molorrEflc gome, chemistry scl, etc., puzzles. GARAGE SALE — 130] Lindbcfg — Across from school bus barn. '57 Ford, carpets, movie proicctor and screen tools and work clothes, etc. LINGERIE — one-third to Vi of) ALL SHORTS Vj off FAYE'S FASHIONS 602 Park, 422-S6S3. GARAGE SALE — 70*0 Utah. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. A "little bit of everything. THREE ROOMS FURNITURE — N*w, p^n.^r i> r I c ^ *i?9.30, for o'lfcfc *"'* Holhlng dovwn, W.7S per week. Bin World FURNITURE corner N. Main and Detec 5. Personals YIPEEE I I I MONEY FOR summer inn . . . Ge) a lob boys and girls by placing your od Ireel June 1-15. CHRIST CHAPEL, Jll PLEASANT AVE., HIGHLANDS, TEXAS, formerly A United Pentlcostol Church Is now associated wllh a slronoer Holiness Fellowship coll- ed The Apostolic Mlnlslers Fellowship. Come and sec for yourscll that Holiness Churches still exist. Classified Display TAYLOR HAMMACK — PanMrty at Baytawn soyj "If you eft In San Mora* this summer, vlilt us at ttw Mustang Mo*el," On Int. IS, off Riverside Or. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS — Information on alcohoDun. IF you hove a drinking Call 427-97W. Inrtraetioaa SUMMER SCHOOL — PrtVOM «n« tr»u» leilons. Remedial work grades 1-4 ond first grade readiness prograrn. RtgUter now, Fall classes, Kindergarten Private First Grade. MRS. COLLEY'S PRIVATE SCHOOL, 422-«W. BAUER SCHOOL — TlM ThrM R'« and Spelling. Enroll for summer and for Fall Classes. Coll X22-2M2 or 427-2IR. SUMMER CAMP — age* « la M, •:»• ft 2:00. Bus service. Planned program, swl-nmlna, lleldti-ips, wholesoint environment. SWIMMING LESSONS -ooe« 4 la adults (limited). OPCN REGISTRATION begins May IB for nursery, kindergarten, 1st grade. JOHNSON'S COUNTRY DAY SCHOOL, S75-153«. ATTENTION LADIES — LMrn To Jew. Sewing dosses. Register for beginners lesions starling June 4th. 12 we«ks, two 2-hours classes per week: $? per dasi or UB. Sewing machines furnished. Poise And Modeling PtrsonaliKtd ckrswi Ig Mv»l«a yaw Individuality In walking. .Ittlnj. Viiakaua, wardrobe, accessarlilng. Volet and diction, polva ond social gracas. LIMIT i studenls p*r da»f. Several classes storting after JIM* 1. MARY LYNNE JOHNS SCHOOL, Travel Newt STUDENT NEEDS RIDE — To Rica University for tlx weeks beginning June 3. Has classes from 8:30 lo 12:30 doily. Phone J37-3750. ' WILL TAKE three riders, downtown Fofeys, 8-5 P.M.* Carl 4248242. 10. Help Wanted itore. WANTED ~ Worried man or w«nan hi handle Houston Chronicle motor route In Baytown-Mont Belvleu area. Call Mr. Alesloo or Mr. Offenbocher, CA 7-2211, Sxt. 220. MEN, WOMEN AND COLLSOE STU DENTS — Business opportunity. No In SHIRT GIRL AND WOOL PRE55ER — Apply Elland Cleaners, IMS Lacy Drive. DRY-CLEANER WOOLPRESSER — TBO nolch, good working condllton. Apply lr\ person 7J1-I Bayway Dr. ^^ SURGICAL TECHNICIAN TRAINEE — < rr.onths Instruction with scholarship, oood lulure and salary. Men and women applicants encouraged. Apply In person, dl- Hasplta? NurMS - San Jaclnto Methodist NEED TWO PEOPLE winin« t« i»m c™V °>LS slcl ; e °wl°r ana o*M»r. G. . salary pfus commission. in a , a P«o rl "0 ana bondobt.. l 417-1000 between 10 a.m. and 12 noon APPLICANTS NEEDED OuallfM SKntarln Clef* ryplltl Payrolt cl«t Acc»unTfng Bookkeeper • Illln* Clfrta Kiyronch Word Cltnt Lab Aulltanl rro I Ptant Tr»ln««f BAYTOWN Employment Service 10. HULLUM-HENDERSON Employment S*rv!c* i PCKSONNCL S/H M, MOT «• ... INSUftANCt CLMK r»y«ou. •OOKKEIPKB, •S.*&* PRODUCTION CONTROL CLIRIf OM4 Wit* Flpnu «4M PROOF OPERATOR, •*». OR* KEY PUNCH OPCRATOB — 4 t. U tUH. S*M* v«rtty>** ....M» §*m« ax* , iJM CHEMICAL CMQINHK, 1 t» I yrt. Ml* MM* O» TIME STUOV ANALYST. LJkanl Art» • y m*lh.> a*. Ml T« LAI TECH., • brv ckMntotrv ..... PLANT TRAINEES, M **»-, T« O.4* Mr. PLANT LASORER, M •«». ... tt.1l Hr. LABORER ...................... 0.S Mr. ACCOUNTINO CLERK, t Mr*. TYPEWRITER MECHANIC. 3 yn. t«p ...................... OM» Speclallilng In tndmtrol Ploo*tr»ot». . I a.m. to » p.m.* t a.m. t* NMM «n-*m 9*3 11. Female Help Waited WAITRESS - NIvHT MANA6CR •alary, all Sundays, work til 9 p.m. Call lor appointment, <2A-»15. Ken Poet. IAIYSITTEH NEEDED — From S p.m. to 12 p.m. Call 4Z2-3J14. COMPETENT RN'S AND LVN'S, far 1 la I) and II lo 7 shifts In •nwatncf room and ICU. Top solarltj ond good Irlnjc benefits. Wrlle ip*clfko>lons la Box 24U In c^ • « TK« Boytewn Sun. MAID WANTED — Mahvid WWm>, Ml ovtr so, 5 Oays w«k willing to work. Apply In ptrson lo •jlu*Bonn*t Apart- mtrirs. 1SOO Alexander, Hwv. 14*. Call IMMEDIATE OPENINO — Mr M* experienced waltreste*. Aoely In pcnon at THE TOWER RESTAURANT, On Drive. PART TIME CHECKER NEEDED — Must be 31 or over and experienced. Apply, In person, at Mtoute Man No. ). 321 W. Gulf. ATTRACTIVE WOMAN Me*4 caittultonti to .-MMwialhr odv*rtl*Ml •<dl Dm*. VIVIAN* WOODARD COSMETICS, «n-5M< *tt*r f f.m. STENOS AND TYPISTS A* J*t* I* PASADENA—CHANNEL—NASA Ar«d Call iWtt* •»»• »«ttY •«« TEMPO SERVICES, INC. Aer*M Fr*m JMTI 11» Cim»»>>all Rid*. OR Mm Tuot, TTJtt 12. Male Help Wonted MECHAMIC AND DRIVEWAY SALESMAN NEEDED — Mutt b* «xp«rl«oc»d. Apply In person to CoTipbcllt Texaco* 7720 Alexander Drive. PART TIME CHURCH CUITOOIAM — Trl City Baptlit Church, SeocJi city, 573-1043 after S p.m. foe Information. PA«T TIME O* PULL TIME — FUwr wax«rt i iiou for kaylown orea. Call 4J1-7U2. OT DKXtr BOOKKEEPER Blectrlcol ctjntrocllng firm. MtoblHh«l 7S yeart In Boytvwn-HOMton area, hoi opening for full charge bMkkeeMrt. Mu<l be capable of billing, cost Kccvntln*. purchasFns and general office precedure. Apply to: Gulf Coast Electric Co. Phone <n-«J7 Classified Display ROBERTSON TANK LIME INC. WANTED — Qualified Dl***l . Top n»m ond OOCKJ hours. Apply at 900 Wade Rd., Baytown. . ' WANT MAN h> <~r*, m**t b* It «r *r«r, nave commercial orlverj llceme. Appty Lyons Supply Co. In p»r*on only, IM if. Main. FIRST CLAS1 PRC1SUKC VC'SCL — V/elacrs, FItlen ond hetpen. Top pay, company benefits. Appty In person, BAV- PORT FABRICATING, 10101 Bay ATM Blvd. at Red Bluff. PAINTERS WANTED — In residential work. J27-2320. Clonifled Diiplor FoRow The Simple Rute* Listed Betew NO PHONE CALLS ACCEPTED Boy) and ofrli in t,r« Biytown >r« ,. „ under, nn>y pl»c« Want Ad. In Th« Baytown lun June 1-11. Pklce, in. help from tht pirenli. FRtl OF CHARO«; only on* ad per perton, Ad. will be accepted with' or guardian.' appcovli, offerlna 10 M ||, ,wap o< Blv. away, thing, bey. >n rf alrl« un— •pofti equipment, Blcycto, pen. book., Wtarina apparel, muWcal InnrumenU, el«<:t<-lc train, or other »rtkl«. or elfn-ing la Perform nrvlce. af va(«« |,M<»« mewlnfl lawnt, baby .Ittkw, running «-. >. I-»i ad may eknuin D» le IS w*r«« In- I clutflna bcyt' «r (Vt** nan,- an* 1 aaw ind *• («rlc« •» artlcto < i»t t» »c**4 »5O.OO ) vrhlctt murt a»n«r In ad. AJ« will apevar In TX ••ytmrn *»n June 1-15 imtw a eptcfal N«*«*nf hi tfw CU« Boys' and Girls' Free Want Ad Order Blank KUN« OK MArt. TO. The leyfcwn Son P. O. U. M 1301 Mwiwnaf 0,. , T— I. my Want Ad w*ik* I w«l wMIM fr-M ^ dtw* elic « W« T»» •aytown * •AMI Cfc, ilhr Sagtaum P.O. Ira M

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