The Paris News from Paris, Texas on October 7, 1960 · Page 14
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 14

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 7, 1960
Page 14
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J14— THB PARIS NEWS, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 7, 5CRATCHPROOF — This funnel-shaped neckpiece, a drastic measure tmptoycd by » Dayton, Ohio dog barber to prevent freshly groomed patrons from biting or scratching themselves, is not standard equipment for canines The dog's owner had to admit the collar worked. Goldwater Sets Torrid Pace on Campaign Trail PHOENIX, Ariz. CR — For a • man who isn't running for office, 'Barry Goldwater is setting a torrid pace on the campaign trail- Arizona's Republican senal o r, who already has stumped 17 states in behalf of the Nixon-Lodge ticket, says he wouldn't be surprised if he has traveled more in the i past month than the presidential "candidates themselves. He has wooed votes and cam, paign funds in 61 speeches. 48 of them outside Arizona, and he con- .'.siders visits to 3 states a day -"about par for the course." - "My heaviest day," he recalled Moday, "was Oct. 1. That day 1 -spoke at Columbia, Dillon and Or- _angeburg in South Carolina; three 'times in Augusta, Ga., and then "made a TV appearance in Augus- Ita." " Goldwater, leader of the Republican Party's ultra-conservative el- "ement, has concentrated his fire *on the South, where he feels his -philosophy of less federal govern- 'jnent can do the most good for "Vice President Richard Nixon. " He extolls virtues of a two-party -system. He hammers at the theme _(hat Arizona, like the South, is '•predominantly Democratic but has Delected him twice, has a Republican governor and a Republican in ~cne of the state's two House seats. 1,. He has barnstormed through "Texas, Alabama, Georgia, South ""Carolina, Florida and Virginia, ap- •pealing to "my friends among the Democrats." He has spoken also in Arizona, California, Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, Oklahoma, Oregon, Indiana, New York, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The Arizonan said some harsh things about Nixon just before the vice president's nomination in July. He called the platform agreement between Nixon and New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller a '"Munich" for the party and accused Nixon of a "sell-out" lo the liberal New Yorker. Does he now find it awkward to thump the tub for Nixon? "Not at all," Goldwater replied. "There's always going to be differences within parties and this is wise as long as there is not a great cleavage. "After all, NLxon and I agree far more than we disagree"Whether you like it or not, we are going to have a new president. The question is which will be best for the country. I'm convinced that will be Mr. Nixon." Sammy Davis, Jr., Wedding Postponed HOLLYWOOD <AP) - Blaming "legal complications," Sammy Davis Jr. and actress May Britt have postponed their wedding. The negro entertainer and the blonde Swedish girl had set their wedding for Oct. IB. The ne\v date Towns Set Real-Like Straw Vote YANKEETOWN. Fla. (AP) — The adjacent communities of Yankee-!own and Crackertown, both with populations of about 700, plan a straw vote Saturday under regular election conditions to settle the presidential race locally a month in advance of the general election. They're making posters, handing out handmade campaign cards and talking. A soap box has been set up in front of the Yankeetown postoffice for use by anyone who wants to talk. Voting will be from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. Mayors of ihe two towns will lead motorcades to a point on the highway marking the boundary line between the towns to announce the results. Yankeetown was incorporated largely by retirees drawn from many slates. Crackertown is populated largely by native Floridians. is Nov. 13. Miss Britt was divorced Sept. 30, 1959, from law student Edwin Gregson of Los Angeles. She did not disclose what complications had forced postponement of the forthcoming ceremony. Miss Britt is 25; Davis is 34. Four Canadians have served as Michigan State cross country captains. RELIGION IN THE NEWS 1,650,000 Mormons Led By 87-Year-Old Prophet' SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (AP) —Age has put a quaver in his voice and cataract operations have darkened his eyes, but David O. McKay never has held more veneration among his flock. Today he calls to order the 103th semi-annual conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- day Saints. Among the 8,000 gathering at the big Mormon Tabernacle for the start of a three-day spiritual renewal are many who consider President McKay one of the greatest of the nine men who have headed their church. Certainly he is leading it in a period of its most vigorous growth. His service at or near its helm covers 54 years—from the horse and buggy to the jet age. At 87 he is a remarkably handsome six-footer with a shock of wavy white hair. The Mormons call their founder Joseph Smith, a prophet, and upon the broad shoulders of McKay has fallen the same title, "Prophet, Seer and Reveiator." As the prophets of old, he is the leader in both spiritual and Icr.v poral affairs of 1,650,000 mormons. In the first nine months of this year the Mormon people completed 166 church buildings which cost $23,109,000 and are working on 728 more. At President McKay's direction (President in the Mormon Church is an ecclesiastical title) the Mormons are doubling Iheir missionary force this year, from 6,000 lo 12,000. When President McKay turned 87 on Sept. 8 he was making plans to: Dedicate a 52-million church in Oakland, Calif.; preside at this general conference, Oct. 7; make a radio and television speech kicking off a new series of talks directed to young people; go to London in Feburary to dedicate a church building in Hyde Park. President McKay has positive views on everything from communism to horseback riding. Anyone doubting that President McKay is in fact the leader of his church should try to follow his pace. He's usually up at 4 a.m. and always arrives at his office before 7, sometimes as early as 6 a.m. Eddie Fisher Turning To Film Producer Role HOLLYWOOD <AP) Edwin Fisher, the producer, is in town for talks with major studio heads prior to setting up a multi-million- dollar deal. Don't recognize him? Take another look. It's Eddie Fisher, star of records, TV and newspapers. Eddie hasn't really changed. I found him sipping his old-time favorite cola in a Beverly Hills hotel suite. Before he started talking business, he switched to tea. He's still on London time, he said sleepily, as well as London habits. What's this about his turning producer? "It's not unusual these days," he replied. "Most performers get into the production field now. I produced my television show, and I was always interested in the production end of our business." For his first project. Eddie is tackling "Anna Karenina," starring, naturally, his wife, Elizabeth Taylor. He said he has seen the Garbo talkie version (she also did it as a silent called "Love") and the less successful Vivien Leigh portrayal of 1948. He is also wading through the Tolstoi novel and keeps a copy by his bed. "David Selznick wanted Jennifer Jones to do it, but she didn't want to follow Garbo,"' Eddie said. "When Elizabeth and I saw the Garbo version in London, I was afraid she'd feel the same way. But she was eager to do it. She'll be magnificent in the role. "I've had some fabulous offers for deals at studios. We might even film it in Russia—if our relations with Russia would permit it. I wouldn't want (o do anything that would be against the government's wishes." Music Fits Fight LOCKPORT, N.Y. Wl — When two women got into a scuffle on the midway at the Farm & Home Days show, a Dixieland band offered musical accompaniment. The music? "Lady, Be Good-" During the first seven months of 1960, C. V. Whitney hor s e s earned S850.86S. Every day except Monday he meets at 8:30 a.m. with his two counselors in the church's First Presidency — ils executive triumvirate — 89-year-old ,J Reuben MRS. IKE ADVISES ILL LITTLE LEAGUER "Do everything the doctors and nurses ask you to do and you will be pleased and surprised lo fine! how soon you will be able to play baseball again." The motherly advice came from Mrs. Dwight D. Eisenhower, the President's wife. She wrote to Jimmy Kircher, 11, of Audubon, N. J,, when she learned he underwent a delicate opon-heart operation to have a hole in his right auricle closed. Jimmy became a Little League champion despite his defective heart. He was a pitcher and outfielder on the team that won the 1960 Audubon Little League championship. lie entered the hospital Sept. 27—the day after the league's annual championship dinner. Doctors said today he is doing well. Mrs. Eisenhower congratulated Jimmy for his part in winning the championship and offered the best wisJics of herself and the President for recovery. She noted that her grandson, Davici, is a Little Leaguer, "so we know how much It means lo you t.o be able to play with this team." Clark Jr. and energetic 71-year- old Henry D. Moyle, Every Tuesday there is a meeting of al! church officials concerned wilh finances. Thursday mornings are spent in spiritual activity in the Salt Lake Temple with members of the Council of Twdve Apostles and others. Jn addition there are frequent meetings of the boards of directors of the many church-owned business enterprises. President McKay is a director of all of them and chairman of the board of several. But lie always arranges his schedule to accommodate callers ranging from humble church members to visiting heads of state and touring politicians. Most of them inquire about the health of Emma McKay, the woman to whom he has written birthday and wedding anniversary poetry ever since their marriage 59 years ago. Mrs. McKay is recov- erinB from a recent stroke. brjngcth forth evi] frujr (MalL Because of her health, they re-j 7:17)| Thc subject or lhc Lesson- Christian Science Sunday Topic Told How sickness as well as sin can be overcome through spiritual understanding of God will be set forth at Christian Science services Sunday. Teachings of Christ Jesus are featured in the Bible selections which include his admonition concerning the "corrupt tree (which) cently moved from their home into a suite in the church-owned Hotel Utah, which is just across Ihe street from the Salt Lake Temple. David Oman McKay was born in humble circumstances on a ranch at Huntsville, Utah, a mountain valley about 60 miles from Salt Lake City. He still owns the family home and most of the ranch, and he frequently goes there for a rest. After a hard early life McKny started out as a teacher and became one of the Mormon Church's Council of Twelve Apostles in 1906. The church has been his life and work since. Since 1934—he has been one of flic First Presidency. He became the ninth president in 1951. Sermon is "Are Sin, Disease and Death Real?" This correlative passage from "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Bak e r Eddy will follow (343:14): 'Jesus strips all disguise from error, when his teachings are fully understood. By parable and argument h e explains the impossibility of good producing evil; and he also scientifically demonstrates this great fact, proving by what are wrongly called miracles, that sin, sickness, and death are beliefs—illusive errors—which he could and did destroy." Cops Cop Cop TORRINGTON, Conn. I*) —Two policemen responded to a ca 11 about a late-hours intruder in » dry cleaning establishment. Cautiously, the policemen approached. They found the intruder to b e another policeman who discovered the rear door of the building open and who was looking for a possible intruder. North Carolina State's football roster includes 24 players from the state of Pennsylvania. ATTENTION TRUCKERS! Just Received Another Shipment 2x6 Centermatch Truck Bed Flooring 12'to 20'Lengths Bogota Lumber Company BOGATA INSURANCE Your Big I Agent .o; vofftii Mtih irrttrr USE OUR BUDGET PAY PLAN argam asement SPECIAL SATURDAY ONLY USUALLY 1.99 Ready-mixed with durable Titanium base. Inside gloss, flat, porch enamel. Buy now. Sat. Only 1.69 MEN'S SOCKS 100% Cotton reinforced toe and heel. Imperfects of 59c socks. Sizes 10-13. Sot. Only 19 C Limit 6 Pair ?r. Please Children's Canvas Oxfords 196 pairs. Long wearing, quieter for in the house playing Red or blue, sizes 6-3. Sot. Only 50 fr. NYLON HOSE Stretch or sized. Some originally sold for 59c pair. Sizes 8%-ll. $<>»• Only 25 < Limit 4 Pair fr. 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